like his ears and his cute nose and lips

Surprise (Part 2/ Epilogue)

Prompt: Part 2 of Surprise where you find out you’re pregnant with Washington’s kid. This is set a few months later and super fluffy :)               *Part 1 not needed to understand content*

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

A/N: An anon asked for a part 2 of Surprise. I usually post every weekend so I’m glad I caught this request before my 4 day weekend ended. Remember my requests are always open! I hope you guys enjoy this! I love to hear feedback. This one is super fluffy and adorable so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Surprise - Part 1

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You let out a loud relieved sigh and sag back onto the bed. Sweat matted on your skin and your head was throbbing. “You did amazing, sweetheart. Absolutely amazing.” Your husband hushed in your ear. A loud piercing cry filled the room making you wince. “Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Washington. You have one healthy baby boy.”

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Where They Like To Kiss You The Most


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He likes to show his affection towards you so he’ll leave kisses on your forehead from time to time he is sweetheart and gentleman i mean come on.

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Negan :

He is the type of guy to pull you to his chest and kiss your lips passionately not caring who is around not afraid of anyone making you moan against his lips .

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He is not a big fan of PDA but when he is feeling like it he would leave kisses on your neck he doesn’t want to admit it but he is in love with the sound of your of moans .

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 He would love to hug you from behind leaving a small trail of kisses behind your ears whispering dirty words in your making both of you giggle.

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He would leave a kiss on your nose he finds it cute when you blush.

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Paul “Jesus” :

He loves leaving a kiss on your cheek he always finds it adorable when he catches you off gaurd.

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he is never afraid to show everyone that you’re his so he’d like to pull you towards him kissing your neck down to your collarbones.

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He Loves I mean he loves kissing your temples he’d pull you to his side leaving a kiss on the side of your head.

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He would be a little shy in public so he’d rather leave kisses on your hands interlining his fingers with yours after.

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he doesn’t give a damn crap what they think he’d turn your face towards him kissing your lips.

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He would be shy at the beginning of your relationship but after getting used to it he’d leave kisses on your forehead then he’s rest his forehead against yours. .


“A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.”-Billie Holiday

While there were many things Raven enjoyed about being a superhero, there were others she found…not so enjoyable.

Paperwork was definitely one of them.

After it had become apparent that Robin had a tendency to overwork himself, the Titans had taken it upon themselves to distribute the work more evenly to give Boy Wonder a bit more breathing room. He had been pretty reluctant at first, often digging in his heels like a stubborn mule, but after much persuading and bargaining, he relented.

On some things, anyway.

Robin still insisted upon orchestrating with the police and planning out different training sessions and leading patrols, and such, but he did let the others help out with some of the smaller responsibilities, like filling out paperwork and finances.

Which Raven was doing now.

The only sounds in the common room consisted of the scratches of her pen and the rustling of paper. It was the music that filled her hour as she whiled away at the incredible stack of legal documents the Titans had accrued over the course of the past year. Raven heaved a sigh as she worked, only pausing to rub her eyes.

This sucked.

There was nothing she wanted more than to curl up with a nice book and just, read the day away. But alas, the paperwork wouldn’t do itself.


She furrowed her brows, pondering for a moment. Could she enchant the pages? Perhaps, but she’d have to take the time to find a spell, time she didn’t really have. Not if these papers were to be done on time. Raven let out a huff and dropped her chin into her hands.

Stupid papers.

The swoosh of a door caught her attention, and Raven turned to see Beast Boy wandering into the room. He was humming rather loudly, his arms swaying to whatever beat was playing in his ears. A tune Raven found difficult to recognize. Was it that pop song she’s heard on the radio the other day? Or a rock song?

It was difficult to tell with Beast Boy, especially with his slightly off-key humming. She watched him practically skip to the fridge, where he rummaged for something or another. Probably soy milk.

Despite the fact that Beast Boy was only a vegetarian, he had a bizarre love for soy milk. According to him, the juice was far superior to milk, though Raven was forced to disagree. It was too sweet for her tastes. Though she did like to mix it with her grain cereal.

Not that she’d ever tell him that.

Raven attempted to return her focus onto the task at hand, sliding her gaze over a clause of dense legal jargon. Her eyes glazed over. It was some difficult stuff to read, as Raven wasn’t used to reading this type of documentation. She had to force herself to read it again. And again. And again.

It really didn’t help that Beast Boy was munching rather loudly on potato chips. While humming. She shot him a glare as he meandered to the table, his own gaze focused on his iPod. Beast Boy was, of course, oblivious to all outside of his music. And he looked pretty happy too, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he hummed.

The irritation building within her died in her chest and she sighed. He may be distracting, but Raven didn’t have the heart to pull him from his blissful spell. So she returned to staring at the legal clause, watching as the words blurred across the page.

The events that unfolded next happened in slow motion.

There was a soft oof and a hand appeared in her line of vision, swiping the stack of papers from right under her. Raven jumped in her seat, gasping as Beast Boy crashed onto the ground in a heap. Papers fluttered around them, scattering themselves about the floor.

Raven looked from the smeared stack on the table, to the scattered mess that made up Beast Boy. He blinked up at her, a dazed expression muddying his features. A crooked smile worked its way onto his lips, and he chuckled. “Sorry, Rae.”

“What even happened?” she asked, carefully swiping her askewed stack back into order. There was a rustle as Beast Boy pulled himself to his knees and helped.

“I dunno. I guess I tripped.”

She turned to throw a him a retort, only for any and all words to wither at her lips. He was mere inches from her, his warm breath tickling her nose.

Raven gulped, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. Had his eyes always looked so nice up close? She noticed a light dusting of darker green flecks across his nose; freckles? It was surprisingly endearing, not to mention cute. Raven flushed at the thought.

Cute? Beast Boy?

Her gaze flickered down to his lips. She felt dizzy all of a sudden. His lips enraptured her, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss him…

Raven wasn’t sure what scared her more; the idea of kissing him, or the realization that she really, really wanted to.

The air around them grew hot, and Raven’s heartbeat roared in her ears. Though only seconds had ticked by, it felt like eons, and she shivered as their noses brushed. Her lips met his, and she kissed him.

His lips were sweet, like sugar. It was fitting, somehow, and the sensation made her toes curl. The kiss itself was slow and gentle; exploratory. They broke apart cautiously, flushed and breathless.

Raven bit her lip, a smile spilling across her lips. Was it possible to feel this giddy? She didn’t know. Perhaps. That would certainly explain why she felt like she was floating.

“Uh, that was…unexpected,” Beast Boy murmured. A smile matching her own tickled his features, and Raven could feel the swell of his happiness drifting off of him. She shrugged, turning back to her ramshackle stack of papers.

“Indeed it was.”

She plucked her pen from the table, still feeling as though she was among the clouds. Unexpected, yes, but definitely not unwanted.

It’s short, I know, but I like the nice and compact little slice of life scenario this gives. So here. :D

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Things I love about MJ

•His eyes
•His eyes when he smiles
•His actual smile
•His laugh
•The way his whole face lights up when he’s laughing (and the stars shine in his eyes)
•Him being able to make everyone in the room laugh
•The cheesy agyeo
•The love that he has for his members
•The love he has for us Aroha
•His impressions
•Vocals, Vocals, Vocals (he sings like and angel ok)
•His dorkyness (dorkiness?)
•His acting in TBC
•When he dances
•Jaw that was sculpted my magic
•Lips !!!!!!!!!
•Cute nose
•He some how has the perfect eyebrows
•Can’t forget the adorable ears
•Short but tall in spirit
•I just love him a lot

#HappyMJDay !
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How the RFA+V+Saeran kiss MC when they’re asleep

(Like, not in a creepy way or anything just…)


- super sweet nose kisses

- he likes the way your nose twitches a bit when you sleep and he just can’t help but kiss it

-(will probably end up napping/cuddling with you right afterwards)

- when you wake up you will kiss his ears to wake him up (his ears are ticklish)


- little kisses all over your face

- you’re just so cute when you’re sleeping!

- his hair will brush against your face, almost waking you up so he’ll stop. Gets one last peck on the lips in

- if you are sleeping on the couch or something he will carry you to bed

- you like kissing the side of his mouth because it irritates him a bit. “MC~! That wasn’t a real kiss! Give me a real one~!”


- forehead kiss

- usually comes home late from work or goes to bed late (because of work)

- will kiss your forehead right before passing out

- you will kiss her cheek good morning (or goodnight if she goes to bed at a reasonable hour)


- (canonically a creeper tbh)

- likes watching you sleep

- finds himself staring at your lips…the cute way they part when you’re asleep, how soft they look….so pretty…

- knows he won’t be able to be satisfied with just one kiss, but he doesn’t want to wake you up, so he satisfies himself with just kissing a lock of your hair

- then leaves to go do something else for a while (your cuteness is just too much for him sometimes…)

- he’s typically the one who kisses first, but he likes it if you give him a quick goodbye kiss as he’s leaving for work or if you wake him up with a kiss on the cheek


- kisses all over your face

- 100% puts lipstick on and leaves kissy marks on you

- then takes a picture and posts it on the messenger

- When you wake up you usually have red smeared all over your face and the bed. “SAEYOUNG WOULD YOU STOP DOING THIS! IT MESSES THE SHEETS UP!”

- You  usually kiss him on the forehead when he’s asleep (or more specifically the side of his head since 70.7% of the time he’s crashed at his computer desk)


- Honestly just kisses wherever the general vicinity of your face is????

- tends not to kiss you while you’re asleep because he doesn’t want to accidentally <s>head slam</s> wake you up.

- really likes sleeping next to you, though. He especially likes hearing the sound of you breathing.

- you usually kiss him on the cheekbones, close to the corner of his eye


- kind of depends on his mood

- sometimes he kisses you softly on the lips or sometimes just a peck on the cheek

- and sometimes he is just to Edgy&trade; to kiss you

- is usually blushing no matter what, though

- you like to tease him, so it doesn’t really matter where you kiss him as long as he gets flustered by it 

Student Council Prez [17.5]

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Words: 427

[8 years ago…]

“What are you doing?” The doorknob of his brother’s bedroom is in his hands as he stares up emotionlessly, head tilted to the side.

“Oh!” Yongho opens his mouth as the girl his arms are wrapped around with the measuring tape hurriedly and embarrassingly runs out the room, slipping past Yoongi. “Wait! Ann!”  

He drops the measuring tape and sighs before collapsing into the armchair, sewing machine light still on and the beautiful fabric laying on the bed.

Adolescent Yoongi who’s in black pants with a yellow poncho and a rabbit hat with floppy ears, forcibly dressed cutely by his mother, approaches his older brother. Despite his adorable outfit and puffy cheeks, he gives his brother the most disgusted expression possible with lopsided lips and a huge frown. “Were you doing something inappropriate with her?”

“Aigoo.” He scrunches his nose, pinching his younger brother’s cheek until he slaps the hand away. “Where did you learn how to say that?”

“I’m not stupid.”

Yongho sighs yet again. “No. I was trying to make a dress for her.”

The knot between Yoongi’s brow doesn’t ease. “You know mom and grandmother doesn’t like you sewing.”

He smiles meekly. “I know but it’s okay. I like what I like.” He grins with a shrug. “They can’t stop me….and will you stop frowning? You’ll get wrinkles before you’re even twenty!”

Yoongi’s suspicion still doesn’t let up. “Then why did she run away just now?”

Yongho chuckles, leaning in his chair as he scratches the back of his neck, embarrassed. “I may or may not have just confessed my feelings for her.”

Yoongi makes another face of disgust. “Why would you do that?!”

His older brother laughs as loudly as his father, making him plug his ears for a second. “One day you’ll be crazy for a girl too.”

“That’s. disgusting.”

“You know love bites the hardest to the people who hate it the most.” Yongho says in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Ew.” Yoongi looks like he’s drank spoiled milk. “Where did you ever hear that saying?”

Yongho shrugs before reaching over and squishing his brother’s cheeks together, mouth puffing into fish lips. Yoongi scowls and slaps his hands away again, leaving the room as quickly as he came in. Yoongi was smart enough to know that girls didn’t have cooties…or at least the cooties weren’t contagious but he was intelligent enough to know that girls were complicated and could sometimes be downright awful. He swears he’ll never fall in love.

(He doesn’t need love anyways - he’s got Kumamon).


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A/N: this movie is totes adorable, and if you haven’t watched it— you should.


It was the perfect cloudy Sunday for movie watching, so you texted your boyfriend you’d be home all day watching disney films (just so that he could come over and make your lazy butt popcorn). You decided to grab a few films off your shelf, you grabbed onto Hercules, Brother Bear, and Mulan. You eventually settled for Brother Bear and inserted it in your dvd player, and then grabbed your grey blanket to snuggle into on your leather couch. You crammed your sofa pillows at your side, leeching their warmth while you hit play on the remote.

The movie started, and you immediately started feeling bad for the two men that lost their brother, Sitka. You grabbed one of the sofa pillows, pressing it against your chest like a child would. Emmett appeared by the doorway and his eyebrow shot up,

“Babe, are you okay? Are you watching titanic again?” He asked, and half smiled.

“No, i’m watching Brother Bear.”

He had made his way onto the sofa, moving the pillows aside so he could move closer to you. You cuddled up against his chest, and continued to watch the film. You’d seen it about a dozen times, but who doesn’t love Brother Bear?

“You know what’s going to happen already, y/n.” He mumbled, giving you a small kiss atop your head.

“Yeah, but… But I like bears Emmy!” You told him back, with a pout.

He chuckled at the sight of you. He often thought he was the child in the relationship, but there were moments when you took the prize.

“Yeah, I like them too.” Emmett said, as his arm draped around your shoulder.

“You do? I thought since… You know, your ‘accident’ you wouldn’t like them” you said, and looked up at him.

“You mean my death? It’s okay to say it baby, it was a long, long, long time ago. The bear that pawed my handsome self only did it in self defense… I was hunting after all.” He replied, and looked back at you.

“Plus, now… I kind of, drink 'em” he said, and averted your gaze.

“Gross,” you mumbled and scrunched up your nose. “I don’t want to know more, emmy.”

He half smiled, and pulled you closer while you went back to watching Brother Bear. You saw Koda, and awed a bit too loudly causing Emmett to smile. He snuggled closer to you and brought his lips to your ear,

“my little cub” he mumbled, and you smiled in reply.

“Emmett, you’re more like Koda than I’ll ever be. You’re so cute!” You teased, and heard a low growl escape his lips, and felt his chest rumble.

“Not true! I’m tough and scary and—” Emmett rambled on, before you cut him.

“Fiiiine you can be Kenai, lover boy” you said and poked the dimple on his left cheek.

“I’m much scarier than that, babe” he pouted.

“Ooooh very scary” you giggled, “like a teddy bear.”

“Take that back missy, or else” Emmett said, his eyes glaring at you playfully.

“Nope, now back to my mov—” you were about to finished when Emmett’s frame pinned yours onto the sofa, his mouth attacking every inch of your neck with blissful kisses, causing you to giggle madly.

“Stop it-! We're– gonna miss the end!” You managed in between giggles. You tried and tried to pry his paws off your body, but the man is stronger than a bear so you caved into his kisses in the end and tangled your hands in his curly hair.

“We can watch it later” he murmured, and leaned in to kiss your plump lips, but you covered his mouth causing his eyebrows to shoot upward, and you could feel his pout behind your hand.

“Promise me we can watch Brother Bear 2 after?” You asked, and cupped his face gently.

“Of course, anything for you, baby.” He replied with a smirk. You pulled him then, drowning him with kisses, and thanked the bear that brought this loving man to you.

BTS’s reaction to you knowing Korean:

A/N: Here ya go, anon <3

~Note that the words in italics are said in Korean~

Jin: Your Korean’s very good,” Jin says, his smile stretching wide.

You hide your face at the compliment, suddenly shy in front of your idol. No, no. This isn’t the time for burning ears, and butterflies caught in throats. After all, this may be the only chance you get to see him. But, you can’t help it. In the dark, cut off by your own hands, everything’s so much easier to say. “Thank you,” you mumble between fingers, “I wanted to be able to talk to you, and to thank you.”

Thank me, for what?”

You’re glad you can hide the burning blush that fringes your cheeks. “I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. I used to be self-conscious, and quiet, but you’ve showed me that it’s okay to be proud of who I am.”

If that’s true…” You jump when you feel his hands on yours, gently pulling them away from your face, so that you see his smile radiating through the crack in your defences, “… why are you hiding?

You let your hands fall completely.

There’s that beautiful face you should be so proud of,” he hums in pleasure, and – blink and you’ll miss it – did he wink at you?

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Yoongi: This is it! Time to meet your idol. Do it, just like you planned. You sit down in front of Yoongi, trying to keep the smile to a I’m-not-creepy-I-just-really-love-you level.

“Hello,” he says, trying English when he sees you aren’t from Korea.

Korean’s alright,” you assure him, pride tingling when his mouth pops into an ‘o’ shape at your practiced pronunciation.

You’ve been learning Korean, then?” he asks, as you hand over your album to sign.

Yep. I’ve also been learning all about Korean culture,” you tell him, puffing your chest.

That so? Tell me something interesting you learnt.”

Well…” A sly smile tugs at your lips, “I learnt about this thing called aegyo…”

His eyebrows shoot up. “Aegyo?”

Can you show me?”

His eyelashes flutter with a small eyeroll. Perhaps he won’t do it. But then… he lifts up his hands: peace sign, puffed cheeks, “will this keep you happy?

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Hoseok: You feel the butterflies in your stomach kick up a ferocious gale as you inch closer to Hoseok. This is it: the moment that you spent your nights dreaming of, the moment your spent your days studying for.

Hoseok looks up, and offers you a smile - the smile, that had you falling head over heels, crashing down for him despite the screen that separated you. Now there’s no screen, just air.

“Hello,” he says, switching to English for your benefit. But it isn’t needed.

Once you find your tongue, you tumble out: “Korean’s alright.”

Oh, you speak Korean?” his smile grows wider, and so does your heart.

Yeah, not very well, but I’ve been trying to learn, so I could speak with you.” Your eyes dip down, a blush spreading across your cheeks from the attention he’s giving you.

What do you mean ‘not very well’?” he asks, and in your periphery vision you see him give you a thumbs up, “You speak Korean better than I do.

That’s a lie, but thank you anyway.” You look up. A mistake. That smile – the smile – has a high chance of stopping your heart mid-thump.

Would I lie to you?

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Namjoon: “Hello.” Namjoon switches out of Korean when you approach, “Is it alright if we talk in English? I need some practice.”

“Oh,” you stumble on your words, “Actually, I was hoping I could practice my Korean with you.”

That’s fine,” he smiles, dimples showing, “Korean or English, I don’t mind, so long as we can understand each other. After all, the reason I keep on studying English is so I can talk to you – the fans.”

That’s your cue to blush. “Actually, I only started learning Korean so I could talk to you. I wanted to be able to thank you in your own language.

Really? It’s great to hear that we inspired you to study Korean.

You nod, thinking back to the days spent hunched over a notebook, studying Korean verbs. It was all worth it, to see Namjoon’s eyes scrunching up as he smiles.

But you know,” Namjoon continues, holding his hands out to you, “Even without English or Korean, I know I’ll always be able to talk to the fans through music, and you can speak to us through your support.”

Your trembling fingers graze his. “I guess music and love are two languages everyone can understand.” How cheesy! Did you actually – oh my g-d! Back out, get out. Abort mission.

But Namjoon’s not laughing at you, or giving you concerned looks, like you’re mad-hatter levels of crazy. Instead he smiling, brimming with affection. You don’t need a translation. You were right about music and love.

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Jimin: Here you are, after years of training, ready to face your idol. Hours spent trawling through Korean books, chatting to native speakers, and watching K-Drama is all about to pay off, as you – yes, you – are going to capture Jimin’s heart in only a few seconds.

“Hello,” Jimin smiles as you move over to him.

You jump in with one of the many pick-up lines you learnt off. “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Starting with a classic.

What?” Jimin’s hand springs to his mouth – a vain attempt to hold back laughter.

You’ve got his attention. “That’s a nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

Really?” Jimin chuckles under his breath, then asks, “Where did you learn this Korean?”

I have Korean friends.” You shrug, trying to stay mysterious - a person of intrigue. You want to be someone he’ll wonder about for weeks to come. After all, the main objective is to make an impression. Of course, you can’t have all of his heart. But you can occupy a small part of it, and you’ll fight to catch hold of that one tiny patch as best you can.

Friends, huh?” Jimin’s still struggling to contain a smile. “They teach you any other awful lines?”

You wriggle your eyebrows. Is that an invitation for more? He’ll be regretting that later. Prepare the cheese canons, this is about to get over the top, dad-joke level bad. “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Ah, you need to try harder than that.”

Are you the milky way? Because you’re out of this world.”

These are so bad.”

Are you a boxer? Because you’re a knockout.”

I think I need to have a serious talk with your friends.” He says that, but his eyes are lit up like Seoul at night, and his laughter is tickling your ears. You count that as a win.

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Taehyung: Taehyung always tries his best to remember the faces of fans. While he holds their hands, and listens to them spill their emotions, his eyes scan their features, looking for something he can remember them by: a cute freckle, a scar, a spark in an eye. But after all the fans have left and the seats are empty, he fears they’ll blur into a messy collage of eyes, noses, and lips.

That was never a fear with you.

It wasn’t because of your striking eyes, or your soothing voice, or the way your lips turn up a certain way when hold your laughter. No. Nothing to do with that. It was because of his first impression of you (they really do count), the first blurted words to come out of your mouth:

Please don’t talk to me in English!”

He faltered mid- ‘hello’, and stared at you, surprise splattered on his face.

You continued, “Um… sorry, was I rude? I didn’t mean to be, but I spent a lot of time studying Korean just for this one moment, and… um… I’m sorry… should I just start again?” A pause. More surprise on Taehyung’s end. You continued, “Hello, my name’s Y/N, and I’ve waited three years to meet you.”

The jumbled apology, slash explanation, slash introduction was like a slap across the face with its honesty, its desperation, and… okay, yes, it’s adorableness. And when Taehyung looked you in the eyes, your intense gaze had him reeling, like he’d been slapped again. He felt it in his fingertips, and his mouth. It was a violent feeling, but he wanted to feel it again.

That’s why he’s delighted to catch sight of you in the crowd at the next fan-sign. He nudges Hoseok, before pointing you out, “Hyung, that’s the fan I was telling you about.”

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Jungkook: “For me?” Jungkook looks up from your present. His English is hesitant, but cute, stuttering like your own heartbeat.

You nod, trying to calm your jittery insides. You had been keeping that Iron Man plush in your wardrobe for the past few months, waiting for the moment you could hand it over.

“Thank you,” he offers you a shy smile, “I’m sorry… my English - it’s not very good.”

That’s okay,” you attempt in Korean, “I know a little Korean.”

“Oh,” the air rushes out of him, bottled up, now spilling out, “That’s good, I always get so nervous speaking English.

“I’m the one who should be nervous,” you say, “I mean, I’m meeting you. You! You’re so handsome and talented… and I’m just… me.

No, you’re not… just… just.You’re pretty enough to give me a heart attack,” he places a hand on his chest to demonstrate. Is he… flirting?

When you recover from giggling at his joking, he blows you a kiss, and now there’s no doubt. He is definitely flirting. What happened to that shy boy from a few moments ago? He’s nowhere to be seen. Someone check lost and found, put up missing person signs. He’s gone, and a new confident Jungkook sits in his place. 

Not that you’re complaining.

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Part 19 - Young Hearts (2)

Last Saturday after I drove him home. I caught myself sniffing my own singlet before I sleep, as the smell of his was lingering on my bed. 

As happy as a kid, I was looking out from the window, eagerly anticipating his arrival. He got out from his car, wearing a coral pink sweater, beige pants, carrying his laptop doing his work while walking.

Me : (unlocked the door) Hey busy man.

Hanson : Hey, I’m sorry I’m late and I’m still doing my stuff

Me : its okay. 

Hanson : Can I drop my things in your room first ?

As he place his laptop on my desk, doing his work. My body couldn’t help it but walk to his direction and hugged him, with my hands wrapped around his shoulder and head. While his hands were wrapped around my waist, letting out heavy breath. Both of our eyes closed, as if the time stopped for awhile, gently kissing his forehead.

Hanson : I’m sorry that I always reply your message late during weekdays and I’m still doing my assignments even today..

Me : Its okay silly. I understand

Hanson : I’ll make it up for you after the exams okay ?

(move over on the bed)

Hanson : How was your day ? I mean week. haha

Me : Hmm my week was okay. How’s yours ? busy busy 

Hanson : My week was bad. (hugs my tightly) 

Me : Its okay. I’m here now

As he got on top of me gazing the stars in my eyes and so was I, I place my hands around his cute face fondling it softly from his cheek to his ears, gently touching his eyebrows and he came forth with the tip of our noses touching each other, the next thing I knew was our lips, collided. 

Again, it felt like the first time, as if it lasted forever

in my mind : ‘Say it’ , but I couldn’t. 

Me : (mumble) I..

Hanson : I miss you so much. 

I didn’t have the guts to say it out because I’m always afraid that he might not feel the same as I did. But when I heard him saying that. I knew, I got nothing to be afraid of.

Me : I miss you too, I miss you so so much.

Sigh in pleasure. I was resting on his chest, listening to his heart beats. I went beside his ears whispering : 

Me : you know. Last Saturday, I was sniffing the smell of you from my singlet because it reminds me of you.

Hanson : Aww (kissed me)

Me : I guess I’m smelling this shirt tonight !

Caught ourselves laughing in conversations, holding hands while driving to lunch, staring at him in silence, coming back to my room cuddling and smooching. This is how I define weekend.

Hanson : I have a confession. (wrapped his arms around me)

Me : what is it ?

Hanson : I’m gay.

Me : me too ! 

Hanson : ooo what a coincidence (silly accent) 

Me : haha silly boy.

Hanson : can you rub my back ?

as he turns around laying on the bed, he removes his coral pink sweater as I sit on him, gently touching his silky pale skin from his waist to his shoulders, tenderly squeeze his shoulders, comforting him.  I couldn’t help but dove into him kissing his neck, passionately licking it and touching his back. Speaking softly next to his ears : 

Me : You’re seducing me

I took off my shirt and we didn’t actually do it. We were just kissing and cuddling for the whole day but I felt very comfortable and happy just like that, maybe the previous me define sex as going all the way, anal and stuff like that, who knew I missed out the fun of just kissing and cuddling a person that I like.

Me : Hanson, you know I hated kissing. With my ex he knew I didn’t like kissing too, so we dont often kiss. There and then I thought I really dislike kissing. But until last week when we first kissed. It felt different.

I will never forget the smile on his face when I said that.

Yes. It felt different

           “Ed Sheeran : How would you feel ? If I told you I love you ?”

Hanson : (Doing work on his laptop)

Me : (hugged him off from the chair) 

Hanson : Hey ! (latching on me laughing)

Me : (Dropped him off on the bed laughing)

Me : you’re my cucumber and I’m the rice. (wrapping the blanket around us) and this blanket is the seaweed. We’re sushi !

Hanson : (laughing madly) you’re so cute.

Me : see. I’m as weird as you. (hugs)

I got up from the bed and hold his hands, pull him from the bed. His feet was on mine with his hands wrap around my neck while my hands were holding his waist, clumsy-ly slow dancing to Adele.

“Adele : I could make you happy make your dreams come true, 

nothing there I wouldn’t do,

go to the end of the earth for you. 

                                                        To make you feel my love.”

Hanson always apologized for being weird and geeky (always talking about design terms) But little did he know that I’m just as weird and cheesy as him. 

That night. We were driving around town at 3am. As he was about to leave.

Leaving this town, with the windows down. Gentle wind blowing, that moment where I felt everything just stops when my eyes are laid on him, his pale skin tone and his perfect jawline. The car lights that shines through the windows. Our hands tied under the moonlight. xo

Writing Challenge part 2

OKAY IT’S ON! Here’s my reply to @prettynasty

1. That’s when I realized that there was no match for him. No one could ever make me feel like he did, no matter how hard they tried.

2. She knew her calendar like the back of her hand, always prepared for everything and everyone. However nothing could have prepared her for him.

3. He was north, she was south. He was the moon, she was the sun. Their love always present, but never allowed. 

4. And as soon as he smiled that persuasive smile, she knew. 

5.  His art was excellent - there was no other word. I felt tears in my eyes, and as I studied his work further, the tears streamed down my cheeks. I had no idea why I was crying, but I just couldn’t help myself.

6. She was haunted by his touch. It was like his hands were actually there, hovering over her, but never actually touching her. 

7. As he walked down that all too familiar street he felt a pang of nostalgia.

8. Autumn was named after her mothers favorite season. Her mother had always loved the changing of the leaves, and the promise of a new beginnings. So she named her only daughter after it. 

9. He awoke with a feeling of absence. He looked to his side, and sure enough his wife was nowhere to be found. Perplexed, he walked to the kitchen to find her in her pyjamas and a ‘kiss the chef’ apron, with flour on her nose and a grin on her face. “I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to make your favorite cookies.” 

10. And there they were, at the crack of dawn, sitting on the beach. Their friendship stronger than ever, and their hearts full of love. 

11. She looked at him, trying to make her smile look less perplexed than it probably did - however failing miserably.  

12. She considered herself rich in the best sense of the word. She had all the love she could ever wish for, and her heart was full. 

13. Her feelings for him came like thieves is the night, uninvited and unwanted. However she couldn’t deny that they were now in fact present. All she could do was decide how to deal with them. 

14. She tried to act unaffected by his cruel actions, but his words felt like a dagger in her heart. He had never loved her, only pretending to care. As he walked away, her knees gave out and she fell to the floor - broken. 

15. They sat quietly on the abandoned rooftop, watching the breathtaking sunset. No words were exchanged, or needed for that matter. They had each other, and that’s all that they cared about. His hand etched closer to hers, and he finally mustered up the courage to take her hand. His hearts was beating so hard, he thought it might break out of his chest at any minute. But the moment she laced her fingers with his, he knew. He loved her, and he would spend the rest of his life making sure that she was aware of this fact. 

16. She looked out the window of the small café, watching the heavy rain turn to a gentle drizzle. She felt content - that is until she saw him. He was standing across the road, looking straight at her. His eyes were partially covered by his now soaked hair, but she still felt his stare. After what felt like an eternity, he made his way over to the café. Her breath caught in her throat when the entrance bell rang, and he sat down across from her. He looked at her, running his hands through his wet hair. He licked his chapped lips, like he was preparing himself for the words he were about to say. “I’ve missed you”. 

17. As they walked through the mall hand in hand, he couldn’t hold back his smile. She was telling him about the bunnies that her best friend had just bought, and how she now wanted one as well. Her eyes lit up as she talked about their fluffy ears and cute little butts. He leaned down to kiss her nose, making her blush. “I love you” he said while lightly touching her cheek. She smiled and leaned up to kiss his chin. “Enough to buy me a bunny?”. He brushed his thumb across her cheek and lightly kissed her lips. “Enough to buy you all the bunnies and other fluffy creatures in the world”. 

18. They lived their lives as parallel lines, always going in the same direction, but never actually touching. 

19. They were on the phone, talking like they did every night. He was singing to her, his voice like a symphony. This was the only way she could fall asleep these days. Him being so far away was hard, so falling asleep to his beautiful voice was her favorite way of pretending that he was right there beside her. 

20. She was sitting at the huge dinner table, all alone like usual. He had promised that he would come home for dinner, but once again she had been a fool for trusting him. 

21. Considering their history she really shouldn’t have trusted her, not the slightest. However she was currently in the need of a friend, and who was she to deny anyone when she was this desperate. 

22. She came home from a long day of work, hearing her favorite sound in the whole world - her sons laughter. She put down her bag and took off her shoes and jacket. She walked to the living room to see her husband and son playing on the couch. Her heart felt so full, she thought it might explode. 

23. His thumb graced her cheek, wiping away the salty tears that she couldn’t hold i any longer. He kissed them away one by one, and held her as tight as he possibly could. His touch a reminder that she would never be alone - that she would always have him. 

24. He opened the door, walking into her room. He spotted it on his way to the bathroom, and being the curious creature he was, he just couldn’t help himself.

25.  And that’s when she knew - he had forever changed her. 


A/N:  To all of you, love yourself. You’re wonderful inside and out, despite your flaws. And even though here, it’s the boy who makes it clear, YOU don’t need anyone else to tell you that you’re loveable. That’s because you are and I love you very much!

This is the first thing for you @nellaey, another small imagine will follow whenever I have time.  I just wanted to say thank you for listenting to my bawling and my complaints, for taking the time to reply to my shitposting and just for reading my stuff and for all the support. I am so happy to have met you and I just want to tell you that I adore you so very much and that I am honored to have you as my friend. 

Pairing: Young James Potter x Reader

Summary: James Potter, as oblivious and dense as his son, notices that something isn’t quite right with you. And when Remus finally tells him, James decides to do something to clear out the insecurities.

Word Count: 1847

Warnings: it’s so fluffy, it’s disgusting

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anonymous asked:

hey, could you do an imagine where you're really insecure and Michael makes you feel happy? lots of fluff please :)

Hope this tickles your fancy x

“Y/n, we have to leave in an hour,” Michael says outside of the closed door, lightly tapping his knuckles against it. “Are you almost ready?“ 

"I need a few more minutes,” you say miserably, trying to work up the effort needed to put on mascara even though it won’t matter to you whether you’re wearing it or not. You’ve done most of your makeup and still don’t feel presentable enough to go to this event with Michael. 

The bathroom door creeks open and the boy cautiously steps in. His brows knit together upon seeing you leaning tiredly against the vanity, resting your cheek in the palm of your hand. Your eyes meet his briefly in the reflection of the mirror, but they don’t hold his gaze for long. 

He doesn’t need to ask if you’re okay, choosing instead to just walk toward you and sink to his knees to match the level of your sitting position. You still refuse to face him, distracting yourself with the cosmetics spaced out in front of you. 

“What’re you thinking about?” Michael asks. 

“Boycotting,” you admit. 

“We feeling rebellious?" 

"We’re feeling insecure." 

"Insecure?” Michael repeats, like he can’t believe such a word came out of your mouth. “Babe,” he reaches for your hip and far leg, getting you to turn toward him, “What the hell, man?" 


"Why do you feel that way?" 

"I don’t know,” you say, a bit more irritable than you intended. “It’s just one of those days." 

"Well let’s make it not one of those days." 

You look down at your lap, not open to the idea. 

Michael hooks his finger under your chin, titling it up to get you to divert your attention. "You’re cute, you know that?" 

You don’t take the compliment to heart, hearing obligatory remarks like that all the time from him. 

But he doesn’t stop there. 

"Your eyes are cute,” he says, leaning forward to feather his lips by the corner of one, gently kissing your faint laugh lines. “And your ears are cute,” he adds, moving his mouth to the side of your head, grazing a lobe between his teeth.

You begrudgingly smile, his breath tickling your skin. 

“And your nose is cute,” he goes on, leaving a peck against the tip of it. “And your lips…” the end of his sentence trails off as he steals a real kiss. 

When he pulls away his hands fall to yours, bringing them up to his mouth. “And your hands are cute,” he says, giving a kiss to each and every one of your fingers. 

Your smile gradually grows with the lift of your mood. Michael keeps his hold on your hands as he stands one leg at a time, pulling you to your feet as well. He lowers his forehead to yours, an unerasable smirk adorning his face. 

“And your neck is cute,” he whispers, letting the next kiss linger just below your jaw. 

His palms find your hips but don’t stay there long, trailing to your lower back until he grabs a handful of cheek. 

“And your butt is cute." 

You laugh at that one, raising your arms to drape over his shoulders and give him a proper kiss. "If I hear you say ‘cute’ one more time I might puke." 

He bites his bottom lip, never tiring of the humor you two share. 

"Still trying to boycott?” he asks. 

You shake your head. “I’m over it." 

"I’ll let you finish getting ready, then." 

A moment passes while neither of you make the first effort to move. 

"Your hand is still on my butt,” you mention.

 ”Yeah it is.” 

And on that note you lightly push him away, shooing him out of the bathroom. When he’s gone you return to your seat at the vanity and quickly add some finishing touches to your look, ready to show up at this event and kick its ass.


One of the single parent AU prompts really struck me, so here it is!

  • I’m on the bus and my 2-year-old won’t stop crying, except you just smiled at them and they did

“Come on, Em, work with me here,” Dean muttered as his two-year-old daughter squirmed on his lap. She whined, and Dean winced apologetically at the bus patrons who shot them annoyed looks.

“It’s just a bit longer, baby girl. It’s okay, shh,” he tried, but Emma wasn’t having it. She fussed and wriggled, her blond pigtails poking up against Dean’s chin. 

Dean sighed. His boss had kept him after work, so he’d arrived late to pick her up from daycare. Since it was almost her nap time, she’d fallen asleep and he’d had to wake her up…which was a nightmare. His little girl hated being woken up. 

Man, she was gonna be a real joy when it was time for her to go to school. Dean was not looking forward to that.

Emma whined again and squirmed so hard that Dean had tighten his grip to keep her on his lap. At that, Emma adopted a new tactic to signal her displeasure - she burst into tears. Dean rocked her desperately, but she just wailed even louder.  

Now the other bus patrons looked really annoyed. 

All except for a man sitting directly across from them. 

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@exai everytime i get excited about tom & how good he looks my brain is like ‘dont start iman… dont start…’ 

ok first of aLL…

  • i love his ears. i LOVE them. they’re so nice & proportionate and cute & honestly perfect craftsmanship, best ears ever, lil elf ears
  • everybody knows about tom’s lips. tom’s lips is why he’s dark white
  • his voice ok. everytime i get into this i gotta mention that voice of his. he’s 10 octaves deep and creates a fissure in the earth everytime he speaks
  • cowlicks
  • beard
  • et al
Sweet Love

For you, sweet anon. 

Hi! Please can I request a fluffy smut with Baekhyun where he’s in the mood and you guys get into it, but you suddenly get the giggles and he gets a little frustrated tries to get you back in the mood? I’m sorry if that didn’t make sense (Basically describing playful sex lol). I love your writing! Keep up the amazing work 💕 Thank you so much in advanced…   

We hope you enjoy it! xx

Summary: You and Baekhyun get cozy together, watching a movie, but he soon wants a little more. 

Type: Fluff/Smut

Length: 1,199 words

- Admin M & R

Originally posted by yixingofficial

You are sitting on the cream colored couch in your boyfriend’s apartment, lights off except for the glow of the television, your only source of light. You and Baekhyun are watching a movie together, you both comfortably leaning into each other. His arm is wrapped around your shoulder, everything calm and perfect. In the middle of the movie, a sex scene begins to play in front of you two. You don’t mind it very much and keep watching, however Baekhyun isn’t as unphased with the scene as you are. Baekhyun starts to feel a little flustered at the scene playing, and having you sitting perfectly by his side was all becoming too much to handle for him. All in all, the movie continued on, and even after the scene was over, he still couldn’t shake off the sudden craving for intimacy.

He was stealing small glances over at you, and every time you felt his gaze you turned to face him but he immediately turned away, a smirk appearing on his face. This little back and forth game went on for a few sweet seconds. You loved how cute and playful he gets, and knowing him well enough that every time he acted like this he wanted something more you took pleasure in it. You let out a sound of amusement and he turns back to steal a glance at you. Patience and self control wearing thin, Baekhyun starts kissing your cheek, but you were too into the movie to notice.

Showing no response to his action, he then starts slowly kissing your neck, slow strides of kisses trailing up your neck. This is when he gets your attention.

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Sex lessons

Theo gives sex lessons to Liam using you. - TheoxreaderxLiam

{Warning: Sexual, explicit language, spanking and roughness}

As soon as Theo’s lips hit your neck you were a moaning mess, currently you sat on Theo’s lap, taking in his beauty as always. Being Theo’s girlfriend for ten months you already knew he was horny and wanting you, as crazy as it sounded Theo had a girlfriend, and threated you right. When Theo asked you to help his friend Liam out, you couldn’t decline, even unsure what it was. A light knock on the door, and the doorbell broke the intense kiss you shared. Theo moving you onto the bed, leaving the room, the wetness growing in your panties. Theo’s shirt hung on your body, reaching mid thigh, the only thing under it were the nice set of black, lacy lingerie he had recently bought, his excuse “I couldn’t pass them out babe.”

You paused when Theo entered the room, still shirtless, your eyes widened at the sight of the boy behind them, you looked down panicking, “I’m going to put some pants on.” But Theo decided different, his arm reaching out in front of his girlfriend, stopping you from walking any further.  Liam sat on the computer chair, almost right next to the bed. You couldn’t help but notice how nervous he looked, playing with his fingers, trying his hardest not to stare at the beautiful legs you had.

“You see babe, Liam’s here for help.” Theo explained, a light smirk on his face. “Pants won’t be necessary for the help he needs.” Confused your eyes fell onto Liam who gave you an intense shy look, your eyes meeting back up to Theo’s. Theo was quick to pick you up, laying you onto the soft mattress. His lips met your neck, leaving soft kisses against the sensitive skin. “Theo we have company.” You hiss, from the intense kisses.

Theo smirked, his now hard cock, rubbing against your inner thigh through his jeans. He helped you sit up, staring at Liam who looked confused as forever. “Baby, Liam here doesn’t know how to pleasure a girl.” He paused, as redness blazed Liam’s cheeks. “And I was figuring we’d show him.”

Your throat instantly closes, Theo was into a lot of stuff when it came to sex. Spanking, being called daddy, handcuffs and etc, but never ever have you expected him to wanted to share you with another man. His lips met your jaw, kissing up to your ear, his nose sliding against the smooth skin with every little peck.

“Is that okay with you princess?” You look at Liam who sat quietly, his eyes searching yours for an answer, for anything. He looked worried, scared maybe because this was such an awkward position. You nod looking at Liam, then up at your gorgeous boyfriend, “Yes.” The word rushed, making Theo smile.

“That’s my girl.” He commented, looking at Liam. Liam wasn’t too bad himself, he was gorgeous, beautiful blue eyes, his hair perfectly messy, his bigger set lips giving him a cute like look, his skin so soft, his body muscular, just seeing from the tight shirt he wore. There was no way he was older then seventeen and it kind of worried you.

“C'mere Liam, I want you to learn up close.” Liam walked over, his jacket and shoes now off as he stared down at you, standing next to Theo he wasn’t that much shorter, only two inches most. “Step one in sex lessons is making her wet.”

This was so hot, Liam stared intensly at you, as Theo gave you a slight push onto the bed, ending in you softly falling against the bed, Your head laid close to the other side of the bed. Theo’s fingers curled under the soft cotton of his shirt, prying it from your body. There you laid exposed in your lacy lingerie for both their hungry eyes , first you looked in the beautiful hazel eyes of your boyfriends, then too the pale-eyed boy, his lips slightly parted at the sight of you.

“She’s pretty isn’t she?” Theo asks, looking at Liam for some kind of reaction. Liam looked at him, before his eyes met with yours once again, “She’s beautiful.” He complimented, a light blush left your cheeks, making Theo smile down at you. He didn’t mind, he knew you were his forever and nothing would change that.

“Girls loved to be kissed.” He paused, hovering over you, Liam’s eyes following his every move. Theo’s hand slid to your face caressing the skin softly with his thumb. “You okay babe?” As if he was making sure you weren’t having a seconded regrets. You nod, you couldn’t help but be turned on by this.

“Always I mean always kiss her first.” Before you could comprehend what was going on, Theo’s lips met yours, hungrily kissing you, his lips messily against yours, He pulls away looking at Liam once again. Liam got the hint watching Theo kiss your neck. Liam’s cock hardens at the sound of your moan. Liam watches awkwardly, not being able to keep his eyes off of your face, He can’t help but notice how hot you look while you moan, your eyes squeezed shut, unresistible lips begging to be kissed this time by him.

“Do you want to kiss her?” Theo’s questions surprises the brunette, but he quickly nods, slowly he hovers over you, eyes not leaving yours, a small smirk plays on your lips, as he inches closer. His lips definitely felt different then Theo’s, his held stillness, power and passion. Liam’s were soft and gentle, slowly kissing you, and you actually enjoyed it. Theo couldn’t lie it was hot staring at the both of you, Liam’s lips moved softly with yours, Theo smirked watching the boy in front of him treating you tenderly. He found it sweet and kinda cute? Finally Liam pulls away, his lips meeting your jaw leaving small kisses against your jaw, until he reached your ear, unexpectingly taking the lobe into his mouth, nibbling softly on it. The moan that filled his ears was the best sound he heard, maybe because it was created from himself.

“Take her panties off.” Theo suggested, Liam’s finger’s hooked around the elastic waist band peeling them now your legs. Soon as the smell of your sex hit both of them, they were ready to growl. “Smell that?” Theo asked, making you confused, Liam nodded, swallowing loudly.

“You can smell me?” You ask, Theo nods you almost forgot that their were two werewolves with super hearing and smelling in front of you, his hands covering your bra clad breast giving them a tiny squeeze, “And you smell so good babygirl.”

Liam’s eyes meet with your sex, a sting running through his cock. It looked so good, just imagining himself buried deep inside it. Theo stands next to him, “Luckily for us she’s always so tight.”

Theo falls to his knees in front of you, taking a thigh into both of his hands. His lips soon meeting with your slit, sucking lightly, you moan hands finding his hair, pulling on it. Theo pulls away, looking up at Liam. “She’s puller, be warned.” Theo’s mouth sinks back into your pussy sucking endlessly at it, the moment his tongue trusted deep inside you, your back arched, as you keep intense eye contact with Liam. You couldn’t help but notice the tent covered by his jeans. The sudden bit against your clit made you scream, Theo looking up at you. “Look at me when I’m pleasuring you.”

“I’m sorry baby.” You say in the most innocent way, Theo stood, his hands pressing Liam’s shoulders down, Liam’s knees buckling to the ground, “Do it again and you will be.” Theo threatens, his eyes dark.

Liam was now eye level with your pussy, inside he was screaming. This is the closest he’s every been to one before. “Always start with the clit.” Theo instructs, Liam’s lips met the bundle of nerves sucking a little hard, as a yelp escaped your mouth.

He quickly pulled away, “Uh.. I-I’m sorry.” he panicked looking at you, the first time he talked all night. He looked so scared, “Not to hard bud, it’s sensitive.” Theo responded, looking up at you. “You okay darlin’?” You nod, at Theo, as he sat next to  you on the bed, Theo laughs lightly at the worried Liam, “She’s okay, try again.”

Unsure Liam nods, trying a different approach this time. Liam’s tongue meets with swallow clit, flickering it cautiously. The sweet moan falling from those beautiful lips made him groan against your pussy, the vibrations sending you spinning. Theo’s fingers slip to the front of your bra, unclasping the buckle, your breast falling from the restrains. Theo’s lips met with your closest nipple, sucking softly on it as Liam’s tongue now trust into your tight pussy, making you whimper. “Use your fingers, and let’s not hurt my angel this time, dunbar, yeah?”

“Yeah.” Liam agrees, rolling eyes his eyes at the overly cocky man in front of him. Liam’s hand rest on your thighs, he couldn’t help think how cute your little stretch marks are. Slipping two fingers into you, Theo’s eyes met yours, pressing his lips against yours quickly, Liam’s greedy fingers keep making their attack on you, your moans being blocked by Theo’s also very greedy lips. The familiar burning sensation filled your stomach, “I’m going to cum.” You cried against Theo’s lips, he nods keeping eye contact with you. “Harder Liam.” He spits, and Liam obeys enjoying the fact you were a mess for him, coming because of him.

Theo stands up, Liam following after, “Next come blowjobs.”


When you’re watching a movie together~ pt.2

the tough cookie edition


*Jiho has been trying to get you into bed all evening but you’ve been telling him no… you’ve both decided to sit down and watch a film*

*you glimpse him out of the corner of your sight trying to be sexy*

*your eyes drift to his mouth*

*your heart rate gets a little faster and you shift uncomfortably in your seat*

[Y/N] *sigh* come here…

[ZC] huh? *pulling his attention away from the film*

[Y/N] *you blush* …go …to bed *you mumble*

[ZC] *pretending to be oblivious* what do you mean Jagi? *smirk*

*you smile shyly and pull yourself onto his lap*

[Y/N] I said… *kissing him on the nose* let’s go to bed…

[ZC] do you mean it…?

*you nod cutely and lean forward to whisper into his ear*

[Y/N] make me feel good…

*to show him that you’re serious you tug at his t-shirt… you bite your lip as his hands work their way into your jeans*

[ZC] …like this?

*you pull away from him and stand up… your pull off your t-shirt as you walk towards the bedroom… you drop it on the floor and smirk at him*

[Y/N] are you coming? *you purr*

-an hour or so later-

*Jiho walks out of the bedroom sweaty and smug*

[ZC] do you feel better now Jagi?


[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]

No One Touches But Me: Yongguk

This took forever and I am so sorry about it! I got this request some time ago…a week maybe two? I feel so bad that it took me this long to finish it, but I did it! It’s finished! Finito. Concluded. This one turned out to be slightly more sexy than I intended it to be so I hope you enjoy *wink* I also made him more jealous than protective if you don’t mind >_< This a request from the lovely and patient @fashionspazzing247:

I love your blog! Your writing is amazing! Could I request a scenario where Yongguk meets his girlfriend’s male roommate for the first time and starts to get protective? Thank you!

Warning: Implied sexual content

Originally posted by daenana

“And finally we’ve reached my favorite part of this place…the bedroom!” You chuckled as you opened your arms wide, presenting your room to your favorite gummy bear. Yongguk chuckled at your cuteness as you began pointing out things in your newly established room. “Look! I even have these little guys in here.” You flashed Yongguk a toothy smile as you picked up one of the Tigger plushies he had given you during your course of dating.

“Haha you don’t have to keep all of them on your bed like that, Jagi.” Yongguk’s sweet, low laughter filled your ear as he eyed the the pile of Tiggers that had invaded the corner of your bed.

“But they keep me company when I feel lonely,” You playfully booped Yongguk on the nose with Tigger’s plushie paw, causing a gummy smile to form on his lips. “Plus whenever I miss you, I feel like you’re right beside me when I have them near me.” You hugged the tigger close to your chest, a playful smile on your face.

“Aish~” Yongguk scratched the back of his head before wrapping his arms around your waist. “How are you so cute? I might just have to take you home with me.” He chuckled as he placed a chaste kiss on the top of your head.

“Then I’ll get another Tigger all to myself.” You giggled before placing a peck on his nose.

“You know, Jagi, the bedroom is also my favorite room too.” He swayed you in his arms gently as he nuzzled into your neck.

“Oh really now?” You teased. The small kisses he was placing on your neck caused little fits of giggles to burst out of your mouth. “And why is that Mr. Bang Yongguk?”

“Well it’s warm…” He murmured as he led you towards your bed. “It has all my favorite tiggers…” You hummed, letting him know that you were earnestly listening to his list of reason. “And…” The back of your thigh met with the edge of your bed causing you to fall into the fluff of your bed sheets. Yongguk hovered over you, a slight playful smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Its where I get to see you at your cutest.” He leaned down and placed his lips on yours.

This kiss was slow and soft, just like he was. The two of you moved in sync with one another as his thumbs softly kneaded circles around your lower abdomen. You placed your arms around Yongguk’s neck, pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. His kiss gradually moving lower towards your fast beating chest when the sound of your front door opening interrupted your guy’s little tryst.

“Yongguk~ I have to get up~” You attempted to grab his attention so you could remove yourself from him, but he was having none of that. He continued his escapade of leaving marks on your collarbone, with your quiet little moans and groans egging him to continue. “Yongguk!” Your patience and desires were at their breaking point. “Yongguk! I have to go greet my roommate!” You chided him, though you’re breathless and flushed face made your chiding as threatening as a cottonball.

“Do you have to?” A small pout formed on the man’s lips, his grip on your waist tightening.

“Yes I do, silly.” You giggled before leaning up and placing a kiss on his forehead.

“Sigh…” He removed himself from you, opting to sit beside you instead as you sorted out your clothes to look presentable. “Why do you have a roommate again? I thought you liked privacy.”

“Because I’m too poor to afford my own apartment,” You rolled your eyes at him.“But that’s why you have your own apartment away from the boys, right Gukkie?” Once you had finished fixing your shirt, you wrapped your arms around his neck as you straddled him. “So you and me can have our,” You flashed him a sly smile before placing a chaste kiss on his lips.”Now let’s go introduce you to my roommate, kay?” You quickly removed yourself from Yongguk, a small chuckle threatened to escape your lips as you felt the fumes of frustration pour off of Yongguk.

“Teasings not nice, Jagi.” He quickly came behind you and nipped your ear. His low sultry growl almost convinced you to return to bed with him. Almost.

“Kyungsoo!” You called as you entered the living room, Yongguk walking with you with his arms around your waist. He was too immersed in your warmth to notice the deep, manly voice that replied to you. That is, until you removed yourself from his embrace to embrace your roommate. Your male roommate. Yongguk stared in disbelief. You, his beloved girlfriend, was hugging another man in front of him….and this unknown man was apparently your roommate?! Nope. Yongguk was not happy with that. “Were you able to find this place easily?” You smiled at the tall, handsome man that stood before you. He looked like a image ripped straight from a K-drama.

“Yeah it wasn’t as bad as I expected, haha. But wow! Look at this place!?” Kyungsoo looked around the apartment wide eyed, his hands still at your waist. Yongguk wasn’t the jealous type. As a matter a fact, he didn’t mind if men would stare or flirt with you. You could hold your own and he was confident in the love the two of you had. What he didn’t like was the touching. No one, but him could touch you in such intimate ways.

“I know right!? Isn’t it fantastic!” You shouted with glee. You couldn’t help but feel an intense stare boring a hole in a back of your head. An awkward chuckle left your lips as you separated yourself from Kyungsoo. “I should introduce you guys, hehe… Um, Yongguk, this is Kyungsoo. We met back in college and have been best friends ever since,” You smiled, attempting to remove the tension that was exuding off Yongguk’s body. It wasn’t working. “And uh, Kyungsoo, this is my boyfriend Yong-”

“Bang Yongguk, right?” Kyungsoo smiled sweetly, not knowing the boiling anger that lurked within Yongguk. “I’m a big fan of BAP. Who would have thought Y/N would get such a catch?” Kyungsoo chuckled, ruffling your hair before extending his hand out to greet Yongguk.

Yongguk stared at Kyungsoo’s hand, contemplating whether be civil or to let out his frustration. He went with the first option. Even though Yongguk was not all to happy with the man in front of him, it wasn’t in his nature to be suddenly aggressive. “Nice to meet….” Yongguk kept a straight face as he shook the man’s hand. As he attempted to make small talk with the man, you felt Yongguk snake an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “So you’ll be staying here with Y/N…” Yongguk’s voice was low and gruff, as if he was eyeing his prey.

“Yeah! When she called me up and asked if I wanted to room with her I was really excited!” Kyungsoo cheered, placing his hands in his pockets. A unknowing smile still plastered on his face.

 “Oh so she called you?” Yongguk side-eyed you. You quickly turned away, avoiding eye contact with the gummy bear that was slowly becoming hostile.

“Well look at the time! Kyungsoo, you’ve got an interview to get to right!?” You gently began pushing your roommate out the door, before more fuel was added to Yongguk’s fire.

“Oh you’re right! But what about my stuff downstairs?” Kyungsoo stopped in his tracks before the door, causing your face to ram into his back.

“I’ll take care of it!” You announced as a strained smile stretched across your face.

“You’re the best name!” Kyungsoo cheered as he began exiting your shared apartment. “I owe you big time tonight. Anything you want, seriously!” He let the words carelessly slip out of his mouth before shutting the front door, leaving you with a fuming gummy bear.

“Sooooo, he’s nice right? Nothing to worry about?” You let out an awkward laugh as you scratched the back of your head. Yongguk just stood there, watching, arms cross with a stern expression on his face.

“You two seem handsy for being friends…” You began to fidget in place under the tension of his watchful eyes. “And you called him, right? You called a guy to room with you?” His voice getting lower and and deeper as each word escaped his lips.

“I-It’s not what you think!” You quickly ran up to your gummy bear, wrapping your arms around him. “I’m not cheating I swear to God!” You looked up into your boyfriend’s eyes, pleading and begging that he would believe you.

“I know you’re not,” A smirk formed on Yongguk’s lips as he leaned down, his lips a few centimeters from your ears. “Cause if you were, I’d make sure that I’m the only thing left on your mind….using with various methods.” He voice was low and sultry as he held onto your hips tightly. You began to chew on your bottom lip to keep the moan that was bubbling in your throat trapped as he began sucking on the sensitive parts of your neck.

“P-plus there is no way I could cheat with him since he has a boyfriend in the States.” Yongguk froze for a moment at your words. You had let out a small sigh of relief, thinking you were out of hot water. You really did not want to have this little sexual escapade in the middle of your shared living room.

“Well then that’s good…” You could feel Yongguk’s smile against your neck. “So he won’t get turned on by the noises you make whenever I’m over…” A low chuckle escaped his lips.

“W-What noises are you talking about!?” Your entire was beginning to feel weak and helpless under Yongguk’s touch.

“The ones I’m going to have you make right now.” Let’s just say that you didn’t get the chance (more like you couldn’t) bring up Kyungsoo’s luggage upstairs. Yongguk happily obliged to do the task since he was the cause of your inability to move.

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