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Any tips on random conversation starters for your crush?

Ooh, conversation starters! I am good at this. I made a chart once, you know.

The best way to start a conversation is really to just start talking. Avoid things like “What’s up?” “How are you?” Those are the killers of real conversations. When I am talking to someone it’s usually about something interesting i just read, asking about things they do I’m not used to, or bonding over what songs we like on the radio right now. You want to avoid anything that they can give a one word or short answer to. You want them to elaborate and really talk. 

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How about some Dabi relationship headcanons? Their s/o is really sweet but can be very spunky! Dabi needs so much more love, I don't see many requests for him.

Dabi is beautiful but he’s more of a one night stand kinda guy for me you feel?

He does need more love tho, I agree

  • Dabi isn’t really into the whole getting you gifts and taking you out to fancy dinners and shit. Mainly because he’s a wanted fucking criminal and he can barely be outside long enough to piss in a bush but hey you manage.
  • He likes how sweet you are compared to him, but he gets real annoyed real quick. He can’t understand how you can be so nice and cheerful in such a shitty situation. It irritates him.
  • Like I said before, he can’t be outside long enough to even take a piss so if you’re feeling lucky and you wanna go on vacation, the farthest he’ll take you is the living room or the fridge. honestly me
  • Since you’re so sweet and he’s so…not… if you show sympathy for the enemy or ask him to stop, he’ll probably threaten to kill you or something. I don’t think he’d be abusive, but he’s just kinda like “With how much you know I can’t let you live so might as well stay.”
  • Honestly if you did end up leaving because of your differences, he’d care a little bit because he’s gotten used to you and without you its a little bit empty. However, he bounces back quick and well now you’re on the top of his hit list. Congrats.
  • All in all, I’d still be down to fuck



He gotta give him that air you know


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
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sousuke is jealous and actually crying inside because makoto spends more time looking at his figurine than him

Shout out to the dumb boys who yanked my scarf off in the hallways and then laughed when I dropped all my books. Shout out to the guy who thought it was funny to go behind me during class and pull my bra strap to hear it snap then got defensive when I brought my fist out. Shout out to the guys who would say ‘that shit around your head is ugly you think you’re pretty?’ ‘let’s get married so I can see ur hair’ shout out to you because I love wearing hijab 100000x more because of you jerks

Kara mentions how Alex is protective of her. So now, everytime Rookie Officer Kara has a rough day at work, Maggie calls Alex and they take her to get burgers. 

It’s a really great system: Kara feels better around food and her sister, and Alex is always amused by Kara’s appetite and Maggie’s presence calms her down. 

As for Maggie, she just really enjoys seeing both girls a little bit more relaxed. :)

Based on @queergirlwriting ‘s fic (x) where Kara is a rookie that Maggie takes under her wing.

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Journeyman - Chapter 27

“I don’t want to see people!”

I wearily rubbed my temples. “Story of my life.”

It was Sunday and, more importantly, the morning after my wooing of Harry. I wanted nothing more than to be nestled up beside his warm body, a tattooed arm keeping me firmly pressed against him. Instead I was trying to convince a two year old that starting preschool tomorrow was not the end of the world. Neither of us were impressed.

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I love open world/sandbox games, but I need them to have some kind of central plot to give me some direction. I need to always have the plot as an option, it’s what motivates me to do literally everything other than continue the plot


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…