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What if, Maggie saying "I almost died" was not because of her being shot but because SG flew her into Alex's healing arms so fast, she thought she was going to fall and become one with the ground. a.k.a Maggie is kinda afraid of heights, or just SG flying her around.


Although. I actually get lowkey annoyed when people (not you, this was funny af, especially the being one with the ground wording lol) make fun of Maggie for saying she almost died. Like, it’s funny to me when people point out how extra all the queer Supergirl women are (Alex, Lena, Kara, and including Maggie), and that’s hilarious and lovely and I don’t mind at all. But like, in the specific context of “I almost died,” like, dude, she did! Yeah okay it was her shoulder (ish) but like first off, shoulder wounds can be hella serious if you hit the wrong thing, and also another couple of inches and bro that ain’t her shoulder, that’s her chest, and also also it was fucking Cyberborg Superman laser type shit, it was fucking glowing in her body, you trying to tell me his lasers don’t have some infection-type shit that Alex didn’t have to clean out before it seeped too deeply into Maggie’s bloodstream or some shit?


Nah but legit tho, Maggie almost died yall. She’s extra, but like the least extra of all the Supergirl queer ladies tbh ;)

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hi, I am kinda new to this fandom and I was just wondering, why is Altean!Lance so common it almost seems like canon? I mean where did this idea come from? why do people stick to it?? (no hate tho, I absolutely LOVE Altean Lance!! ahhh)

Hi! I’m not really sure where Altean Lance came from honestly? It’s just a headcanon a lot of people seem to really like, especially being Altean royalty and along with Galra Keith (as in having been raised in the galra empire, from what i’ve seen). I think it plays up their rival/opposites attract dynamic? Plus yeah it’s just a great h/c that you can do SO much with plot wise :) i should draw some Altean Lance..l o l

yes b’y i did it. almost got hit by like 4 discrete cars on the way there and back but i am home w my food now. holy shit.

that was exhausting. i’m not leaving the house for like the rest of the weekend lmfao


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….



°・*:.。.☆ i’ll thank my lucky stars for that night ☆.。.:*・°


My very first redraw, and it’s of beautiful Keith.

I hope you like it

If you like my work please check out more of it on this blog. I have a couple other voltron arts posted.

its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time