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Alphabet Game

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A— Arguments:

When Barry’s angry he tends to shut everyone around him out. After a squabble with you, he’d storm out to clear his mind, allowing both of you a good amount of time to calm down before he returns and you two can actually talk things through.

We all also know that Barry is a crier so it’s highly possible that he would break down into tears when either he or you try to apologize. But the night would definitely end with some I’m sorry cuddles or some makeup sex.

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Isn’t It Rich? Are We a Pair? - All-Broadway All-Musical Narumitsu Fanmix


Hey everyone, I’ve started the process of reuploading my old fanmixes to Playmoss so that people can actually LISTEN to them ever since 8tracks started sucking. So the obvious choice for the first one is my pride and joy, my sappy romantic All-Broadway fanmix for Phoenix/Miles from Ace Attorney.

Fanmix cover art by mustachossom.

Tracklist and notes under the cut here.

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Darren Criss & Brother Chuck Talk New, 'Unapologetically Fun' Alt-Pop Project, Computer Games

Darren Criss was always destined to make a career out of music. He studied the violin from age 5 well into his teenage years, picking up other instruments along the way, while also pursuing a love for musical theater. But he credits his own musical endeavors to the environment in which he grew up – particularly his older brother, Chuck, who brought other musical interests to the table especially when they were in high school.

“Music has always been the backbone of our relationship and our household,” Darren tells Billboard. “We both had a voracious appetite for music, but I think high school is when we started playing together and being to communicate on a level that changed everything. I think the kind of music we played is probably loud garage rock, because we were just playing in the basement.”

Once they graduated, though, the Criss brothers decided to take their own paths. Darren independently released a solo EP, Human, in July 2010, just months before debuting in his breakthrough role as dreamy choir head Blaine Anderson on Fox’s hit musical dramedy Glee, while Chuck found a home in New York City and became a founding member of indie-rock fivesome Freelance Whales.

With Glee seeing its end in 2015 and Freelance Whales’ most recent album hailing from 2012, both Criss brothers were itching to do something new musically – so they thought, why not relive the days of the brotherly collaborations? And come March 8, 2017, behold, the Criss alt-pop project Computer Games.

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“Badass Babe”

Request:  Can I request something where Bucky meets the reader at a bar? She’s a total metal head and biker which surprises him cause she’s very petite. After a few weeks be brings her to the tower to meet the team. He shows her around and she’s psyched to see the gym. Nats there and offers to spar and surprises them all when she takes down Nat in front of the team. Earning her a spot on the team as well. Bucky is thrilled to have such a teeny but badass girlfriend - @purplekitten30

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1143

Warnings: badasses and bikers, shots and shots of Whiskey

A/N: I totally listened to all my metallica albums while writing this. this was fun. thanks for the request! my taglist is open!

Originally posted by peterparkher

This was a new experience for Bucky. A biker bar. Back in the 40’s he only went to dancing clubs and bars filled with war vets and currently serving soldiers. Sam told him he needed life experience, but this isn’t what he had in mind.

He left for the bar by himself. He found it on one of his nightly walks. As he walked in, he heard to music of Metallica, ACDC, and Motley Crue. These were the first bands he had listened to when Tony moved everyone back into the tower. He had stumbled upon Tony’s record collection and of course they were all rock and roll.

The bar was filled with giant tattooed men. They could rival the strength of Steve and Bucky. Buck didn’t feel out of place with his arm. Everyone in the bar either had both arms completely covered or they were working on it. He didn’t stand out in the crowd, in fact, the crowd seemed to welcome him in. They treated him like he was one of their own, even though he had just walked through the door.

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Epic Movie (Re)Watch #94 - The Book of Life

Spoilers below.

Have I seen it before: Yes.

Did I like it then: Yes.

Do I remember it: Yes.

Did I see it in theaters: Yes.

Was it a movie I saw since August 22nd, 2009: Yes. #325.

Format: Blu-ray.

1) I watched this about a week ago - on the actual Day of the Dead - but didn’t have time to write it because I live in Chicago and the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. So my priorities were a little different than usual.

2) Anyone here a fan of “El Tigre”?

Originally posted by fire-miracle

Well the creator of that show - Jorge R. Gutierrez - was the writer/director of this film! Some El Tigre characters even cameo in the film’s opening, but you have to REALLY look for them.

Originally posted by oescafandronasociedade

3) The framing device of this film (a bunch of kids at a museum being told a story) is a classic fairytale/magical realism device that can be found in films such as Big Fish. It also gives the film a plot driven reason for it’s unique animation style (the characters looking like wooden figures).

Originally posted by -bawsten

4) This film has some really great humor.

Vendor Boy: “Churros! Churros! (A bird poops on the churros.) Frosted churros!”

5) I will talk about La Muerte and Xibalba as individual characters in just a second, but for now I want to focus on their relationship.

Originally posted by gifsbyrosie

I’m not overly familiar with Day of the Dead lore outside of this film, but I think the idea of having the ruler of The Land of the Remembered (La Muerte, everything good and wonderful in the world) and the ruler of the Land of the Forgotten (Xibalba, everything that is negative in the world) be lovers is a great idea. Their relationship is tense, volatile, and can be filled with conflict, but never is it abusive. Never is it hateful. You always get a great sense of love between these two and that’s what makes it work.

6) Ron Perlman as Xibalba.

Originally posted by clusterstruck

These two wouldn’t work so well together if they couldn’t stand on their own as characters. And the work so well in that field because of equal parts writing, character design, and voice over work. Ron Perlman is a regular collaborator of Guillermo Del Toro’s, the executive producer on this film, and has worked in a number of animated project before (including VP Lancer in “Danny Phantom” and Clayface in “Batman: The Animated Series”). Perlman brings a roguish charm to all his characters, even when it’s just his voice. He’s interesting, rough, and just likable! And he makes Xibalba all those things. You’re never particularly rooting against him, even though he’s technically the villain. You’re just entranced whenever he’s on screen.

7) Kate del Castillo as La Muerte.

Originally posted by beanarie

American audiences are not as familiar with Kate del Castillo as they are with Ron Perlman, although she is one of Mexico’s most acclaimed popular actresses. As Perlman does with Xibalba, Castillo brings genuine charm, likability, and charisma to La Muerte. As well as an added fierceness that lets you know this undead ruler can keep her own when head-to-head with her darker lover. You definitely get the vibe that La Muerte is the more dangerous of these two but also the kinder, and so much of that relies on Castillo’s performance.

8) Manolo, Maria, and Joaquin.

Originally posted by br0ken-5tring5

We first meet these characters and get a sense of their relationship as children, and it’s great. Yes Manolo and Joaquin both love Maria, but they’re friends first. ALL of them are friends! Later in the film Joaquin and Manolo remain friends even when vying for Maria’s affections, and they are friends with Maria before they are lovers. And I think it’s driven home by this statement from Maria as a child:

Maria [after Manolo and Joaquin fight over who’s she is]: “I belong to no one!”

They don’t belong to each other, they chose to be friends. They chose to be with together because they genuinely like each other. I love that.

9) A huge theme of this film is also seen in Maria’s, “I belong to no one!” line and that is the theme of being true to yourself.

Both Joaquin and Manolo have huge shadows they live in (a line which is actually uttered by Joaquin later): Joaquin’s dead father was a great war hero and Manolo’s father pushes him to be a bullfighter like all the men in their family have been. It makes for a unique conflict and a great message to kids of all ages: be yourself.

10) Maria as a character.

Originally posted by maria-magnolia2

You get a real sense of Maria as a character when we first meet her. Not only does she have the wonderful line, “I belong to no one!” but she also shows her placement of morality over societal values by freeing animals slated for slaughter. Her father sends her off to a convent to become, “a proper lady,” but…it doesn’t really work. At least, she doesn’t become his definition of proper. She is loving, kind, sweet, but fiercely independent and someone who follows her heart above all else. Zoe Saldana voices Maria, and breathes such wonderful life into the character you forget she’s acting. Everything about Maria just feel so real it’s amazing.

Originally posted by zoeesaldanaa

11) The decision to compose the film’s soundtrack from popular music recorded specifically for the movie (the mariachi version of “I Will Wait For You” being the earliest example) as well as original songs composed by Paul Williams is a great one. The copyrighted songs never feel out of place and don’t distract from the plot, instead playing perfectly into the emotion of the scene. And the original songs are made for the moments which are purely story and pure character, so they could not possibly be represented by something which was already written because this story hasn’t existed before.

12) Manolo!

Originally posted by annika-renina

All the characters in this film are written with such life and depth that lead character Manolo couldn’t POSSIBLY be an exception. He has skills as a bullfighter, but is deeply conflicted by his duty to his family and his duty to his heart. But it’s all guided by love, something with is illustrated by the inscription on his guitar (a gift from Maria, nonetheless): “Always play from the heart.” It is Manolo’s defining characteristic and defining struggle: that he wants to be himself, not his father or anyone else.

Diego Luna just…ugh! So I’ve seen Luna in small roles before (The Terminal, Elysium) but this film makes me a HUGE fan of his! I’m really looking forward to his role in Rogue One BECAUSE I loved his performance in this film so much. Manolo sings more than any other character in the film, and Luna infuses each song with such sincerity and warmth it is nearly impossible not to fall in love with his performance as Manolo. And he treats each line of dialogue the same. Like Saldana as Maria, you don’t feel like you’re listening to an actor. You’re listening to Manolo.

Originally posted by luna-diego

13) Grandma is hysterical.

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo refuses to kill a bull]: “Kids today, with their long hair and no killing stuff.”

Grandma Sanchez [after Manolo’s father says everyone in their family was a great bullfighter]:

Originally posted by grumblepie


She doesn’t have many lines but very nicely embodies the film’s wonderful characters and humor.

14) Manolo’s Father, Carlos.

I have seriously MIXED feelings about Carlos, and I think you’re supposed to. He shows a genuine desire to do the best for his son, he just doesn’t actually KNOW what’s best for his son. He pressures him into being a bull fighter because it’s the Sanchez way, and when Manolo expresses dissatisfaction with this his father shames him into doing it.

Carlos [to convince Manolo to be a bullfighter]: “Don’t you LOVE your family?”

(GIF source unknown [if this is your GIF please let me know].)

(PS, I find this line to be the sign of an abusive relationship but maybe that’s just me.)

BUT Carlos has genuine moments of love with his son. He encourages him to tell Maria how he feels, he comforts him when he’s missing his dead mother, he actually LOVES Manolo. Hector Elizondo’s performance and the writing gets this across in a great way, and I think the film is better for it.

15) Channing Tatum as Joaquin.

Originally posted by fwankcastles

I do have to say of the trio of friends, Channing Tatum’s Joaquin is probably the weakest link. BUT that’s like calling one of The Lord of the Rings movies the worst in the trilogy: it was still nominated for best picture! I think it’s definitely because you know Joaquin is the third wheel, you know that Maria loves Manolo, and so it’s hard to get behind it. And you just can see that although they’re great as friends they wouldn’t make a good couple (despite Joaquin’s hopes to the contrary).

It would’ve been easy to write Joaquin as a jerk. And although he can be a bit pig headed here and there, you understand that he’s a genuinely good friend who truly cares for Maria (even though they’re not a great fit). Tatum brings a lot of this to the role, and even though I believe he’s the only non-Hispanic actor playing a decidedly Hispanic character (Ron Perlman gets a pass because Xibalba is an otherworldly creature) he has the same warmth and sincerity as Luna and Saldana have. It’s a nice way to round out the trio of friends.

Originally posted by jumpstmovies

16) I can’t tell if this joke is stupid or hysterical.

Pepe [when he and his brothers are in danger]: “I’m allergic to dying!”

Pancho: “Especially in the face!”

Originally posted by idiot-eden

17) Joaquin’s biggest failing is probably that he buys too much into societal values, and his society’s values are…sexist. He is surprised that Maria reads, expects her to be a doting housewife (as all the high up men do), and that’s not what his heart wants it’s what he thinks should be.

18) “I Love You Too Much”.

Originally posted by odazais

This is the song Manolo sings to express his feelings for Maria, and it’s beautiful. Paul Williams has crafted a quiet, loving melody which pulls at your heartstrings and is sung beautifully by Diego Luna. I think it’s my favorite song in the film and one of the best love songs I’ve ever heard.

19) Maria is awesome, if that hasn’t been made clear already.

Maria [stopping a kiss after Manolo’s song]: “Did you think it was going to be that easy?”

She’s not the girl who falls head over heels for someone just because they sang to hear. It’s appreciated, but there needs to be more than that. I love it!

20) This film never subscribes to storied cliches. It’s not like Manolo can’t be an idiot too, as noted when he and Joaquin start to fight over Maria (which she has shown to never truly appreciate).

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Maria: “You two are acting like fools.”

Manolo: “Wait, me too?”

You mean me, the nice guy romantic lead, is actually making a mistake? What kind of movie is this? (Hint: a great one.)

21) How long must it have taken to put out all those candles?

Originally posted by mariaymanolo

It shows devotion on Manolo’s part. As will the rest of the film, honestly.

22) One of the conflicts in this movie that gets me going the most is how unfair everyone is to Manolo. When they were children he stopped a wild boar from hurting people, but Joaquin got credit because he saved the mayor. As adults he’s ready to fight off bandits without a magic medal, but Joaquin gets credit because he does fight them off WITH a magic medal which protects him from harm. And when Maria dies from a snake bite everyone blames him. He’s not the snake! He didn’t bite her! So bug off!

23) My brother and I laughed so hard after we heard this line:

Student [after Manolo dies]: “What is it with Mexicans and death!?”

The only reason that line isn’t racist is because it was written by a Mexican in a film directed by a Mexican which is produced by a Mexican. So it’s okay to laugh.

24) The Land of the Remembered!

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

Originally posted by lolitajohnadams

The Land of the Remembered is when this film’s visual style really takes off. Gutierrez’s imagination and the animation department’s skill bleeds through every scene in this wonderful place and it really pulls you into it’s world magnificently.

25) I mentioned in my Nightmare Before Christmas recap that Burton and company did a good job of establishing minor character with small introductions, and The Book of Life (although not Burton) follows in that tradition when we meet Manolo’s family.

Each family member - from the brutish Carmelo (voiced by the film’s director) to grandpa Luis (voiced by Danny Trejo) - is given a unique character with just a few seconds of screen time and dialogue which carries through until the end of the film. It works wonderfully.

Originally posted by lamuertes

26) This freaking line, after Jorge is established as wanting to have been a singer.

Originally posted by dukespook

Manolo [after the two laugh about it]: “They crushed our dreams. Hilarious!”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

27) Manolo’s Mother.

(GIF originally posted by @lamuertes)

Immediately there is a difference in what is expected from Carmen Sanchez (his mom) and what there is.

Manolo: “And I became a bullfighter, just like you wanted.”

Carmen: “Me? Are you crazy?”

It turns out Manolo’s father saying his mother wanted that was…uh…wrong, to put it mildly. It’s a nice juxtaposition which establishes her as a character and not just a plot device.

28) Dude, I love this dialogue.

Xibalba [after Luis says La Muerte would never hand over her kingdom]: “She lost a bet.”

Luis: “Oh. She would do that.”

29) You get a lot of Manolo’s tender side and playing from the heart, but it’s easy to forget that he’s still a headstrong Sanchez boy. He still has the fierceness of a bull fighter, even if that’s not what he wants to do. And we see this particularly when Manolo threatens to expose Xibalba. That may not be the smartest move, but it is fierce.

30) Did I mention this dialogue and humor is awesome?

Luis [after his body is knocked away from his head]: “Hey, my arthritis is gone!”

31) The Candlemaker

Originally posted by thenugu

The Candlemaker rounds out the trio of immortals here, and falls in the middle. He is not about the Land of the Remembered or the Land of the Forgotten, he creates the candles (each candle representing a life). He is this big ball of happy childlike energy which is just fun to watch. And who’d they get to place this super upbeat and positive guy with hope and optimism dripping from him?

Originally posted by hiphop-community

It’s a nice change of pace from Ice Cube’s more hardboiled characters to see him play such a wonder filled creature, and to do it so well too! His voice work stands up there with the rest of the cast in that you never think you’re listening to Ice Cube, you’re just watching the Candlemaker. It’s great.


  • Maria’s fierceness has been established above.
  • La Muerte getting pissed when she finds out Xibalba cheated on the beat is fierce!

Originally posted by jeunetrentenaire

It’s a lot of fun to watch.

33) The final fight before Manolo can return to the land of the living is born from a wager he makes with Xibalba (he’ll face whatever challenge is thrown his way and win).

Xibalba: “What, do tell, is your worst fear?”

And then we get this:

Originally posted by littlechinesedoll

But it turns out his greatest fear isn’t killing the bull, it’s being true to himself. This ties into what I mentioned earlier: Manolo’s defining characteristic and his struggle are the same in that he wants to be himself. And we get a wonderful song to tie it up, of the same quality as “I Love You Too Much” and it is simply called “The Apology Song”. (Manolo’s father, who’s dead at this point, said that a Sanchez never apologies but after the fight is incredibly proud of his son.) It’s a nice character climax for Manolo before we get the final fight of the film.

34) When you have no idea this is coming, it’s the funniest line in the film.

Originally posted by museelo

(GIFs originally posted by @museelo)

35) I give massive credit to the filmmakers for the way they handled Joaquin. He and Maria are set to be married now that Manolo is dead, and he knows Maria doesn’t want it so he’s about to talk to her about it before the town is attacked by bandits. Joaquin could have easily been some Gaston type but instead we got a sincere, honest character who deepens the conflict of the film.

36) This freaking movie…

Originally posted by stevenscrivello

(GIF originally posted by @stevenscrivello)

37) The entire final fight of the film is wildly fun to watch.

Originally posted by kathon

It’s well paced, well choreographed, brings in all the characters we’ve met so far (living and dead), gives us a nice “dance” with Manolo and Maria, is filled with nice character moments, good humor, and has Joaquin decide he’s going to be his own man and try to sacrifice himself for his friends (it doesn’t work, he survives). It’s a great climax to the film.

38) “No Matter Where You Are”, the final song in the film, is a great ball of energy and love. But more than that, it let me know something I didn’t before…

Zoe Saldana can REALLY sing!

Originally posted by lghtmgnt

Just thought I’d share.

39) The final reveal, that Christina Applegate’s tour guide and the security guard are really La Muerte and Xibalba, is in classic tradition of magical realism and fairytale stories. It’s a nice ending to the film.

Originally posted by good-goodbye

The Book of Life is great, and truly under appreciated. It’s representation of Mexican culture is unique in the animated film landscape, and gives the film a unique visual and musical style. The acting is topnotch, and you can feel through the writing/directing/character animation that it is truly a labor of love for all those involved. A great film which everyone should see.

Up next: Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Yuan Fen - Anthony Ramos x Reader

Originally posted by papersquared

Anthony Ramos x Reader

Prompt: Sister’s Pickle

A/N: First uploaded one-shot. Coffee shop AU mixed in with Amelie and Anthony Ramos. I don’t know how this happened.

Yuan Fen (缘分)
(n.) a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people

“Stop staring. It’s rude,” your co-worker, Megan, stated. You sent her a confused look, as if you didn’t know-even though you knew exactly-what she was talking about. She simply rolled her eyes, as if you took her for a fool. She nodded towards the curly-haired, freckled-faced boy sitting that at the table closest to the window, reading a red book. You’d really only been working at the coffee shop for two days, but each day, you saw him order his coffee and then sit by the window, reading the same book over and over again. Although he was a stranger to you, most of the people that worked at the cafe seemed to know exactly who he was.

    “Maybe I wouldn’t stare if you told me more about him,” you retorted. You’d never really asked Megan to tell you about him. You just didn’t want to make it seem as if you actually cared about a complete stranger. It would be especially bad if this particular stranger wasn’t even available in the first place. You’d be completely humiliated before you had even lived a week in New York City. But of course Megan wasn’t a complete idiot. She caught onto what you were trying to do and decided to just go along with it.

    “His name’s Anthony,” She began her sentence as she started to prepare a coffee order. “Always comes in here at nine o’clock, asking for black coffee with a little bit of creamer. On normal days, he’ll grab his coffee and sit by the window over there, reading that red book. At this point, everyone in the cafe has accepted that it’s his booth. On busy days, he’ll ask for two coffees, no cream or sugar. Sometimes, he’ll come in here all happy, dancing around and singing some songs. Half the time it has something to do with a guy named Philip being a poet, the other, it’s about some guy named John being really loud. Usually he’ll stay an hour or two, refusing to leave until he’s read the book cover-to-cover. If I did that, I’d go insane. Guess he’s comforted by it, though.”

    It wasn’t enough. You wanted more. You needed more. You wanted to know every little detail about this boy. You wanted to know why he read the same book over and over again, every single day. You wanted to know what exactly was in the book that made it so intriguing. You wanted to know why he sang songs about men named Philip and John. You wanted to know what happened on the days that he asked for two coffees without cream and sugar. You wanted to know why he chose that booth specifically, when there much much nicer booths with much nicer lighting for reading. You wanted to learn every little detail about this boy. Every question possible started floating through your mind, and somehow, you seemed to forget the simplest one: what the hell was his last name?

    “You know, you could talk to him,” Megan stated, as if it weren’t obvious enough. “It’s pretty obvious you think he’s cute. Everyone does.”

    You raised your eyebrows, fear suddenly striking you. In your mind, Megan was much prettier than you. If she thought he was cute, wouldn’t that mean that she would try to do something? It wasn’t like Megan was the shy and quiet type. The day that you came to the cafe, she greeted you with, “Hey, I’m Megan. I’ll work the counter so you can kind of see how it goes and get used to it. You can pick the music though. Just no hard rock. Your shift’s are really early in the morning, if you haven’t noticed.”

    You asked her, “If you think he’s cute, why don’t you go after him?”

    “Honey, I’m gay.” She laughed, as if that question had an obvious answer. “Come on. Go talk to him. He’s cute, you’re cute. You guys would be cute.”

    “I don’t know anything about him.”

    “You know everything I just told you about him. That’s more than most people know when they ask each other out on dates,” she pointed out. And it wasn’t like it was true. You just weren’t used to asking out complete strangers. Hell, you weren’t even in the business of speaking to them. Half of the time, you were introduced by a mutual friend. “Look, he’s been here for thirty minutes. He’ll probably be here for thirty more minutes, or if you’re lucky, an hour and thirty minutes. That’s enough time for you to go talk to him and see if you want to exchange numbers. He’s a really nice guy, Y/N. Talk to him.”

    And with that, Megan left you alone. You were left to debate whether you were going to walk towards him and speak to him. But there were millions of situations running through your brain. Despite Megan assuring you that he was friendly, you didn’t want to interrupt his reading. You figured it would be rude to interrupt someone so early in the morning, especially if they were reading. Despite the fact that apparently, they read the book over and over again. But Megan did mention that he had busy days sometimes. What if this was the one time in the day that he really got to relax? Any sane person wouldn’t want to be bothered, if that were the case.

    You continued your day. You continued to fill the coffee cups that Megan handed to you. You continued to hum along to the retro music that Megan let you play. Still, you couldn’t take your eyes off him. The situations were still running through your mind. Eventually, you decided that you weren’t going to go up to him.

    But the big ‘what if’ formed in your brain. Because what if he was single? What if he was looking for someone to be with? What if he’s the nicest person in the world? What if he tells you what’s in the book? What if you two become fast friends because you have a lot in common? What if he ends up being the closest friend you have? What if he becomes more than a friend? And what if he walks out of that door and he never comes to the cafe again? What then?

    Because if he walks out of that door and never comes back, you’ll have missed out. You’ll have hesitated. You’ll have been to cautious. Perhaps, maybe, it was time you stopped doing that.

    But by the time you decided that you were going to go up to him, offering a free croissant, he had grabbed his bag and ran out the door. The disappointment sank in as you walked over to the booth and set the croissant down on the table. You glanced over as you realized he had forgotten his book. The book was slammed shut, with no sign of a title carved onto the front. You reached over to grab the fake leather. Quickly, you picked it up and stood up, looking out of the window.

    He hadn’t gotten that far. He wasn’t running. He was just walking really fast, clearly on the phone with someone. You glanced at the book, suddenly wondering what you should do with it. Because you could run out there and give the boy his book back. But you did that, you’d be interrupting him while he was on the phone. It was already clear that he was stressed out, did you really want to add to that? You didn’t care what Megan said. No one was friendly when they were stressed. You could wait until everything was okay. Then you could go up to him and say, “Hey, my name’s Y/N. I work at the cafe that you go to all of the time, but I’m really new so you probably don’t even recognize me. Anyway, here’s your book. I figured that you’d like it better if I gave it back to you. I was thinking that maybe we could exchange numbers?”

    But if you said all of that, you’d have said too much. But still, you try to walk forward. You tried to take a step, but somehow, you forget how. And once you manage to take those steps, it’s just you and the glass door. You knew that this wasn’t at all what you wanted-not in this lifetime-, but you figured that you wanted more.

    Your train of thought was cut off when you heard Megan yell, “Y/N! YOU’RE NOT TRYING TO LEAVE EARLY, ARE YOU?”

    “Sorry! I’m coming!” You quickly ran behind the counter, hiding the book in a shelf under the counter. Quickly, you began preparing all of the orders that slipped your mind as soon as you picked up the book. Despite the fact that you were trying to focus on the orders that Megan was throwing at you, there was still a little piece of your mind that was somewhere else.

    ‘I’m not finished with the boy–the book. I’m not finished with the book,’ you thought to yourself. ‘I’ll hold him-it. I’ll hold it until tomorrow.’


The next day, Anthony came rushing in five minutes before nine o’clock. The cafe hadn’t even opened yet, so it was particularly quiet. Megan went to the back to retrieve whipped cream and milk, leaving you to clean up the counter a little bit. The curly-haired boy looked at you, a knowing look on his face. He asked, “Do you have it?”

    You reached under the counter and grabbed the red book from the shelf. You took it home with you, just to make sure that no one else would try to take it or damage it. But it wasn’t as if the book wasn’t already damaged. It was clear that it had been worn down quite a bit. But who’s to say that was a surprise? Megan did say that he read it every single day. Quietly, you asked him, “Is that what you’re looking for?”

    “Yeah. Thank you so much.” He nodded, a smile on his face. He took the book from you, smiling down on it. He glanced up at you. “My name’s Anthony.”

    “Y/N,” You greeted. You were hesitant, as per usual, but then you decided to ask. “What’s it called? The book, I mean.”

     He hesitated, looking up at you surprised. As if he wasn’t used to people actually asking him about the book. You were surprised that he wasn’t used to it, considering he read that book everyday. You’d think that at least one person got curious as to what the title was. “Yuan Fen.”

The strongest Talon: 4

A/n: thanks for reading guys.

Jason watched his sister, y/n, come down the stairs. He couldn’t believe how much you had changed. Other than captain sunshine, you were one of the sweetest ones in the family. Now, you were so quiet and broken. It hurt him so much to see you like this.

You walked over to the mats and stopped in front of Jason. He looked down at you (since the boy is 6"1 which is giant compared to the author) and smirked.

“We gonna do this or not?” You said impatiently. He laughed a bit.

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I am reviewing the song Carolina from HS1 tomorrow night but this was fresh in my mind and I wanted to get it out before I lost the thought process (and also because I’m bored). I would like to weigh in on the story and controversy that’s been circling about this particular song. No, I’m not talking about the drugs debate (though that will be mentioned). I am referring to the girl that this song is supposedly written about.

This particular story is an absolute mess and, as many people (including his diehard fans) have been pointing out - there is something about it that simply does not add up and I’ve been trying to process it. 

Here’s the general story:

So, Harry Styles met this girl. How, when, and where he met her; we have no idea. At least I have no knowledge of these facts. That’s not important. The important thing is that he met this girl and she made some sort of impression on him. Something that he obviously liked.

Skipping forward months or years to when he begins work on his first solo album: Harry Styles decides to write a song about this girl and put it in the track list. 

This is something that this girl has absolutely no knowledge of. Harry Styles, himself, has admitted that in multiple interviews.

Apple Music Documentary: 

I: Does she know a songs been written about her?

H: She does not. 

Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw 6/12/2017

N: Do they know it’s about them or did they just put, like, on the telly…

H: They do now, yeah. 


N: So, you didn’t say, “By the way, I’ve written this massive song for you?”

H: No. 

N: You don’t tell people.

H: No.

N: It’s just a surprise. So, someone could be listening today whose not heard the album and say, “Hang on, that’s about me!”

H: Potentially. 

Now, I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to write a song about someone specific. Everybody does it. Many people wouldn’t be able to write successfully if they didn’t. However, I’ll get to why this raises a few eyebrows in this particular case in a second.

I get the feeling that this was supposed to come off as relatively cute because there was another section of the story that has more or less been forgotten about now. Supposedly Harry wanted to see this girl again. He’d forgotten her name and had no way of knowing how to contact her. This could lead people to believe that this was potentially leading up to a cute, romantic relationship reveal. Again, I’ll get to why this is weird in a second.

Going back to the song; anybody would be absolutely flattered that someone had written a song about them. This is Harry fricken Styles and he has written a song about her. However, the circumstances under which this girl found out were less than ideal.

Her father was the one who put the pieces together after Harry Styles had performed the song live on the Today Show. 

How do we know that she found out through her father? Harry Styles told Nick Grimshaw live on Radio 1 the day that his album released. 

Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw 6/12/2017

H: The person who it’s about, I found out how they found out it was on there, and their dad watches the Today Show and he, like, left her a voicemail saying “Um, I think he just sang a song about you on the TV.

This is also where we reach our first glitch in this story:

Remember that part I mentioned earlier where it was presumed that Harry Styles had forgotten her name and had no way of contacting her but wanted to get in touch with her again? 

The lyrics even claim I met her once and wrote a song about her. 

Well, we have multiple pieces of evidence that can prove that these two have kept in touch with each other since they met. How do we know this?

1. The obvious fact that Harry Styles knows how she found out that the song was about her. From the way that he tells that story, you could easily assume that she was the one who told him in the first place.

2. In his Apple Music Documentary, Harry Styles was asked specifically if he had ever seen this girl since he’d met her. 

Apple Music Documentary

I: Have you seen the girl since?

H: I have. 

From those two slips in the story, we can easily assume that these two people have been in some kind of communication since they met.

It gets worse…this goes on to the be the only song that Harry Styles has ever, EVER been open and honest about in the entirety of his career. Even his diehard fans have found this odd. If you’re a fan of Harry Styles, you know that he has never once openly discussed what a song is about or it’s backstory. 

Where is the evidence that he’s been open about this song? Take a look at any interview in which he is asked about ‘Carolina.’ There is no hesitation in his answers.

Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw 6/12/2017

N: Now, is this about a specific person, this song?

H: Uh, yeah. 

N: Are they from Carolina, I’m guessing?

H: Yeah. 


N: Who’s it about then?

H: Someone from Carolina, I think… (jokingly)

H: But her name is it in so…I’m a bit…fucked with that one.

This leads Harry Styles fans on this frantic search to figure out who this girl is. Not that it’s any of their business but I don’t want to get into that…

Anyway, it turns out that this particular song has enough personal information in it in order for Harry Styles fan base to figure out exactly who this girl is.

Do you remember these pictures? That is supposedly her. How did the fans figure this out? I have no idea. They’re geniuses.  

Hold on though, that’s not even the best part. She was practically laid out on a silver platter for the fans to find. The only way that the fans were able to find this girl and know for a fact that she was indeed the one is solely because she is followed by an Azoff on multiple social media accounts.

Speaking of social media, as soon as this manhunt begins, she immediately puts all of her social media accounts on private. Though, I would argue that she waited for the fans to find her before she did.

So, what exactly is happening here? At first, I thought that it might have been a pure publicity stunt. There was a theory going around that this particular song was about cocaine. Perhaps Harry’s team wanted to debunk that rumor without words (even though he’s going for a rock n roll image…) but also give him as much publicity as possible. However, that theory changed when the girl was discovered and completely debunked when she made her accounts private.

No matter what version of the story you believe or how you believe it happened, it is very unmistakably obvious that this particular girl is being used for publicity reasons. It paints Harry Styles in a very bad light when you also consider the fact that every version of the story has him claiming that she had no knowledge of what was about to happen. In other words, they did this without so much of a warning to her or her consent.

Now…that’s not to say that she couldn’t be involved. She very well could be. After all, Harry Styles slipped up a few times and practically revealed that they have kept in touch. I could be wrong but I honestly do not understand how else he would have found out the story about her father. If he hasn’t kept in touch with her, somebody has. 

Either way you decide look at it, she’s being used for publicity. Whether she knew it was going to happen or not is an entirely different argument or a different day. Also, either way you look at it, there will be multiple points that do not completely line up with each other. A classic example of two truths and a lie because a lie is best hidden between two truths. Which part is truth and which part is lie, we will probably never know. However, based off of her general social media reaction, it is my belief that she had no knowledge of what was about to take place and if, she had any knowledge of how vicious the 1D fanbase can be, she was very smart to make herself private early on.  

There have also been rumors that Carolina will most likely be the next single from the album. This, however, would paint Harry Styles in a very bad light once again. He already has a potential girlfriend in the media (Tess), some people believe he has something going on behind the scenes with Mitch (his lead guitarist), AND there are rumors going around that he’s having a baby or has had a baby with an ex-girlfriend because of the song Kiwi. Now, they wanted to add this ‘Carolina’ girl into the mix?

Good luck getting rid of that womanizer image now, Harry Styles. If that’s even what you want…

Over and out.

Zach Werenski #2 - Working Out

Anon asked: Hey! Could you write another zach werenski one? Where you two workout out together(and you pretty much kick his ass;) than have a cute pizza date or lazy day? You can change if you want!! Thanks:)) your writing is amazing!

Yes anon here you go! I love the idea of the reader kicking the professional athlete’s ass. I’m not sure why but that is always fun to write. I hope you enjoy this story!

Even though Zach had an off day he didn’t treat it as one. Sure he would sleep in a little later and would splurge slightly by eating Honey Nut Cheerios instead of Multigrain Cheerios but he still had a relative routine. The only thing that really changed was what he did in the afternoon. On game days it was taking a nap and on off days it was binge watch television he missed because of games or trying a new recipe in an attempt to learn how to cook.

If you spent the night before an off day you would try your best to join him at the gym if you didn’t have your own work to catch up on. Fortunately for you, you were ahead on work and when his alarm went off and he went to eat breakfast you joined him. You personally liked the days when you worked out together because it meant you got to use the Blue Jackets’ training facility. On days when a game or practice wasn’t scheduled the players were allowed to use the facility on their own. That technically meant they could bring anyone that they included on their friends and family list. With it being a professional athletics facility they always had the newest equipment and you were always excited to try it out.

You finished your breakfast before Zach and left to go change while he took what you deemed his “sweet, sweet time.” You were tying up your sneaker laces when he walked in and you went to wait by the front door. When he was finally ready to go you felt like you were going to jump out of your skin with all the excess energy you had. He rolled his eyes fondly and you two took the elevator down to the parking garage where he was parked. Soon enough you were driving down to Nationwide Arena. He pulled his ID out to show the guard who waved him in before he could get it fully out of his wallet. Of course they would know who he was. He parked in the player spots near the underground entrance and you forced yourself to not run to the door.

There were no other cars in the lot so you hoped that meant you two would get the facility to yourselves. It wasn’t that you minded when his teammates were there, in fact they are a great motivator but it was nice to have time with just your boyfriend. The gym is empty when you two walk in and you wasted no time in hooking your phone up to the speakers. The playlist was filled with the best mix of pump it up songs that you could find and you spent more time on it than you were willing to admit.

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#8 I Found A Love for Me

A/N: hey nerds. this week has been a doozy, but nonetheless i’m well and breathing. sorry i haven’t written in a while, writers block was full force and I was so stressed I was just creatively like…not there. at all. ANYWHO here we go. Back on track. lets do this shit. In the mean time, feel free to read all of my stuff here -> it’s always tagged under “ficshit” 

The List Be Here
1. Oh my god you’re in love with her
2. You’re too good for this world
3. It’s about damn time!
4. I just had to see you
5. Please let me help
6. H-How long have you been standing there?
7. Could you be happy here with me? (this one is my fave so far xx)

***I’m also going to be a douche bag and NOT write this prompt, I have another prompt i’ve had in my head for a bit and I’m gonna write that one instead. Don’t h8***

Based off of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” and “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” BECAUSE I can’t not think of Bechloe when I listen to them. Assholes.

Dating for three years, engaged for one, these two were finally ready to tie the knot.

Most of the wedding plans were set other than the details regarding the reception. More specifically, their first dance. Beca had told Chloe she wanted to surprise her and to leave all the music to her, but Chloe didn’t not like knowing what was going on. 

They were sitting on the couch, Beca on her laptop - Chloe flipping through social media on her phone, their legs intertwined but bodies on opposite ends of the couch. Chloe nudged Beca with her foot. “Hey.. so like can you at least give me a hint?”

Beca looked up and took an earbud out, “A hint to what?”

“The wedding stuff. Just give me like a genre.”


“Babe pleaseeeee” pouty face in full force, Beca’s weakness.

“Nope. Notta.”

“I’ll give you a foot rub every night this week and do the laundry for a month.”

“You already give me a foot rub every night.”

“Okay but the laundry thing.”

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M’s Magick On the Dance Floor

I know there will be people who disagree with me but it is possible in the middle of a loud and crowded dance floor of a concert or a rave to be able to perform magick. Some of my recent experiences in getting back into the electronic music scene have brought this back to life for me. I am going to try and talk about different elements but I may have missed a subject so feel free to ask me questions.

For me, when I perform magick on the dance floor it is all about getting lost in the music and the dance. There are different parts to it that make it easier and or harder to get into that meditative trance state. I enjoy raves because they are events that are often hours long that allows for the raising of energy and the spell work.

So how do I first get into the trance state?

The first part of it is music. I am generally all about electronic music and raves so I have experienced great DJs and terrible DJs. One of the lessons I learned very early on is if the changes between the songs do not blend seamlessly or are very jarring it will easily disrupt the experience or the meditation. It can be incredibly jarring to be jolted from it. I recently also dealt with a DJ who did Psy music which in itself is not bad but it has a very repetitive beat and it did not change up at all. It made the experience drone on which may be alright for some but not for me. Excellent DJs or Artists know how to make a mix that blends seamlessly but also mixes high energy songs with low energy songs for breaks.

The other aspect of this whole process is movement. I have been able to do it with both a lot of room and very little room. I prefer having room to wiggle about or at least throwing my arms around without a care. It makes it much easier for me when I have the room because I am not worried about smacking someone else about. I can also close my eyes a bit and just simply, feel, be. I’ve also done it with not a lot of room but I am generally at the very front to where there are bars set up and security guards to make sure no one climbs over. I prefer being flush up to that fence due to being able to kind of “bow” but also throw your fist up or wave your arms about. This still allows a bit of freedom but there is a bit more conscious of this experience. Also, crowd surfing can be very incredible but be mindful of the rules and the kind of crowd it is. Some people will just drop you without a care. The amount of room can depend upon what you want and the same with the music too.

I prefer crowds because of the general ambient feel. I have done it at home as well where I could blast music. I am not a big fan of headphones because I have yet to find headphones that stay in my ears while I am being active. I am not saying it is impossible in any element but when getting into the trance state and doing the spellwork I don’t like to be distracted by any element. This includes my dogs.

All these elements make up the next equation, what are you doing for the magick?

There are two parts of this for me. The first is always visualization and the second is the dance movements themselves. The correspondences are important to the person performing the magick. As the visualization part can be beating around the bush as there are many people have talked about this, I am going to talk about movements.

I often go with the flow of the music and dancing to the beat is important. I still like to think of movements that I want to use before. If I have a downloaded mix I can easily prepare before hand. If I am at a concert or a rave it is obviously not easy to guess what songs will be played. You have to be very fluid with the planning of movements. Anyways, sometimes part of raising the energy is stomping or spinning about or even raising my hands (with the visualization). One could perform certain planned out movements for casting the circle and raising the energy. Certainly, each movement does not have to be ascribed to a certain meaning but it is your dance language. It is the language that you speak with your body, your heart, and your energy or spirit.

So things to consider are you looking up? Are you looking down? Tossing your head side to side? Are you moving your hair about? In glamor spells for me or healing spells the focus is touching the body, caressing it either all of it or a specific part of it. You can punch the air like a fist or you can raise your hand like a fist. I have done this as part of a spell for courage. Even moments where you pause in a certain position for a long time have meaning. If you are in a tradition that uses certain movements to mean something then by all means use it as well. Please be respectful of other cultures.

There are other things you can consider as well but I ask that you please consider safety. I am not here to encourage problematic behavior.

You can slip herbs into your shoes or other parts of your clothes. You can use essential oils for a smell or for its properties of the spell you are doing. You can also use fire and or incense. You could also wear jewelry with the elements that correspondences with your spell. I have also at times used color theory in my clothes. There is also the element if you use items like in the sample of fire poi or dancing with a tambourine or drum.

What helps but is also not necessarily advisable is dehydration, alcohol, and possibly hallucinogens. Please make sure that you if you mess with substances and you do it responsibly.

The most important thing is being comfortable. Be comfortable with yourself and with your surroundings and it leads to the most success.

#128 - For lovewllltearusapart & anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “a story about you/the reader going to their first catb concert and you’re a huge fan and absolutely love them and you get to the front at the barriers and when they are singing songs van is constantly staring at the reader and smiling and holds your hand. Then after the gig has finished he sees everyone and gets pictures and you’re facing the other way waiting for them to come out and he comes up to you and talks to you and fancies you and it leads to smut ? and "van pulls you up on stage during their concert to sing and everyone’s shocked to hear you’re actually good? and maybe van proper fancies ya after it” and “currently needing van to fall for a fan while performing in other country (brazil maybe?🤗😁)” from @lovewllltearusapart

Note: Sorry for the lack of smut; not really in the headspace for it right now. I hope you lalalove this anyway?! If this is your thing, you may want to read another I’ve done (click here). Keep an eye on @you-andthebottlemen too, because she’s got a similar request and will have something out soon. Also, speaking of Evangeline - thank you to her for talking through some of these ideas with me.

It was the first time Catfish and the Bottlemen had been to Brazil. You’d loved them for so long, since you first heard Kathleen. That was years ago and you’d grown up with their songs providing the soundtrack of your life. Your love for them was unconditional; so when they announced a show, you were fucking there. You couldn’t justify the money to go to Lollapolooza, but a sideshow you could do.

Waiting in line, you felt sick with nerves. Incredibly introspective and painfully self-aware, you were usually good at figuring it why you felt a specific thing. The nerves however, were a mystery. Maybe it was just excitement and you were getting it all mixed up. But, it hurt in your shoulder blades and your stomach was rolling like it had detached from the rest of your internal organs. Gabriela kept patting you on the back, reassuring you it was going to be good. Of course it was going to be good, but your body was dying nonetheless.

Inside, against the barrier, you survived the opening band by swaying in time to the music with your eyes closed. Much of the crowd seemed younger than you. They looked like they were mostly in their late teens; the Catfish fans that couldn’t go to Lollapolooza. You were a little older, and at twenty-three you felt a little more grounded than the rest of the them. All of that was lost though when the band walked out on stage.

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AU where you’re best friends with Lin-Manuel Miranda

Summary: you come home after a bad day at high school, only to be surprised by your best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Words: 1382

(this is my first time writing fanfics in about 3 years! just wanna get back into it <3 )

Slamming the door of your bedroom behind you, you throw yourself on the bed. Breathing heavily you lie on your back and close your eyes. If today wasn’t already bad enough with your least favourite classes, you were turned down by the girl you’ve long held a crush on and received back too many negative grades. Two weeks ago you were trapped in your room for hours on end writing this biology paper which now stood in front of you with a large, red C- on it.

Chest heaving you took the paper and ripped it to shreds, letting it fall on the floor strip by strip. If the day wasn’t already shit enough, now you’ve possibly lost a friend and arriving closer at failing a subject. It was moments like these you needed your best friend, Lin-Manuel Miranda, more than anything. And he was there. He was always there. Now, however, he was constantly travelling the world filming and whatnot for various projects he was working on.

Sure, being best friends with one of the world’s most successful broadway writers and performers had its perks. You were closely known to the primary Hamilton cast and crew members. You could be guaranteed a spot in your favourite seat, the fourth row from the stage and 8th seat from the left. Lin was a lovely man, it seemed beyond the stars that you were fortunate enough to meet him through your parents. Growing up knowing Lin was like having a second parent. He was always there for you, regardless the 20 year age gap you had.

Now seeing how far Lin had come in his successions drew tears to your eyes, knowing the man you once considered another father was a sought-after writer and composer. Through the course of his time in Hamilton, you frequently babysat his young son when you weren’t drowned in homework. However, since moving to England for his filming of the Mary Poppins revival, you were lucky enough to Skype him once a week, usually on a Saturday evening.

This Friday afternoon you sat there, letting your mind trick and deceive you as you shook and broke down. You knew Lin would be off filming, with his family or seeing the world as he so often did, but you needed to hear his voice more than ever.

People laughed it off that you were friends with Lin-Manuel. They would say you were bragging, or your friendship was too close for a teenager and man with a family. But you and Lin knew nothing of that. Through thick and thin, he knew your darkest feelings and secrets and was there through the highs and lows of it.

Breathing deeply to slow your trembling hands, you opened your phone to see a spam of messages from your friends. They read

“I cannot believe you would just risk tearing us apart, telling ____ you like her and all that!!”

“I’m disgusted at how selfish you are, this is going to make lunchtimes all the more awkward”

“I need some space from you for a while. See you in a few weeks.”

Tears welled in your eyes, heart beating faster and faster. Throwing your feelings aside you clicked Lin’s contact, trembling more and more as the dial went on.  As your phone rang, you swore you could hear a phone ringing downstairs but ignored it, pushing it aside as one of your parent’s spare phones. After calling Lin twice to receive no pickup and leaving one long voice mail, you throw your earphones in and head downstairs to scavenge the leftover pizza for an emotion-healing treat. Walking down the stairs, you put on the In The Heights broadway cast album and begin to jam along as “The Club” plays.

Lipsyncing and dancing downstairs would traditionally not be a safe choice of movement, but you’ve discovered that a quick listen to ITH can change any mood in a matter of moments.

You slowly stumble to the kitchen, your mood returning to its former state as Breathe begins to play. Opening the fridge door you feel tears behind your eyes. Although not directly relatable, the lyrics hold a strong meaning of living up to others exceptions, something you are currently struggling with. The song continues and the pizza reheats. As the climax is reached, you are overcome with emotion and throw yourself down on the kitchen counter. shaking with emotion. Lin always knew how to write a good song. A relatable song. In that moment, you were Nina. Caught in a mix and feeling like a disappointment, unsure of what to do next.

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Every Breath She Takes

A/N: This is my second follow celebration personalized fic! This one is for yet another immensely patient follower, @plaidstiel-wormstache who put up with me peppering her with questions about all manner of weird things (most of which didn’t even end up in here). Special thanks to @littlegreenplasticsoldier who beta read this monster and helped me get the accent a little closer to reality. Honorable mention to @faith-in-dean who helped me title it! These are all quality women with quality blogs and you should be following them!

Summary: Sam and Dean meet Jessie, and the rest is history.

Prompt: Whatever moved me, preferably fluff.

Pairing: Sam x Jessie 

Warnings: None. It’s so fucking fluffy you could pet it.

Word count: 2382 (Believe me, you don’t want it longer. The story took a very weird turn around 2500 words, and I decided it was better to end it fluffy.)

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Sam was impressed by Jessie from the first moment he saw her. Admittedly, when he first saw her, he was actually seeing a Leviathan impersonating her, but when the monster was as dead as Levis got, she was still impressive. He had almost a foot in height over her, but she was a whirlwind of furious anger with long, dark hair and an explosive expression. She got up off the floor where she’d been thrown, stormed over to the impersonator’s head, and kicked it across the warehouse like a champion soccer player.

“That’s what y’get fer messin’ with the big boys, y’slimey bastard!” she screamed as the head hit a wall with a wet thump and rolled around a corner. She looked up at Sam triumphantly while her chest heaved and her hands landed on her hips. “So, big boy, are there more of those things around here that need killin’ or is this the part where I take you out to dinner to thank you for savin’ me life?”

Sam’s mouth flapped silently while his brain tried to catch up. Her accent enthralled him while he fought to look away from her eyes as they sparkled with mischief. “You’re not going to ask me what that was or what’s going on?”

Jessie shrugged and gave him a lopsided smile. “Mate, I’m from Australia. It’s not a proper Monday morning ‘til ya’ve killed five things that wanna kill ya back!”

The smile that shone from her face was the first thing to warm Sam’s heart since Bobby had died, and he immediately hoped he would see more of it. In spite of everything that was going on around him, for the first time in a very long time, Sam laughed, and his fate was sealed.

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1. Exodus

Pairing: MinseokxReader

Genre: Angst/ Suggestive (1st of 9 part lyric series with each member)

Warnings: Unrequited love, Swearing, suggestive themes

Word count: 794

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Low lighting surrounded you both, skin sliding against skin, soft gasps and groans filling the air. Minseok felt your fingertips leaving trails of fire over his body, your hot breath mixing with his while he panted in bursts against your lips, his eyes closed in longing. He longed for more of you, for all of you as you bit into his bottom lip, your fingers curling gently into his hair. He almost laughed at the irony of it, how your relationship was just like those two conflicting actions of pain and softness. You treated him with such tenderness whenever Minseok threatened to stop…whatever this was. You always peered into his face before you whispered lovingly into his ear with your arms winding themselves around him in an embrace. You had trapped him in your heavenly arms and played dominoes with his heart. He couldn’t leave you even if he tried. 

 Your body fell against his with a loud moan, bringing Minseok back as he loudly finished with you, holding you into his chest tenderly as you got your breath back. Smiling softly to himself as he savoured the dreamy moment of you lying here in his arms, against his skin and wanting nothing more. You lean up on an elbow as you traced strands of damp hair from Minseok’s face, he knew you watched how his eyes closed almost unwillingly at your touch. Why couldn’t he resist this? Again and again he fell for you. Your breathy voice broke into the quiet moment as you slide out from his arms and turned over, the phone lighting over your features in the darkened room as you text one of the others.

“You were incredible Minseok…but you should leave sooner this time, I have a… friend visiting ” 

Minseok felt his heart ache at the thought of someone else holding you like he had, his breath becoming shallow at the predictable pattern of this night. He couldn’t hold back the words that fell from his kiss-bruised lips like bullets. “Would you like me to welcome them when they walk in? Fuck! Y/n what are we doing? I don’t want to do this…like this anymore.”

You looked up startled from his outburst, putting down your phone as you watched him with those dangerously heady eyes. 

“Well the door is right there Minseok, we agreed to this. What else could you want from this?” you murmured softly. 

Minseok almost crumbled under your gaze just as he always did, crawling back into your bed and arms like he always did but tonight he forced himself to ignore it. He needed answers and not endless “what ifs” that fueled this fire. Clearing his throat he met your eyes resolutely as he breathed out hard “You. I want you beside me and I want to love you if you’ll let me. To hold you close after I stay the night, attempt to make you breakfast for God’s sake.  I can’t pretend to feel nothing every time we feel like fucking anymore. I don’t want that.”

He searched your face desperately as you sighed gently, rubbing your temples hard to stop the oncoming headache this was causing. You knew he was getting too involved recently and you’d tried to push him away but… he had such a wicked mouth you couldn’t resist at times. But…that’s all there was. Looking up slowly you took in his standing lean figure, how the lights seemed to wrap around his bronze body in shadows as he panted down at you. You’d miss this. 

“Minseok…I can’t give you that. I don’t want to hurt you more but I don’t love you. I’m sorry it got this far but there’s nothing more I can do”

Minseok felt those words like a blow to his heart and every word dragged its’ slow, hot path around his chest. He could almost feel the pieces of his heart falling onto the floor of this room, once alive with moans and heat but now darkening as he stood in numb shock. He shouldn’t be surprised, you’d never even hinted you’d felt the same but hope had pulled him through all those lonely nights with you. Minseok coughed gently, trying to force his heavy tongue to work as he stepped slightly backwards, pulling his shirt on quickly. 

“I…I get it. I wasn’t expecting shit from this anyway. I just wanted to be honest with you. I’m going to leave and I won’t be back. Not this time. Have a good night.” Minseok forced out between his teeth before he walked out of that door, out of the room alight with heat and danger and into the cold night, not caring how the wind lashed at him. He kept walking.

 He didn’t look back. 

Admin C- Basically inspired from the lyrics of Exodus! I wanted to try angst~ and it’s all to celebrate the upcoming Comeback and my first 500 followers! Come requests songs for specific members as a poll.

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I would love to see something about maybe Reaper with a S/O who loves toys?? Like colorful dolls and animals and whatnot. I feel like that combination will be interesting! Thank you so much!

All the Colors 

You’re pretty handy with a needle, and you weren’t afraid to make that known with each new doll you made. Reaper, despite being far removed from the man once known as Gabriel Reyes, appreciated it and would say nothing whenever you’d return from a mission with two or three new colorful dolls or plush toys that you’ve crafted mid-transit (even if they were hilariously large and hindered your ability to open doors).

The good majority of Talon could say nothing either. Either because they feared your relationship with Reaper, who had made it clear to everyone on more than one occasion that your interests are not an acceptable point of ridicule, or they feared retribution from you, the group’s chief information broker–it’s common knowledge by now that on your word alone, you can essentially determine who lives or dies (like that one guy who tore one of your stuffed dolphins in half, and then mysteriously got sent off to Antarctica to retrieve a highly radioactive material guarded by a group of hostile Omnics without the proper precautions–the end result was not pretty).

Today, it is no different. He and Sombra see you coming down the hall, an armful of colorful, round somethings, the size of volleyballs. You looked like you had some trouble with them. 

“Oi, wha’chu got there?” Sombra gasps, “Are those new?” 

Your eyes light up when you notice them coming, and you sprint to meet them. “Good timing, you two!” 

Both Reaper and Sombra look at each other. Usually, ‘good timing’ in Talon terms mean that something has happened and everything’s going to go to hell, or someone’s about to be in a very uncomfortable position. This time, it is the latter. 

“Could you hold these for me? I’ll be right back. Gotta grab meet with someone.” Without even waiting for an answer, you shove your inventory into Reaper’s arms with a, “Thanks, I love you!”, and tear down the hall, the echoes of your heels fading fast. 

Both Sombra and Reaper look at the items you’ve forced upon them. 

“Oh no,” the hacker hisses excitedly. “They’re cute.”

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‘she’s mine’

a/n: so I’m not 100% about this, especially the ending but I hope you guys like this. Trying to get better at updating. Much love.
also thinking about possibly starting a fanfic once I get all these imagines caught up…yes? no?


I had just finished my hair and makeup and was checking it all over in the mirror when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“damn Ma, you sure we gotta go out tonight?” Sammy asked, his voice husky in my ear. I smiled and turned around to face him.

“yes Samuel. It’s my brother, and also your best friends, birthday.” I replied.

“can’t we just celebrate with him tomorrow baby?” Sammy whined, his lips on my neck now.

“Sammy, we can have sex tomorrow, tonight’s Nate’s birthday.” I replied, managing to control my little whimpers from him sucking on my neck.

“tomorrow!?” he asked, eyes wide.

“When we get home Sammy. But we really need to go.”

“but babe, you just look so good, I just don’t want every guy all over you.” He sighed.

“well that’s gonna be hard when I’m gonna be all over you.” I smiled, only to be returned with Sammy’s lips on mine briefly.

“I love you Ma, let’s go.”

Sammy always got worried when we went out that some guy would come in and sweep me off my feet and steal me from Sammy. Sammy doesn’t realize, even after 3 years in a relationship, that I didn’t want any other guy. I was just all about Sammy.

Yeah it was cute that he got all worried about losing me and it was also hot as hell when he got jealous. Sammy and I trusted each other, which is why when we would go out, we wouldn’t be attached on the hip the whole entire time. He’d let me go out and dance and go get drinks. But there were times he would come find me at the bar and some guy would be a little too close or be a little to friendly. He would get mad that they were flirting, and I just let Sammy do his thing, cause I really couldn’t say anything.

It took Sammy two years of relentless flirting for me to finally ask him one day ‘did you just flirt with me’ only to get him to reply with a small chuckle and ‘I have been for the past two years, but thanks for noticing’ for us to really start our relationship. And here we are 3 years later, happy as ever. I’ve also gotten better at this whole flirting thing, and telling when Sammy was being flirty, but everyone else I was just so clueless.

We pulled up to the club, getting out of the car and immediately being mobbed with paps. Pros of having such a well-known brother, and boyfriend. We smiled and posed for a few pictures before finally entering the club. Instantly hit with the smell of weed and alcohol, and the lovely smell of sex.

Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd to the vip section specifically for Nate, Swazz, Sammy, Johnson, G, Madison, Emily and I. Only arriving to find G, Madison and Johnson.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy smiled, releasing my hand as he went and bro hugged Johnson and G while I said hi to Madison, immediately getting into a conversation.

“oh my god, (y/n) you look hot as fuck tonight.” Madison smiled.

“me? Look at you? You literally look like a goddess.” I complimented back.

Madison and I were pretty close, and she came to me a lot whenever her and G had problems, or fans started causing problems. She was like my little sister.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely getting laid tonight.” Madison said, causing both of us to burst out into laughter. Sammy and I didn’t hide our sex life at all. At this point pretty much everyone knew when we had sex, when we were going to have sex, everything.

“but I mean, G can’t keep his eyes off you, so I won’t be the only one getting lucky tonight.” I winked, causing Madison to flush a little.

“anyway.” Madison giggled out, sipping her drink, “you need to catch up, and I need another drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“let’s go get you caught up then.”

Madison and I stood up, telling the boys we were going to get some drinks, and eventually come back, but only to get the guys out to dance.

We were at the bar and I just had 5 shots of tequila in a row, trying desperately to catch up to Madison, and at this point, my head feeling dizzy, I think I was there. I ordered a mixed drink, along with Madison and we headed back to the vip area to find Sammy and G gone, but Nate was there with Swazz and everyone.

“Happy Birthday lil bro.” I giggled, stumbling over to him and giving him a hug.

“god, you’ve always been a lightweight, but thanks.” Nate laughed, hugging me.

Madison and I stayed and talked a bit longer, catching up with everyone, but I was hoping Sammy would come back. When I got drunk, I got horny too. Well, Sammy always made me feel horny, but when I was drunk I was the ‘bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t walk’ horny, not the normal ‘hey you’re hot and you’re good at sex and I like you a lot, let’s have sex’ horny if that makes sense.

“OHMIGOD” Madison screamed, over the thumping music, “this is my favorite song, can we go dance?”

“hell yeah, let’s go.” I cheered, waving to everyone and heading down by the dj, the man himself Dillon Rupp. Madison and I started dancing, pulling our best moves. We started facing each other, just having the best time swaying to the music, and then, it being one of Dillon’s mixes, it switched, which made me start grinding on Madison.

Of course though, we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not because our boyfriends weren’t there, it was because every time we went out, there were drunk guys who just didn’t get what the word ‘no’ meant.

“hey baby.” The tall lanky blonde breathed in my ear, wrapping his hands around my waist, since his friend had taken away Madison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

“I have a boyfriend.” I muttered, trying not to move, but the guys grip was just so strong, he basically was moving me.

“it’s just one dance baby.” He smiled a toothy grin at me.

“yeah b-“

“I don’t see him anywhere? It’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, allowing him one dance. I knew Sammy would be pissed, but he knew I would never do anything. And I knew when he heard everything I said, and the guys actions, he wouldn’t be pissed at me, just at this asshole, and himself, for not being with me the whole night.

When the song finished, I pried out of his grip and grabbed Mads hand and started to walk away. Making it to vip section to find no one Madison and I just sat and ranted about those guys. Guys are always so sleazy, and I hated going out like this. And I just wanted Sammy, not seeing my boyfriend in like 2 hours since we’ve got here.

“hey, I’m gonna go get some drinks and I’ll be back.” I smiled and Madison nodded, pulling out her phone, no doubt texting G.

When I got to the bar it took a while before I could make it up to the counter to actually order. I asked for just a bottle of sour apple vodka, and then another thing of tequila. I was waiting for the drinks when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“hey baby.” Said the same voice from earlier, and I rolled my eyes, turning around to face him.

“please leave me alone.” I sighed.

“baby, why don’t you and I get outta here.” He slurred, leaning in and he started kissing my neck. I was appalled by his actions, and also the fact that no one around wanted to step in and help a girl. I pushed him back a bit.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I said, more stern, any buzz I had, fading away as my anger and disgust started to sober me up.

“well I don-“ he started but was cut off when he was pushed out of the way, and I was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, their lips immediately meeting mine. I smiled as I felt their hand go down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

“she’s mine.” Sammy said, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me into him. “and I’d appreciate if you left my girl alone.” He finished.

We started to walk away, but Sammy was yanked back.

“hey” the same guy now yelled as Sammy faced him. The guy went and threw a punch, striking Sammy in the left eye, causing him to stumble back. Quick to compose himself, Sammy was up and threw a punch, hitting the lanky guy square in the eye, and then another punch, hitting him in the mouth.

Soon it was an all out fist fight in the middle of the club, people forming a circle, recording it as I tried to break it up. Terrible idea (y/n) really. Because I managed to pull Sammy back off the guy, and I turned to tell him to leave and he ended up punching me on the side of my face, causing me to be thrown to the floor. And unlike the guys, I’d never been in a fight, or punched by a guy, so it fucking hurt like a bitch.

I was surrounded by Johnson, G and Madison who helped me up and I saw Sammy, who was destroying the drunk. He was on the floor punching the guy over and over in the face while Nate, Derek and Swazz tried to pull him off.

Finally managing to get him off the guy, Nate helped the other guy up and helped him find the exit. Once the excitement died down, everyone went back to partying except us. Johnson was running his thumb over my cheek, checking it, and I kept flinching, cause like I said, it hurt like a bitch.

Sammy ran over and, as politely as he could, shoved everyone out of the way, and gently held my chin, turning my head to look at my swelling cheek.

“babygirl” he sighed “I’m so sorry, we gotta get you home and get this taken care of.”

“me? Sammy it’s just a little bruise, ice will fix it, we gotta get you all cleaned up.” I said, noticing the several cuts he had on his face.

“oh, does this mean we’re going home and you’re gonna be my doctor” he smirked, his hands finding my hips, as he got closer to my face.

“Sammy” I warned, as our friends were all around.

“you promised me sex when we got home.” Sammy whined, causing me to laugh as I gently met his lips, pulling back and smiling at him.

“yeah okay, let’s get you cleaned up first though lover boy.” I said, and with that we said our goodbyes and headed home, for what would hopefully be, a great night.