like i almost set everything on fire over this

What I find so refreshing about Nomi and Amanita’s relationship is that there’s really no ‘How Will The Partner React to Nomi’s Supernatural Nature?” There’s no like suspense towards Nomi on Amanita’s part, it just is. Amanita just, accepts, and puts Nomi above a doctor who almost successfully lobotomizes without Nomi’s consent. Amanita literally sets off a fire alarm because she values Nomi’s consent above everything and above a doctor who supposedly knows more than them. Amanita still shelters Nomi after Nomi confesses that she possesses some sort of supernatural power. 

I’m just so tired of the whole like “I have a power I must keep secret from my partner at all Times” and sense8 skips over that and makes it so Nomi is not at all scared that Amanita will not believe or accept her because, what the fuck, there could be a whole different story there to explore instead of that tired, tired trope.