like honestly he is

*Jimin chosen as most shy member*

Interviewer (to Jimin): aah, so you’re a little bit Introverted?


Namjoon: A little bit but not on stage ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He knows. This boy knows what he does. 

Honestly, y’all need to stop being so salty about Clark appearing stronger than Diana and taking it to mean he is somehow BETTER than her

In comic book land, sometimes a hero is as strong or as fast or as whatever as they need to be.

Having Arthur, Victor AND Diana trying to restrain him, and him holding them off while also perfectly watching Barry moving was to paint a picture of how literally FUCKED they and the rest of the world would be if this Superman actually existed within that world. Can’t drown him, can’t blast him, can’t outrun him, and can’t kill him without kryptonite or by kryptonian hands. Both of which, as it has appeared, are hard to come by.

Its not calling ANY of them weak, it’s showing once again how damn lucky the world is that the Superman is just a guy from Kansas trying to do the right thing.

Matthew Brown

…a questionable faith.

I’m watching BTS’ backstage interview with Zach Sang and the dude is actually asking good questions and making insightful commentary on how BTS’ music transcends borders/languages, and how they write their songs about important topics like being trapped in school and turned into studying machines and Namjoon is just, so visibly surprised and happy to finally be able to talk about their music and lyrics and hopes and dreams?

Like I get that the previous interviews were just the usual dippy gossip rag garbage that comes with the territory of red carpet nonsense and I honestly didn’t expect Entertainment Tonight or Ryan Seacrest or any of them to ask actual questions. I didn’t really expect to see a quality interview until Ellen, James Corden, and Kimmel aired, tbqh, so it’s just nice to see the guys actually getting asked legit, interesting questions about their music and creative process.

Zach actually asked about UNICEF and Namjoon immediately perked right up with delight, like FINALLY the real interview they all wanted and deserved this entire time.


Tyson Hesse is a gift


Sure, the bedroom scene is #iconique, but can we talk about how Keith gives Lance the softest look ever in the middle of a f i g h t??


Eraserhead Week: Smile

It’s not art or writing but i saw the prompt and i couldn’t resist

aizawa shotoro


Cheritz hardcore testing my devotion for this route