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  • Favourite colour : the entire colour spectrum tbh but atm baby blue, orange and baby pink and mint and also yellow. 
  • Lipstick or chapstick?: Honey, chapstick don’t exist in my world. (plz recommend me some good chapsticks i’ve had bad reactions to all the ones i’ve tried) 
  • Last song I listened to: ADSKJFSAKJ I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER I DON’T THINK i listened to any songs for the past week 😲😲😲
  • Last movie: MY LAST MOVIES WAS ALSO SPLIT..wait idk if it was beauty and the beast,,,anyways its one of those @memento-moree
  • Top 3 fictional characters: top 3??? thats too hard!! its too hard to choose i can’t DO IT…ahhhhhhh    
  • Top 3 ships: yugbam & jjp, yatori, jerza
  • Currently reading: nothing (i have $140 owed on my library card so i can’t borrow anything until i pay it off so i aint reading anytime soon)

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I'm such low key trash for my team RWBY ships

(These aren’t in a specific rating order. More of a character order.)

•I’m a total sloot for Nuts and Dolts because Penny and Ruby are so… innocent? I’m not sure if that’s the word I want to use considering the end of V3 and all of V4. They, esp Ruby, has seen some shit.
•I honestly like N&D more than WhiteRose, but I do really enjoy it regardless. I feel like Ruby really gets Weiss to open up and have fun. I also like to think of Weiss as a doting and caring mom (we don’t know much about her mom except that she’s an alcoholic so maybe Weiss tries to be better)… now that I mention her as mom, it makes the ship a little weird. Scratch the mom part. She’s just doting and caring with Ruby, though easily annoyed with her.

•Nuts and Dolts 4lyfe!!!!!

•WhiteRose (see above)
•I don’t remember the name… Ice Water???? Anyway, Neptune and Weiss are also cute. I feel like Weiss would get him to stop trying to be so cool all the time (with the help of Sunny) and just be himself. I also like to think that’d he straight up spoils her rotten (mostly with physical gestures and simple things, but he might get her something really nice every now and then) and she tries to deny his gifts and constant affection, but she loves it.

•Ice Water???? Please correct this. I’m a mess 😂😂
•I was gonna say Yang/Neptune… Steam? If it’s not called steam, it should be. Fire + water = freaking steam… but I digress. Anyway, I changed my mind because I don’t enjoy it as much as the others… I think I like them better as friends.
•SeaMonkey!!!! The totally homo bromance is absolutely adorable. I think that Sun would totally show off Neptune like “Yeah, hoe, this is my mans. Cool as cucumber. Total homo.” And Neptune is totally posing and shit like “Yeah, I’m totes the shit. My bromo over here is even better, though 😉”

•SeaMonkey (see above)
•BlackSun… I think it’s super adorable. I don’t ship it simply because they’re both faunus. I genuinely think that Sun is a cool character. I don’t think this ship should get as much hate as it gets. I absolutely loved the interaction between the two in V4. I think he fully understands how Yang means to Blake and maybe wants to respect that, but he’s probably just a naturally flirty person so… oh well, I wont analyze this tonight. Do I like it better than Bumblebee(by?) Um… they’re neck and neck. I could never choose one. Like, ever.

•Bumblebee(by)… can someone clear up how that’s supposed to be spelled or is it ambiguous??? Anyway, these two are crazy cute together. I think there’s more from the show supporting this (don’t flame me) but I still couldn’t decide. This one also shouldn’t get flamed as much as it does. The interaction between Blake and Yang gave me life and it hurt (and in a weird way elated me) seeing Blake so torn up over Yang and her arm in V4.

Note: I couldn’t choose between BS and BB. To me, they are equally great. If I’m being totally honest… I don’t think I want either to become canon because it would cause more drama than there already is and I think that we should connecting about the show rather than tearing each other apart over an opinion. That’s just me, though.

*BONUS* BumbleSun!!! Is that the name? Oh, well. I think it’s kind of clear (?) that Blake may have feeling for both Sun and Yang and because I can’t choose one, I’d rather the three just be together. It’s a good compromise, in my opinion.

i should just give in and write a character who explicitly falls somewhere on the au/ti/sm spectrum . i have a few muses who do but i never really talk about it .

wickedcooki  asked:

Since you rock black all the time, would you wear black at your wedding?

You know its probably just as well I’m unlikely to get married because I doubt I could ever choose a dress omggggg. Sometimes I’m like YAS ALL BLACK EVERYTHING and other times I like the idea of the white dress but with dark everything else (makeup, nails, etc). Although this one dress is like, perfect: