like his soul lives in me ok

Ok, here’s an idea:

Tom Hiddleston in his living room. Messy hair, loosened tie, a cigarette dangling from his mouth, a glass of scotch in his right hand. Looking brokenhearted as fuck, and singing THIS at the top of his lungs:

Then near the end, when the song’s rhythm changes, his emotions follow. He starts enjoying the beat, dancing in a relaxed manner, he’s smiling like an idiot because he’s finally letting go of whatever was bothering him.

Exactly what the fuck do i have to do so someone will let me direct this short film? It is practically a music video. 

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living with bts [part ii- min yoongi]

and here we have part two of my living with bts series!! this time around, we have good old grandfather grump himself, mister min yoongi!! i kid, i kid, i love him so much agh this is going to kill me. are you ready? am i ready? let’s do this.

[part i- park jimin] |

  • ah ok so at first yoongi is a bit of a ghost-like roommate tbh
  • like we all know that boy puts his heart and soul into his music so he’d be at the studio till the early hours of the morning
  • and then he’d be back at it before you woke up
  • and you’d begin to think you imagined having a roommate in the first place
  • but then you see boxers stuffed into a corner in the laundry room and yeah, you’re not going crazy but yoongi that is nasty af literally wyd
  • you start feeling bad that he works so late and never seems to have a homecooked meal
  • so you start making double portions of whatever you’re eating for dinner that night
  • and at first he ignores it thinking “oh they must’ve not had time for dinner”
  • but it gets harder to ignore the dirty plates in the sink showing that you’ve already ate and “shit, that’s for me”
  • so he starts to take your food and it makes you smile seeing that he appreciates it although you still don’t see that much of him
  • you decide to start leaving him lunch everyday, making up little sandwiches and stuff
  • and he always takes them and eventually, you start to notice that “hey, the flowers in the vase have been replaced” or “i don’t remember buying my favourite snacks”
  • and you continue like that for about a month until eventually, he comes home at a reasonable hour
  • and you’re sat on the sofa watching re-runs of some stupid sitcom
  • and your eyes snap to his in the doorway and you look like a deer caught in the headlights because “shit, this is the first time we’ve been together since he moved in”
  • and you two just stare at eachother for like three seconds
  • then eventually yoongi just comes and drops himself on the sofa next to you
  • and he’s like “so what are we watching then?”
  • and you’re just like ???? because holy shit he’s actually talking to me face to face
  • ok so from that point on you and yoongi are basically best friends
  • like, if he has to get up early to go into the studio, you always make sure to wake up before him to make him a cup of coffee
  • and when he wakes up to the smell of coffee drifting through the apartment he just smiles
  • because even though it’s first thing in the morning
  • (like the asscrack of dawn- yoongi w h y)
  • you still got out of bed to make sure he was ok and that means the world to him
  • i see yoongi as a bit of a neat freak tbh
  • like, you and him would have deep d e e p cleaning sessions every weekend
  • and the boys would know not to come over unless they wanted to get roped into helping out
  • you’d have a system like you’d handle the laundry and the bathroom and yoongi would handle the living room and the kitchen
  • and you’d find a way to make it fun too
  • like you’d have some music playing and you’d dance past yoongi and everytime you did he’d smile his gummy smile g od bless
  • he’d also never let you dwell on your feelings for too long
  • like, if you’ve had a bad day and he comes home he knows because your coat??? isn’t on the rack??? something is seriously wrong
  • so he comes and drags you out of your bed, where you’re sat moping about everything
  • and you’re like ??? yoongi wtf man let me be sad
  • and he’s all like nope we’re going out for ice cream and then we’re going to the arcade and then going to see a movie and GOD DAMNIT YOU WILL NOT BE SAD I AM MIN YOONGI HEAR ME ROAR
  • and you have to laugh at that because he just. looks. so serious.
  • all in all, yoongi would be a fucking awesome roommate tbh

George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, with Jeff Lynne, during the recording of the John Lennon song “Real Love” for The Beatles Anthology, Mill Studios, early February 1995; screen capped from the “Real Love” video.

“My friends were really John, Paul and Ringo and we all moved at the same time. I do miss Liverpool.” - George Harrison, CNN, 1992 [x]

“Maybe I’m peculiar but to me he isn’t dead. When I never saw him for years before he died I thought, ‘Oh well, he’s living in New York and I just haven’t seen him in a while.’ It’s kind of still like that. Ok, the physical body falls off, but the soul lives on, we’re going to meet again. It was a terrible thing that his death occurred and it made me feel terrible at the time, but in retrospect life is just shadows, we are just shadows on this sunny wall and that’s all it is.
I miss John in as much as we could have a good laugh and also, I think he was a good balance. I miss him in the context of the band because he wouldn’t take any shit and I think that aspect’s missing now, so in some ways I feel that I’m trying to make up for that aspect of John, because I don’t like to take much shit either. What I mean by that is, I want truth. John was good at that.” - George Harrison, Q, 1995 [x]