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I'm so glad there's another Darksiders headcanon blog! It's already shaping up to be awesome! Do you think you'd be cool with some scenairos of the Horsemen's (and whomever you'd like to add) S/O bringing up/ trying to start a more physical aspect (read= sex!!) to their relationship? PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

Thank you so much!! 💙 Sorry for keeping you waiting, here it is!

You two were resting around a litefire after a long way walking. She was looking beautiful and you can’t help think about your own feelings. It all started with a kiss that she corresponded. At first it was light, like a soft and loving touch but soon gave way to a deeper one, more hungry. Fury laughed under his breath and stepped aside for a breath.
“Are you sure? I will not stop once it starts…” she said while stroking your lower lip with her thumb.
You did not answer and you continued to kiss her, she let herself be carried smiling to herself for how impatient you had been. The intimacy that had grown between you did not bother but incited her.

That first time was sweet and warm, an expression of love in each caress and a reaffirmation of the feelings that had grown between you from the first moment.
Still kissing you, let your fingers run through your center, watching your face and adjusting her movements to your reactions. He let you finish first, before letting you indulge her. More than sex, it had been something much deeper. He spent the rest of the night surrounding you with his arms and whispering words of love in your ear.

You two were chilling on the sofa of your house, watching a romantic movie.

“The humans are just so little practical.” he said when the protatonist didn’t admit his feelings in front of his loved one. “I mean, it wouldn’t be way easier just to be honest? Then you can sleep with that person and that’s all!”
You blushed a little at his words.
“Mmhh… You think so?” you said playfully and bring your lips to his neck. He shivered. “Then, I’ll have to be honest too.”
Strife smiled and started to kiss you, until you were almost without breath.
“So, what did you want to tell me?”
You said nothing, just smiled and tried to kiss him again but he turned his head.
“No, no, no, darling. First, you’ll tell me what you want and then maybe I’ll consider to give it to you”
You had a little grin and blush more intensely.
“I want to be with you all night long…” you whispered.
“Doing what?” he responded with an eyebrow raised and a sassy expression
Again, you didn’t answer but embraced his neck and threw he upon you.

You had the whole action on your sofa. He was passionate but caring, he was saying all time how good you looked taking his cock, how much he loved hearing you scream. When he came, left a little bruises on your thighs and keep thrusting on you until you came. Then he kinda collapsed upon you while embracing you. You are not allowed to left his side, don’t even try it.

You both were in your bedroom. You were cleaning a little bit the accumulated dust on your desk and he was sitting on the floor, headlow, arms crossed on the chest and eyes closed. You looked at him. He looked so relaxed, almost like he were sleeping. You didn’t could think in one more perfect time to do it.

You sitted on his lap and sorrounded his neck with your arms. He startled a bit, then, he threw you an inquisitive glance. You kissed him slowly, tasting his lips and rocking your hips a little on him. He relaxed even more and started to kissing you once that he understood what was happening with you. He buried his good hand on your hair to make the kiss deeper and with the other hand on your hips he started to guide your movements.

He was loving and caring, but he make you top him the whole time. His gaze was intense and you barely were able to keep your eyes opened. He stroked your breasts/chest and butt while you were riding him. His tact were sorpresively soft and he make you came first, then he let you resting on his chest while stroking your back.

The sound of his breathing and his warm body maked you fell asleep.

It was a long way by horse, and there was still a stretch for arriving your house after a mission. Not that you mind at all, anyway. From your position, you could feel him so close. You were front on him and little shivers of anticipation were running on your back.

You started teasing him, subtle at first, but then more evident. You were stroking his arms, kissing him on the chin and moving your butt a little more close to his crotch.

“You are playing with fire, Y/N” he said in a warning voice. “and you’ll don’t like the result”
“Actually, I think I’d like the outcome” you smiled and gave him another kiss on his chin.

He didn’t even answered you, he just let you tease him the rest of the way until, finally, you arrived. You just closed the door behind you and he carry you over his shoulder.
“DEATH, WAIT!” you shouted, startled.
“I warned you” he stated simply and carried you to your bedroom.

He was teasing you the whole time. Do you want something? You have to beg for it. He was rough but caring, he didn’t want to rip anything. He’s too old so he has all the experience and knows very well where to touch you to make you scream. Like Strife, he didn’t allow you to left his side until you calm your breath.

I was listening to an NPR podcast recently and they were talking about Sherlock. One woman said “John’s love for Sherlock is intense but platonic, and Sherlock’s love for John is romantic but not sexual.” And the other panel members were like mmm, interesting, yes, great observation.

And I mean. On the one hand, congrats on admitting it’s not just a bro thing. On the other hand…fuck you, a little bit? Because let’s just imagine Sherlock was played by a woman. A tall, slender, raven-haired woman with killer cheekbones. John Watson is sitting across from her at a candlelit table in the first episode. He licks his lips before asking if she has a boyfriend, a girlfriend? No? She’s single like him, good. Anyone on this earth gonna say “oh well his feelings are clearly intense, but platonic"? Nope.

Imagine this woman repeatedly poking fun at John’s mustache (because she can’t bring herself to ask if he’s going to keep his fiancee) and then John shows up at the flat they used to share and he’s shaved it off. And this woman, she looks John Watson in the eyes and tells him in a low voice that she prefers her doctors clean shaven. Still romantic but not sexual? Anyone? Bueller?

It’s just frustrating to hear a panel of liberal fans of this show spouting intellectual-sounding shit about the John/Sherlock relationship that seems progressive on the surface but really just makes excuses for why it can’t be what it would SO OBVIOUSLY be TO EVERYONE ON THE PLANET if they weren’t both men––a slow burn romance with mutual sexual tension.

Anyway. Preaching to the choir here but I needed to vent.

Inktober Day 5: Sad

I’m okay

He put a cigarette between his teeth, mumbled a quick “sorry” and lit it, his hands shaking slightly. He could never hold still when she was around. “Remember when you told me you’d stop smoking?” she asked, drawing her woolly scarf tighter around herself. Her breath clouded in front of her face just as he blew out the smoke through his nose. She watched him wearily. Of course he remembered. He remembered all of the things he’d said to her, drunk or sober, but this one he remembered the best. Because the night he told her he’d stop smoking was the night he’d wanted to kiss her for the first time. Her hair had smelled like strawberries and her lips had looked so incredibly soft and she’d said “I can’t stand the smell of smoke, you know”. But this time was over, this time of watching and wanting and aching for their hands to brush, for their lips to meet. He could’ve thrown the cigarette away, could’ve swept her into his arms to keep her warm but he’d ruined it. He hadn’t changed, he never would, and she was too good for him. Too damn good for him. He hoped she knew. So he kept his cigarette in his mouth as he said, “I don’t remember.”
—  excerpt

Sherlock kept a photo of John with him during his time in Serbia. The photo got crinkled during the two years. A little faded. Damps destroying a part of it. It was just a normal photo. The type of stiffed lipped, no smile photo for driving licenses etc. Sherlock stole it before he disappeared. One day, he lost the photo. And never found it again. Maybe it just fell from his pocket during one of his runs. And when his captors left him in the cold hardened floor after beating him into a pulp, Sherlock just laid down there. The pain was bearable, because it was more painful to him that he lost that photo. He didn’t even trust his mind palace. What if he forgets what John looks like.

When Mycroft showed him John’s photo for the first time, Sherlock hated it and loved it at the same time. He almost made the mistake of asking Mycroft for it.

At least I am gonna see him now. I can touch him. He ran his own hand over his lip. I wonder if I like bristly kisses for the first time. My god I hate that mustache.

And he got touched. Yes. Not like the way he wanted.

John tackled him in the ground and opened his wounds.

John doesn’t know. I don’t blame him.

Didn’t get the kiss. Just got some wounds reopened.


That night, a single tear fell down from Sherlock’s eyes while dressing his wounds.

At least he touched me.

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Stuff I Love About Yurio
  • Primadonna girl all she ever wanted was the world
  • Animal print: The fashion trend that never goes out of style
  • I could write an essay on how weak I get when that baby smiles
  • Accurate 15 year old. Does Russia have Hot Topic.
  • He remembered Yuuri’s birthday
  • And gave him a pork cutlet bowl pirozhki
  • Says hi via dropkicks
  • His fans are lowkey furries
  • “I am the ice tiger of Russia” ok kiddo u keep tellin urself that
  • His hair. It’s Important.
  • His relationship with Mila is so funny to me
  • Hates JJ with a burning passion
  • I feel like I should mention Yakov somewhere on here so… “YAKOV”
  • I want Grandpa Plisetsky to make me some pork cutlet bowl pirozhkis
  • Is Yuuko’s fourth child
  • Is simultaneously Yuuri and Viktor’s first child
  • Him running away absolutely bewildered from Yuuri’s wild hugging spree
  • Has not one, but TWO embarrassing dads.
  • When he skates I feel so Blessed
  • Gender: Fuck
  • Even though he was so sweet in ep 9 he’s still such a salty boy
  • It’s like those weird sweet and salty trail mix bars. Nature Made??
  • What lip gloss does he use??? Mascara???
  • Probably owns a shitton of animal print converse
  • Is fifteen, first time competing in Seniors, and he’s heading off to Grand Prix Finals
  • I’m so proud of him
  • He deserves everything good in the world
  • Salty, bitter, lowkey soft babie Protect This Boy
Color Me With Your Affection

Prompt: Dan bugs Phil to beat him up until he obliges.

Warnings: Violent/rough sex, face-slapping, choking, marking, Dom!Daddy!Phil, Sub!Dan

Dan stood in front of the expanse of the bathroom mirror and lightly tugged the collar of his t-shirt off-center. He admired the deep blue, almost black bruises on his collarbones and up his neck, turning his head to be met with a faint blue strip of a bruise pigmenting his cheekbone as well. He passed a thumb over the healing of his split bottom lip feeling oddly.. triumphant. Regal, almost.

Dan liked it rough. Like, really rough. It had been quite the challenge getting Phil to comply with his desires at first, the older man insisting that “It’s abuse, Dan. Spanking you’s one thing, even choking you, sure; but I’m not gonna damn well punch you in the face.” To which Dan retorted “It’s not abuse if I’m literally asking you to do it, Phil. We’re two consenting adults, we can do what we like.” Phil simply shook his head and urged to walk out of the room, and Dan grabbed at the older man’s wrist before tugging at the front of his shirt, grossly whining “Phil Lester.. hurt me” which incited this back and forth between the two of Phil’s “Dan-.. I-, c'mon knock it off, love. Stop.” and Dan’s “Philly, pleeease… please Phil I need it.”

Dan lifted up the bottom of his shirt to be met with almost identical deep purple marks that littered his hips on either side, angry red scratches trailing from the dark spots on his right.

Phil’s resolve only lasted so long. He shook his head frustratedly before rolling his eyes and and slamming Dan against the closed door of their lounge, a hand firmly on the younger man’s neck, but not squeezing. “Daniel,” Phil began, voice low. “There is a difference between me getting passionate and me getting angry. You keep this up and my actions toward you aren’t gonna come from a kind heart, alright?” Dan smirked, and like the cheeky fuck he was.. spat right in Phil’s face.

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Omg, Sky, what if pastel!Dan was being bullied for wearing skirts and dresses and so one day he breaks down in the bathroom and punk!Phil comes in there and tries to talk him out the stall but can't at first. Eventually Dan does come out of the bathroom (fluff or smut, your choice)

warning ; transphobic slurs, bullying, physical and verbal abuse, pro self harm

Stay strong, Dan. C’mon, stay fucking strong. 

You’re strong, right? You’re not a wimp like they say you are. 

Dan felt his lip tremble, and he clenched his fists at his sides, bunching his soft blue skirt in his hands. Damn it. 

But really if Dan was being honest, he couldn’t take it anymore. The teasing, the shoving, the random insults in the hallway. He didn’t know what he had done to any of them. 

Dan flinched as another of the boys shoved him against the lockers, right after he had gotten up. The guy sneered at him; Dan avoided his eyes, calmly trying to move past him. Someone laughed. 

“Fuckin’ tranny. No boy who’s right in the head would wear a skirt to school,” one of the by-standing girls whispered, not trying very hard to keep it quiet. 

Dan bit his lip; he could feel the tears welling in his eyes but he refused to let them spill. It wasn’t fair. He tugged at the sleeves of his sweater, wiping at his eyes. 

School was an arena. It was a bloody showcase, and he was under the lights. He felt like everyone gathered around just to watch him be hurt, day after day. And none of them ever spoke up! 

“Aw, look! It’s gonna cry. Poor thing,” one of the boy’s said loudly, mocking him, snickering, and everyone laughed. Dan moved faster, and the boy who had said it followed.  

Dan sniffed, biting his lip so hard he could taste blood, and held a hand to his face. It was hot. 

Suddenly something hit his back, something that burned, and he could feel it explode. He stopped in his tracks, letting out a cry, feeling the boiling liquid drip down his thighs and onto his socks. 

Someone had thrown their coffee at him. 

Dan let out a soft whimper, trying to comprehend how much that actually hurt. The laughter rang in his ears like an alarm he couldn’t find the off switch to.

He caught the gaze of a boy, standing by his locker, watching all this with wide eyes. 

Dan knew him, he was in several of his classes, but they never really spoke. He didn’t think he even knew Dan’s name. He was tough, cold and dark, the opposite of Dan. Dan would be scared of him, but he had never really done anything to him. 

 Dan held his gaze for a moment, before looking away and bursting into tears. Choked sobs fell from his lips as he spun around, running straight to the nearest boy’s bathroom, the still hot as hell coffee dripping down his back. 

He had no doubt his sweater and skirt were both ruined, but he didn’t check. He rushed to the back of the room, pushing open one of the stall doors and locking it behind him. 

He crumpled to the ground, burying his face in his arms, shaking with sobs. It wasn’t fair; he didn’t know how much more of this he could take. His back hurt, everywhere the coffee touched, actually. He had no doubt he had burns. Wasn’t that assault? Why did no one stop them?

Because no one cares, Dan. You’re a toy to all of them, a spectacle. 

Dan whimpered, trying to keep himself quiet. He didn’t want them to hear him like this. 

Even his family couldn’t help him. When he had told his mum about the bullying, she had said, ‘Well, i’m not surprised. With how you dress, there’s sure to be hate. Maybe try dressing a little less flamboyant, honey.” He hadn’t tried telling his dad after that. 

Dan thought about the forums he had been on the night before. He had been searching for something, anything, to help him keep sane. He came across all these pro-sites… pro ana, pro self harm… and he had fallen too deep. He had spent hours reading all the awful posts. 

Dan, don’t cry. Crying is for wimps, weak people. You’re not weak, are you? You’re a big boy, keep it in..

Dan shook his head, tugging at his hair. Even he was abusing himself now. 


Dan jumped at the voice from the other side of the bathroom, the door creaking open. He didn’t recognize it. It was low, and husky; laced with worry. 

Dan kept quiet, trying to camouflage into the white tile wall. 

“Dan, I know you’re in here,” they said again, a small sigh echoing against the walls. 

“N-No,” Dan stuttered, hiccuping. “’M not.”

A quiet chuckle, and they knocked on the door gently. 

“Please let me in,” he said quietly. Dan bit his lip. 

“No. You’ll hurt me.”

Another sigh. 

“I won’t, angel,” they boy said, and he sounded sincere. “I would never.”

There was a moment of silence as Dan thought, chewing on his lip. 

“Why not?”

“Because no one should hurt someone as sweet as you, doll,” he replied immediately, leaning against the stall door. “I promise, I’m not here to hurt you, honey.” 

Dan felt his lip tremble again, the tears threatening to spill again. 

“I’m not coming out,” Dan whispered. “it’s not safe, they’re gonna hurt me.”

There was silence, and then - “I won’t let them hurt you, angel. I promise.”

Dan took a shaky breath, rolling the boy’s words around in his head. He sounded sincere… 

Dan decided he would take a chance, just this one time. 

He unlocked the door, pushing it open. 

It was him. It was the boy from the hallway, and up close, Dan could see how blue his eyes really were. He grinned, tugging at his leather jacket to straighten it. His happy expression soon turned to worry as his eyes flickered over Dan’s red eyes, messy hair, and stained clothes. 

“Shit, are you alright, angel?” He asked, his eyes widening, and he held out his arms as if to hug him. 

Dan took the offer, sinking into his arms without a second thought, sobbing into his shirt and clinging to him like a baby. Phil immediately embraced him, running his fingers through Dan’s hair like he had been waiting years. 

Dan sniffed. “You’re surprisingly cuddly. What’s your name?”

Phil chuckled, dipping two fingers under Dan’s chin to bring his face up. “Phil. Are you alright, angel?”

Dan rubbed his eyes. 

“I dunno.”

Phil wordlessly spun him around, tutting at the stain on his sweater and lifting it up to reveal his back. Dan heard a gasp. 

“What? What’s wrong?” He asked, turning and trying to see what Phil was seeing. Phil let out a low, growl-like noise. 

“They burned you, babe,” was all he said. 

He grabbed Dan’s wrist, tugging him over to the sink. He started to take Dan’s sweater off, raising his eyebrows to ask for permission. Dan nodded slowly. 

Phil folded it up, although it was already ruined, and set it on the counter. He got a paper towel wet, pressing it to Dan’s lower back. 

Dan jumped, flinching away from the sting, and Phil put a hand on his shoulder. 

“It’s alright, love,” he said softly, running his thumb over the skin. Dan shivered.

After Phil was done soothing his burns, he turned him back around, smiling at him. 

“I have a solution, no need to fear,” he said, grinning and shouldering off his jacket. He tugged his shirt over his head, exposing his pale chest. Dan frowned. 

Phil turned his own black shirt back right side out, gently pulling it on Dan, and picked up Dan’s sweater, putting it on, stain and all. Dan blinked at him. 

Phil looked down at himself, grinning. “Damn, I look good in pink.”

Dan giggled. “I think so too.”

“Well,” Phil held out a hand, tilting his head and licking his lips. “Shall we go? What’s your next class?”

Dan bit his lip, nodding and taking his hand, a shock running through him when their fingers intertwined. 


Phil smiled crookedly. “Hey, me too. I’ll be your bodyguard.”

So… maybe someone did care. 

Beautiful Disaster (Part 1)

Story Summary: Your best friend asks you to pretend to be his girlfriend for a family gathering and you reluctantly accept his request [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,534

A/N: Because I’m in a writer’s block with my ongoing fics, I decided to take the logical approach and started a brand new series! Genius, right? Haha. This particular one will have a set schedule though. One chapter will be posted every Tuesday at 4pm (EST). Hope you guys like the first part :)

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

“Honey, I’m home,” Steve called out as you rolled your eyes, continuing to flip through the channels on the television screen. You heard his footsteps trailing towards the living room as a chuckle escaped his lips. “You don’t like my greeting?” he teased, taking a seat beside you.

You settled on watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress as your gaze drifted over to him. “You know you can’t barge into my apartment, right?” you reminded, a smirk playing on your best friend’s lips. “You can’t just come in here whenever you want,” you paused, furrowing your eyebrows. “Wait…how did you even get inside? I locked the door.”

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Desperate for Love [Suga Angst]

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

“Desperate for love is a weak emotion.” 

You wanted him to grab your hand, hold it and make you feel loved and warm just by the slight touch. You wanted him to look at you, like you were the only girl for him, the only one who could capture his heart. You wanted to have those lips on yours, giving you the first kiss worth remembering. You wanted him to love you, feel the same for you as you felt for him.

Min Yoongi was cold when you knew that deep down, he was a warm hearted person who cared. Under all that fake stone hard face, you knew there was once a different Yoongi. Although he was rude and mean towards everyone, including you, you still found yourself in deep, deep love.

You wished that you could say that you could see who the nice Min Yoongi was. But you couldn’t. He wasn’t readable. His mysterious vibes and personality was something any other human would avoid. He wasn’t someone you wanted to involve yourself in.

The problem was, you couldn’t keep yourself away from him.

He was beautiful.

He was beautiful with whatever scar he had over his heart that made him the way he was.

Min Yoongi was your roommate of three years and through all those years, never once have you heard him laugh or seen him smile. He didn’t do smiles, he smirked.

Since the day he moved into your apartment after contacting you and asking if you were still hiring out the guest room, you had accepted him after searching up him on Facebook. He was hot, was your first thought when that profile picture of him appeared on your screen, late that evening.

Now, three years later, it still felt like you knew as much about him as you knew three years ago, nothing much, even if you were now his girlfriend of a month.

After years of threats and deals from your side, you were now his girlfriend but that didn’t mean that he was any different. He still made it pretty clear that the two of you should keep your lives separately although you lived in the same apartment.

“Food’s ready!” You shouted and placed down the two plates of creamy pasta that you had made for yourself and Yoongi.

A few minutes later, Yoongi appeared with a towel over his shoulders, his hair still wet from the shower. Your eyes automatically travelled down his tight fitting tee before up to his well sculpted face again. “Uhm- Here.” You said, blushing before giving him his fork.


You nodded and sat down in front of him on one of the bar stools.

This was what he could do to you. One moment you could be perfectly fine, talking like a normal person and even singing to one of your favourite songs. But whenever he looked that good, which was basically everyday, you couldn’t help but fangirl over your own boyfriend, on the inside.

“How was your day?” You asked, taking a bite from your pasta.


Once again, you nodded and bit your bottom lip, not knowing what to say next since he didn’t ask you about your day.

“I had a great day today, I went to the interview I told you about two days ago. You know the one for the skin care company?” That somehow caught his attention because he looked up to you from his phone with raised eyebrow.

“The Face Shop?” You nodded, gulping down some water. “Yeah, that one. I know you told me not to apply for that work but there’s absolutely no other choice. I’ve been trying to find a job - for what - over a year now.”

“I told you I don’t want you to work at that place. You can find another job, Y/N.” He said, looking at you with a seriousness that you had never seen him in before.

“Why? I need money and they’re kind enough to let me work there. I’ve met the boss as well. She’s really kind and she’s young, perfect. I don’t want to get into a fight with an old lady again.” I explained, remembering back to my previous job that I said up from because of the bossy bitch of an owner.

The fork he was holding on was set down with a thud before he stood up, his breathing hard.

“I’ll tell you once again, Y/N. I don’t want you to work there and it’s best if you listen to me.” He warned, making you completely shocked. “What?”

“Listen, we can find you another job, okay?”

“No. This is my chance, Yoongi. My boss even told me that she was going to pay me more if I could do my work. I won’t just give that up because you said so. And what’s up with that tone? Why would you use that tone with your… with your girlfriend?”

“You gotta be kidding me,” he sighed and pulled a hand through his hair. “Are you using that against me right now? So what if you’re my girlfriend? Do you even consider this as a relationship? Have you even had a boyfriend before? How childish are you, Y/N?!” Shocked and angry, you stood up as well and walked over to his side, facing him.

“So what if I consider this as a relationship? So what if you’re my first boyfriend? So what if I’m being childish? At least I’m not being moody twenty-four seven, like you!” You snapped, glaring at him.

He didn’t even budge a bit. He just stared at you. Before he burst out into laughter.

If it was any day but that day, you’d be happy to finally hear his laugh but then you realized that this wasn’t a laugh that told you that this was all a joke, that he was just kidding, that everything had been a prank.

No, it was a humorless one and you hated it more then his stone hard, careless face.

“Agreeing to this ridiculous thing was a big fucking mistake. You’re naive, bothersome and nothing but a big fucking mistake. You’re desperate, Y/N.” He picked up a napkin and wiped his mouth before throwing it on the not up eaten plate of pasta. He was turning around, stalking towards his room when you decided that it was enough.

“Do you even like me, Min Yoongi? Or am I just what you just called, naive, bothersome and a fucking big mistake? Oh, and let’s not forget desperate. Is that everything you see in me?” You asked, swallowing the lump in your throat. This was not a time to look like a loser.

“That’s exactly what I think of you, Y/N. The only reason I agreed to the whole boyfriend and girlfriend thing was because I felt bad for you. You’re desperate for me to show you any kind of affection and it got annoying, I had to do something. And then you’re naive, not even realising that I don’t want anything to do with you.”

You took a few steps towards him with your clenched fists by your side to keep you sane. “Why are you like this? Why are you treating me like I’m nothing when all I’ve done is to care for you?”

He looked at you and something in his eyes flicked before it vanished and he was back to his stone cold face. But this time, there was a frown on his face.

“You want to know why?” He asked before continuing without even waiting for my response.

“You’re not my style. You’re not someone I can fall in love with. You’re childish and annoying and carefree. You fall too easily and you love too hard.”

It hurt, what he said, it hurt like a thousands of needles just went through your whole body before repeating the same process for several times. God. “That’s not the only reason, isn’t it?” You asked, challenging him to confess everything.

“There’s more than those things about me, right? You’re cold to everyone. You’re rude and you don’t care about people who cares for you. Why are you like this, Min Yoongi? Why do you treat people like they’re not worth a shit?” With each question, you took a step closer to where he stood, just outside his room.

He seemed shocked about your questions because something flicked in his eyes once again, but this time, it stayed. He looked so fragile that you were afraid that he was going to break. You had never seen him react to something you said like that. He’d usually just ignore it because, apparently, you were annoying.

“Answer the damn question, Min Yoongi.” You said, this time, you took two big steps until you were a few feet away from him. “Why do you keep pushing me away?”


“You’re not her.”

It was enough but he didn’t stop there.

“You’re not her and you will never be her. You’re name’s not Ji Hyo. You don’t have her short, wavy hair. You don’t look like her and you don’t even have the same accent. You don’t have dresses and you don’t use make up. You’re desperate for my attention when I was the one desperate for her attention.” His eyes softened but his shoulders stiffened, as well as his whole body.

“Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurts just by knowing that she could still have such an affection on you everyday because of her damn company?! Her face is everywhere I go and now, I’ll need to hear about her from your mouth as well?” You gulped and watched as his forehead made a small crease between his eyebrows.

“I love her even when she’s not here but I don’t love you even when you’re here, constantly. I miss her when the last thing I want is to see her but I don’t miss you even if you leave home for days. I need her as if she’s my oxygen but I don’t need you even if you give me everything that I need. I want her like she’s some kind of obsession but I don’t want you, because you’re too easy.”

“Stop, please, stop.” You said, collapsing down on the floor when you felt like your legs would give out any time.

He looked down at you before saying something that would break you and leave scars all over.

“I will never be able to let her go, like I can let you go.”


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Dating Park Jimin Would be Like


  • he’s S U C H a switch
  • and i don’t mean that just in the sexual sense
  • literally one day ur gonna get cute squishy shy chimchim who kisses u but giggles and can’t look u in the eye
  • the next HOUR he fukcin gives u a lap dance or some shit or just like undresses u with his eyes and licks his lips and flashes his tummy all the time like damn dude can you c h i l l
  • but most of the time u get darling sweetie pie Jimin who loves to cuddle and hold u close 24/7
  • i dont think he would be as touchy as Taehyung just bc Tae has No Shame when it comes to his gf but then Jimin is a Smol Shy and wants to love u but he gets v v shy and embarrassed 
  • not bc he’s embarrassed to be around u or to love u but bc he’s still kinda insecure about himself 
  • bc ur so ethereal and beautiful and kind and all around a Total Package 
  • and he doesn’t feel like he brings much to the table
  • which when he gets in lil sad moods bc of these feelings u make it ur NUMBER ONE GOAL to cheer up ur darling Squish 
  • if he’s feeling bad about not having abs for the fans then you go online and show him all the comments about how they love him when he’s chubby
  • and u tell him that it doesn’t even matter what they think bc you love him chubby and you love him the way he is with no changes to anything
  • but if he really wanted to, you would offer to go work out with him to keep his spirits up and he would a d o r e that
  • u probably would die from trying 2 keep up w him and he would have to piggyback you home and put u in a warm bubble bath to ease ur aching muscles but its the thought that counts and he really truly appreciates how much effort u put into him and doing anything to make him feel good about himself
  • when he wants something really bad u get the dreaded Puppy Eyes and you can’t escape them
  • U and Suga both mope over that fact that u both are weak for park Jimin
  • being besties w Taehyung and going on dates with Jimin and Tae just tags along
  • the first few times he does this ur worried about him being the third wheel but it ends up that you’re the third wheel lmao Vmin am i right
  • you can never stay mad at him for very long and vice versa he could never be angry at you for more then 20 minutes max
  • when you argue its over little things like him leaving his wet towel on the bathroom floor or you leaving stuff like yogurt out of the fridge too long bc u forgot about it
  • and even when you have more serious fights where doors are slammed and there are raised voices and he has to leave your apartment for some air and time to himself to think
  • he always comes back even if it’s at 2 AM bc he just CANT go to sleep without apologizing and telling you he loves you bc anything could happen and he doesn’t want his last memory of you to be an argument should something bad happen to you 
  • like that is his worst fear that he would be away on tour and something would happen like you would get in an accident or the saesangs would attack you stuff like that
  • and those fears would pop up in his head every time he left the apartment when u two fought and he would forget how to breathe until he snapped out of it and fuckign SPRINTED his ass back to your place
  • and he would burst into your room (bc he used his key okay he didn’t kick down the door. u gave him a key after the second time he did that)
  • and he would see you laying on his side of your shared bed, curled up in a tiny ball, a pile of tissues in the trash can next to you, and tiny sniffles and hiccups coming from you every once and a while
  • Jimin would ever so quietly walk around to the side of the bed and kneel down in front of you, and his heart would just break
  • you had messy hair, your face was covered in dried and fresh tear tracks, and you were holding onto the little stuffed kitten he had won for you on your first date
  • he would start crying as well and he wouldn’t want to even dare to touch you because he didn’t feel like he deserved to hold you if he had caused the person he loved the most so much pain
  • but you would say fuck that and throw your arms around his neck and he would break down and start sobbing into your neck, wrapping his arms so tightly around your waist and drawing you so close to him you two were almost one person 
  • and the two of you would just rock back and forth until you both calmed down and gave makeup kisses
  • and then comes the makeup sex ;)))
  • so i see a lot of conflicting things on here
  • either he’s Mr Dom, second to Namjoon(who i firmly believe is 100% DADDY but that’s for another time) or the Subbiest sub to ever sub.
  • and personally i think he’s a switch? it really just depends on his mood
  • like i probably have said that for every one of these that i have done lmaoooo but seriously 
  • it just depends on his mood either he’s kissing you gently and his touches are so soft and he’s taking you so slowly and lovingly and caressing every inch of your body, practically worshipping it as he kisses every inch of skin he can get his lips on
  • or he’s fucking smacking your ass as he takes it from behind and pulls your hair while dirty talking you
  • there’s just no in-between 
  • except for maybe morning sex bc he would want you to take over in the morning and be on top but damn he wants to touch you so bad
  • ur sex life can be described as Mindblowing 
  • bc with his dancer hips and his stamina and your ability to toughen up and take it for as long as he wants to you
  • most of the time you can’t actually remember what happens bc it’s so amazing lol 
  • he’s pretty vocal but not as much as taehyung lmao the only one louder then Tae is Hobi(of course) but he’s a pretty close 3rd 
  • he strikes me as a moaner and a whiner? sometimes he groans when he’s close to finishing but usually he’s a p consistent moaner
  • he’s v cuddly like i said before
  • his favorite this is pillow talk
  • after yall are done w ur thing he likes to draw patterns on your bare back while you lay on his chest, nuzzling his neck and you have to guess what he’s drawing on your back
  • literally when i say he loves pillow talk he LOVES IT
  • like Jimin basically has sex w u, not just bc ur the bomb dot com w a smoking hot booty but bc its so he can just bask in the warm afterglow of your lovemaking session but also talk about serious things and silly things and the in-betweens 
  • this is your guys favorite time to talk about the future
  • he shyly tells you that he wants to marry you someday and he almost launched himself out of bed if u hadn’t tackled him and gave him lots of kisses 
  • it’s nothing permanent yet, bc he’s still really focusing on BTS promotions and growing as a group and as a dancer and singer with them 
  • but you don’t mind him taking his time and waiting for him
  • and he loves that more then anything 
  • like to him that’s the biggest sign of love you can give him is just being patient and waiting for him with anything you two do
  • Jimin would try to be almost as dedicated as you to your relationship as you were
  • bc he feels like it’s the only way to pay you back for waiting for him to have time for you while he’s working 
  • if he’s away on tour over your birthday or your anniversary or something he’ll arrange it so that he can send something to you can be face timing you as it arrives at your door so that he can watch your face as you open it
  • facetimeing 24/7 when he can’t be there with you
  • no matter if you’re texting, calling, face timing, or seeing each other in person he NEVER fails to tell you he loves you 
  • you come with him to inkigayo once and almost cry backstage when BTS wins the first award for their comeback song 
  • and he runs backstage to you after its all over and he picks you up and spins you around in a hug and gives you kisses and Jimin is looking up at you from under those long lashes and he just pushes some hair out of your face and when he puts you down he gives you a promise ring he was saving for your 2 year anniversary but he just couldn’t wait
  • Jimin has you wrapped around his finger but he never really realizes it bc he think that he’s wrapped around your finger and it’s true u could ask this boy for the moon and he would give it to you and he could ask for the sun and you would get it for him
  • his love is intense at times but it’s sweet and kind and gentle in the best possible ways 

end my life this series is making me slowly lose my mind
also i feel like these scenarios are slowly getting longer?? idk guys give me some feedback here ro send me some lil prompt ideas!! i love doing reactions but i haven’t done any in a while. 
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Anon Request: Angry “I love you” accidentally blurted out in the middle of an argument. First time saying the L word. McCree, Hanzo and Reaper

Okay, I loved this so very much. I hope you like it, darling! If you have any questions or criticisms, message me.


“You’re doing better, L/N,” Gabriel Reyes said, a faint smile on his lips.

“Thank you, sir.” You shifted and stretched your arms above your head, feeling your muscles tense and relax.

“Tell McCree I’ll be with him tomorrow.” Reyes sauntered off as you drifted down the hall, stepping into the kitchen. You caught a glimpse of Jack Morrison as he was leaving, and you shook your head at the strained expression on his face.

You hadn’t noticed your boyfriend until he cleared his throat, drawing your attention toward him.

“Oh, hey! How are you, babe?” You asked as you approached him. When you reached for his shoulder, he leaned away from you, and you frowned. “What’s up, Jesse?”

“Why don’t you ask Reyes? You seem to enjoy spendin’ time with ‘im,” Jesse asked, not meeting your eyes.

“Because he’s training me. I’m sorry if I don’t want him to yell at me,” you said.

“Accordin’ to everyone else, he’s been gettin’ real handsy with ya.” McCree stepped around you, and you narrowed your eyes.

“He’s training me, Jesse. God, why are you acting like this? You know that he isn’t interested in me!” You said, shaking.

“But I don’t know that, darlin’!” He yelled, facing you, “For all I know, he’s waitin’ for ya right now!” His voice cracked, and you realized he was on the verge of tears. His eyes darkened, and he dropped his head, removing the hat from his head. Jesse ruffled his hair and slumped against the counter, staring at you with pained eyes.

“Do you really not trust me enough to know that I would never do something like that?” You asked, your voice straining.

“I love ya!”

The room went silent, and you noticed Gabriel and Jack standing near you, a few other recruits crowded around behind them. You shied away from their curious stares, and Jesse turned his head toward them. Jack and Gabriel were quick to push them down the hall until the both of you were alone once again. Licking your lips, you glanced over at your boyfriend and smiled.

“I love you, too,” you whispered.

Jesse turned his attention toward you, and his eyes softened. You nervously crossed the room and stepped into his arms, burying your face into the curve of his neck. He embraced you against his chest, and you gently kissed just below his ear.

“Sorry, sweatpea,” he whispered, “God, I love ya so damn much.”


You were carefully tending to your wounds as Hanzo paced the length of the room, silently brewing in his own anger. A hiss fell from your lips, and he turned, staring at you.

“If you hadn’t been so reckless, you wouldn’t be in pain,” he said.

You glanced at him and frowned, turning away from him. Already frustrated, you didn’t want to deal with his judgement, especially when you had kept your friends safe.

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to be so heroic. It will get you killed one of these days,” Hanzo said through gritted teeth.

“I don’t understand why you feel the need to treat me like a damn child,” you growled, refusing to look at him.

“I am trying to protect you.”

You muttered something underneath your breath, silently mocking him, and you flinched when you felt the alcohol seep into your wound. The blood had stopped, but you were terrified of getting an infection. Stretching your legs out, you bandaged your arm and slipped off the edge of the bed, rising to your feet.

“Look, I’m fine. I have all my limbs, and I’m breathing. I don’t get why you’re so upset!” You said, slowly reaching your limits.

“But you could’ve died! You shouldn’t worry about everyone else when your life is on the line!” Hanzo said, struggling to keep calm. In situations like these, he was typically the one that kept a level head, so seeing him upset made you back away.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t think about myself when all my friends were about to die!” You shrieked, your face an unattractive shade of red. Your fists were clenched at your side, and you were trying to keep your breath steady.

He muttered something in his native tongue, shaking his head as he swept a hand through his hair. The dark tresses fell free and fluttered around his face, momentarily distracting you from the argument.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Hanzo! I’m alive, and I’m fine! Angelea has told me that I’m fine and healthy. You don’t need to worry so much,” you said, staring at him.

“I do have to worry about you!” He yelled, meeting your harsh gaze.


“Because I love you!”

Your heart skipped as he let his shoulders fall, nearly collapsing. Chewing on your nail, you approached him and placed your hands on his chest. He shifted and met your eyes, the anger dissipating. Hanzo seemed defeated as you took him into your arms, holding him close.

“I cannot lose you, my love,” he whispered, his face buried in the curve of your neck.

“You won’t, Hanzo. I promise that you won’t lose me. I’m sorry for scaring you and for yelling at you. I-I just didn’t realize how much I meant to you.”

“You are my world, Y/N,” Hanzo said as he leaned back, staring down at you.

After a moment, you smiled and said, “That was the first time you told me that you loved me. It feels so wonderful. I-I love you, too, Hanzo.”

He kissed you softly, his arm curled around your body, and you leaned into him.

“I won’t purposefully put myself in danger again. Promise.”


You understood that Reaper was not an affectionate man, and he had informed you of this when you first started your relationship with him. However, that didn’t stop the doubt that flooded your mind. Sitting on the floor of your room, you were fiddling with the one photograph you had of him where he looked somewhat pleasant, a faint smile on your lips

Black smoke billowed around your feet, and you turned your head, watching as he phased into the room. His shoulders were tense, visibly upset, and you realized that this would not go well. Rising from the floor, you nervously twisted a strand of hair around your finger, worrying your bottom lip. He was already uncomfortable and angry, and you were going to make it worse.

“I need to talk to you,” you said. He grumbled beneath his breath, his words barely audible. You sighed and inched closer to him. “Uhm, do you want to be with me?”

Reaper went rigid, turning to face you. Though you couldn’t see his face, you could feel the heat of his stare, his smoke spilling from the slits in his mask. You stumbled back as he stormed toward you.

“What?” He asked, his voice much deeper than it typically was. A shiver went down your spine as you dropped your eyes.

“It’s just that, well, you don’t always act like how a boyfriend should act and—“

“Do you think I have the time or the desire to spend every waking moment with you?” He asked, his word twisted with venom.

You felt you stomach drop, and you frowned, anger welling up inside of you.

“Well, when you asked me to be your partner, I thought you would at least acknowledge me when I happened to be around you! I thought I actually meant something to you, but I apparently don’t!” You yelled, shaking with frustration.

Reaper turned away from you, and you realized he was about to leave. Tears prickled the corners of your eyes, and you sniffled, your heart racing.

“Can you not realize that I love you?!” You screamed. When you noticed what you had said, your eyes widened, and you swallowed the lump in your throat. Neither of you had said that before, and you were afraid of what he would do. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I’m just going to go.”

You began to gather your things, your hands trembling, when a pair of arms hooked around your stomach. You froze, tears silently spilling down your cheeks, and the heat of his body seeped into your clothes.

“Don’t leave,” he whispered into your ear. Though he sounded as he always did, there was something in his voice that made your heart ache.

You wiggled and faced him, staring up at his mask. Furrowing your brow, you reached and removed it from his face, smiling when you saw the man you had fallen for.

“Say it again,” Gabriel said.

“I love you, Gabriel Reyes. I love you, I love you, I love you.” You stood on the tips of your toes and pressed a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

“I love you,” he said, and your heart skipped.

Another thing I really need from a Klance kiss is just…a moment, one that’s slow and so intimate, like Keith and Lance are the only ones who exist in the entire universe.  You can tell they both want to move in, make the first move, but they don’t.  Instead, they just stare into each others eyes before Keith can’t take it any longer, asking, “Can I?” and Lance just throws his arms around Keith’s shoulders and kisses him soundly, mumbling against his lips: “You didn’t even have to ask.”


When Sirius was a kid his mum always made him get haircuts in a ‘smart’ style he never liked .

it was still long enough on top to get knotted .

So every day his mum would yank a brush through his hair till his eyes watered and he felt like he’d been scalped.

He honestly thought a purpose of a brush was to hurt him. And he just assumed other people did it as a weird fashion thing. Like muggle lip injections

So first thing his did at hogworts was to grow his hair out and brush his hair as little as he could.

Third year came around and he’d settled on growing it out to his shoulder and he was happy with his look.

It wasn’t as messy as James’s but not the neet ponytail Remus wore.

He always joked he had the best sex hair.

One day he had put his hair up in a ponytail for herboligy and when he took it out it got stuck.

Panicking he would have to cut his hair he ran to Remus who had similar length hair as him .

Remus assured him they wouldn’t need to cut it off .

He sat him down getting out a Combe saying he could brush it out.

Sirius jumps away saying that maybe cutting it wouldn’t be so bad.

Remus manages to cokes him back saying if it hurts he’ll stop.

True to his word he slowly works the knots out and freeing the elastic .

Once he was finished he could work the brush all the way through his hair without snagging once.

Sirius found he actually enjoyed this new way of getting his hair brushed.

Remus found he didn’t mind being able to play with Sirius’ hair. It was thicker then his own mousy hair .

Soon enough it became a ritual of theirs.

Every other day in the common room Remus would be sat on the sofa near the fire and Sirius would come down with a brush and sit in the floor in-between his legs.

And Remus would brush out and play with his hair.

It also became common that Sirius would fall asleep Wilst having his hair messed with.

Quite often james would come in to see Sirius asleep against Remus leg resting his head in his knee

James teases him saying it was a dog thing

Sirius enjoyed it too much to care

Snowed In Pt.2

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Words: 2,373

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Description: You find yourself snowed in and stuck in your one night stand’s apartment, forcing you to spend a very uncomfortable day getting to know each other.

Warnings: Swearing, mature subject matter.

~ Masterlist / Part 1 / Part 3 (coming soon) ~

You laid upside down on the couch, hair falling to the ground as your legs dangled off the top. You sighed loudly, puffing your lips out into a pout. “Whats your problem?” Jungkook asked, looking away from the game he was playing on his XBOX for the first time in what felt like forever.

Your one night stand was turning into a long night stand and you weren’t entirely pleased about it. Aside from the fact that you both got off on the wrong foot to begin with, and you weren’t entirely sure if you would be able to withstand him for the rest of the day; he also wasn’t the most entertaining company.

“I’m bored.” You sighed, placing your hands on the floor below you to flip backwards off the couch until you were sitting on the floor, looking up at him through disheveled hair. “Amuse me.”

“Amuse yourself!” He chuckled. You could tell he wasn’t entirely trying to be rude, but he wasn’t doing a good job at being friendly either.

“Hey! I didn’t ask to be stuck here with you! And if we’re going to pretend that we can actually stand each other we might as well do something!” You sighed, smoothing down the locks of your hair until they were back into place. “You have a ping pong table, lets go do that!”

Jungkook paused his game, chucking the remote to the side. “Ohhh, you don’t want to play that with me.”

“And why not?”

His eyes darkened, his lips curving into a methodical smile. “Because I’m really competitive, and I never lose,” he leaned forward on his knees to get closer to your face, elbows digging into his skin. “I wouldn’t want you to cry after I destroy you, you seem overly sensitive.”

Your face twisted into one of exasperation, furrowing your eyebrows as you brought your hand close to his face and flicked your finger onto his forehead, making a hallow sound as it hit his skin which could only be akin to his brainless skull. “Ow!”

“Sounds like someone’s afraid of losing.” You teased, matching his darkened expression. He rubbed the now red spot on his skin from your finger, huffing. “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

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A Miranda Christmas

Prompt: You were already a nervous wreck even before meeting Lin’s family for the first time Christmas day. But one look at Luz Towns-Miranda’s hawk-like eyes was a different type of terror.

Pairing: Lin x reader

A/N: Merry Christmas! I’ve been MIA I know! I’ll make it up to ya’ll I swear! As always, let me know what you think! xoxo

“Stop it, you look fine.”

You look up from the mirror at Lin’s stern voice. “Are you sure? Is my make-up too heavy?”

Lin chuckles and brushes his thumb along your bottom lip, reminding you of your habit of biting it when you were nervous. “Baby, you look beautiful. As always.”

You let out a shaky laugh and run your hands through your long locks, which you spent an extra hour curling in the morning. You took extra care with putting on your make-up and made sure that the dress you wore for the day wasn’t too short or too tight.

Today was your first Christmas with Lin, but more importantly, you were meeting the Miranda’s today.

The thought alone made you nauseous. Your relationships with previous boyfriends never became serious enough for you to meet their parents, so you didn’t know how the whole ordeal would be like. Ever since your chance meeting in NYU’s library at two in the morning, your whole world was flipped upside down. From the most absurd late night dinners in the corners of the library to accidentally setting off the fire alarm in your apartment, you could confidently say that your life has irrevocably changed ever since meeting him.

You wouldn’t have it any either way.

“Ready to go inside?” he asks, giving your knee a squeeze.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you reply, pulling on your coat.

Lin smiles and shuts off the car, jogging over to your side to help you out. You take his hand and take a deep breath, visualizing your worries escape your body as your exhaled. “They’re going to love me?” you say to him, wincing at the inflection in your voice that made your statement sound more like a question.

“They’re going to love you,” Lin agrees, grinning. He gives you a quick peck on the lips and then tugs you over to the front porch.

The door immediately swung open, the sight of a small boy with floppy hair and wide innocent eyes bringing a smile to your face.


“Tio!” he squeals, his face brightening as he rushes forward to hug Lin.

You giggle and watch as Lin bent down to let the small boy wrap his arms around his neck. Your heart warmed as Lin lifted Alejandro into his arms, carrying him inside. You follow behind them, closing the door behind you, and then shrug off your thick coat, feeling the significant increase in temperature when you stepped inside.

“Help the poor girl out, will you? That coat looks heavier than she is,” a sharp voice cuts through the air, and you turn to face Luz Miranda-Crespo.

Lin puts Alejandro down and grabs your coat to hang on the coat rack before doing the same for his.

“You must be Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet you,” Luz’s strong voice was a stark contrast to the warm smile on her face. She steps forward and pulls you into a welcoming hug and kisses your cheeks.

“I-It’s nice to meet you too,” you stutter, returning the gesture. You manage to give Lin a pointed look over her shoulder before she took your arm to lead you to the living room.

“Luis, it’s Y/N!” she sings to her husband who was in the middle of watching a football game. He stands, and a curious Lusito and Dylan, cuddled against him, does the same.

You gulp, intimidated, but the feeling melts away once he smiles and shakes your hand in greeting. One by one, Luz and Luis introduce their adorable children to you (minus Hunter, their eldest in college who was currently in Boston with her boyfriend’s family), their shy, dimpled smiles making you want to pinch their cheeks.

“Mama and Papa are in the kitchen,” Luz gestures, causing your stomach to flop, “go say hi and then I’ll show you embarrassing pictures of Lin when he was little.”

Lin rolls his eyes and grabs your clammy hands. He gives you a comforting squeeze before leading you to the kitchen.

Your pulse was skyrocketing and you swore that you were going to have a heart attack. You felt like the walls of their home were closing in, so you shuffled closer to Lin as the two of you walked to the kitchen.

“Mama, Papa,” Lin calls, placing a hand on the middle of your back to gently push you forward, “this is Y/N.”

The two look up from their respective spots; Luis near the stove with an apron wrapped around him and Luz sitting on a bar stool with what looked like a recipe book in her hands.

You give them a small wave and a shaky smile. “Encantado de conocerte,” you say slowly, hoping that your pronunciation was correct.

Luz quirks a brow. Meanwhile, Luis throws his head back and laughs heartily. He quickly removes the apron and tosses it on the counter before wrapping his arms around you.

“Nice to meet you too, mija,” he replies “you’re just as beautiful as Lin-Manuel described.”

You spin to look at Lin, who was kissing his mother’s cheeks. “Thank you,” you say, “would you like some help?”

“Nonsense, Y/N. You’re a guest,” he replies smoothly, “take a seat and have a drink.” He winks and turns back to the stove, humming a tune that you couldn’t quite catch.

You couldn’t help but smile, noticing Lin’s similarities in mannerisms with his father. With a nod of thanks, to turn to Luz and Lin who moved from the counter to the kitchen table. You pause when you realize they were silently observing you. You clear your throat, feeling heat spread across your cheeks at the attention. “W-water?” you stammer, grabbing the pitcher from the center of the table.

Luz shakes her head, silent as she watched you pour two glasses of water for yourself and Lin. You hand it to him as you sit down, hoping that your shaking hands weren’t obvious. You sip the cool drink, buying yourself some time to think of something to say.

“Will you be joining us for ice skating tonight?” Luz asks, her gaze sweeping from you to Lin.

“Every year we go to the skating rink before dinner,” Lin explains, shifting so that he could rest his arm on the back of your chair. “It helps build an appetite before we eat.”

You smile. “Sounds like a plan.”

Lin returns your smile, but you couldn’t help but feel awkward as a silence settles over the table after your comment. He clears his throat, and gently tugs you up from your seat, saying something along the lines of missing his nephews and wanting to play with them.

“She hates me,” you groan as you crossed the threshold of the living room.

“She doesn’t,” he replies quickly, “she was like that with Luis at first too. You’ll just have to give her time to warm up.”

You frown, the wheels in your mind beginning to turn as you thought of the different ways you could impress his mother.

Lin’s low chuckle and his thumb playfully tugging at your bottom lip catches your attention. “Relax,” he reminds you again as he pressed a soft kiss against your lips.

You smile into the kiss, but then erupt into giggles as his sister yanks him backwards by his collar.

“Sorry to interrupt little brother, but I did promise Y/N embarrassing pictures,” Luz grins, a photo album in her arms.

She ignores his yelp and leads you to the sofa and you allow her warm personality momentarily distracting you from your insecurities.

Lusito, Alejandro, and Dylan wobbled past you, their excited laughter blending in with the loud chatter in the skating rink. Their parents trailed behind them, patiently reminding them not to run and to mind the other people in the rink.

Beside you was Lin, who was having trouble with zipping up his thick jacket. You shake your head, amused, but help him zip up once you’ve had enough with watching him struggle.  

“Mr. Miranda, you’re so high maintenance,” you tease, sliding down to help him lace up his skates when you noticed that his fingers were fumbling against the laces.

“Lin-Manuel was never the athletic one,” Luis chuckles, standing over the two of you with Luz by his side.

You grin, patting Lin’s knee as you finished tying his laces. “There’s no athletic bone in his body,” you agree, holding your hands out to help him up from the bench.

“Let’s hope that with your help, he’ll actually stay upright for five minutes for once,” Luis adds.

“Just pretend that I’m not in right in front you,” Lin grumbles sarcastically.

You laugh along with his father and you couldn’t help but notice that Luz’s face was as stoic as ever. With a small sigh, you grab Lin’s hand and lead him to the rink.

You smoothly step into the ice and let out a laugh when you spot Lin doing the opposite. He almost slips forward, but luckily for him, you glided forward to yank him back upright.

“Why am I not surprised that you’re basically a pro at this,” Lin grumbles, brows furrowed as he watched you skate circles around him. Over the course of your relationship with Lin, he was envious of your athletic abilities that came naturally. You could still remember the day that Oak taught you how to skateboard; you were gone for most of the day riding around with him while Lin had no choice but to sit and sulk in jealously.

You laugh and skid to a stop, ice flying from the rink to his jeans.

Lin gives you a dry look.

“Oh you know I’m teasing,” you coo, tapping his nose. “Come on, lets join everyone,” you say, spotting the children from the corner of eyes.

You hold out your arm and he grabs it. You began to skate forward, pulling along a laughing Lin towards the group.

“My turn!” Alejandro squeals, reaching out towards you with gleaming eyes.

“Alejandro,” Luz’s motherly voice reprimands him of his sudden request.

Lin grins and grabs his hand, and you keep skating forward. Lusito and Dylan join in, grabbing each other before linking their arms with Alejandro. Before you knew it, the five of you were skating laps around the rink, hand in hand.

You were having so much fun you didn’t know when the rest of the family joined in. A sudden warmth filled your chest as you locked eyes with Lin. He squeezed your arm, an affectionate smile on his lips and you felt yourself start to slow down as the urge to kiss him overwhelms you.

The moment was ruined, however, when Alejandro suddenly slipped forward, bringing everyone down with him.

Everyone’s peals of laughter rang throughout the rink. Lin helped you up and intertwined his fingers with yours, and the two of you began to skate away from the family.

“This is nice,” Lin says, giving your hand a squeeze. “I’m glad you’re here.”

You squeeze his hand. “I am too.”

The two of you skate in silence until he began to sneeze from the cold. You both stop and you laugh at his pink ears and nose.

“So high maintenance,” you whisper, unwrapping your scarf and wrapping it around his neck.

“You love it,” he grins, reaching forward to tuck a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

You lean forward and kiss him. “Of course I do,” you whisper against his lips.

Just like Lin promised, you were starving by dinner time.

You helped Luz with the children while the men were in the kitchen setting the table. Dylan and Lusito were in the bathroom with Luz while you helped Alejandro with his clothes.

“Tia,” he starts, the title causing your lips to twitch up in amusement, “are you and Tio Lin getting married?”

You sputter, and your hands that were buttoning up his shirt faltered. “What makes you say that, sweet boy?” you ask.

“Abuelo and Abuela said in the car that… that Tio Lin must love you very much! And Abuelo said that he could hear weddings bells ringing when he looks at the two of you!”

Heat flushes across your cheeks. “Is that so?” you hum, deftly closing the rest of the buttons.

“Well, are you two getting married?” he prods, bouncing on his toes.

You giggle and smooth out the stray hairs on his head. “If he wants to have me as his wife, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world,” you whisper, carefully choosing your words.

A soft knock interrupts the two of you and you turn to see Lin and his mother at the door.

“Hi,” he whispers, eyes shiny.

You gulp, wondering if he heard you. The topic of marriage has never been brought up between the two of you. But it’s been looming in the back of your mind lately and the thought was in full bloom especially now that you spent more time with his family.

“Hi,” you say back, watching him as he crossed the room in a few strides and hauled you in his arms.

Oh, he definitely heard you.

He kisses your cheek and then pats Alejandro’s head. “Is everyone ready?” he asks, drawing back.

As if on cue, Luz and the children step out from the bathroom, fully dressed.  As everyone headed downstairs, you glance at Luz, her hawk-like eyes still watching you and Lin.

Dinner was amazing.

The food was incredible and the stories of the trouble that Lin and Luz got into were hilarious. Despite Lin’s protest that it was all his older sister’s idea, you knew that at least some of them were his. Sneaking into the intercom system of the school and playing the Les Miserables cast album all day was so Lin.

One by one, everyone stopped eating. Luz told the children to go play once they got fidgety. You stood, gently pushing away Lin’s hands that were reaching to grab your plate to clear it. “I got it,” you say, grabbing his and yours to clean up.

You trek back to the table and all eyes were on you the second Luz spoke.

“I think Y/N and I can handle cleaning up. Isn’t that right, Y/N?”

You froze, mouth gaping. “I-uh-yes! Yes.”

You watch, excited as everyone filed out of the kitchen. There were times that you swore you saw her smile when you spoke of your aspirations and goals after finishing your PhD in Psychology from NYU or when you told them how you and Lin meet. But this was the first time that she acknowledged you by name and you were through the moon.

The two of you worked swiftly and efficiently, putting away the food and clearing the table. The two have yet to speak, even when as she washed the dishes and handed them off to you to dry.

“Y/N, my family’s happiness is the most important thing to me,” she starts.

“My children are my world and I will do anything to ensure that they stay happy.”

You keep drying the dishes, the sound of you heart thumping loud in your ears.

“My son, he worries me the most. That boy works so hard that sometimes he forgets to take care of himself. I watched you today, Y/N. You take care of my son and I am very thankful of that.”

You were speechless.

“You’re the first girl he’s ever brought home and it was a very big deal for everyone to behave and not scare away the girl of his dreams,” she chuckles.

You keep drying, sensing that she had more to say.

“I can read him like a book. You make him so happy, Y/N,” she smiles, “you are a very smart and sweet girl, great with the children, and all night you’ve continuously impressed me. Welcome to the family.”

The plate that you’ve been drying throughout her speech clatters against the sink when you drop it.

She didn’t hate you!

She actually liked you!

Loud whoops came from the group that were eavesdropping. The adults came barreling in, and Luz envelopes you in a hug.

“You did it, you passed the test!” she jokes.

Luis grins and presses a kiss against your cheek. “You have our blessings to get married!”

“Papa,” Lin groans, tugging you out of Luz’s arms and into his.

“Yes, yes, no scaring her away.” He says, rolling his eyes.

“We knew we would love you before we met you, but Mama always plays this game whenever any of the family members bring anyone home,” Luz giggles.

“It took me weeks for her to give me the ‘family’ speech,” Luis confirms, wrapping his arms around his wife.

You laugh, tears blurring your vision at the relief you felt.

Lin’s family liked you.

Luis takes the towel from your hands, replacing you with drying the dishes. The two shoo everyone away from the kitchen, and you all join the children in the living room.

Lin sits and pulls you down to sit on his lap. He gives you a soft squeeze. “Told you that they would love you,” he hums, grinning.

“Yes, you’re right as always, Mr. Miranda,” you roll your eyes.

“Remember that in the future, Mrs. Miranda,” he quips back softly.

You laugh. “You can call me Mrs. Miranda after you’ve met my family.”

“You mean after I survive the beating from your four older brothers?” he groans.

“Yes, exactly.”

Lin roars in laughter.

untitled #1

local gay spends the night at his crush’s house, what happens next will warm your heart

tags: high school au, pining keith


The one thing Keith knows is that Lance smells amazing.

It’s first thing Keith had noticed about him. He smells like lavender; it’s his shampoo, Keith found out after spending the night at Lance’s in freshman year. The sweet smell reminds him of those Lush stores Shiro used to drag him to. Shiro’d ask him which conditioner he should buy for Keith because yes, Keith, you should take of yourself. Keith would point to whatever and try not to stare at the gorgeous employees. He likes the loud ones, with nice bright smiles and lips that aren’t chapped, pretty boys with–

“Hey, Keith-a-roo, are you listening to me?”

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