like i actually did a thing guys!!!

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hey uncle max, just a thought, if someone asked you to help destroy the internet life of a guy, that did something terrible to a girl,like what raymond did, but i think this guy did even worst, what would you suggest to destroy this guy's internet life, or at least do some permanent damage?

Well first of all we never destroyed Raymond’s life. He’s still living just fine, and if he actually is trying to change, then he’s living a better life already. Like he said, it’s actually a good thing that we did what we did.

Second, don’t. Don’t try and destroy someone’s life. Or internet life. People in this world suck. We just gotta get used to it and try and avoid those people. Cause we don’t need that shit in our lives.

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I'm so happy that these assholes coming after you don't faze you. You are literally one of my favorite people to see on my dash, so it would break my heart if you did leave. So, keep it strong girl! We love you and will back you up!

Thanks dude, I’m seeing a lot of the argument in my activity feed and I’m surprised how long people will argue for me.

mychristmaslights specifically went above and beyond, like damn. It’s actually pretty heart warming.

I know since it was brought to everyone’s attention it wasn’t just about me anymore, it was about them saying such crazy things about the south park fandom. They can get upset about that all they want but if people talk shit they get shit talk right back. They even mentioned my friends and how south park fans are irredeemable by default so what did they expect.

But seriously you guys cared so much about me, I’m really flattered and happy about that. There’s a real sense of comradery that I feel is hard to come by on Tumblr.

I have seen a number of harry potter posts that go something like, “If there was magic and wizards in (country) they’d _____.”  Usually there are also long discussions that go along with these about how each country deals with the statute of secrecy.

And all I can think is, Canada wouldn’t even bother trying to enforce the statute of secrecy. Because what is the point? How would you even know if it was a magic thing or just a Canada thing?

Is that guy just taking a regular old moose through a drive thru to get coffee or is it animagus?

Was that prime minister crazy or did he actually talk to ghosts?

How do you steal 20 000 litres of maple syrup? Trucks or portkeys?

The minister of immigration formally gave Santa Claus citizenship and a passport.

House hippos.

All magic would do to Canada is make the internet about 90% more sure that Canada isn’t a real place.


“is that your way of comforting me?” “maybe”

this was supposed to be some kind of zombie apocalypse/the walking dead au requested by @sigh–onara but honestly i don’t even know anymore


This is based on a thing @prozdvoices did. I’ve always wanted to draw what King Dragon might actually look like, so I ended up with this guy. I imagine that he can turn into a dragon, but he defaults to this sick dragon-person. After I was done, I realised he kind of looked like a manakete from Fire Emblem (especially because of his ears). Also, Dennis. :D

idea: villain with illusion powers tries to pull the whole “actually bruce wayne’s parents never died and that other life was all a dream ps as long as you’re here write down all your passwords and write a huge check to this guy your parents say is your friend” thing but is unsuccessful because it is basically impossible to impersonate bruce’s parents

“when did you figure it out?? >:[”

“i’ve known this was fake from the start, this woman looks nothing like my mother. red lipstick with nude polish?? that dress doesn’t suit her coloring. i said i was deliberately leading vicki on and she didn’t try to ground me, just because i’m a grown man. that’s not how my mother pronounces the word yeti. and this guy! he’s not tall enough to be my father. he hasn’t tried to pick me up even once. and neither of these people has had an uncomfortably flirtatious conversation with the butler in the last six hours. you fool. you imbecile. how could you possibly have thought that this would work.”

If you have read my last post about the guy I liked in high school , and some how I ended up finding his dad on SA. Actually his dad messaged me back in August, and yes I did reply to his father’s message with in the last week. He told me that he hasn’t found a connection with anyone and is happy that I replied to him. Lol. Moral of the story is this fuckboy named Steven(not his real name) keeps on posting racist things in my time line, how he is happy about trump winning, and how black women are gross. I’m gonna need to pause right here because I liked this fuckboy, but hes just a obnoxious white boy. Last time I checked your father has to spend money just to be near this beautiful black girl. Your father is also dissatisfied with this cookie cutter life, probably wanted to be with a black girl his whole life. And yes I will finesse the hell out of your dad.

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Episode 3 Tucker

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Autumn Leaves
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Pyrrha Nikos Didn't Deserve it

I wrote a song about Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY because I love her and she’s beautiful and only deserves the most beautiful things in life. I told @misshermitcrab​ forever ago that I wanted to write her a song and I finally did SO THIS IS DEDICATED TO JULIE. 
I hope you guys like if you listen! <3

Brilliant sun, where have you gone?
The nights are getting longer,
fear is setting in everyone.
Beyond the clouds, I see the world.
But from up here I have
never felt so alone.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
Just another scar that I’ve counted.
Maybe this was not what I wanted.

Armed to the teeth and setting out.
But I don’t feel protected,
instead eclipsed by all my doubt.
A final kiss to find a light.
I’m sorry that you didn’t
realize it was goodbye.

Do you believe in destiny?

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Please forgive me for holding the truth.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Broken pieces of a girl.
Falling into my destiny.
This was the path laid out for me.

Huntress, savior of the world.
Not superhuman, just a girl.
Following the echoes of
the ones who showed me how to love.

Autumn leaves fall into my hands.
Their edges cut me when they land.
This is how I’m meant to protect you.
Everything was over way too soon.

Funny story: When I was a drama student, we were all trying out for a role on some shitty low-key soap opera (I never had a chance, knew I didn’t, but eh, they said it would be fun and I should try anyway. I was 17. )

Then, at the audition, this girl walked in. She was jaw-droppingly gorgeous. 

No, the air actually went out of the room as soon as she walked in. And we all knew instantly she would get the part. Which she did. No question asked. Even the casting agents knew it. She was the loveliest thing you’ve ever seen. 

I said to her later on, when we walked out: “What’s it like to be as beautiful as you? It must be wonderful.” 

*Her* “But they drool over me. The guys. It’s…weird.”


*Her* “I only got into this because my parents and everyone told me to. Because someone as pretty as me had to be in acting. I wanted to be an accountant.”

*Me* “Um…well…you’re, uh, photogenic.” 

*Her* “I can’t act!”

*Me* “Well, obviously. I know that. I saw your audition.”

*clears throat*

I mean I respect peoples opinions if they like or dislike Vanoss or any other youtubers but the reasons here are fucking unacceptable 

[ this is a really long post sorry :””) ]

  • “He doesn’t upload daily” 
    he doesn’t but theres this thing called “editing” and how he does it is not simple he actually puts time and effort into his videos, even the guy who made the video can agree

  • “He doesn’t shoutout or play with any small youtubers”
    HE WOULD, HE DID, an example is Anthony (hes not that small hes pretty well known), Racingcatz, etc but its not his job to do that all the time because he actually has a wide range of people to play with and its his best friends

  • “He does ‘too many’ sponsored videos”
    well, not ALL the time, but with this guys point, this is Evans job if you were to hate him from trying to earn enough money from hIS JOB because of putting a sponsor, which he doesnt do that often then I don’t know what to think about you, but im gonna have to guess youre butthurt over how someone can easily make money that way

  • “Hes not personable”
    ??????????? like what ? they do know, Evan could just be shy or loses his confidence being infront of the camera too much, regardless of how he acts like how energetic and happy he is, he probably wouldn’t be able to give those reactions if people were to see his face, some confident people may not understand but he probably doesn’t approve of face cams cause it probably doesn’t really work for him

  • “Vanoss doesn’t respond to any comments”
    well, put yourself in the position of Evan, or any other well known youtuber, you would get SO MANY COMMENTS, some are negative and some are positive, Evan probably isn’t gonna respond to the negative comments, and just focus the positive comments

I can’t exactly comment on all the points made but this is just what I think :””))
again if you hate or love Evan it doesn’t change the fact almost half or most of these reasons are really not a reason to hate someone so great


Praise to the shipping gods for apparently, I’ve been good enough this week to deserve the following as a reward…

Sorey and Mikleo discussing the situation, noticeably just the two of them (Edna’s probably on the wagon already so Lailah may or may not be there with them, I dunno), and Mikleo’s fond smile when Sorey is being his adorable self.


I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve last seen the fist bump from all the best angles. *cries* ;A;

Also, just look at that gargantuan amount of trust between them.

*clutches heart*


They did the THING!!!

And in canon, the THING is actually a THING!!

*wrings hands cuz I don’t know what to do with ‘em*

₍₍ ( ๑॔˃̶◡ ˂̶๑॓)◞♡

On another note, are we going to discuss how hilarious it is that Meebo just stole some poor guy’s horse? XD;

Keep talking.

I won’t ever tire hearing about this development. x3

Speak his name and he shall appear!

Again, the trust, the faith, just freaking knowing without any doubt that they’ll be able to find each other no matter what.

Yes, I have laid my heart in the right place. <3



So during my practicum I of course brought up that I Keep fish. Well one of the other assistants in the office started with. “Oh? My daughter has a couple goldfish.” Now I’ve been conditioned to immediately worry. I asked what kind though. “Or… Or… Something they’re the round ones. About 6 inches each give or take. Turns out they’re actually pretty high maintenance. I made her research and write an essay before we went and got them. These guys need like 30 gallons for one fish and 10 for each additional one…which seems like a lot but they did get bigger.” Well my eyes lit up. “So they’re in one of those short 40 gallons… Got a couple of waterfall filters, some driftwood and we put tile on the bottom because the sand was a pain to clean and she was hating it. Going 4 years though so we must be doing something right. That’s really her thing though, not mine.” I was super thrilled. She went on to saying that she believes any animal in human care has the right to live out a full lifespan and even if she got a stupid cricket she’d make that thing live the full year or whatever it was supposed to.



There is a severe lack of art of Hunk so here is some drawings I did of Hunk just doing Hunk things uwu~

He feels like the kinda guy who genuinely likes academics and studying (that particular book is an irl physics book – thanks @cdromeoandjouleiet xD). Of course, the second drawing can go without explanation.

For the last two, I actually noticed how well my neo-80s/sythpop/vaperwave playlist  just really matches Hunk (at least to me) aesthetically? I realized that he would totally be that guy who listens to 80s electronic rock and sings along, out loud, badly and off-key with a screwdriver as a microphone, and using his still-working cassette player/Walkman that has been stuffed in one of his pouches this entire time shhhhh

So then with the last one,  I took the idea to an extreme because he would unironically wear vintage 80s fashion and rock it so hardcore and no one can tell me otherwise.

Fic Recs - Stranger Things

I finished watching STRANGER THINGS and surprised myself with how much I came to really like the Steve/Nancy/Jonathan OT3.  I fully expected to be ready to kick Steve to the curb, but then he owned up to the shit he did, he stuck around, and the ending was super cute and suddenly I wanted to see the three of them figuring life after the monster out!  Nancy with her being the actual sane one, Steve getting to be both a charmer and a decent guy when given the chance, Jonathan learning to interact with others his own age, I WANT ALL OF IT.

So, here are some of the really cute OT3 fics I liked!
Ducks on the Pond by The Stephanois (ballantine), steve/nancy/jonathan, 5.6k wip
   Steve Harrington knows two things to be true: the St. Louis Cardinals are the best baseball team in the world, and Nancy Wheeler is far too amazing for him to hog all to himself.

darling, you gotta let me know by callunavulgari, steve/nancy/jonathan,NSFW, 6.1k
   Jonathan’s room is messy the same way that Steve’s is. There are dirty socks and shirts and underwear strewn across the floor. Cassette tapes litter the desk like miniature landmines. There’s a notebook open on his bed, a textbook and a pencil beside it. He must have been studying when Steve knocked. Steve’s palms start to sweat. For a moment the only thing he can think of is whether Jonathan uses flash cards too. He opens his mouth and says, “Why’s there still a hole in your wall?”

stranger things than polyamory by trepan, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 3.5k
   Somebody spray-paints NANCY WHEELER HAS TWO BOYFRIENDS on a wall she walks by on her way back from school in May. There are a couple of other students watching her as she passes. Nancy gives the sign a long look, then smirks at them politely.

i wanna know what love is by jibberjabber599, steve/nancy/jonathan,NSFW, 1.7k
   “Oh my God,” Nancy exclaims, softly enough so they won’t attract any nosy people. “You like Jonathan.”

Tie a Yellow Ribbon by ghostlin, steve/nancy/jonathan, 1k
   It takes Jonathan a while to realise what feels strange.

Jonathan Byers Learning How to Date by tinymacuser1998, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 5.7k
   He can’t go into the woods comfortably anymore, for reasons he thinks are probably obvious; Steve and Nancy still go.

Beginnings and Ends by hma1313, steve/nancy/jonathan, NSFW, 2.5k
   None of them really expected this, but then again, none of them are complaining either.

The Signs as Things My Friends Have Said/Done
  • Aries: ”Like, honestly. Like, really. I’m gonna cut your head off. Seriously.”
  • Taurus: “1, 2, 3, DAB ATTACK!”
  • Gemini: “When I get bored, I honestly just stalk people on social media. No shame.”
  • Cancer: “Michael Clifford fuck me. And bring me ice cream. And cuddle me.” (I’ve actually said this, whoops.)
  • Leo: “Did you know that if a guy has big feet, he also has a big-” “YES WE KNOW.”
  • Virgo: “Is this organized enough?” When what they’re asking about is literally already perfect.
  • Scorpio: "Holy fucking shit, I just wanna fuck him."
  • Aquarius: *Orders the most complicated Starbucks order in the world*
  • Capricorn: "OMG YOU'RE SO AMAZING AND PRETTY." *proceeds to talk shit about the person behind their back*
  • Sagittarius: "I love my new soccer mouth guard, I wanna wear it in public and scare children."
  • Pisces: "Slay. My. LIFE."

so like my fav thing about matt murdock is that he got beat tf up by some bad guys and barely escaped with his life and hes just walking through dark streets bleedin out and passes a dumpster and thinks ah yes this is where i belong rn and he just climbs into the trash with his open wounds and waits out the bad situation hes in like bless his lil vigilante heart i mean we’ve all felt like climbing into the trash to avoid facing the consequences of our actions but this man actually did it

Wtf, guys. Seriously. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? I was cleaning in the pharmacy tonight and witnessed someone stealing. She even looked me in the eye while doing it. I didn’t know what to do because most places tell you not to do anything. We most certainly don’t have anything in our policy in place for this kind of thing, so I can assume it’d be like most places where you can do nothing but watch. If I did do something, she would have been long gone by the time I mentioned it to the pharmacists, who were very busy. Sure, it was only some candy from one of the jars on the desk out front, but still. That kind of thing adds up and negatively affect employees in the pharmacy. I work through a cleaning company, not the pharmacy, but I still care about them enough to not want them to get in trouble for theft. Even if the jar doesn’t have a price on it and even if it’s open doesn’t mean it’s fucking free. -Abby

Speaking of Boba Fett…

I know I know, why go there? Because I like it, deal with it. What I always hear about Boba Fett is how cool and badass he is …or how much of greedy basterd he’s proved to be. All true but what most intrigues me about this guy is that just like our unfortunate Chosen One; he was screwed more by the decidedly Good Guys. Boba Fett early life was anything but sweet, but he did have a father who loved him.

Who then gets killed, while he watch

“Jango is a villain, he had it coming!!” … sure, but,

That doesn’t erase nor excuse this. He was someone’s father too. This kid’s father. The most heart breaking thing here is that this kid was never given actual chance, as TCW unfolds.

I truly believed Windu was showing compassion here. But boy was I a fool. Should’ve paid attentions to what’s been said:

Boba Fett: I see now I’ve done terrible things. But you started when you murdered my father! I’ll never forgive you.

Mace Windu: Hm… Well, you’re going to have to. Take him away.

Boba wasn’t that far gone at this point. With the right care someone would have given this kid the right treatment that would’ve saved his future… but ofc that wasn’t the case.

Yeah, this kid is going to turn out just fine.

Mace is a very good Jedi you know that?

He “let go” with whatever minor guilt he had for this kid and left him in jail to get more fucked up.

Jedi logic, always the greatest.