like how did i end up in this team

everything wrong with how taka was treated



They ended up back with Orochimaru, the man who abused them and tormented them, as if nothing happened. Let’s look at what he (Kishi) did to each of them:


-saw her village burn and die, and saw her clan wiped out

-watched her mother die after being overused as a medical supply

-was probably sexually abused since childhood and bitten all over- likely by grown men and Orochimaru himself. i say probably sexually abused because of the next point:

-was bitten in areas she shouldn’t have even been touched

-helped a (very desperate) Sakura chase after her “husband”, “delivered” Sarada, and even bought her presents, thinking she was friends with Sakura, only for Sakura to erase her existence

-was used as comic relief, especially in the anime

-never saw her abusers punished for what they did

-ended up working for the man who allowed her to be abused in the first place


-lost his older brother

-never got to meet his older brother again, even though mangetsu was brought back from the dead at some point

-never managed to fulfill his dream of collecting all seven swords

-was captured, humiliated and experimented on by Orochimaru

-was stuck in a giant tank with no freedom for who knows how long

-never received thanks for what he did for Sasuke

-works for Orochimaru, whom he was terrified of throughout the manga, and never sees justice


-was turned into a self-loathing monstrosity

-was key role in many of Sasuke’s fights, but never receives much acknowledgment from Kishimoto or the fandom

-is terrified of himself, because he can’t control his Curse Mark and has to hurt people when he doesn’t want to

-ends up back with Orochimaru


Honestly nobody treats Kishimoto’s characters as badly as Kishimoto.

And I mean I do think that Kishimoto has the right to do whatever he wants, but I also think that the Naruto ending is ridiculous, ESPECIALLY in this regard. being a writer isn’t an excuse to fucking disregard all logic.

*please don’t bring ships into this/tag this with any anti-ships or pro-ships*

Survival and Intelligence

Can you write a Reid X reader fic where Spencer and reader have a son and he is extremely smart like Spencer. one day he is kidnapped and the team and reader are trying to find him. The ending is up to you

I can most certainly do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You couldn’t understand.  It had been merely seconds.

“How long did you have your back turned!?” Spencer yelped as you ran your fingers through your hair.

“I swear, Spencer, I was just reaching for my keys,” you breathe as tears pour down your face.

You had heard him scream.  You had heard him call out for you.

And then you had heard a door slam as you watched a car skid off.

No license plate.

No model of the car.

Nothing came to mind except the sheer terror that you were under.

Your son was gone.

Your bright, beautiful, gifted son was gone.

How was he going to survive?  Your husband was the smartest man you had ever come across.  You knew the statistics that were running through his head as the team skidded into the school parking lot.

You were street smart, for the most part.  But your son took after Spencer.

Your son was so very, very book smart.

And not at all intelligent about people.

They were going to kill your son.

And you sank to your knees as your husband kept drilling you with questions.

You furrowed your brow as you felt your phone vibrate for the third time in your pocket.

Taking your phone out, you flip it open and see an unrecognizable phone number.

And then you watched that number flash up on the screen again.

Just one vibrate before it hung up.

“What is it?” Spencer breathes, his voice gone from the yelling he had done in desperation to pull information out of you.

You didn’t even want to look at him.

“Is Garcia around?” you ask as your phone vibrates again.

“What is it, mama?” she asks.

“This number keeps calling.  One ring, hang up.  One ring, hang up…” you drift off.

She smiles as she takes your phone from you and plugs it into her laptop.

“Hotch!?” she calls as she begins pinging the calls now coming in from that same number.

“I think it’s him,” she breathes.

“What?” you say as your eyes widen.

But Spencer pushes by you, nearly knocking you to the ground as Morgan glares at him and Spencer hunches over Garcia.

“That’s my boy!” Spencer yelps as Garcia begins sending coordinates to Hotch and Rossi’s phones.

“We’ll follow the path.  Garcia, keep in touch,” Hotch commands.

“On it, boss,” Garcia clips as she continues to whiz her fingers over the keyboard.

“And Reid?” Hotch glowers.

“Hm?” he hums as he shoots his head up.

“This is not Y/N’s fault,” Hotch lulls.

And the mere idea brought tears to your eyes as you turned and began running down the hallway.

Your son was incredibly smart.

The phone pings dropped off just as Hotch and Rossi had caught up to the trail, but what ended up happening was this: when the men attempted to wrangle your son out of the car, he jabbed his elbow into his groin and jammed his heel into his foot as hard as he could, which resulted in many small bones breaking into pieces.  He grabbed the phone and took off running, and when he found a ditch he could duck himself into, he rubbed himself in dirt, mud, and leaves, covered himself with brush, and held his breath.

All of the survival techniques that you, his mother, had taught alongside all of that book-smart that your husband, Spencer, was teaching him.

He switched the phone to silent, dimmed the screen, and kept pinging your phone, which resulted in Rossi digging him out from underneath the leaves while Hotch ran down the men responsible for your son’s capture.

And you wailed tears of relief when Garcia turned to you with a bright smile on her face and tears in her eye.

But when Spencer attempted to wrap his arms around you in good faith, you shoved away from him and cringed from his grasp.

And it broke his heart.

You remember watching your dirty little boy run off of the elevator and into your arms as you buried your face into the dirt-filled crevices of his neck.  You remember crying tears of fear and relief with him as he rattled off to you all of the things that he did to get away from the “bad men,” and you smiled and hugged him close as you praised him for the smart, capable little man that he was growing up to be.

And when he broke his embrace with you, he ran to his father who scooped him up in his lanky arms and held him close as he cried into his little boy’s neck.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” Spencer murmurs into his son’s neck.

But what came out of his little boy’s mouth was surprising.

“Please don’t be mad at mommy…it’s not her fault.”

The sentiment took Spencer by surprise as he holds his son out in front of him and studies his face.

“Don’t be so surprised,” he sasses, “my dad is a profiler.  I know how you guys operate.”

The entire room chuckles as you bring your hand to your mouth to stifle a giggle.

“You always need to blame the bad on someone because it’s really hard for you to think that bad stuff just happens,” your son says.

And you realized that your son had not only your survival brilliance and Spencer’s book intelligence, but he also had the makings of a wonderful profiler.

The thought both made you proud and fearful for his future.

“But it’s not mom’s fault, ok dad?” he asks.

And Spencer’s eyes flickered up to yours, and you held his gaze for the first time since that morning.

“I know it’s not,” he says, and a small smile ticked your cheek as Uncle Derek came over and picked him up in his arms.

“BAU 2.0, baby!” he yells as he swings your son around in the air.

And his giggles filled the room as Spencer strode over to you and embraced you tightly.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs into your hair.

“I know,” you breathe into his chest.

And the two of you closed your eyes as you listened to your son’s laughter fill the room, for it was better than the scream you had heard just that morning.


Shmi “Queen of the Universe, We Are Not Worthy” Skywalker

Anakin “Ultimate Human Disaster” Skywalker

Padme Naberrie “Though She is Little, She is Fierce” Amidala Skywalker

Obi-Wan “Weaponized Sarcasm” Kenobi

See-Threepio “Team Mom”

Artoo Deetoo “Foul-Mouthed Sass-Bucket”

Ahsoka “My Spirit Animal is the Spider Monkey” Tano

Leia “Looks Like Two Cinnamon Rolls, Will Actually Kill You” Organa

Luke “Looks Like A Cinnamon Roll, Is A Cinnamon Roll, Will Kill You Anyway” Skywalker

Han “Dweeby Schoolboy in Love Actual Cinnamon Roll” Solo

Chewbacca “I Am A Real Adult How Did I End Up A Glorified Babysitter?”

guys.. say what you want about whether or not this competition was fair (as if we have gotten something like a “fair” competition in the last few weeks anyway)

but it’s REALLY disrespectful to all the jumpers when the first thing you say after a competition is how they didn’t deserve to be on the podium?

do I think the restart was complete bullshit? yes, I do

but does that mean that Team Norway, Poland and Austria don’t deserve the podium? NO, not at all

all the jumpers up there did their best and in the end they got the most points, there is no evil conspiracy going on, there is no favouring by the judges going on, as much as I hate that team Slovenia didn’t get on the podium, it does NOT make what the other three teams have achieved any less impressive

for fucks sake Robert and Krafti broke world records today

it’s okay to be upset, I’m upset as well, I would’ve loved Slovenia on the podium, but it’s just so unfair to all the jumpers when you start saying how they didn’t deserve the podium

bitch about the FIS all you want, but maybe think about how all the people on the podium are ACTUAL human beings who have worked for their success..

anyway, this is it for my rant 

does the hockey frat have a sweetheart like did they ever have that discussion when someone brings it up casually in the groupchat

Jack: I don’t see how this is relevant to team dynamics
Ransom: stop being a wet blanket jack its a frat Thing
Jack: we’re not a frat?
Shitty: we kind of are brah
Jack: ok i nominate bitty
Bitty: aw!!!! Honey!!!! you’re the sweetest boy in the entire world ilysm!!!
Jack: :) love you too 
Shitty: im crying guys 
Bitty: but thats not how it works im on the team
Holster: gross $1000 in the bin when you visit also u already graduated u dont get a say
Jack: i nominate Esther Shapiro
Holster: literally do not even fuckin breathe in my direction again
Shitty: LAWL BRAHH u mess with the bull u get the horns
Lardo: i nominate Chowder
Chowder: OMGOSH GUYS!!!!!! I ACCEPT!!!!!!!
Holster: You’re all MISSING THE POINT


Character: Newt Scamander
Categories: fluff, adventure, request
Words: 2064
Warnings: none.

Request: A fic centered on Newt and the Graphorns? How did Newt hear about the Graphorns? What caused their decline? How did Newt manage to gain the trust of the last remaining Graphorns and did Newt have a lot of difficulty too (whether it’s the graphorns/people/creatures/environment)? I always imagined there was a sizable herd when Newt first heard of them and he barely saved the last pair just in time and it’s kinda sad, bittersweet, and hopeful

This ended up being a lot of fun, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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7x08: So Much TD Hope!

Good Morning Everyone! How did everyone like last night’s episode? Well, we didn’t see Beth (uh, that we know of for sure) but I still ended up really liking the episode. More on that later. Here’s the thing: I didn’t get my normal, detailed analysis done last night. There were about 57 things going on at my house while it was on—relatives, football games, energetic children, etc.—so I was pretty sure I missed most of the details to begin with. And I was just too exhausted to stay up and re-watch and then write a long meta last night. So today I’ll be talking specifically about the mysterious Boots character, and what thing are looking like for TD moving forward. I’ll be back tomorrow with my regular analysis, once I get a chance to re-watch today.

***Goes without saying that this post will have spoilers for 7x08. Read at your own risk.***

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Things that I enjoyed in the TVD series finale:

- Seeing old characters again like Jeremy, Lexi, Jenna, etc
- Bonnie getting a happy ending
- Watching Nina play Elena and Katherine again

Things I hated in the TVD series finale:

- They had to kill Katherine again!!
- We didn’t get any closure for Kai
- There was no Kai and Katherine killer duo team up (like you can’t just say Kai helped Katherine and not show it)
- That everyone else got their happy ending expect Stefan
- That cringe-worthy Klaroline letter that just doesn’t make sense…
- How Julie Plec completely threw away Stelena a beautiful love story, for one that makes me just want to throw up…
- Oh and did I mention how it’s utter bullshit that Stefan got screwed over like that?!?


Angry Birds Stella animated series season 2 art: I painted these. Drawings were done by Jean Luc Serrano and Carine Becker.

Art-wise, Stella was a challenging project. Ture Ekroos, Kustaa Vuori and I did a lot of work on season 1 style development to go forward with 2D-ish 3D style, and initially Ture became the art supervisor while me, Tuuli Juntunen and Antoine Vignon worked for colors and mood. Stylistically 2Dish 3D is super hard! Production of a non-dialogue, 2D-ish 3D animated series was pretty much like getting thrown in the deep end of the pool for me, person with no formal training in animation much less in how to adapt to 3D. I was a complete baby in the beginning of the production, now I’m a baby who learned to swim with a boulder on its back.

Stella faced a lot of challenges and many of us grew up as artists and professionals so much. I think we did some nice things and I’m proud of the efforts of the team.

What if Gajeel and Levy had a son that started off super tiny (looking extra tiny when dad is holding him) and probably one of the smallest toddlers of the guild, and ended up towering over both parents like ‘Jesus Christ how did that thing end up that big?’ and probably one of the biggest of the guild babies?

Remus Lupin Imagine: “Set me up on a date”

Can I request a story where the reader is best friends with lily and lily keeps setting the reader up on dates but she doesn’t like any of them and one day Lily asks why she doesn’t like any of them and she accidentally says it’s because none of them compare to Remus and so Lily teams up with James and Sirius to get them together against the readers wishes and in the end Remus and the reader and Lily and James get together. Love your writing btw!

Requested by anon

“So tell me, how did it go with Luke Shafiq?” Lily asked you with excitement written over her face. When she noticed your expression though, her face fell.

“Are you serious now? What did he do this time? He was perfect, y/n! He’s exactly your type!” she complained.

You blushed in embarrassment but didn’t comment.

“Why do you reject them all? Why don’t you like any of them?”

You sighed: “You should just stop trying to set me up with boys…”

“You have avoided my question, y/n… It’s hard to find good guys, you know? You’re my friend; I wouldn’t set you up with someone I thought you’d never like”

You shook your head and babbled: “They’re nice… But they don’t compare to Remus. They are kind and funny, it’s true; but I simply don’t want them…”

“What? Remus?” Lily’s eyes widened as your face reddened.

“Er-I… I didn’t say his name. I just meant that I didn’t like the guys you proposed…” you tried to dissimulate. However, lying to your best friend was useless.

“Merlin! You really fancy him!”


“Don’t deny it, y/n” she said as she crossed her arms.

You had a defeated expression when you mumbled: “It doesn’t matter, Lily. He’ll never fancy me back. So let me be”

Before the auburn-haired girl could object, you were already gone.

Lily was in the Gryffindor Common Room, when she spotted James and Sirius.

“I need your help” she stated with a serious voice.

“If you wanted to talk to me you didn’t have to make up any excuse, Evans” James teased.

Lily rolled her eyes and ignored his comment.

“It’s y/n. She’s in love with Remus, but she believes he would never like her… We have to do something”

Sirius raised an eyebrow.

“Y/n? Merlin! Could she be blinder?”

“Hey! Don’t insult my friend!”

James smiled slyly and said: “I’d love to help you… But I want something in return”

There was an intriguing silence until Lily wondered: “Well?”

“I’ll only help you if you kiss me…”

Evans blushed and Black laughed.

“It’s not funny!” she complained.

“It actually is!”

“So, what do you say?” James asked.

Lily sighed and nodded, but added: “You’ll get a kiss if they end up together… Not before!”

He shrugged: “Fine by me”

The plan was simple. This weekend the students were allowed to go to Hogsmeade. Sirius and James would go to The 3 Broomsticks with Remus. Lily would bring y/n there too and they would casually come up with excuses to leave them alone. Then, they’d use the invisibility cloak and watch from afar. 

Lily and you sat down and asked for a butterbeer, when you heard Sirius Black’s voice shouting: “Hey! Evans, y/l/n, do you mind if we join you?”

You turned your head to him and blushed when you saw the Gryffindor boy wasn’t alone: James and Remus were also there. Before you could refuse, Lily had already let them sit next to you. You spent around 15 minutes chatting about Quidditch and school, when suddenly; Lily, James and Sirius made up excuses and left you alone with your crush.

“This seems to be a trap…” you muttered under your breath.

“Yes… They couldn’t be more obvious. They’re not cunning slytherins; they are just brave gryffindors who are trying to set us up. And I must say that I was hoping they would leave us alone sooner…”


“James and Sirius are big-mouths… I know you fancy me” he confessed. He had looked a little nervous and his cheeks were turning pink in that moment, but you were too ashamed to notice.

“Oh, bloody hell! Just forget about it! I better leave before I embarrass myself further!”

Just as you stood up, he grabbed your wrist and, courageously, kissed you on the lips. It had been so short you didn’t realize what had happened until it finished.

“Remus? You… You kissed me?” you wondered with a trembling and incredulous voice.

“It looks like it…” he chuckled.

“D-does this m-mean that y-you in love with me?” you stuttered.

He smiled and kissed you again, longer, this time. When he parted, he whispered: “I am certainly in love with you, y/n”

Your heart was beating fast and your smile couldn’t be brighter. You’d have to thank your green-eyed friend later.

“Evans, my lips are waiting…” James teased.

Lily smiled slyly. Potter saw this and he knew what she was thinking. She leaned in, aiming for his cheek, but in the last second, James turned his head and crushed their lips. Lily’s eyes widened and she pulled away.

“Now that we have finally kissed, may you go out with me on a date?”

Lily touched her lips and eyed Sirius, who was smiling at the scene.

“I’ll take that as a yes”

And he was kissing her again. This time, Lily kissed back.

“About bloody time!” Sirius screamed.

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The Other Babies *Erik Durm imagine *


“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” I said throwing my arm over my head

“Aw come on Y/N, it’s fun” Marco’s said

I groaned, and turning around to the other side of the bed. They just laughed, even Erik. “Babe, are you really annoyed? We’re just having fun” He said

I pulled the covers over my head, oh you did not want to know how we even ended up in this room with all of them in here. It went a little something like this.


“Hey! You cheated, Y/N tell your boyfriend that he can’t cheat like that” Ciro said

I put my hands up, turning the chair around. “I have nothing to do with this game so don’t bring me into it” I said

They went back to arguing about how Erik was cheating at the racing game. Who all was arguing may you ask? The entire Borussia Dortmund team and Erik were arguing.

Why were they even at our house in the first place? Because Erik invited Marco, and Marco invited everyone and then it just became a party. Some of them were playing the racing car game with Erik and Marco, and the others are playing pool and different other things. You know the only good thing about, them coming over is that they’re guys and they bring the best food.

And being pregnant, I just needed food and only food. They all brought different things, some brought pizza, chicken, soda, anything and everything because they were coming.

“You know Y/N I don’t know how you could do it with everybody in here?” Mats asked sitting down next to me

I chuckled, “Well you guys bring the best food so I don’t really mind it” I said

“Really? If I ever, brought all these guys over to my Moms house or my house I’d go crazy”

I shrugged, “Well we’re going to have two little feet running around here soon so it’ll be just like this, with all the noises and stuff”

“When are you due by the way?I mean I know it’s soon but when exactly”

I looked at the calendar, with the big balloons and stuff that Erik had so poorly drawn on the due date. Mats took a gaze laughing, “I’m guessing Erik drew that?” He asked

I nodded, “Yep, Erik drew it. But I was supposed to be due Monday but it seems like they weren’t ready to come out yet, so it could be any day now” I told him

He nodded, “Do you guys have names for them yet?”

I shook my head, “No, I had some names that I liked but then Erik didn’t like them so we’re probably going to wing it” I said

His eyes got wide, “You’re going to wing baby names? You do realize Erik is the father of these kids right?”

I laughed, “Yeah and what’s so wrong with Erik? He’s a great person” I asked

Mats, chuckled. “You really trust in him with these names huh?”

We continued talking about the kids and other stuff when, they decided to watch a movie. They made me sit on the couch, and it literally felt like I was surrounded by a group of children. As they spread out on the floor, getting ready to watch the movie.

Half-way through the movie I really had to pee, and I could feel it coming. So I got up, and maneuvered my way through the vast sea of men on my floor. Heading into the bathroom, I got really upset with myself because in my walk here I think I spilled my drink. But then again I didn’t have a drink, and now I’m confused.

I sat on the chair in our bedroom, trying to figure out what happened when Erik walked in. Letting out a sigh, “What are you doing sitting in here?” He asked

I looked up, “I’m trying to figure out what that is” I said pointing the spot on the pants that I’d put on the floor

Erik came closer, looking at it he chuckled. “Babe you peed yourself”

I gave him a look, “Erik I’m fully aware of how people pee themselves but I’m not one of them”

He put his hands in surrender. “Okay, maybe your water broke”

I looked at him with wide eyes, as he fully registered what he just said. “Your water broke” He repeated

That caused him to go into a complete panic as he began getting baby cloths and literally stuffing them into the bag not even folding it. As we got ready, when he finished he told everybody, and then as a TEAM we all headed to the hospital.

Never again, will I do that.


As I kept the covers over my head, I heard Erik and Marco laughing about something. You know I didn’t mind them having fun, but when I’m in pain don’t have fun go somewhere else and have fun.

“Y/N I have a question for you” I heard Marco say

I groaned, “What is it Marco”

He chuckled, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” He said

I pulled the covers down, and gave him a look that said ‘Really’. “I’ve heard this joke many times, with different answers” I said to him

He shook his head, and stomped his foot like a little child. “No, answer it” He said

I rolled my eyes, “I don’t know why?”

He groaned, “Because it’s crossy roads”

I stared at Marco for a little, “Really, Marco?”

He chuckled, and nodded. It was very crowded in the room, and with all of them trying to take the pain away by trying to make me laugh was unbearable. Erik sat next to me, and rubbed my back as the guys kept talking.

“Kevin, stop it you’re bothering me” Mats said

“You’re bothering me, by breathing” Kevin joked

“Shut up, that’s an old one”

“Not as old as you”

“So is that”

“So is your face”

I was literally about to punch these two in the face. They kept going at it, and eventually I just ended up going back under my covers. These boys were like another set of babies themselves.

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How do you bear playing comp for more than one game at a time? I usually get frustrated (at both myself, my team, and the enemy team) and end up not playing more than one comp match per session.

i just learn to swallow loses. once i learned to continue on after a lose i lost a lot less. 

last night i won like 9 games and lost 2. if i quit after any of the loses i would not have won as many as i did

its easy to get frustrated but important to remember that every game is a fresh start. every game is a new chance to learn from past mistakes and to improve

its like art. if you fuck up one piece you cant just give up. you have to try again and again until you get it.

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Hey if y'all are interested, @Shelton_team tweeted a link (I cant include it here) of B doing a facebook live interview with us99. Its only about 10 minutes long but he answers a question "how did you get gwen to agree to go out with you" (something like that). B talks about when they met back in S9 and going thru hard times together and how they are now best friends. Its kinda sweet.

Saw that link! Ended up posting the extract on my blog a little while ago. I LOVE that he’s re-iterating the ‘best friends’ thing as well. It’s so important to me.

Obligatory Voltron post

Things to like about Voltron: Legendary Defender

  • Shiro. Just… all of Shiro.
  • Allura flinging things.
  • Pidge being snarky
  • Everyone just being ‘oh, ok’ at Pidges reveal and not making it a big deal at *all*
  • Did I mention Shiro
  • Keith and Lance. Ok, I get everyone ships them but as characters, I like how fucked up of a red oni, blue oni team they are. Like, they’re literally red and blue, fire and ice, but their personalities don’t match the trope at all.
  • Hunk is a delight and a voice of reason and I will defend him and his common sense to my dying breath
  • Even the stupid butler is kindof a badass
  • Is he a butler? Wtf is he supposed to be? Is he, like, the prince consort or something?
  • The show actually gets so much better as the season progresses? Like episode 9 is super emotional, and 10 is just amazing.

Things not to like about Voltron

  • Give me my god damned Keith-centric episode! I want to know all the things!
  • I’ve seen the 'form Voltron’ clip, thanks. I know you’re proud of it, just.. that’s about enough of that clip.
  • Also: that’s your season ending?

can we all just take a moment to appreciate how well amethyst did in cry for help, like, cmon

she totally understands why pearl would want to manipulate garnet into fusing with her but she also knows it’s wrong and despite not wanting to cause conflict & hurt both pearl and garnet she still stopped it before it could happen again, even though she was probably scared of how it could end up. the fact that she did not IMMEDIATELY go and tell garnet is not at all reflective of her character. actually, i think it shows IMPROVEMENT for her– before she’d have been super gung ho about proving pearl wrong and getting her in trouble (except in secret team where she is equally at fault) but instead she didn’t, she took the time to think about both pearl and garnet’s perspectives a little instead of focusing solely on how it made her feel. it shows how she’s begun to change, just a little, since reformed

i feel like everyone’s gonna focus on pearl mostly for this episode but this is also a very important episode for amethyst and let’s not forget this thnx


I just want Isaac, Jackson, Allison, Argent, and Derek to show up randomly and help save the day.
I want to see all of my favorites working together on the same team.
I want to know how Jackson is doing. Is he a better person?
I want to see Isaac continue growing like he did with Deacon and Scott. Did he find a home or someone to truly care for him?
I want to see Derek happy.
I want to see Argent continue being a father figure to characters who aren’t only his daughter like he did for Isaac in the end.
I want to see Argent draw the moral line in situations.
I want to see that Scott wasn’t waiting for Allison for nothing.

This is all I want.

I don’t care if Stydia happens.
I don’t care who wins.
I just want to see a reunion of the characters I learned to care for the most.

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I didn't know you liked Wander Over Yonder! Omg so much respect for you mate, I know literally no one else who does. On that subject, what did you think about the finale? I loved it, I liked how they finally showed why Hater was the boss instead of Peepers. So much character development!

yess! 8′) I’ve been watching it for a while, sadly it’s not a very well known show (then again none of my friends usually watch/read the same things as me regardless lol)

me too! I’m glad everyone stayed true to their own character and beliefs in the end, and the battle and the teaming up ahh good stuff

lmao yeah he was all business-like, I think it was said he’d be like that all the time if Wander didn’t distract him so much

After rewatching the last five minutes? I’m actually happy with how it ended. 

The story doesn’t end, it doesn’t need to, and Shaw picks up the legacy. 

Also, something tells me with Shaw in the helm of, essentially Team Machine International (just like Leverage International!) if another ASI rises I’m certain things won’t play out the same way it did with the Samaritan War. 

But also, consider, in the future when all is revealed and it’s like this Cyber Punk future where the Machine is known, and The Machine is revered and so are the Machine’s ‘saints’: 

The Creator - Harold Finch

The Champion - John Reese

The Analog Interface - Root

The Machine’s Beloved - Sameen Shaw

And Shaw’s still alive at this point, living in anonymity and she’s twitchy because of these pseudo cyber-religious groups that’s popped up. How did they even get her name???