like i ask her to stop doing x thing

It’s Okay - Andy

A/N: Sorry it’s a bit late purdyxxinxxblackveils! I wasn’t really sure how to write this one, so I had someone harass her rather than attack her. I hope it’s still ok! Thanks for the request :) x

You were heading out to meet your boyfriend Andy for lunch, and then he was taking you shopping, just because he felt like spoiling you.

As you neared the cafe where you were supposed to be meeting him, a guy stepped in front of you making you stop.

You’re a pretty thing, what are you doing out and about all by yourself?” he asked.

You grew nervous instantly. You struggled to talk to people you knew sometimes, this was the last thing you needed.

I’m not by myself, I’m…” you start, quietly, trying to explain that you were meeting your boyfriend.

I think you are, lovely, there’s no one else here,” he said, his tone condescending.

You could feel your chest constricting already, there was a panic attack coming and you knew it. If only you could get past him to where you knew Andy was.

But-” you tried to talk again, but between your difficulty breathing and the mans stubborn-ness you were struggling.

It’s ok, I just want to take you out.

You shook your head vigorously. Could he really not tell how distressed you are.

Suddenly, you heard a deep voice call out from behind him.

Hey,” yelled the voice. “Hey, you!” It called once more, before your boyfriend appeared.

What’s going on?” he asked, quickly pulling you close, and comfortingly stroking your shoulder, knowing you were having an anxiety attack.

Just offering to get the young lady a drink,” the man explained.

I think you’ll find that’s my job, if you’ll excuse us,” Andy said curtly, leading you towards the coffee shop.

Once inside, Andy sat you on a chair, kneeling in front of you.

Are you ok, babe?” he asked.

You shook your head in response.

It’s okay, he’s gone now, you’re safe,” Andy told you softly. “Now, remember, deep breaths, with me, okay?

Andy slowed his breathing slightly, making his breaths exaggerated so you could copy his actions. Just staring into the blue eyes of your boyfriend helped a little.

Any better?” he asked.

A bit,” you responded, but there were tears in your eyes.

Andy wasted no time in pulling a chair up beside yours and pulling you into his arms.

I’m so sorry,” he whispered. “Next time, I’m picking you up from yours, okay? I shouldn’t have made you walk.

It’s not your fault,” you sniffed. “You couldn’t have known.

I know, but it’s my job to keep you safe. And that’s what I intend to do.

You smiled up at your adorable, perfect boyfriend. “I love you,” you told him.

I love you, too,” he responded “And I promise I’ll never let anyone talk to you like that again. Now, what do you say I spoil you rotten to make up for that?

Sounds great!” you said, finally feeling yourself again.

Andy took your hand then, and barely let go of it again the whole time you were out.