like he's been waiting all this time for daisy

philinda marriage hcs literally no one asked for but w/e
  • they talked about it for the first time about a year after getting together
  • fitzsimmons was sort of like ‘engaged to be engaged’ waiting for time off to really get anything done which meant marriage talk was coming up all over the place
  • phil was the one who brought it up
  • because melinda had already been married she felt no real reason to be married because she said she and phil didn’t need some piece of paper ‘phil for fuck’s sake we’re 50 years old’
  • phil wants to get married anyway because he never has and he wants everyone to know they’re together
  • decide not to elope because andrew
  • once the team (specifically daisy) finds out they all need to help plan
  • neither one wanted anything big and fancy
  • the team finally agrees to a town hall ceremony
  • she refuses to wear white and everyone says she can’t wear black to a wedding 
  • so she wears lavender
  • he doesn’t wear a tie just for her
  • the whole team is there + hill + koenigs and they sneak in bobbi and hunter
  • phil has these deep emotional vows about how he held back his feelings for her so long and they waited so long but if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have the family they have now
  • and how he always wanted a beautiful wife and kids
  • and he has that
  • and he’s holding back tears by the end of it
  • and she just smirks at him and just says ‘you mean a lot to me’
  • he laughs
  • they kiss and everyone cheers
  • they reserve a nice restaurant for all of them so there’s no worry about anyone attacking or ruining the perfect night
  • they leave chairs empty for lincoln trip andrew and rosalind as people who would’ve been there if they’d still been with them
  • the whole team chips in to give them the perfect honeymoon
  • “where do you guys want to go”
  • “anywhere but tahiti”
  • end up renting a cabin in the mountains for a week
  • week of sex & him cooking & celebrating 
  • happy philinda
You Do You

Characters: Spencer x Reader, Morgan, Rossi, Garcia, JJ, Hotch
Words: 1034
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi :) Can you please write a Spencer x Reader one where everyone thinks they’re perfect for each other and keep trying to get Reid to ask you out but he keeps doing terribly whenever he takes their advice on how to ask so in the end he just does it in his own way and the reader finally says yes? 

Originally posted by kauwaki-c-fire

          You were sitting in your seat on the jet, leaning back and relaxing after you and the rest of the team had finished the latest case. You were looking forward to getting home and being able to sleep in your own bed again.

           You looked over and saw Morgan and Reid having what looked to be a pretty intense conversation while Rossi and Hotch talked about what Rossi was going to cook for dinner the next time everyone went over to his house.

           You turned your head and saw JJ dozing in and out of sleep in her seat. This was the way you liked it; when everyone was relaxed and happy.

           “Hey, Y/N?” Reid walked over and sat down a little awkwardly in the seat next to you, “Umm …” he looked down.

           “What’s up, Spencer?” you asked.

           “I was just … well, umm … have you ever read that paper I wrote. Ya know, the one I was talking about the other day?” he asked.

           You narrowed your eyes slightly, “Spencer, you’ve talked about a lot of papers. Which one?”

           “Never mind. It was silly,” he said, hurrying back to his seat next to Morgan, who was giving him an exasperated look.

           You were confused, but you were also too tired to push the issue. You had a feeling Morgan was behind whatever was going on.

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Promise Me

Promise Me

This is the second chapter of a gift for Maplevogel. Please see the first chapter for notes.

Chapter Two

Time passed, as it always does, and Matthew grew as his worshippers increased and spread. He was powerful in his own right now, though not as powerful as his father. And as time passed, his memory faded. His promise slipped between the cracks and Gilbert became a forgotten dream, an imaginary friend.

His father encouraged the illusion, of course. Gilbert had never existed; he was a figment of his imagination… Matthew was never allowed to go to another banquet and, eventually, he forgot his best friend.

Seven hundred years was a long time to wait, after all.

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bioforensics  asked:

Okay im gonna ask for #22 and Fitzsimmons again for the drabbles because I'm trash for your writing and you encourage us to keep requesting it (cant leave you hanging thatd just be rude)

The infamous #22 = “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Other versions here, here, here, here.

I have no idea what this is lol. Hope it’s fairly enjoyable.

Send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a drabble!


“It’s just a game,” Fitz chuckled as Jemma hesitated.

“It’s a stupid game.” She worried her bottom lip, unsure if she wanted him to play without her or follow her back to the rest of the party.

“It’s a harmless game,” Jemma’s friend Bobbi corrected as she breezed by with another round of beers. “And studies show that most people want to make out with 50% of their friends, so, this is your chance!”

“There are no such studies,” Mack snorted, but he took a seat with his back to the couch, carefully not looking at Elena across from him.

“Come on, Simmons!” Hunter called.

“Yeah, come on, Simmons,” Fitz echoed, grinning. “You know you’ll enjoy it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she demanded.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

Jemma spluttered wordlessly for a moment, heat in her cheeks and her stomach and her ears. Had she been that obvious? Fitz must be absolutely drunk, to say something so bold – though she’d not seen him touch so much as a shot…

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she snapped. “I’m entirely indifferent to you, Fitz. You want to know how indifferent?” And she stormed past him. “Someone spin the fucking bottle.”

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