like how important naruto is to him too

note: post-gaiden

when the explicit details of sarada’s doubts are explained to him, sasuke reacts with hurt. he’s confused and he’s irritated, but mostly he’s just shocked that his daughter and his friends could honestly think he would stoop so low as to what – cheat on his wife? have a child with someone that lacked sakura’s significance to him? then ask her to raise that child? without him, at that? 

sasuke loves sakura and he doesn’t understand why this still needs to be debated. he cared about her as his teammate, his friend, his partner, his confidant, and then as his wife and the mother of his child. sakura is one of the most important people in his life and he would never ever do something so despicable and so disrespectful to her.

as a testament to their bond, only sakura is able to pick up on the subtle signs of his frustration as they make their way back to the village. they camp out for the night, sarada and chouchou curled up by the fire. naruto rests against a log with his eyes shut, so sakura asks him, “what’s wrong?”

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Boruto ep. 16 Recap

“Crisis: The Threat of Failing!”

•ChoCho said you gotta have style on the inside & my girl is giving y'all free tips & advice!
•Look. I’m trying. But Denki still gets on my damn nerves. Maybe I’ll learn to like or at least, tolerate him.
•Metal Lee is so sweet, precious & funny. His laugh makes me laugh.
•When Rock Lee saved Denki, I lost my shit! Yaaaaassssss! We’ve been so patient for this King’s arrival!!!
•Bih. This show is about Naruto’s son & the older generation’s children but I still act brand new every time I see the respective parents & kids interact. Metal Lee called Rock Lee papa & I was like, “…wow. You? A parent? Me, an aunt.”
•Rock Lee is still as extra & emotional as ever & I live.
•I’m feeling this new & improved jumpsuit on Rock Lee. I imagine he trained so hard his sleeves fell off & he was like this is a LOOK.
•Rock Lee is still living through his springtime of youth all while mentoring the new youth. Truly an important figure in the community!
•I fuckin hollered when Rock Lee pulled out that spare jumpsuit. What an honor!
•I know the Lee’s did not dab simultaneously. LMFAO!
•Lemme tell y'all how amazing Boruto is. He used up his allowance to buy all his friends burgers. Like. A thoughtful child. I’m so proud of him. I wanted to cry. 😭
•Iwabe did what? THAT!!! I’m very proud of this child too.
•I think that it’s so dope that shinobis are being used for different purposes, according to their talents, that has nothing to do with combat. Kakashi & Naruto really did that. Revolutionary Hokages.
•Imagine what Shino thought when he saw Denki wearing that jumpsuit? LMAO! Gai, Rock Lee, Metal & now him?
•Shout out to Shino for real. I know a lot of teachers would have been like I know you saved three small children from a burning building but you still missed the test, therefore you fail.
•These group of friends are too much. So supportive of each other.
•Me throughout the whole episode: I wonder what Naruto is doing.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Jiraiya? I really don't like him, like aside from the gross "creepy pervert" trope, he was one of the characters who talked a lot about how good the village was and the Will of Fire, it seems like after Naruto went on his 3 year journey with him did he start to not think the ninja system needed changing and the Will of Fire was important and yada yada. Not only that but Naruto wasn't really any stronger after their supposed training, so the time skip was pointless too.

That’s what I thought too, 3 years with jiraiya, naruto only learned how to make a slightly bigger rasengan. He’s also hypocritical, he didn’t work for the village, he wandered around outside of the village freely, rejected the hokage job, wrote porn for a living. In reality, he’s not a ninja, he lived outside the village system, didn’t have to take on missions. He left the village but no special squad was sent to assassinate him or bring him back. It’s nice for him, but it sucked for people who still had to work for the village.

Title: Baby Bump
Pairing: NaruHina
Words: 1212
Summary: Before going to sleep, Naruto rests in the lap of his wife.

A/N: Here is a quick little one shot inspired by one of @yuuba’s beautiful fan arts. Hope she isn’t angry with me for using her headcanon.

Hinata heard the front door opening and lowered the book in her hands. She glanced at the letters in the next paragraph before turning around on the sofa, ready to welcome her husband when he stepped into the room.

Konoha was dark behind the tall windows, that barred out the coldness of the night. The living room was scarcely lighted, the rest of the house kept in blackness.

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Dream Girl

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M

Words: 5,000+

<<Part 2|Part 4>>

AN: :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

She is everything he dreamed she would be.

During visiting hours, Hinata always greets him with a tender smile. They are the same ones she’d give him in his dreams when she would caress the side of his face and stare into his eyes lovingly. He remembers it so clearly.

When she moves to sit on the chair next to his bedside, she’s so close to him that he can get a whiff of her lavender scented shampoo. Every movement she makes is elegant, from the way she crosses her legs to how she shyly tucks a lock of dark, silk-like hair behind her ear.

She’s as kind as she was in his dreams too. She listens to every single word that leaves his lips; she laughs when he tells her a joke and nods her head lightly when he speaks of something serious. She asks questions and is genuinely curious about him.

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Roads Untraveled Ch. 3

Note: I’m not really happy about how this chapter turned out but oh well. I’ll just have to live with myself now. Enjoy!

Previously Posted On FF.Net and AO3

Chapter 1, 2

Chapter 3-A Little Faster

Chunin and Genin-Age 13

“K-Kakashi,” tears fell from Sakura’s eyes as she spoke. Choking back a sob, she continued, “please bring Sasuke-kun back. Don’t let him leave us.”

“I’ll bring him back, Sakura-chan. I-I promise.” Kakashi squeezed Sakura’s hand before letting go and calling back towards the retrieval team to head out.

Sakura watched them leave through blurry eyes.

He should have known better.

Sasuke was just too far gone, of course he would go after Orochimaru. He thinks that snake is the only option.

But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t try and get Sasuke back. He is (was) his student after all.

With that in mind, Naruto picks up the pace, forcing more chakra into his feet.

‘Please tell me I’ll make it in time!’

He really should have known better.

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No Filter

(Warning: There’s a ‘lil smut)

The first time Sasuke realizes how impressionable his daughter is, happens two years into his new mission. He receives a call from his wife, his angry, very strong wife.

“Sasuke-kun.” There’s no, good morning Sasuke-kun. How are you Sasuke-kun? He immediately knows he’s in trouble. “Sasuke-kun, guess where our daughter is right now?”

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Naruto 685, Sakura Haruno and the Team 7 dynamic (includes analysis of NaruSaku and SasuSaku) WARNING: Super long analysis.

Look, look, guys, do you have any idea how much chakra Sakura has? In this latest chapter alone, she was able to help Obito open 3 different fucking dimensions!

Not to mention, before that, she hasn’t exactly been using her chakra sparingly; healing the entire shinobi alliance (just herself and tsunade through katsuyu), actually joining in battle and unleashing her crazy strength, saving errbody in sight and taking madara head on

And she still has enough chakra to help obito get through to 3 fucking dimensions?!

The moment sakura transferred her chakra for obito to open even one dimension, it resulted in obito bleeding. From his eyes.

Do you know what that means? I means obito’s body couldnt take in the massive amount of chakra sakura was transferring.

And yet our resident pink haired cherry blossom was able to push through and give obito even MORE chakra?? What the hell gurl??

You see, i loved every inch on this chapter.

Loved how beautiful sakura looked. Loved how much initiative and determination she showed. Loved how she put the mission first. Loved how she fucking took acid to her flesh and saved obito. Loved how she pushed through despite a burning flesh wound. Loved how surprised obito was when she refused to rest or heal herself. Loved how she struck a chord in obito and gave obito the will to carry on aswell.

I mean for fuck’s sake. This manga is abt naruto. So it makes sense that naruto is like the beam of light to everyone else’s darkness. Naruto helped pull gaara, neji, and is attempting to pull sasuke through their dark times.

Sakura? Remember how negative she was?

She wanted to give up almost immediately when she realised what she was up against as genin in their first mission. She was ready to pull out of the chunnin exams. She was petty and judgmental towards naruto coz she though he did not symbolize what a real ninja should be; was nitwitted and too god damn happy for the ninja world.

Now look at her. Take a god damn fucking look.

She’s in the middle of apocalypse and clearly outmatched. Among her team of survivors, you’ve got her clearly more experienced and genius sensei and her two other teammates with like super saiyan abilities or something who are fucking destined to save the world (for crying out loud!), and you’ve got obito, who, although weakened, you must still remember, was the sneaky mcsneaker-pants who bloody influenced the entire akatsuki. He was behind an entire organization made up of s-class psychopaths and missingnin, for god’s sakes, if he’s so pathetic he wouldn’t even have control over even one of those crazy ass akatsuki members.

But what does sakura do? Mope and stick to the sidelines and give up like she would have as a child?

No. She fucking sits her ass away from naruto and sasuke when she knows she will be a liability to them, keeps quiet and observes everything UNTIL there comes opportunity for her to be of assistance.

And whatever little role she has in this mission to save the fucking shinobi universe, you better believe she’ll gibe her hundred and twenty percent.

To me, this change and growth in sakura’s character is greatly based on naruto. Don’t take this the wronh way, i’m not a stoic narusaku fan and this post is not entirely pro-narusaku, but you’ve got to admit. Naruto is the main character. His whole purpose is to inspire, motivate and get the rest of the characters out of their own personal bubble of darkness.

That’s the entire point of this manga after all. Pre-timeskip: naruto saves gaara, neji, hinata, tsunade, AMONG OTHERS. Post-timeskip: naruto saves the entire shinobi nation, im addition to the underlying, most important piece of the puzzle- sasuke.

What sasuke represents in this manga is the whole opposite of naruto. It’s no wonder he’s the yin to naruto’s yang.

Sasuke is selfish, full of hatred, caught up in darkness and revenge, negative and lost. Sasuke is like a dark tunnel.

Naruto, as was his position im every other character’s life, is the light to that dark tunnel.

He helped gaara out, he helped tsunade, he helped hinata (somewhere between the lines despite us not really knowing) and now, NOW we see him attempting to help his most important bond of all:


What does all this have to do with sakura and the narusakusasu relationship, you ask?

Everything, because give it a second and think it through:

Out of all the characters (important ones anyway) who has naruto not played a role in directly saving?


Despite, yes, your arguments that naruto did like physically save her bla bla bla, ok whatever. I’m talkinh spiritual enlightenment here; did naruto spiritually save sakura?

The answer: not directly.

Throughout the manga we see panels which suddenly swing to sakura’s side of the story. This has been a consistent style of kishimoto since pre-timeskip, as can be seen in, for example and most prominently, several stages of the chuunin exams.

The chuunin exams is a very pivotal part of sakura’s character development for reasons any casual reader can see, so i’m not going to get into that.

My point being from all this is that sakura, as we are aware of, has no dark problems or nightmarish backstories like our other protagonists whom naruto has played a direct role in “saving”.

But why she is so important to this manga and the team 7 dynamic is because, from her angle and basic, un-ninja-like storyline, kishimoto is helping naruto relate in spirit not only to sakura herself, but us, as readers.

This is where my analysis kinda breaks the fourth wall, but get with me here.

Sakura didn’t start off liking naruto. As time went by, she learned to accept him. With even more time, she begun to understand his pov.

Sakura, a character with no problems, no dark tunnels for naruto to get through to and save, saw naruto as a person and outsider, as opposed to a mere heroic symbol of spiritual enlightenment, and she learned from him.

That’s why this chapter (685) is so very good and important as the final hit of the nail to sakura’s character.

When she pushed herself and made it clear to obito that she was not about to fall back, how did obito react?

There was like a fucking exclamation mark in that one panel and in the next, we see a view of obito’s jaw thinking something around the lines of, “you want to help him too, huh?”

As to who sakura wants to help exactly, i am torn between interpreting it as naruto or sasuke so lets just take this as one of kishi’s moments of being purposely illusive.

After obito realised that, he was given a whole new swing of fresh motivation.

In other words, what has sakura accomplished?

Through her silent observation of naruto all this while, she has channeled her inner “light” and saved obito from his momentary negative “tunnel.”

In a nutshell, we see how the protagonist has effected sakura, and this is the second last piece of the puzzle.

The actual last piece?


Sasuke is still clearly in his tunnel despite all the fallbacks of his initial plans. Naruto hasn’t gotten to him yet and that will be saved as the finale and conclusion to the manga, i believe.

Now that’s the beauty of this latest chapter.

Prior to reading yesterday’s episode i was not aware that a sasusaku spoiler image was floating around.

It was genuinely my first time reading the manga and i expected the worst.

Imagine my surprise however when i saw kishi actually stuck to the plot instead of continuing to tease us.

I was happy as it was seeing saku without a vest and helping obito and being amazing by channelling her chakra, but then…. Thennnn

That last page. Damn.

Sneaky kishi just had to put that end sign, too, on the second last page as an added wink and tease.

Then you flip the page…


Sakura. In sasuke’s arms. Sakura looking up at sasuke. Sasuke supporting sakura from behind.

God damn what a surprise.

My inner sasusaku 12year old fangirl (the one i thought had died) screamed and blew up.

My older, 23-year old sensible self who had given up on sasusaku and thought it was abusive, was just… Amazed and speechless.

I literally flipped back to the second last page just to read back what happened. It was such a shock.

And the best part was, after quelling my 12 year old fangirl, my logical side after rereading everything made the conclusion.

Sasusaku; there is definitely something there.

As a part narusaku shipper, the narusaku side of me couldn’t deny it. Even if it did, it would be mere denial and pointless as the evidence speaks for itself.

It wasnt so much that sasuke was holding her but the way he looked at her.

Sakura has accomplished in that act what naruto with all his heroics and talks of friendship has yet to do for sasuke: given sasuke some slimmer of light in his tunnel.

From this super long post i will wrap up with the snake-toad-slug analysis that kishi has teased us with all along.

Naruto, the toad is weak to the snake, sasuke. This much is obvious. With the lengths naruto would go for sasuke, one would think the bond naruto claims to have was alot more than platonic.

Sakura, the slug, is weak to the toad, naruto. This much is clear as well. From the analysis above, i have given you evidence of how greatly saku is influenced by naruto; how much, despite not being directly led out of the tunnel by naruto, she has learned from him and grew in character based on his principles and spirit.

Finally, and most surprising of all, sasuke, the snake is weak to the sluh, sakura.

When i first heard of this analogy, i was like, “wtf kishi, no way.”

Sasuke showed no signs of weakness to sakura at all. She clearly loved him but he never outright responded. He was stronger than she was both physically and in will. Sasuke brushed aside sakura’s weak attempt to kill him and, in his state of temporary loss of sanity, attempted to kill her, strike off all bonds with team 7 and laugh at his ex-sensei for thinking he would change his mind.

I thought, no way would a character as lost as sasuke be affected by sakura. The slug beats snake concept can’t possibly apply.


…then you get this.

The softening of sasuke’s eyes as sakura wearily looks up at him, don’t bullshit, that’s not NOTHING.

Sakura clearly struck a chord in sasuke.

Although i cannot say whether sakura will continue to play out the role of mending sasuke completely (i think naruto will have to give sasuke that final nudge. It would defeat the purpose of his character and storyline otherwise), the fact that, after all of naruto and kakashi’s combined attempts, it is sakura who is the one to have triggered sasuke first— that’s a pretty big deal.

So for all you saku fans out there who, like me, have been wondering what sakura’s role was in the manga and to team 7, there you have it.

Kishi introduced the team by giving us a peek into each of the character’s dreams.

Turns out that’s how he intends to conclude the story as well.

Ps: as for whether this is pro-NS or SS, it’s both. Both naruto and sasuke are important to sakura just as she is to them. Interpret it your own way whether she will end up with sasuke or naruto. Coz i personally am not sure.

Pps: this started off as me just fangirling abt saku’s chakra but went on to becoming a thesis. Typed on my phone. Sorry for the errors

hnnnggg I’m honestly still so salty about how Naruto ended??? Naruhina felt so forced, like Naruto wasn’t even in love with Hinata, he just got guilt tripped into loving her because she had a crush on her for a long time and he was too nice to reject her. Literally the entire manga was basically Naruto ignoring Hinata?? Plus, Hinata didn’t do shit for Naruto, all she ever did was watch him from afar.

Sasusaku was even worse dude like it was totally implied that Sakura was over that asshat when she decided protecting the village was more important than him. And sasuke, up until the last few chapters, ALWAYS called Sakura annoying. And you can’t deny that both of them tried to kill each other multiple times. Their relationship is so toxic I just :)))))

I don’t fucking know how Narusaku didn’t become canon dude I’m so lost. Sakura and Naruto had been there for each other since the very beginning. Naruto was always so in love with Sakura, since the very beginning. Even though Sakura thought he was annoying at first, she eventually got feelings for him it was just so obvious???????

I’m just so mad that Naruto ended up with some random side character who only did like two missions with him instead of Sakura who he had a crush on, helped him train, and fought with him all throughout the manga. I’m mad that Sakura ended up with the boy who rejected her, called her weak, and made  her doubt herself when she could’ve been with Naruto who inspired her and promised to help her fulfill her wishes.

italeteller  asked:

d'you think Shino, Kiba and Kurenai made Naruto go through some sort of hazing ritual when he started dating Hinata?

Naruto finally asks Hinata out on a date, a real date. And suddenly he realises he has no idea what to do. Oh man oh man he’s panicking because this is his first date and he doesn’t know how to show Hinata just how serious he’s gonna take this he’s about ready to beg Sakura-chan to help him out.

Cue Kiba and Shino, who seem to have some sort of sensory skill whenever it comes to Hinata, not just when it comes to scents and chakra and missing nin. It’s like they can detect anyone making a move on their teammate. It’s incredible. Team 8’s skill as a sensor team is unparalleled. 

They coerce Naruto into supplementary etiquette lessons and Naruto is half willing, half afraid Kiba is going to poke out his eyes with a pair chopsticks the way he’s brandishing them around like that. He can’t even see Shino’s eyes, but he’s a little creeped out by the way Shino seems to stare at him behind the shades while holding the restaurant door for him, “because it’s important to hold the door for your date, Naruto, as well as for your friends.”

Naruto heads home with a few extra skills beaten into him, but he can’t quell his nervousness and he still hasn’t figured out how to drink tea without offending every Hyuuga in a 5 mile radius. Too busy wrapped up in his thoughts, he almost bumps into Kurenai and her daughter and ends up blurting out an apology and everything else in front of them. Kurenai smiles, adjusts her hold on the child (she’s getting real heavy now), and reassures Naruto that whatever he does will not change how Hinata feels for him. Because her student fell in love with the person Naruto is, and if there’s anything he’s good at, it’s staying true to himself.

Fast forward time and Kiba and Shino still can’t stop with their interventions. Naruto goes missing on his wedding day. Shino is his dance partner and Kiba is yelling how Naruto better not step on Hinata’s toes.

Title: A Love Story Like Never Before

Pairing: NaruHina

Prompt: Day 4– First Sleepover

His heart was racing and he couldn’t quite catch his breath. He doubled check if his whole apartment was clean and made sure that he didn’t leave any boxers in the bathroom. He made sure that it smelled nice and he was positive that he had enough food for the both of them.

So why was he so nervous? He’s been dating Hinata for two weeks now. Was this normal? He doesn’t know and he didn’t have time to go and ask Sakura either. There was a knock on his door and in that moment, his nerves seemed to vanish. He bounded to the door and his whole being couldn’t contain the happiness he felt when he saw her. She stood wearing her civilian clothes with her bag clutched tightly between her hands. Behind her the sun set beyond the horizon and the orange hue gave her a glowing look.

He embraced her immediately and he felt her arms wrap around his torso, bringing him closer. Feeling her close to him made him feel both delighted and warm. He breathed her in before kissing her cheek.

“I missed you, Hinata,” he blurted out, scratching the back of his head afterwards.

“Oh, Naruto-kun, I missed you too,” she whispered, staring at him with tender eyes.

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“Perfect Date”

Pairing: Naruto / Hinata

Rated: K

Words: 769

Summary: You don’t need a book as long as you have the perfect girl.

While scanning through the book that Naruto borrowed from Sai,

“Sai, I knew it was a good idea to look for your advice, for you to have this kind of book…”

Sai immediately cut him off because he feels kind of shy to let Naruto know that he still consults books now that he’s dating Ino.

“No, no” he said

Sai immediately added, “But you going on a date, huh?”

It’s not of a shock for him knowing what happened when they defeated Toneri, it’s inevitable, really.

 He sighed as he closed the book he’s reading. “I’m nervous-ttebayo…” he admitted.

Sai just smiled at his friend and gave a few encouraging words because hey, he’s read a lot of books to know when to give someone when needed.

 - - -

When Naruto went back to his apartment, he immediately pulled out the book again to do another scan, he continued reading for 1 more hour before he hits the sack. He’s really nervous for his date tomorrow.

“I see, so it’s customary for the man to pay for all the expenses.” He muttered as he took note of it in his mind.

He immediately checked Gama-chan (Naruto’s frog wallet) and he smiled at what he saw because he thought that it’s more than enough for his date with Hinata tomorrow.

But what he expects wouldn’t meet his expectations because, when a guy goes on a date with the person he loves, he must be sure with his research to avoid unfortunate events.

Well, maybe it’s acceptable to fail on the first try, ne?

Besides, he’s lucky that he’s dating the kindest girl on Earth.

- - -

Naruto woke up early to make sure that he wouldn’t be late for his date, it’s a major no-no to be late on a date especially when you’re the one who invited the other.

He took a shower and brushed his teeth, but the hardest part when it comes to preparing is choosing the outfit, well… Naruto doesn’t have much of an outfit, he only wears orange/black/white comfortable clothes, okay, maybe he should ignore the part that he’d read on Sai’s book that one must dress nicely to impress the other. Naruto considered the thought and immediately shrugged it as not-so-important because what he wants is not to impress but to express. Yes, to express that he’s comfortable with Hinata and that he knows that she’ll never judge him just because of the way he dress. (She never judged him anyway)

With that thought, he immediately grabbed for his casual outfit and hit the road.

- - -

It was almost noon time when Naruto and Hinata finished walking around the village and checking the shops,

“What will we do now?” Hinata asked

Naruto thought for a moment before answering

“It’s already noon time so let’s grab something to eat.”

This is perfect, it’s now the perfect time to put Gama-chan in action!

They immediately went to the nearest restaurant and Naruto started scanning the menu and prices, he went pale as he kept on scanning through it because of the prices

“Seriously? A set menu costs this much!!? Wait a minute, how much do I have left?” silently speaking to himself

Upon noticing Naruto’s silence and pale sweating serious face, Hinata caught the idea that he’s having a problem and quickly activated her byakugan silently, she immediately understood his situation and smiled.

“Naruto-kun has been trying his best to make me happy, I should do my best too!”

Hinata grabbed Naruto’s arm to catch his attention, he looked back slowly toward her to avoid showing his worried face; he forced a smile on his face before asking “what?”

“I… I want to eat at Ichiraku’s.” Hinata announced while smiling

Naruto, feeling relieved and a bit confused, replied

“Ah, I see… okay.”

 Hinata started pulling him gently, “’kay, let’s go. Naruto-kun likes it, right?”

Naruto only nodded and smiled as they began walking towards Ichiraku.

He immediately thought that not everything in a book could make a date perfect, because what’s more important is having the perfect date.

She’s all what Naruto needs. 

- - -

+ Omake +

When they were already eating in Ichiraku, Naruto recalled a memory of Hinata winning in a ramen contest wherein he’s also a contestant too, “Say, Hinata… how did you beat me in a ramen contest?” Hinata looking flustered looked up to Naruto and said “Did I?” Naruto told the story once again and Hinata just nodded like she doesn’t remember anything, at all. Because during that time, all she ever thought of was she’s fighting side-by-side with Naruto-kun, in a ramen contest.

- - -

A/N: Okay! A quicky one shot about NaruHina’s canon date~ ahhh ( * u * ) ♥ my shipper heart~ I was correct about this headcanon long time ago… That Naruto would be consulting books and all but then Hinata will be there to save the day and eventually they’ll end up eating in Ichiraku. Hinata is really considerate ♥ she knows how to handle things without embarrassing Naruto and that proves again that she’s the perfect person to be with Naruto. She never judged him. ♥ I don’t know what canon is to you guys but I could say that I’ll never know the word canon when these two didn’t end up with each other. 

I tried. And I hope you like it (^o^) 

And what I was trying to say in this fic is that, Naruto doesn’t need to consult a book especially when the girl he’s dating is kind and understanding. :)


If Sakura married Naruto while still being unhappy…

I’m sorry, but I can’t buy that. That sounds SO out of character for both Sakura AND Naruto. If Sakura ends up marrying Naruto, chances are it’s because she KNOWS she would be happy with him. By this time in the series she has too much self-respect for herself to force herself to marry someone just because she feels obligated to/because the protagonist likes her. Sakura also cares about Naruto and now she makes sure she tries to take his feelings and safety into consideration. (remember how Sasuke called her out on being a hypocrite for calling Naruto annoying when she was annoying as well? Sai’s words about her obliviousness to Naruto’s pressure and feelings? Her ‘love confession’? Anyone?)

And I dunno about anyone else, but Sakura’s happiness is IMPORTANT to Naruto. If anything, he would definitely NOT want her to marry him if he knew she was going to be unhappy. It’s not like he’s going to be completely blind and inconsiderate about her feelings because Naruto is capable of being an emotional person. He wants her to be happy overall, even if it meant that her future doesn’t have him in the romantic picture, even if it meant she would never love him back - that’s how much he LOVES THIS GIRL PEOPLE.

Naruto and Sakura marrying each other would not be 'depressing’, not if anyone deliberately sees it that way. I deliberately see the marriage route as a sign that they grew on each other, loved each other and trusted each other enough to consider each other husband and wife. If they get married, it means they found a source of happiness from each other. And I definitely feel this ship is headed in that direction. Most definitely.


Note: AU of course!

Sakura sulked in her chair as she flipped through the textbook.

American History in the 20th Century.

Why did she need to take this class?! She was a biology major looking to get into medical school…she didn’t plan on creating an international political alliance.

Stupid general ed classes.

She looked around the library. There were students watching youtube videos on their Macbooks, students sleeping with their earbuds in, and…wow someone actually studying.

She recognized him, Naruto was his name, or so she thought. He was often the first person to raise his hand in class, and almost always got the answer right. 

Maybe she could ask him for some study help?

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While I am pissed that Sakura still doesn’t know anything about Sasuke’s condition and doesn’t look like she is going to be the one who saves him…

I find it particularly interesting and telling that Kishi is deliberately not letting her know of anything while she is saving Naruto. It’s like he doesn’t want to put that situation where she has to choose between both men. Probably because people would take it too seriously and at face value without considering the facts and context of the manga (she loves Sasuke, still doesn’t love Naruto or have feelings for him. also believes Sasuke might have bad motives still and wants Naruto to attain his dreams at all costs). 

But now it looks like Naruto will be saved by Obito. It looks like Naruto being dead is finally coming to an end.

And if Kishi knows how important it is to let Sakura know of Sasuke’s condition, he will let it slip somehow. But it’s just particularly interesting how he never made her learn about it when she was saving Naruto. He very well could have. But I think he knows all too well what kind of consequences it would have on the fandoms. >.>

A reply to this post I found in the IchiRuki tag.

To say “Heroes always go for the pretty/nerdy girls” on Naruto is wrong. Even though I’m a hardcore Naruhina shipper, I admit that Naruto used to love Sakura romantically. But she didn’t reciprocate his feelings.

That is the beautiful thing in Kishi’s work. Unlike most American’s action movies where the main hero just got whatever girl he wants, in Kishi’s manga, Naruto didn’t. He loved Sakura, but she didn’t love him, he became the hero everyone admires, but her one true love is still Sasuke. Kishi shows us that even a hero failed, but at the same time, he showed us true love, there has always been this girl who, while the rest of the village shunned him, has always been silently cheering him on, too shy to act out on her feelings in front of him. Everyone came to accept him after he became the hero, but her eyes have always been on him when he was still “the kyuubi”- the monster in people’s eyes. And the hero noticed her and learned to love her.

It wasn’t because of Naruto “wants to have the pretty/nerdy girlfriend” that he chose Hinata (hell he used to think of her as plain and weird and dark mind you), it was because Hinata chose Naruto, she chose him as her loved one, she chose him to be the person she will be walking with, she chose him to be the one whose hands she will hold tight. Hinata chose to stand by Naruto’s side, and Naruto learned about her importance to him, this is the reason they became a couple, not because of the oh-so-old law “the hero got the pretty girl”, but it’s “the hero learned how to love the girl”.

And of course I’m all for strong girls too (but what’s wrong with being shy and nerdy and not strong? Do only strong girls deserve to have true love? Weak girls should just be alone or date some pathetic guys?), like you I’m a huge fan of Rukia, but I didn’t ship her with Ichigo just because “Ichigo is the main guy, Rukia deserves the best - which would be the hero.” No no no not that, that’s totally wrong!!!! I ship them because of their chemistry together, how they affect the other’s life, the way they looked at each other, the way they went all to protect each other, etc. Not because I love Rukia I want her to get the hero here.

And you know, everyone is the main character in their own stories. In Naruto story, Naruto is the main character. And Sasuke, he is the centered one in his own story, and in Sakura’s world, Sasuke is the hero, her hero, not Naruto, not anyone else, it has been Sasuke all along. So with SasuSaku becoming canon, Sakura has got her hero.


I gotta write a review on this!
This was emotional, TOO EMOTIONAL! Even for me! I barely kept my cool so I wouldn’t cry!
These are all my favorite scenes. I loved how we got to see a real woman in Minerva, how Laxus cared so much about his comrades and… AND THE SHIP FEELS! God don’t get me started! We see Jellal only to see him LEAVE! And Gray… he made Juvia cry and instantly fell in her arms.. ops, sorry I meant boobs… thanking and apologizing to Juvia while crying. SHE WAS HIS ROCK RIGHT NOW! AND NATSU! YOU ASS, STOP BEING SELFISH! Lucy lost someone important to her too! And then you LEAVE HER?!
Wait, incoming paralol from the Naruto manga. Sakura said she’d be lonely if Sasuke leaves. And look at this. Lucy feels THE SAME! Take that NaLi fans.
Last, but not the least… Gajevy. Looks like Levy doesn’t know how to make Gajeel feel better, so sad.
And the WORST thing that happened…. FAIRY TAIL IS DISBAND! DAFUQ NO! WHYY?! HIRO MASHIMA WTF?! I can’t imagine them being “free” if their HOME is non-existent :’(!