like her smile makes me melt

she’s there (breathing and shining)

A short fic about Killian first coming home to Emma waiting in their bed, simply because I cannot get it out of my head. Rated G. 800 words.

For @starlessness who listened to me melt over these two.

Emma can sense him as he walks up to the house, as if somehow the sauntering of his footsteps matched the beats of her heart. It feels like a flooding of warmth in her chest, the way he enters the vicinity with her as his main destination. From her side of the bed, Emma cannot help but smile in relief, knowing that her love has made it home to her safe and sound. 

Her eyes fall shut, letting her other senses observe him as he makes his way to her. She first hears the front door open and close, the subsequent soft sounds of keys clattering on the front table and bootless feet padding up the stairs. The silence in the house makes it easy for her to hear him sigh, a soft sound that tells her he’s exhausted. 

The door to their bedroom opens and Emma smiles. She had shown him earlier in the day where their bedroom is, promising that if business with the Jolly took too long, she’d wait up for him. Truthfully, she did originally have intentions to make this a night they both would never forget, but the man staring at her in the doorway is two steps away from collapsing into a puddle of sleeping pirate. 

As tired as he looks, he still takes a moment to admire her from where he stands. After all, he would never want to forget this first, especially not with Emma Swan looking so beautiful in the moonlight as it bathes her from the window. 

“Someone’s sleepy,” she comments quietly. 

“Didn’t think that would take so long.” Exhaustion has grabbed hold of his accent, tugging on his articulation so that all his words slur together. “Sorry, love. I know you wanted a romantic evening.” 

Emma moves herself to sit at the foot of the bed, beckoning him to come over. He walks in slow steps, but soon finds himself in front of her. Her arms slide around his waist, head laying flat against his stomach. She feels the warmth of his returned embrace the second his arms are around her, his lips pressing a kiss to the top of her head. 

“We have the rest of our lives for romantic evenings. Go shower and come to bed.”

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Something More - Theo Raeken

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Summary: Theo and Y/n are fwb, the pack has no acknowledgement on their status. 

Warning: some smut,fluff and terrible writing 

“Hey Princess” Theo smirked making his way toward Malia and I “ugh get a life Theo” Malia groaned he stopped in front of me “can I catch you after school?” he looked at me expectantly “in your dreams” I fought back the small smile that wanted to make an appearance “your already there” he winked walking away to his locker near the end of the hallway. Damn that boy really knew how to make me melt.

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6 episodes into Hwarang and me:

  • *spoilers probably* 
  • Soo Ho and Ban Ryu are like two seconds from angrily making out to spite the world and i’m 10000000% here for that
  • Too bad Soo Ho is probably gonna die 
  • All for Hansung and Yeo Wool silently judging all this unnecessary drama 
  • Maek Jong upon seeing Yeo Wool for the first time: “but i’m the fairest in the land >:(” 
  • Maek Jong deserves someone who loves him back bc kill me he’s literally an abandoned, lost, lonely beautiful angel 
  • Give him happiness 
  • I have a hard time cheering for Sun Woo + Ah Ro bc of the underlying incest? like we the audience know its not but Ah Ro is straight up under the impression she’s falling in love with her brother and that needs to stop bc her and Sun Woo have really great chemistry
  • Speaking of, ep 6 makes me even more against Maek Jong + Ah Ro for similar reasons 
  • Sun Woo melts me every time he smiles *-* 
  • Hansung is pretty much just Taehyung 
How I See Her (Dean Winchester)

Don’t you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you.
               - Dean Winchester; Season 8, Episode 23

Dean Winchester x Aria

Word Count: 2400+

A/N: That quote is what inspired Dean’s fluffy little speech. Also I have discovered the thing that is mixing gifs into my posts so I’m playing with that a bit.

Warnings: Fluff wrapped in a smutty package. Like seriously, this is pretty filthy. Also language.

“Come on, Winchester. You can do better than that.”

Even when she’s kicking my ass, the smile on her face makes me want to melt.

I was skeptical when Sam first brought her home.

“She’s a hunter,” he’d said, “and Bobby was the only family she had left.”

Turns out, she lived down the street from him for years and had known him almost as long as we had. Her father used to take her to the scrap yard with him while he searched for parts to rebuild the ’68 Mustang now parked in our garage. After her parents died, she stuck around town. She spent holidays with him and cooked him dinner from time to time.

I just couldn’t believe we had never met her before, but the more I thought about it, I was pretty sure that was exactly what Bobby wanted.

Since moving into the bunker with us, she’s really made this place feel like home. On the days we’re not hunting or if we get back early enough, she cooks. It’s usually something simple like burgers or spaghetti, but the point is the girl can cook. Then she blasts her music and dances around while she does it. If one of us ends up in the kitchen with her, she sings at us and pulls us into the dance.

She makes us laugh and smile and mean it when we do.

I get the wind knocked out of me when she sweeps my feet out from under me with her leg. She kneels down beside me, sitting back on her heels.

“We really gotta work on your attention span.” She teases, her head cocked to the side.

“Maybe you shouldn’t be so damn distracting.”

“Don’t blame me for your failures.” She smirks and taps her finger against my forehead.

Then she stands up and walks out of our little training area. As I watch her, I silently thank Chuck for the man who invented yoga pants. It sounds bad, but I would follow her anywhere just to watch her walk in front of me. That girl has all the curves in all the right places. She’s shorter than me by about six inches, and there are times when I get caught up wondering what it would be like to hoist her up into the air and pin her against a wall. Then that leads to thoughts about her lips. I bet their soft; they’d have to be with the way her bottom lip folds under the pressure of her teeth when she’s thinking or hyper-focused.

I am dying to find out what she tastes like. I bet she’s sweet; she always smells so sweet, like peaches or some kind of tropical fruit.


Her voice snaps me out of my reverie. I jump to my feet and take a step, pausing to adjust myself, slightly regretting letting myself fantasize.

In all honesty, I have yet to get the chance to touch her the way I’d like, and I’d like to touch her in every way possible. Hell, I would kiss every inch of her skin if she’d let me.

“Dean, where are you?”

“I’m coming!” I call back to her, rounding the corner to the hall where her bedroom is.

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Once I’m in her doorway, I bite my lip to keep my jaw from falling open. There she is, in all of her half naked glory, in nothing but a couple of sheer pieces of black lace she calls panties and a bra.

“Can you help me?” she asks, completely oblivious to the sinful thoughts running through my mind.

“What seems to be the problem, sweetheart?”

“I think the clasp might be bent. I can’t get it come off.”

I stifle the groan rising in my chest and takes the few steps over to her, closing the distance between us. I hesitate at first, my fingers less than an inch from her skin. I take a deep breath and grab onto her bra strap, flipping it so I can see the clasps.

“Try not to break it.” She says, her voice breathy.

I nod my head, not trusting my own voice to sound normal. I pull gently at the clasps, my fingers brushing over her skin. I glance up for a moment to see that her head has dropped and her eyes are closed. When the clasp finally pops, she lets out a slow breath, the sound almost more of a moan than a sigh.



I take a deep breath and mentally shake off my nerves. I put my hands on her hips, gripping them and pulling her back against me. I let my lips fall to her shoulder in a lingering kiss. Her head falls back against me and sighs, the sound seeming to say ‘finally’.

Then she pulls away, walking to her bed and grabbing her t-shirt in her hands and covering her chest with it.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers, refusing to meet my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I just don’t want to mess anything up between us.”

“You couldn’t mess us up if you tried.”

“It’s just,” she sighs, “I know how this goes. Everything starts out fine until feelings become a problem. Then we’re messing up on jobs because we’re too worried about each other. Then someone dies.”

“You make it sound like I don’t already have feelings for you?”

Her eyes widen for a second, “You do?”

“Aria, I love you.”

“Don’t lie to me, Dean.”

I scoff and close the space between us, taking her face in my hands and forcing her to look at me, “Look me in the eye and tell me if I’m lying.”

She shakes her head.

“You see, I already worry about you. I worry about you whether you’re there fighting the monsters with me or not. I worry about you when we’re here and everything is good, but I can’t see you. Sometimes I even worry when we’re sitting together going over lore and watching a movie. I wonder what you think about, and I worry that maybe you’re not getting enough sleep. I worry because I love you, and I protect you because I love you. I keep fighting every day because I love you.”


“I was near giving up when Sam brought you into my life. You were broken and crying, and all I wanted to do was be there for you. But I kept my distance at first because I wasn’t going to drag you down with me. I had my own demons to figure out. Then I started to realize that having you near me made me forget about them, even if it was only for a moment. Then if those nightmares started to come back, I would think of your smile or your laugh and everything would be okay again. Aria, you make everything okay. You make me think that maybe I can have something good in my life after all. I need you to keep being that for me.”

Her eyes search mine for any sign of deceit, but I’ve never been so truthful in my life. Her gaze flickers down to my lips and back up again. Then her lips are on mine and her tongue is between them. I lean down to catch her thighs in my hands, and she jumps, wrapping her legs around my waist.

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She drops her shirt at our feet and grabs mine in her hands. I drop her to the center of the bed and pull it off before taking off my sweatpants. Then I join her on the bed, grabbing at the bra that still sits loose on her body and pulling it off.

I toss it behind me in one motion before dipping my head down to take the mound of flesh in my hands and one of her nipples into my mouth. When my tongue moves over the hardened little peak, her back arches and she moans, running her fingers through the length of my hair.

The sound of my name on her plump lips is absolutely sinful and music to my ears.

I move my lips over the plain of her stomach, sucking little marks across her skin as I go.

The lace of her panties is so thin. I’m almost certain if I pull hard enough, I could just…

“Dean!” she shouts when it tears at the seam.

“I promise to buy you more as long you promise to only wear them for me.”

When she doesn’t answer, I graze my teeth along her inner thigh and bite down.

“Promise?” I ask again, moving to her other thigh.

“I promise!” she shouts as I bite down again.

I run two fingers down her slit, smirking at the wetness gathered there.

“Damn, sweetheart, you’ve got it bad, don’t you?”

“Just keep in mind that I can kick your ass, Winchester.” She groans, fisting her hand in my hair.

“Is that a threat?”

“Oh no, baby, that’s a promise unless you fucking do something.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Put that mouth of yours to work since you’re talking so much.”


I smirk, lowering myself to the dripping apex of her thighs. My tongue finds her swollen clit easily and she moans heavily at the few little licks I give it.

“D… Dean… please…”

I chuckle at her pleas, but I concede, taking her clit between my lips and sucking softly. She moans again and the breath is shaky, as is her body. I look up at her, her golden eyes wide open and blown with lust. I slide one finger through her slick and into her. Her breath catches in her throat as her hips rise slightly to meet the thrust of my hand. I pull back slowly, adding another finger as I dive back in. My tongue moves faster than my fingers, and I know she likes it just from the way her voice keeps moaning my name like a mantra.

That sound alone has me throbbing in my shorts.

Her hands grip the sheets, twisting them in her fists. When her hips buck up again, I put my arm across her waist and pin her to the mattress.

She sits up abruptly, her walls clenching tight around my fingers. Her hands fist in my hair and she pulls. When I moan against her, she cries out my name and a short string of strained curses. I pull my fingers away and raise my head, licking them clean as I look right into her eyes.

“I’m not done with you yet, sweetheart.”

“Holy shit.” She sighs, biting her bottom lip and falling back to the bed.

I smirk, moving back down to her sensitive and beginning my ministrations again. This time I keep my hands on her hips, holding her in place against my mouth even when she bucks up. As she writhes under my touch, I let the rise of her hips bring me to my knees as her legs drape over my shoulders. Her hands grasp as my forearms, and her nails dig in.

“Dean…” her voice has a bit of warning in it, and I know she’s close so I do everything I can to drive her higher until she comes crashing down.

A few minutes later, she does, her hips jumping in short thrusts as she rides her orgasm out on my tongue. I let her hips fall to the bed, moving up the length of her body and capturing her lips in a lazy kiss.

“You ready for me, baby?”

Maybe she’s unable to form a worded response, but her hand in my shorts wrapped around me gives me her answer. I groan as she strokes me steadily. I pull the tight fabric from my body and swat her hand away. As my lips reach hers again in a renewed sense of demanding, I slide deep into her, clenching my jaw and reveling in the feeling of her around me.

“Damn, you’re so tight, baby.”

“Move, Dean, please.”

I start off slow, working her body and easing her into a faster pace. Before long, her nails are digging into my shoulders as I reach a steady but rough pace. I hook my hand behind her knee, pulling it up higher so I can go deeper. In response, her nails drag down my back, more than likely leaving angry red marks in their wake. She bites at my bicep. I suck more marks along her neck and collarbone.

“Shit, Aria, I’m gonna…” I ask, fighting back my orgasm.

“Go ahead, Dean.”

“But what about…”

“I’ve got one of those implant things. It’s okay.”

A few more hard thrusts and I’m coming, filling her as she comes too. Her head raises up to my shoulder and she bites down harder than expected.

“Damn it, woman!”

I ride out the last of my orgasm inside of her before pulling out and falling to the bed beside her.

“Hey, Dean, I’m gonna say something, and I don’t want you to get mad, okay?”

“What is it?”

She sighs, sitting up on her elbow and looking down at me, “It’s about damn time.”

I scoff, trying to feign offense, but I can’t help the laughter that comes out. Then she’s laughing, too, and I realize it’s the only sound that tops her moaning my name in ecstasy.

“I love you.” I say once we’ve calmed down.

“I love you too.”

She kisses me, and there’s more passion in it than before. The way her lips move is slow and deliberate.

“Hey, guys!” Sam’s voice fills the halls, “I’m back, and I brought food!”

She giggles, pulling away from me, “I’m gonna go get cleaned up.”

The three of us sit together, plates of our favorite foods in front of us.

“Jesus, Dean,” Sam says, grabbing my arm and finally getting a good look, “what the hell happened to your arm?”

Aria chokes on a French fry when she starts to laugh.

“If you think that’s bad, you should see my back or the bite mark on my shoulder.”

“I’m not apologizing.” Aria mutters, eating another fry.

Sam narrows his eyes for a moment, scanning Aria’s face and then her neck, before they widen in understanding. Then he just shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his dinner.

“Well, it’s about damn time.”

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i keep meaning to talk about the most recent episodes have been hitting me hard with, like… how much i actually lowkey love sara and rip’s relationship (because of course it’s been nothing but tragic this season)

but the more i think about it, the more i think that i just love?? all of sara’s relationships?? i love when stein gives her these paternal shows of affection. i love that kendra used to melt over something as simple as her genuinely smiling. i love that nate gets geeked over getting to hug her and fiercely promises there’ll be many more like it. i love that rip, even without his memories intact, finds himself writing stories about her and that jax’s plea for brainwashed!rip not to kill her is just “but it’s sara” and that there’s so much feeling behind that

the fact that her team loves her so dedicatedly makes me feel a little better about the fact that she doesn’t really love herself

Jared Leto Imagine

Request: :Can I request something?The reader is a virgin.Jared is secretly in love with her.One day he admits his love and they have sex but in the morning he freaks out and leave her. Then he regrets. Fluffy end pls? And smut?

Warnings: smut

A/N: Hope you like it <3 

(Y/N’s pov)

I love him. I love his soul, his beautiful heart although I’m not sure he does. Every time I see him, it breaks my heart  because I can do nothing, simply nothing. I want to grab him, kiss him and wander my hands thorugh his soft hair.

There he is coming towards me. He sees me and looks into my eyes melting my heart.

“Hi, Jared” I say barely. He gives one his bright smiles making me want to hug him tightly.

“Hey” he says putting his hands into his pockets. He is staring at me saying nothing.

That’s it. I will tell him whatever happens. I don’t care anymore.

(Jared’s pov)

I love her. I love her everything. Her kindness, her innocence and her endless joy… I can’t help myself thinking about kissing her and smelling her silky hair.  Finally, I’ve decided to tell her. I don’t know if she loves me or not but I’m gonna tell her today.

There she is standing regardlessly. She sees me and waves at me slightly with her beautiful smile.

“Hi, Jared”  she greets me.

“Hey” I say feeling nervous around her so I put my hands into my pockets. I can’t take my eyes off her lips.

“I have to say something” she says stepping towards me. “Well, that’s kinda hard” she laughs nervously.

“You can always tell me anything. You know that, right?” I say to calm her. She gulps and looks into my eyes deeply.

“I love you, Jared.”

(Y/N’s pov)

I feel relieved just for a few seconds before feeling regretful. He is staring at me blankly. He doesn’t love me.

“It’s okay” I say not wanting him to feel guilty. “I- I should go” I say turning my back to leave. My eyes are filled with tears as I am very disappointed. Suddenly, he grabs my arm and turns me to him.

“Y/N…” he says my name before crashing his lips to mine. He holds me tightly as I am stand on my tiptoes.

“I love you, Y/N” He kisses me again more passionately.

Seconds later we end up in my room. He slams the door with a kick as he lifts me. Then he sits on the bed while I am on his lap. I pull his hair when he bites my lip.

I deepen the kiss pushing him onto the bed. Now I am on top of him. I kiss his chest after I pull his t-shirt off. He quickly turns me over so he is on top of me.

“What took you so long?” he asks kissing my collarbone. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“I don’t know. I thought you didn’t love me” I say cupping his face to look at him.

“How can I not love you? You’re perfect” he whispers and I can feel his hot breath. I giggle as he calls me perfect.

He takes my bra off and throws it. He cups my breasts softly making me moan. I wrap my legs around his waist when he started sucking them. He lowers himself and takes my panties off.

“Jared” I say as he was licking my entrance.

“Yes, baby?”

“It’s my first time” I say blushing.

“With me?” he says and looks at me smirking.

“No, dummy. It’s my real first time. I’m virgin” I say turning my eyes away. He levels his face to mine. “Really?” he asks.

“Yeah, but I want to do it” I say kissing his soft lips.

“Are you sure?” he breaks the kiss.

“I’m sure”

He has been nicer to me since I told him that. He relaxes me before he thrusts into me. I nearly scream as he enters. He looks at me worriedly but I kiss him mumbling “It’s okay”

He gets faster as I get used to it. “Fuck” he moans when he is closer to his climax. I hold onto him as I feel I’m coming. He comes before me and rubs my clit to make me reach my climax.

I exclaim when I come. He kisses my neck, jaw, lips and lastly my forehead. “I’m so happy” I say lazily but filled with joy. I feel tired so I fall asleep in Jared’s arms.

Next morning, I wake up and turn to the other side of the bed to see Jared. But he wasn’t there. His side is already cold. I got up covering myself with a robe.

I walk through the halls to look for him and I call his name. There is no answer. I sit on the couch cupping my face. He’s left me. He didn’t even bother to say goodbye.

(Jared’s pov)

I got afraid after she told me she was virgin. But I couldn’t resist to her. She has always been my weakness.

When I woke up next to her, she was sleeping peacefully and seemed so innocent. Innocence, which is the thing I insulted. So I freaked out and hurried to leave her place. Why am I always being such an idiot?

(Y/N’s pov)

I am just sitting and thinking about him. Then I decide to call him. I heard the bell ring when I reach for the phone. I hurry to open it thinking it may be Jared.

It’s true. There is Jared standing with a regretful look on his face. After a second, he hugs me without any word. He buries his face into my neck.

“I’m so sorry” he says stroking my cheek.

“Just tell me why? Why? ‘Cause I’m not woman enough for you?”

“Of course not! You are what I want, what I need. I was just a bit afraid at first but now I’m not. I was being so dumb” he explains simply.

“You are still dumb” I joke. “If you are not afraid of me, can you come with me and help me making breakfast? Swear, I don’t bite”

“Okay” he says leaning to kiss me. When the kiss gets heated, I bite his lip making him groan.


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tbh the idea of my tc finding my blog isn’t that bad to me
because whatever I post here is honest and comes from my heart
I always post stuff saying that he makes me happy and that he is my favourite person in the world (also it’s the easiest way of him finding out that I have feelings for him)

Sometimes I even imagine him reacting to every single one of my posts,
like the ones that mention how much I appreciate that he is in my life and how one smile of his can make me melt and the fact that talking to him brightens my whole day

seriously go to your blog and imagine him/her reacting to your posts

New Arrival

“Okay Leo, ready to meet her?” I asked him for the first time as he swung his legs back and forth in the over sized chair. Seeing the excitement in his eyes made my heart want to melt as I helped him off of the chair and held his small hand in mine as we went towards the room. 

Walking with Leo like this made me think back to Y/n having Leo, how I waited to be told and all the guys helped me make it to the room in one piece. I remember seeing how happy Y/n looked, sweat like a sheen across her face but a delicate life in her arms. Her smile that formed when she saw me walk in, the guys looking through the window with equal smiles as I laid my eyes on him for the first time, my little boy, my little Leo. 

Now I was helping Leo meet his baby sister, Y/n had been in labour all throughout the night meaning Leo had to stay at home with my mum, but now here he was. As we got to the door I knelt down in front of him, his blue eyes resembling mine wide with excitement and I let out a small laugh. “Now remember, she’s very small so be careful okay?” He nodded eagerly as he jumped up and down with excitement, scenes like this make my heart melt with joy. 

As I opened the door Leo remained at my side, Y/n sat up and let out a yawn. Once she saw Leo an enthusiastic smile formed on her face, “Hey baby boy, are you ready to meet your new sister?” I picked Leo up by his small waist and lifted him up onto Y/n’s bed, she held our newest family member in her arms. 

Judging by the curious look on Leo’s face he looked to me and then back to his mum. “My sister?” He pointed to her small figure as she kept her eyes closed but squirmed in Y/n’s arms. 

We both nodded to him as he reached his small hand out to hers, she gripped onto one of his fingers with his whole hand and I could see the spark in his eyes. Y/n began to tear up as did I as I imagined all the memories we would share as a family from now on, how these two would grow up together and blossom into beautiful people. 

“What’s her name mummy?” Leo asked as Y/n adjusted our newest family member in her arms, bringing Leo closer to her to sit with her. 

Y/n gave me a smile and I came round the other side of her, all four of us sitting close as a family, a unit. The amount of joy I felt could not be contained at this sight, at my family. “Her name’s Lily.” I told him and he gave us a wide smile, nodding.

“Welcome to the family Lily.” 

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I think of my beautiful girlfriend who has short soft blonde hair and the most beautiful blue eyes to ever exist, they're so amazing!! She has really soft cheeks that are perfect for kissing and her smile makes me melt. She sings and writes her own songs and she's incredible!! She also paints and writes poetry and draws like wtf she's so talented. She's the nicest most gentle person in the world. she's my bean and I could talk to her forever, she's so fascinating, I want to explore her mind

Omg I want someone to talk about me this way

blossomandthestars  asked:

okay, in loads of detail, describe your (or ideal) soulmate

omg okay!!! i love doing things like this

i am not lying when i say she is the most adorable person in the entire world, she makes my heart melt. her genuine smile makes me feel so warm she is so radiant and beautiful i don’t know what i did to deserve her. she is so compassionate and caring, she is the first person who has actually made me feel loved. i want an entire lifetime with her, the hours that we have had are not nearly enough. i can’t even describe how much i miss being able to kiss her whenever i want to. i wholeheartedly believe she is the love of my life. her cheeks are so cute i want to kiss them and touch them and make her smile. her voice is so calming and it makes me so happy and i’m so in love with it. i am so in love with her ahhhhhHHH

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Oh my gosh okay so my crush is so so beautiful and has long dark hair that's always soft and she smells like roses bc of her perfume and now when I have anxiety attacks the smell of roses calms me down really quickly. She's super warm and lets me cuddle with her sometimes when I'm cold, and she gets so excited over the things she's passionate about and smiles so much when she sees pictures of cute dogs. She makes me feel like I'm melting whenever I look at her, it's the best feeling in the world

Marry her

My Broken Heart


They think I’m quiet they think I’m shy
But truth be told I’ve got nothing good to say In reply
Shrug my shoulders
Bite my tongue 
Cannot let them see me come undone

How’s it going 
Are you okay 
I nod and say that I’m fine
But I’m not answering truthfully
Just trying not to cry

I’ve said I’m fine more times than I can count 
Just so happens that the lies I’ve told add up to the same amount
But one day they wear me down
Given away by the constant frown 
I’m not smiling anymore, I might of forgotten how 

There’s this girl that I like 
I think about her every single night 
Shes got the perfect smile I swear
And a caring heart that makes me melt
I’ll tell you now, there’s no stronger feeling that I’ve felt 

I know she’s it, that shes the one
The girl I can’t not fight for
I’ll wait for her, no matter how long
The hope of a chance 
Is better than none 
But we are destined to be apart
Like the moon and the sun 
But maybe an eclipse can bring us together as one 

That’s the story of my broken heart.

This my brave face it hides my inner pain
The mask that covers how I’m not the same
Waiting for something that might never come 
Underneath it all I’ve come undone 

My Dream Girl

I want a girl that can come up to me and say excuse me I know this may seem forward
But when I dreamed of a man with dark chocolate skin
And a crystal white smile. I saw your face.

When a woman spits game like that
How can your heart not melt at the sound of her voice

I want a girl that on our first date That whispers during the movie
Don’t be scared to kiss me I don’t bite
And as We kiss makes me feel as if she’s savoring the taste for every second she can
When we finally break apart I’ll just say…Damn
And she’ll smile and tell me hey we only get a first kiss once why not make it spectacular.

When your first kiss with a woman goes like that
How can your lips not fiend for more every time you see her

I want a girl that when I finally have her all alone
Tells me that she’s been wanting this since she laid eyes on me
Then proceeds to taste every part of me like she hadn’t eaten in weeks
And I’m the best food she’s ever tasted
After she whispers that her body belongs to me
That I can do as I please as long as I promise
To fuck her like there’s no tomorrow
And when I do
We will make love like the sky is falling
We will lose ourselves in the passionate love
bodies and minds in perfect harmony
Pure bliss
Time is non existent the universe is non existent
There is no stress no worries no problems
There is only us.

When your first time with a woman goes like that
How can you not be addicted to her for a lifetime

I want a girl that when we grow old Laying together at the end of our love filled lives
That when I ask her how did you know I was the one
She’ll smile with a slight smirk that must still make the brightest star jealous
And say…Don’t you remember baby? You’re the man of my dreams

When a woman loves you like that
How can you not make her your everything.

So dream girl if you’re out there I’m just letting you know I’m lookin for you
And when i finally find you
My heart will be yours


God I’m gonna go to bed but before that I gotta be hecka fucking gay for a moment

@little-ball-of-awkward is the most wonderful beautiful just freaking amazing person ever
They’re my best friend and my girlfriend

I just love her so freaking much it hurts
I love seeing her,texting her, and we voice call here and there but Everytime I hear her voice I just melt

Everytime I talk about her to my friends or even just think/speak with her it just making me smile so much I look like a huge dork

God I love Victoria so much jfc help me it’s making me so gay

Ilu Victoria hhhhhhh

Romantic Valentine Dinner

On a table, was a fancy written letter with a soft perfume, tied to a key.

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“My dear Fareeha, I prepared something for us to celebrate our first Valentine’s Day. Since you like open places and flying, I decided to make our dinner outdoor, with some lights as decoration. I prepared the dishes you like : Lentil Soup, some arab sweets, as well melted chocolate with fruits. Would you come to the garden and meet me ? 

Forever yours, 



Fareeha was surprised by the letter and read through it’s contents quickly, ˢᵐᶦˡᶦⁿᵍ as she did so. She tucked the letter in to her jacket pocket and peered outside, seeing a few lights glow in the sunset. She huffed, thinking this was far too much for a day she barely even cared about, and headed outside. She smiled a bit wider as she saw the other woman standing by the table with their dinner already made. She approached the sniper, looking around the set up and ᵃᵈᵐᶦʳᶦⁿᵍ it thusly.

Améliethis is too much, ʳᵉᵃˡˡʸ, but thank you.”

How BTS would react to meeting you in a fan-meeting.

-  Jin: 

Probably he tries to look interesting by making eye contact, take your hands and stuff like that, all to impress you. “Wow, that girl looks really nice”. He´ll talk about you for days with the other boys until one of them, tired, ask...”Do you even know her name?”

-  Jimin: 

“I never thought someone would win me in beauty, but i have to admit…girl, you´ve got it.” Jimin would said this, with the intention of blush you and then try to melt you with one of his smiles.

-   Suga: 

On the outside? Nothing changes. Suga would treat you just like the others, adorable but without reveal their feelings. But inside he would be surprised, because he had never felt anything like this. * What is happening to me? She´s a fan. I can´t do this.*

-  J-hope: 

He´ll be happy to feel something like that, being a member of bts has many good things and one of them is to be able to meet so many people and who knows…Maybe a special person to?  He will ask your name and try to be funny with you.

-   Jungkook: 

The moment he saw you, Jungkook start acting weird because of the shame, not a word would come out of his mouth. He tries to get help from his hyungs, without good results. “Sorry, I don´t know what happens to me, I usually don´t behave like this”. You would smile, trying to calm him, so he´d smile too.

- Rap monster: 

 *Talking to the other members* :  “ Today, the fans were very nice, right?*

Jimin:  “You have to thank me a lot…That girl who came right at the end? I noticed that you liked and asked for her number, told me you´re his favorite. She was beautiful despite the bad taste in guys.*

-  Taehyung: 

He won´t be able to stop looking at you,  the situation starts to seem weird and people will notice, but he will not mind. *I know it´s a bit hasty, but would you like to meet after the fan meeting? If you want, of course..*

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A simple act of kindness.

Hey there guys, my mom is still in the ICU on life support, her lungs are slowly getting better and she is fighting for it. I want to do something to lift her spirits, my mom has never been in the hospital in my 21 years of life that I can remember and she has always been there to make me smile even when I was feeling like crap so I am asking my awesome followers to open your hearts up and send my mom a get well card. My mom’s name is Sheila and the address to send a card is ( P.O Box 2251 Griffin, GA. 30223. USA. )

I know she would bust out in tears if she wakes up from this to have her ICU room filled with cards to support her and it would melt my heart. ♡
I love you guys.
- Ray.

headcanon: Angie yells in Italian whenever she’s angry. The words that come out of her mouth would make her grandmother cry. And whenever she’s angry at Peggy, she still yells in Italian but she doesn’t say anything negative. She just compliments her and says nice things about her but Peggy (who doesn’t understand Italian) thinks that she’s saying mean things so she decides to learn Italian. It doesn’t take her very long to learn basic Italian and the next time Angie is yelling at her (probably for being late or coming home beat up) she realizes that Angie isn’t saying anything bad. Angie is saying things like “I want to kiss you right now but I can’t because I’m supposed to be angry. Also, you smell like roses and it makes me really happy. And your accent makes me melt. And your brown eyes remind me of chocolate cake.” And then Peggy starts smiling and laughing and says in Italian “I’m in the mood for chocolate cake. How about you?” And Angie just stands there slightly annoyed yet impressed.