like how do people not find stuff like this exciting

a destiel AU with demisexual Cas:

  • demi!Cas playing an online game and partying up with sexyhunter67 and xx_excalibur_xx for a 3-member party quest
  • it being a party quest and all, they’re always by themselves inside a separate map and they end up talking a lot, as ones do during party quests
  • Cas finding out sexyhunter67 and xx_excalibur_xx are brothers; their names Dean and Sam, and Dean is the same age as Cas (16)
  • through the countless times of party quests they find out they all work together really well mostly because they’re all nerdy ass kids who spent a lot of time playing video games
  • they end up forming a guild together and interact frequently
  • Cas soon looking forward to hearing about Sam’s day at school, about Dean complaining about school, exchanging stories about each other’s lives
  • Cas and Sam and Dean moving from game to game together over the years, becoming best friends and exchanging phone numbers and skyping with each other all the time
  • Cas getting little vibrations from his phone in his pocket during class and getting giddy feelings in his stomach 
  • Cas seeing Sam for the first time and taking notice of his little curls and his goofy smiles
  • Cas seeing Dean for the first time and being taken back at how attractive he is with his freckles and his gorgeous eyes and the way he sheepishly smiles at a compliment
  • Dean and Cas gravitating to each other over the next few years eventually leading to them having a long-distance relationship
  • Cas being bothered by people who tells him things like “but you need physical contact in a relationship or otherwise it won’t last long” and “how can you say you like him when you’ve never been around him before” and “don’t you ever want to kiss him or anything” because no none of the above is true
  • Cas being perfectly content in his long distance relationship with Dean save for some things like not being able to hug him or cuddle with him
  • Dean trying out dirty talk when they’re skyping together for the first time with Cas going wide-eyed and generally being super uncomfortable
  • seeing this Dean reels back almost instantly and thinks it’s him and Cas reassuring him that it’s not
  • Cas realizing they want different things in terms of the sexual aspect of their relationship and Dean realizing it really isn’t him that Cas finds lacking but what he lacks in general
  • Dean and Cas talking about Cas’s lack of interest in engaging in sexual things right now
  • fast forward few more months and Cas is on skype with Dean and they’re just doing homework together 
  • Cas glances up to say something to Dean, who’s immersed in his studies, when suddenly he finds himself hyper-focused on everything that physically makes Dean about x100 than usual
  • it’s like all of a sudden he wants to reach out into the screen and study Dean under his mouth and Cas is just ????? so confused because he’s never felt like this towards anyone else before
  • Dean looks up to find Cas’s jaw slacked and being all fussy worried and asking “Cas, what’s wrong?”
  • Cas blinks and reassesses what just happened and says “Dean I want to kiss you everywhere right now”
  • and it’s Dean’s turn to be taken back because didn’t they establish few months back that Cas is ace??
  • then he remembers from a blog he was reading about that asexuality is a spectrum
  • Dean and Cas combing through ace help blogs to find more out about the ace spectrum and demisexuality 
  • Dean being a supportive partner throughout the whole time they figure things out
  • then later that day Cas asking Dean all embarrassed “I’d like to try out that dirty talk session with you now, if you don’t mind” 
  • and it’s kinda awkward but also kinda exciting and Dean being super enthusiastic about everything Cas says and Cas feeling like his body’s on fire with yearning for Dean and both getting off of each other
  • (Cas also being really frustrated because “how do you people deal with this stuff every day with anyone? right now I want to touch you and kiss you and memorize you under my fingers until I’m satisfied do you people honestly feel like this towards anyone you find attractive???” and Dean replying “um, no not quite like that but you sure know how to make a guy feel special Cas” heh)
  • demi!Cas who has an online relationship with Dean who didn’t feel the need for sexual stuff to have a satisfying relationship with him until he did
  • demi!Cas who meets Dean at the airport for the first time in their twenties and they hold hands all the way back to Dean’s apartment where they snuggle and kiss lazily and rest
  • (and they have sex; Cas loves it but he also doesn’t think he would’ve had the undeniable hunger he feels for Dean had it been a casual lay with anyone else he doesn’t know very well)
  • demi!Cas being okay with who he is because there’s nothing wrong with what he is
  • demi!Cas  °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °
Jay Park | His s/o’s Parents Like Him Despite His Music/Music Videos

Anonymous said:

Considering what Jay’s music videos are like and how he acts in them (you can see why some people wouldn’t like them), how do you think Jay would react to finding out his s/o’s parents are actually excited to meet him despite them seeing his mvs and stuff? (●♡∀♡)

“They’re gonna hate me…”

“How many times do I have to tell you they are not going to hate you…my parents are actually ecstatic to meet you,” you said, trying to reassure a nervous Jay. It was his first time meeting your parents and he was afraid that they were going to judge him before meeting him. “I have told them all about you and while, yes they have listened to your music and watched the videos, they know you are none of that. My parents trust my judgement.”

“I am so dead…”

“Oh my god Jay…like I told my dad that you were teaching me to dance and he said he was excited that you were teaching me,” you said, “He never thought that I would ever be dancing to…well anything like ‘All I Wanna Do’.”


“Jay…my parents already love you because you love me, take care of me, and make me happy…that’s all they want for me. They know there’s a difference between your work life and your home life.”

“You’re sure?”



Finally managing to get Jay out of the car and to the door to your parents house you were immediatly greeted by two smiling faces. “Oh there he is!” your mother said, “He’s more handsome in person.”

“You two have been out there long enough, come in!” you dad said.

“Oh Y/N has told us so much about you I feel like we already know you,” your mom said, while practically hugging the life out of Jay.

“Mom, he needs to breathe,” you said.

“It’s okay,” Jay said, “It’s very nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N…Y/N has told me a lot about you.”

*On The Way Home*

“’When’s the wedding’???????????? Did your father say ‘when’s the wedding’?????????” Jay questioned, as you drove down the dark highway.

“I told you they already loved you.”

“I didn’t expect them to love me that much!” he said, completely shocked about what had taken place, “I wasn’t even questioned or anything…sit down for dinner and dessert then ‘when’s the wedding’?”

“Earlier you were freaking out that they wouldn’t like you and now that you know that they do you’re freaking out…”

“I was expecting something entirely different…..what the fuck?”

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So I genuinely love @no-strings-puppet ‘s meet the community idea so here’s my lil post for it!

1. Name, Age, Country?

Ali, 17, USA! From Minnesota, to be exact.

2. Appearance?

That’s meeee ^ on my birthday wearing my party hat and tour shirt 😂

3. Hobbies?

Drawing/sketching, writing, being on social media 😂 and Overwatch (I main Junkrat and Zarya)

4. What is your dream job?

To be a video editor, like Robin! Or do something with computers. Or architecture.

5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?

Literally everything. I never go without earbuds, a pen and some sort of paper or sketch pad. I usually have highlighter with me, because I really like makeup. A bunch of other random stuff is usually in my bag.

6. How would you describe your personality?

I’m super flamboyant, upbeat and excitable. I really love making people happy, and making people laugh.

7. When did you find Jack’s channel?

I found Jack’s channel in the summer of 2016, and I haven’t stopped watching his videos since.

8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!

Chase, Marvin, Anti

9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch?

My favorite series is either Undertale or Sally Face. They’re both just soooo frickin good and I love them!

10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

I’m a decently quiet member of the community, and I love talking about theories with people. I write stuff on occasion, but I never really post it lmao

the thing too about complaing about adults in “fandom spaces” point blank (not specifically one with lots of kids with the intention to prey on, groom or manipulate them) is that its entirely common for said spaces to consist of all adults like. how do you think the x files and buffy became the cult giants they are… who do you think was watching and writing fanfiction in the 90s…

i remember scoring for luke/han stuff (very rare to find even back in 2015, check lucas’ anti gay sentiments; there was even a lawsuit) and like. all the fics were written by women who talked in the intro about children and a husband (gaps women are real people who can and will have lives outside of fandom… shock) and trying to balance that out with writing something she was genuinely excited about, counting down the days until the next con… the fics werent great but it was pretty sweet to read

and i know “fandom” spaces hance changed significantly with the advent of the internet and tumblr and all and i do strongly agree that adults need to be vigilent of how they talk to kids and know how to fucking behave themselves in general. but like idk its like once a woman hits 30 were expect to become matronly saints of maturity and wisdom and switch all our interests to knitting and cooking and homekeeping lol

nightfury326  asked:

I’m afraid to even post my own fancomics because of how toxic the fandom is atm. It’s not done yet but still. I love the show but the fandom feels like soo hostile. I’m happy in my tiny corner that’s more positive. I appreciate your discourse posts even though I try to avoid that stuff like the plague.

i think it’s definitely a case of “manage your own experience, only do as much as you can”. no one should feel obligated to engage in discourse - fandom is supposed to be a fun place where you can post whatever you like and find people who get excited about the same things. whilst i definitely think it’s valuable to consider different opinions, when a fandom gets as… uh… Y I K E S as VLD sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your wellbeing is disengage and step away.

no one should ever feel afraid to post their creative content and i think it’s really sad that you’re left feeling like you can’t post something you’ve devoted love and time to just because the fandom is going to react with negativity and nastiness. VLD is a nasty fandom - probably the worst i’ve ever been in - and it’s sad because a fandom shouldn’t feel this toxic and hostile.

i hope you do post your comic - i know it’s daunting and scary, but you can always block anyone who gives you grief, and hopefully you will also get plenty of positive reactions too! when i started posting more sh@ance on my blog i remember thinking “oh yikes here comes the hate” but i really didn’t get any. i turned off anon asks and i lost a few followers but for the most part there was barely a glitch. so i would say go for it and don’t let the fandom nasties put you off enjoying the fandom and doing what you love :)

Are you someone who likes to do a lot of takes?
 It depends on the scene. I like working with people that don’t do many takes because there’s a thrill and excitement of trying to find something really quickly. But I also like going further in details. Some people very famously do 70 takes, and I’ve never done that, so I don’t know what it feels like. I’m sure really interesting stuff comes out of it. I find in theater I can’t do plays for very long. I don’t know how people do the same play for six months. I like the first three weeks and then I just feel like I’m going crazy. Once the adrenaline is gone, you’re just sort of looking at yourself like, “I’ve said that.” It becomes so much a part of you. I always have a weird moment around two months where I feel like I’m going slightly insane.


Zane Lowe on the Launch of Apple Music, Beats 1 and Listening to Dr. Dre

To see more of Zane’s life at Beats 1, check out @zanelowe on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

“I’m just getting used to being in L.A.”

Zane Lowe (@zanelowe), the gregarious lead anchor for Apple Music’s Beats 1, is currently in a car on the way to LAX, where he’ll board a plane bound for London. It’s a homecoming for the 42-year-old radio host, who cut his teeth at BBC’s Radio 1 for more than a decade before moving out to Los Angeles to help launch Apple’s streaming music service and 24-hour radio service.

Beats 1 has been cruising along smoothly since its start in June, with regular programs from Pharrell, Dr. Dre, St. Vincent, Elton John and Zane himself, among others, as well as a heavy dose of exclusive interviews and world premieres. Just this past week, the station debuted new tracks from Ryan Adams’ cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989 along with the entirety of What a Time to Be Alive, the syrupy hip-hop mixtape from Future and Drake.

It is certainly a great time to be Zane Lowe. He may have relocated halfway around the world, but he’s still getting to do what he loves: discover new bands, interview artists and play great music.

Zane spoke to Instagram about the launch of Beats 1, the transition from BBC to Apple and the lessons he’s learned since moving to the States.

Instagram @music: We’re three months into the launch of Beats 1. How have you found the change overall? Does broadcasting on Apple feel drastically different from the BBC?

Zane Lowe: I would say that it has been different in the sense that I’m doing my show in the morning on a different coast. I mean, first of all, we’re trying to take into account that we’re broadcasting in different time zones all the time. So there’s no such thing as a daytime radio show or a breakfast radio show, a nighttime radio show, or anything like that. You’ve got to just focus on the language of music — which is really good, because that’s all I know.

When you first started planning the station, how did you go about choosing which artists would host their own shows?

In a very kind of rushed, careful way. We had very limited time to putting the building blocks in place to getting it on the air. It was a little over three months from when we started to actually having to launch. And so, when you take a look at a schedule — it’s seven days a week, 24 hours a day — and you’ve got nothing filling it in, it’s kind of nerve-wracking. Then you start thinking about who your DJ friends are that you want to broadcast on the station. And you’re like, I can’t approach them, they’re all tied into contracts and doing really great shows on really great stations, and I’m not going to be that d—. So how are we going to fill this, and what the hell are we going to do? So it was, you know, shoot for the moon. We were just like, OK, let’s open it up to the artists — see if we can get them to lead the conversation as opposed to being a part of the conversation.

I had a few people in mind. I approached Rebel Sound and Disclosure — people I was friends with. And then we just tried to carefully choose people that we thought would actually sound good on the radio. Do these artists actually want to engage in broadcasting? From there it was fast. And we got really, really lucky in a lot of cases. People got it really quick. Pharrell got it immediately, St. Vincent got it immediately. Same with Elton John. You know, these are people who are, like, Oh, I’m into this, I’ve always kind of wanted to do some radio or I could see how it could be really exciting to reach people in this way. Because that’s really all it is, is that it’s a new way for artists to reach their audience.

And you guys have been rolling in exclusives too. You had the Drake and Future mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive on Sunday, the Ryan Adams’ Taylor Swift covers on Monday. How prescriptive is Beats 1 about going after these things?

It’s more that they just found a place. And what was interesting is when we first started out, understandably, people weren’t really ready to get involved in that kind of conversation. And we didn’t want to push people because we were unproven and untested. You’re this new thing, you don’t want to come in there and start knocking over chairs. It’s like the broadcasting has to speak for itself. And we had so many things we had to fix. I was more worried about how were the records going to sound next to each other. It sort of freed us up to really back new artists and, say, OK, you’re on Apple Music, and we’re this new radio broadcast platform. Rather than finding a way to fit them in and around all these big artists, let’s lead with these artists. Let’s talk about them like they are the biggest thing in the world.

So we’re just trying to get those stories [out]. And I guess over time there are exclusives and things that come along because maybe people like the way the station sounds. Maybe they want to hear their record next to a new artist. So it all happened very naturally and organically. And, you know, God bless Drake and Future.

Well, what a time to be alive.

What a time to be alive, man. I mean, that was exciting, getting that mixtape played back to back. I was just sitting there thinking, like, this is so weird, how is Apple letting us get away with this? We’re playing this mixtape, uninterrupted, prime time, on the weekend. And it’s huge. People are freaking out about it. I was like, man, that album is an appropriately titled piece of work.

But, to echo what you said, you’re giving small artists the time of day too. The first song you launched Beats 1 with was from the band Spring King. That’s the perfect example of democratizing the process and just trying to present good music no matter how big the group is.

To me, Spring King sounded as good as anything else I could possibly imagine to kick-start a radio station with. It’s like, man, it sounds purposeful, it’s exciting, I love the lyrics, the sentiment speaks to me. It’s just — it’s f—ing wicked. Run with that, you know? Because, really, at the end of the day, it’s just a song. That’s what’s great about radio or anything of that nature is that you really are kind of in the moment. And you can sit there and think about it all day, but until you actually just start, nothing’s ever going to evolve or get better. We could’ve kept building Beats 1 forever and ever and ever and ever. It could’ve turned into a [Guns N’ Roses] Chinese Democracy scenario. But at the end of the day, it’s like, just get it on the air and see what people think. And they’ll tell you.

It’s funny you mentioned Chinese Democracy. One of the questions I had for you was about hip-hop’s version of that, with Dr. Dre’s Detox, an album that people waited on for 13 years but was never released. When did you find out Dre, who helped launch Apple Music and Beats 1 with you, was scrapping that and releasing Compton instead?

I was lucky, man. I’ll let you in on a secret. Jimmy [Iovine] played me some stuff really early on. I’d heard six or seven tracks in varying states of completion. So I knew, man, I knew. I was sitting on this information. I knew how dope it was. I was like, oh, s—, he is not f—ing around. Like this is real. He’s doing this. So it was exciting. I just remember I got in the car after work one day, when the album finally came out on Apple Music, and I just put it on in the car and drove all the way home. I was driving through Los Angeles, listening to the Compton album. Dr. Dre has a radio show on the station that we just launched. And I was like this is f—ing awesome.

You’re like, I made the right move coming out to California.

I made the right move [laughs]. I was just like, all right, today, this is a good moment. Just remember this moment.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned since coming to Apple?

Where do I start? Always go to Jimmy when you need something done. Always keep your mouth shut when he’s getting the job done. I suppose the biggest lesson, honestly, on a Beats 1 level, is it’s exciting to forge your own path. I believe in keeping your eyes open and looking out for things that might inspire you. But at the same time, you know, I just think — I’m just trying to — it’s a really good question. And I’ll tell you why I’m struggling with it. It’s because I haven’t actually had one second to think about that.

It’s been so fast paced and it’s been so frantic, and it still is every day, and I haven’t actually reflected on one frame since we started. And so what are the lessons that I got here? That’s a f—ing great question. And I think I’m learning them, but I don’t think I’m able to truly know what they are yet. So I guess in a way I’m trying to get a balance between holding on really f—ing tight and letting go when I can. I’m literally like — I’m upside down and inside out. There’s your answer.