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Idk why but i felt like making 30 random facts about “Glitch”/sophie

1. She does have magic due to her and “Ghost” sharing their soul

2. Her job is to find any glitch ((like code glitch no what error calls a glitch)) in an au and break the au down to get rid of it

3. Despite having to break au’s down she is not allowed to completely destroy the au, ink’s rule

4. She may break down the au and it’s monsters but she never kills the sans of the au, no matter if it’s a swap au, original, etc, she wont kill the sans

5. The eye she always covers has been filled with static due to the loss of it

6. The static eye is also REALLY LOUD, she covers it to muffle it greatly ((which you almost can’t hear it bc she covers it, if you wanna know how.. well.. MAGIC!))

7. Sometimes she accidentally calls ink and error “mom and dad” because they saved her

8. It’s mostly ink she calls “mom” by accident due to him being the more parental figure to her and error being more of her boss to her

9. Ink taught her to play the flute

10. Despite her usually angry aura she is very kind to the ship children related to ink or error unless they show that they hate her

11. She doesn’t know about geno because she has never been to the save screen nor can she get there

12. She doesn’t know about core!frisk either due to her not being able to get to the omega timeline

13. She meets up with someone secret, she enjoys listening to his stories and helping out with “the kiddo” ((choco is gonna get that instantly unless she forgot))

14. If you feel like your being watched it’s more likely she’s the reason why

15. When her and “Ghost” were younger the distance they could be apart from each other was very limited, but now that they’re older they don’t have a limit to how far apart they can be

16. “Glitch” only has one outfit

17. Sometimes she has dreams about the memories she can’t remember as her own, all the names get blocked out by static and faces are blurry, so if you try asking her about her past before she was with her now “family” ((ink, error, “Ghost”, etc)) she wont understand what you want her to explain

18. She doesn’t know who Sophie is ((Sophie is her real name))

19. She refers to her sister as “the white haired girl in her dreams”

20. She can’t get sick easily but when she does it hits her BADLY

21. She isn’t sure why, but she despises nightmare and dream ((ihadto ijustfucking hadto ok))

22. The day she finds someone shorter then her ((as in they stopped growing)) is going to be the happiest day of her life ((y'know aside from the sans’s like blueberry and blackberry))

23. She’s worried about tech(( @xx-vanilla-extract-xx ))

24. Her favourite of the ship children is repeat, or as she calls him, short bread (( @lunalight123 ))

25. “If i’m goin down ur fuckin goin down with me” is something she’d say when drunk on sleep

26. Just because she’s happy doesn’t mean she’ll smile

27. Likes to prank error when he isn’t destroying au’s

28. She may know a lot of sexual shit but god please no one tell her what the bone zone is


30. Fear of love or attachment

10 facts about me

tagged by @blumiin!!! thank u for tagging me <3 this took a while cos idk 10 facts abt myself im s rY

1. I say im yoongi biased but im rlly a hoe for all of them asdkdnsajkdnskn Namjoon has rlly been creeping into my heart recently dont @ me 

2. I have a cat named Ziggy n he’s the love of my life even if he bites me

3. I sleep with a stuffed sheep toy i bought from france called Hublot

4. I still have a poster up in my room from  the 2009 miley cyrus wonderworld tour ((it was such a good concert fucking fight me))

5. When I was younger I was super fucking obsessed with Robbie Williams, I grew up to the song Angels basically ((Would recommend the album Escapology, its such a GOOD ALBUM))

6. Although i read and loved Harry Potter, my favourite childhood books were the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman, and the Sally Lockhart Quartet also by Pullman 

7. I have no piercings, like i dont even have my ears pierced.

8. Im gluten intolerant?? sknsfdjkfnsjdfn I found out a couple summers ago after being in and out of a&e with the most insane stomach cramps ((that my gp dismissed as period pain, fuck that guy))

9. I’ve been horse riding for over 10 years now :) 

10. I used to take ballroom and latin dance lessons but i stopped because horseriding took priority but… I kinda miss it sdbfsdjfbksdj

these were all over the place BUT OH WELL THE MORE YOU KNOW AMRIGHT 

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So if there’s anyone waiting for Bloodlust

I’m sorry I’m behind, I got this cold that seems to be going around. Also hitting a creative snag so that doesn’t help. I hope to finish it very, very soon!

I hate to say it but there’s no way I’m going to be able to update Hooks and Hearts this weekend as I have two essays due next week. Plus with it being the second half of the semester of uni everything is going to be much more hectic for me. I’ll try and update as soon as I’m able. 

Once the Christmas holidays are here I’ll hopefully be able to get back onto a weekly update schedule and work on my other hevie stories, like Once Upon A Magic Mirror and Love Between The Lines. 

Until then, here’s another cheeky spoiler. Though this one is a biggie and is not necessarily from chapter 3 ^_- 

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anonymous asked:

Do you honestly think Luke and Michael are gay? Or in love with each other? Or bi? Or pan?

Yeah I think they’re all part of the lgbtqia+ community. And yes muke are in love, obviously


“Like a centipede.”

shoutout to @equilateral-asshat for showing me this post and giving me the laugh of a lifetime

Lars of the Stars