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Golly - I like your face

This is a follow up to Can I Kiss You.


“I like your face.”

Holly has to pick her jaw off the floor before she can speak. “Really? That is what she said to you?”

Gail smiles as she replays the memory of her wife Elena’s first ever words to her. “I know. I was surprised too.”

Genuine laughter floods out of Holly that she is unable to control, and the joyous but familiar sound hits Gail like a freight train. She has missed that laugh, she realizes. Missed laughing with her, at her, but mostly with her. They were always good at that part, the laughing.

“I can’t believe that line worked on you,” Holly says as her hand finds its way to Gail’s thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Mmm,” Gail hums, acutely aware of the warm fingers caressing her leg. She knows Holly doesn’t mean anything by it, that it’s not a come on, but it doesn’t stop the butterflies from buzzing around in her stomach; it’s been a while since she has felt the fluttering. It’s good to know that Holly can still cause butterflies. Placing her wine glass on the coffee table, Gail reminds herself that she can do this, that she wants to do this. That she needs to stay in the moment. “Well, she did say it in Italian, so…”

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