like hnnng i can't

So, is it canon that Chase’s warrior cats are synced to their master? Not just in a “servant” kind of way or a telepathic way, but like what if they’re directly affected by his thoughts and feelings. And we all know Chase is angry and repressed. But what if eventually he gets a bit more comfortable with the idea of Jack being around, so his warriors start treating him a lot better, but Chase doesn’t understand why they won’t attack him anymore when he commands them to, or why they’re letting Jack play with them and pet them, and it pisses him off to no end.

So like, the Warriors don’t just follow verbal or signal commands, they are directly linked to Chase’s inner psyche and subconscious, so they are still forced to do what he wants, even when Chase himself doesn’t know what he wants. And Jack and cats is cute. V. cute and I love.

Has this post been made already? Link me, I have the worst memory in existence.