like how important naruto is to him too

hnnnggg I’m honestly still so salty about how Naruto ended??? Naruhina felt so forced, like Naruto wasn’t even in love with Hinata, he just got guilt tripped into loving her because she had a crush on her for a long time and he was too nice to reject her. Literally the entire manga was basically Naruto ignoring Hinata?? Plus, Hinata didn’t do shit for Naruto, all she ever did was watch him from afar.

Sasusaku was even worse dude like it was totally implied that Sakura was over that asshat when she decided protecting the village was more important than him. And sasuke, up until the last few chapters, ALWAYS called Sakura annoying. And you can’t deny that both of them tried to kill each other multiple times. Their relationship is so toxic I just :)))))

I don’t fucking know how Narusaku didn’t become canon dude I’m so lost. Sakura and Naruto had been there for each other since the very beginning. Naruto was always so in love with Sakura, since the very beginning. Even though Sakura thought he was annoying at first, she eventually got feelings for him it was just so obvious???????

I’m just so mad that Naruto ended up with some random side character who only did like two missions with him instead of Sakura who he had a crush on, helped him train, and fought with him all throughout the manga. I’m mad that Sakura ended up with the boy who rejected her, called her weak, and made  her doubt herself when she could’ve been with Naruto who inspired her and promised to help her fulfill her wishes.