like i ask her to stop doing x thing


we were lucky to find some great people, but the truth is, it wasn’t until we found Daisy that we felt like she was capable of doing all of these things this character required. when we brought her in, i asked her to do this one scene from this torture scene, very sort of intense and she just blew my mind. she’s reaching this depth of struggle, and tears are streaming down her face. i thought “this is unbelievable”. and i asked her to stop, take a couple of minutes and do it again, and she just did it again. i thought “oh my god”. (x)

finn & rey things that are important to me
  • he wanted to help her immediately but then saw she could more than handle herself
  • but it didn’t stop him from wanting to protect her
  • hand holding
  • she SMACKED HIM IN THE FACE WITH HER STAFF and they still become bffs like what more do you want??
  • “are you okay?” rey looks surprised for a split second do you think anyone’s ever asked her that question before but finn does FINN CARES
  • bbies working together to successfully fly the millennium falcon? and then running excitedly to CONGRATULATE EACH OTHER what nerds honestly
  • the tiny half-smile rey gives him after they exchange names
  • “why do you wanna go back to jakku? you got a family? a boyfriend? a cute boyfriend?” subtly is not finn’s strongsuit
  • finn being ashamed of his past because he thinks if rey knows the truth she won’t think of him as being worthwhile, as being a hero anymore
  • yet when she finds out the truth SHE STILL LOOKS AT HIM IN THE SAME WAY
  • he begs her to come with him and she begs him to sTAY
  • they both look back when they go to walk away
  • as soon as it’s dangerous finn comes right back into the fight because he needs to make sure rey’s okay like after 0.2 seconds he’s literally like “where’s rey?”
  • finn getting praise from leia and poe and being like “yeah ok whatever but rEY WE NEED TO RESCUE HER”
  • finn lying and risking everything he has to save her
  • pretty sure rey hugged finn first which is important because she’s not used to physical contact and unlike when they met - “stop holding my hand” - she wants that physical contact and reassurance
  • the hug is super long and rey is really touched because “it was your idea” to come back for her just when she thought he was going to leave her
  • when kylo throws her against the tree he’s just so panicked and just immediately rushes her to her and CRADLES HER HEAD SO TENDERLY IN HIS HANDS HE IS IN LOVE OK
  • he’s terrified of the first order and knows exactly what kylo is capable of and he could run but like hell if he’s leaving her she’s his something worth fighting for she is his friend she is what gives him the strength to fight and she is what helps him complete his character arc, the first part of his destiny 
  • and hearing finn in pain is what gives Rey the strength and when finn falls she’s terrified and knows she’s outmatched and she HATED the lightsaber and the things it showed her the reminder that her family - the only people she knew she loved - had left her but she takes it anyway she takes it to PROTECT FINN
  • and only together were they able to take down kylo and rey is angry sO ANGRY because kylo just killed han and you can see her thinking about killing kylo but finn is more important so she leaves she runs to her friend
  • she checks for signs of life and she cries she cries so much because SHE CAN’T LOSE HIM
  • and as Finn’s taken to be healed you can see Rey’s hands reaching for him not wanting to let him out of her sight but she has to
  • and she has faith that despite all the chaos around them she’ll see him again THE FOREHEAD KISS
  • “my friend” like neither of them have any experience in the romance department and we know finn’s smitten with her, rey will take a bit more time but honestly REY HAVING A FRIEND IS SO FOREIGN TO HER SHE’S NEVER HAD A FRIEND BEFORE
  • these two mean the world to each other
  • im not crying you’re crying
17. JokerXReader!

valeriedark10: I was wondering if you could write a Joker x Reader where Reader is a big drug dealer and Joker wants to do business with her but ends up having a thing for the Reader?

That’s it, hope you like it! :) <3

„Oh come on, stop crying like a little bitch, you annoy me to death“, you said through cold eyes and looked at the man, your best employee was playing russian roulette with.

„P-Please, (Y/N). I swear I will pay everything back to you“, the man whined.

„You know what’s the problem with that, Greg?“, you asked in your most sweet and innocent voice, while laying on the gold table at the club you were in, to run some business.

Greg shook his head in fear.

„The problem is, that you’re a lying bastard and I’m not as patient as most people told you I am“, you said, turning your head in his direction, before you gave your best man the sign to shot Greg down.

You sighed as you watched the blood running out of his head.

„What a boring night. Joe, would you be so kind and look out for a really good deal, I can’t take this failures anymore“, you purred looking disgusted at the little bastard that tryied to steal your money and your drugs.

„Yes, Miss“, he said and left you with your thoughts and the music.

You smiled while closing your eyes, listening to this really hot song that played now.

Some guys who could see you through the glass doors, which seperate the dancefloor from the VIP rooms and tables were starring at you, what made you smile even more, even though you weren’t interested in them.

Still lying on the golden table, with your arms outstretched over your head, wearing the most beautiful black little dress, no one could take their eyes from you.

You were the most dangerous mixture of a girl that had possibly ever exist.

Innocent and cute, but also sexy and despicable and not to forget deadly in every way.

You were the new queen in Gotham City, a lightning star with whom every hero had a problem with, especially your beloved arch-enemy Nightwing.

„(Y/N). I’m sorry for interrupting you, but I got someone who wants to talk to you, about some very important business plans.“

You opened your eyes again and saw Joe, who must have been back from the order you gave him a few minutes ago.

„That was quick even for you. What have you brought me?“, you said sweet as ever.

„Well, I think you know Mr Frost“, Joe said as you raised your head a little to take a look at your visitors.

„Of course, nice to see you again“, you smiled.

Frosti, how you always called him, had run some business for you, a year ago.

„Go on, what can I do for you?“, you asked playful.

„(Y/N), really good to see you again. I would like to introduce you, to my new boss. Mr J“, he said and stepped a little aside to give place for his boss.

A tall man with green slicked back hair, a gold and purple walking cane in his hands and a half unbottoned white shirt, through which you could saw his black tattoes, stepped towards you, with a dangerous look on his face.

You knew this man, but you never had the pleasure to work with him, now that was a really big deal.

„Congratulations Joe, today is not the day I will fire you“, you smiled at your best employee.

„So you wanna go into business with me Mr J …“, you purred and sat up a little to look him into his cold blue eyes, as he took the seat towards you.

„That’s right, doll“, he said with an arousing gravelly voice.

„Then tell me, what have you got in mind?“, you asked, crawling over the table, like a girl who exactly knows, how to make a man weak, even the one and only infamous Joker.

But this man wasn’t as easy to handle as all the others before.

He grabbed your chin, after you sat up in front of him, still on the table and grinned at you wickedly.

„I know you lost a little bit of your money, because of scumbags like him“, Joker said with an eye on Greg, the one Joe shot for you a few minutes ago.

„And so do I … I think, darling, we should work together, not only because of the money, more because I heared things about you, that even made my men be scared of you and this is a huge step, if you think about, for whom they work usualy“, he strokes your lips with his thumb looking straight into your eyes.

Mhmm, such an intense man.

„Well, I like that idea, do you wanna tell me, what I’ve got to do, if I agree to work with you?“, you asked, finally standing up from the table to sat on Joker’s lap instead.

„You have to know, I don’t like to be just a bystander while the man does all the work, I’m not just a pretty toy, I’m the one who calls the shots in my territory and because you already know that, I assume that you and me will have a lot of fun“, you whispered in his ear, while sliding your hands under Joker’s half unbottoned shirt, to feel his muscular torso.

You sighed in pleasure, as you could feel in his lap that you were about to drive him crazy with this behavior.

„You seem to be good in what you do, doll. BUT“, Joker growled and grabbed your waist as you were about to stand up from him.

He pulled you back onto his lap, pushing you even closer into him, before he whispered in your ear: „You’re in MY territory right now and I call the shots in here. But I can reassure you, you won’t be just a pretty bystander, I got plans for you already.“

You smiled at him.

„And how do those plans look like?“, you purred rubbing your most inimate spot over the growing bulge in his pants.

„You really wanna know this now? What about a good surprise?“, he snarled, looking you in those beautiful (e/c) eyes, while taking your face into his hands.

„Never, surprise me with waiting, if you wanna deal with me“, you cooed.

Joker snarled at you again.

„And you should never tell me what to do, doll“, he said.

You smirked at him playfully.

„And what if I’d do it?“, you asked, leaning in closer to him until you saw the All In tattoe he had on his collarbone, that ended on half way to his neck.

You couldn’t resist and traised it out with your index finger before kissing it softly.

You heared Joker grunting, before he slapped your tight ass, what made you moan in a wave of desire.

„Tell me, what you would do to me, if I break the rules, daddy“, you whispered, before he grabbed your neck and pressed his lips hard onto yours.

His tongue in your mouth, was driving you crazy, he was so harsh, but so good.

„I would fuck your tight pussy senseless“, he growled.

You chuckled into his brutal kiss.

„Maybe I should break some rules now“, you said teasing him in every way.

„Oooh, such a bad girl … we will have fun together …“

„(Y/N), I-I’m sorry, but we have a little problem“, Joe now interrupted the quite hot session between you and Mr J.

„What is it?“, you asked bored, still letting Joker touch you and kissing (biting) your neck.

„He’s here. I mean Nightwing“, Joe said.

You hissed in anger.

Why does he always ruin your adventures?

„Where?“, you asked, but this question was unnecessary, ‘cause you could already hear from the outside that your men had trouble to fight Batman’s ex wonderboy.

„Tell him, I will be there for him in a few seconds“, you said through squinted eyes.

„Y-yes , of course“, Joe said and disappeared half a second later.

„I’m sorry, I have to run my business, before we can go on, with that“, you smiled girlishly at Joker and stood up from his lap, with one simple backflip.

The Clown Prince of crime wasn’t very amused about how that turned out now, so he decided to shoot at Nightwing, after he brokes through the panes.

„So, you’re dealing with freaks now? That really doesn’t suit you“, Nightwing said, after avoiding Joker’s bullets and finally getting into the fight with you.

„Oh really, then tell me why you are here“, you laughed and kicked your arch-enemy in the face after the last well done cartwheel.

„I’m asking you this for two years now! Why are you doing this?“, Nightwing said almost a little sad.

„Because it’s fun!“, you replied shortly before knocking him out, but before you could reach the knife, what was bonded to your thigh, Joker shot the young hero in his ribcage.

Nightwing broke down in front of you and you were surprisingly looking at the man with the green hair.

„Thanks“, you said.

„Batman is already on his way …, no way out for you this time, (Y/N) …“

You gave Nightwing a disgusted look.

„Maybe we can go into business next time. Can’t have Batman find my last supply“, you smiled at Joker and stepped out of the club.

Joker bared his teeth.

This isn’t over yet, he thought all by himself.

„Find her“, he growled at Frost.

„You’re mine now, doll. And you will stay with me“, he snarled.

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after finn wakes up and gets situated at the resistance base poe is like “he probably needs stuff” and gives him some clothes and finn is like “i already have your jacket but thanks” and the next day he’s wearing one of poe’s t-shirts but its small on him and his arms look really good and suspiciously enough poe is like “hey buddy, just getting rid of some more clothes, here ya go” and it never stops. finn suddenly has poe’s entire closet. he doesn’t know what to do. rey is still with luke skywalker so he can’t ask her about it. poe starts giving him other things too, like extra desserts from the mess hall and holopanels so they can watch movies and manuals on x-wing maintenance so finn “isnt totally clueless.” eventually finn has stuff from poe everywhere in his room. and then poe falls asleep in his bed one night. and then he comes back the next night. and on the third night finn asks “are you just gonna move in here?” and poe says “well all my stuff is here right?” and finn smiles sheepishly and says, “yeah…yeah, it is.”

A crush on the boy?// Draco x Reader

Title: A crush on the boy?

 Prompt/Request: Hey, love, can I request a Draco imagine where the reader (female) is best friends w/The Golden Trio (a part of it). She’s a Slytherin and hates Draco, who falls for her in her fourth year. They’re going in their own ways until she’s asked to help with Dracos mission, and they slowly fall in love, and eventually taking each off each other’s purity rings. Can this be an over the years thing, and can the reader make up with Harry and the gang? Thanks, love!

Pairing: Draco x Reader

 Warning(s): None?

 A/N: I LOVED DOING THIS EVEN THOUGH IT SUCKS!!!  this isnt really like the request, but i tried. and please stop sending requests and ships.

 First Year…

 Sighing, you walked with your friends. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley. They took you in even though you were Slytherin. Ron and Harry absolutely hated you when Hermione brought you to them after finding out you have no friends. Hermione was you’re only real friend. “Hermione,” your soft voice rang in her ears waiting for your question, she hummed happily as you walked beside her. “Why don’t I have any friends?” the question wasn’t totally unanswerable, but it was answerable either. She stopped in her tracks “I don’t know. You haven’t found the right friends?” she shrugged. Maybe she was right? You shrugged also and continued walking.

 Third Year…

 Never have you ever hated someone so much. That was, of course, until you meet Draco Malfoy. He was the rudest Slytherin there. He always knew how to push your buttons.

 Even if you both were death eaters, you absolutely hated him.

You groaned loudly as Professor Snape divided you into partners, dividing you and Hermione from each other, and putting you with Draco (who groaned quite loudly), and pairing Hermione and Pansy together (you could hear Pansy’s scoff from the front of the room.) You turned and looked at Draco as he walked up to you, “Let me guess,” you started out “I do all the work, and you sit back and relax.” Your faces were close together and you watched his lips turn into a smirk, “Correct.” He turned to the front of the desk and started messing with the parchment you had out. “Stop it,” you muttered as he kept messing around.

 Sixth Year…

Lord Voldemort was coming back. Everyone knew it, unless you lived under a rock.

Draco’s mum was a deatheater, as so his aunt, Bellatrix, and father, Lucius. Draco was kind of just, put into this, as you were. Both of your parents we’re always into dark magic, even when they we’re in Hogwarts. They pushed it on you, even though you argued about it.

Today was the day. We all were going to a meeting. You knew everything. Everything about the mission, everything of how you, of all people had to help Draco, you’re worst enemy, with his deed.

You sighed deeply walking into the room with your mum and dad, “Stop shaking so much,” your mum hissed in your ear as you got closer and closer to the entrance, “Then stop making me nervous.” Your voice was loud, but not loud enough. She scoffed and pulled your arm with her as she pulled you into the room. She was the one to force you into helping Draco.

“She’ll help him, sir.”

She yelled out as she pulled you along that night. Narcissa, Dracos mum, was pleased. She and my mum were friends, and Narcissa always have loved you.

“Ah, Y/N.” Voldemort sighed as you walked in, “Just in time,” his smile was wicked, and it made you cringe. Not physically, of course not. “Hello, my Lord.” You bowed with your mum. As you both got up you felt two eyes on you. Your eyes meet a familiar pair of grey ones.

Time skip to like the last month at Hogwarts…

“Draco,” you hissed as you pulled his arm. You both had gone into an abandoned room. You needed to talk to him.”You have to do this,” you whispered in his ear as he shut the door. His eyes had tears in them, “I can’t do it,” he chocked out making you roll your eyes, “What was all that talk? Were you lying about how Dumbledore isn’t fit for Hogwarts? How he’s the worst Headmaster in history?”

His eyes flicked to yours. Draco had developed a crush. A huge crush on you.

He shook his head, he knew you were right. He was lying. He changed. “Then kill him.” Your words were harsh, you knew you didn’t mean it. You didn’t want Dumbledore gone, Dumbledore was amazing to you.

“Okay,” his voice was soft, barley above a whisper. He opened the door before walking out, you close behind him.

Standing beside Draco, Bellatrix Lestrange, was standing behind both of you, yelling in his ear. “Do it!” she said one last time before someone, you had not known was there, scoffed out, “Doesn’t have the stomach to do it, like his father.”

You turned and pointed your wand at him, raising an eyebrow. “Shut up,” you muttered, his eyebrows shot up. “Do you like the Malfoy boy?” he asked, smirking, “Do you like the boy you’re helping? He can’t catch up to you, you’re a much better witch than he and his father will ever be.” You took a deep breath, before turning around. “Draco,” you whispered, “Do it.” You pressured, he shook his head. Your hand started shaking; taking a deep breath you said the two words. The two words you have never wanted to say. Moving your wand you said them, “Avada Kedavra.”  You muttered loudly, Dumbledore fell off the top of the astronomy tower.

Bellatrix started laughing; you tilted your head down. “Ah, emotional like your mother, but you carry out your promises like your father.” A strange man said, “Yeah, I’m emotional because I’m not heartless, unlike you.” You spat, the man gave you a death look, “Now, if you’d excuse me, I’d like to go eat.” You turned on your heel, walking out.

Seventh Year:

You sat beside Draco, sighing as you read your text book again. “Stop reading,” Draco whined as you turned your page, again. “Then help me with the stupid O.W.L.S.” you muttered, not looking up from your book.

Draco had started messing with the ring his mum had gotten him for his sixteenth birthday, as she had gotten you one too. He looked at you before kissing your cheek, “I think it’s time we take them off,” he all of a sudden said, your eyebrows knitted together. “What? The purity ring? Draco, love, we promised your mum we wouldn’t take them off until we were ready, are you sure you’re ready?” you voice was low, he smiled nodding. “Yeah,” your gave lit up into a huge grin, “Okay.” You agreed, he closed your book before softly kissing you. “We don’t have to,” he whispered against your lips, “I want to,” you muttered out as he picked you up from his seat on his bed, putting you on his lap.

Skipping Smut because I do not want to nope nope nope!!!

You laid in his bed, cuddling into his side, “I love you,” he whispered, kissing your forehead. Your face blushed deeply, “I love you too.” You whispered, looking up at him.

You looked at the purity rings on the bedside table. Your names were carved into each one, his mum had them engraved so you didn’t lose them. Draco had fallen asleep, you closely behind him. Humming a tune you, whispered “I love you Draco. With all my heart.” before your eyes closed.

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Supercat 20

things you said I wasn’t meant to hear

“Carter…I do like Kara, but you know I can’t pursue it. She’s young, she’s kind, I’m her boss. It would never work.”

Kara stops dead. She hadn’t meant to overhear Cat and Carter’s conversation. But even with her superhearing turned down, she’s attentive to mentions of her own name, and Carter had said it. More specifically, he’d asked “Mom, why don’t you just date Kara?”

Kara had quirked a sad smile at that. She’d been nursing a quiet crush on Cat for months, but had no illusions anything would ever come of it. In a way, it was safe, because being Supergirl could never complicate a romantic relationship that didn’t exist. A relationship that had no dream of ever happening.

Until now. Cat had just admitted to liking her. Kara doesn’t quite know what to do with the information. It was a private conversation, and she can’t admit to listening to it from her office a floor away. But…Cat obviously won’t make a move, so it’s up to Kara. She sighs. She’s never exactly been good at romance.

Kara’s distracted thinking about it the rest of the day. She’s the first to admit  she isn’t great with subtlety, or secrets. She doesn’t know that she knows how to act “normal” around Cat now, or how to hint at her romantic intentions. The direct approach is rather terrifying, but it’s the only one that might work. Kara listens to the sounds of everyone packing up and leaving their work, except Cat. This is probably the best opportunity she’s going to get. She musters up her Supergirl confidence.

“Ms. Grant?” Kara knocks on her office door. “Could I come in?”

“Yes, yes.” Cat looks up, slightly puzzled. “It’s past the end of the workday. Did you need something?”

“No.” Kara fidgets with her glasses. “I, um, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Well, what is it?” Cat leans back in her chair.

“I, that is, I wanted to uh, ask you if you wanted to go to dinner. With me. Somewhere, um, somewhere nice. So, uh, would you go to dinner?”

Cat’s eyebrows both raise. “Kara…” she says slowly. “I want to be clear about your intentions. Are you asking me on a date?”

“Yes.” Kara wrings her hands together. “If you want to, I mean. I know it might be weird but–”

“I’d like that,” Cat interrupts. “Though I have to wonder what changed.” Her lips purse. “Did Carter go and talk to you?”

“Oh, no. I just overheard–I mean, I just decided today was the day.”

“Hmm,” Cat hums, unconvinced. “I suppose we can table that conversation for later.” A pointed glance. “Honesty is important in relationships, you know.”

“I know.” Kara rocks back on her heels. “Maybe we really can talk, later. If things go well.”

“A date with real stakes then.” Cat’s eyes gleam. “Lead the way, Kara.” She gathers up her handbag and gets up from her chair. “And make sure you call me Cat, tonight.”

“Yes Ms. Gr–Cat.” Kara grins. Suddenly, her evening plans seem a lot more exciting.

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sonia nevermind or mikan tsumiki? for the ask thing!!

I can do them both, haha.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: I actually do like Sonia x Tanaka a lot

friendship them with:  You know what, let Souda and Sonia become friends,  stop writing him having creepy forced perverted dialouge with her and let them just both be friends, just do it.

general opinions: I actually!! Really like Sonia a lot! She reminds me a lot of Asahina in the first game, but a lot more proactive. Along with Komaeda, she’s the only other character who I got all of their FTEs with on my first playthrough of SDR2, I liked her so much.


character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  Her and Hinata are pretty cute, and I’ve seen art with her and Ibuki which is thumbs up from me

friendship them with:  platonic komamiki, I need it.

general opinions: To give you a sense of how much I loved Tsumiki in my first playthrough, I’ve never gotten a game over in this series, barely even gotten close, I’m a fucking amazing detective, and yet in case three when it came time to decide who the killer was I was like ??? because i couldn’t even imagine it being tsumiki, even after when she was breaking down I distinctly remember turning to my brother and being seriously like ‘you know, maybe she’s just had a stressful last few days and she’s breaking down’ i’m dead fucking serious guys I was so gay for Tsumiki. (She was also the first person who’s Hope Fragments I got in Island Mode, too.)