like he's in love

I want Hugo to fight me,,,,,,, gently,,,,, with cuddles,,,,,,

kyungsoo chose love over friendship but i think its not about giving more importance to his lover than his friends but more about if he is to like someone he would confess rather than keep it hidden to save a friendship. kyungsoo doesnt like complicated things and prefers to be straightforward especially after the regrets from his first relationship

the moment midoriya and todoroki came to save iida my brother screamed “this is so beautiful” and if that aint the most relatable thing ever

Little Gifts // Samifer Headcanon

If you love someone, you give them a gift. It’s a common concept and it’s practiced by humans and animals alike. So it’s natural that Sam expected angels to do the same, he simply didn’t expect the kind of gifts they favored. Humans give each other flowers, jewelry or things like that, and Lucifer? Lucifer gives Sam stones.

Not any kind of stone will do though, oh no. Lucifer’s gifts are the most beautiful little gemstones one could think of and Sam’s can’t even imagine how expensive they must be. Lucifer brought him a beautiful emerald that reminded him of a sunny forest in summer, a sapphire that was almost as blue as the deep sea and rubies that look like little blood drops. Sam even has a small selection of differently colored diamonds, which he loves holding into the sunlight and watch it break into beautiful rainbows.

There are a lot of stones Lucifer brought Sam over time and even though Sam wants to tell him he can’t give him such valuable things, he just can’t bring himself to do it. Because those little stones? They are Lucifer’s way of saying ‘I love and adore you’, without words. He is not one to speak about his feelings, but these little gifts say it for him. And when Lucifer takes Sam’s hands and puts a new stone in them, looking at him with his blue eyes filled with adoration and love and utter trust, all thoughts about telling him to stop are gone from Sam’s mind. All that is left is the feeling of being loved and the smile on his face that only Lucifer ever sees.

One day, Lucifer gives Sam a special stone though. It’s a little bigger than the others he gave him so far and not polished, but that’s not what mesmerizes Sam. It’s the color and the way it changes. Just looking at it, the stone is a hazel color, a mixture between brown and green, but when Sam turns it, even just a little, the color changes slightly and it looks blue-ish sometimes, then more green or more brown and sometimes even golden. Sam has never seen something like this before and asks Lucifer what it is and where he found it, something he usually doesn’t do.

And Lucifer, slightly embarrassed but his voice filled with pride, tells him that he found it by himself, in the Amazonian forest. He says that it’s an undiscovered gemstone that he found while searching for a different stone and that he named it Samatit, because it looks like Sam’s eyes and he thought he would like it too. Sam, absolutely baffled and flattered, looks at Lucifer with wide eyes before pulling him into the tightest hug he can. There are so many things he feels right now, but the most dominant one is a deep and overwhelming love for his angel.

“It’s absolutely beautiful, thank you, Luci. I love it and you so, so much.”

No, [Paul] is really picky, actually, funnily enough. He knows the level of care and attention we put into these things. And I’ll tell you what a pleasure it is. He loves that it takes him back to when he actually played it, and when he played it with his friends. Because that’s what [Sgt. Pepper] is — it’s four friends making an album and saying “Screw you” to the world. And he loved the clarity that we got. Because it’s all physical. It’s not programmed. Every noise is someone hitting something, or scraping something.
—  Giles Martin (x)

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What do you think Vitenka smells like? :^) Sniff-sniff.

as an owner of the vitya perfume, i have it on good authority that he smells floral ♥ i’m awful at recognizing smells but i’d say there’s def jasmine and rose in there? it’s a very Soft and Good perfume, just like vitya. i’d sniff him any day ♥

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I think she will go on date with the Lt. but she will find him "boring" in a sense he isn't Lucifer. She has grown to love his quirky personality and all his Luciferness. Therefore she will remain friends with him and go to be with Lucifer. The Lt could end up being like Dan 2, someone focused on work alone and perhaps some relationships stuff, which she won't want because that's why her and Dan split. (Well one of the many other reasons we will hopefully find out)


This is 100% what will happen. I’ll eat my foot if this isn’t what happens lol