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looks around the kitchen in a combination of horror & disbelief. ❛ .. Did– did you try to.. run the dishwasher? ❜

     ❛ uhh– yeah. ❜ he COULD answer with more detail, but as he stands in the middle of kitchen with his socks soaked and hands busy with a construct hammer, hal knows he needs to channel every bit of WILL he has now into a smile. so he smiles BRIGHT, he smiles GOOD– in hopes that barry will find that innocent grin more important than the chaos built out of soapwater and shattered plates. 

     barry opens his mouth like he wants to say something but closes it after another look around and just covers face with hands. a pathetic noise escapes him and hal just smiles LOUDER, still clutching at the green hammer that was used to pry the dishwasher open ( in retrospect, he could have willed a crowbar into existence, that might have been more efficient ). barry looks like he’s given up on even trying to understand what happened here and hal offers no explanation, still beaming. in his defense– he had the best intentions in mind ( and the kitchen certainly resembles hell as of now ). 

     and it’s a testament to how long they’ve been living together because barry just rolls up sleeves, gives hal an expectant look and waits for him to dissolve the hammer and do the same with a long sigh. hal’s smile disappears, morphs into a tiny hint of pursed up lips. here comes a part when he has to accept the responsibility or something like that– barry won’t just zip around and remove the evidence of the mess hal made ( but he’ll help, he won’t leave him alone and that counts ). hal sways on his calves as he crouches down, picking up the first shard of glass.  

    ❛ i have an idea– ❜ he hands barry the remains of what was once a plate, soaked fingertips brush against barry’s still dry skin. ❛ next time i wanna fix a dishwasher, i’m gonna call you first so you can act like my impulse control. ❜ barry laughs as he accepts the glass from him and hal counts it as a victory.   

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Character: Junkrat. Word: High (however you wanna take that)

He inhales lightning, coppery and hot, and he can feel it singeing the delicate sacs in his lungs even as his narrow slatsided chest opens like a bellows.

don’t cough don’t cough don’t cough don’t

He bites down on the words like a stick. A dry, tinny hiss escapes his clenched teeth, but Roadhog neither hears it or sees the tears that prick his eyes. His fingernails bite his palms through the fistfuls of the grubby blanket.

The next breath is in like ice and out like fire. He stares at the capillaries in his eyes, pulsing dull flashes of orange lava-glow with each beat of his heart. It’s dim and red in the mask, but the spider-lights in his eyes illuminate the inside of the fogged eyeholes and the swirling miasma of brown and grey and black and red beyond.

He giggles, the sound tinkling out of his mouth like bits of shrapnel or broken glass or little marbles– marbles in his head, all falling out of his mouth. Filling the mask, filling it to the eyeballs, pressing on his face, hot pins and needles of laughter, of pain, of…

A stone–hand– handstone– lands on his arm. The whole one.

He keeps giggling. He can’t stop. The shrapnelglass sound of it pours back into his mouth and is filling his throat up now. Soon it’ll reach his arm and then he’ll feel pain.

But right now…

He giggles and watches the veins pulse in his eyes.

“Leg next,” A stone– voice– voicestone– says, from very far away. A knifewhite glint cuts through the fogged eyeholes.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, reunited, discussing who the GOP presidential candidate is.
  • STEPHEN:It's Donald Trump.
  • (JON does spit-take into STEPHEN's face.)
  • JON:The guy from "The Apprentice"?
  • STEPHEN:Yep.
  • JON:The guy who did a McDonald's commercial with Grimace?
  • STEPHEN:Same guy.
  • JON:The guy who filed for bankruptcy in 1991.
  • STEPHEN:And '92.
  • JON:And 2004.
  • STEPHEN:And 2009.
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes.
  • JON:Mike Tyson's business advisor. That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Indeed. Same guy.
  • JON:The guy whose eyes look like tiny versions of his mouth.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. The guy who looks like an angry Creamsicle.
  • JON:Decomposing jack-o-lantern.
  • STEPHEN:Human-toupee hybrid.
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes.
  • JON:A guy who looks like he's actually wearing a Donald Trump costume. That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. A loose-fitting one at that.
  • JON:The guy who wrote, and I quote, "Oftentimes, when I was sleeping with one of the top women in the world, I would say to myself, 'Can you believe what I'm getting?'" That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. The same guy who said, and I quote, "I have black guys counting my money; I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day."
  • JON:That guy.
  • STEPHEN:Yes. That guy.
  • JON:By the way, we wear them at night, too.

I love cuddly sleepers!pynch, but also consider: 

  • Adam kicking in his sleep and he gets ronan in the crotch one night and ronan shoots awake like he got hit by a freight train and pulls the blanket right out from adam so he rolls off the bed because “for fuck’s sake parrish control your mother fucking legs” while Adam looks up at him on the floor still half asleep like “huh?” - his hair a birds nest. 
  • Ronan waking up with Adam sprawled over his back, slightly drooling over the spot between his shoulder blades. 
  • Ronan waking up with Adam’s hair up his nose or in his mouth like 90% of the time. 
  • Adam waking up with a dead leg or dead arm because ronan likes to bracket one of Adam’s legs between his own, or he falls asleep with his head on Adam’s bicep rather than the pillow. 
  • One time Adam comes home a little late and Ronan is already asleep. Adam collapses onto the bed on his back, one arm thrown up covering his face and Ronan rolls over towards him resulting with his face pressed into Adam’s armpit and when he realises he shoots awake again like “what the shit, Parrish you nasty fuck go shower” while adam just laughs at him because “i thought you liked me all sweaty and covered in car grease lynch?”
  • Ronan waking up with a textbook jabbing him in the back because adam fell asleep reading with the lamp on again 
  • Adam hogging the blankets and Ronan doesn’t complain because Adam’s body heat is more than enough but when Adam leaves for college he starts using the blanket, not just because it’s cold but because it’s forever covered in Adam’s scent 

🌟 tsukki’s lock and home screens 🌙

yamaguchi likes to sing about the summer and popsicles in the summer into popsicles (and it makes tsukki smile)


In the GMMore for the taste-tripping pill test, Rhett and Link share that vinegar bottle like nobody’s business. They’ve always been so inconsistent about food-sharing… sometimes they act like it’s the most vile thing in the world and at other times they just go for it without a thought….

characters/pairing: dazai osamu/nakahara chuuya

summary: none, but this is very short and kind of cheesy

notes: happy birthday, @weakeninghope! as you’ve so nicely put it, you’re now able to read smut freely! sadly, this isn’t smut! it’s not long, and probably not the greatest thing, but i really wanted to give you something for your birthday, and i hope you will like it. (•‿•)

i hope you have a nice day, filled with happiness! *does finger gun* stay fab, old sinner, love ya -3-♡

Dazai stared at the ceiling, hands laying on his stomach. A soft buzzing was heard from the left, and the brunet sighed as the source of his troubles—a fly—repeatedly smashed into the pane of the window. He glanced at his right, gazing at the locks of red hair on the white pillow, and the pale, naked back of his partner, and a tender smile made its way on his lips. He turned on his side, propped his head with one hand, and caressed Chuuya’s back with the other, going up to thread his fingers through his hair, then tracing his spine with his forefinger. The redhead grunted, and Dazai stopped in his tracks, his hand resting on the small of his back. He stared at him, his thumb drawing circles on his skin, and his smile widened.

However, the moment was ruined by the fly, that (probably in a moment of despair), flew near Dazai’s ear, startling him. The brunet looked around him,  then groaned and buried his face in his pillow.

He was exhausted, he only wanted to sleep, but a fly had to get into their room and disturb the peace. He let out another sigh. Something swished at his right, but Dazai paid it no mind, too busy listening to the fly who had, once again, started smashing into the window.

‘Shitty Dazai,’ Chuuya suddenly mumbled, and the other turned to him. ‘It’s your turn.’

The brunet pouted, staring at the redhead’s neck for a while. The fly carried on flying dumbly, passing near the couple more than once.

Dazai sighed and sat up in the bed, briefly closing his eyes. ‘Did I wake you up?’ he whispered, glancing at Chuuya.

The redhead shifted slightly, and hummed (‘mhmmm’). The other grinned, interpreting the sound as a no, and he leaned down, pecking his shoulderblade.

He then stood up, slowly heading towards the window, slightly staggering due to the sleepiness washing over him. He opened the pane and pricked up his ears, trying to situate the fly, but nothing came. He gave up and instead gazed at the landscape, his hair ruffling in the night breeze. The streets were silent at this hour, and he felt his body relax.

So much better than this vile heat, Dazai thought, and he made a face at the mere thought of the day ahead of him.

The fly passed him as it flew out of the room, and he watched her fly towards the inky black sky. It disappeared from his sight, and the brunet stared at the stars for a while, then turned away from them, going back to bed. It would be useless to close the window: it was the only moment of the day a semblance of fresh air existed.

He had almost reached the bed when Chuuya moved, apparently trying to cover his back with the blankets with his feet.

‘Dazai, it’ll get cold.’

The brunet smiled, and the bed dipped under his weight as he lay down, slipping his legs under the covers.

‘Well,’ he started, and he wrapped his arms around the redhead’s waist, repeatedly poking his side so that he would turn around, ‘I’ll keep you warm.’

Chuuya sighed, and Dazai kissed his back, his forefinger still poking the other in the ribs.

‘You’re annoying,’ the redhead grumbled, ‘I bet you’re all sweaty and warm.’

Dazai let out a chuckle and pecked his back once again, this time a little higher. The other mumbled inaudible words, but he still rolled on his side, sliding his arms under Dazai’s tee-shirt and intertwinining their legs.

‘Oh dear, you aren’t,’ he muttered, and he burrowed his face in the crook of the brunet’s neck.

‘Of course, I was standing in front of the window.’

Chuuya hummed, and kissed his neck. ‘My own personal ice cube,’ he whispered.

Dazai chuckled at the nickname and tightened his hold around the redhead. ‘At your service.’

He caressed his back and smiled as his partner’s breathing slowed down, his arms loosening their grip around his waist as he fell back asleep. The brunet nestled against him, then kissed the top of his head. He closed his eyes, and buried his face in the redhead’s hair, inhaling his scent.

‘My very own sunshine.’

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Imagine Bucky and Matt Murdock meeting during Bucky's two years on the run (Matt can be either in or out of Daredevil gear)

“Excuse me,” Bucky’s voice came out hoarser than expected.  Quieter too; the tall man in the black suit didn’t seem to hear him, so he tried again.  “Excuse me?”

This time, the man turned around, a bemused smile and dark red sunglasses on his face.

“Sorry, were you talking to me?”

Bucky wet the inside of his mouth before saying, “You dropped this.”  The words felt heavy and awkward like stones in his mouth.  He held out the wallet gingerly.

There was a strange pause, before the man said, “I assume you’re holding something?”  Then Bucky noticed the white cane and put the pieces together.

“Oh.  You’re blind.”  

“Sure am.”  The man smiled crookedly.  It was a nice smile, Bucky thought idly.

He mentally ticked the stranger down a few threat levels.

“Your wallet.  It fell out of your pocket.”

The man patted at his jacket then shook his head.  “My god, this has been one hell of a day.”

Once upon a time, maybe Bucky would’ve known how to respond to that.  Now, though, he just sort of gestured the wallet at the other man again.  “Your wallet.”

“Oh, right, sorry.”  The man held his hand out expectantly to take it.  “Thanks.”

Bucky grunted, and turned to walk away.

“Be careful out there,” the man said.  “This city can be a dangerous place.”

Bucky glanced back, but the man had already gone.  Bucky stood still and surveyed the streets.  Gone.

The threat level bumped back up.  God, he needed to get out of this city.

Seventeen reaction: You saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

This is yet another thing that I spent ages writing out and it all deleted, so I’m sorry if its terrible! It’s my first Seventeen reaction, though, so I’m very happy (they are my boys), so thank you to anon for the request!


Honestly he would turn into a huge ball of fluff the moment the words left your lips. He’d be so happy and flattered, he’d probably blush like hell, covering his mouth with his hand or holding it to his heart to show how happy he feels. “Jagi, I love you too. So much.”

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This boy would smile so much honestly, you’d make him feel all giddy and happy as he giggled. He would give you the warmest smile you have ever seen like so genuine like he couldn’t help it. He would pull you into a hug, smiling into your hair as he told you sweetly how much he loved you, too.

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He would look up at you in surprise and begin staring at you. Like literally staring, you would have no idea what to do. Afterwards, when he realised he had been looking for longer than he should have, he would begin to chuckle at himself. Part of it would be how embarrassed he was to have lost it in the moment and part of it would be how giddy he had turned at your words. “Sorry, Jagi, it’s just… I love you, too.”

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You’d surprise him a little, causing him to stare at you for a few moments before this gorgeous half-smile would grow on his lips like he is feeling all the pride in the world. He just feels so proud of you and of the fact that you are his he would feel so overwhelmed with happiness. He would reach forward and cup for your cheek, giving you a peck on the lips, telling you that he loved you just as much.

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No matter where you guys were, like it could be a really quiet public place or somewhere really calm like a library it doesn’t matter, Hoshi would squeal. So much that you would probably have to shush him in embarrassment, not that he would care. The boy would jump up and down in excitement as he grinned like an idiot. He would wrap his arms around you and spin you around while still jumping. “I love you too, Jagi!”

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Another one that would just turn into a marshmallow honestly he would be so blushy and stutter so much it would be adorable. He would desperately try and find his words as he gaped at you, but the only think coming from his mouth would be random noises. He would get embarrassed really quickly and get really flustered. When he knew he couldn’t find the words, though, he would just straight-up hug you, grinning like a fool into your hair as he embraced you.

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He would be so taken back by the sudden confession, he would just stare at you for a moment as he processed what you said. Personally, I see Woozi as the type to get really flustered when it comes to romance so I can picture him just smiling and not being able to say anything just having this huge grin that he would desperately be trying to hide.

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He would give you the biggest smile you have ever seen. Now, we all know DK has the best smile in the industry anyway, but seriously, it would be so big you wouldn’t even be able to see his eyes anymore. And it would be so genuine, too, like he wouldn’t be able to suppress it at all. He would pull you into the tightest and most comfortable embrace ever, practically feeling all the love he felt just from the way he held you.

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He would be so surprised in the moment he would look at down at his shoes shyly, clearing his throat and trying to regain his composure. But THEN omg he would look at up with you so full of love and a little lust this shit seriously and just bite his lip at you trying to look really cute but sexy at the same time you know that look that Mingyu can pull off so well? Yeah that one. It would kill you. “You mean that, Jagi?” He’d say sweetly.

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Minghao would be so touched he wouldn’t be able to suppress his cute little smile. He would have to look away for a moment out of shyness, like Mingyu, but then he would look back at you, probably brushing a strand of hair behind your ear as he looked at you in adoration. “I love you too, Baobei.”  His voice would be so sweet it would be so adorable.

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You would probably really surprise Seungkwan, making him trip over his words or choke on his drink whatever he is doing. He would get really flustered after staring at you for a moment, looking away so you couldn’t see his face as he calmed himself out of his blush, regaining a straight face as he looked back at you. “Of course you do. Why wouldn’t you?” He would shrug and smirk and probably throw an arm over your shoulders, but inside he would be DYING.

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Yet another awkward bean that would suddenly become a stuttering, blushing mess as soon as you spoke. “Wait… what?” He’d do a double-take at you and stare for a moment as he processed it. “Jagi… I—” He would be lost for words, it would make you really nervous, his tone making it seem like he was preparing to turn you down. All of that nervousness left you when he pulled you into a hug and kissed your forehead, though, whispering that he loved you just as much.

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This adorable child would be straight into your arms to be honest. He would grin and probably have a little bit of a squeal but he would embrace you so quickly you wouldn’t even know where he went when he wasn’t in front of you anymore. He’d giggle and swing you a little as he hugged you. “I love you more, Jagi!”

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Hope you enjoyed the reactions! Request are open~