like i could actually choose

Nah fuck it we're doing this now

Hey guys.

I’m kinda sick of trying to put on a persona. I’m kind of sick of limiting stuff on my blog. Mainly because I set this blog up to be an snk fandom blog. Sooo I worry about posting random content.

So I think it’s time for me to…not have be thanks-for-the-scarf anymore? I want to make more of a name for myself? Not like I’ll ever have time to now that I’ve sold my soul to science.

I mean maybe I can keep my name? But I kind of want the same name across all my social media platforms. I want to make this a main blog? I wish I had made this blog a side blog to begin with actually. I mean it is my main blog but I wish I kept all my strict fandom blogs to the side.

But basically my interests are too varied to keep this blog one thing, mainly because I’m caring less and less about snk? Which makes me sad, but it’s true. For the first time I’m diffusing my interests more. And trying to keep this flowing with new posts is hard, also because my dash is fucking dead.

I’m still gonna post snk! But I guess I’m gonna be more of a hodge podge blog now. I mean it kind of already IS but I still don’t post things because I worry about followers. So ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

anonymous asked:

who would voice lucas, claus, ninten, and ness if pt was a cartoon?

I think I answered this same question on my old blog, but here: 

Lucas: Jay Baruchel (Either him or Ryan Potter. His work in BH6 was pretty impressive.)

Claus: I always switch between Dane Dehaan (except he can’t act), Justin Timberlake, and Vic Mignogna. (Vic’s like fifty years old but hell he voiced Edward Elric soooo)

Ninten: Thomas Middleditch. No questions asked. Every inch of my being believes in Thomas. He is Ninten. There is no other option. Nintendo needs to make a movie out of Mother 1 just so that Thomas can play this role. 

Ness: Usually I say Todd Haberkorn, but Ness is more of a serious character in Plot Twist. Maybe if Haberkorn stayed in his lower register? Other than him, there’s always Daniel Henney. (Actually, I feel like Timberlake could nail this? idk)

I always choose really well known voice actors forgive me


TALE AS OLD AS TIME | a fanmix for actual disney couple of the zombie apocalypse daryl and beth; for finding love in unexpected places, and for finding that someone who could be your happily ever after [listen] by starssight and dawnofthedusk.

something there  //  love will find a way  //  fixer upper  //  never knew i needed  //  far longer than forever  //  at the beginning  //  kiss the girl  //  if i never knew you  //  so close  //  because you live  //  beauty and the beast  //  i see the light  //  i won’t say (i’m in love)  //  once there was the sun  //  you’ll be in my heart  //