like his ears and his cute nose and lips

How the RFA+V+Saeran kiss MC when they’re asleep

(Like, not in a creepy way or anything just…)


- super sweet nose kisses

- he likes the way your nose twitches a bit when you sleep and he just can’t help but kiss it

-(will probably end up napping/cuddling with you right afterwards)

- when you wake up you will kiss his ears to wake him up (his ears are ticklish)


- little kisses all over your face

- you’re just so cute when you’re sleeping!

- his hair will brush against your face, almost waking you up so he’ll stop. Gets one last peck on the lips in

- if you are sleeping on the couch or something he will carry you to bed

- you like kissing the side of his mouth because it irritates him a bit. “MC~! That wasn’t a real kiss! Give me a real one~!”


- forehead kiss

- usually comes home late from work or goes to bed late (because of work)

- will kiss your forehead right before passing out

- you will kiss her cheek good morning (or goodnight if she goes to bed at a reasonable hour)


- (canonically a creeper tbh)

- likes watching you sleep

- finds himself staring at your lips…the cute way they part when you’re asleep, how soft they look….so pretty…

- knows he won’t be able to be satisfied with just one kiss, but he doesn’t want to wake you up, so he satisfies himself with just kissing a lock of your hair

- then leaves to go do something else for a while (your cuteness is just too much for him sometimes…)

- he’s typically the one who kisses first, but he likes it if you give him a quick goodbye kiss as he’s leaving for work or if you wake him up with a kiss on the cheek


- kisses all over your face

- 100% puts lipstick on and leaves kissy marks on you

- then takes a picture and posts it on the messenger

- When you wake up you usually have red smeared all over your face and the bed. “SAEYOUNG WOULD YOU STOP DOING THIS! IT MESSES THE SHEETS UP!”

- You  usually kiss him on the forehead when he’s asleep (or more specifically the side of his head since 70.7% of the time he’s crashed at his computer desk)


- Honestly just kisses wherever the general vicinity of your face is????

- tends not to kiss you while you’re asleep because he doesn’t want to accidentally <s>head slam</s> wake you up.

- really likes sleeping next to you, though. He especially likes hearing the sound of you breathing.

- you usually kiss him on the cheekbones, close to the corner of his eye


- kind of depends on his mood

- sometimes he kisses you softly on the lips or sometimes just a peck on the cheek

- and sometimes he is just to Edgy&trade; to kiss you

- is usually blushing no matter what, though

- you like to tease him, so it doesn’t really matter where you kiss him as long as he gets flustered by it 

Where They Like To Kiss You The Most


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He likes to show his affection towards you so he’ll leave kisses on your forehead from time to time he is sweetheart and gentleman i mean come on.

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Negan :

He is the type of guy to pull you to his chest and kiss your lips passionately not caring who is around not afraid of anyone making you moan against his lips .

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He is not a big fan of PDA but when he is feeling like it he would leave kisses on your neck he doesn’t want to admit it but he is in love with the sound of your of moans .

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 He would love to hug you from behind leaving a small trail of kisses behind your ears whispering dirty words in your making both of you giggle.

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He would leave a kiss on your nose he finds it cute when you blush.

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Paul “Jesus” :

He loves leaving a kiss on your cheek he always finds it adorable when he catches you off gaurd.

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he is never afraid to show everyone that you’re his so he’d like to pull you towards him kissing your neck down to your collarbones.

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He Loves I mean he loves kissing your temples he’d pull you to his side leaving a kiss on the side of your head.

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He would be a little shy in public so he’d rather leave kisses on your hands interlining his fingers with yours after.

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he doesn’t give a damn crap what they think he’d turn your face towards him kissing your lips.

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He would be shy at the beginning of your relationship but after getting used to it he’d leave kisses on your forehead then he’s rest his forehead against yours. .

Not-so-cliché Bangtan Appreciation Post

I’ve recently been seeing so many ‘Bangtan Appreciation Posts’, and don’t get me wrong I love them but like 99,83% of them are the sAme. So I decided to write an appreciation post with some characteristics that I love about bangtan, yet almost no one is talking abt them.


Monolid appreciation post for Namjoon, because his eyes are beautiful and not a lot of people notice it.

For him I want to point out the small area between the end of his nose and his upper lip, it’s cute and beautiful and it makes him look even more like a teddy bear.

Min Yoongi,
His hairline , because hot damn . I’m not talking about his forehead, nononono, I’m talking abt his h a i r l i n e.

Jung Hoseok,
Hobi’s ears. They are surprisingly adorable.

Park Jimin,

Kim Taehyung,
The boy’s lips look like a heart, and mine is melting rn.

Jeon Jungkook,
The dimple. Ohohohohoe you probably already know what I’m talking about. I’m not just talking about just any dimple, I’m talking about the dimple. You know, the one on his left cheek. The one that people would say it’s not too visible, but it highkey is and it drives you crazy every time you see it. Yeah, that dimple.

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Just thinking about the small of Alex's back and how it curves out to therfectly shaped 🍑. Usually a very feminine feature haha. It's my favorite thing. Oh and his sternum and chest in general. And maybe his arms. I love how they're so strong but look really soft. His whole body is like that. Makes every inch so kissable. I mean his little belly is just fisiusjckfcmkk. Do you have a weakness for one thing/s?

Ohhh goddd… this is a lot. 

Okay, well, one of my weaknesses has always been his jaw and his neck. That whole area. Whenever I see a photo of him, my first thought is always; what would it be like to just kiss his face? All over? I wanna drag my lips down the cut of his jaw, whisper kisses down his neck and across his Adam’s apple; feel it bob in his throat when he moans or tells me how much he likes it. I wanna bury my face in his neck and just… breathe him in. He probably smells delicious. I also love his hands and his arms very much. His forearms and that Sheffield tattoo… I think about them so often. And now that his arms are so much more muscular, I just want him to squeeze me and hug me so tight. His shoulders and back… that would be next. The way they look in his threadbare t-shirts, when the fabric stretches over them, and how I imagine they must be covered in cute little freckles. And when he wears dress shirts; how they fit so tight and how you can see him flex beneath them. Fuck. 

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GOT7′s Junior as your Boyfriend
  • Having Jinyoung as a boyfriend would be hella nice
  • Because wow his lips would be so soft
  • and he would love to tease you and show so much affection
  • Jinyoung would kiss you everywhere
  • He would kiss the back of your hand, your cheeks, your nose, your forehead, your ear, your lips, your neck, your shoulder and like.. everywhere
  • Jinyoung would be the type to enjoy alot of teasing
  • He’d love to see you get so annoyed and the way you would react when ever he cracks up a prank 
  • He’d find it really cute the way you would react to his teasing, he just loves seeing you like that :D
  • But he compensates by treating you out to get food, like crepes or burgers, he wants to see you eat alot so that you’ll have so much energy
  • Being with Jinyoung means, you’ll be taken cared of wholeheartedly.
  • Okay but can we talk about how Jinyoung would enjoy pulling you towards him, with his hands on the small of your back and looking at you so fondly??
  • When you think he’s going to do something romantic, he would do the opposite.
  • Seriously, he would ruin the romantic mood most of the time, but you love him so that’s okay.
  • But when he’s being romantic, he would really pull your heart strings.
  • He would surprise you in so many ways! He would try his best to make everything spontaneous. 
  • Keeps Mark, Jackson and JB 100 meters away from you
  • But when he saw Bambam, Youngjae and Yugyeom get friendly with you, he decided that you shouldn’t come as much as you should in their practice room.
  • He often gets jealous over petty things
  • Like that one time, you thought Jinwoo from Winner was pretty cute. Jinyoung sulked all day and followed you around asking you who was better, Jinwoo or him.
  • Jinyoung sneaked in some of his plushies and pillows so that you can hug him whenever he was busy.
  • Also bought a couple of his photobooks from his fansites to give to you~
  • No matter how much or less of an age difference you got, he will always tell you, “That’s because I’m an oppa.”
  • Rests his head on your shoulder all the time
  • Makes lame jokes all the time
  • But you fire back with lamer jokes
  • Gives you backhugs all the time
  • And steals a few kisses from you
  • Acts sexy whenever you come over to their practice room, but he ends up looking like a huge dork and earns a slap on the head from JB
  • The type to order one thing and shares it with you :D
  • You have cool couple things! Like caps, bracelets, phone cases and watches.
  • Sings to you to make you smile :)
  • Also, whenever he gets caught looking at you, he would just keep on staring at you and give you a wink 
  • Jinyoung would raise his brows a couple of times whenever he wants to get into the “mood” but  you just burst out laughing because he looks silly~
  • But when he really does want to be intimate, you could see the change in his eyes and his hold on you would be tighter and his voice would be more sensual.
  • Loves to show off to you
  • But half of the time he fails and half of the time he actually looks cool.
  • Likes to use the words “Cute” alot, because you are so cute :”)
  • As soon as he wakes up, he would always look for you whenever you’re not beside him. And it became a bad habit, since when he’s in the dorm he would ask the members where were you.
  • He loves it when the two of you prepare to go to bed together, like washing your faces and brushing your teeth side by side.
  • Loves to be babied by you alot.
  • Jinyoung would sometimes do aegyo for you, because he knows it would make you smile and laugh
  • Jinyoung would enjoy being with you alot~ Since you two have so much fun laughing and making memories together!
  • So when he’s super busy or when he won’t be able to see you that day, he would record a small video of himself and send it to you.
  • You could even see the other members cringing with disgust in the background as he recorded the video.
  • Loves to put your head on his shoulder and make it your pillow, that way he can sing to you while you go to sleep :)
  • Jinyoung is undeniably in love with someone so amazing like you and he would try his best to continue to grow as a loving boyfriend, because he wants you to be happy <3

Face studies with Zabuza!

I’ve always been dissatisfied with how I draw Zabuza. The Part 1 manga of him has this roughness and really interesting look to him that is kind of lost in the more clean/sterile look of the anime and Part 2 manga and I’ve never been able to emulate it. Overall he’s a unique mix of very sharp features (his brow and eyes) and much softer features (his cheeks and jaw).


  • He has a noticeable droop to his eyes that I really like and I’ve decided to exaggerate a little. They also have a heavy upper lid that’s hard to see under his brow ridge.
  • His nose is a little on the small and short side. It’s cute.
  • He can open his mouth really wide, it probably startles people when they first meet him. Lips are thin without a lot of definition.
  • He has a massive forehead and it doesn’t help that his hairline is receding at the wizened age of 26. Poor guy can’t catch a break.
  • His ears are kinda big, and I’ve chosen to give him a hole in his left ear, since I really don’t know why he keeps it covered like he does.

I’ve also come to two conclusions!

  • I still have no idea how his stupid hair works
  • If he ever decided to go a day without wearing his bandages or forehead protector, no one would know who the fuck he is.

And I mean ANBU tackling him to the ground in the street thinking he’s an intruder, absolutely no one knows who the fuck he is. He is seriously so hard to identify as Zabuza without them lmao

Kisame’s up next, maybe.


I imagine Justin to be a normal boyfriend tbh, but just more affectionate. Like when you’d sit with him, he’d wrap his arms around your waist from behind and nuzzle his face into your neck kinda thing. He’d get really close and touchy feely with you but you’d find it cute.
He’d also be the biggest dork ever, always goofing around trying to make you laugh and pulling pranks, especially on you.
He’d be really sweet too, trying to kiss you every chance he’d get, pecking your cheeks, neck, forehead, nose, beneath your ear, but his favourite would be your lips. He would stand in front of you, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his chest. First, he’ll just stare into your eyes, then towards your lips, then back into your eyes before leaning in and giving your lips one peck, but that peck quickly turned into another and another and another and another. He couldn’t get enough.
He’d also try to cook for you not matter how much you protest against it and he wouldn’t accept any help from you. Every time you tried to take the spatula from him, he’d slap your hand away giving you a stern, yet playful look. He’d notice your pouted lip and couldn’t resist giving it a quick peck before going back into ‘serious’ mode and saying “I know what I’m doing!” While waving the spatula in your face too shoo you away. But his cooking failed so he always just ended up making you some Mac and Cheese.
Whenever he’d have to leave for work purposes, it would be hard on the both of you. He’d be so sweet and just hold you and kiss you and whisper how much he loves you up until he has to leave. He’d wipe way your tears with the padding of his thumbs and  say things like “don’t cry baby, I’ll be back before you know it” , “I’ll Skype and text you whenever I get the chance okay?” and “c'mon, where’s that beautiful smile?”


So I noticed that I did one of these for Jason but not for Justin so I thought I’d quickly write one up for you guys seeing how popular the other one was :) Enjoy! - H


Just look at this face and try not to smile :) His eyebrows, his nose so cute. His lips, his forehead so cute. His hairs, his cheeks so cute. His eyelids, eyelash so cute. His chin, his ears so cute. Every parts of him so damn cute!! In the real life people can’t be this cute. Just look at his face and try not to smile. I smile like an idiot :)

What if Solas has really expressive features and ears when he sleeps? Like he smiles and looks really relaxed if he’s having a happy dream. Or his ears perk up if he’s dreaming about something interesting. Or they droop and his nose wrinkles if it’s something unpleasant. Or he becomes tense, frowning and pulling his lips back from his teeth if it’s something that’s making him angry? What if his fingers and toes curl and twitch when he’s sleeping?