like how on jesus christ can he makes such a face

Just saw Beauty & the Beast, & I can confirm:

Lefou is super fucking gay.

If you watch the film, watch his face when he looks at gaston: you’ll see it before the end. 

I’m not gonna spoil anything, but when asked “Why can’t you get any girls, Lefou?”, he has the face of “Jesus fucking christ I'm gay asshole”.

Sort how the Finn and Dameron interaction went, it’s subtle, so make sure you look for it.

Anyways, the film was great, animations were fucking fantastic, though I didn't really like Emma’s singing, it was very enjoyable (and gay).


I am so fucking sick of being called “picky” because I have age, match, and respect requirements. I mean, these are basic fucking human standards. Meanwhile, dudes on OKC want women under a size 6, at least 5'10", with an IQ over 160, blonde, long hair, great sense of humor, PhD, into being a sub, can get both legs behind her head, turns her face inside out sucking dick, who can sing like a fucking angel, and nobody better send him messages telling him how fucking unrealistic he’s being.

But, you know, having an age range, wanting to have basic values in common, and requiring basic fucking respect makes me fucking “picky.”

Jesus fucking Christ I hate this world.