like his soul lives in me ok

♥GLORIA_Hampstead Theatre

I’m alive.
I survived.
My soul is at peace now. I saw Colin Morgan a few meters from me… live, during his performance, saw how wonderful he is and how he’s great as an actor. Well, all the actors were so brilliant!!! The whole play was so wonderful!
But when he got up on stage my heart dropped on the floor…
It’s not like to see him on pc, on tv, it was really a big emotion! He’s wonderful….. ok, and a lovely dollophead because he didn’t come out for autographs but anyway I’m so happy!!! 
Go to see his play, really!!! He’s so beautiful! 

thank you @elokid per avermi convinta ad andare a vedere Gloria ♥

Dylan Klebold As A Boyfriend

-Has sweaty hands around you always
-Mentally prepares himself when talking with you bc he doesn’t want something to come out the wrong way
-Gets comfortable around you pretty fast bc he genuinely likes your personality and how open you are to his feelings and thoughts
-Is v flirty with you in private like omg he’s a Virgo and they’re shy but like damn he can be flirty too it’s unbelievable 😂
-Rests his arm on your head ALWAYS
-Drives you to school sometimes, bc he sleeps in late
-Takes you to the stores bc he wanted to buy you something
-Watches out for you in the commons bc at lunch time tons of jocks or just rude people in general tend to bully more often there
((Imagine going to lunch and the halls are filled with student scrambling to leave for a smoke and lunch and all you see is Dylan’s head poking from the crowd and he spots you first before you can and he just stares at you and yall make eye contact and it’s just hilarious bc you laugh at Dylan just peepin at you while you make your way to him an gah it’s FUNNY IN MY HEAD OK))
-Dylan making you origami when you get sad and you opening them up to find a cute little love note for you to read
-Him not being that good at planning dates so you guys just stay in, or go bowling or out for a ride
-Him sleeping over your house a lottttt
-You two failing some classes together and both of you helping each other out
-Staying late shift nights with him at BlackJacks just so he won’t be lonely lol cute
-Ruffling your hairrrrr omg
-Looking down at you and him chuckling to himself bc he knows you don’t notice
-Hugs are always the best, and you always putting your hands in his trench coat and laughing bc the pockets are too big
-Tippy toed kissing fails OR if you’re like around his height having the cutest kisses either way they cute tbh.
-Him holding your thigh when he drives
-Winking at you bc he’s cheeky; y'all woulda thought he was this shy hard to get to know dude but he’s really flirty and hilarious and just always knows how to please you
-Makes funny faces at you when you stare at him for too long and he notices
-“So how’s about we go for pizza later? And then we can go back to my place or yours if you’d like… *scratches the back of his neck and looks down* and umm like watch your favorite movie this time… because I know we always watch one of my favorite movies and I want to watch whatever you want to watch this time.. yeah.?”
-Practically lets you keep his flannels and shirts bc he caught you in his room last time in his closet trying his clothes on 😭😂
-Makes you mixtapes and lets you read his love notes to you
-Always blushingggggg
-Very overprotective even though he suffers in silence when he gets jealous
-Observent to the max and never fails to know when something is wrong with you
-Always asking for your opinion
-“Y/n, what’s your take on life & death?”
“Death=Life, we are energy and we are constant, and we live on even after we are "dead” our souls never die we are immortal"
-Lots of kisses when in the car and is actually very touchy
((ALRIGHT THIS IS MY TAKE ON HOW DYLAN WOULD BE A BF DONT ROAST ME OK MY MELANCHOLIC POETIC HOMEBOY WASNT A FOLLOWER AND it Was his Responsibility as well for what he did I DONT CONDONE! but for those that blame Eric like come on dude for real? We gon look at Dylan like he some type an angel like Nah yes he was romantic & poetic and wanted love but he also had this anger inside him he couldn’t control enough, & shit just has to happen in order for things to reveal themselves but anyways PEACE & BLESSINGS YALL! Thanks for reading requests are always welcome!! )))

ok so i woke up from a nap that made me unbelievably more tired than i was beforehand, but during that soul-sucking sleep i had a very odd dream that adrien agreste ran away from home because his dad yelled at him (honestly same) and somehow got on a bus and rode all the way out to the countryside of paris and lived in a tree house he found in the woods

like, not a cool tree house. like the shitty kind you’d make with your dad when you were five years old in a tree that barely supports it

and every night he’d still ride that damn bus to go to patrol with ladybug and he somehow knew when akumas attacked

oh also he stole a lot of his dad’s money and invited nino to his tree house that literally had no furniture or lights or food and nino was just cool with it

like “cool fucken tree house, dude”

“Rejection”; Chapter Eleven

NOTES: I realize that it’s been awhile since the last chapter, and for that I am truly sorry. Track meets have been getting more frequent, I’m being slammed with essays and projects, and have no time to sleep at all whatsoever. Whenever I’ve been given the chance, I go straight to working on my things for Tumblr, but that’s been far and few.

Also, I noticed that I didn’t italicize anything in the last chapter, so… dammit! I’ll fix that immediately. Thank you all for being so patient. I greatly appreciate it.


The two of you stumbled out to the living room, where (Y/N) gracefully fell onto the couch and curled up into the fetal position. Sans sighed, and rubbed his temples. He didn’t enjoy seeing her like this, as her soul was the kind that you would think never had ever experienced heartache this bad. “you ok with sleeping on the couch? it’s not the most comfortable place in the world-” “I’m fine. Thanks for letting me sleep here, at the least.” She moaned, and shivered.

papyrus must be up in his room, playing with his action figures. Sans thought, and teleported up to his dorm. He looked around for a blanket besides the one on his bed, and perhaps a spare pillow too. The blanket was easy; he had quite a few in his closet. He tucked that under his arm, and searched wearily for the pillow.

The only one he had was his own, and despite how much he hated seeing (Y/N) like this, he just couldn’t give up his cushion. Teleporting swiftly back downstairs, it appeared the human had already cried herself to sleep. A depressing ache swarmed within Sans’ gut, but he pushed it down enough that he allowed himself to lay the fleece cover over her. She shifted slightly under the blanket, but Sans did not see as he was already climbing up the stairs nearby to his brother’s room.

He knocked on the door twice, when Papyrus called out, “WHO IS IT?” Sans twisted the knob, and stepped inside. The room was spotless, as usual, unlike his own. “just me.” Sans said simply, and closed the door. He walked over to Papyrus, who was lying on his race car bed with his action figures close to his chest. “I…I REALLY MESSED UP, SANS. I MADE THE HUMAN CRY AGAIN!

Sans sat down beside his brother, and rubbed his arm. Apparently, Papyrus must have mistaken (Y/N) and Frisk for the same person again. “no paps, it’s fine. (y/n) is just having a few personal problems, ones that started with… mean humans on the surface.” Papyrus turned to face his brother, staring at him curiously. “M-MEAN HUMANS? I THOUGHT ALL (Nickname)’S AND FRISK’S WERE VERY KIND!”

Sans grimaced internally, but gave a small smile to Papyrus regardless, masking his sadness. “unfortunately, that’s not always the case. you know that. there are good monsters and bad monsters, and that goes for humans too.” Papyrus sat up in his bed, releasing his action figures. Sans took them, and placed them on a surprisingly cluttered table next to his brother’s racecar frame.

Papyrus tucked himself in, and yawned drowsily. Sans sat on top of his legs, of which were under the covers. Sans grabbed Papyrus’s favorite bedtime story, “Tales of the Fluffy Bunny”, from the bookshelf and cleared his throat. “SANS?” Papyrus asked innocently, and the short skeleton looked at him tiredly but warmly. “yeah bro?”

Paps opened his mouth, but no words came out. He glanced off by the side towards his pirate flag, and then back to Sans. “WILL (Nickname) BE ALRIGHT? I WANT US TO STAY FRIENDS. I REALLY AM SORRY FOR MAKING HER UPSET.” Sans smiled at his brother’s pureness, and replied quickly. “(y/n) will be completely ok by tomorrow morning. she’s just had a long day and freaked out a little, that’s all. there’s no doubt in my mind that she will continue being your friend.”

Papyrus smiled, and shut his eyes. He listened to Sans’ deep, smooth voice read the book aloud, and loved the part where he came up with different voices for each of the characters. Soon, Papyrus fell asleep, grinning in his slumber. “and so the fluffy bunny returned home, greeted by his friends and family after his long journey. the end.” Sans closed the book, and placed it on the table. Searching around the room, he managed to find that pillow he needed on the swivel chair by his bro’s computer.

Taking one last look at Papyrus, he yawned and teleported downstairs by (Y/N). She was passed out, snoring softly. Chuckling, he slid a boney hand under her hair and lift it up. He snuck the pillow under it, and gently laid her hair back down. The soft touch and volume of her brown locks made him want brush through it with his fingers; but alas, he did not want to wake her.

He stepped back, bringing his hand that touched her head up to his face where he could see it clearly. oh god… why did i want to do that? i’ve certainly touched things softer than some human’s stupid hair. He grew aggravated at himself, but relaxed when he heard (Y/N) rustling. She had pulled the blanket closer to her body and shivered. is it really that chilly in the house?

The thought left Sans quickly, as he reassured himself it was just the girl having a bad dream. Although, that didn’t help his concern at all. Sighing, he kneeled down by her and gently brushed her hair as a parent would do to soothe a baby. She seemed to lean into his touch, which made him grin to himself. Instantly, (Y/N) calmed down, and stopped her shivering.

Sans stood up, and rubbed his fingers together. He couldn’t help it; he just really liked the feeling the thin strands running along his bones. He’s shaken Toriel’s hand, he’s cuddled with his favorite blanket, and even hugged Frisk’s amazingly soft sweater before, but none could compare to the delicate locks of hair that went through his phalanges. If (Y/N) were awake, he would’ve asked her if he had permission to stroke her head first; fulfilling the sweet and peculiar craving of touching her hair.

maybe i’ll bother her about it tomorrow. Almost instantly, he mentally slapped himself at the stupid idea. Shaking his skull incredulously, he teleported upstairs before he did something impulsive. Rather than going straight to bed, he paced back and forth across the room. what is wrong with me?! we just freaking met! well, technically it was yesterday, but still! why am i even thinking these thoughts about her? i don’t get it!

He sat down on his bed, collapsing his head into his hands. it’s gotta be her soul. she may not know it, but her soul is using some kind of magic to make me feel these…feelings! Sans laid down, bringing up his pillow hesitantly, pondering about the different soul traits. her soul is so…unique. i’ve never encountered anything like it. i’ve seen red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white souls. (y/n)’s is… i don’t even know how to describe it. hers always is changing, unlike frisk’s who always remains the same

.As Sans began to drift off into sleep, he concluded his debates with a simple sentence. “whatever she is… i need to study it more. by putting it through different situations… by learning everything about her.” And with that, he fell into a deep slumber.





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Even Love Unreturned Has Its Rainbow

Oh look! A bday fic for @earth-shines! I went back to my roots and looked towards sitcom/romcom goodness for inspiration, and I present a self-indulgent romantic comedy inspired by the dramatic irony and mutual pining of ‘Frasier!’ I hope you like it!

Thanks to @makapedia and @therewithasmile for the eyes.

Soul was reaching his boiling point, and if he didn’t do something soon, nine years of repressed emotions were going to spill out.

Yes, it had taken the weapon nine years to admit that his love for his meister wasn’t just going to blow over. His boyhood crush on Maka was supposed to be a phase, but when six months stretched into a year, and then three, then nine, Soul realized that his feelings were a chronic condition. One that was, for better or for worse, completely incurable.

Luckily, Black Star was a good listener when it came Soul’s feelings, mostly because it gave him trash talk fuel when they played League of Legends together. It was for this reason that Black Star sat on the kitchen counter in Soul’s apartment, downing yet another energy drink as Soul aired his problems.

“I tried to tell Maka again,” Soul said, pacing back and forth. “I just froze up. Godammit, I always make up the dumbest shit to get out of just admitting I love her.”

“That’s because you’re a pussy,” Black Star said before sipping his energy drink. “I don’t make up the rules. You just are.”

Soul, feeling parched and useless, headed to the fridge for a bottle of water. “I can’t go on like this,” he said, reaching into the fridge. “Worshipping her from afar…Do you have any idea how frustrating it is to be completely in love with someone and not be able to tell her how you feel?”

He turned around to see what Black Star had to say, only to drop his water bottle on the floor. Maka stood there in the doorway with her jaw slack and her big, beautiful green eyes wide.

“Sorry,” Maka blurted, her face growing more red by the second. “Sorry, I was just in here to get–I didn’t mean–I’m sorry.”

She rushed out of the room, leaving a shell-shocked Soul and a gleeful Black Star alone.

Soul’s lungs were suddenly too big for his ribcage, and he leaned against the counter to get his balance. “Oh shit. Shit. Did that really just happen? Did she really just hear me say?”

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you know what? I’d really like Juve to win UCL because all of the boys deserve it and GIgi is the one who does it the most cause of the fucking amazing living legend he is. We’re doing an incredible journey that is giving us good sensations and let’s hope good memories too. 

I’d really like Juve to reach this goal also because I wanna see my dad happy. He loves this team with all his soul, seeing him happy with the victory would be really really great even if I can’t be able to see him physically and hug him.

And we also need to win this trophy in order to defeat what in Italy is known as “the curse of UCL” because it really pisses me off.

So we better win this time, ok?! 


living with bts [part ii- min yoongi]

and here we have part two of my living with bts series!! this time around, we have good old grandfather grump himself, mister min yoongi!! i kid, i kid, i love him so much agh this is going to kill me. are you ready? am i ready? let’s do this.

[part i- park jimin] |

  • ah ok so at first yoongi is a bit of a ghost-like roommate tbh
  • like we all know that boy puts his heart and soul into his music so he’d be at the studio till the early hours of the morning
  • and then he’d be back at it before you woke up
  • and you’d begin to think you imagined having a roommate in the first place
  • but then you see boxers stuffed into a corner in the laundry room and yeah, you’re not going crazy but yoongi that is nasty af literally wyd
  • you start feeling bad that he works so late and never seems to have a homecooked meal
  • so you start making double portions of whatever you’re eating for dinner that night
  • and at first he ignores it thinking “oh they must’ve not had time for dinner”
  • but it gets harder to ignore the dirty plates in the sink showing that you’ve already ate and “shit, that’s for me”
  • so he starts to take your food and it makes you smile seeing that he appreciates it although you still don’t see that much of him
  • you decide to start leaving him lunch everyday, making up little sandwiches and stuff
  • and he always takes them and eventually, you start to notice that “hey, the flowers in the vase have been replaced” or “i don’t remember buying my favourite snacks”
  • and you continue like that for about a month until eventually, he comes home at a reasonable hour
  • and you’re sat on the sofa watching re-runs of some stupid sitcom
  • and your eyes snap to his in the doorway and you look like a deer caught in the headlights because “shit, this is the first time we’ve been together since he moved in”
  • and you two just stare at eachother for like three seconds
  • then eventually yoongi just comes and drops himself on the sofa next to you
  • and he’s like “so what are we watching then?”
  • and you’re just like ???? because holy shit he’s actually talking to me face to face
  • ok so from that point on you and yoongi are basically best friends
  • like, if he has to get up early to go into the studio, you always make sure to wake up before him to make him a cup of coffee
  • and when he wakes up to the smell of coffee drifting through the apartment he just smiles
  • because even though it’s first thing in the morning
  • (like the asscrack of dawn- yoongi w h y)
  • you still got out of bed to make sure he was ok and that means the world to him
  • i see yoongi as a bit of a neat freak tbh
  • like, you and him would have deep d e e p cleaning sessions every weekend
  • and the boys would know not to come over unless they wanted to get roped into helping out
  • you’d have a system like you’d handle the laundry and the bathroom and yoongi would handle the living room and the kitchen
  • and you’d find a way to make it fun too
  • like you’d have some music playing and you’d dance past yoongi and everytime you did he’d smile his gummy smile g od bless
  • he’d also never let you dwell on your feelings for too long
  • like, if you’ve had a bad day and he comes home he knows because your coat??? isn’t on the rack??? something is seriously wrong
  • so he comes and drags you out of your bed, where you’re sat moping about everything
  • and you’re like ??? yoongi wtf man let me be sad
  • and he’s all like nope we’re going out for ice cream and then we’re going to the arcade and then going to see a movie and GOD DAMNIT YOU WILL NOT BE SAD I AM MIN YOONGI HEAR ME ROAR
  • and you have to laugh at that because he just. looks. so serious.
  • all in all, yoongi would be a fucking awesome roommate tbh
a few aus for seventeen ((someone pls write them ok))
  • biker gang au in which they ride or die
  • woozi as head conductor while the other members are in the orchestra under him ((wonwoo on timpani pls))
  • merman au in which seungkwan is a merman who loves singing
  • battle royale au in which seungcheol and joshua are respective kings in their own country and they want to win the heart of jeonghan, the pretty milkboy that goes by both country trying to earn a living (who claims to be best friends with florist jihoon who travels with him)
  • joshua the solo violinist is to have a collaboration with world best pianist ‘angel’ jeonghan. joshua then comes to know jeonghan isn’t exactly the ‘angel’ everyone says he is.
  • jeon wonwoo’s the new Lancelot who meets yoon junghan, the Galahad and kwon soonyoung, the leader of the kingsmen organization.
  • hairspray or grease au for seventeen
  • yankee/yakuza patient seungcheol falls in love with doctor junghan and purposely gets himself injured to have doctor han treat him. (ft sassy nurse seungkwan complaining about the usage of cotton, swabs and the likes being used a lot for his ‘injuries’)
  • pacific rim au pls
  • s.coups is the only adult and the rest of the seventeen members are actual children
  • grimm reaper au in which person a is suppose to take the life of person b but instead let him live - is then exiled and is turned to human.
  • cirque du soleil au

if someone actually writes this pls drop your link to my ask box and I’ll definitely read them pls I’m selling my soul for these

i’d like to thank all time low

id like to thank alex - my idol, my inspiration, my rock, a fiance, someone who is not an official american citizen, and a person who has really impacted my life. i would like to thank him for being my shoulder to cry on when im feeling down and for being someone that can manage to make me start my day with a smile. everything from his missing you speeches, ugly ass cheetah print glasses, his relationship with lisa, gross hair dye, and his dedicated love to this band. he tought me that its all going to be ok, with songs like missing you or therapy that i can relate to and make me feel just a little bit better about myself. after 13 years of being in this band he has never given up on them, his music or his fans even if they were never frequently radio played, and i admire him for that. he brought me into this fandom in which i have met some of my best friends and i have gotten to have the time of my life at their shows. he makes me so incredibly happy. id like to thank him for never giving up on me, and ill never give up on him. 

id like to thank rian - my sunshine, the true underrated fav, and an avid coffee drinker. he taught me to try and enjoy life, and to smile as frequently as i can. he lives life to the fullest and has dedicated every part of him to his girlfriend cassadee, and together they taught me that it is possible to love someone so greatly. he has the cutest laugh and seems like such a genuine person. when one of his closest friends passed away he managed to put on a smile and go out on stage and give it his all, and i really look up to him for that. he also seems like he gives the greatest hugs.

id like to thank zack - someone who finds happines in exercize and hawaii, an amazing vocalist, and a kind soul. he taught me that its ok to by shy and not very outgoing. also not to judge someone on how they may appear. they may be quiet, but they could be one of the coolest people you have had a chance to meet. he really appreciates his fans and takes he time to individually tweet or write to every single person who supports him and his clothing line. he is a wonderful person who likes to give back. his smile is contagious and i dont understand how it couldnt make anyone the happiest person on earth. keep living life and killing it on that bass.

id like to thank jack - a problematic fav, baltimore ravens lover, and 5sos enthusiast. jack always knows how to make me laugh. with his stupid jokes and cruel humor he manages to find a way to cheer me up. he teaches me no to care what people think about me and to live in the moment. dont worry about if youll regret it tommorrow, just do what you enjoy today. he also showed me that peoples physical appearences can dramatically change in a few years. he is a great example of that.

so yeah, id like to thank these four boys from baltimore for making me so happy. i love them all.

But just imagine that you and Michael had a huge fight the night before about how you don’t feel he’s very committed to a serious relationship and you end up packing up a bag and starting at a hotel for the night and today their playing amnesia and HE LOOKS LIKE THIS WHILST PLAYING BC HE’S THINKING OF YOU WOW OK. So them it just all clicks and he realizes he never eVER wants to be without you so after they’ve finished playing he calls you wanting to talk so you tell him where you are so HE RUSHES TO YOU and when he sees you he just grabs you and pulls you into him and just starts bearing his soul omg stuff like “I never want anyone else for as long as I live” and “please don’t ever leave me baby, I love you so much” and you just start crying and say okay and that you will come back home and he just gives you the biggest shit eating grin cuz omg he just got the best idea and he gets on one knee and is like “I know were pretty young and stupid and I know you thought that I didn’t want a commitment but last night without you made me realize I never want to not wake up next to you and I promise first thing tomorrow we will go out and pick out the most fucking perfect ring ever so baby, will you marry me?” And you’d just jump into his arms and say like “fuck yes” I WILL THROW MYSELF OFF OF A CLIFF


George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, with Jeff Lynne, during the recording of the John Lennon song “Real Love” for The Beatles Anthology, Mill Studios, early February 1995; screen capped from the “Real Love” video.

“My friends were really John, Paul and Ringo and we all moved at the same time. I do miss Liverpool.” - George Harrison, CNN, 1992 [x]

“Maybe I’m peculiar but to me he isn’t dead. When I never saw him for years before he died I thought, ‘Oh well, he’s living in New York and I just haven’t seen him in a while.’ It’s kind of still like that. Ok, the physical body falls off, but the soul lives on, we’re going to meet again. It was a terrible thing that his death occurred and it made me feel terrible at the time, but in retrospect life is just shadows, we are just shadows on this sunny wall and that’s all it is.
I miss John in as much as we could have a good laugh and also, I think he was a good balance. I miss him in the context of the band because he wouldn’t take any shit and I think that aspect’s missing now, so in some ways I feel that I’m trying to make up for that aspect of John, because I don’t like to take much shit either. What I mean by that is, I want truth. John was good at that.” - George Harrison, Q, 1995 [x]

00:00:00 (Shieldshawk)


Clint’s timer is nothing he’s ever really thought too hard about before. Considering what his mom and his dad were like, he wasn’t entirely sure he even wanted to meet his soul mate. And then his timer’s counting down when he’s running from the fed, and…

And it just ends up being the man he’s spent the better part of a year running from.

“You…” Ok, so it’s not the most elegant thing he’s ever said, but no one’s ever accused him of being overly elegant, and they sure as fuck ain’t gonna start now. “I make a living doing that.”

“Me, apparently.” Phil agreed, gazing back at Clint, patting the neck of his horse. “And now I’d rather you run to us rather than away. I’m here to recruit you, Clint, which has made this chase a little bit frustrating.”

He rode a little bit closer, watching his soul mate. “We’d like you to do similar work, just working for SHIELD. Good pay and benefits”.