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rated: t for some… VERY graphic smooching

pairing: ethan nestor/crankgameplays x reader, platonic!teamiplier x reader

word count: 1193 :0 my longest fic lol

request: hey fam!! could I request a teamiplier fanfic with a fem!reader? maybe reader is Mark’s little sister and she’s a part of teamiplier and everybody is like SUPER protective of her, but also pick on her a lot bc of how short she is? and one day she gets too close to dying or something and everybody just stops and realizes how important she is and she expresses that she’s sometimes hurt by the jokes but at the end it’s all fluffy and such? maybe a lil ethan x reader?? thank u!! 

warning: a lil angst, not a lot tbh, a little teasing about height

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 Growing up with Mark, you had always known you were protected and cherished. You never really had to worry about things like not fitting in or not finding friends because he was always there to help. You were grateful endlessly for that.

 But when you met Mark’s friends, you instantly became more grateful.

 They were all so… kind. They were like Mark but different in their own ways. The teased you about how small you were sometimes, which was bound to happen, you knew, but sometimes it hurt a bit. You had gotten a shell to protect you from stupid comments like that but at times it became a bit too much. Besides that, Amy was beautifully friendly, Kathryn was someone you knew you could always rely on, Tyler was like another brother to the family, and Ethan…

 Oh, Ethan. He was something else entirely.

 When you two first met - which was a little after you had met the rest of the gang - you hit it off immediately. There was something about him that made you instantly want to grow close to him. Maybe it was his friendly smile that brightened up the shine behind his eyes or maybe it was how carefree yet knowing he seemed to be or maybe it was his laugh. Maybe it was all of the above.

 Nonetheless, a few months into knowing each other, you were dating. You half expected Mark to have the “if you hurt my sister, you’re dead,” talk with Ethan, but as far as you could tell, it never happened. When you asked Mark about it, he said “It’s not like I really need to worry. Sure, it’s kinda weird to see my friend and sister together, but he’s a good guy and I know he wouldn’t hurt you willingly.”

 And things have been going smoothly ever since.

 Mark offered you to stay in LA and occasionally help with big film projects or a lot of editing and you did, happy to be of help. You usually helped with editing - you got the hang of it after a few weeks - when Ethan and Kathryn had their own things to take care of.

 Which leads to now - you had been working non-stop for at least forty-eight hours, living off of coffee and poptarts. Maybe if you proved you could work hard, if you proved that you could get things done, they’d stop teasing you. You hoped they just assumed you stayed a little later and came a little earlier to the office every morning.

 “Y/N, morning,” you heard Mark say through a break in between songs. You take off your headphones and offer a smile that you hope doesn’t look tired, although you’re sure the bags under your eyes claim otherwise.

 “You okay? Tired?” he asks, and you nod.

 “Just haven’t been able to sleep, I guess.” You say.

 Amy comes in with Kathryn next, then Tyler, and finally Ethan. You take a break from what you’re working on to say hello and greet Ethan with a kiss on the cheek. You have to stand on your toes, and the guys tease you, both from the greeting and how small you are once again, but you roll your eyes.

 You’re talking for a while before you start to feel really tired, moreso than the past few days. And dizzy - you shouldn’t have stood up so fast. You blink a few times before your eyes close completely and you feel yourself falling. ‘Just a dream,’ you think, recalling all the times you had slumped a little more in your bed from falling in a dream.

 But then you hear a distant call of your name and arms catch you and know it’s not a dream, although you want to be dreaming based on how little sleep you’ve gotten.

 There are more calls of your name and someone says to get some water and you shake your head. “No, just five minutes and I’ll get back to work, promise,” you murmur, and there’s silence for a while.

 Someone gently shakes you and you open your eyes to see everyone hovering over you, worried expressions on their faces. Amy’s holding a glass of water and Ethan’s to your right, holding your hand. Mark’s on your left and he’s softly helping you sit up.

 You take the water Amy’s holding and sip, then take the glass away from your lips. “Did I pass out?” You ask, and everyone nods.

 “How long have you been working?” Mark demands, holding his hand to your forehead to check your temperature.

 “Mark, it’s nothing, I’m fine-”

 “You’re not fine, you passed out. How long have you been working? Have you taken any breaks?”

 You pause, then look down in worry. “I’ve been working at least two days without any breaks except to get coffee and snacks.” You tell everyone, then adding, “I just wanted to show you guys that even though I’m small I can do things on my own, okay? I get a little hurt sometimes.”

 No one says anything and Mark looks at Ethan, stern. The Big Brother™ look is on his face and you don’t know if you’re tired enough to hallucinate but you swear you see flames burning in his eyes. Ethan gulps visably and you hold in a giggle despite how dizzy you still are.

 “Take her home, get her to sleep. Don’t do anything else.” Mark says, and Ethan just nods, looking at you with a smile. “Let’s get you up,” he says, holding your hand to pull you up. Neither of you let go once you’re up and you mutter a goodbye and an apology to everyone, which is when Amy speaks up.

“We should be apologizing. If we hadn’t been teasing you so much you wouldn’t have felt the need to push yourself as much as you did. This one’s on us, just go and get some rest, okay?” She says, and you’re so happy that everyone looks at you in worry, because you know they care. You nod and walk out of the room (but not before hearing Amy and Kathryn scold Mark and Tyler).

 Ethan drives you to your apartment and you unlock the door, stumbling inside. He helps you to your room and lays you down, draping the covers over you. He’s about to leave when you speak up from your half-asleep state. “Ethan?” you ask, voice muffled by the blankets and pillows.

 “Yeah,” he replies, and you open your eyes a little to see he’s by the door. You close them again, not finding the strength to keep them open.


 You hear nothing for a moment, and then he sighs - a light one, one that’s meant to sound annoyed but it really sounds grateful - and you hear his shoes hit the floor until it’s close to you. You hear two thumps on the ground, his shoes, and then Ethan huddles under the covers with you, an arm around you to pull you closer.

 “Night,” you whisper, curving into his chest.

 “Night, Y/N,” and you feel a kiss on the top of your head before you fall asleep.

Patater Week - Day 7

Feb. 12- Adopting a Pet Together (Bonus points for including Kit!) - 1.5K

Kimmy’s sitting outside the pet shop, fenced in with two other volunteers and about fifteen puppies when the 6’4 guy with the Falconer’ cap comes up to her.

“Puppy for sale?” he asks, his accent thick. European, Kimmy guesses, but she’s pretty bad at pinpointing these kinds of things. He’s pointing at the wriggling ball of fur in her lap, gnawing at a plastic bone.  

“Adoption,” Kimmy says, then cradles the puppy as she stands. “Would you like to hold him?”

“Can I?” the man asks, sounding pleasantly surprised as he sets down his groceries.

“Sure,” Kimmy says. This particular puppy hasn’t really been catching the attention of families throughout the day. He’s a little plain, Kimmy supposes, and shy around strangers. “Just kind of hold him with two hands—there you go.”

The man is astonishingly gentle when she transfers the puppy to him, and the dog looks comically small in his hands. The man’s eyes are twinkling, and he holds the dog close to his chest, kissing it on the head very lightly as he murmurs in Russian.

“His name’s Kenny,” Kimmy says. “We found him in a box downtown, along with a couple others. They’ve all had their shots, gotten fixed, microchipped, it’s all included in the adoption fees.”

“His name Kenny?” the man grins, like there’s a joke behind that. 

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  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

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hey sorry your anxiety is fucking with you :( maybe as a distraction you could do you top 5 malkin pics/gifs? if you feel like it!

hi, thanks :) it sucks but i’ll push through it. i’ll probably go to bed early or something but yeah top geno gifs sounds like a great idea. lets go:


this gif is honestly something special and i’ll never get over it (also i lov his lil wonky nostrils, why? idk)


shit this gif of him looking at sid, man it fucks me up every time


holy shit


just… what the ever loving fuck


my fav smiley boy

and finally

honourable mentions because honestly he’s a complete dork


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sTeReK 15?

Sterek, The Way You Said “I Love You”

#15 Loud, so everyone can hear

“Because I love you!” Stiles shouts, and then immediately sucks in a hard breath, eyes bulging wide in horror and disbelief. Did he really just…

Derek’s own eyes go wide as well, though the rest of his face remains carefully frozen. Scott looks like he swallowed a bug. So yep, Stiles really just. He did that. In front of basically everyone he knows.

“I mean.” He starts and stops. His dad’s got an unimpressed eyebrow raised in his direction. Cora looks like she’s fighting back mean laughter. This is not the direction any of them probably expected this newest argument between Stiles and Derek to go, but none of them seem exactly shocked by it. 

Except for Derek.

“Okay, so.” Stiles shakes it off and launches back in on the topic at hand. “Tabling that embarrassing outburst for the time being, I’m still right and Derek still shouldn’t be the one who plays bait for this asshole.”

“Why, because you just can’t bear to live without him?” Isaac smirks, rolling his eyes.

Stiles grits his teeth and digs his fingers into his thighs to keep from punching the douchebag. “Because the warlock is expecting it. We need the element of surprise on our side here, and Derek playing martyr yet again won’t give us that.”

The group easily falls back into battle planning mode then, and even if they don’t necessarily forget Stiles’ heated confession, they’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment and they all know it. Derek included, who shakes his head minutely when Stiles starts talking, and then pipes up with an idea for a new plan as though nothing ever happened. 

Stiles is outwardly grateful for Derek’s composure, but internally bereft. He can feel a hollow point in the center of his chest appear and slowly grow.

Later, when the blood has been shed, and the bad guy has been slain, and Scott is offering up his Hallmark card platitudes to those who need it as they shuffle their way towards a shower and a bed. Later, when they’ve all somehow survived another life-or-death go around with another big bad and don’t have the energy to wonder if the next one will finally be their last one…

Later. Derek falls into step beside Stiles, and asks, without looking at him, “Did you mean it?”

Stiles rolls his shoulders and stuffs his hands firmly into his pockets. He lets his eyes obsess over the grooves in the battered blacktop they’re walking across to get to their respective vehicles. “Don’t ask stupid questions, Derek.”

“Don’t tell me you’re in love with me in the middle of a fight then.”

Stiles stops walking and turns on him, throwing his arms out into the air uselessly. “Fine! Shit. I’m sorry, alright? What do you want from me?”

Derek purses his lips thoughtfully for a moment. Then bites down on the tiniest of smiles and steps forward, into Stiles’ personal space. “I just wish I had been brave enough to say it first is all.”

Stiles blinks. Forgets how to breathe. Blinks again. “Wait. What?”

Derek shrugs one shoulder and pretends to study his shoes while unsubtly inching even closer. “I’m just saying. We should probably take turns with the romantic declarations, or I’ll never actually get the chance to tell you I love you too.”

Either Stiles passed out at some point or this is a very crass prank. 

But Derek takes his hand then and holds it like it’s sacred. Like it’s normal

“Holy shit, pinch me,” Stiles whispers.

Derek winks, and looks like a complete dork while he does it. “Maybe later.”

Stiles has never been more in love with him.

The Aftermath Addendums


Dear Diary,


It seems he had an accident with a bottle of Nair (ooh lala, does that mean my minou is smooth under all that leather?and now I am the proud owner of a hairless Chat! I was trying not to laugh but he looked SO ridiculous- like One-Punch Man cosplaying cat-woman!!! 

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a little pic in the miraculous ladybug blindshipping au

yuugi has the biggest crush on the prince but atem at this point only has eyes for his partner. mostly. atem does think yuugi’s pretty cute tho. on the other hand, ladybug thinks that his cat is a huge fucking dork that flirts WAY too much.

my favorite thing about this is that i know eijun wont let miyuki live down the fact that he, the fussy one about eijun getting injured, got injured himself BEFORE eijun like miyuki could go full mother hen now on eijun ‘stop running already ur gonna get injured’ but then eijun would be all ‘hOW DO I KNOW UR NOT INJURED CAP?? HMM?? HMMMM????’ im pretty sure this is one of eijun’s go-to teasing remarks to miyuki now as to miyuki calling him bakamura pfft i love these dorks

I really love that the fact that during the final boss of Splatoon 1 a bunch of octarians like Marina happened to hear the squid sister’s show and some were so moved it “Changed their lives” like some just collectively went:
holy shit??!?


which lead to Marina becoming a pop star, and probably a local legend where she lived. Like all the other octarians are so proud of her achieving her dreams and being on the surface on the big screen.

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I hope Matt (stays) is still like a super huge dork, even tho that single screenshot we've seen, he's all badass and ready to fight and looks like he's learned to fight and defend himself. I hope we get him back, keep him, and he's a complete nerd loser.

hell yeah my dude its canon that he loves space and i mean he went to a Space School and hes related to pidge so hes GOTTA be a huge nerd

I kind of went into a huge messy headcanon post by accident when answering this because i got excited so…….if u want….here r my matt/shatt hcs:

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Hia! Could you do headcanons for the guys realizing they love their s/o whe their s/o just does something absolutely dorky like tripping and getting up only to trip again, or laughing so hard that they violently snort. And the guys are just like "Holy shit I'm in love with this fucking dork" thank you I love your blog


It’s going to be over something like S/O tripping over their feet from trying to race Scout. The realization is gonna smack him like a pile of bricks. Seeing his S/O on the ground, laughing at their own clumsiness, that would just get Scout’s heart pumping faster than a Bonk caffeine rush. The realization that, hey wow he’s in love with this person would be a huge wake up call to Scout to start taking his relationship seriously if he wants to keep S/O.


Soldier’s love for his S/O would definitely be realized on the battlefield. No doubt it’d be over a S/O making a morbid pun relating to minced body parts. Soldier isn’t one for witty word play, but seeing his S/O covered in the blood of the enemy and giggling at their own joke is enough to get his heart pounding!


Pyro at one point would catch their S/O snuggling it up with Balloonicorn. They look so peaceful and adorable sleeping with Pyro’s beloved stuffed animal! Pyro would not be able to resist giving their S/O a quick kiss on the forehead. And in that moment - Pyro realizes they really like-like someone.


Demo realizes his love from witnessing his S/O in their hangover. Demo would be doing the aftercare after all, sobering up for S/O’s sake. He would be there to cook breakfast (he isn’t so bad at scrambling some eggs), massaging his lover’s back, and pulling back their hair when they need to vomit. It was surprisingly…nice! The relevation that there’s something deeper going on between him and another human being is just enough to literally make his head spin.


He catches his S/O wearing his construction hat, after spending half an hour searching for it. Seeing them childishly trying the hard hat for size - it was ridiculously oversized too, covering half of their face! - has Engie realize how much he wanted - no, needed S/O to be his. 


Sometimes, Heavy’s S/O asks him to tutor them the Russian language. Heavy is more than happy to oblige. He is incredibly patient with his lover, despite them stumbling over grammar and mispronouncing many words. But Heavy absolutely falls in love when he hears his S/O attempt to say to him in Russian, “I love you with all my heart.” (They nearly ended up saying, “I love bear meat with my soul”, but it was still enough to make his heart melt.)


Medic discovers his S/O’s lack of domestic skills, when he finds a trove of his missing laundry missing over a week ago. But his lab coats are pink. Sheepishly, S/O finally confesses that they may have accidentally threw in Medic’s surprise gift - a hot pink sweater - among his pile of dirty laundry in the washer. Thus, a laundry disaster. Seeing his S/O so flustered kinda just flipped a switch in Medic where he finally realizes “well shit, i can live with this dorky person for the rest of my life.” (He spends an entire month parading both the pink sweater and lab coats.)


Sniper is already an awkward dork by himself. Combine that with his sometimes dorky S/O, and there are more adorable encounters bound to happen. And it just so happens S/O discovered Sniper’s weak point - his ticklish armpits. They get into playful tickling fights sometimes. It gets so rough one day, S/O nearly falls downstairs. Sniper tries to stop them, but ends up falling down with them. They land at the bottom, unhurt. S/O is tight and safe in Sniper’s strong arms. They both lie there, kind of stunned and looking at each other. Also, Sniper just didn’t want to move. He just couldn’t help but marvel at the fact that ‘i actually have a human being in my arms who wants to be with me.’


He decides to visit his S/O earlier than initially planned, after all, there should be spontaneity in a relationship. He buys a bouquet, gets some jewelry, and a plane ticket. Spy arrives at S/O’s place - but finds they’re not home. Asking around, he discovers they already left a day ago. Spy immediately jumps to the worse conclusion - were they visiting some secret lover? Tense, he calls S/O for the fifth time - and they finally pick up. It turns out, S/O and Spy both left their homes to visit each other for a surprise. Spy collapses into chuckles, then snorts over the phone. God, he’s done it now, hasn’t he? If he’s totally willing to travel through an airport twice a day for a person, maybe he has deeper feelings for them more than he’s willing to admit.

can u imagine young jesse mccree though??? like
this kid joined a GANG at an extremely young age, and before the age of 17 grew into such a good sharpshooter that Blackwatch commander Gabriel fucking Reyes saw his potential and took him in? like, not to mention this INSANE bounty the kid has on him, and he’s still this huge fucking dork who would play pranks on people and charm everyone within a 10 mile radius??? LIKE?????? GIVE HIM SOME APPRECIATION PLEASE THIS KID WAS SO FUCKIN TALENTED AT A YOUNG AGE AND HE STILL HAS HIS SPIRIT AND AMBITION WITH HIM DESPITE WHAT HES BEEN THROUGH!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! i love jesse fucking mccree


I made some really awesome tumblr friends

Best advice
Super chill
Really fun to talk to
has the best ideas
me if i had common sense 
Overall 1000/10 friend I love them so much (no hetero tho) thank you for putting up with my screaming and listening to my issues you dont know how much that means. Plus you are a huge inspiration 
TL:DR: Would fuck a stick if it could consent And he does

New friend!!!
Super chill
literally so positive like???
My actual Mother
Overall Blue Ribbon Friend. You are so sweet and chill and like offered to help me on my homework like what kind of angel are you holy fuck. Lets not even get started on their amazing art. Plus you like cows how good can it get.

TL:DR: Would hug a cow over a person

Slut for Cervines
Extremely cool (lies youre a dork)
Chaotic Nuetral
420/69 Okay but like if you ever need someone to talk about weird shit with. This guy. Like you are honestly a cutie and soooo tall too. How do you do that. All the memes and super gay

TD:DR: Would kiss their boyfriend while looking you dead in the eye

New friend also!!!!
Same person
100% Fallen angel. We have alot of the same interests and issues and holy hell youre rad??? Best person to fuck a priest with like HMU I love you. You are really cool and like we should hang out lots omg 

TL:DR: Would fuck you in a monastery 

Could you do the guys with a s/o who doesn't really like to show much affection? And maybe if it isn't too much how'd they react when their s/o shows some form of affection? (like kissing / hugging / ect. ) Thanks and sorry for bothering you!

It’s no trouble, anon! I hope that it’s ok!! If you want anything changed, let me know~

- Mod Angie

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“Thank you guys so much, from the bottom of our hearts!“

(But, serious, holy shit. I never thought I’d get ten followers, let alone over one hundred! Thank you all so much! Every like, reblog, follow, ask, and even cute tag has made my day. I am so grateful to all of you for enjoying my content and spreading it, I love you all! I hope this blog will continue to run and I can draw these dorks for a long long time. Thank you all for remaining so sweet and positive, especially with the current toxicity going on in the fandom! You guys are what keep me here! Thank you, again, from the bottom of my heart 💕)

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I imagine that Stone Face Tyler, Dark, and CC have a very… "strained" relationship what with CC occasionally glitching out, and Stone Face being a protector/partly the reason Dark is cursed.


Monolith(Stone face Tyler) and Dark used to be friends a very long time ago before having to seal Dark away. And considering Dark is the reason that things went wrong for monolith, He’d rather have Dark completely destroyed rather than killed if he could even figure out how.

As for CC. Its not just the glitching, its EVERYTHING about him. Monolith is about universal balance and order. To him, it doesn’t matter how “pure” CC’s soul is. He’s a goddamn abomination. If he was just a metal golem done correctly, he would be scum, but at least it would be the way it was suppose to be. He could just wipe him off the map or consider him just another dark monster on the universal scale. But CC as he is now? He doesn’t know what to make of him and its uncomfortable and wrong. 

I just want Monolith to meet Anti and Anti is just like “holy shit, DARK was the jokester friend? Darkiplier. WOOOOOOW. You really bring home the meaning of stone face, don’t ya buddy?”
“….I am capable of humor. I am only uninterested in amusing you.”
“Oh yeah sure, I bet you’re a hoot at parties. I would love to get your ass drunk.”

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i headcanon jake as heterochromatic and he thinks its really ugly because it's a mutation until michael shrieks "YOU COULD BE IN XMEN" and jake has never covered his face smiling like a dork that hard until that very moment

Holy shit heterochromatic jake is so good??? Ive always loved the idea if him w heterochromia but the kind where like, maybe half of his left eye is brown or something. Everyone loves it n thinks he looks super sick