like honestly he is


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i’m those people that do believe that tord is the red leader but not gonna lie, i do think its a bit strange since i cant really see tord as a powerful leader. i only believe tord is the red leader because of the evidence from the snogre, the end and wtfuture

honestly, he probably has very small army consisting of like

10 people or some shit

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i dont know how but you've made me actually like brokenstar in some way

djdsifs hes like, obviously one of the worst wc villains to date (his backstory and how he committed his crimes still baffle me like, he’s SERIOUSLY really terrifying and his goals were so horrible that im still wondering how canon plays him off to be so lax)

but i picture him as like, really not giivng a shit. hes probably the oldest in terms of the age he died and he doesnt care nor does he like,,, anyone. he doesnt keep it a secret fnfkgf he’s just this old blind dude that doesnt give a shit

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Hey Prof, who were you before becomming a Zombie and working for Zomboss ? Do you regret your human life ? Do you have ever been a "normal" zombie ? And worked for a past hero ?

“I was a college graduate actually… I died less than a week after I graduated actually, and became a zombie the following day. I didn’t get to live much of my human life honestly, but for what I did live I don’t regret it. But I did die when I was 26… Floof died when he was 17 which honestly breaks my heart to hear… Finally I never worked for any previous heroes, but I was a scientist zombie before I got hit by the herotron.”



Hi I literally don’t want to leave Zora’s Domain for more than like two minutes and I’ll give you three guesses why

(I’m not content with hylian(?)sidon yet his hair looks like a dr pepper but I’ll keep workin on it)



ft. Georgi as the good supportive friend and also as the one who drove them there because no one trusts Viktor with a car anymore


The look of utter horror on Dan Stevens’ face when the journalist said she saw the suit

+ bonus gif


♥‿♥ the lightwood siblings love each other so much and want to make sure everyone is safe and protected at all costs ♥‿♥


hes made of love and sweetness 💌💞💞💟💞💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💕💌💕💕💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💌💕💟💕💞💟💕💌💕💌💕

honestly i’ve never related to matthew daddario and his pettiness more than that time at wondercon where some girls took a picture with him and then asked him who he was and he told them that he’s playing superman in the new superman movie