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kurodai day (01/01) collab with art by mydearesthenry and writing by lullabye! i had a lot of fun writing your lovely idea rehn and the art you made is stunning. i hope i did it justice and that you enjoy the fic to go along with it.

sunlight, held by water
6,668 words, T at most
italian bistro au wherein daichi is the head chef, kuroo is a newly hired sommelier. title is a quote from galileo. the idea was rehn’s and i did my best to expand on it. there will be a sequel but for now this is complete.

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Sleepy Ficlets Pt1 of ?

It hadn’t happened all at once. He knew that it wouldn’t have, and the very thought of it doing so was so beyond ridiculous. But it turned into the small things. Things around the flat that were so perfectly Sherlock, that John could only ever associate them with their life there in 221B Baker St. 

Sometimes he would come home from the clinic and there would be a singed smell to the air but before he could start yelling, a warm cup of tea was being pressed into his hand and Sherlock was already running down the details of the three cases that were barely a 4 that Graham…



John could only smile, sipping his tea, that had steeped to the perfect balance of bitter and semi sweet. “His name is Greg, Sherlock.”

“That’s what I said… Geoff” and he plows through onto the task at hand. One case had involved a kitchen fire and some hair remains. This is of course Sherlock’s way of saying ‘I didn’t mean to set the whole kitchen towel on fire… Just the hair fragments. Please don’t be mad. Drink your tea, John.” Of course he only said this last part out load and some how, in John’s ears it came across fond and almost endearing. 

It was always small things like that. 

Then, not unlike plunging into a cold swimming pool, he had fell in completely and there was nothing for it. Sherlock just didn’t feel things like that. But that was just fine. Everything was fine. He could cope. They had cases and take away and small spats over the spliced fingers and congealed blood in the fridge next to said take away. And with that, he could easily be happy for the rest of his days, even when the longing got to be too much and the guilt would burn into his skin as he took himself in hand and thought only of dark curls and bowed lips and pressing into those sharp angled hips. And always, his flatmate’s name caught just behind his teeth, like a pray he knew would never be answered. 

And so their life went on. For weeks and months and then finally, one night, after a particularly bad chase that found Sherlock badly bruised after knocking the jewel thief to the ground and even worse, cut from elbow to shoulder from the knife the criminal was wielding, the pair found themselves as they usually did after cases had gone like this; sitting in their kitchen, John cleaning the wounds while Sherlock sat quietly, filing away his observations and trying not to squirm. 

“I told you…”

“I was perfectly aware that he had a knife, John.” Sherlock snipped back defensively. 

“And yet here we are, me stitching you up yet again.” John grumbled. He sighed through his nose, dabbing at the last bits of gravel that had managed to embed themselves into the gash. “It’s not terribly deep but still. It could have been a lot worse.” He couldn’t keep the emotion out of his voice and he knew it the moment the words were out. In for a penny… In for a pound. “What if he had manged to get at something important, Sherlock? What if I wasn’t able to stitch you back up.” Suddenly, there was heat in his voice and something dark from deep within him snapped. “I… I couldn’t lose you again, Sherlock.” And suddenly it’s out. Suddenly the world has collapsed around them and those words were left hanging in the air like dew caught in a web. 

John couldn’t bring himself to look up at his roommate as he started stitching the ruined flesh back together. He managed to keep the tremble that was wrecking the rest of his body out of his hands as he worked. It was only when the cool fingers slid across his face that he realized Sherlock was even paying attention. Usually by then, he would be so far gone in his mind palace that John’s reprimands often went unheeded. 

The blonde looked up to find green eyes fixed on his own dark blue ones. They were softer than he had ever seen them and something in him ached. “I…” It was all he could do not to start yelling, to start crying, to start giggling crazily at the whole damned thing. Sherlock’s hand was impossibly gentle on his face as he let his fingers trace the edge of John’s stubbled jaw. 

“Please John,” and that gave him pause, “It was never my intention to make you think I would ever be purposely reckless, knowing how much the last time I did so, hurt you beyond measure.” Those soft green eyes searched his face, almost begging for permission that the shorter man would always ALWAYS freely give. There was never need for permission. Not for Sherlock. Not ever.

He pressed up into the man in front of him before he could convince himself otherwise, and brushed his lips softly, hesitantly, ever so carefully across that impossibly clever mouth. He pulled back a little, leaving the room for the other man to reject him if he so choose. He braced himself for the possibility but it never came as Sherlock bent down and crushed their mouths together, all hesitation and doubt leaving both of them. 

What I find so refreshing about Nomi and Amanita’s relationship is that there’s really no ‘How Will The Partner React to Nomi’s Supernatural Nature?” There’s no like suspense towards Nomi on Amanita’s part, it just is. Amanita just, accepts, and puts Nomi above a doctor who almost successfully lobotomizes without Nomi’s consent. Amanita literally sets off a fire alarm because she values Nomi’s consent above everything and above a doctor who supposedly knows more than them. Amanita still shelters Nomi after Nomi confesses that she possesses some sort of supernatural power. 

I’m just so tired of the whole like “I have a power I must keep secret from my partner at all Times” and sense8 skips over that and makes it so Nomi is not at all scared that Amanita will not believe or accept her because, what the fuck, there could be a whole different story there to explore instead of that tired, tired trope.

AN: Sorry for being gone. I’ve been working on some art stuff. Anyways, thanks for being patient. (THIS GIF IS MINE. I MADE IT.)

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Plot: Hey I have a prompt that ever since becoming an avenger Pietro becomes quite cocky and kind of loses sight of why he joined in the first place and all the avengers (especially Wanda) are really sick if it and in whatever way you want to write it he gets humbled somehow. Idk you can play with it however you want if you’re up for it ~Anon



You wiped the sweat from your forehead, and continued to throw punches at the worn down punching bag. You hit it harder and harder, steadying your breathing as you went along. 

“Someone’s a little on edge today.”

Startled, you turned to see Steve behind you.

“Sorry.” You murmured.

“You okay, Y/N?” Steve questioned.

“Not really, but I’ll get over it.”

“Is this about Pietro?”

“Maybe.” You admitted while unwrapping the tape on your knuckles.

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Happy birthday Liam Hemsworth (January 13, 1990)

I feel that, as humans, when we are scared and thrown into a position where we are not knowing, that’s when we learn the most. For me, lately, I’ve been thrown into some pretty scary places and things that are unsure and unknown. I’m learning more about myself than I have ever learned – that’s when you learn, that’s when you grow.

Keziah Ravenshade, Witch of the Outlands, has sworn never to love again, but her predictable life is upended when she takes a dying stranger into her home.

Esdelot, the Golden Prince, can outfight or befriend anyone- except for the usurpers who tried to kill her with a poisoned blade. Finding the young royal delirious and on the verge of death, Keziah saves her life. But while Esdelot regains her health, betrayal comes from an unlikely source: her brother has taken the throne in her absence and declared himself king.  As the two women travel to the capital city to stop a false ruler’s coronation, they form a friendship that seems poised to turn into something more. But Esdelot has promised herself in marriage to a woman she barely knows… and Keziah knows she’s fallen too deeply for a woman whose betrothed waits for her along with her throne. When an enemy from Keziah’s past resurfaces, a mere conflict of politics becomes something that threatens to upend the gods themselves. Will love win out?

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What people are saying about Kayla Bashe’s writing:

“Bluebell Hall is an awesome book. Seriously, it has EVERYTHING I LIKE. Magic. Boarding school story. Representation of marginalized groups. I love the writing style, and it has just the right amount of drama and calm moments.”

“At the very opening of [Bluebell Hall,] you are immediately introduced to a myriad of characters that you feel like you know almost instantly, along with a setting that comes alive before the first chapter is over.”

“Bashe continues to show off her taste for the macabre mixed with wit and dashing heroics, a combination that made Graveyard Sparrow a delightful read.”

Trigger warnings: mentions of emotional abuse, blood, fire. This book also contains a rad bisexual protagonist, trans and nonbinary characters, an ENTIRE CAST of QPOC, and a road trip.

dalledayul-deactivated20170322  asked:

Can you please try not to post anything about the 2011 London Riots? I know about what you post, but those riots were awful. They may have started off well (protesting the murder of a guy named Mark Duggan), but they descended into a bunch of twats setting shit on fire and looting anything that cast a shadow. Please don't glorify that shit.


Look, I get asks and comments like this about almost everything I post, from people smashing a store window to hitting a nazi to blocking a street to even just protesting in general. There’s always someone who thinks that what the people fighting oppression are doing is just a little too forceful or too impolite or too inconvenient. What I do try to avoid posting are right-wing riots, or non-political riots over sports wins and losses and shit like that.

About the looting during the 2011 London riots: You see this regularly when you have riots in poorer areas where riots over social issues can turn into looting and I don’t think that deligitimizes the original intent of the riots or the protests at all, and I can see where the looting comes from. To quote an article by someone better at words than me:

“I have sympathies with the hooded kids on the streets of our cities, if only because they’re among the most neglected, ridiculed and dismissed people in Britain. I don’t sympathise when they’re breaking into my house. I don’t sympathise when they’re setting fire to local shops, when they’re mugging and intimidating.

But when I see the TV shots of them in Manchester city centre, breaking into the Arndale Centre – a truly Debordian Palace of Consumerism – stealing shoes and tracksuits, I find it hard to be overly critical. These are kids brought up in an age of buy and sell. Labels, logos, status, advertising. This is the world we’ve given them; a world they’re throwing back at us.

Andrew Maxwell, an Irish comedian, put it best: ‘Create a society that values material things above all else. Strip it of industry. Raise taxes for the poor and reduce them for the rich and for corporations. Prop up failed financial institutions with public money. Ask for more tax, while vastly reducing public services. Put adverts everywhere, regardless of people’s ability to afford the things they advertise. Allow the cost of food and housing to eclipse people’s ability to pay for them. Light blue touch paper.’ “

Scattered Thoughts on Shipping Korvira

My tiny trash ship feels so under appreciated and often misunderstood. People complain”Ah but they tried to kill each other!” or “They’re too similar to work!” (Both which I addressed here), among probably other arguments which I can’t think of right now.

I’ve recently seen a post questioning what Kuvira even has to offer Korra, to which I retaliate with what does anyone have to offer Korra at this point? She’s got it. She’s more powerful than ever, level headed, and loves and understands herself to know what it is that she needs. She has become more wise, thoughtful, and authoritative. What does anyone have to offer Korra but their friendship, support, devotion and the occasional wise words? No one is going to have anything groundbreaking to offer Korra that’s going to substantially change her life at this point, but a continuation of the above are of the greatest things a person can offer her.

While both parties in a relationship will impact each other, there have been several times in the series where Korra has had a more substantial impact on a friend’s life than her friend has had on hers (though the impacts both ways were important), and in return those friends were supportive, devoted, and they became some of my favorite relationships in the show, both because of that and how their personalities play off of each other..

Korra definitely has more to offer Kuvira in terms of a personal impact, but in turn, I can see a very similar situation to the above playing out.

Korra could have such a powerful ally and friend in Kuvira.

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