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What a week it has been! What a month in fact (because that’s how long ago I started this recap). Ice is one of my favourite early episodes which explains why this is longer than the combined beards of ZZ Top. Someone teach me self control? Please?

Go under the cut at your own peril, here there be worms.

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anonymous asked:

Hi. Can I request a 'popular girl!gwiboon and nerd!minho are best friends since they were children. Gwiboon secretly loves Minho but Minho is clueless" fanfic? Please? Thank you. :)

“Hey, wait for me!” Easily, Minho falls into step with Gwiboon, matching his longer strides with hers. There’s that certain gentle sparkle in his eyes that Gwiboon likes to think is reserved just for her, but she can’t really be sure of that. “You’ve got English next? With Junghee?”

“Yeah,” she answers, grabbing his arm as they make their way through the swarm of students in the halls. “And we have a presentation today. Can’t wait for it to be over!” It’s not that she minds, really, but if she has to listen to Junghee’s nervous whining for one more day she’s not going to be held responsible for her actions. 

“You’ll do fine,” Minho says without a thought, “both of you.” They almost walk into a bunch of younger students who are running, apparently late for something, but Minho manages to tug Gwiboon to the side in the nick of time. Neither of them really pays it much attention, though.

“I know that,” she replies confidently. She gives Minho’s arm a little squeeze, though, raising her eyebrows questioningly. “How come I haven’t seen you all morning?”

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