like i ask her to stop doing x thing


we were lucky to find some great people, but the truth is, it wasn’t until we found Daisy that we felt like she was capable of doing all of these things this character required. when we brought her in, i asked her to do this one scene from this torture scene, very sort of intense and she just blew my mind. she’s reaching this depth of struggle, and tears are streaming down her face. i thought “this is unbelievable”. and i asked her to stop, take a couple of minutes and do it again, and she just did it again. i thought “oh my god”. (x)


after finn wakes up and gets situated at the resistance base poe is like “he probably needs stuff” and gives him some clothes and finn is like “i already have your jacket but thanks” and the next day he’s wearing one of poe’s t-shirts but its small on him and his arms look really good and suspiciously enough poe is like “hey buddy, just getting rid of some more clothes, here ya go” and it never stops. finn suddenly has poe’s entire closet. he doesn’t know what to do. rey is still with luke skywalker so he can’t ask her about it. poe starts giving him other things too, like extra desserts from the mess hall and holopanels so they can watch movies and manuals on x-wing maintenance so finn “isnt totally clueless.” eventually finn has stuff from poe everywhere in his room. and then poe falls asleep in his bed one night. and then he comes back the next night. and on the third night finn asks “are you just gonna move in here?” and poe says “well all my stuff is here right?” and finn smiles sheepishly and says, “yeah…yeah, it is.”

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Supercat 20

things you said I wasn’t meant to hear

“Carter…I do like Kara, but you know I can’t pursue it. She’s young, she’s kind, I’m her boss. It would never work.”

Kara stops dead. She hadn’t meant to overhear Cat and Carter’s conversation. But even with her superhearing turned down, she’s attentive to mentions of her own name, and Carter had said it. More specifically, he’d asked “Mom, why don’t you just date Kara?”

Kara had quirked a sad smile at that. She’d been nursing a quiet crush on Cat for months, but had no illusions anything would ever come of it. In a way, it was safe, because being Supergirl could never complicate a romantic relationship that didn’t exist. A relationship that had no dream of ever happening.

Until now. Cat had just admitted to liking her. Kara doesn’t quite know what to do with the information. It was a private conversation, and she can’t admit to listening to it from her office a floor away. But…Cat obviously won’t make a move, so it’s up to Kara. She sighs. She’s never exactly been good at romance.

Kara’s distracted thinking about it the rest of the day. She’s the first to admit  she isn’t great with subtlety, or secrets. She doesn’t know that she knows how to act “normal” around Cat now, or how to hint at her romantic intentions. The direct approach is rather terrifying, but it’s the only one that might work. Kara listens to the sounds of everyone packing up and leaving their work, except Cat. This is probably the best opportunity she’s going to get. She musters up her Supergirl confidence.

“Ms. Grant?” Kara knocks on her office door. “Could I come in?”

“Yes, yes.” Cat looks up, slightly puzzled. “It’s past the end of the workday. Did you need something?”

“No.” Kara fidgets with her glasses. “I, um, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Well, what is it?” Cat leans back in her chair.

“I, that is, I wanted to uh, ask you if you wanted to go to dinner. With me. Somewhere, um, somewhere nice. So, uh, would you go to dinner?”

Cat’s eyebrows both raise. “Kara…” she says slowly. “I want to be clear about your intentions. Are you asking me on a date?”

“Yes.” Kara wrings her hands together. “If you want to, I mean. I know it might be weird but–”

“I’d like that,” Cat interrupts. “Though I have to wonder what changed.” Her lips purse. “Did Carter go and talk to you?”

“Oh, no. I just overheard–I mean, I just decided today was the day.”

“Hmm,” Cat hums, unconvinced. “I suppose we can table that conversation for later.” A pointed glance. “Honesty is important in relationships, you know.”

“I know.” Kara rocks back on her heels. “Maybe we really can talk, later. If things go well.”

“A date with real stakes then.” Cat’s eyes gleam. “Lead the way, Kara.” She gathers up her handbag and gets up from her chair. “And make sure you call me Cat, tonight.”

“Yes Ms. Gr–Cat.” Kara grins. Suddenly, her evening plans seem a lot more exciting.