like holy shit i love these dorks

  • Yurio: Dude if you like someone just fucking tell them.
  • Otabek: What if that person doesn’t feel the same way?
  • Yurio: Holy shitballs that person will. Try and practice with me.
  • Otabek: I-I’m in love with you and you changed my life. You are my muse, my inspiration and I’d like nothing more than to spend the rest of my life by your side. I would work hard for the rest of my life to make sure you wake up smiling every morning.
  • Yurio: Sappy as balls but good job. Go tell that person now. Woot.
  • Otabek: I just did.

can u imagine young jesse mccree though??? like
this kid joined a GANG at an extremely young age, and before the age of 17 grew into such a good sharpshooter that Blackwatch commander Gabriel fucking Reyes saw his potential and took him in? like, not to mention this INSANE bounty the kid has on him, and he’s still this huge fucking dork who would play pranks on people and charm everyone within a 10 mile radius??? LIKE?????? GIVE HIM SOME APPRECIATION PLEASE THIS KID WAS SO FUCKIN TALENTED AT A YOUNG AGE AND HE STILL HAS HIS SPIRIT AND AMBITION WITH HIM DESPITE WHAT HES BEEN THROUGH!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!! i love jesse fucking mccree

All’s Fair in Love and Pokemon

Pairing: Nalu

Summary: The best love stories start with a, “HOLY SHIT DON’T SHOOT ME!” Fairy Tail Pokemon GO Nalu AU.

AN: For @wordsofawitheringwriter–HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWIN!!!! You are actual sunshine and I only wish I could give you more; I hope you had a wonderful birthday! I hope you like a lil Nalu fluff and dorks. And to the rest of you: YES I’M ALIVE AND I STILL WRITE THINGS. :P



Lucy, as a true author at heart, had planned for this. For this action scene in which the intruder would slink into her house and she’d have to use her stealth and wits to stay alive in a dash about a dark, cold manor. But all the consideration about how she’d spray the burglar in the face with a fire extinguisher and then hit them over the head with it did not prepare her for the real thing.

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So the ever fabulous @nippaaah finished up a commission for me featuring Modern AU Teth and Cullen. I’m so in love with how it turned out <3

Look at those two nerds.

One day Ladybug is out just running around/patrolling/etc

She accidentally stumbles across a photoshoot that Adrien is doing

The photographer is like “Bro you are so sad but that is not the goal of this picture please actually try to be happy.”

And then the crew sees Ladybug in the proximity and everyone gets excited

And Adrien is so expressive holy shit like the love of his life is right there!

And the photographer notices this and wonders how he can use this to his advantage

Then he sees Ladybug blush for some reason when she sees Adrien?

And then the photographer realizes wait like both teens are having an obvious emotional response to each other and also Ladybug and Adrien Agreste together? Holy shit!

So then he forces Ladybug to be in the photoshoot for whatever it is they’re shooting for

(I know photoshoots irl probably don’t work like this but whatever~)

and there are really cute pictures of these two dorks

(the photographer knows this will be a famous advertisement)

and there are breaks and the weird awkwardness of Ladybug suddenly being forced into this and what not kind of relieves the tension and they start laughing and start making some small talk

Ladybug is like “holy shit Adrien is so nice to talk to”

and Adrien is like “wow this is a side of Ladybug I haven’t seen as Chat Noir”

and when they both leave, both teens are both kinda hesitant because that was just an amazing experience

and they go to their respective homes and are just on cloud freaking nine once they process what happened

then one night Adrien is hanging out in his bedroom and hears a tap on his window

and it’s Ladybug

Chapter 424

This chapter be hittin’ you with a tsunami of feels…

Continuing with their journey to reunite the guild, or favourite teams stops by the aptly named Rainfall Village to look for a certain rain woman. Happy’s being a cute dork like usual, and don’t think I don’t notice the heart between Natsu and Lucy, Mashima.

When Juvia notices the team off in the distance, her mind immediately wanders elsewhere (glad to see she hasn’t changed that much).

I love the top panel of Natsu stopping Juvia so much. It’s cute!~

Juvia collapses with a fever and is rushed to her home. There, Juvia admits that she and Gray used to live alone together, while looking smugly at Lucy.


We get to see what Gray and Juvia have been up to over the past year. Juvia reveals some rather *ahem* information, although it turns out to be false.


Uhmmm… so Gray really is half demon now or something? I’m willing to bet his demon slaying magic is beginning to take over. And that was when Gray left Juvia.

I’m so, so glad that this has been brought up again. Natsu and Lucy’s current situation shouldn’t just be a topic left to rot. This is something that needs to be resolved. And the fact that this has now been brought up twice, it could foreshadow some sort of fight or fall out between the two.

Also, look at Natsu’s face. He knows. He knows he hurt Lucy by leaving, and judging by his face he definitely feels guilty over it. Neither of them know how to confront their problem yet; give them time and maybe they can work up the courage to speak to one another about.

Like I said, this has now been brought up twice. If Mashima keeps on referencing it, then it’s more or less going to lead to some big conflict.

But fear not, Juvia is here to light-heartedness on all of the angst…

Juvia is speaking for the Nalu fandom right here.

Fucking cutie.

So everyone’s heading to Sabertooth next? It’s not mentioned why they’re heading to Sabertooth next, but Natsu is good at sensing danger. I think Sabertooth is in some sort of danger, that could perhaps lead to the untimely death of Frosche. You all remember that, right?

And here we meet our official villains of the arc, I’m guessing they’re just called the Avatars or something? Have they mastered all 4 elements?

And here’s their new member…

O H   F U C K   N O

My conclusion: This chapter was like the lovechild of a ‘cute chapter’ and a ‘WTF WAS THAT chapter’. Seriously, with all of the Nalu and Gruvia feels combined with everything else that went on in the chapter (still in shock over Gray), is it really that surprising?

I did really like this chapter though. It showed us how Juvia and Gray have been doing over the past year, even if this Gray has joined an enemy guild. I refuse to believe that he has any bad intentions from it though. My highest bet is that he’s working undercover to gather more information on E.N.D.

Bechloe fics be like
  • Beca is an awkward dork that is utterly hypnotized by Chloe who is the most perfect and amazing person in the universe
  • Chloe is secretly pining after a clueless Beca for years until something happens and Beca goes “Holy shit I am in love with my best friend. Does she feel the same way?
  • Beca is the gayest gay to have ever gayed and makes Stacie look celibate until she meets Chloe and then she has only eyes for her
  • Pure smut
  • Pure fluff

not what he seems: HOLY SHIT stan’s brother looks like a sTONE COLD BADASS

a tale of two stans: o so he was a little bit of a nerd when he was young ok, kind of an asshole as an adult tho. >:/

dungeons, dungeons, and more dungeons: this fucking dork, this loser, this kING DWEEB, i love this fucking NERD

i attended a wedding today and naturally I started imagining a kakasaku wedding so here goes  

  • no walking down the aisle for sakura, she runs and nearly throws herself next to kakashi, bouncing happily 
  • holy shit the height difference b/w them
  • kakashi is an awful dork so during the exchange of rings he’s unsure if it’s the kiss-the-bride moment. so he just stares at sakura like a deer in headlights until she grabs him by the shoulders n smashes her lips to his (the audience loves it)   
  • kakashi picks up on the moment rly quick n sweeps sakura off her feet n kisses her for a long 5 seconds 
  • as she’s giving her thankyous to everyone, sakura gets rly teary n emotional and kakashi wipes her tears with a tissue, except he accidentally pokes her in the eye and she smacks him on the bicep, hard, which causes her to stop crying n start laughing rly loudly @ his pained expression
  • they get mobbed by their ecstatic friends as they walk down the aisle. kakashi gets attacked by gai and genma and sakura is overwhelmed with a screeching ino and tenten 
  • kakashi’s not a social butterfly at all so he keeps icha icha in his tux pocket n constantly gets pulled around by sakura to take photos
  • they have like 57 kids n grow old together n kakashi never fails to kiss sakura good morning when he’s around :^)

One night, around 3AM, Bahorel gets uber peckish but can’t find anything in his cupboards so he drags his ass down to the convenient store. So he’s there, choosing which flavour of doritos he’s going to clog his arteries with when he notices the cashier is getting mugged.

He’s ready to intervene but the cashier headbutts the mugger who runs away and Bahorel is just standing there like HOLY SHIT THAT WAS EVERY FLAVOUR OF HOT and the cashier is unphased, just “did you need anything?” “Er yeah, coffee when your shift ends maybe?!”

That’s how he met Feuilly

TheLastpilot presents “One sentence summaries- Rainy Days

you ever want a vague unhelpful summary? I got you bro

Chapter 1- The fucking rain god damn it I hate the rain

Chapter 2- Update: Rain might not be as bad as previously stated

Chapter 3- Holy Bee oh my god

Chapter 4- I want to go see you because you’re sick but maybe that’s not the only reason… and i’m not really sure how to deal with that

Chapter 5- Two dorks being adorable and taking care of each other

Chapter 6- Bookstore ‘date’

Chapter 7- Shit i think i like Marinette but also Ladybug is comiNG OVER WHY

Chapter 8- Ladrien, spooky dreams, and adorable walking to school

Chapter 9- TENSION TENSION INJURIES MARI NO OH GOD holy freaking oh my god I think I know who ladybug is

Chapter 10- It’s too early to say love but I know this could never be anything else… so let me hold you for a little while and let the heavens drown out the city

blueminuet  asked:

Omg I am in love with the modern fantasy stuff you just posted like holy shit. The part where you mentioned bilbo getting the leather jacket I was just like WHAT IF THAT HAPPENS IN PLACE OF THE MITHRIL SCENE. Like Thorin gives him the jacket like "you're one of the gang now" and maybe it's lined with mithril or something so it bulletproof idk. BUT JUST THORIN GIVING BILBO A LEATHER JACKET AS A ROMANTIC GESTURE OMG WHAT A DORK


Even better, Bilbo still getting the same mithril shirt (only it’s friggin rarer because it’s been even LONGER that Moria’s been lost to the dwarves) and it’s the same scene and Thorin explains that this ancient shirt is even proof against bullets. And then he gets this SUPER NERVOUS fidgety look and gives Bilbo HIS LEATHER COAT which is way too big and he’s like “wear that until we can get you one of your own” and it’s just so…so gay.

Also laughing because they’re not technically a gang (I imagine only Thorin and his nephews have the “sons of durin” jackets with dwarvish stylized embroidery of Erebor and raven wings) but Bilbo is convinced for MONTHS.

His only regret is he has no real friends he can text so he’s constantly texting Gandalf even if Gandalf is RIGHT THERE.

‘Gandalf this is a GANG you got me kidnapped by a motorcycle gang!!!!’

'Nonsense Bilbo they’re just a company with a similar interest in motorcycles. Dwarves in general are quite fond of them’


Oh my god I am so happy!

So the amazing Lychgate drew mine and Vinny’s oc’s and I could cry they look awesome!
(Also they got this done for me in a day so like holy shit right???)

Kismet the undercut loser is my OC 

And Skoll the long haired metal dork is his big bara boyfriend, he is Vinny’s OC

Good look at it I love it oh my god

(Also Kismet in a tshirt looks so goofy and perfect like jesus you fucking lame ass nerd)

Here’s an itemized list of 30 years of disagreements things I love about this smol bean 

  1. His ears *unintelligent squeaking* 
  2. Curlssss for dayssss
  4. Fashion sense I mean just looook
  5. When he smiles/laughs it’s with his whole entire being I feel so at peace
  6. Has voice like a soft caress of the spine 
  7. Dance moves are 💯
  9. Is hashtag prince/king/queen/princess
  10. Probably an angel
  11. Have I mentioned the curls yet?
  12. Cause def the curls
  14. Loves his mom
  15. Is a smol dork and likes boy bands
  16. He puts his hair up….and then he lets it down
  17. Got into theater by accident like hOW TF
  18. The fact that he is so down to earth and so bubbly and nice and I can’t handle how cute he is when he talks to fans or in interviews he’s so humble like I physically can’t handle this man I am stressed about it

I am honestly so proud of Gajeel and the way that he has developed. He went from hating the world and everyone in it, to being the big dork who actually cares about his friends, and is learning to love. And now he is getting a spend off??? Like holy shit, I can’t believe that this was a man that I hated with all of my heart and soul. Now he is my son and I couldn’t be more proud of him