like how did he found out about tumblr

This how Some of y'all be like

Y'all: omg i went to his house, he had no a.c, roaches Climbing on on the wall, dead rats in the corner, and i found out he was married with two kids, fed me ramen noodles and his dick was small!

Me: So did you leave ?

Y'all: nah i let him smash but the sex was wack then, i let him smash again! And now ima about to make a tumblr text post about it !


I thought i should post for trans day of visibility and i will share my story

So i was a small child who loved to do dance and soon became a cheerleader. But i hated all the makeup and costume part of it. I always knew i was different from all the other girls at school and my dance classes. Ever since i could remember i did not want to grow breasts. Unlike my sister she could not wait to have some sacks of fat on her chest.
I got older and just was not comfortable much with my feminine body and would always wear loose clothing. But then on tumblr one day i found out about non binary people and i thought it was kinda like me but i would not admit it to myself. I kept telling one of my close friends how i felt and he said maybe you are gender neutral. I still doubted it for a while because i loved to do dance and cheer which are considered “girly.” I never felt that much on the boy side tho. I felt more in the middle. But as more time on tumblr began and many other people stories being told. I realized that there is no set definition of being a non binary individual and that its all different for everyone. But one thing i know for sure now is that i am not a girl and i am not a boy. I am gender neutral.