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5 and sambucky?

5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

Bucky works his jaw from side to side and looks away. Coming to this banquet, ball, benefit, whatever was a mistake. Especially because of the way he feels about Sam. Forget the image of Samuel T. Wilson in a tailored suit that looks like it was made for a god. Forget his bright smile and how god damn charismatic he is.

None of that is the problem. Well it is, but it’s not the problem. Bucky’s real problem is the gnawing itch under his skin whenever someone not so secretly places their hand just a little too low on Sam’s back. How someone will walk by and let their gaze linger for a space of time too long to be casual.

Bucky can see them undressing Sam with their eyes, and part of him gets it, really. But to them Sam is nothing more than a pretty face with some seriously dangerous cheekbones. They don’t know that Sam used to work at the VA with soldiers that had PTSD. They don’t know that Sam has PTSD, and they probably don’t care.

How could they?

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~~imagine getting teased by the avengers because of your crush on thor.~~

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Nat teases as she takes a seat next to you.

“Shut up! I wasn’t staring!” You averted your gaze from Thor to the ground.

“Ladies.” Sam smiles and sits on your other side.

“So Y/N, you still haven’t asked Thor out?”

You choked on your drink before glaring at Sam, “Not funny, Wilson.”

“Looks like she doesn’t have to, he’s coming this way.” Nat points to the gorgeous God as he strides over.

“Come on Nat, let’s go before they start making out in front of us.” Sam and Nat both smirk at you before walking away.

“Ah lady Y/N, just who I was looking for.”

I can’t wait for the Deadpool movie. Just imagine Deadpool breaking the fourth wall throughout the movie like he does in the comics. Stan Lee’s cameo could be forced by Deadpool breaking into his house like “I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to show up sometime during my movie. I figured now would be a good time.” While Stan Lee just stands there speechless with his gaze flicking between Deadpool and a poster of Deadpool god I’m excited