like his opinions and reactions to things are important

Note: Oooh lala this is kept light yet some of it is a bit suggestive if you will. It`s not fifty shades of grey but I wanted to catch a bit of sexy if that makes sense. If anyone is interested in it send me a request and I might make a picture post of what kind of underwear I can see them liking. Again this is only part 1 for BTS. GOT7 and Seventeen are up soon.

Rap Monster

He`d love it. I mean LOVE it. He`d walk to the most suggestive pieces with you, probably making you a bit blushy at his bluntness. He wouldn`t hold back telling you what he`d like to see on you. Would probably be into stockings and black lace underwear. Also positive to other accessories, and maybe a corset every now and then. You`d definitely not walk out of there with less than 5 sets.


A bit like namjoon in as he wouldn`t hold back to showing and telling you what he`d like on you, however I think he might be into something a bit cuter. Would probably like pastel colors. Lots of pinks. Also cute see through nighties. Very mature while shopping though and would find it cute if you were to be shy and blushy.


He`d be thrilled to shop for lingerie with you but wouldn`t show it. I can see him cooly searching out things, like it`s an everyday thing. However he`d also use this opportunity to tease you a bit if you were to blush for example. I can see him being into something simple and elegant but that still has it`s own charms. Mostly black or other dark colors.


He`d be very excited but probably a bit shy as well. He`d need a bit of time to get used to the situation but once he is he`d be suggesting lingerie sets to you. I think Hoseok is quite open on underwear. He`d like change every now and then but I can see him overall being into something a bit fancy looking. Would also like stockings and maybe even something complicated looking because it would fascinate him. Deep wine red would be a favorite too.


Depending on the mood he`s either like Hoseok or totally shy all the time. He`d be the type to stare at a set and when you happend to notice and pick it up he`d blush looking away a bit. That`s when you know it`s the right thing. I can imagine him being into white lace underwear. Something simple and elegant, not too childish but rather mature.


He`d probably be alot like J-Hope, shy at first and then he`d not so subtly hint to you what he`d like you to wear. Probably into something playful, something he could take off you slowly. Maybe a nightie over some underwear so it`s not too revealing at first. Something that leaves a bit to the imagination. Not too innocent but neither too mature.


Shy but mature. He wouldn`t be the one searching things out but if you asked for his opinion he`d be honest. Would stay close to you with a hint of a blush on his cheeks the whole time. I can see him liking something simple but sexy. Not too revealing or complicated yet something that catches his eyes. Color isnt too important but I can see him being into black.

Stress Eating

Request:  an angsty scenario in which jungkook is feeling stressed bc of their busy schedule and starts stress eating and gains weight pretty fast and the fans start commenting mean stuff abt him which makes him feel like he has disappointed the fans?? thank u!!

A/n:  I saw your request last night and was super pumped to write it, although I hate the thought of a sad kookie, everybody has their times and I’m sure he does too :’( without further a do, here’s the angst jungkook scenario I’ve prepared for you! - Amelia

Genre: Angst
Members: Jungkook
Word Count: 2384


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vintagevalentinexx  asked:

Mycroft's reaction to our upcoming nuptials. XD Or alternatively, how involved would he be involved in our wedding planning?

Mycroft like his younger brother wouldn’t be too terrible invested in the wedding pieces (such as color scheme, napkin colors, flowers, etc.) as most (western) weddings are usually focused on the bride’s wants but more on the important things such as budget, guest list, food and music.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t give his opinion either way if asked which shade of blue goes well with this shade of purple it just won’t be on the forefront of his mind as opposed to which Prime minister can sit with whom and how much liquor he should cap because ‘aunt’ Lizzy will definitely be invited (with or without the invite she’s coming anyway for the cake) because the last thing he wants is a drunk Queen on his wedding day.

Can’t See a Hollywood Studio Wanting him to Come out Anon

Valid points nonnie and i understand your thought process.(I can’t post your ask as some things mentioned I won’t discuss).  

I think the difference here is desire.  Darren is done. You can see in his body language and his actions. And I think it was important to him to make a deal that allowed him to have his freedom.  And for the record, I have been very clear that I do not know the time line. I have a crazy theory about how this could tie into ACS,but pure speculation and opinion.  It could be years. We simply do not know.

And while I think he is likely petrified of the reaction and the consequences, I firmly believe he is at a point in his life where he is tired of living a public lie and ready to shape a path forward built on his truth.

Regardless of the timeline for coming out, if M is still here in 6 months, I will be surprised and saddened. Because that is the number one most important thing.  She is quite literally sucking the life from him.  And I firmly believe he is taking every stride to end that chapter.  


Consider this a prologue. This is the Queen Bee AU, in which Rhys is the CEO of Atlas and Jack gets tangled up with him in some… interesting ways. It’s a/b/o again but the focus is much more on how a sexually charged rivalry between Jack and a fairly ruthless Rhys would work out. Because I can’t stop writing Slytherin Rhys apparently.

One of the most important parts of the AU is how Rhys runs Atlas, which is there the informal name of the AU comes from. After talking to ledgem, I decided to write a little something to set the stage for that. The entire fic will not be in this storytelling style, don’t worry, but here is an in-universe interview with Rhys.

The Weight of the World on his Shoulders: An interview with Atlas CEO Rhys Sommerset
by Yvette Lacroix

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anonymous asked:

I have searched Tumblr far and wide for your awesomeness (mainly because I forgot the name my bad~). Doesn't have to be GIF if that's too complicated, but how would the boys react to finding out their significant other really liked the sound of their heartbeat?

Hey, there! :) Hope you like it ^^

Namjoon: I feel like Namjoon, being Namjoon, would be actually embarassed if his partner told him this lol He’ll probably blush and laugh awkwardly, completely ruining the mood but still be super adorable while doing so 

Yoongi: I think Suga will be shocked at this. He’ll probably mask his surprise pretty quickly, though, by asking something like “You do? Thats a weird thing to like.” But he’ll remember it so next time he could cuddle you closer to his chest ^^

Hoseok: I feel like our J-Hope will have the cutest reaction out of all of them lol He’ll be like “Really? Then let’s cuddle even moore~” or something like this. Aegyo alert!

Seokjin: Jin being the oldest and wisest (LOL) will giggle like a school girl if he hears something like this lmao. He’ll be too shy to tell you to cuddle more, but he’ll probably smile at you and pat your head in a gesture of love

Taehyung: The second cutest reaction goes to him, in my opinion, as he’ll probably smile like crazy and embrace you before you know it. Maybe his hyungs wouldn’t think of this as something as important but he seems like the guy who loves every compliment coming from his significant other.

Jimin: Oml his reaction would be sooo cute. I think he’ll get embarassed and start mumbling things and act all manly and strong, as if the words didn’t touch him, but when he actually looks at you, he’ll get red by the minute and look away.

Jungkook: Our poor baby, that’s not even a baby anymore, would actually be one of the most mature in this situation, I feel like. I see him smiling lazily at you, having his hand around your shoulder and saying something like “I like yours too, hun” 

Thanks for the request! :) After this reaction, all will be concerning no more than three members. (Read more about it in here)

anonymous asked:

hey!! could i request an angsty scenario in which jungkook is feeling stressed bc of their busy schedule and starts stress eating and gains weight pretty fast and the fans start commenting mean stuff abt him which makes him feel like he has disappointed the fans?? thank u!!

A/N: I saw your request last night and was super pumped to write it, although I hate the thought of a sad kookie, everybody has their times and I’m sure he does too :’( without further a do, here’s the angst jungkook scenario I’ve prepared for you! - Amelia

“Hyung, can you pass me another donut?” Jungkook whined. The palms of his hands were placed in front of Jin, with his fingers wiggling in anticipation.

Jin looked up from the box with a look of ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’ “Jungkook, you’ve had five.”

“I know but I’ll work them off tomorrow at practice.” He reasoned. Jin, believing whole heartily in the Maknae’s words (because Jungkook usually keeps his word), gave Jungkook another donut.

“If our manager knew I just gave that to you, he’d kill both of us.” Jimin chuckled from across the room. “He’d kill us all if he knew any of us had even one…”

“True…” Taehyung nodded after hearing Jimin’s statement. “…at least we’d be dying with our bellies full of white powdered goodness.” Laughter erupted from the group of boys as they talked through the night. They discussed the upcoming stage and new album, everything from incomplete lyrics to the hardest dance move. None of them seemed to notice Jungkook’s growing appetite… Because after all, he had just turned 20, he’s a growing boy?

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anonymous asked:

why is it that youre against the idea of usopp losing his fear by the end of the series his goal is to be a brave warrior of the sea that means he has to get rid of his fear

Usopp has always been scared. He’s always been afraid of things he has a legitimate reason to be afraid of. He’s just a normal human being, not a building throwing monster. He has every right to be afraid of Sea Kings and assassins with Devil Fruits and dragons and all the other things that kill people like him on a daily basis. And this is what has made Usopp such a wonderful, inspiring character to so many people–he IS afraid, but that doesn’t stop him from standing up and fighting for what is important to him. That’s where the inspiration comes from. Not everyone can be fearless. When faced with danger or uncertainty in our own lives, we can’t just flip a switch and feel no anxiety, no fear, no worry, and just plow ahead without a single negative emotion to be found. But what’s great about Usopp’s character is that he doesn’t have to. He doesn’t have to be fearless to fight. He doesn’t have to be fearless to be brave and to be strong. Those things are NOT mutually exclusive. The world doesn’t need MORE fearless, never faltering heroes who are never shaken and never fail and never have a moment of hesitation. How many people can actually relate to that? How many people can ever do that? Not all that many. We don’t need even more of that message in the world. What we do need is more characters like Usopp–ones who tell us that our fears and anxieties and hesitation don’t need to stop us from doing what we want to do, and don’t stop us from being strong and brave. 

I’ve brought this up in a chapter reaction before (here), but it’s my opinion that Usopp should not lose all his fear or get so strong that he never has a reason to be afraid. Let me use some panels from The Breaker to explain this:

Really–how is it “brave” to fight when you’re strong and know that you’ll win? Usopp’s lack of strength is what causes his fear. He has legitimate reason to be afraid of things. Why he hell shouldn’t he be scared to fight against the likes of Sugar and Trebol–people who could end him with a single attack? But the important thing is that he fights anyway. That no matter how scared he is and how much he doubts himself he still fights. THAT is what makes him brave. 

So please. The idea that being a “brave warrior” means getting rid of all fear? That’s garbage. That idea is garbage. And we need characters like Usopp who retain their fear and instead learn to accept it as a part of who they are–someone who is both afraid AND brave–in order to convey to people just how garbage that idea is. It would be such a terrible message if the story ends with Usopp becoming 100% fearless and telling us that at every point in the series prior, when he was still afraid, he was a coward not good enough to be called a brave warrior of the sea. It would be so ugly for that to be the message we are told. But Usopp’s character–as it is now–can teach us a lesson about what bravery is, which is NOT about just being fearless. The pinnacle of Usopp journey shouldn’t be him losing all of his fear. Usopp fulfilling his dream of being a brave warrior of the sea shouldn’t be about him being fearless. It should be about him coming to the realization that he has ALWAYS been brave. Usopp has been a brave warrior of the sea for a damn long time. He just needs to realize it himself.  

Olicity: Oh, My Beautiful Boy

2) Tommy’s first girlfriend and his parents’ reactions  — superfirefox99

“You don’t like her.”

“Of course not.”

“Felicity, she’s smart, she’s top of her class.”


“So, she’s pretty, she’s-”

“You think she’s pretty?”

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