like hook wants to really change for emma

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A smut request: First off, I love your fics, they are so well written and your smut is super hot :) This might not work in written form, but I love the way Dark Hook looks so much... I would die for something sexy where Emma changes Killian with magic, his hair, dark features, maybe even some of the darkness of his personality (potentially leading to a little rough sex) because she wants to bang his brains out as the Dark One... I need more Dark Hook hair in my life.

So clearly I dithered over this for like more than a year. It was really hard to do in written form and this really, uh… turned more angsty and sad and Dark Ones hatefucking than intended. Like we just nosedived into the angst pool and I’m a little bit sorry about that.

Loathing rolls off of him in waves. In another time, another place, he might be the inspiration for a demon with fire in his eyes and smoke curling from his nostrils. Every breath, every sneer, every step is full of hatred towards Emma Swan.

Let him hate her. No one hates her more for this decision than she hates herself.

She couldn’t let him die, so she made him live. A shell of a man, his soul gone and replaced with a void of bloodthirst and fury.

For weeks she’s done nothing but try to bring him back. For a while, it worked. Block out the darkness, keep up the facade, let him late her, let him fear her… but now? His body remains, but now there’s nothing of Killian left. She’s watched from the shadows, practiced spells and charms and reached into the depths of her magic, but –


Killian Jones is gone. The Dark One is all that remains, standing at the foot of his bunk and sneering at her, poison spilling from his lips as he curses her again and again for refusing to let him die, refusing his dying wish and turning him into the very thing he spent centuries trying to destroy.

Let him hate her. He could never hate her more than she hates herself.

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certain uncertain things

Fandom: Skam
Main Characters: Christoffer Schistad, Eva Kviig Mohn
Main Pairing: Eva Kviig Mohn x Christoffer Schistad
There are few things Christoffer Schistad is certain of.

(Or, even “Penetrator Chris” figures it out, eventually.)

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Christoffer Schistad has always been a little lost, a little out of his depth, even if he hardly ever shows it. He walks off-balance, but he’s learned to pass it off as swagger, and he owns it, like every other uncertain thing in his life. A boy made of bravado and a man half-made— what does that make him, really?

The world is too quiet and too sober at 4 a.m. He doesn’t like it.

Taking another swig of cheap beer, he drifts.

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The Wedding and All That Drama...

So, I have no answers to the following questions:

1. Why was it that easy for Emma to take off the engagement ring? Yes, Hook hid an awful secret. Yes, he fucked up by trying to burn the memory and to lie to Emma for eternity - like he always instinctively chooses to do… But it just strikes me as too much of a reaction to take off the ring and tell him to figure things out before getting back to her. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but it made me wonder how much the ring weighs in Emma’s heart. Well, like all mysteries in the show, this could well be just another product of bad writing…

2. Why was it that rushed and easy for Emma to say yes again? I mean, seriously. Apart from Hook, the coward as always, ran away and disappeared for like a few days, what changed? Nothing. You think he is going to figure things out with Emma TOGETHER the next time similar things come up? Nope. Did they even talk about what Emma wanted to talk about or sort out the time when she took off the ring? Nope. Yet she said yes immediately. I mean, really? Are you that desperate to marry yourself out?

3. Interestingly, Henry gave no shit about Hook’s taking off and leaving her mom in pain. He did not show any sympathy or concern over his absence or over Emma’s mourning over this. When Emma was sorting out Hook’s stuff to throw out, Henry only just took off one of his headphones to ask “You OK?” I almost laughed out at this scene. Again, I don’t know if this is intentionally done for some reasons, or just another example of bad writing…

4. About Emma’s wardrobe lately… Where did the confident and sassy woman who always prefers tank tops and leather jackets go? I mean look at her, she recently always wears things that are too uptight, too vanilla. I mean, small round or laced collar that covers half of her neck? Really?

5. About the wedding dress, I don’t want to repeat what others said already about how unnatural it looks on Emma. It just isn’t her. She is not an innocent, conservative, old-school princess. She is not just someone’s wife. The whole thing is just upsetting. Not just because it is Hook that she is marrying, but also because it is herself that she is giving up. It also reminds me of an interview a while ago. When the topic of what Emma would wear on her wedding, A or E (cannot recall which one) said he thinks Emma would wear something with red leather. Lana even joked about it because she was wearing a red leather dress that day. So what happened to that?

Part of me still hopes that this is just the writers playing a long game and letting Emma realise in the end that this just isn’t her. But I don’t know, the writers seem to ship Hook too much, to an unhealthy level. Again, I don’t have a problem with Emma ending up with a man, instead of with Regina. But you can at least give her a man that is worth falling for, a man that brings out the best instead of the worst of her, a man that gives her freedom and space to be herself instead trying to deprive her of that over and over again.

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Gideon trapped Emma with a spider. So that tear thing might have been crap? Maybe neverland really is Hook's home.

…I think there are indeed plenty of people who want him in Never-To-Be-Seen-Again land… feels like a fitting home for him, no? The Underworld could be good to. Checking in now that Arthur’s been ruling for a while, see if he does a better job there.

The tear was just another ambiguous narrative device to keep us guessing, wasn’t it? Meanwhile every episode gives the audience another chance to see that the words do not match the actions. Hook hasn’t changed, Emma is becoming as selfish as he is and they’re making it more blatant every episode. I’d say it’s for the people in the back, but… it feels more like it’s for the people in the front in this case.

A missing scene set sometime during the early chapters of Given The Choice. You don’t need to read that to get this, I think, all you really need to know is it’s post-Neverland, without Pan causing trouble, leaving Emma and Hook free to argue and fight their feelings and amuse everyone around them.

So, missing scene/ficlet, in which Emma and Hook test the waters of jealousy, with decidedly mixed results. Thanks to the ladies at the CS writers hub for the help!

It’s been a long day. Emma trudges up the steps towards Granny’s diner, hoping against hope that Regina is already there with Henry and she can just take the kid and go home.

But no such luck. The place is buzzing with conversation and clattering cutlery, but there’s no sign of Regina and Henry yet as she sweeps a quick glance around the diner. She spots Neal and Belle in one of the booths, some of the dwarves in another, and a few people she only recognises by face.

And, leaning against the counter with a beer in his hand, Captain Hook. He’s been talking to Ruby, who is on the other side of the counter, but now his eyes are on Emma.

Ruby’s are, too. She smiles, and waves, and Emma smiles back and makes her way over before she can reconsider.

Hook is smirking, of course. He’s half-perched on his stool like a model for a photo shoot, and Emma would accuse him of doing it on purpose if she didn’t know that he has no idea what a photo shoot is.

“Hey Emma!” Ruby calls. “Hot chocolate?”

Emma hesitates, but between the long day at work and the unexpected presence of the most provoking, infuriating man she’s ever met, the lure is too strong to resist. Sugary, warm, cinnamon-scented goodness is exactly what she needs. She gives Ruby a grateful look. “Yes, please.”

And that’s how she ends up next to Hook at the counter, talking to Ruby and Granny as they work. They’ve treated her differently ever since she and Snow returned from the Enchanted Forest, but since Neverland, things have changed again. Emma is asked for news of Henry and her opinion of Chimaera meat and the current weather and Chris Evans, of all things.

“You keep talking about this Chris Evans fellow,” Hook says, looking confused – adorably so, if Emma is honest, which she doesn’t really want to be right now. “Who is he?”

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The Dress

No, but listen, Emma wearing that floaty, flowery dress - and the truly hideous pink article on her first date with Hook - just makes me feel even more strongly that she’s queer and closeted.

Because Emma has always worn dresses. Emma *rocks* a certain style of dress. She’s got a fantastic body and form-fitting dresses really flatter it. But those floaty, flowery dresses? They’re not Emma’s style. They’re Emma’s performance of Mary Margaret’s style.

And MM (not Snow) being who she was made to be, that means those dresses are also a performance of traditional, heterosexual femininity. Because that’s the thing about Emma: her whole childhood taught her to fake it until she made it. To act like part of a family of strangers until she actually *became* a part of that family.

Of course it never worked, and Emma must eventually have given up - have gone the other way and said to herself, “Enough. I am who I am. People can take me or leave me, but I’ll be damned if I change myself for anyone.’

But then Emma found Storybrooke and a second chance at all the things she’d convinced herself she never really wanted in the first place. Is it any wonder she’s started playing a role again? And it’s a role she’s pretty committed to. You can see it in the way she interacts with Hook as his romantic partner - the way she drapes herself over him, like the heroine of a cheesy romance novel. It’s a performance of love and of heterosexuality from someone who’s never really been comfortable with either.

Regina knows a thing or two about performing a role you don’t feel, and about how clothes maketh the woman. And she knows Emma Swan. She’s spent enough time thinking about her. She has to realize what’s going on. But how can she say anything and have it seem anything but self-serving? Because with everything she’s done and had done to her over the years, the one thing Regina doesn’t struggle with is her own sexuality. Not since Mal (wonderful, beautiful Mal who a part of her will always love) taught her how to enjoy her own body and another woman’s.

Regina knows what she feels for Emma. But Emma doesn’t seem to know what she feels for Regina - or if she does, she’s doing everything in her power to pretend she doesn’t. And Regina can’t ask for her love. How can she, when she’s so unworthy of it? She can only watch as Emma remakes herself into a facsimile of the daughter she thinks Snow wants and the woman she thinks Hook desires.

But that’s OK. Because Snow loves Emma and she loves Regina. And one day she’ll figure out what Emma’s doing, and that Emma’s doing it for her. First she’ll spend some time feeling terrible - how could she not blame herself for letting Emma believe she had to become someone else to be loved? But then Snow will pull herself together, because for all her hope speeches, Snow’s essentially a practical woman. And she’ll go to Emma and finally have the conversation they should have had a very long time ago.

And if this means she’s giving Regina back the happy ending she accidentally helped to steal so long ago? Well, Snow’s not going to embarrass Regina by mentioning it.

Let's play "Guess Which Season of OUAT?"

Emma: struggles with her role as savior and considers leaving town and/or pushes her loved ones away.

Regina: struggles with the darkness, blames others for the way her life turned out and then seeks a magical means to get herself a happy ending.

Belle: has a single centric - in the flashbacks we learn how much she’s *always* wanted to be a hero. She forms a friendship with a guest character who is most likely female. She breaks up with Rumple for being evil but then takes him back when she sees how he’s really changed this time.

Hook: is distraught when some villainous deeds of his past that he’d really, really rather everyone not know about suddenly come back to haunt him. It puts a strain on his current relationships. Emma tells him he’s a hero now.

Rumple: chooses power. His evil plans are thwarted but he somehow manages to stay three steps ahead of Team Hero and *surprise* he finds a way to majorly screw everyone over… which puts a strain on his relationship with Belle.

Snow: bonds with Regina but spends no time working on her failing relationship with her actual daughter. Makes a speech about hope/family. She and Charming remind the audience that they/their family will always find one another.

Charming: honestly can’t believe he’s ended up with this family but still manages to remain a too good for this world cinnamon roll/ dad of the year/ best grandpa/ perfect husband/ and all around hero and total babe. Lol did you think I was gonna drag Charmjng? Get out - he’s basically perfect.

Henry: comes up with a cute “operation” code name for some mission - probably to save one of his moms. It will involve either saving magic or destroying it. He makes a speech about believing in Regina. At some point he goes rogue. He talks about Neal.

(I love this show but I’m really hoping they change things up a bit this season)

Listen to what you are saying!

These two crack me up.  As much as I love them, sometimes you want to just JUMP into your television screen and SHAKE the both of them and shriek, “DO YOU HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING?!?!”

Hahaha, and maybe add, “YOU TWO ARE STUPID FOR EACH OTHER!  COME ON!!”

Who accepts these women for who they really are?  EACH OTHER!!

I think Emma saying this line, reminds us of what she believes in her heart of hearts and Hook is NOT that guy.  Hook is the guy she is telling Henry NOT to be. The guy changing just for her to like him.  His redemption has nothing to do with himself.  He liked who he was before.

And then Regina’s little speech encouraging Henry to be unique,  I mean Henry brought up how Regina changed for the better and she got Robin but did you notice how Regina ended up talking about Daniel?

Wait, what?

That these women don’t talk about the their current love interests is just very funny to me.  Very weird.

Swan Queen giving dating advice.  LOL!  At this point I don’t know what makes them so reliable.  Look at their own screwed up love lives.  You KNOW if this was one of my fics, it would go to something like this…

Henry puts a hand up to stop them, “No offense but you guys are really the last to be giving me advice.”

“What does that mean?” Regina asks with that cute little frown of hers.

“Oh come on.  Look at you two!”

“What about us?”  Emma inquires confused.

Henry rolls his eyes and says, “Well, if you guys can’t figure out you’ve got the hots for each other, I’m sure not going to tell you.  Oops!”  He pretends accidental shock and covers his mouth hiding the smile at his mothers’ stunned and dumbfounded expressions.

I love how they look united in this picture too.  The moms.  Together.  Too bad they aren’t holding hands.  Or smooching.  I need them to smooch.  LOL!

So far in S4...


  • Emma tries to run after Regina, Hook grabs her arm and stops her
  • Emma confesses to avoiding Hook because she feels too guilty about hurting Regina.
  • “There’s more to this than just Regina, isn’t there?” Emma kisses Hook to avoid answering and placate the fact that she’s running after Regina instead of hanging out with him.
  • Emma promises to give Regina back her happy ending in the infamous door scene.
  • Implied divorced lesbian mommies phrasing from Snow “[Henry] seems to be handling it well. I mean between losing and regaining his memories, seeing both his mothers with new men…”


  • Emma demonstrates a deep understanding of/empathy for Regina in explaining her note to Henry, re: Regina’s lifelong suffering
  • Implied divorced lesbian mommies phrasing from David “Henry has two moms that both put up walls. Seems like he takes after the both of you.”
  • Hook creeps the fuck out of nowhere (stalker much?) at the ice wall and starts babbling about made-up dates. Emma ditches him pretty much mid-sentence about how they never go out and hey why is that…and gets trapped with Elsa right after
  • Emma has an extensive conversation with Elsa (the walking gay allegory) about feeling different due to the specialness inside and being “born this way”
  • Implied divorced lesbian mommies phrasing from Henry, re: the gift basketfor “My other mom
  • Unrelated: Emma zip your fucking coat if you’re freezing to death you ding dong


  • “Seems like the savior needs saving these days” be careful bb
  • Emma sends Hook away—"go wait in the sheriff’s station"
  • Hook disregards Emma’s wishes (as he is wont to do) and instead goes straight toward danger
  • Hook threatens Rumple in order to find the Snow Queen (wow much changed! very redeemed!) which it seems like Rumple would have done for like $20
  • Emma confesses to David that she takes Regina’s words to heart…“It’s Regina, it’s what she said…it’s like I’m the anti-savior”
  • Elsa (the official SQ shipper) essentially tells Hook (who is still complaining about Emma running away from him) she’s just not that into you: “Maybe [Emma] feels the same way about pirates as you do about magic…I think your self-appreciation is blinding you to a simple fact: this isn’t about you.”
  • Emma is “Not in the mood for a drink or a man” lololol (though I concede CS does share the first semi-romantic scene I’ve witnessed outside that problematic “traded my ship”)


  • Henry says he’s not okay with Emma asking Hook out
  • Hook starts the date with a lie about Rumps giving him a hand “free of charge”
  • Hook jokes about getting Emma drunk to have sex (is “hold her with both hands” a sex euphemism? Yeah?)
  • Hook threatens Rumple/Belle then assaults Will/Rumple/Sorcerers Apprentice…and lies to Emma about it
  • Emma in bizarro clothes, doesn’t seem to notice that Hook is not fully present for their date/kiss
  • “This hand isn’t cursed…This hand is nothing but a lump of flesh. All it did was give you permission. Permission to be the man you really are–not some puppydog chasing after the object of his affection, but a ruthless pirate who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. I did you favor: I helped you remember the darkness that lies beneath.”
  • Hook paralleled with Rumple’s story about turning love into a weapon/not really changing
  • Basically, Hook is canonically terrible


  • Emma spends entire episode chasing Regina (hahahahah kill me!)
  • Emma’s “gay” teen backstory with Lily paralleling conflict with her and Regina. Complete with boozy weeping nostalgia ending!
  • Elsa, the walking gay allegory: “I think this sounds like something you two should talk about alone” “Maybe you shouldn’t give up on her so soon” “If someone is important to you, don’t give up on them”
  • Snowing’s date/hunt for Will paralleled with Swan Queen hunt for the Snow Queen
  • Will suggests Emma is gay/married to Snow. Stated that “The Sheriff” and “The Mayor” (albeit in theire new forms) are married.
  • Implied divorced lesbian mommies phrasing from Regina: “Because despite what you wish, we’re not partners.”
  • Emma lists 1. Her Parents 2. Her son 3. Regina please, as her list of people she needs in life. Hook is notably absent.
  • Literally all of the dialogue between Emma and Regina
  • I repeat: boozy weeping over ex (platonic-ish?) girlfriends!
  • The whole episode really


I want to talk a little bit about this parallel because I think this is really important. 

I know they were a lot of people back in 5x03 criticizing Hook for not accepting Emma there. But the thing is, that both Hook and Emma are people that believe actions and not words.

Think about Emma’s process into trusting Hook. First she saw him as a pirate, she also saw more, but she was afraid to put her trust in him because she was hurt before by a man that she loved. But then he didn’t just had “empty words” anymore, he was proving himself with actions and that was what really mattered to her:

She ended up trusting him and believing in him because of things he did, not things he said.

Same goes to Hook in season 5. When Emma was with him on the Jolly, he could sense that she wanted something from him (and sadly, he was right). All she had there were “empty words” and he couldn’t allowed himself to be tricked by them. If Emma in seasons 2 and 3 was scared to let Hook in because what Neal did to her, Hook of season 5 was afraid to let dark Emma in because of what the former DO has done to him. But in that last sneak peek Emma didn’t just say that that woman is still her, she actually showed him that she’s in there:

This is what makes the difference here. He didn’t just change his mind, he needed her to show him by actions that she’s still her, just like she needed him to show her by actions that he really wanted to change two seasons ago.  

'Once Upon a Time' Bosses on Season Finale: It's a "Two-Hour Concept Movie"

As Once Upon a Time approaches its fourth season finale, key relationships are on the verge of shifting.

Although the Queens of Darkness was the show’s sell going into the second half of season four, the series is down to just one — Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) — and she’s, in theory, about to get her happy ending with the return of her daughter, Lily (Agnes Bruckner).

Meanwhile, things are less happy for the former Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla). Regina learned in the last hour that not only had her evil sister, Zelena (Rebecca Mader), been impersonating Marian (Christie Laing) — aka the wife of Regina’s true love, Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) — but Zelena is now pregnant.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Eddie Kitsis to break down what to expect from the maternal shenanigans, Emma’s (Jennifer Morrison) upcoming test, Rumple (Robert Carlyle) and how the show’s split-season approach will change for its expected fifth season.

There’s a lot of mama drama — Zelena’s pregnancy, Lily’s impending return to Storybrooke and Regina’s mother, Cora (Barbara Hershey) featured in flashbacks. What can you preview about Sunday’s hour?

Eddy Kitsis: This Sunday we’re going to get into all the mama drama. We are going to get a big, juicy, Robin Hood-Regina, “What the hell do we do now?” scene in a bar in New York City.


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Just read the death spoiler

Now, take this with a grain of salt if you want, but… it’s almost certainly Neal.

Let’s go through the list of series regulars (excluding Rumple, as they ruled him out):

Emma: Obviously Emma isn’t dying. We can nix that possibility right away. The whole show is about her journey. It’s her deal. Not happening.

Henry: Likewise, they’re not killing Henry. It would completely destroy Emma and make it pretty much impossible for her to be whole again.

Snow: Can’t really see this one happening either. Snow and Charming are the emotional center of the show, and it would destroy a LOT of happy endings for the main characters if one half of that was gone.

Charming: Same. ABC already prevented A&E from killing him off once, his life was saved in 3A, and so on. Snow already stated she would not move on if he died, and even the thought of Snowing breaking up caused everybody heart failure.

Regina: Since so many of the show’s fans are Evil Regals, I can’t possibly see them doing this, especially since Regina’s rivalry with Rumple and the Charmings, and her relationship with Henry and Emma, is such a huge part of the story. Especially not when they’re just introducing OQ.

Hook: Yes, I know, the one we’re all worried about. But it’s not happening. You don’t feature him this much, talk about how your only ending for 3A was him showing up to TLK Emma, talk about how they’re going to a new place in their relationship, etc, promote the living bejesus out of him, just to anticlimatically kill him off. It doesn’t fit with anything promoted/foreshadowed. Hookers/CSers are likewise a huge part of the show. Hook is a giant part of Emma’s happy ending. He has been SHOWN TO BE HER OTHER TRUE LOVE by virtue of doing the same thing as Henry in showing up at her door. If you kill him now, you break her just as surely as if you killed Henry, and that isn’t what OUAT is about.

Belle: If this happened, Rumple would go full-out dark for good, and I can’t think that they’d do that to the legions of faithful Rumbellers.

Now, let’s look at the case for Neal.

The Echo Caves: Every other secret has come true in some shape or form. Snow wanted another baby, now she’s having it. David couldn’t get off Neverland, then he did. Hook couldn’t move on from Milah until he met Emma, and now he’s trying TLK on her. As for Emma… her secret was that she wanted Neal dead. She also told Henry in S1 that his father died a hero. HMM. Next, as we’ve all noticed, Neal has no story arc or POV moments or character developments, and no other function this season than to serve as an obstacle to CS. Kitsis said “dies, for real.” Neal “died” last season, and myself and others saw that coming a ways off. He’s the only regular who can be killed and cause an emotional reaction (Emma, Rumple, Killian, Henry, etc) but not really change that much in terms of the overall story. It’s not like Neal is DOING ANYTHING right now; he’s literally just there as filler for scenes. He is absent and passive from NY (because, again, Hook was the ONLY ONE they considered being there. Seriously. THE ONLY ONE. THAT WAS THE ENDING. THERE WAS NO PLAN B. THERE WAS NO SCENARIO IN WHICH NEAL TURNED UP TO TRY TLK.) He’s not doing the work to get Emma back, he’s not really involved in her romantic storyline anymore, and so on. If I was MRJ, I can see wanting to have closure for that and move on to new projects. We were all surprised when he became a regular in the first place.

Also, COME ON. There’s this quote from Hook:

“If there’s one thing I care about more than my revenge, it’s my life.”

And all the times it was pointed out how good he is at surviving.

So yeah. It’s NOT Emma, Henry, the Charmings, Regina, Hook, or Rumple. That leaves only Belle and Neal as possibilities, and honestly, it’s way way WAY more likely to be Neal.

Just something about tonight’s episode:

At the end, Regina bids farewell to Emma by calling her ‘Ms. Swan’ and slamming the door. When Emma looks back, we can see Henry looking down at her and closing his curtains. I don’t know if any of you remember 1x01, but this is literally 1x01. No one remembers anything, thanks to the erasing of all of their memories via curse, brought to you by the ‘bitter evil woman’ character who is hurt and just wants a happy ending.

Wow. What deja vu.

Now that I’m done with the shade, I will share my theory: It’s all Emma now.

Throughout this entire television show, we all know one thing about Emma that hasn’t changed: she doesn’t really know who she is. When Rumple and Regina were out there killing and whatnot, they didn’t explain themselves. They didn’t say things like ‘this is who I am now’. Like c’mon. They stood there and, while they might have felt guilty for letting their loved ones down, they didn’t ever justify their personality out loud.

Emma’s not trying to convince Hook or Henry that she’s evil. She’s trying to convince herself.

Emma knows she’s not this. She knows that. She isn’t doing all this wrong because she delights in it. Merlin said, and I’m simply paraphrasing here, “I can’t change you unless your heart is ready”,


The only way anything is getting back to normal is if Emma says so. Emma has to break her own curse. Emma has to learn to love herself because, even after all she’s been through, after all the battles she’s fought, she still doesn’t love herself. At least not enough.

So, to make a long story short, The Dark One is still The Savior, but instead of saving a whole town, she has to save herself.

That’s why there was a season one parallel. Emma’s not done saving.


Hi! Sorry for the delay. Covering Rumple, Hook (and Anna) and Emma. :)


Right after this episode, I got a lot of people in my inbox who wanted to rip him a new one, and…I was a bit surprised. Not because he didn’t do something terrible and try the typical ol’ “evil loves to cockblock” shtick, but because…well, this is Rumple. Why are people still surprised he hasn’t changed?

Listen, the guy got married under an entirely false pretense. He, of course, loves Belle and genuinely wanted to make her his wife, but he also essentially proposed with a lie.

Rumple did what Rumple does. And I spoke about this before, so I’m just going to copy/paste myself:

He brings out the worst in Killian, but Killian also brings out the worst in Rumple. I love their dynamic because both men like to really talk about how much they’ve changed for love, but around each other, they can kind of lay the cards on the table—because one is always more than eager to point out to the other that they’ve got a long ways to go. 

Belle and Emma make them realize who they want to be, but Hook and Rumple make each other remember who they used to be. 

And them having to work together for the rest of the season is going to finally make them address that. But they also have a really polar way of thinking:

Killian is all about the little moments, and Rumple is always focused on the big picture. 

Around each other, they may eventually find that the other has advice to offer, regarding redemption and love. 

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Once Upon a Captain Swan

Ugh, that hurt to write. Really though, I was never an “anti” Hook or against the Captain Swan pairing UNTIL it became utter bullshit. It was cute at first. I wanted Emma to be happy and it seemed that Hook made her so…somewhat at least and since Regina had Robin, he seemed like the best thing for her. *in Katara’s voice* but then everything changed when the writers of OUAT started shoving C$ down my throat every episode.

What was once cute became irritating. What was once small, easily passable little character flaws became red flags. What once was kind of sweet and admittedly slightly awkward became sickening.

While I don’t hate Hook nor do I hate C$, I do hate how this ship is starting to take over almost every aspect of this show. Everything I used to love is being tainted. Characters that I enjoyed seeing every other week are either no longer there, shoved aside to make way for more Hook moments or C$ moments, characters are starting to act OOC, and the plot holes, and the force feeding of heteronormativity is really *insert eye roll* Everything now seems to be related to Hook or C$ and it’s *insert more eye rolling*

I still don’t hate Hook but I’d really like less of him now, OUAT. Candy was good but too much makes you sick and I’m really, really sick of this show now and while I can honestly say it’s for multiple reasons, the biggest reason is Killian Jones. I’m sorry Killy, but just go away. I would say die but that’s unfair and considering that he’s a *spoiler* dark one now, he can’t really be killed. Damnit.

I can’t be the only one, can I?

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Woohoo, the "ILY" had been said by Emma!!! The significance in the magic words is much stronger in Emma or Killian? Wish Killian got the chance to tell her before she became the dark one. 😢😢😢

Hi Anon, indeed Woohoo!

I’m gonna start with the conclusion of this answer and then I’ll give you the reasons for it, lol. The conclusion is that Killian is perfect. And although this is pretty obvious already, in this episode I discovered why he was also perfect in this situation.

When Emma told Regina that she was afraid to say it, I really understood where she was coming from. Remember that when she said it to her first boyfriend he left her  to go to jail like the day after (or even the same day). Emma said to Regina that she was afraid that it would change things because this is what the past taught her. She was so happy with Hook that she didn’t want to do anything that would change that perfectness.

Then there was the scene on the bed and when she was about to say it I noticed Hook’s look:

He knew what she was about to say! You can see it in his eyes and on his little smile. Then when Emma started to hesitate, I kinda expected him to ease things on her and say “I love you too” or “I know”. But he didn’t. He wasn’t even disappointed about her not saying it. And then I realized why this man is even more perfect than I thought he was. 

He knows how she feels about him and he also knows how hard it is for her to say it. So you see, he wasn’t disappointed that she didn’t say it because he knew she will say it when she is ready (which she finally did) and he also wasn’t going to do something that will make her uncomfortable and say it to her first when he knows she’s not ready yet.

So after that scene I realized why we never heard him say these three words to her. It was because he knew she was the one who needs to say it first.

About him not saying it back, I think it was part of the same thing. Besides the fact that Emma was going to sacrifice herself and he was probably in shock by the all situation, I think he knew that at this moment Emma needed to say it and not necessarily hear it back. 

Just like him, she knows how he feels about her. She wanted to say these words because she needed him to hear her say it, needed him to know what he already knew. I think in some strange way, by not saying it back Hook actually respected her, putting much more meaning to her own words that again, were not said so she can hear an “I love you too” but so that she would finally express her feelings in words.

So as I concluded in the beginning that’s pretty much makes Killian perfect in every way possible.   

It’s really interesting that Regina’s persistent solution for her darker half is to kill her, rather than accept responsibility for her via re-absorption and seek out solutions to contain her that way.

What she asked Jekyll for was a way to destroy her, and her big question right now is why killing her didn’t work. It stands to reason that he could just as easily look for a scientific solution that reverses the effects of the serum.

This murderous intent is confirmed later by the EQ in the cell with Hyde (“milady”, swoon) that Regina was looking for a way to destroy her, despite the very immediate threat she poses, rather than asking Jekyll or Hyde for a way to bring them back together so she could deal with her own darkness internally again.

I just find that layer of the conflict really intriguing. This idea that even though the EQ is walking, talking, and capable of free thought that they are still actively pursuing subduing her via murder, and that even though Regina is trying to stop her from hurting her new found family, she still isn’t willing to do it in a way where she has to take her own darkness back on and deal with it herself.

Quite a contrast from Emma who willingly took on the darkness of others to save everyone as a Savior does, risking her own happiness despite fighting for others.

Hook who overcame his inner darkness in order to destroy it at the cost of his own life to save Emma/her family and make up for his past mistakes, similar to what he is doing for Belle now, risking his life to make up for the past.

Rumple who actually wants the darkness and who is doing everything he can to keep it. He wants to hold on to it and went to great lengths to join with it again.

They are all very different approaches to the same concept and I like that these approaches reflect the character’s personalities well. Their approaches to darkness line up perfectly with their overall characterization and in the case of the villains, their individual redemption arcs so far.

Rumple is resistant to change and still refuses to do it.

Regina wants to distance herself and just destroy that part of her, forget it ever happened and start fresh.

Hook rights his wrongs via physical action, a flowery speech, and great personal risk (also death).

I just really appreciate the writing’s consistency.

lily & odile - the black swan

I don’t know if someone has already talked about it, but has anyone considered a “Black Swan” theory? 

Like–that’s not actually even Emma?

Because lbr, right now in Emma’s life, the only thing that could trigger this kind of change is literally a curse. Emma’s happy in her relationship with Hook. She’s friends with Regina, and i.e. Henry is happy. She’s on good terms with her parents. She’s accepted her powers and feels good about them. 

She’s in a good place. A really good place. Her heart is in no way brimming with blackness and there’s no grounds for her wanting to walk on any kind of dark side. 

Again–there’s always a curse possibility, but that’s one I feel like several people have already explored and talked about so I’m not gonna delve into that. And yeah, of course we’re all waiting with baited breaths for that CS TLK, but this is the beginning of the season, this is the ~big plot~ and based off bts/spoilers, it doesn’t seem like Dark!Emma lasts that long. It’s just strange writing to start with that and immediately resolve it. 

Thus, right now, I’m kind of doubting that is Emma at all–but rather some other wild card we haven’t met, or maybe someone we have…someone who was jealous of Emma’s life and freedom–and wanted to desperately escape her own, only to be rejected. 

Just gonna say this–Lily was the name of Mila Kunis’s character in the Black Swan movie, and even though wasn’t really a villain, she was based off the original black swan character Odile; rumor is the name Lily was chosen because it sounds/is spelled similarly to Odile. Could be a hint.