like how are you so perf

things that happened:

- they played sigur ros right before they started the show and i swear to god if i find out someone in vixx loves sigur ros i will die and go straight to fangirl heaven

- hyuk cried so hard during his thank you speech that he just put his head down so the camera couldnt see him for about 20 seconds and then choked out a “th…ank you…”

- hongbin’s solo blew everyone’s mind. seriously, this kid has grown so much and his voice is absolutely stunning. like i still cant get over it, it was AMAZING.

- i swear im a hakyeon bias guys, but hyuk stole the show omfg his solo was perf too ugh like dream boy material <3

- speaking of hakyeon, the fans had to let him know he had a little wardrobe malfunction lol (his fly was down) he was hilarious about it

- ken said “싫어" with aegyo and hakyeon literally stopped him midsentence and was like ‘KEN, HOW OLD ARE YOU? IS THIS OKAY FOR YOUR AGE TO BE TALKING LIKE THAT?’ and ken took a dramatic pause and then answered “yes” in the aegyo-est voice evar

- hakyeon said instead of having a happy ending with us he wants to have a (in english) “happy continue” :’)

- taekwoon refused to leave the stage aaaaas usual and kept making them play the chorus of the final song over n over (he did this last concert too) plus was super out of breath after dancing to the older songs idky hahaha

- ravi was brilliant as usual and looks more n more like ryan gosling with each day

-i sat next to about 5  boys who i assume were jellyfish male trainees and guys….we’re done for. one looks like a mini hakyeon but worse. they dangerous. get out of the fandom while u stiil can.

im forgetting so much but i need to shower n sleep so UPDATE LATERS

Me while listening to the heathers soundtrack for the first time
  • me during Beautiful: wow this is great and really funny.
  • me during Candy Store: wow for a song about some huge bitches this sounds really good.
  • me during Fight for me: I wish I could see the musical so I can see how they act out the songs.
  • me during Freeze your Brain: aww sad back story
  • me during Big Fun: haha this is funny- wait, did Heather almost get raped?
  • me during Dead Girl Walking: WOW THANKS FOR TELLING ABOUT HER ANGRY SEX THANKS. also you can pinpoint exactly when they climax
  • me during The Me Inside of Me: wait. what happened? did someone die? im confused
  • me during Blue: WOW. THIS IS. WOW. OKAY. AND THIS IS HAPPENING? HER 'FRIENDS' WONT EVEN HELP? WHAT but tbh it sounds good
  • me during Our Love Is God: wow this is actually sweet. I wish I said someone to worship me. I wish I had a love that is like god. this is beautiful and- FUCK HOLD ON NVM. YOU CAN HEAR HIM GOING CRAZY FUCK THIS MUSIC IS A MASTERPIECE
  • My during Dead Gay Son: 10/10 increadible anD THE DADS ARE GAY TOO? KILL ME OML
  • me during Seventeen: uhh, y'all cant come back from killing ppl. there is no more normal for you. also how did you get away with that?
  • me during Shine a Light: wow what the fuck is happening here. is a teacher really telling them her life story? fuck. miss you need to see a therapist.
  • me during Lifeboat: wow really good and relatable but whos singing???? I may never know
  • me during Shine A Light Reprise : fuCK NOW THATS HOW YOU DO A GODDAMN REPRISE 100/10 FUCK ME
  • me during Kindergarten Boyfriend: skip
  • me during Yo Girl: wow that escalated quickly also haha i get the joke jd ur clever
  • me during Meant to Be Yours: wow what a perf transition also character development has never been better
  • me during I Am Damaged: so... hes dead? and im crying? okay
My Top 10 Bias List

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1. Dean/ Kwon Hyuk 

(issa husband, issa lover, issa bae, issa soulmate, is perfect, is everything…. Can you tell I have love for him?)

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2. Yugyeom 

(Yugyeom and I usually fight at dawn, because he’s absolutely too much)

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3. Shownu/ Son Hyunwoo 

(New! Ruining my list so far )

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4. Suga/ Min Yoongi

(Do I really have to say anything?)

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5. Nam Joo Hyuk

(a god literally)

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6. Christian Yu/ Yu Ba Rom


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7. Johnny/ Seo Youngho


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8. Jooheon/ Lee Jooheon

(literally honey like he would give me diabetes like wth???? how do you live this fluffy bear???)

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9. Baekho/Kang Dongho

(otro oso de peluche

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10. JR/ Kim Jonghyun

(perf jus perf)

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  1. *cries in army language*
  2. fã de bts pelo talento e qualidade se fosse pra ser fã de rostinho bonito eu ia ser army também
  3. mais injustiçado que ma city só as lines do seokjin mesmo
  4. buy you never walk alone on itunes (◡‿◡✿)
  5. jeon jeongguk has not idea how him makes me happy 
  6. they saved my life
  7. i hate you but i love u @bts_twt
  8. why is park jimin so perf
  9. jung hoseok stole my heart
  10. kim taehyung is my sunshine  ☀
  11. médicos afirmam: limpar todos os premios do bts é o melhor exercicio para emagrecer
  12. •✿ namjin is definition of love ✿•
  13. i shipp yoonseok bc i believe in true love regardless of gender
  14. if seokjin are smiling, nothing else matters 
  15. no matter where you go, I will always be with you @bts_twt
  16. there are so many good things in my life, but nothing compares to kim namjoon
  17. yoongi you sometimes seems like a dream, so surreal it is you.
  18. 민윤기:  the most precious person in the world.
  19. september 12, 1994. 
  20. talento em inglês é talent em coreano é bangtan sonyeondan


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guys i feel like crying in a corner when i think about markhyuck. i may be a little delusive but markhyuck is so soft around each other, excluding all the (loving) teasing haechan does to mark and sometimes vice versa.

like is it just me or does anyone else notice how mark’s focus was like a second too long on haechan when they high-fived during dunk shot perf? and on today’s backstage interview at music bank, haechan is trying so hard to hold back a huge ass smile when mark spoke and after they showed their key point of their dance, both of them looked at each other and snickered and wow- markhyuck’s friendship is really the best. imagine being able to do the things you and your best friend love the most together. when will i reach that level of friendship ;_;

p.s. i may or may not do a list of favorite markhyuck moments so hmu on my inbox/message if u want me to!! (i may just do it lol i rly cant hold back my feelings ;;)

Fan Account of Wings Tour in Manila Day 2

Okay so I just woke up with barely 4 hours of sleep and an almost non-existent voice from shouting all night but I’m gonna try to jot down everything that I remember from #WingsTourManila Day 2 here. (Spoiler: IT WAS SO LIIIITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!)

I’ll break it down per member then wrap up with general observations:
- Jin had the prettiest solo stage. JUST THE PRETTIEST!!!! Case in point: my friend only had 18% battery with no power bank (long story, don’t ask) during Day 1 so she didn’t take any photos or videos EXCEPT when she saw Jin’s stage. That’s how pretty it was.  
- Everyone sang along to the whole song and just the stage and PH Armys singing along with Jin created this calm, surreal feeling. It was so beautiful, you guys. And Jin’s was the only solo stage when everyone sang to the whole song. (YAS GET YOUR SHINE BOI).
- Somewhere along the concert, he got a hold of a Jungkook derp fan and he sure made good use of it
- During one of the songs, the crowd was holding up banners that had the lyrics of 21st Century Girl but changed the “Girl” to “Boys” so it refers to them. Jin approached the crowd during one of the ments and asked for one and he kept it with him throughout the rest of the concert <3
- During the last ment, he took out a folded piece of paper from his pocket and the members were all curious like “What’s that?”. And when he unfolded it, there was this big “Mahal Kita <3” written and of course we all went crazy and the members were all like “This boiiiiiiiii”

- Boy was pure adrenaline it was adorbs
- Boy was jumping around so high every chance he got and running around and you can just tell he was SO HYPED hahahahahahaha
- Aside from Tagalog, he also spoke in English during the ments
- Just before the lights came on so they can have their final bows, the boys were looking through the gifts fans threw on the stage and when the lights finally did come back on, Namjoon was wearing a Ryan ears headband.  Whoever gave him that, four for you girl!
- And then somehow midway through the bows, he replaced the headband with this panda beanie(? hat? head warmer??) and it was cute that he didn’t just put it on, he really took the time to tie it tightly so it was a snug fit on his head. This boi.

- He did a Tagalog version of kkaepjjang (“Magaling!”) and it was sooo cuuuuteeeee
- During one of the ments, he said something like “Paalam” (goodbye) and then pretended to walk away. Taehyung ran after him and I thought he was gonna bring him back but all Tae did was push him farther away hahaha
- The boy dabbed the yoonseok out of Hobi’s rap in Cypher pt. 4 (MY YOONSEOK HEARTTT)
- His solo stage was also so pretty. His, Namjoon’s and Jin’s. (But Jin still takes first place)

- Seriously tho every damn fan girl and fan boy walked out of that arena feeling bias wrecked by Jung Hoseok HALLELUJAH SHINE SUNSHINE SHINEEEEE
- Slayed MAMA and Cypher
- Slayyyyyyeddddddd Boy Meets Evil
- (okay I need to calm down a bit)
- Quick background: In the Philippines, there’s this slang that goes “pak ganern” which has a vague non-meaning but usually used as an affirmative or just a filler. During the final or second to the final ment, Hobi said something like “Kayo ang aming pakpak” (You are our wings) and then he kept on repeating “pakpak” slowly (like “Pak. Pak.”) and then Jimin rode along, then the rest of them did it and then WE PH ARMYS FINALLY GOT IT. And we answered back “Ganern! Ganern!” AND IT WAS SO FUNNYYYYYYYY HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
- When they were doing their final goodbyes, Hobi went to the left extended stage and was being his sunshine-y self waving goodbye. Then all of a sudden a fan threw like photo cutouts at him and they hit his face and he was so shocked. (GUYS Y U DO THIS LIKE STOP). I think it hit his eye ‘cause he had a finger or two on the corner of his right eye while he walked back to center stage. To ARMYs: Please don’t ever do this :( Try to aim low and away from them, at their feet or something. Not at their faces :((

- During the ments, he said some Tagalog sentences but he would also sometimes speak in Korean, like “This was really fun. Thank you so much. I love you.” (WE LOVE YOU TOO CHIM CHIM!)
-  The amount of VMin <3
- When he did his solo, I thought he’d do it blindfolded right from the start (like how he did it during one of those year-end perfs) but he did it midway through and then only wore it for like 5 seconds then took it off right away. Weird. Maybe it’s a safety thing?

- He was so hyped during all the ments. He’d talk and talk in Tagalog and would keep on repeating phrases with cute expressions THIS BOI
- He flirted  with everyone in the audience my gosh how did we all survive
- Though he struggled a bit, boy hit all his high notes during Stigma FOUR FOR YOU!

- I was so impressed by his solo stage. He danced so well and his singing was so stable and strong all throughout KUDOS TO YOU BABY BUN
- He was SO LIT during Fire it was crazy! Don’t get me wrong, he danced the hell out of every choreo but during Fire he was just SO EXTRA. Like, I really really tried concentrating on watching whoever was singing/rapping but my eyes would automatically shift to him 'cause BOY WAS SO LIT BOY WAS GOING CRAZY LIKE DAYUMMMMM KOOKIE WHAT GOT YOU
- His was the shortest out of all the Tagalog ments but boy made good use of them. HE WAS SO FLIRTY LIKE DAYUMMMMMMM

- During BST, we PH Armys changed the chorus a bit. Instead of just “Wonhae mani mani”, we would shout “Wonhae mani Manila” hehehe

- Nearing the end, they performed 21st Century and/or BST (can’t remember clearly) and they came out wearing jackets made of pinya cloth and pearls (two of Philippines’s many textiles/accessories used for local or traditional clothing). Tbh the jackets reminded me of of a rich ahjumma, Philippine version. It’s something ahjummas here would definitely wear for classy/formal events. I was SO confused at first then immediately moved on to cringing and laughing but also was really touched 'cause awwwww they made a stage costume especially for the PH concert. Did they do this with other countries, too? And if yes, does that mean when they get to Japan, they’ll all be wearing yukatas (can this be a yes please?)?

- Everyone talked in Tagalog. And not just the regular phrases like “Maraming salamat” (thank you) or “Mahal ko kayo” (I love you). They were speaking long sentences!!! And again, I was shocked and super touched 'cause wow they memorized all that!!! The best in speaking was most probably  either Taehyung or Hobi. When Hobi spoke though, he sounded like he was rapping (with matching hand gestures) which was a bonus for me 'cause it felt like Hobi was performing in Tagalog hahaha

- They were all out with the fan service. ALL. OUT. The standing VIP sections definitely got their money’s worth. They would go to different spots nearest to the fans and just stay there and let them take videos and photos up close. There were times when the members would go out from the side of the extended stage and so they’d end up near the railing and just mere inches - INCHES - from some of the fans. (Not gonna lie, when I saw the videos and saw how suuuper close they were, I was so jealous.)

Overall, the concert was lit! Their energy and their vibe were so good and they’ve really improved from last year’s concert. Heard they’re coming back again next year. Can’t wait!!!

I had this doodle lost in my carpets and I FORGOT ABOUT IT. But here you have, how the boys call each other on the FamilyAU where Deku and Yami are close cousins and Kacchan and proto!Katsu are identical twins.

So, let me explain! Proto!Katsu’s name on the AU is Katsuo (it means something really similar to the name Katsuki so, I think it’s perf!) and of course Deku would call him “Katsunii” because he would act like a big bro for him for sure. Kacchan will still be his precious Kacchan, while he calls “Mikkun” like a shortname to Yami since he was little, because his real name is Mikumo. He thinks it’s cute.

Yami couldn’t stand Kacchan personality at all, so he’d go with simply “Bakugou”. He’d call Deku and Katsu by his names because he’d feel himself being really close to them, just he wouldn’t be the kind to use nicknames.

Kacchan, well, he’d come to the same conclusion about Deku’s given nickname, and he definitely calls Yami by the nickname his brother gave him (when he’s not calling him weird names like gloomy face, that happens a lot). And Katsuo would be “Aniki” of course, exept when Kacchan is being the younger twin and calls him by his name, then Katsuo cries.

And finally, Katsuo’d call cute names to the cute Deku, “Izukkun” being his fave one because he’d spoil him a lot (That makes Kacchan angry 100% of the time) and Yamikumo would be his gloomy Yami and that would never change. Also, he calls his brother “Aniki” too, but he’d tease calling him cute nicknames just ‘cause he’s the older twin. He’d just call him by his name when with their parents and in serious situations, because they’d happen to fight a lot.

Aaaand that’s all~ ♥

Fav Things About Booty and the Boot

• Pere Robert and the church library
• b l a c k r e p r e s e n t a t i o n t h a n k y o u
• “small town, small minded”
• “URGH”
• *angrily throws chicken seed*
Bonus: when Dan and Em were talking about it and he goes ‘my Belle’ ahhhhh
• Maurice singing/How Can Moment Last Forever
• Belles mom is addressed thank you
• Inventor!Belle
• Belle “I invented the washing machine” *insert last name*
• “it’s a small town…I’ve met them all”
• This family is savage
• um are we not gonna talk about how Philippe is basically the third family member like
• seriously, thank you filmmakers for keeping it so that they still treated good ol Philippe the way the did in the animated one
• emma watsons voice is amazing
• she is perf as belle
• fight me
• m8 come aT ME

~ la dee da might add more later ~

• “who r u?”
• “who r U?!”
• Lumiere you are so e x t r a
• ewan mcgregor as lumiere
• like
• who knew i needed that
• “or as i like to call it, the only wing!”
• belle escaping the dress madame garderobe threw on her like wow
• Belle “yeah ill just make a makeshift rope no problemo” *insert last name*

~ skip some stuff ~

- Beast dipping Belle
- Emma thompson singing

~ um ~


~ boopedy boop i skippidy skooped ~

• growl

~ some last words ~

• highlight of 2k17
• gonna watch it in gold class by myself because why not
• my grades have risen, my pores have cleared, this movie cured my cancer

~ some more words ~

• someone give me more human adam and belle scenes/interactions because
• like
• the thing i was looking for near the end of the film was exactly that
• i need to see that he’s still “Beast”
• do you feel me fam?

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THIS IS SO NICE IM CRYING AHHH. IM P SURE I LOVE IT LIKE ACTUALLY MY HEAD FEELS SO LIBERATED AND MY FACE LOOKS SO DIFF IN A GOOD WAY??? also just learned a lot about myself bc apparently my hair isnt even curly at all when it’s short? wtf??? it’s like close to pin straight???? and i have cowlicks at the back? cute???? hahaha its not like the PERF pixie cut and the stylist was sort of rushing and probs was like ugh why am i the person who is landed w completely transforming this girl’s look, but i feel like it’s a rly good first step into the land of short hair and i think i look rly hot n interestingly masc or androgynous a bit which makes me so happy wow (i’ll upload a pic when i’m home if i can!!!!!!) 

My guy friend's reaction to Haikyuu

This is my guy friend’s reaction to pics of the Haikyuu characters. I wuld also like to point out that he already knew a few (that were my crushes woops)

Hinata: “ He looks like that annoying overly positive person everyone hates ”

Kageyama: “ He looks like me. A guy who always looks pissed ”

Daichi: “ He’s that guy with all the gossip at the barber when he finds a new piece of gossip” (Bonus;
Me:He’d be a good Maltese,dont you agree?
Him:Nah,seems to gentle to be Maltese
Me:True,we’re kinda wild)


Tanaka: ” He’s like REALLLY constipated. I’m talking like…CHIPOTLE level “

Nishinoya: ” ‘My dad could sue your dad for not giving me nough cheese on my lactose free burger’ “ (i showed him a pic of Noya pointing at himself with his thumb)

Asahi: ” He’s that douchey hipster with the man bun “ (BONUS;
Me:You mean the dude who won this year’s Eurovision?

Ennoshita: ” He actually is the only one till now who looks ok and kind “

Yamaguchi ; ” He looks like a guy that’s always complainin to a manager"

Tsukki: “ He’s that guy who everyone thinks is a nerd but then he is a crazy murder……….at dnd ”

Coach Ukai: “ "Oh….this shirt is Giorgo Armani $400 a piece…” “ (COACH GOT MONEY)

Takeda: "This boi looks like me” (strangely he really does) (Bonus;
Me:Hes 30 years old and a teacher
Him;Exactly like me;old and boring)

Kiyoko: “ She’s like that nerd that is still cute and you think no-one goes for but in fact, everyone is attracted to her ” (hit the nail on the head here)

Yachi:“ The blonde naïve one ”


Akiteru: “ That guy who could sleep through an explosion but is always tired ”

(My husband) Kuroo: “ SUCH A DOUUUUUCHEEEE” (Bonus;


Him:No Cos he looks like a straight up PERFFF

Me: HOW DOES HE LOOK LIKE A PERF (kimd of like the Maltese way of saying fuckboy)???

Him:The hair. The attitude. The look.

Me:Are you saying I like a perf?

Him;Yes. You perfy bitch.


Me:….fuck you) (btw we were messing around here,no hard feelings)

Kenma; “ She’s like "BRITNEY!!! JUST LOOK. AT. THIS. HAIR BRITNEY!!!!” “ (Me:OMG HES A GUY
Him:Bitch looks like girl)

Lev:And you call me a pillar. Boi be looking like a Shaq tree (i WAS LAUGHING SO HARD AT THIS POINT )

(Other husband) Oikawa: ” He’s that shy kid that is actually very weird when you get to know him “ (tmw when hes the opposite)

Iwazumi;” He’s pissed at the waiter cos he forgot someting “

Bokuto;” He’s like “My father gave me a small loan of a million dollars” “ "He looks like the ultimate twat” (jESUS CHRIST)

Akaashi;“ The sassy sarcastic one”

Ushijima: “ He’s like "WE GONNA HAVE PROBLEMS MATE??”

Tendo:“ He’s like the eccentric betchy one”

Me:In conclusion what do you this this volleyball anime is about and what do you think its like?

Him:“ It’s about peeps playin the volleyballs. Think its meh. After all Cory in the house in the best anime”




Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)

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guuuuuurl you are so inspirational & perf. you have changed the way i look at & play the sims so thank you so much for that!!!!! just through seeing how much story, effort and interest you put into your sims has really made me grow attached to my own and really care to get to know them and stick w them! p.s. like the other anon, i'm also thinkin of following suit and starting a simblr thanks to you! <3333

oh my goD WHAT??????????????????? omg im!!!! speechless!!!! i dont kno wat 2 say???????? holy??? crap???? omg…. im touched!!!!! thank u so much 4 this sweet message o m g…..!!!! im so happy!!!!! u are so great….. i hope u have fun if u make a simblr :’-) im cry… love u!!!!!!! xoxoxo


Kai // Love Me Right → daenso


Originally posted by mountean

  • we all know he’s like a clumsy big puppy and you’re gonna love it if you want it or not
  • okay so as you can guess he’s all up for bearhugs
  • also he’s into PDA like it’s almost a must for him
  • he loves being the big spoon no denying
  • he just loves wrapping his arms around you being a huge fluffball
  • he will tease you about your height shorter or taller even he will def make jokes about it
  • you’re never gonna have to worry about cooking or cleaning because this dude is just husband material
  • but be careful while he’s an amazing cook he can certainly fuck up when distracted
  • once you came in the kitchen wearing his shirt (pyjamas) and just flirting a bit with his and there went the dinner it all burnt
  • he blamed it on you being so distracting I mean how in the world could he do that when his perf lover was standing there just in his shirt?
  • he loved it tho because he got all blushy like bby ur wearing just that
  • and you’re like “silly I’m wearing underwear”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • he looks so confident and tall but he’s just a giggly schoolgirl
  • you can expect piggy backrides because hellow tall bf coming through
  • I think you’d take turns into mothering eachother but if you were like pretty bad at it you’re gonna be smothered with love
  • just also remember he needs a lot of love
  • he will def give you his sweaters, shirts, hats, sweatpants,… anything he can give you 
  • he is also very into couple clothing I guess
  • and also he will never ever forget important days, he seems like someone that would remember all of the dates
  • first date, first kiss, first text, first phonecall, first i love you,…
  • talking about kisses
  • okay making out with this giant would be a lot of fun
  • he def seems like a clumsy kisser like whoops missed your mouth I’m kissing your jaw but imma make it look like i intended too, pls don’t notice
  • you notice
  • giggling but when you get into it it’s all ‘bout love
  • long kisses but you’d have to lead because he’s not gonna change anything unless you do
  • he’d def be someone to moan during making out idk why but he’s also not embarrassed with it and acts like everyone loudly moans during kissing
  • and you don’t really mind but nobody has to hear that you’re kissing in the next room so sometimes you ask him to tone it down
  • “but how can I when I’m kissing someone s beautiful as you?”
  • smack his ass as punishment kinky
  • I actually didn’t really sin that much? he’s just like not v sexual to me I’m sorry
  • okay so Imma be honest he isn’t that high up my bias list it’s hard writing something very long about him 
  • but I’ll try
  • so okay I think you wouldn’t be all that close with svt? Like I know but I think he’ll want his friends and love sort of separated? Like you’ll have to meet them yes of course but I don’t think he’d like if you became good friends with them
  • because partly jealousy 
  • partly because he’s afraid you won’t like them or they won’t like you
  • and also idk it would be weird to him I guess
  • but if the rest gets someone that’s close to the rest I feel like he’ll see the positive points of making you join in with group activities
  • like you’ll get a few close friends in svt but you gotta wait for it
  • probably for a pretty long time
  • on another note if you speak english (which i presume as you’re reading this) he will want to practice his English on you
  • making you crack up
  • but you’ll also be proud because English is very hard and he’s improving
  • treat this cinnamon bun right


Others in the Boyfriend!Series:

I love pro-choice people. Like active non-apologetic proudly and loudly pro-choice people. Going through their blogs gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I love how much they actually care about people’s reproductive rights. Idk I’m just feeling a lot of love for the pro-choice kids tonight!!! Love to you all!!!

I feel like less of a Robert stan recently. His happiness is so intertwined with Aarons. I feel like I love Aaron in the way Robert does, I still identify and recognize myself more in Robert, in his experiences, character, understanding of self. Just I don’t think I can be a Robert stan without being an Aaron stan too. I wouldn’t say I’m a Robron stan though, because they are more than just their relationship. I grew up with these boys, on my telly, on the inside of my locker, in my mind constantly. Their history is so integral to who they’ve grown up to become. I think they are more than each other, but right now it feels like they are each others life. I’m just really tired of the ship wars and the anon hate. Like somebody as lovely as @aarondingel should not have to face this kind of abuse, when she’s literally so perf. to everybody. Whoever, and whatever you love does not need justification, you should be able to feel how you feel and express that freely.

reasons why i love my Cinnababe

oh boy you lads knew this would come eventually

- hilarious. need i say more

- super fucking gorgeous ?? like damn he’s a knockout

- always makes me smile no matter what and the smiles last for hours

- is rlly good at making me blush like,, holy hell

- he’s so loving and he always makes me feel special… gghnghgbh

- i’m madly in love with him there’s never a time where i don’t mention how much i love him

- his art/writing is PERF ok ?? P E R F

- he’s my everything i love him more than anything in the entire world

and that is all, folks

@cinnamon-st1ck i love you babe

anonymous asked:

ur so nice and funny.... i got over my jihoon themed saltyness thanks to u and now love the kid thank u omg

anon!! thank you dsakdskj 😳😳😳😳😳

i’m glad you like jihoon! he suffers from not getting enough screen time but being popular from his wink so people don’t see that he is alright in the skills department :(

but that boy’s got hustle, this article mentioned how he was tryin to get screentime in the first Naya Na perf. and was winking all the time in hopes to get edited in. If you look at the times he appears on screen, he was winking all the goddamn time

Also in the Pick Me cover, he kept the confetti from the Naya Na stage and threw it all over himself and that got edited in omf i love him ;; 


- the type to take you out for a fancy ass dinner to propose to you and then when he goes down on one knee, he takes a breadstick and uses it as a mic to say his lil speech to you

- bc mingyu

- on the day of your wedding, he’d wake up in the morning and kiss the life out of you like wAKE UP HONEY WE’RE GETTING MARRIED

- and jumps around and acts hyper the entire day

- best man wonwoo comes over like ok bro can u like sit the fuck down and change into your tux already

- the type to recruit the perf team to walk by your dressing room and see what you look like to report to him because he can’t stand not seeing how beautiful you’d look 

- “hoshi you hold the camera, chan, just casually moonwalk by and whistle so she doesn’t find anything suspicious, minghao just peep in and smile, leaving the door a little open so soonyoung can peek through with the camera, and jun, say something stupid and greasy to distract her so soonyoung can snap the picture!!”

- but mingyu spots groomsman seungcheol standing at the doorway with his arms crossed and head shaking and mingyu laughs nervously “aYE LEADER WHATSUP– guys, scram, HURRY”

- but he finally does see you walk down the aisle looking like a literal angel and his mouth is so wide open and his eyes are gonna fall out of their sockets and best man wonwoo has to reach into his breast pocket for a handkerchief bc poor mingyu has forgotten how to close his mouth

- you guys say your vows and they’re full of disgusting jokes no one gets cause lbr he’s cheesy af

- except for wonwoo he’s there everytime a joke is made like he practically lives with y’all

- leaves little sticky notes on your fridge every morning and makes sure they’re neon fucking orange so you don’t miss them

- bc he’s a clingy little baby and wants your attention 24/7

- and will attack you with tickles and kisses and bites until he gets it

- “omg mingyu WHAT”

- “hi”

- cooks breakfast for you 


- like you’d wake up one morning and think he’s out with the guys or smth and then u see a bare ass in the kitchen with just an apron and you’re like oH OKAY NOW I’M AWAKE thank u husband

- but then complains that his buttcheeks are cold so puts on boxers and that’s still virtually nothing so you just smh

- sometimes even brings you breakfast in bed, and you used to fall for it, but now everytime he does it, you’re just like “.. ok what did you and soonyoung break this time??”

- but rlly cooks for u all the time

- all the time

- it’s to the point where you dont even try to hide it like you love to brag that you don’t even have to touch the kitchen at home that’s like his area

- braids ur hair in the morning before the twoof you leave and you get so many compliments on it

- lots of muscle tees and grey sweatpants 

- always kisses you before he leaves and buries his nose in your neck

- ‘you know.. if you want, i could stay for a bitttttttt more’ 

- and you cave and he meets up with the guys much later than the allotted time in the practice with sex hair and an unevenly buttoned shirt

- and they all throw shit at him and punch him and ruffle his hair even more like aYE LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE GOT BONED

- and soonyoung turns and smacks chan for knowing the word boned

- the boys always come over like always come over

- bc mingyu is already a walking refrigerator on his own and you know how to cook so instead of takeout and restaurants, it’s your apartment they infiltrate

- and you can only deal with so much testosterone

- so you hear a doorbell and think it’s just wonwoo or scoups checking in and it’s like a single file line of twelve other booys walking in and giving you a sloppy kiss on the cheek or ruffling your hair and making a beeline straight for your kitchen

- and this is why you never let mingyu invite anyone over

- he claims it’s “practice” for when you actually have kids

- is probably only excited for the babymaking process tho rather than when ur actually holding a human being in ur stomach sack ja feel

- wiggles his eyebrows and suggest the idea and earns a smack from you (which he whines abt for the rest of the day)

- but when you do finally get pregnant, you tell him and his eyes have that signature sparkle and his mouth is covered by his hands and you swear you see tears

- he’d honestly lose all his cool and freak and squeal and swing his hands like a teenage girl winning concert tickets and throw you over his shoulders running around for like two seconds before realizing it’s not good for your future child so he sets your down quickly and kneels and kisses ur stomach and whispers ‘i’m sorry’ and ‘i love you’ over and over again

- he’s so excited he doesn’t even know what to do with himself 

- already has like two lists of names he wants for both genders (and then u ask him how to change a diaper and he’s like uhhh…….you…y-you..kinda…like y-you…. you know)

- when ur in the delivery room, he’d be the type to come in fully motivated to help ease your pain and be there for your child

- but poor ming doesn’t know what the female anatomy really looks like when it’s pushing out another specimen, so he probably lies on the verge of passing out and literally dying

- but then he hears the voice of the smallest yet most powerful being in his life ringing out for the first time

- and when ur kid is born he doesn’t know what to do with his hands so he cups both his arms like he’s about to receive a ton of bricks 

- but is instead replaced by a scrunchy, crying, soft, and tiny little angel that is a product of his love and from then on, he realizes that this is his reason to live


- and becomes a diaper-changing expert

- like scoups (aka the man that said he wanted a sackful of children), always brings his kids over to your place sometimes just for the sole purpose of having mingyu change the diapers for them

- and your heart warms when he’s in a puke-induced, grimey white shirt, old sweatpants and donning greasy hair bc regardless, he always has the most satisfied, content, comfortable, protective love in his eyes

- and he gets so good at this, like making the baby burp and making the baby giggle is also his forte

- the airplane is his favourite feeding method

- but then your kid hits the three year old stage and smacks the spoon out of his hand like bruh i dont fall for that anymore

- but u have more kids anyways bc who can say no to this beautiful manchild

- and he puts them on his shoulders to play basketball with them

- and is the type of dad to have his son’s entire soccer team over and then dress up with wacky sunglasses and put on a skit and dance to his old songs and ur son is just like mom kILL HIM

- and u swear you will but he is just the most loving man in the world and everyday you look at him and realize how disgustingly and beautifully and deeply in love with him you are

- he always sweeps you in a tango fashion and kisses you square on the lips in front of the kids and you don’t even get embarrassed anymore since he does it so much and esp as they hit the teenager stage, they sense it coming and blast out of the room before they witness it 

- so your kids all grow up and you’re forever stuck with a virtual baby stuck inside a man’s body sleeping next to you every night

- but you wouldn’t change it for anything else bc you remember all the little moments

- like whenever you would feel a tiny kick, or when he’d come home from work, or either one of you had a bad day, he would lean down and kiss your tummy and stroke the skin, whispering that everything was going to be okay, and he was going to promise to love the both of you with every beat of his heart, every passing day

- or when you’d wake up at 3am with an aching pain or a sudden, overwhelming craving for shit like pickles and ice creams and french fries or even his fucking kimchi fried rice bc god they’re amazing, he’d lie awake without without a single complaint and rub your soreness until it disappears and you fall back into his arms again, or he’d drive all the way to the supermarket or restaurant to get the food that you wanted

- or like his absolute composure and assurance when you were finally deciding to move into the suburbs when you were pregnant with your second child and hormonal and doubled with the stress of moving

- or like when you would wake up in the middle of the night to an empty bed to hear his voice down the hall in your daughter’s room, whispering his favourite ballad to her, coaxing her back to her dreams, still telling her the exact same words he had whispered to your stomach everyday

- you wouldn’t trade this man for anything in this entire world and seeing him everyday, embarrassing the shit out of your kids, but loving the shit out of your kids is all you could ever ask for