like i cant chose just one!

I need to find mr new i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 

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Ahh, I don't know if this has already been answered or not, but does Bendy have any sorta grudges on anybody? Just a curious question to ask.

Used to have a bit of one on Joey. He cared about him yeah, but being brought into real life has proven to be a bit of a double-edged sword.

Cant say he has a grudge on sammy but sammy might’ve had one on him at some point

cant say he had a grudge on alice but they did not get along very well in the beginning and would constantly pick on each other

Probably didnt like the guy Joey chose to take his place after death for a little while just because they aren’t joey and never will be

I can also imagine him having a frustrating relationship with a network exectutive or something but i dont have much for details on that at the moment

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I cant wait to see Jeanne reaction when she confirms that Azazel, an old enemy/demon saved her child *-*

lol I also actually kinda dreading this after ep10, but then the preview kinda blows my mind bcs holy shit aren’t you two already getting along so well gimme back my worry omg

Jeanne’s lack of reaction when Nina mentions Azazel’s the one with Mugaro is also interesting? I can’t read her there; I wonder if she doesn’t remember Azazel despite literally destroying everything he had lmao or if she just chose to process that for another time bcs there’s more pressing concern right now. Also, Nina does mention that Azazel’s a demon and the demons’ve been victimized by the time Jeanne gets captured, so maybe it really doesn’t matter to her as long as Mugaro/El gets saved and alive somewhere.

…actually, it’s totally possible that she doesn’t even know Azazel’s name and only knows him as that one demon who got Amira and attacked Anatea ten years ago orz

(pls god staff-san director-san you can’t make her forget Azazel that would be too cruel on azazel lmao)

Idk where the show’s gonna take them, but personally, I think they could be the best of friends.

  • They both have this very serious personality (azazel’s even more than Jeanne; she at least could understand a joke)
  • they both were once saints (well azazel was an angel but i digress) worshipped by ppl, now fallen from grace (azazel’s probably by his own fault, but again, i digress)
  • already calling each other by nicknames (Azabel/Bell & Jeannety)
  • death to Martinet and Belzebub (the same guys who make their lives difficult in S1)
  • honestly what happened between them in is S1 is technically not personal since they both only doing their jobs at the time.
  • (she still destroyed his castle and his lower horns tho)
  • both getting saved by their better halfs (Lucifer & Michael respectively) during Bahamut fiasco (if we count Favaro’s narration as canon that is)
  • I like to imagine how Azazel could try to get jeanne riled up about the whole angels/demons/gods relationship thing and every time instead of ignoring him she earnestly mistakes his intentions, and it riles *him* up instead
  • much like in the ep11 preview, he can’t decide whether she’s genuinely mistaken him or if she actually makes fun of him, so he ends up seriously trying to correct her
  • she keeps making it worse from his correction and he can’t do a thing about it other than growling at her silently
  • this is how their beautiful grudging friendship begins
  • after some time much like Rita, Jeanne also starts treating Azazel like some angry elementary kid who keeps getting hurt from fights (except she’s less obvious about it than Rita)
  • they bond over taking care of Mugaro (or getting taken cared of, in azazel’s case, bcs let’s be real here)
  • they avoid talking about how Mugaro might be secretly Michael
  • they totally, completely, avoid talking about how Mugaro may and may not have a tiny crush on Azazel
  • they also (secretly) bond over how Nina actually has bad taste in men bcs charioce xvii maybe a gentleman but he’s still charioce xvii yo (jeanne secretly includes Azazel in this category)
  • they both get drunks from time to time and complain about their better halfs and how powerful angels leaders (fallen, in Lucifer’s case) are maybe cool but the mysterious aura is getting tiring and how they’re so hard to understand and also how they’re absent most of the time like wth
  • Hamsa and Bacchus while also drunk mostly can’t decide if it’s okay for them to hear all these personal things about Lucifer and Michael bcs hello leader of fallen angels army and an Archangel respectively, so once Azazel and jeanne’s drunken talks starts mentioning Lucifer and Michael, they leave them alone.
  • comes morning Mugaro would find them and float them to each of their own bed.
  • what gets discussed in drunken stupor would stay in drunken stupor
  • jeanne kinda hates azazel a little every morning after bcs with his stupid angel/demon power he could avoid getting a hungover and he preens at her while jeanne has to suffer
  • Favaro is totally baffled by their sorta friendship while kaisar cries bcs everyone getting along is beautiful (now if only azazel and jeanne could include charioce xvii in their friendship, it would be perf– “only if bahamut rises,” azazel retorts, while jeanne only conveys that with her piercing gaze.)
  • Nina, who hears that from a distance, perks up. she just has this brilliant idea.
  • (let’s not forget that azazel once calls her a small bahamut)
  • (Odin help them all)


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I looked up how to get certain Hogwarts houses and Pottermore and I noticed that a lot of the Slytherin geared answers were all of the ones people wouldn't normally pick or just secondary options and it made me kind of upset at the unbalance. I don't know, it just doesn't sit right because it makes it seem like Slytherin is unreachable in a way? I cant find the right word but I hope you get what I mean

I think I get it but I also think that it kind of makes sense?
For me I thought the answers said a lot about your thought process. Like the question about the path for me I chose the Castle because I can always go back to the other paths and explore if I want. The smell question got me good tho, it was kind of a dice toss sort of question where any of the possible answers would be correct.

I think the answers that get you into Slytherin are what they are simply because we apply logic and thought in a different way to others. Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs are more likely to be adventurous and choose the familiar things, Ravenclaw generally chooses logic and the curious things and Slytherin it honestly depends but our logic is more based on possibilities, it’s possible I can do both so I’ll do the most functional first and go back to do the curiouser options later.

Basically I think that the sorting hat is probably one of the most accurate cannon Slytherin things that JK has, her books required a “bad house” and bad people so she chose Slytherin. I think that could play a part in the types of questions and answer combinations that will get you into Slytherin but I think it’s more the reasoning behind your answers that plays the part.

But the way JK write Slytherin sucks a little because I feel the cannon writing doesn’t quite fit with how Slytherin would be when you look at the qualities and what we value most? Which is ambition, self preservation and determination. We tend to value fraternity and tradition less because we know they aren’t always traits that will lend to self preservation.

A lot of people see some of our qualities as less attractive than others but that’s ok. We don’t particularly care if you don’t like us, unless you’re instrumental to our goals. Then we’ll charm and schmooze.

But our way of thinking is inherently different because we see possibilities and weigh the pros and cons for each then we make our decision. So I don’t think so much that the “Slytherin answers” are what they are to make Slytherin House less reachable or less likely to be the option for those sorted, I think that we choose those answers because it fits in with the way we view the world and our logic.

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wow i really like your writting and the obito AU is such a good idea, that last fic about obito being re-introduced to the ninja world was amazing. What about how him and kakashi grow closer to each other? I mean, Obito doesn't know him, and Kakashi ... well, he has been longing for someone who doesn't exist anymore (but there are always traces of him, everywhere).

ahhhh thank you very much !!!

what you say. exactly what you say. like this is one of the first things i thought about when i first got this idea. “do i make Obito remember at some point or nah ?” i thought. and i decided. nah. its much more interesting if he doesn’t

anyway the whole… growing closer thing is a very convoluted process. it takes time and doesn’t really make sense to an outside eye. because surely if they’re living together and make the greatest team, they must know everything about each other and be super close right ? (no) (Kakashi is, by Obito’s words, a filthy liar) (Obito isn’t Obito)

i kind of enjoyed writing point by point the other time, so lemme just

First. When Kakashi talks about Obito, it’s with the deference reserved for great heroes and something shaky in his voice. He talks about how Obito was always late and always helped people when he could and never gave up and was in love with a girl called Rin. And Tobio listens, because this is important. And at the same time he wants to grab Kakashi by the shoulders and shake him until he stops saying “you” when talking about Obito. Tobio is always late and always helps people when he can and he never gives up, but the only Rin he knows is the old woman down the street who makes delicious pickled lemons. Kakashi is a nice guy, and they could probably be friends but - not like that. Not with Kakashi looking at him like he’s a god or something. Not when Tobio isn’t Obito, isn’t the person Kakashi expects him to be.

Second. Kakashi won’t admit it, but whenever he talks about the past, he keeps hoping, if only slightly, that Obito will remember something. That somehow, mentioning important events in Obito’s life will flip a switch and that Obito will start looking at him and recognize him. It’s selfish, even moreso since Obito explicitly said he didn’t want to remember. Obito is happy as he is, feels that getting his memories back would somehow kill the person he is now - and he is right, isn’t he ? (Since this is why Kakashi keeps hoping after all.) Truly, Kakashi is a selfish person.

Third. Kakashi is a fucking liar. Sometimes Obito isn’t even sure it’s conscious. “It’s fine” he says as Obito arrives late to training after helping an old lady carry her bags. (Even though he looks like Obito punched him in the face.) “What are you talking about ?” he asks when Obito confronts him about his hesitations to enter his own house. He smiles and it’s fake fake fake and Obito hates his stupid face, hates his stupid mask, hates all the lies Kakashi puts between him and the world. (When Obito asked him when he started wearing his mask, Kakashi answered “I don’t know” and it was probably the most truthful moment he had.) Obito probes and probes until he has answers, gets angry when Kakashi keeps lying and pushing him away, and when Kakashi finally talks he breaks - and Obito is definitely a terrible person for enjoying that. But this is the first time Kakashi has told the truth and Obito can’t help but smile as he comforts him.

Fourth. The only reason Obito puts up with Kakashi is that he doesn’t remember him. The realization comes slow, but Kakashi is certain he is right. If Obito remembered, he would hate Kakashi for breaking his promise to protect Rin, would call him a hypocrite for copying all of Obito’s quirks, would at least resent him for the way Kakashi used to treat him. But he doesn’t, because of Kakashi. (Inoichi said the amnesia was a result of physical head trauma and probable psychological trauma, and that the memories just wouldn’t come back.) Obito doesn’t even resent Kakashi for what happened in Kannabi - and isn’t that the most ironic thing ? Obito said he was grateful for being allowed to live a peaceful life for 15 years, and that if Kakashi was to blame himself for his scars then he should also see himself as the one responsible for Obito’s time in the village with his grandma. Kakashi is sure there must be a fallacy in this argument, but he can’t seem to find it. (The truth is that Obito really died at Kannabi because of Kakashi’s stupidity, and Kakashi is only now coming to terms with the new Obito not being the same person.) 

Fifth. Kakashi always pays for their meals. Sure, he complains everytime Obito asks him to, but in the end he always complies. And really it would be great - if not for the fact that Kakashi is a cheap fucker who never pays for anything if he can avoid it. And he could, in fact, avoid it. (Obito may have made a lot of progress, but Kakashi is fast, and if he chose to run and leave Obito with the bill there would be no stopping him.) And really Obito can’t remember a time Kakashi told him no. How far would he go if Obito asked him something ? Obito doesn’t know and it scares him.

(When they fight, they don’t need to talk. The sharingan is a weapon and it comes to reason that the connection between the two eyes becomes better when it is in use. The two of them fight as one, trust each other with their lives, but when all is said and all is done, they don’t really get each other. Not yet.)

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WEIRD question probably but i cant stop thinking about it. has anyone done any analysis on why they chose dave's trickster design? it just seems odd that the hs crew wouldnt go with the Obvious thing & give him an apple or something, instead they gave him 2 strawberries??? maybe it means nothing but its so WEIRD to me like. obviously soda can for dirk, jane gets a cupcake cuz betty crocker heir, etc etc but dave gets STRAWBERRIES? and 2? no one gets 2 anything idk. any thoughts?

I am not 100% sure on this, but what I heard was that it was a homage to a popular fan depiction of it, not something that andrew or the official team came up with themselves. So I think it just means nothing - just a fun easter egg thing. 

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Prompt: Group Chat!AU Where Hoseok just want to be loved. Week 2 of YoonMin Bingo that is 3 days late whoops.

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I just finished my entrance exam, and I cant believe my luck.. We were supposed to read 8 books for it, out of which 1 would be chosen for the exam. I only read one. And guess which fucking book they chose? The only one I read? God bless the universe

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I'm here to discuss with u how Jimin went to Yoongi's family house and probably met his family and Min Holly and took her out on a walk together and went on a dinner date with each other and spent their break being caring and adorable boyfriends because I have nobody else to scream with. Also Yoongi /apparently/ bought Jimin all the mangas of One piece for his birthday and idk I'm just crying in the club right now because they're so good to us

LiSTeN i cant believe …

  • these boyfriends were chilling with Yoongi’s family like jimin was their own :))) 
  • jimin met the in laws :))) 
  • yoongi showed an embarrassing side of himself to jimin that he wouldnt show to anyone else :))) 
  • theyre with each other 24/7 and still chose to even spend their break together :)))

i literally am SO suspicious of bighit now…. like this and other things show us so clearly that yoonmin are arguably like the closest in bangtan, yet we never get to hear about it, we never get to see yoonmin moments on official camera, we get videos with edited out yoonmin…. something is up and i am 90% sure its gay

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🌧 🌚 🔥 🍂 🌊⭐️🌠☂🙂💔🎉🚶👯💪🏽🏋☄ 🌲💤✌🏼️🌪🎤✈️⚓️🌇⏰ here's a cursed ask remember to keep saving to ensure you don't lose it all in another cursed attempt to post

v e r y  g o o d
brace yourself for musicals

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Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Sarah

Nicknames: Aussie/ Sahara

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′6 I think??

Orientation: Ace+ Bi

Nationality: Australian

Favourite fruit: Watermellon 

Favourite season: Winter, you can get all soft and warm and its great

Favourite book: Oh god why did you make me chose? I cant pick one but its a tie between Throne of Glass, Fall Of Reach and The Little Prince (Thank you @meanderfall for introducing me to that last one its so good loike omfg)

Favourite flower: White roses just because I have them in my yard

Favourite scent: New book smell

Favourite colour: Lilac

Favourite animal: Oh gosh, I think I might have to say Giraffe

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: (Ice) Tea and hot cocoa 

Average sleep hours: 4-6 I think??

Cat or dog person: Doggos are great and so are cats so both

Favourite fictional character: AgEnT wAsHiNgToN

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 (aUSTRALIA IS SO HOT AGDSLKS)

Dream trip: To go to RTX with friends

Blog created: I think it was March of 2015??

Anyone is free to do this (mainly because i dont know WHO to tag)

Understanding the Spiritual side of Mushrooms

Hello hello! Love your page, makes me feel good reading about people experiencing their own unique awakenings.
I messaged you to ask if you could check out a post on my page about a spritual mushroom experience I had not to long ago. I would like to hear someone elses take on it in orde4 to analyze it from someone elses point of view.
Thanks for reading and have a great day. :)

Story here:

Wow Thank you! Always a pleasure to hear <3

Um this was a lot to soak in, what’s interesting is mushrooms always has that particular effect of being highly analytical. I actually asked my wonderful husband to be about this because he’s more advanced when it comes to mushroom experiences and the neurology of them. He’s my grounding rock, you can see how we balance eachother out lol.

Take it from him: Psilocibyn creates a very associative experience where everything that you experienced within your life starts associating with your current experience, it blurs the boundaries of different parts of your brain and as a consequence you start experiencing an intersection of different thought patterns. Therefore you’re able to make new connections between different memories and your association with reality. The distinction between those regions become less defined and allow memories to intersect with one another. They basically intersect with one another while forming a highly subjective and associative experience. 

psilocibyn, the active compound in mushrooms, releases a flood of neurotransmitters in the limbic system, particularly the hippocampus, the thalamus and the anterior cingulate gyrus. the hippocampus is the part of the brain that controls memory, the cingulate cortex coordinates the signals between the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex. it causes the brain to recall a wide variety of memories, and emotions all at once. what we experience in a psychedelic state of mind is highly personal to the individual and represents the sum total of an individuals personality and experiences up to that point. By removing the distinctions between regions of the brain, one is able to review these aspects of oneself in a symbolic and analytical manner, allowing the individual to control the emotional response one has to these individual and personal phenomena. in summary it allows you to see who you are, and how you feel about the world around you, therefore its up to you to decide how you will chose to act on the information you have about your identity 

a psychedelic trip is a lot like a waking dream. we see symbols and interpretations of the world that reflect our current world view. i cant interpret what the symbols your subconscious chose to present to you should mean. the whole point of a trip is to find out the contents of your mind and establish what personal meaning exists for you to discover. every experience is unique to the observer. this is your opportunity to decide who you are, and who you want to become, no one else can tell you that, just as no one can tell you what your hopes and aspirations are, or what you love and why. these things are defined by your response to specific phenomenological events that can only be experienced once, and that is what defines your identity. your trip is also unique, and it is a defining experience that has allowed you to shape your identity.

 this is the kind of thing for which you need to take a great deal of time for tremendous consideration. its nothing to be taken lightly. i still consider the meaning of my very first trips, as much as my most recent, and i am still discovering meaning in each of them, they have defined me in an extremely subjective and subtle manner. there is a great of dialectical tension in these experiences. the more you look for an objective truth, the more you will find subjectivity, and consequently, the more you seek subjectivity, the more objectively you will see the world around you, and the closer you will be to truth

its all very ambiguous and postmodern in nature, and its something you just have to make yourself comfortable with. our nature is to strive for certainty, but we must accept the fact that there are many things we can never know completely and that includes ourselves. we are compelled by these extremely atavistic and primal urges which are controlled by the limbic brain, every aspect of who we are as a species is defined by these urges. the two most compelling drives of any species are the drive to continue the species and the will to live, which in the common vernacular are drives of love and fear. the tension between these two drives are source of the most profound cognitive dissonance. 

we seek to know what is beyond our immediate perception, what exists over the horizon so that we may have certainty in our lives, yet we seek danger because our subconscious mind knows that there is a balance between risk and reward, and when we go to danger we are not only the most alive we will ever be, but also that we will have opportunity to control that which compels us. it is fundamental phenomenological paradox. we are are all individuals, and we are compelled by the same drives, yet we are all different, and outfitted with different capabilities, we seek to know the world around us and control our environment, but we are beholden to the forces of chaos and uncertainty.

The universe is deterministic, established on a series of parameters of specific initial conditions, and continuous in nature, and yet it is absolutely unpredictable. we are evolved to be individual, and yet to function as a group. that is the nature of society and the world we live in and yet it tells us nothing about what it is to be human, it tells us nothing of the joy of triumph, or the crushing blow of loss. 

Psychedelics help us glimpse these things, but its up to us to make the connections. they cannot give you something you do not already have. i do however view it as a rite of passage, and initiation into the mysteries of life. to me my experiences have been sacred, and helped reveal these deep truths. 



I’m so conflicted. On one hand, I love Mark Pellegrino’s Lucifer from Supernatural because how could you hate him?

I mean, look at him!

Originally posted by thecwspn

he’s just childish and lovable

Originally posted by fatalchild

and has a wicked sense of humor

Originally posted by queen-of-the-unbroken-hearts

he can be scary when he wants

Originally posted by yourbuckystars

and you just can’t hate him

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Hi hi! It's my birthday today, so can I request a fic? ^^ can I have Jungkook and/or Jhope (whoever you prefer writing) gang!au fic and they have a girlfriend and gets really protective when they see people hitting on her? ^^ (sorry if you've already done a request like this, i'm on my phone so i cant find it ^^)

Happy birthday sweetie!!! I hope you have an amazing day filled with smiles!!!

Here’s your little one-shot!

I chose Jungkook because I haven’t done a Jungkook one-shot in a while!


When Jungkook wasn’t around, you were free to do what you liked. Not that he restricted you and kept you locked in the house - although people would expect that of people like him - it was just that he didn’t like people looking at you. He was the jealous type, and when he liked something, he kept it for himself, maybe shared with family.

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7 Steps to Cosplaying A Book Character.

This post was requested by an anon, and I`m doing this because I`ve also wanted to blog about my cosplaying times in book events. This will include pictures of my friends and I dressed up as book characters. (Steps + examples or ideas)

June Iparis in red gown (me), June Iparis in her Republic uniform (Dianne), Enzo Valenciano (Godwin), and Adelina Amouteru (Jera) Photo credits to Dianne Giron.

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Fairy tail and sexism

You know what really bothers me? When “fans ” start to bash fairy tail and its plot due to the so called fanservice .What even is fanservice and why is it always directed at the girls? On tumblr I have seen thousands of posts that talk about how girls shouldnt be ashamed to show their bodies and they shouldnt be made to feel uncomfortable but when it comes to lets say lucy people freak out because she shows skin? Same goes for every other girl in the manga.They show skin, they are comfortable being what they are and you also know what they look stunning.Mashima writes amazing women who have passion, smarts, love, who support one another and are kind yet can probably kick your ass but yes “mashima cant write women and the manga is all about breasts and butts”.Why isnt any of this directed at the guys though? Gray (god bless his abs ) walks around nake
d half the time and natsu isnt too far off either but when it comes to bashing no one says a word.And of course the ripped clothes during battles .Excuse me but if you were fighting off demons, dark mages, dragons and etc im pretty sure that your clothes getting ripped ia unavoidable like I once ripped my jeans by just bending.So dont blame Mashima for being realistic.Lastly its Mashimas manga and he can draw what he desires and how he sees it fit, you probably cant do better so show some respect because this man barely gets sleep so we are happy and satisified and I will not have people bash him.If you dont like fairy tail okay its your opinion no ones forcing you to but dont insult mashima and the way he chose to draw HIS manga.
Ps.sorry for the rant


People who dont like Doctor Nine are ignorant. Honestly. 

People think that Nine is dark sullen and a killer. They’re wrong. Nine not dark. He’s light and happy and in love. He wear a leather jacket and is the closest Doctor the the Time War but he is not dark. He is a light person who is fighting his dark past. He knows what he’s done and is fighting to write his wrongs. He just wants everyone to live.

Eleven on the other hand is the exact opposite. People think he’s a puppy in a fez. They’re wrong. He is not happy and joyful. He’s careless. He is having adventures while ruining lives and killing people. He is the man who forgets. He has forgotten the pain he felt after what he did and now is so comfortable killing.

He doesn’t remember Nine. Nine, the Doctor with depression. Nine, the Doctor who fell in love with an nineteen year old shop girl who didn’t need a magic back story to be special. Nine, the Doctor who went and saved his friends without killing. Nine, the Doctor who chose to lose instead of causing loss.

Nine chooses to give up being a god. Eleven pretends he is a god. Nine would make a merciful god. Eleven acts like a vengeful god. Nine is a puppy in a leather jacket. Eleven is a a killer in a fez.

Granted yes. I love all of the doctors. Each one had their own different mentality that made them lovable in one way or another. You just cant dislike a Doctor without looking at the whole picture. 

Okay but Levi with the Titan Serum

So you know how he may have this serum on him and is able to save Armin?
/What about Erwin/?
Like I know he got wiped the fuck out as well as it being a suicide mission from him, but Levi was obviously very upset about the lingering fact of knowing that he was going to die. They were very close. I may not ship Eruri, but it’s pretty damn obvious Erwin was like a father/boyfriend whatever you want to Levi. Now Levi is going to have to make the decision of who to save.
I mean, he won’t really save Erwin. There’s not a good chance of that.
After all, Erwin accepted death. He knew what would happen. And Levi respected that.
No matter how upsetting.
But after Levi gets the news of Armins death, he’d have to run over there to fucking save that burnt cinnamon roll, meaning him running past all the dead corpses. And then like seeing Erwin.
(Idk if he COULD even be saved by the serum tho Bc he got like blown in half) but the possibility of being able to save him just hurts Levi.

And he has to chose between the young friend’s dreams or his own.

I mean, Levi doesn’t have anyone either.
His friends are all dead, his squad, and now Erwin. The only one that had been with him since the start. And now, there’s no one.

Some people don’t really like Levi and feel like he’s unimportant or whatever, but to me it makes me sad.
Yeah the whole fandom is grieving Armin just like I am (I ACTUALLY CANT STOP CRYING I KID YOU NOT) But Levi and Eren are going through grief together. (Levi might be dead tho idfk isayama get ur shit together) But where this chapter will lead is vague. Between Eruri, Eremin, Eremika, and Erejean, JeanArmin, and every ship in between,

Dear chapter Eighty Two,
What the fuck did you do.