like honestly how stupid are you


happy 11 years on yt to phil!!

thank you for teaching me how to love myself, from my not so perfect nose, to my not so flat stomach. you taught me how to be happy and kind, and that everyone and everything has a purpose. thank you for teaching us that its okay to be yourself, and that its okay to be weird. youve kept so many of us alive, and thats honestly so awesome. you’re under appreciated and thats stupid because you are like, the actual sunshine. so thank you phil, for being you. lov u :(

Yeah, this is a rant.

Assuming every Overwatch character is gay without any evidence of any of their sexual preferences (except maybe Anahardt cause those two flirt together in-game) then proceeding to attack STRAIGHT/BI people for liking STRAIGHT ships (cause you know, its not like they enjoy those ships because that is their sexual preference just like how some gay people prefer their ships to also be gay…) and finally accusing them of being homophobic is the most backwards tumblr logic I have ever seen. Honestly just stop. I am sick of seeing all of the unwarranted hate. Personally, I support both gay and straight ships but some people prefer to ship only straight or gay ships. Which is fine, but stop bringing other people down for preferring something else. Cause that is about as stupid as someone telling me that I am not allowed to prefer puppies over kittens because kittens are clearly “the better choice because it is not heteronormative”. Stop being a little bitch over shipping fictional characters. You enjoy your ships and we enjoy ours.

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love/hate sentence starters

feel free to change pronouns as needed.

  • “ I can’t tell if I hate you or if I like you. It’s infuriating. “
  • “ I hate you so much. “
  • “ I don’t know whether to kiss you or slap you. “
  • “ Go to hell. “
  • “ You’re such an adorable jerk! “ 
  • “ Truth is… I never really hated you. “
  • “ Truth is… I never really loved you. “
  • “ Why did I ever love you? “
  • “ Why did I ever hate you? “
  • “ I hate them, I hate their stupid sarcasm, I hate their stupid adorable face, I hate how I mess up my words every time I’m around them- “
  • “ Honestly? You’re not as bad as I thought you were. “
  • “ You make me sick. “
  • “ Do you really hate me that much? “
  • “ Tell anyone and I’ll kill you, but… I sorta really care about them. “ 
  • “ I was such an asshole… You should hate me. “ 
  • “ I know I should, but I really don’t hate you. “
  • “ Did you ever really care about me? “
  • “ Of course I care about you, you asshole! “
  • “ I love you. “
  • “ I hate you. “
  • “ I don’t know how to feel about you anymore. “
  • “ What the hell are you talking about? “
  • “ You’re a terrible person. I don’t know why I still stick around. “
  • “ I’m sorry for all those things I said about you. They weren’t true. “
  • “ I never meant to hurt your feelings. “
  • “ It’s too late for an apology, asshole. “
  • “ It’s okay. I’d hate me, too. “
  • “ You should leave. “
  • “ Please, stay. “

Yes, I honestly just giffed this bit because I love how Magnus’ gaze flits down at the end here. It looks to me like he is eyeing Alec’s lips.

I desperately want to see Magnus taking some initiative in 2b now that the “I love you,”’s have come out. :)

(Go ahead, Magnus. Just plant one on him. We know you want to. :D)

Had to repost, because I was stupid —I was trying to make soothe my cat (whilst making sure he didn’t vomit on my shoes) as well as doing something on my iPod; as it turns out I can’t multitask those things— and accidentally deleted the post when I meant to hit ‘edit’ instead. (I don’t even remember what I was editing it for.)

Thanks to the wonderful @queendavethegreat for helping me relocate the post. (and for reblogging it in the first place. *hugs)

ok so my thoughts on the last 10 seconds of episode 11 are:


they’re definitely not breaking up

what i feel like is that yuuri is very concerned about the gpf but at the same time he’s at that nervous breakdown point where you’re just simply out of fucks to give??? as in alright, viktor and yuuri got in this for the dAMN GOLD but maybe what matters are the bjs along the way so like,;… we’re gonna get married is a medal that important???? let’s end this skating thing and focus on our personal lives together ffs i can’t stand coming back from training straight to sleep i want to fuck my fiance good you feel me??

alright no maybe on a more serious note: yuuri is anxious and he is definitely feeling the pressure of the gpf on him but at the same time i feel like he has found something bigger than that: his relationship with viktor. and that’s what he means, possibly - retiring and living his life with viktor by his side.but he doesn’t want to let viktor down because he knows how much it means to him, and there lies his struggle 

either that or he wants to put an end on things because he saw how viktor misses skating

now i know soon there’s going to be a meta talking about all of the symbolism of viktor with his back turned to yuuri as he watched the skating and how yuuri was looking at him at the top of the stairs - trust me i know there’s a lot to take in from that scene and there are probably a lot of people on it as i type this mess. we couldn’t read viktor’s expressions well in this episode. he was enigmatic, and yuuri seemed to be internally freaking out about every expression he did. was viktor pissed because yurio was basically proving him that he was better than yuuri like he said on episode 10? was viktor shook because the world record was not his anymore? was he just reminiscing about skating? who knows

although i think this is not going to be the case, it could be a possibility. they’re about to get started on a very deep and important conversation. i tend to believe they’ll live a happy and fulfilling life together out of competitive skating. but i’d like to believe there’s a small possibility of yuuri asking viktor if he misses competing. 

we’ll only know on the last episode. i love dying

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team voltron’s favorite disney princess as follows 

  • Shiro: Cinderella, kind and good natured and self sacrifices for others. I feel like seeing how Shiro is as a person he’d appreciate that in a princess. 
  • Pidge: Belle, one of the more brainier princesses and like Pidge can have a sharp tongue. Pidge values brains a lot so I mean obvious choice ???
  • Lance: Ariel, bubbly and carefree plus the whole mermaid thing does wonders. 
  • Hunk: Tiana, hardworking caring and shares his love of cooking and food
  • Keith: Mulan, badass and determined. Will do anything to protect loved ones even if it’s not really the ‘honorable’ thing to do.   
  • Allura: Pocahontas, strong willed and adventurous. Will take charge when the time comes and other people aren’t doing what needs to be done. 
  • Coran: Rapunzel, he likes how lighthearted and creative she is. 

This actually makes me really sad. Like I can’t explain why but it does.

You know he has to care enough about his comments on his videos to disable them. He cares that the people that watch/leave comments don’t really care about what he’s doing or are even remotely interested in his content-which he worked really hard on btw.

If you have ever made a video or tried to, then you know how much time and effort gets put into making one, and for people to just start commenting random shit promoting their channels or just stupid things to get likes, is honestly ridiculous. The comments are for giving feedback to the creator who puts their time and effort into making something they hope people will enjoy.

And to cover up genuine comments with something like: “If you enjoy this channel, then subscribe to me!!!!”
Is just disrespectful.

Just stop.

God, I feel like I could go on about this all night because it just upsets me so much and I don’t even make videos!!!

I really just want to see a change in the YouTube comments. Rant over.

Do people honestly expect white women to be representative of anything else but white feminism? Like we’ve all been raised in a privileged society where we weren’t exposed to any other social or cultural situations, so how do you expect all of us right off the bat to not be the absolute epitome of white feminism? It would be really nice if maybe instead of belittling us when we get something wrong, you could teach us what is right.

the thing I hate about Het ship shaming, or hating people who enjoy Het ships (or Ship shaming IN GENERAL tbh) is that.

You’re honestly just being a huge self righteous cunt. Full stop. Period. You are. You can’t justify it no matter how much you try. Don’t believe me? Try it. Inbox open.

Not only are you shaming people for enjoying what they enjoy but you’re also demonizing it. Like the most deplorable thing someone could do is ship Solider76 with Mercy. Or Junkrat with Mei. It’s not. And if you think so you seriously need to get off your fucking computer and go look outside at the world. And thinking that way is fucking stupid. Objectively. Period. It goes the other way around. Pretending like the worst thing someone could do is ship Mercy with Pharah or Zarya with Mei or Trans!Reinhardt with Ana or WHOMEVER you want, is wrong. Ship what you want. Make what you want of your favorite characters. Have creative freedom and don’t fucking be a giant cunt to people who do the same. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t make it wrong. There are blacklisting ways for a reason. Just because it makes you “uncomfortable” doesn’t mean you should shame someone for it. There are ways to Blacklist things so you don’t have to see it without trying to censor someone. 



It’s like. Random Example (there are many I could make with many ships, this one just happens to be mine):

My favorite ship is Mercykill. And I don’t like it purely because “oh wow look, it’s a het ship. That’s something I can get behind.” That’s stupid. If that was the case I wouldn’t enjoy McHanzo, I wouldn’t enjoy Roadrat and Pharmercy. I wouldn’t enjoy all the many iterations of ships there are out there that I enjoy!

No. I like it because of the angst, the EMOTION.  It wouldn’t matter to me what gender they identified as, or even I the ship was platonic, I’d still like it because it still tickles my heartstrings. It makes me have feels. 

But NOPE. Just because it’s mostly represented as being a cis/het romance fuck-times, it’s wrong and I should feel terrible for being het/cis scum. Which I’m not fuck you very much.I’m cis scum, but I am also panromantic. Irrelevant but fuck you anyway. I’m sick of all the hate building up around things that are there to make people happy.

God fucking christ almighty. I just wanna visit my favorite ship tags without being assaulted by assholes who wanna spread hate or make people feel bad for enjoying a thing.

Edited: Changed some wording around to better get across my point without sounding like a transphobic dick (hopefully). As that was not the intention. I stand by my original points however that ship- shaming any ship is wrong.

“Bitty, look at this photo.“ 

"Mhmm, nice." 

"No Bitty, it’s more than nice. It’s indecent. How dare he look this good." 


"No, you don’t get it Bits. How do I wake up to that everyday? Every. Day. I want to kiss his stupid face. How???" 

"You could just kiss his face’." 



"Bitty. Bits, my bro- you’re a genius." 

"Go get ‘em, tiger!” 😉

(In which Holster is pining away for our boy Ransom and confides in Bitty)

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This woman had her handbag stolen while she was trying on some clothes and tried to blame it on me. My manager watched the security footage and the stupid woman left her bag next to the door ON THE OUTSIDE! Another woman walking past just picked it up and left the store but why would you leave it OUTSIDE THE CHANGING ROOM?? My manager obv knew it wasn't my fault and just referred the woman to security but that was honestly so humiliating how she yelled at me in front of so many people

I almost hope the thief isn’t caught because it’d serve that stupid ass customer right. Not only was it idiotic to leave her purse OUTSIDE the changing room but she also failed to realize it was her own fault for doing so. Then she abused an employee about it! Who the fuck is even that stupid? I don’t even like hanging my purse off the hook of the bathroom door in public restrooms. People take advantage of your most vulnerable moments. You can’t just put blind trust in your belongings being safe left just anywhere. Especially a purse! -Abby

Complicated (Part 2 Of ‘Denial’)

request(s): Honestly I’m too lazy to write them all together but I’m glad you guys liked that one so much!

A/N: I wasn’t really sure how to end this but since it’s about the sweetest human being ever, also known as @teenwolves-ahead there just had to be a happy ending! Anyways enjoy…and enjoy ;-) I’m sorry but it’s a little short.

Part One


“Isaac I-”

“Did you really think I was that stupid?”, Isaac scoffed. His words felt like a sting in my heart, even though he was the one with the right to be insulted. Shivers ran down my spine as I saw the coldness in his eyes and it scared me. I knew this was a bad plan… Why couldn’t I have normal friends with normal ideas? No. This was my fault. I shouldn’t have gone out with him, I shouldn’t have kissed him. 

“If you wanted to know, why didn’t you just ask?”

“As if you would’ve told me!”

The words had escaped my lips before I could stop them and I could see the damage they made. Isaac’s face contorted in anger as I took another step back. The almost magic atmosphere I felt just a few seconds ago was already forgotten. 

“You thought it would be better to lie to me? To pretend that you like me?”

“It wasn’t pretending.”, I admitted sheepishly without looking him in the face. I was afraid of what would happen. The thought of being as vulnerable to him as I was right now frightened me, especially when he probably hated me. Just because I had experience with cocky idiots didn’t mean I had experience with opening up to someone. I wasn’t used to like someone the way I liked him, not that it mattered anymore. 

“Why should I believe anything that comes out of your mouth?”, he asked but before I had a chance to say something he was already walking away, leaving me alone in front of my house. I wouldn’t have known what to say even if he would’ve stayed but admitting that to myself was almost impossible. I refused to talk for the rest of the evening, even to my parents. It was stubborn and ridiculous, I knew that but a part of me needed it at the moment. I was a little surprised that I didn’t cry, not even a single tear. I had cried because of a lot less important things but I couldn’t help it. 

The argument had almost left me numb. Just a few days ago I would’ve slapped anyone that dared to tell me that I liked Isaac. But I knew the attraction had been there for a long time now. Why did I even do this? Wouldn’t we see what Derek planned once he did it? And why didn’t I just try to find out without hurting someone else’s feelings? It was just too complicated to even think about it for too long and yet it was the only thing on my mind. I liked Isaac. I liked him so much that it scared me. I didn’t want him to think that this evening meant nothing to me, hell it was probably one of the best evenings in my entire life. But how could I convince him to trust me?


“Well how did it go?”, Stiles asked after he had suddenly appeared next to my locker, almost scaring me to death. I internally cringed when I saw Isaac clenching his jaw from the other side of the hall, he could hear everything. 

“I don’t want to talk about it.”, I huffed and walked into class before Stiles was able to interrogate me any longer. I really didn’t have the power to concentrate on this period, or the onesthat followed. In hindsight it was hard to believe that I had managed to dodge the question of Scott and Stiles for most of the day. The one person I couldn’t escape though, was currently heading towards me and I knew that the following conversation would be uncomfortable. 


“It was horrible. I’m horrible.”, I sighed as I realised that escaping Lydia’s question was like trying to run away from the sun. Her gaze softened immediately and I was incredibly grateful when she shooed Stiles and Scott away from the lunchtable. 

“What happened?”

“The date was great, I had a lot of fun, we kissed and I screwed up. In a nutshell he thinks I used him. Which I kind of did, but I regret it now and I actually like him…”, I rambled. It surprised me that Lydia could even follow my complains since I had to leave out a big part of the story. She didn’t know about the supernatural, or at least not much and I didn’t want to be the one to explain it to her, also it would bring a lot of danger and I didn’t want her to be in danger. 

“He had fun too, right? Before you ‘screwed up’ I mean.”

“I guess so. Yeah.”, I replied weakly. 

“And he kissed you?”


“So he clearly has feelings for you and the only thing you need to do is convince him that you have feelings for him too.”, she stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. I blinked and stared at her with a blank expression, trying to process the things she had told me. 

“Well, go!”, she ordered and pushed me off the bench. I muttered curses under my breath as I stumbled out of the cafeteria. What should I even say to him? It sounded a lot easier when Lydia said it… I froze when I saw him leaning against a locker, casually talking to Erica. The both looked up at my unusual heartbeat which made me even more nervous. Erica smirked and gave me a wink before she walked away, not before making a inappropriate gesture that made me blush. 

Isaac looked at the floor as I approached him, I could see that he was still mad and he had every right to. I was so going to regret this. 

“Okay so, I know I’m probably the last person you want to see right now but you need to listen, okay? Okay. I know what I did was wrong, and I’m sorry for being a bitch but what I said was true. I enjoyed the evening a lot. I didn’t expect that I would, and I didn’t plan on kissing you. But I don’t regret it. And to be honest, I don’t know why you should believe me but everything I said is the truth.”

I fiddled with my hands after finishing my little speech without even taking a breath. It had to sound pathetic to him… I almost jumped when he seperated my hands to intertwine them with his. He smiled down at me which made me grin back like an idiot. This time it was me who stepped on her tiptoes to kiss him, not that Isaac minded. 

“One condition.”, Isaac spoke up after we pulled back. I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion, scared of what he might demand. “You pay the tickets for ‘Catching Fire’”. I couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled up inside me as he continued talking about his new favourite book series. 

“See, I’m not saying Peeta doesn’t love her, I’m just saying Gale and Katniss are made for each other…”


Genetics, Not Choice

A/N: Okay but this was so much fun to write holy crap. Sorry for the Iong plot, but sometimes I enjoy plots instead of pointless fluff. Hope you like it!
Des: You were just kidding around, honestly! But now that the cat’s out of the bag about Papyrus’ famous laugh being a genetic thing. Sans isn’t happy, but you sure as hell are. (Reader Insert)

You had noticed several times, but had never brought it up. The fact that Sans never full-on laughed, loudly or from his stomach never bothered you or gave you much concern. You figured that was just how Sans was. 

It was hard to make him laugh, surprisingly. He enjoyed making other’s laugh, telling stupid jokes or casting out puns every chance he got. If you cracked a joke or one of your friends made a pun, he’d simply chuckle or grin in amusement. 

Sure, a few times he’d strain from bursting out in boisterous laughter, you could tell by the way he bit his non-existent lip. Maybe he was just hard to break. You didn’t know and had never thought about it. You couldn’t deny that it would be great if you could break him, hear him laugh until he was in tears-but you didn’t push.

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Stupid questions for Pagans

I know there’s a lot of different types of paganism but I hope anyone can answer some general questions that I’ve always been confused about.

Have there been any contemporary sightings of the Gods? (I KNOW this is the most stupid question but honestly I’m just so curious)

In Christianity your relationship with God is so personal usually, you can pray and ask for help/things in your life etc. Can pagans do this with their Gods too? Do you chose a specific God? Can you have a personal relationship with them?

What is your relationship with the Gods like? As a Christian my relationship with God is very loving and I guess I don’t imagine the idea of Gods as the same.

Does sin exist in paganism? In what way?

How do you worship the Gods in your life? Are your prayers usually answered?

I know this will vary depending on what type of pagan you are but how does your religion view things such as the creation of the world/humans/good/evil/the end of the world?

Seriously the level of stupidity I see on the Anti-Killing Stalking blog gives me a headache. We get it, you hate it, you hate everything about this comic but your not doing yourself the favor of just ignoring it like most people do! I hate Fifty Shades of Grey but you don’t see me posting every damn post about how much I hate it or LITERALLY DEDICATING AN ENTIRE BLOG about how MUCH YOU DESPISE Killing Stalking. A lot of us fans who like KS understand why you wouldn’t like it, Its understandable, this shit isn’t for everyone and again WE UNDERSTAND, hell most of us could care less whether you like it or not, but dedicating a post about how much you hate it without really knowing the source material or saying how “horrible and evil” or whatever stupid shit you guys tell us the fans even though YOU DON’T KNOW US PERSONALLY doesn’t make you a better person. Honestly when did it become a crime to enjoy something? I don’t see people complain about another person liking Saw, Misery or fucking Tokyo Ghoul or Parasyte yet KS is the one where everyone automatically has to hate on because of the material inside it which again, I UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE WOULDN’T LIKE KILLING STALKING but telling people their homephobes or telling people to kill themselves because they enjoy something makes you no better.

How come every time SU makes any sort of mistake you’ll have loads of people who wanna play it off like its secretly intentional by the shows creators? Like they’re some sort of masterminds?
Over the past year or so I’ve seen this done a lot and it’s really just annoying at this point. Like look, the people behind SU are just a group of your average artists. They make mistakes and that’s fine. Dismissing the mistakes as intentional and misunderstood genius is honestly just stupid.

I think one of my favorite examples of this kind of thing is Steven being really off model. This is probably one of the more annoying ones, considering that I have been vocal about my distaste of Steven’s size inconsistency. Like stated in a previous post of mine, its fine for the characters to be kinda off, as it’s impossible to be 100% accurate, but a lot of the time Steven’s model is just ridiculous. I digress though. One of the main defenses for this common mistake is that Steven is intentionally changing his body shape and looks because he is uncomfortable with his appearance. The only evidence to support this of course is the episode, “Steven’s Birthday”. I’m sorry, but this is honestly just the silliest excuse for a model not looking proper. If Steven’s appearance was that much of a bother to him that it required frequent changes to his looks then the show would have addressed it as something major. It already does this with him feeling useless and having to deal with what his mother left behind, so I would expect the same to be done with something such as this. Even if the show did address this, I’d honestly be unable to excuse it as it’d just come across as a cop out for inconsistent designs.

What’s funny is that I’ve seen this same kind of argument used for other characters in the show. Honestly, the worst one I think I’ve seen has to be people claiming Peridot’s size becoming much smaller as of recent was because of the Earth having a negative effect on her body??? I can’t really see the logic behind that one?

Someone even told me that Rose looking a tad weird in “Storm the Room” was because of the fact Steven couldn’t perceive his own mother accurately enough?

Same goes for inconsistent character behavior. What’s funnier about this one would have to be how I haven’t seen a consistent solid defense for it. It basically always boils down to how the creators are secretly geniuses, prepping for something in the future, it’s too deep to understand, etc.

Overall point here being, SU has its flaws like any other show. It’s dumb to dismiss all its flaws as intentional genius while trying ignoring the criticism it does receive. The shows creators aren’t masterminds that are beyond our plain of comprehension. They animate cartoons all day and make mistakes. That’s it. Nothing else to it. It’s so frustrating to discuss episodes where any time a mistake is pointed out its ignored completely. There’s plenty of stuff in the show to admire and enjoy, just acknowledge the reality of the actual mistakes and then move on.

Anyways, that’s all I have to really say for the time being. Not sure if I have anymore real input on the show as of right now? This is only the second time I’ve been really vocal about my critique of the show.

I just finished watching the episode where Jim and Pam get married and honestly I think I’m gonna throw up. I can’t stop crying. It’s hard to believe a stupid fucking tv show and a stupid fictional couple can fill me with so much happiness 😭😭😭 when he cuts his tie because her veil is torn 😭 how fucking happy and nervous they look in the entire niagara footage like wtf stop smiling so much you idiots 😭 when he says his plan A was to marry her a long long time ago. Pretty much the day he met her 😭😭😭 fuck you ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭

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I'm a fan of the 'toll' and 'smol' ship dynamic so I rlly like jinmin and vmin ☺️💗 jinmin bc of how much fun they have together with jin always trying to make jimin laugh and it's sooo cute and funny; and vmin bc of all the unresolved sexual tension and questionable comments 😊👌💯 (see: jimin implying tae has a big dick?? Like calm down Paul, we know you're thirsty)

yes same here!! it makes everything so much cuter honestly. 

I love jinmin interactions, I just adore how giggly and smiley jimin gets when jin makes stupid jokes. and jin being older/taller than jimin makes it even cuter when they’re together 

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but honestly vmin is perfect. they are so close and they fit together so well. I’m still not over when jimin implied tae is packing. what does he know and how does he know it?? there is so much to question with those two

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but I love it