like his ears and his cute nose and lips

eddie’s reaction to his bf’s first tattoo

thank u for the idea @tohzier this is tOO CUTE WTF 

  • punk!richie is so edgy
  • like his hair is so thick and out of control and there might be a raccoon living inside it 
  • his jeans are always ripped and he only wears converse 
  • he has earrings, a nose ring and also has his lip pierced and it’s a silver ring and it looks SO GOOD on him and even tho eddie is like jesus richie why are u piercing your skin on purpose??? you are OPENING your skin for all the GERMS ….
  • … he lowkey loves it that when he’s kissin richie he can feel his lip ring
  • obviously eddie’s mom isn’t the biggest fan of richie and especially not now when he’s running out in the streets looking like sid vicious
  • which only makes eddie lowkey love richie’s rock look so much more. everything is VERY lowkey tho seriously bc eddie can’t let richie know he secretly likes all the piercings because god knows richie would get too excited over that and literally pierce his whole face
  • but yeah back to this actual scenario so one night richie climbs in from eddie’s window,,, like usual
  • “guess what i just got”
  • “what”
  • “ok u r gonna LOSE it”
  • “did u pierce ur pickle because i swear to gOD richie—”
  • “…no”
  • low key sad eddie
  • “oh. ok”
  • “look”
  • richie starts to pull up the sleeve of his hoodie and eddie’s like super confused like oh my gosh did he get one of those nasty piercings that’s just basically on a weird place on ur skin
  • but then he realizes it’s a tattoo
  • but a tattoo of what????
  • there’s still plastic foil on it and underneath it the whole thing is smudged bc some of the ink and blood is still dripping
  • “richie i cant see anything its literally just a mess of blue and black and ur blood….” (gross)
  • richie’s smug smirk disappears as he turns his gaze down at his hand too
  • “oh shit wait”
  • he starts to pull off the plastic foil
  • “calm down im allowed to take it off already i have to let it breathe”
  • so now richie pulls it off fully and the tattoo is now exposed to eddie
  • “do u like it”
  • eddie can’t answer bc he’s trying hard not to sob rn he can’t believe richie took a tattoo like that
  • “omg please say u like it bc u r aware im gonna have this forever right”
  • “i love it”
  • richie gets the BIGGEST smile
  • “u love it????”
  • eddie is nodding,,, and a tear falls out of his eye
  • “no wtf”
  • “no i am not” , eddie says as he bursts out in tears
  • richie SWOONS
  • “awh baby”
  • he just pulls eddie against his chest and kisses his hair
  • “i can’t believe u tattooed that” eddie sobs ,, not sure if he is mad at richie or if he has never loved him more than in that moment
  • “u wanna know why i did it”
  • “why”
  • “because this way no matter how far apart we are u will always be with me and lord knows i need that”
  • and eddie sobs for 100 years

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BTS Reaction|You biting their lip when kissing

Kim Seokjin

Jin would jump and then bite his lip smiling big, then grips your waist again. He would kiss you back harder than even before and then flash his beautiful smile at you.

“Baby, didn’t know you were into that.”

“Oh by the way, I love it.”

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would jerk back in shock before showing his gummy smile. He would caress your waist and pull you towards him.

“Hmmm babe, you scared me.”

“Mmm come here love and let me love on you.” 

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Jung Hoseok

He would groan and lean into you, he would lean so far in that he was pretty much on top of you. Hoseok would lean down next to your ear and brush your hair out of the way.

“Babe, how did you know I was into this?”

“Won’t this be fun love?”

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Kim Namjoon

Namjoon would giggle cutely and then place his hands on the sides of your face and pull you closer. His nose would scrunch up cutely when you bite his lip again.

“I kinda like that love.”

“How cute are you babygirl?”

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Park Jimin

He would giggle and get flustered before leaning back in to kiss you, biting your lip this time instead. The blush would slowly cease as he became more confident.

“Hey baby, you enjoy being rough?”

“Maybe we could try some new things…”

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Kim Taeyung

Taeyung would giggle and then start attacking you with kisses. He would kiss all of your lips and face before returning to your lips and biting your bottom lip.

“Oh god I love you so much.”

“Ugh babygirl do that again please.”

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Jeon Jungkook

Lust would be evident in his eyes and would move his hand underneath your shirt on your waist. His hands would skim up your body until reaching your face and kissing you again.

“Damn you are so hot.”

“You turn me on more than you know babygirl, more than you know.”

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anonymous asked:

I think all the members are extremely handsome, but can we pinpoint those gorgeous features that each one of them have? Like Jungkook's little scar on his face or his cute mole under his bottom lip, Jimin's crooked tooth or his uneven eyes, Namjoon's dimples, Hoseok's shape-hearted mouth, Taehyung's moles (eye, nose, lips) or those eyebrows, etc. What do you think?

Well, I think that such features make us us, make us unique, different. BTS’ peculiarities all suit them just right personally. For example, Jungkook got his scar when he was a child and happened to fight his brother for a game, and what did he always use to say? “I’d rather die than to live without passion!”

Or the prettiest mole under his lips? His mole is almost in the middle, and it’s a little bit more on the right side. I was once bored and googled meanings of moles (lmao), and I read that people who have a mole under their lips in the middle tend to get successful in their lives being patient and stubborn, they have a strong willpower and achieve their goals. Nice, right.

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BTS’s reaction to you knowing Korean:

A/N: Here ya go, anon <3

~Note that the words in italics are said in Korean~

Jin: Your Korean’s very good,” Jin says, his smile stretching wide.

You hide your face at the compliment, suddenly shy in front of your idol. No, no. This isn’t the time for burning ears, and butterflies caught in throats. After all, this may be the only chance you get to see him. But, you can’t help it. In the dark, cut off by your own hands, everything’s so much easier to say. “Thank you,” you mumble between fingers, “I wanted to be able to talk to you, and to thank you.”

Thank me, for what?”

You’re glad you can hide the burning blush that fringes your cheeks. “I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. I used to be self-conscious, and quiet, but you’ve showed me that it’s okay to be proud of who I am.”

If that’s true…” You jump when you feel his hands on yours, gently pulling them away from your face, so that you see his smile radiating through the crack in your defences, “… why are you hiding?

You let your hands fall completely.

There’s that beautiful face you should be so proud of,” he hums in pleasure, and – blink and you’ll miss it – did he wink at you?

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Yoongi: This is it! Time to meet your idol. Do it, just like you planned. You sit down in front of Yoongi, trying to keep the smile to a I’m-not-creepy-I-just-really-love-you level.

“Hello,” he says, trying English when he sees you aren’t from Korea.

Korean’s alright,” you assure him, pride tingling when his mouth pops into an ‘o’ shape at your practiced pronunciation.

You’ve been learning Korean, then?” he asks, as you hand over your album to sign.

Yep. I’ve also been learning all about Korean culture,” you tell him, puffing your chest.

That so? Tell me something interesting you learnt.”

Well…” A sly smile tugs at your lips, “I learnt about this thing called aegyo…”

His eyebrows shoot up. “Aegyo?”

Can you show me?”

His eyelashes flutter with a small eyeroll. Perhaps he won’t do it. But then… he lifts up his hands: peace sign, puffed cheeks, “will this keep you happy?

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Hoseok: You feel the butterflies in your stomach kick up a ferocious gale as you inch closer to Hoseok. This is it: the moment that you spent your nights dreaming of, the moment your spent your days studying for.

Hoseok looks up, and offers you a smile - the smile, that had you falling head over heels, crashing down for him despite the screen that separated you. Now there’s no screen, just air.

“Hello,” he says, switching to English for your benefit. But it isn’t needed.

Once you find your tongue, you tumble out: “Korean’s alright.”

Oh, you speak Korean?” his smile grows wider, and so does your heart.

Yeah, not very well, but I’ve been trying to learn, so I could speak with you.” Your eyes dip down, a blush spreading across your cheeks from the attention he’s giving you.

What do you mean ‘not very well’?” he asks, and in your periphery vision you see him give you a thumbs up, “You speak Korean better than I do.

That’s a lie, but thank you anyway.” You look up. A mistake. That smile – the smile – has a high chance of stopping your heart mid-thump.

Would I lie to you?

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Namjoon: “Hello.” Namjoon switches out of Korean when you approach, “Is it alright if we talk in English? I need some practice.”

“Oh,” you stumble on your words, “Actually, I was hoping I could practice my Korean with you.”

That’s fine,” he smiles, dimples showing, “Korean or English, I don’t mind, so long as we can understand each other. After all, the reason I keep on studying English is so I can talk to you – the fans.”

That’s your cue to blush. “Actually, I only started learning Korean so I could talk to you. I wanted to be able to thank you in your own language.

Really? It’s great to hear that we inspired you to study Korean.

You nod, thinking back to the days spent hunched over a notebook, studying Korean verbs. It was all worth it, to see Namjoon’s eyes scrunching up as he smiles.

But you know,” Namjoon continues, holding his hands out to you, “Even without English or Korean, I know I’ll always be able to talk to the fans through music, and you can speak to us through your support.”

Your trembling fingers graze his. “I guess music and love are two languages everyone can understand.” How cheesy! Did you actually – oh my g-d! Back out, get out. Abort mission.

But Namjoon’s not laughing at you, or giving you concerned looks, like you’re mad-hatter levels of crazy. Instead he smiling, brimming with affection. You don’t need a translation. You were right about music and love.

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Jimin: Here you are, after years of training, ready to face your idol. Hours spent trawling through Korean books, chatting to native speakers, and watching K-Drama is all about to pay off, as you – yes, you – are going to capture Jimin’s heart in only a few seconds.

“Hello,” Jimin smiles as you move over to him.

You jump in with one of the many pick-up lines you learnt off. “Hey, did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Starting with a classic.

What?” Jimin’s hand springs to his mouth – a vain attempt to hold back laughter.

You’ve got his attention. “That’s a nice shirt. Is it made of boyfriend material?”

Really?” Jimin chuckles under his breath, then asks, “Where did you learn this Korean?”

I have Korean friends.” You shrug, trying to stay mysterious - a person of intrigue. You want to be someone he’ll wonder about for weeks to come. After all, the main objective is to make an impression. Of course, you can’t have all of his heart. But you can occupy a small part of it, and you’ll fight to catch hold of that one tiny patch as best you can.

Friends, huh?” Jimin’s still struggling to contain a smile. “They teach you any other awful lines?”

You wriggle your eyebrows. Is that an invitation for more? He’ll be regretting that later. Prepare the cheese canons, this is about to get over the top, dad-joke level bad. “Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.”

Ah, you need to try harder than that.”

Are you the milky way? Because you’re out of this world.”

These are so bad.”

Are you a boxer? Because you’re a knockout.”

I think I need to have a serious talk with your friends.” He says that, but his eyes are lit up like Seoul at night, and his laughter is tickling your ears. You count that as a win.

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Taehyung: Taehyung always tries his best to remember the faces of fans. While he holds their hands, and listens to them spill their emotions, his eyes scan their features, looking for something he can remember them by: a cute freckle, a scar, a spark in an eye. But after all the fans have left and the seats are empty, he fears they’ll blur into a messy collage of eyes, noses, and lips.

That was never a fear with you.

It wasn’t because of your striking eyes, or your soothing voice, or the way your lips turn up a certain way when hold your laughter. No. Nothing to do with that. It was because of his first impression of you (they really do count), the first blurted words to come out of your mouth:

Please don’t talk to me in English!”

He faltered mid- ‘hello’, and stared at you, surprise splattered on his face.

You continued, “Um… sorry, was I rude? I didn’t mean to be, but I spent a lot of time studying Korean just for this one moment, and… um… I’m sorry… should I just start again?” A pause. More surprise on Taehyung’s end. You continued, “Hello, my name’s Y/N, and I’ve waited three years to meet you.”

The jumbled apology, slash explanation, slash introduction was like a slap across the face with its honesty, its desperation, and… okay, yes, it’s adorableness. And when Taehyung looked you in the eyes, your intense gaze had him reeling, like he’d been slapped again. He felt it in his fingertips, and his mouth. It was a violent feeling, but he wanted to feel it again.

That’s why he’s delighted to catch sight of you in the crowd at the next fan-sign. He nudges Hoseok, before pointing you out, “Hyung, that’s the fan I was telling you about.”

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Jungkook: “For me?” Jungkook looks up from your present. His English is hesitant, but cute, stuttering like your own heartbeat.

You nod, trying to calm your jittery insides. You had been keeping that Iron Man plush in your wardrobe for the past few months, waiting for the moment you could hand it over.

“Thank you,” he offers you a shy smile, “I’m sorry… my English - it’s not very good.”

That’s okay,” you attempt in Korean, “I know a little Korean.”

“Oh,” the air rushes out of him, bottled up, now spilling out, “That’s good, I always get so nervous speaking English.

“I’m the one who should be nervous,” you say, “I mean, I’m meeting you. You! You’re so handsome and talented… and I’m just… me.

No, you’re not… just… just.You’re pretty enough to give me a heart attack,” he places a hand on his chest to demonstrate. Is he… flirting?

When you recover from giggling at his joking, he blows you a kiss, and now there’s no doubt. He is definitely flirting. What happened to that shy boy from a few moments ago? He’s nowhere to be seen. Someone check lost and found, put up missing person signs. He’s gone, and a new confident Jungkook sits in his place. 

Not that you’re complaining.

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(I did not make the gifs)

Surprise (Part 2/ Epilogue)

Prompt: Part 2 of Surprise where you find out you’re pregnant with Washington’s kid. This is set a few months later and super fluffy :)               *Part 1 not needed to understand content*

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

A/N: An anon asked for a part 2 of Surprise. I usually post every weekend so I’m glad I caught this request before my 4 day weekend ended. Remember my requests are always open! I hope you guys enjoy this! I love to hear feedback. This one is super fluffy and adorable so I hope you guys enjoy it! :)

Surprise - Part 1

Originally posted by hamiltonhell


You let out a loud relieved sigh and sag back onto the bed. Sweat matted on your skin and your head was throbbing. “You did amazing, sweetheart. Absolutely amazing.” Your husband hushed in your ear. A loud piercing cry filled the room making you wince. “Congratulations Mr. And Mrs. Washington. You have one healthy baby boy.”

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Where They Like To Kiss You The Most


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He likes to show his affection towards you so he’ll leave kisses on your forehead from time to time he is sweetheart and gentleman i mean come on.

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Negan :

He is the type of guy to pull you to his chest and kiss your lips passionately not caring who is around not afraid of anyone making you moan against his lips .

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He is not a big fan of PDA but when he is feeling like it he would leave kisses on your neck he doesn’t want to admit it but he is in love with the sound of your of moans .

Originally posted by sarcastically-interesting

 He would love to hug you from behind leaving a small trail of kisses behind your ears whispering dirty words in your making both of you giggle.

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He would leave a kiss on your nose he finds it cute when you blush.

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Paul “Jesus” :

He loves leaving a kiss on your cheek he always finds it adorable when he catches you off gaurd.

Originally posted by openinglogo


he is never afraid to show everyone that you’re his so he’d like to pull you towards him kissing your neck down to your collarbones.

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He Loves I mean he loves kissing your temples he’d pull you to his side leaving a kiss on the side of your head.

Originally posted by tchamblers


He would be a little shy in public so he’d rather leave kisses on your hands interlining his fingers with yours after.

Originally posted by gifsandthangs


he doesn’t give a damn crap what they think he’d turn your face towards him kissing your lips.

Originally posted by fyrossmarquand


He would be shy at the beginning of your relationship but after getting used to it he’d leave kisses on your forehead then he’s rest his forehead against yours. .

anonymous asked:

Can we get your opinion (are they attractive) for the rest of 127? what you said about doyoung was really sweet and I'd like to know the others

oh sure!!

taeyong - is incredibly beautiful,,,,,i think the word beautiful encompasses exactly what he is but it is definitely a stoic beauty,,,,like his face reminds me of a painting???

taeil - has charm,,,,,,,rather than calling him like beautiful like taeyong i think his face is charming and his curled hair really matches his personality 

johnny - he has such seductive features,,,,when he’s being serious his eyes just turn so intense like HOW but then he smiles and becomes the literal ^_^ emoji and its so adorable,,,,,,he’s very striking

yuta - is hot,,,,,,he’s hot like ofc he’s handsome and sweet but holy moley he is h o t 

doyoung - attractive ofc,,,,that smile of his is,,,,,,,everything i love his mouth esp when he laughs and is happy!!!!

jaehyun - he reminds me of the flower boy-esque look,,,,,,he just is undeniably good-looking and has really nice hands,,,,,,

winwin - wow,,,,,show stopping,,,,,,,he doesn’t look like anyone else he’s so unique and i love his lips and ears!!!!!!!! somehow even tho he’s younger he’s very elegant looking 

mark - school boy charm??? like when i look at mark im like u play on the school soccer team and have a golden retriever named sunshine and look the best sitting at a desk with a pen pressed to your cheek,,,,,,like he’s so,,,,,,,adorable first crush style??? 

haechan - i love haechan’s nose,,,,and the way he smiles really subtly because it makes him look kinda coy but also so ,,,,, warm??? his skin is always glowing too and his neck birthmarks are cute!! 


Kai Parker x Reader
word count: 5 130
summary: Reader (has dreams/feelings about the future) tags along with Kai on the trip to the 1903 Prison World.
*gif by me

There were so many things Kai had to make up for—he had to find a way to make it up to his family for what he had done on May 9th 1994; to make it up to Liv for killing Luke during the merge… but most of all in that moment, he needed to earn Bonnie’s forgiveness. Despite his attempts to get her to forgive him, including apologizing to her at the rave a couple of days ago, she still refused to even look at him which only made him dig his heels deeper into the subject. That had been the reason why Kai had insisted on Bonnie going with him and Damon to 1903. To show her that there was a new him. That he had started to change and maybe he deserved a chance. But also because Bonnie was one of Y/N’s friends and for some reason he couldn’t explain to himself, he wanted Y/N’s friends to like him. Maybe it was because she had been the first to give him a chance and believe in him even before the merge. Including when he had actually laughed in her face for thinking there was good in him. Though Kai still couldn’t figure out why a girl like her – kind, carrying and honest to a fault, would feel sympathy or anything really for a sociopath like him. For someone who had murdered and heavily maimed most of his immediate family. But she had and she had become his best friend which meant everything to him.

  “Damn.” said Kai, watching Bonnie pull out a hunting knife cutting her hand with it enough to draw blood for the spell. “Crocodile Dundee called. He wants his knife back.”

Bonnie glared at him for a second and tucked in the knife safely in her belt. “You know he is no longer a thing and neither is that joke.”


  “Is this presentable attire by 1903 standards?” asked Elena, walking in while fixing her jacket.

  “Whoa. Who said you are coming?” asked Damon.

  “To meet the woman who gave birth to the two epic loves of my life? Neh. Me.”

  “Powerful as I am there is a limit to how many people a witch can transport with this spell.” cut in Kai.

  “Which is why there are two of us.” pointed out Bonnie when someone no one thought would be at the house popped up into the living room.

  “Oh hey—” smiled Y/N, glancing between everyone in the room. “What are you guys doing here?”

Y/N took a bite from her apple and waved her fingers at Kai who seemed the happiest she had shown up. Oh, if he only knew. she thought, watching Damon turn towards her with a sideways smirk on his face. Slowly he shortened the distance between them and placed his hands on her shoulders. Meanwhile Bonnie and Elena talked in hushed voices about something and Kai was checking out the Ascendant, glancing at Y/N every other second barely able to tear his eyes away from her. Y/N wasn’t just his friend. There was something about her. When she was around all the guilt he felt got replaced with warmth, a weird fuzzy feeling and desire to be with her. To see her smile and do whatever it takes to make her happy. Because he knew if she was happy then he would be happy too. Feelings are hard. he thought.

  “Nothing.” replied the vampire. “We were just going to get my mother back to help us reunite Stefan with his humanity.  Don’t you have exams to study for? Go home. Those ‘A’s won’t earn themselves.”

Her lips curled into a smile and she took another bite from her apple. Being friends with vampires she had learned a long time ago to always be on vervain. And luckily her intuition hadn’t failed her this time either. Damon stared at her, waiting for his compulsion to kick in, getting more confused by the second and as her smile grew wider by the second, his seemed to disappear.

  “I’ll go get changed. It will only take a minute.” she smiled. “Kai, don’t you dare do that spell without me. It’s always been my dream to time travel.”

Kai grinned, looking up at her. “I knew there was another reason I liked you. Don’t forget your phone!”

Damon turned towards him trying hard to hide his anger. “She is not coming. Let’s go.”

  “Owh sorry Damon, but I intend on making my only friend’s dream of time travel a reality since neither of you is appreciating the opportunity you got here.” said Kai, pouring himself a drink before sitting on the sofa. His eyes followed Y/N out of the room as she went out of sight. “Also, I don’t plan on leaving her here. Who knows what your gal pal Caroline might do to her. Or your ‘good brother’ who is now eviler than you are.” he took a sip from his bourbon. “Y/N is one of your friends. Shouldn’t you care about her safety or am I the only one who does?!”

Y/N stopped right at the corner listening and her lips curled into a smile at Kai’s comment. Everyone thought he didn’t cared about anyone but she knew that wasn’t the truth. Even if he cared only about her, it still counted for something. Even more so because she cared about him just as much. Her friends couldn’t see what she saw – they saw someone evil, a murderer, forgetting completely they were murderers too. But what she saw was someone who had been broken by his own family. Someone who deserved a second chance… someone who was mush on the inside, even though he tried to hide it. Kai wasn’t evil, he was just trying to meet everyone’s low expectations of him.

  “I might have to start calling you ‘bunny’.“ his eyes lit up and he jumped up from his seat the second she showed up. “What’s with that hat?” he asked amused, fluffing her bunny-hat-ears shike check her out from head to toe. His friend was wearing a black coat with a large black hood, a greyish scarf and a fluffy bunny ears hat along with knee-high black boots. “So cute and cuddly. Just like you.” he tapped her nose.

  “I like bunnies.” she blushed, watching him laugh under his breath for a second.

Damon groaned in frustration behind them. “Can we get going please?”

  “Fine. Let’s go get momma Salvatore.” replied Kai, taking Y/N’s hand. “You hold on to me, okay? Don’t let go.” His lips curled into a smile feeling her hand hold onto his forearm the he turned towards Bonnie who was holding the Ascendant ready for him to do the spell and started chanting. “Sangiema meam et nos mundo carcerema –”

For a brief second a bright light showed up and a blink of an eye later the cold air hit her lungs and she looked around, taking in her new surroundings. They were in the woods and even though it was over a century ago, the scenery didn’t look that much different. Snowflakes danced everywhere around them in small flurries and by all definitions it felt completely magical… and completely different from the way she had grown used to seeing the snow. It was somehow cleaner, brighter. Probably because the air hadn’t been filled with all the chemicals yet.

  “Well, isn’t this a picturesque slice of hell?” muttered Damon.

  “You guys go ahead.” said Bonnie. “Kai and I will start a locator spell on the Ascendant.”

  “But Kai just had the Ascendant.” pointed out Elena. “Why do we have to find another one?”

Y/N let go off Kai, reaching out her hand to catch a snowflake and as she took a step back, her boots slid on the snowy ground.   “Careful.” said Kai grabbing her forearm before she had had time to slip to the ground. “Why are you always such a danger magnet?” he winked at her.  “The Ascendant can’t travel between worlds.” he turned towards Elena. “Which means we have to find its mirror image here in 1903.”

  “I don’t want to leave you with him.” said Elena, both her and Bonnie watching Kai trying to catch snowflakes while Y/N was taking pictures of him and trying to escape from him when he chased her around for a few seconds until her boots slipped on the snow again.

  “He is good now, remember?” replied Bonnie. “New leaf.”

Kai’s arms wound around Y/N’s waist, holding her steady for a few moments before he let go off her and tapped her nose playfully while Damon and Elena disappeared through the woods.   “New leaf.” repeated Kai, taking a step towards Bonnie. “You believe me.”

  “Hell no. But Damon and Elena need to meet his mom alone and Y/N couldn’t go with them since she is a human and Lilly is a ripper. So I am here keeping an eye on you –”

  “I wouldn’t hur—” he started to say when something cold hit him in the back of his neck. He reached his hand back, catching some snow on his gloves and turned towards Y/N who looked all innocent trying to catch a few snowflakes with her tongue, though her hands were behind her back. Kai squinted his eyes for a second and turned towards Bonnie so they can start the locator spell when something hit his back. A sigh left his lips and he turned towards Y/N trying hard not to smile. “Do you mind? We are a little –”

  “What did I do?” she said innocently, reaching in her pocket before glancing at them. “I was just taking pictures…”

  “Sure you were.” replied Kai, taking off his glove before turning towards Bonnie. “Five minutes, bunny. Promise. Then get ready for a snow war.” He cut his finger and a few drops of his blood hit Bonnie’s palms as she started to chant. “You have really nice palms.”  Bonnie opened her eyes for a second starring at him and started the spell. “Do you know why I am here?” he asked. “Because my guilt keeps me up at night. I don’t expect you to believe me but I need you to give me one more chance.”  Kai waited a moment for Bonnie to answer and when she didn’t he grabbed her hands, forcing her to look at him.    “Bonnie! Listen to me!” he glanced between their hands and her eyes. “I—oh my God. I didn’t – I didn’t mean to do that.”

  “But you did it anyway. Because even you are telling the truth, the old you is still inside you.” said Bonnie. “The Ascendant is this way.” she took a step into the woods when Y/N grabbed her hand.

  “Don’t even think about it.” she warned.

  “Think about what?” asked Kai, taking a step towards the girls. “Y/N?”

Y/N’s gaze remained focused on Bonnie for a couple more seconds before she turned towards Kai, smiling. “Skipping on the snowball fight.  Or did you think I was going to forget or that I was just taking pictures?!”

Kai grinned at her and a moment later a snowball hit him on the chest.  “Ohh you are so on.” he threatened, bending over to get some snow for his snowball while Y/N ran away from him laughing. A few seconds later a snowball hit her with such accuracy she nearly stumbled and fell. Kai went after her, successfully avoiding a snowball aimed at him and finally caught up with her knocking both of them on the ground with Kai on top of her. For a long moment neither of them said a thing, both of them gazed into each other’s eyes and slowly he leaned in towards her.

  “Wow.” he almost whispered.

  “Wow what?”

  “How haven’t I noticed the mischief in your eyes before?”

  “Maybe you weren’t looking close enough.”

Bonnie stood there for a moment watching them and after a couple of minutes of Kai and Y/N throwing snowballs at each other and chasing each other around she finally groaned in frustration seeing them about to kiss.  “Can you two focus? We have to find the Ascendant –”

Y/N groaned quietly in frustration, pushed Kai off her and got up, taking a few steps towards Bonnie with her hands folded on her chest. Her friends had no clue that she had overheard Damon‘s plan at Whitmore. Stick with me, Bonnie Bennett. I might just have the answer to all your prayers. . Y/N had been just about to walk in to see if Bonnie wanted to go out for lunch with her when the meaning of Damon’s words had hit her. All those nightmares she had been having for weeks, that pit in her stomach threatening to swallow her whole… It all suddenly made sense to her. They were going to leave Kai in 1903. So, of course, she had run back to her dorm room, packed some warm clothes and headed for the Salvatore house straight away because she’ll be damned if she lets them go through with it.

  “Then go find it… Bonnie.” she said. “You can do that on your own. Or are you afraid the nonexistent wild animals in the Prison world would get you?”

Bonnie squinted her eyes and took a step towards her. “You think you know what’s best, don’t you?”

Y/N’s lips curled into a faint smile and she leaned in towards her friend, whispering in her ear. “I know what you are up to. I won’t let you do that to him.” she stared into her eyes. “Over my dead body.”

  “You can’t stop me.”

  “Wanna bet?” almost whispered Y/N, reaching in Bonnie’s belt to get the hunting knife. Bonnie took a step towards her when Bonnie raised her hand. “Cool knife you got here. Wonder why –”

Kai got up, patting the snow off his jacket and jeans. They were too far away for him to hear what they were talking about but by the looks of it wasn’t good. He knew Y/N too well to know something was up with her. How was she ready so fast for a trip she supposedly didn’t know? Slowly he took a step towards them and his eyes widened a little seeing Y/N tuck in a knife in her belt. Bonnie’s knife.

  “Hey, Y/N?” called out Kai. Y/N turned around and a second later a snowball hit her right in the chest. Her mouth formed a letter ‘O’ and she bent over to make a snowball herself, tossing it at him and missing by a few inches before she almost ran towards him. “Do you think you should be running with that thing around? What if you fall and accidentally stab yourself. It could happen.”

  “That’s exactly what I was thinking.” smiled Y/N, putting her hand on the handle, tucking it in safely. “You know, Bonnie is in such a hurry to find the Ascendant she might slip and accidentally stab herself.” she took his hand. “Let’s go find that Ascendant thing now… How much do you wanna bet Damon’s mom has it in her possession.”

  “What makes you say that?” asked Bonnie, angrily walking in the snow.

  “It just seems possible…” muttered Y/N, pulling out her phone and opening her camera. “Hey, Kai? Wanna take a snowfie?”

  “A what now?”

  “A snow selfie.”

  “You are so weird.” he shook his head, smiling and took the phone off her hands.  “Come here.” Both of them snuggled closer to each other and stuck their tongues out to catch snowflakes. *snap* And then another picture where they both laugh at Bonnie’s annoyed expression.   “We’ll catch up, promise Bon Bon.” called out Kai when Y/N suddenly kissed his cheek and his finger hit *snap* by reflex. He turned towards her and gently brushed his fingers against her cheek while gazing into her eyes. Her cheeks were rosy and somehow, he doubted it was because of the cold. Emotions were relatively new to him but there was something about the way she looked at him. Not just in that moment but every single time and the way she had suddenly taken Bonnie’s knife – “Y/N –”

  “Yeah?” she asked quietly, her gaze drifting between his eyes and his lips.

  “Why did you tak–” he started to say when she lifted herself on her toes and her lips met with his in a brief kiss. For a moment he stared at her still feeling the lingering feeling of her lips on his and then her phone hit the ground. His arms wrapped around her holding her tightly towards him and he kissed her. At first their lips moved unsurely against each other, getting more confident by the second and then he backed her against the tree not two steps away from them. Snowflakes danced on their way down around them a little faster now but neither of them seemed to notice anything but the other. And then, too soon, Kai pulled away and awkwardly took a few steps away from her. He bent over to get her phone, wiping the snow off it before giving it to her. “Um h-here. S-sorry I dropped it…”

  “No, it’s um… It’s fine.” she smiled at him. “Let’s go after B-Bonnie.”

Y/N took a step in the direction in which Bonnie had gone, listening to hers and Kai’s footsteps crunch in the snow. A smile hid in the corners of her lips and as much as she tried not to smile, she just couldn’t. For a while they walked in silence, looking for Bonnie and watching the snowflakes dance on their way down until the point Kai grabbed her, spun her around and both of them to fell on the ground. Their kiss from earlier had sparked something insidr both of them and now that they were alone, they could barely keep their hands and lips off each other. For a while they kissed in the snow then talked, laughed and took pictures and without realising it they ended in front of the old Salvatore house. Right inside, talking by the window were Bonnie and Elena. Y/N turned around so abruptly Kai bumped into her and instantly he held onto her waist to keep her from falling to the ground, a smile hiding at the corners of his mouth.

  “Careful, snow bunny –" he said a little mused, glancing at the house. “I guess you were right. That thing Bonnie is holding looks a lot like the Ascendant.”

 “What?” she raised her voice, turning so suddenly she slipped on the ice. “Damn those boots! When we get back to the future I am burning them!”

Kai laughed under his breath, wrapped his hands around her from behind and leaned in to whisper in her ear, speaking so quietly if she couldn’t feel his lips almost touching her earlobe she’d think it was all in her head. “What is really going on? You took Bonnie’s knife, then you kissed me like 10 times making me feel as if I was on fire in the middle of this snow storm and now you are panicking your friends got the Ascendant already? You are so confusing today. What are you hiding from me?”

  “In case you were wondering –” she turned her head sideways. “—each of the kisses was 100% real. As for the other stuff – do not let me go under any circumstances.” she cleared her throat noticing her friends walking out of the house. “Or I might slip on the ice again.”

Kai studied her face for a second and grinned at her. “I would never let go off you, my little snow bunny.”

  “Snow bunny?” asked Elena, watching Y/N smile and blush.

  “Yeah –” said Kai. “Cuz of the hat … and the snow. Now where is what’s his name and his mother?” he asked, tightening his grip on Y/N. “We should get going. The northern lights won’t be coloring the sky for long.”

  “In a minute.” said Elena turning towards Y/N. “Can I talk to you?”

  “Whatever it is—it can wait until we get out of here.” replied Y/N, turning towards Kai before intertwining their fingers together. “And then we can talk about our first date.”

  “Wait what?” asked Elena just when Bonnie, Damon and Lilly got out of the house. “Date? What am I missing here?”

Y/N only smiled at her and then at Kai, both of them leading the way towards the right spot to do the spell. As they walked she could feel her friends’ stares burning into her back and something told her if she had a supernatural hearing she’d hear them talking about her and Kai. Not that it mattered. Only one thing was on her mind right now – how she will make sure they don’t pull a stunt at the last moment.

  “So are you two… together now.” asked Elena, catching up with them. “Cuz he is not –”

  “He is not what?” asked Y/N, turning towards her. “A good person? Just because you can’t see there is good in him, doesn’t mean the rest of the world agrees with you.”

  “H-how serious is this?” insisted her friend.

Kai turned towards her and almost snapped at her. “What’s with the interrogation?”

Elena raised her hands in defense just as they made their way to the exact same place they had arrived and leaned in towards Damon. “We can’t do this –”

  “Sure we can.” replied Damon, watching Y/N and Kai who were currently rubbing noses and making googly eyes at each other. “Then we erase him from her head. Problem solved.”

  “What a lovely young couple.” smiled Lilly. “Why would you erase him from her memories? Has he done something to hurt her?”

Kai turned towards them and his eyes widened when he realized what Lilly’s words meant. He glanced at Y/N, who had her hand hovering over the knife’s handle. That’s why she had insisted on coming along. That’s why she had taken the knife – so it couldn’t be used against him, and that’s why she had panicked a few minutes ago when her friend had found the Ascendant before them. Because she knew they were up to something. How hadn’t he realized it sooner?

  “Kai –” she brushed her palm against his cheek, mouthing the next words ‘Hands.’

He looked at her for a few seconds, realizing he had balled his hands into fists and smiled awkwardly at her before wounding one hand around her waist and rested his forehead on hers.

  “The Aurora Borealis.” he smiled. “I think that does pretty good for our first date. What do you think?”

  “Love it.” she smiled, when all of the sudden someone tried to grab her by the waist from behind. In an instant she grabbed the handle of the knife and the blade plunged into Damon stomach. Kai took a step back from her while Elena ran towards her boyfriend and Bonnie stood in shock a few steps away with Lilly.

  “I’m sorry, Damon.” said Y/N, “I just can’t let you leave him here. I can’t let you and Bonnie go through with this insane plan.”

  “He is a monster.” groaned Damon when Y/N pulled the knife up. “C-can’t you see it?”

Y/N turned towards Kai who took a step closer standing right behind her and placed his hand over hers so they were both holding the knife. Every time she tried to plunge it deeper, he held her hand back.

  “And what are you?!?” she asked through tears. “A saint? You want to leave him behind and never come back? Fine. But I am staying with him because I’d rather spend eternity trapped here than leave him alone again and go on living in the real world without him.”

  “Y/N –” said Kai quietly, wounding his hand around her waist while making sure she let’s go off the knife. “This is not you.” Y/N sniffled quietly, placing her hand over Kai’s on her waist. “However, it is me.” he plunged the knife deeper, glancing at Bonnie. “Did you really think you can keep screwing people over, Bon Bon? I came here to help you, to get that one’s mother so you can save your friends and you planned on stabbing me in the back?! Is Y/N the only one who can be trusted?”

Bonnie took a step closer. “There it is, again. The old you. The one who shot an arrow through my stomach, stabbed me with a knife…” she said, taking another step closer. “You want me to believe you’ve started to change? Let go of Damon and Y/N.”

  “No!” protested Y/N. “He lets go of me, you pull me away and ditch him. Did you forget Bonnie? I know exactly what’s going to happen before it happens.”

  “What?!” asked Kai confused. “What is she talking about?”

  “Kai is not letting go off me. We all go home together. Or we all stay here.” said Y/N with determination. “Bonnie, you have to trust me. How many times have I been wrong before? If you leave him here, whatever happens next will be your fault. Yours and Damon’s.” said Y/N. “I stabbed him, not Kai.”

Y/N turned towards Kai who had that look in his eyes – he was upset, angry and confused all at once. It was a look that both excited and terrified her because that was the look he got before he did something unbelievably stupid and/or violent. Which in a way was what they needed right now because they were at a disadvantage. Bonnie had the Ascendant in her pocket, Lilly was the unknown danger and Elena… well, Elena was Elena. Y/N knew if she told her friends what she had seen happen at least Elena would try to understand. But there was no way she’d say it out loud. How can she tell them if Kai gets left behind… after finds his way out of 1903 he’d put Elena in a sleeping coma, kill Jo and his entire family… which in result will end up triggering Tyler’s werewolf curse. That everyone’s lives will turn upside down because of their idea of ‘right thing’. For a moment it felt as if he could read her thoughts because something flashed in his eyes and in the span of a second things took a very different turn. Three standing vampires suddenly found themselves with magically snapped necks on the ground. It didn’t take her long to figure out what had happened because in a split second he pushed her behind him, ‘froze’ Bonnie with magic and took a step towards her.

  “Ahh Bon Bon…” he took a step around her and glanced at Y/N who had frozen in place still trying to figure out what exactly happened. “You didn’t really think I’d let you ditch me here, did you? No, no, no… See, I’ve spent most of my life being trapped in a place like this.” he reached inside her pocket taking the Ascendant. “There is no way I’d let that happen again. I really was trying to help you and your friends… and now –” he looked around. “Look what you made me do.”

  “Kai?” said Y/N taking a step towards him. “Let’s go. We—we have to go. Now, or we will miss the northern lights.”

  “We should leave them here –” almost hissed Kai. “See if they like being trapped for all eternity –”

Y/N took a step towards him and cupped his face. “No.” she smiled. “Show them you are better than they are –”

  “But I’m not.” protested Kai watching her shake her head lightly.

  “Yes, you are. Believe it or not… you are good. ” she jumped up lightly. “Can we go home now? I am kind of cold and you do not wanna see me when I get sick –” she laughed nervously.

Kai rubbed her shoulders trying to warm her up and laughed under his breath. “Alright. Help me drag those three over here and we are getting the Hell out of this place.”

Y/N smiled at her and turned towards Bonnie for a second. Her friend tried to say something but whatever Kai had done was preventing her from speaking, but her eyes were filled with betrayal and pain. Y/N understood why. She was supposed to be on their side, to help them and not Kai but how can she not help him when she had fallen in love with him despite all the awful things he had done. And in a way she was helping them too, keeping them safe from the consequences of their actions.

  “I’m sorry Bonnie. It’s for your own good. You have to believe me…”

  “A little help?” called out Kai.

  “Coming.” she made her way to him quickly and together they moved the bodies of her friends around Bonnie’s feet. “So how do we do this? We um… Shouldn’t we all be holding the Ascendant or–”

  “As long as they are touching one of us –” motioned Kai between him, her and Bonnie. “—then they are good. And then … you and I need to have a talk. A serious talk because what you said back there completely freaked me out.”

  “I can see the future.” she blurted out. “Well, not the future exactly but a version of it… The future is forever changing whenever the person changes their mind. But um I have very vivid dreams and my intuition is really strong.”

Kai dropped Lilly’s body next Damon’s and Y/N left Elena’s almost on top of them. “Your nightmares –” he stated. “When you came over two days ago… you talked in your sleep. You said ‘you can’t leave him alone’. That was about me?”

  “Yes, it was.” she looked up at the sky. “I’ll explain everything. I promise but now… could you hurry it up because –”

  “Yeah yeah, I know…” he smiled, rubbing his hands in his jeans for a second, took Bonnie’s hand and made a cut allowing a few drops of blood to hit the Ascendant. “Ready?”

  “Ready.” smiled Y/N taking one of Bonnie’s hands and holding onto Kai with the other as he started chanting. For a moment it felt as if she was being pulled by the back of her stomach. A gust of wind blew around them a split second before a bright flashing light blinded her, forcing her to close her eyes and the next time she opened them they were back at the Salvatore house. “Wow… I will never get used to this traveling between worlds thing.” she laughed nervously. “Not that I want to.”

Kai laughed under his breath and put the Ascendant in his pocket, putting his arm around Y/N’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s get out of here. I hate to be around when Damon wakes up.”
note: apologies if at some parts there are typos; still recovering from the flu and  my focus is not completely back. 😅 hope you guys like it❤

What Brothers Are For - A False Pretenses Drabble

here’s another little spin off drabble from my fic False Pretenses. Thank you all so much for the response to the previous drabble and for all the new readership on False Pretenses. Hope you guys enjoy this one xx 

“He’s insufferable,” Harry growled the second he’d shut the door behind them both.

“He’s sweet!” Olivia defended, shrugging out of her coat before helping Harry out of his. Smiling privately at the way he flapped his wrist wildly trying to get the sleeve around his thick watch.

“He’s a bloody kiss ass! Mrs. Twist this, Mrs. Twist that. Complimenting your dress, oh please!” he grumped like an 80 year old man.

Olivia shook her head fondly at this rare bout of negativity from Harry, “He’s just trying to make a good impression! He was probably nervous.”

“He should be!” Harry told her with frustration, “He’s got no business being with my sister!”

“You don’t mean that, Harry,” Olivia giggled, the sound floating through their open space as she headed to put the kettle on for a late night tea.

“Stop laughing, I’m bein’ serious,” Harry said, coming up behind her to hook his chin over her shoulder with a pout.

“You don’t think anyone’s good enough for Gem, anything really,” she reminded him pointedly, turning round to hook her arms loosely around his hips.

“That’s not true,” he mumbled.

Olivia flicked her eyebrow up in disbelief at his delusion, “Her job doesn’t pay her enough, apartment’s in the wrong part of town, car is going to give up on her at any minute, and now the boyfriend isn’t good enough either.”

Olivia smirked knowingly as his eyes took on that owlish quality, her words landing before he got a furrow in his brow once again.

“Well I’m right aren’t I?” he deflected, ducking around Olivia to rifle through their cabinets for his favorite mug. Harry claimed she always put it back in the wrong place and she could nearly hear him say it now as he knocked the ceramic around loudly.

“Usually. Not now,” she soothed, bumping him out of the way softly to reach up for it on her tiptoes. He grumbled as he handed her the mug he knew she loved to use. She takes them each one by one to set on the counter with a kiss to his sweater covered shoulder.

Harry wanted to keep complaining, not even close to being done grumbling about the man who was trying to weasel his way into his sister’s bed. Knowing this Olivia shooed him from the kitchen, pushing him toward their bedroom with a pat on his bum.

“Go get cozy, I’ll finish up in here,” she told him, fiddling with the flame on the stove as she always did. She’ll just put it right back where she had it before but it’s one of those things.

She smiled as she heard their shower turn on, knowing Harry would let some of that stress melt away under the warm stream of the water. She knew that combined with a cuppa and her fingers working their way through his damp curls would turn him back into her sunshine boy in no time.

The kettle whistled shortly after and Olivia stood up from where she’d been kneeling to pet Georgie. She stuck the tea bags in their respective mugs, Harry’s was a gift from his last birthday, hers a mug from their holiday to Belgium. She thought back fondly to the mountains of chocolate they’d ingested over that long weekend as she poured the hot water over. Harry’s heavy step carried down the hallway as she walked them both carefully to the coffee table.

“Did you find my lovely boyfriend back there by any chance?” she teased him, watching him flop down on the couch and pull Georgie into his lap.

Harry just rolled his eyes at her, taking the mug from her hands as she offered it.

Olivia grabbed her own mug then settled in beside him, bringing one of their throw pillows over her lap and coaxing him to lie down on it.

He went pliantly and then adjusted so he could still sip at his tea, “I just want what’s best for her.”

“I know you do, baby,” Olivia placated, combing her fingers through the hairs at his nape and making him hum contentedly, “You just put her on a pedestal sometimes. You’re impossible to please when it comes to her.”

Harry nodded into the pillow knowing Olivia was right as usual, she always could see him better than he could see himself.

“She’s very lucky to have that, you know?” she continued, scratching at the top of his scalp, “But you have to let her make her own decisions.”

“Can’t I have a say? What if she can’t see a red flag and I just let her get on with it?” he argued.

“We wouldn’t let her, of course, but it’s not exactly a crime to be a little overly polite now is it?” she prodded him gently.

“No, s’not.” he agreed begrudgingly, scratching behind Georgie’s ear as she let out a massive yawn.

“What if she had been like that with me?” Olivia continued, “If she’d hated me? Because I was trying so hard to get her to like me in the beginning I-”

“You really were, was so cute how desperate you were,” Harry teased, twisting to look up at her with a smug grin.

“Fuck off,” she smiled back, flicking his nose and making him scrunch his face in annoyance, “You know what I mean.”

“I would’ve hated it,” he admitted, a sigh falling from his lips as he dug his cheek further down in the pillow.

“So let’s just give him a chance, okay?” she bargained, squeezing his shoulder fondly as he nodded up at her in agreement, “Maybe he’ll calm down with the formalities if we make him more comfortable.”

“It was overkill, right?” he exclaimed, sitting up and imploring her to agree with him.

“Yeah,” she conceded, he had been rather overzealous even Olivia would agree, “was nervous for him by the end of the night.”

Harry giggled at that, a fond look crossing his features before he leant in to peck softly at her lips.

“You’re always right, you bugger,” he told her softly.

“That’s why you love me,” Olivia said with a smug smile.

“Among other things,” he agreed, leaning in once more for a sweet kiss that made Olivia’s frozen toes thaw and her lips hungry for more.

But Harry was already pulling away making Olivia pout at him with her eyes still closed, “Wasn’t quite done yet.”

“That pasta gave you garlic breath,” he teased her, “go brush your teeth first.”

Olivia’s eyes popped open at that, immediately slanting into a glare as she bellowed, “You shit!”

Harry cackled even after she’d tackled him into the couch, placating her with all the (close-lipped) kisses her little heart desired.


“A kiss that is never tasted, is forever and ever wasted.”-Billie Holiday

While there were many things Raven enjoyed about being a superhero, there were others she found…not so enjoyable.

Paperwork was definitely one of them.

After it had become apparent that Robin had a tendency to overwork himself, the Titans had taken it upon themselves to distribute the work more evenly to give Boy Wonder a bit more breathing room. He had been pretty reluctant at first, often digging in his heels like a stubborn mule, but after much persuading and bargaining, he relented.

On some things, anyway.

Robin still insisted upon orchestrating with the police and planning out different training sessions and leading patrols, and such, but he did let the others help out with some of the smaller responsibilities, like filling out paperwork and finances.

Which Raven was doing now.

The only sounds in the common room consisted of the scratches of her pen and the rustling of paper. It was the music that filled her hour as she whiled away at the incredible stack of legal documents the Titans had accrued over the course of the past year. Raven heaved a sigh as she worked, only pausing to rub her eyes.

This sucked.

There was nothing she wanted more than to curl up with a nice book and just, read the day away. But alas, the paperwork wouldn’t do itself.


She furrowed her brows, pondering for a moment. Could she enchant the pages? Perhaps, but she’d have to take the time to find a spell, time she didn’t really have. Not if these papers were to be done on time. Raven let out a huff and dropped her chin into her hands.

Stupid papers.

The swoosh of a door caught her attention, and Raven turned to see Beast Boy wandering into the room. He was humming rather loudly, his arms swaying to whatever beat was playing in his ears. A tune Raven found difficult to recognize. Was it that pop song she’s heard on the radio the other day? Or a rock song?

It was difficult to tell with Beast Boy, especially with his slightly off-key humming. She watched him practically skip to the fridge, where he rummaged for something or another. Probably soy milk.

Despite the fact that Beast Boy was only a vegetarian, he had a bizarre love for soy milk. According to him, the juice was far superior to milk, though Raven was forced to disagree. It was too sweet for her tastes. Though she did like to mix it with her grain cereal.

Not that she’d ever tell him that.

Raven attempted to return her focus onto the task at hand, sliding her gaze over a clause of dense legal jargon. Her eyes glazed over. It was some difficult stuff to read, as Raven wasn’t used to reading this type of documentation. She had to force herself to read it again. And again. And again.

It really didn’t help that Beast Boy was munching rather loudly on potato chips. While humming. She shot him a glare as he meandered to the table, his own gaze focused on his iPod. Beast Boy was, of course, oblivious to all outside of his music. And he looked pretty happy too, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he hummed.

The irritation building within her died in her chest and she sighed. He may be distracting, but Raven didn’t have the heart to pull him from his blissful spell. So she returned to staring at the legal clause, watching as the words blurred across the page.

The events that unfolded next happened in slow motion.

There was a soft oof and a hand appeared in her line of vision, swiping the stack of papers from right under her. Raven jumped in her seat, gasping as Beast Boy crashed onto the ground in a heap. Papers fluttered around them, scattering themselves about the floor.

Raven looked from the smeared stack on the table, to the scattered mess that made up Beast Boy. He blinked up at her, a dazed expression muddying his features. A crooked smile worked its way onto his lips, and he chuckled. “Sorry, Rae.”

“What even happened?” she asked, carefully swiping her askewed stack back into order. There was a rustle as Beast Boy pulled himself to his knees and helped.

“I dunno. I guess I tripped.”

She turned to throw a him a retort, only for any and all words to wither at her lips. He was mere inches from her, his warm breath tickling her nose.

Raven gulped, suddenly forgetting how to breathe. Had his eyes always looked so nice up close? She noticed a light dusting of darker green flecks across his nose; freckles? It was surprisingly endearing, not to mention cute. Raven flushed at the thought.

Cute? Beast Boy?

Her gaze flickered down to his lips. She felt dizzy all of a sudden. His lips enraptured her, and she wondered what it would be like to kiss him…

Raven wasn’t sure what scared her more; the idea of kissing him, or the realization that she really, really wanted to.

The air around them grew hot, and Raven’s heartbeat roared in her ears. Though only seconds had ticked by, it felt like eons, and she shivered as their noses brushed. Her lips met his, and she kissed him.

His lips were sweet, like sugar. It was fitting, somehow, and the sensation made her toes curl. The kiss itself was slow and gentle; exploratory. They broke apart cautiously, flushed and breathless.

Raven bit her lip, a smile spilling across her lips. Was it possible to feel this giddy? She didn’t know. Perhaps. That would certainly explain why she felt like she was floating.

“Uh, that was…unexpected,” Beast Boy murmured. A smile matching her own tickled his features, and Raven could feel the swell of his happiness drifting off of him. She shrugged, turning back to her ramshackle stack of papers.

“Indeed it was.”

She plucked her pen from the table, still feeling as though she was among the clouds. Unexpected, yes, but definitely not unwanted.

It’s short, I know, but I like the nice and compact little slice of life scenario this gives. So here. :D

-mod vixensheart

How the RFA+V+Saeran kiss MC when they’re asleep

(Like, not in a creepy way or anything just…)


- super sweet nose kisses

- he likes the way your nose twitches a bit when you sleep and he just can’t help but kiss it

-(will probably end up napping/cuddling with you right afterwards)

- when you wake up you will kiss his ears to wake him up (his ears are ticklish)


- little kisses all over your face

- you’re just so cute when you’re sleeping!

- his hair will brush against your face, almost waking you up so he’ll stop. Gets one last peck on the lips in

- if you are sleeping on the couch or something he will carry you to bed

- you like kissing the side of his mouth because it irritates him a bit. “MC~! That wasn’t a real kiss! Give me a real one~!”


- forehead kiss

- usually comes home late from work or goes to bed late (because of work)

- will kiss your forehead right before passing out

- you will kiss her cheek good morning (or goodnight if she goes to bed at a reasonable hour)


- (canonically a creeper tbh)

- likes watching you sleep

- finds himself staring at your lips…the cute way they part when you’re asleep, how soft they look….so pretty…

- knows he won’t be able to be satisfied with just one kiss, but he doesn’t want to wake you up, so he satisfies himself with just kissing a lock of your hair

- then leaves to go do something else for a while (your cuteness is just too much for him sometimes…)

- he’s typically the one who kisses first, but he likes it if you give him a quick goodbye kiss as he’s leaving for work or if you wake him up with a kiss on the cheek


- kisses all over your face

- 100% puts lipstick on and leaves kissy marks on you

- then takes a picture and posts it on the messenger

- When you wake up you usually have red smeared all over your face and the bed. “SAEYOUNG WOULD YOU STOP DOING THIS! IT MESSES THE SHEETS UP!”

- You  usually kiss him on the forehead when he’s asleep (or more specifically the side of his head since 70.7% of the time he’s crashed at his computer desk)


- Honestly just kisses wherever the general vicinity of your face is????

- tends not to kiss you while you’re asleep because he doesn’t want to accidentally <s>head slam</s> wake you up.

- really likes sleeping next to you, though. He especially likes hearing the sound of you breathing.

- you usually kiss him on the cheekbones, close to the corner of his eye


- kind of depends on his mood

- sometimes he kisses you softly on the lips or sometimes just a peck on the cheek

- and sometimes he is just to Edgy&trade; to kiss you

- is usually blushing no matter what, though

- you like to tease him, so it doesn’t really matter where you kiss him as long as he gets flustered by it 

Things I love about MJ

•His eyes
•His eyes when he smiles
•His actual smile
•His laugh
•The way his whole face lights up when he’s laughing (and the stars shine in his eyes)
•Him being able to make everyone in the room laugh
•The cheesy agyeo
•The love that he has for his members
•The love he has for us Aroha
•His impressions
•Vocals, Vocals, Vocals (he sings like and angel ok)
•His dorkyness (dorkiness?)
•His acting in TBC
•When he dances
•Jaw that was sculpted my magic
•Lips !!!!!!!!!
•Cute nose
•He some how has the perfect eyebrows
•Can’t forget the adorable ears
•Short but tall in spirit
•I just love him a lot

#HappyMJDay !
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Nigel’s hands shook as he stared around the room, itching for a smoke and wishing like fucking hell he’d just stayed home instead of falling for Gabi’s ultimatum.

‘You either go this party, Nigel, or I am done.’

He saw her across the room, chatting up some asshole he wanted to punch the minute he’d been introduced, Charlie something.

Not that he cared enough to remember.

Nigel growled and headed for the balcony of this asshole’s apartment, the cold night air making him feel normal for the first time all night.

“Fucking Gabi, make me go to this fucking thing.”

“I don’t like parties either,” came a soft voice to his left, making him jerk in surprise.

There was a small man leaning against the metal bars, staring up at the sky. He was wearing a long sleeve shirt in fucking summer and a sweater vest. Nigel saw a bead of sweat go down the other man’s cheek as he watched.

“I don’t like THIS party,” Nigel corrected, taking out a smoke and putting it between his lips, “Not that she fucking cares.”

He flicked his lighter and saw the other man’s nose wrinkle in distaste.

“It’s rude to smoke at someone else’s house,” he muttered, “And it’s rude to swear in polite conversation.”

Nigel took a drag and laughed, shaking his head. “I’m not fucking polite, darling, so it’s fine,” he looked at the curls, blue eyes, and strangely cute ears.

Fuck he was pretty.

He’d fucked a few guys what felt like a lifetime ago, quick jerks in the back of clubs he barely remembered but the idea of this one under him made his dick twitch.

“My name is Adam,” blue eyes said, still frowning.

Nigel held out his hand and it lingered there untouched, finally dropping as he smirked, “Nigel.”

Adam stared at the cigarette in his hand, and then back at Nigel’s face. “You’re…”

“Why the hell are you wearing a sweater in fucking June?” Adam’s cheeks reddened as he stared again up at the sky, looking quite upset and Nigel kicked himself mentally for the outburst. “Fuck, I’m sorry darling I just…”

“Henry invited me and I didn’t even want to come, but he’s the only one at work who’s nice to me and I thought it would be rude not to come. Now I know I should’ve just stayed home, and I…I like sweaters. I don’t like to show my arms.”

Nigel sighed, “It’s fucking ninety degrees, Adam. Take off the sweater.”

Adam looked at him again, still visibly upset.

“I don’t…”

“I promise you, darling, you’ll feel better.”

Adam lifted his arms and pulled off the sweater vest, staring at the clothes in his arms. “I feel like I’m taking off clothes at someone else’s home and it’s not for sex, so it’s strange.”

Nigel laughed, “I promise you, no one noticed.”

Adam smiled, “You did.”

Nigel grinned. “You’re hard to ignore.”

Adam stared at his arms. “I’m still hot but I don’t–”

Nigel tossed his cigarette off the balcony and came over, taking his hand and starting to undo the buttons at his wrist. He didn’t look up but felt Adam practically vibrating against his chest.

“All right, darling?”

A pause. “I’m not used to other people touching me.”

Nigel looked up after having undone the third button, paused and asked, “You want me to stop?”

Adam licked his lips and Nigel watched his throat work in a swallow. He felt his dick twitch thinking about other things Adam could do with that mouth.

“No, I like this. You’re handsome and I’m sexually excited.”

Nigel smirked. “You don’t like to play around, do you darling?”

“No, do you?”

Nigel began rolling up his sleeve.

“With the right person playing can be quite fun.”

Adam opened his mouth ready to speak when the door behind them opened. Gabi looked annoyed though hardly noticed when Nigel let go of Adam.

“I thought you’d left,” she said, taking out a pack and lighting a cigarette.

Her displeasure at finding out he hadn’t was obvious.

“No, gorgeous. I’m out here making friends.”

Gabi scoffed. “Right.”

Nigel licked his lip and looked at Adam, who seemed interested in Gabi more than him now.

“Gabi, this is my friend Adam. Adam,” he felt almost bad to admit it, “This is my wife.”

Adam’s face fell and Gabi didn’t even look their way.

“Nice to meet you,” she said amused, “It’s nice to meet a friend of Nigel’s who isn’t a criminal.”

Adam said, “Nice to meet you too,” he rolled down his sleeve, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Nigel stepped forward just as Adam stepped away, the look they shared full of something Nigel knew he couldn’t pursue.

“I’ll be out here,” he said softly as Adam turned.


Nigel didn’t see Adam the rest of the night and when he found Henry the other man said Adam had left.

He didn’t expect to see Adam again, which was just better for all involved.

Then a year later Gabi filed for divorce and Nigel moved to California to open a bar with Darko.

He was much happier divorced, truth be told, though he hadn’t felt that way in the beginning. Gabi had admitted fucking Charlie, he’d been arrested for beating the shit out of that little weasel, and the last thing he’d expected was to let her go.

One sentence changed that.

They’d fought enough after she’d admitted it and Nigel refused to move out so Gabi had instead. He’d cooled off after a few weeks and they’d met in a cafe.

“Why the hell would you fuck him? You–”

“Nigel, when we met I could feel it. You know? Like you and I, but it was stronger. He made me smile just by being there. Have you ever met anyone who made you feel that way?”

Nigel thought of Adam.

“You. You made me feel that way.”

She took his hands across the table.

“You once made me feel that way, but not any longer. I don’t think you do either.”

He didn’t argue.

The week after signing Darko asked him to come to California and he had no reason to stay despite thoughts of Adam’s sweet smile.

Running away from all the bullshit made much more sense.

The first night BLANK is open, Nigel gets lost in the crowd. He and Darko agreed he was best served behind the bar since he could charm the fuck out of anyone within hearing distance while Darko worked best dealing with money.

He wasn’t alone, the quick speaking lithe thing named Shari had been one of their first hires and Nigel loved to shoot the shit with her though she wouldn’t fuck him because as she’d said she “wasn’t that stupid.”

It was just as well, really. He’d been in Cali for four months and hadn’t even thought about sex. There were still lingering memories of Gabi, of warm smiles he liked to remember and angry glares he tried to forget.

So he worked, winking and flirting on through till someone sat down that made him drop a bottle of vodka onto the floor.

Adam was chatting up Shari, his nose wrinkled in distaste and her annoyance obvious. Nigel drank him in, the warmth and surprise at seeing his lovely face again just intoxicating.

He came over and got between them.

“Switch with me, darling,” he winked at Shari who rolled her eyes and took off.

Nigel looked at Adam and saw his distaste had turned to anger.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore–”

Adam stood up and left the stool. Nigel was very confused.

Continued on ao3 here: Playing 

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14 robb x reader

Robb Stark - “They’re so cute when they’re asleep”

You had your arms crossed over your chest while you allowed yourself to stare at him. You had seen him happy before. You had seen him smile a charming smile when the two of you had officially promised each other to share the rest of your lives together. You had seen him smile a beautiful grin when he had made love to you under the thousands of stars above Winterfell. You had seen him smile a lovely smirk when you had told him that the future heir of Winterfell was growing inside you.

But the smile that covered his face while he leaned over the two little cribs in your shared bedroom was different. It was as if the sun, the moon and the stars had gathered all their light and had put it in his eyes. It was as if a certain kind of calm had come over him, making him look more at ease than he had ever seemed before. It was as if he was watching over his entire world, over everything that really mattered to him.

They’re so cute when they’re asleep, aren’t they?” You interrupted the silence and placed your hand on his shoulder. “I would enjoy this moment to the fullest if I were you, because I am afraid they will grow older quite fast and we both know that little Starks do not always stay cute when they grow up.” You winked and pressed a soft kiss to his bearded cheek.

“I wouldn’t want them to stay cute for the rest of their lives.” Robb spoke softly and he straightened his back to make sure he wouldn’t wake his children up. “No matter how much I love the North and no matter how beautiful Winterfell might be, Westeros has never been easy on anyone and I would be naive to believe that it would be easy on my children, on my future heir.” He stepped back and the smile on his face faded, as if he thought of all the possible disasters that could cross their paths, as if he thought of the fear they would undoubtedly know, as if he thought of the pain and losses they would undoubtedly face.

“We will protect them as long as we can, Robb.” You spoke softly and you grabbed his arm to pull him a little closer towards you. “I know that we can’t protect them forever, but until we have no other choice, I want them to believe that the world is good and beautiful and safe.” You swallowed. “I want them to not be afraid of any stranger that knocks on our gate. I want them to not be afraid of climbing the walls to enjoy the view. I want them to not be afraid of all those greedy kings thinking they can bring us down.”

“That’s what my father wanted for me and my siblings. It’s what his father wanted for him.” Robb took a deep breath, filling his lungs with fresh air. “But at some point their world will collapse and they will discover that they are never safe, not even within the walls of their own home.”

“I know.” You agreed with him and you let your head rest on his shoulder. “But we haven’t reached that point yet and I will dread reaching it for as long as I can, because not only do I think they are cute when they’re asleep, I also think you are cute when you are watching over them like this.” You leaned on the tips of your toes to kiss his lips and Robb smiled a little smile while he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

“The world is not all bad, though.” His nose brushed yours and his bright blue eyes locked themselves with yours. “You’re part of this world too and you’re beautiful.” He turned his head towards the cribs once more. “And so are they.”

You smiled back at him and cocked your head a little while you let your hand rest in his neck. “And so are you.”


Being best friends with an idol is definitely all it’s cracked up to be. Meeting new people and going to events is fun and all, but what really grabs your attention is the new way Juho acts when other idols look your way.

word count: 1099
request: Can you do one with Zuho? One where you have been friends with him since childhood so you are there for a lot of sf9 stuff and he gets protective and jealous but like in a sweet way where he doesn’t even really realize he’s doing it?

I do not allow reposting of my work under any circumstances. Thank you!

You had been looking forward to this event all year. You had squealed with excitement when Juho had asked you to be his plus one. You loved having a reason to dress nicely and do yourself up, and, even more, you loved finally being able to spend time with your best friend.

You were so immensely happy for him to be doing what he loved, so proud that his talent and hard work was being recognized by the world, but it was difficult to survive off of only videos and messages from him. Each time you hugged him was like he was recharging something inside of you, so missing him felt like you were running on empty.

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Produce 101 and which of their physical traits they will pass on to their daughters
  • Jisung: his extremely v-shaped face, his dimples, his thin lips
  • Sungwoon: his plump and pouty lips, his tiny nose, his slightly puffy cheeks
  • Jonghyun: his hairline (lol), his cute teeth, his angular facial structure
  • Minhyun: his lanky physique, his curved lips, his cute laughter-lines
  • Seongwoo: his not-so-korean looks, his puppy like eyes, his flexible ears
  • Jaehwan: his slender and flexible hands, his off standing ears, his maniac laugh
  • Daniel: his cute front teeth, his round facial structure, his broad physique
  • Jihoon: his uneven double-eyelids, his long and dark eyelashes, his smile
  • Woojin: his cute misplaced tooth, his mono eye-lids, his strong jawline
  • Hyungseob: his button nose, his curled up mouth corners, his raven-black hair
  • Jinyoung: his small face, his pretty tan, that eye tick he has when blinking
  • Daehwi: his one double-lid / one single-lid eyes, his cheekbones, his petite physique
  • Guanlin: his height, his gummy smile, his pouty lips
  • Seonho: his round eyes, his slightly insane smile, his thick hair
  • Samuel: his dark brown eyes, his skinny physique, his beautiful tan
  • # Please don’t be mad if your favorites aren’t included, since I only dare to write about the contestants I am more familiar with. It would be really hard to create a profile for the trainees I don’t know too well. #

Characters: Chanyeol, OC/Jagiya (nameless/ Jagiya is the korean term for love or sweetheart)

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

  *this is my first real attempt at fluff please bear with me. *

What better view to wake up to in the morning than a sleeping angel before you. With his beautiful fair skin. His perfectly angled nose and his red plump lips. His elf like ears sticking out making him look more adorable by the minute.

I couldn’t stop myself when my fingers started to trace the outlines if his face. I trace his slightly parted lips. His lips that look red and plump even in his sleep. His eyebrows that ever so often change with each expression that he makes. His cute little nose that compliments his entire face completely. His elf like ears that stands out amongst anyone else’s. As I admire him I lightly slide my fingers on his sleeping face. Not leaving a skin untouched.

I still can’t believe that I’m here right  now. How could I have been so blessed to have him beside him. To have the most amazing guy in the world to call mine. What did I ever do to deserve receiving all the love he gives. To be cuddled up with by him on occasions like this. To receiving little actions of love from him. Whether it will be him singing to me on the early mornings. Or when he helps out on cooking. Or sending me little gifts to remind me of his love. I have no clue on how I got so blessed.

As I was ghosting my fingers on his lips. Tracing the outlines and curves of it. I saw a small smile slowly etching it’s way on his lips. His dimples slowly starting to make a show.

“I love it when you shower me with love so early in the morning Jagiya” he whispers to me as he slowly wraps his arms around my waist pulling me closer to his body.

I couldn’t help letting a little chuckle out at his words. With his arms wrapped around me I felt safe and secure. I could stay like that all day long. Me in his arms feeling his warmth. Swimming in his scent. Hearing him take every breathe, his heart thumping at a rhytmic pase. Calming an soothing me. And as he cuddled into me I slowly wrap my arms around him. Placing my hands under his shirt to feel his skin against mine. And start drawing patterns and letters with my fingers. A habit that calms us both. As I was writing I love you’s mixed with the often random shapes into his skin.

“Jagiya…” he mumbles

“Yes Chan?”

“Have I told that I loved you?” He asked me and gives my crown a soft kiss. That caused me to yet again chuckle at his actions.

“Only everday and night Chan. And every hour in between that” I slightly pull away from his arms to look him in the eye. As pull my head up to look at him I was greeted with his charming smile. His dimples prominently showing. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him more. If that was even still possible at all. As I was already head over heels in love for the giant before me.

“Ahh then why do I feel that I haven’t”

he brushes away strands of hair that fell onto my face. And tucking them behind my ear. He then starts to rub his thumb on my cheeks. Then a mischievous glint appears in his eyes. I tried to pull away knowing what was coming next. But his other arm that was securely wrapped around me didn’t give me any space to move. With such circumstance I didn’t bother messing around and just squeezed my eyes shut. Chanyeol then suddenly pinches my cheeks. Surely making them pink from the pressure. As he removes his hand from my cheek I give him a scowl and slap his back lightly. Grumbling on how he always pinches my cheeks.

“Ahh I’m sorry jagiya. I couldn’t resist!! You look so cute in the morning” he  chuckles and smiles at me as I give him a small pout.

“Why don’t I make it up to you by giving you a small gift then?” He asks me raising his eyebrow at me suggestively. Detaching himself from my arms and sitting up to reach for his nightstand. He opens it and lighlty fumbles around searching for his gift. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it could possibly be. Everything that he gives me was always beautiful beyond belief. As I waited  Chanyeol then pull out a small blue paper bag that has a silver ribbon to tie the top.

“I was planning on giving you this for our next aniversary, but now’s better than ever.” He lightly brushes the nape of his neck shrugging nervously at me.

“Ahh really?? What is it??” I sit up eyeing the bag Chanyeol was offering me.

“Why don’t you see for yourself jagiya.” He laughs lightly and lays the bag on my lap.

I examined the bag and to say it was nothing extravagant to the least. Just a simple blue bag and a silver ribbon with a little tag hanging with my name written on it. It wasn’t heavy to weigh yet I was nervous on what it could be hiding. I shaked the bag lightly to have a guess on what it could be. The sound of something tumbling inside peeked my interests with excitement and anxiousness. I untied the ribbon slowly and delicately as if I was holding a glass.

As I removed the ribbon and slowly open the bag I saw a small box at the bottom. My breath hitched and I couldn’t help but hold in my breathe as I pulled out a small blue velvet box. To say I was surprised was an understatement I was speechless to what was before me. I didn’t know what to think about what I was holding. I didn’t want to make any assumptions on what it was but with two eyes you will be able to guess what was being hidden inside. It was for sure a ring. 

With surprise still evident on my face Chanyeol takes my hand. He rubs his thumb on my palms and looks me straight in the eye. “Before you misunderstand I’m not proposing. That would be lame of me to do it like this” he laughs lightly and shakes his head. He looks at the ring box that was on my lap and gives me his million dollar smile. 

He takes the box and opens it to reveal a beautiful silver ring studded with diamonds. It looked breathtakingly beautiful. And I couldn’t stop myself when my jaw dropped.

 "O-oh my god Chanyeol. It’s beautiful!“ 

 He takes the ring of its box and offers me his hands. Signaling that he wants me to place it on his. I slowly place my hand over his still admiring the ring. And he slowly slip the ring on my finger. 

 "This is a Promise ring jagiya. And the promise along with this ring is the promise of my endless love. That even if we fight and you push me away I will still be here. When your having a rough time I will be there for you, to hold and care for you. A promise that one day I will marry you and we’ll have kids together. Raise them to be like you and me. And guide our grandchildren together. A promise that my love for you is pure and will never die." 

 I looked up to him and give him a soft passionate kiss. I didn’t need to say any word. The kiss was enough understanding between the both of us. A kiss that was answer his promises. A kiss showing our love. As are lips part he rests his forehead against mine. He smiles at me. And suddenly pinches my cheek and runs out of the bedroom screaming 

"Now it’s time for breakfast!!” I smile to myself admiring the ring 

 "Aren’t I truly the lucky one" 


one shit

pairing ;; Mark lee x reader
genre ;; fluffy af

i feel sick and i wanted some cute shit so i made some cute shit enjoy ( the texts ah i love sm )

You slid into the leathery seated booth of some random cafe without a single care in the world. Sliding all the way towards the window you began to gaze out the frosty cool glass and out into the street. The small cobblestone path was flooded with people walking about, snow that had just began to melt already freezing back over causing the tops of the mismatched piles to be icy and rigid. This was the coldest day of the winter, awkwardly place towards the end in between to slightly warmer days, the temperatures had dropped a bit and now everyone was just trying to stay warm.
This included you, and of course the body who had soon slid in next to you, his firm grip on your hand, body warm against your shoulder.
“y/n what do you want to drink?”

You quickly turned your attention to him. He had short brown hair, which was delicately tucked underneath a burgundy beanie, his eyes partially shielded by deep brown round rimmed glasses. He wore a light brown coat that fit neatly on his shoulders, just barely showing the white collar of his semi sheer white button, the outfit completed with a blue sweater vest and dark wash jeans. He was a real sight to see now wasn’t he, his normally sun kissed skin was a few shades paler due to the lack of sunny days, the smile that laced his faint pink lips caused his dimpled to poke through and his droopy almond eyes to crinkle a bit.

He glanced up at you from the menu of beverages and pastries. “oh! Just grab me a hot chocolate and something sweet”
You returned his warm smile as he gave your hand one quick squeeze before standing and walking off to order at the counter.
You often asked yourself ‘wow what did i do to deserve him’ Mark and you had been together for more than a few months now, and you really felt a connection with him, it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when he was around–

“im back!~~” his voice was a sweet coo, he slid in placing a cup with a matte black lid on it in front of you. You hummed in response, placing your hands around the warm styrofoam cup, eyes peeking towards Mark whom was blowing on his one steaming cup of tea.
He managed to catch your gaze for a moment, an amused smirk falling on his lips as your eyes darted away and you brought the cup to your lips, cheeks slightly red. You didn’t know why him simply seeing you admire him made you blush so much, but something about his dimple graced smirk and the way his eyes looked when he glanced at you, and how his nose wrinkled up was so adorable yet incredibly alluring to you.

“you have some marshmallow on your lip” his words were even and cutely stated. With ease he placed his thumb and forefinger on your chin, gently pulling your face towards his and in one fluid motion he swiped the sticky chocolate liquid from your upper lip. He took his finger between his lips with a sly smirk, the smack ringing in your ears as his index finger left his mouth. The light blush on your cheek intensified at this sight, only making him grow more smug as he leaned forward to press his lips to your cheek.
“i love you y/n”
“i love you t- aHHH HEY”
He suddenly put his spit dribbled finger into your ear- a wet willy… You bat his hand away, crossing your arms as you sunk into the booth.

“you were being cute and you ruined it”
He chuckled at your frustration, scooting in closer to press his lips to your cheek again, then your forehead, and nose, and everywhere else on your face. A grunt left your throat as you sat up, “Stopppp Markkkkk”
Your voice was whiny and child like, hands resting against his shoulders.

“Do you not like my kisses?”
“i love them but we are in public kiss me later”
“but i want everyone to know how much i love your face”
“i- mmmmmmm fine”
He chuckled, planting a big kiss to your lips, hands falling into yours. You smiles warmly at him, it was fun just to enjoy each-others presence… even though he was incredibly embarrassing half the time…

Once you both had finished your drinks you headed out into the snow to enjoy the rest of the day together. It wasn’t often you got to enjoy days like this, but this was indeed a lovely one.