like he's been hiding it outside or something

Only Way To Live - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4818

Warnings: Kinky Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving)

Notes: Honestly, I’m kinda mixed about this entire thing? I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other stuff I’ve written. The idea was so good for this too! I got the idea from an episode of Attack of Titan while I was in my slump. So, please, any feedback ya’ll have would be appreciated.

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Doomworld - Len’s Progression

I’ve literally rewatched all of Doomworld to make sense of Len’s characterization and honestly, I don’t think it’s as far off as I originally thought it was, or that it’s irreconcilable with the Len we know. After I calmed down, I could make sense of so much of his behavior by reading between the lines.

So I’m sharing that with you, a sort of quick look into his scenes in the episode. 

Long post, no gifs, but here we go.

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The Robin Cave

It’s Batfam week! Here’s today’s fic, based on the prompt ‘family’!

Tagging: @speedypan @laundrymoney

(Let me know if you want to be added to the tag list for this week!)




    Damian sprints for the yard, the kitchen door slamming closed behind him, almost completely muffling Bruce’s shouts for him to come back here this instant. Barefoot he runs through the soft green grass until he passes into the cool shade of the woods, acorns and gnarled roots jabbing at his feet.

    He isn’t pursued, he knows, but he keeps running to escape the tight burning in his belly, the frustration at his father’s asinine ‘rules’ sizzling like acid in his lungs. There’s fire in his chest, like he’s a dragon barely containing a flame behind his back teeth. He wants to scream and fight and kick as if he’s trapped in a box, but lashing out at his family never ends well for anyone. And so, he runs.

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Can we talk about the boys?

Yesterday was a very emotional year for all of us. But I’m ready to think now. To analyze what went down… But seriously, can you believe that fucking kiss?? Hahah I am SHOOK!

Okay, each character could have a thesis written about them, based on the last clip. But I’m just gonna focus on the boys for now, because they are the center of the drama I really care about (bye girls!)

First of all, that singing scene was such a blessing. So powerful and peaceful. You could see how much it actually meant for Even, just before he started singing. It was a big deal for him. And Isak adoring him so so much. I was speechless. But the look at Even’s face when the Bakka boys show up. 

Everything changes. Even had built up the confident to sing this powerful song, that probably has a lot of meaning to him, but the sight of the guys makes him lose everything. That look in his eyes is still haunting me. He looks straight up scared. You can see his breathing intensifies, like his heart starts beating really fast. The sight of the boys gives him a physical reaction. But Isak notice straight away, and he doesn’t hesitate for a second. He is there for his man. You are not alone, Even. You are never alone, remember that!… 

While Isak’s focus is on Even; Magnus and Jonas’s attention is drawn to the source of ‘the problem’. They look over their shoulders, and probably see the Bakka Boys entering the room, connecting them to Even’s discomfort. 

And can we just praise the boy squad for a second? Everything the girl squad has lost; the boy squad has gained. They are stronger than ever! They have each other’s back. All Magnus had to do, was basically sending Jonas and Madhi a look, and they knew what to do. I love these boys so much. Their love for each other is so pure, and the way they have adopted Even into their group makes me have no doubt, that Even knows how much they all love and respect him (which is very important). Even’s fear and insecurities disappears again, as soon as Isak is by his side, and everything is just pure and beautiful. And after the song Even is not afraid to show affection for Isak, and Isak is not afraid to show affection for Even. *cries*

We don’t know much of what happens after this. We know Yousef was roaming the room, while Sana and Chris was talking. You would think he would search up Sana, but he doesn’t. 

He is searching the room (maybe looking for Even or Mikael, who left the venue as fast as he entered it.), and then goes back to his friends who stands at the door. It looks like their attention is on something outside. Maybe the boy squad is out there with Mikael?

We know Mikael goes in with the boys, but when we see the boys again, he is gone. Did he leave immediately when he saw Even? And what is going on outside? Are the boys already arguing? Most likely, because only 1 minute later, Yousef comes for Sana to let her know her brother is in trouble. What strikes mere here, is that Yousef doesn’t go with Sana. He stays behind. His best friends are in a fight, and he just leaves the scene and makes it Sana’s problem? That is so weird. Why would he do that? It seems like Yousef is hiding something, we still don’t know about.

When we enter the fight, it has already preaked. Isak has been punched in the face. Even and him are staying in the background at this point, and the rest of the boys are still on it. We don’t know if the fight started because of Isak or because of Even, and Isak just took the punch by accident. 

The scene makes it look like Elias is the one fighting the fight, and he is also the one Yousef says is in trouble (but that could be because it’s her brother, and not because he is the center of the fight). He also looks really pissed when leaving.

But we don’t know who punched Isak, what started it or if it was full on the intention to punch him in the face. Right now, I think they want us to think, that this is simple straight up homophobia, but I don’t think it’s that simple at all. That really makes no sense. Something deeper is behind all this. Elias could also just have entered the fight, when he saw Mikael being outnumbered in a discussion, without knowing what is was about, and it just developed to a physical fight, where Isak’s pretty face was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sana needs to find the underlying cause of all this, and I’m sure she will. I thought we would get a better look at Even’s relationship with the Bakka boys, but I’m just left more confused. When Even talked about them with Sana at school, he did it with such warmth in his voice and look. But when confronted with them, he looks so scared. Both when singing, but also when the fight is over, and he is comforting Isak. 

The look in his eyes. He looks so shocked and scared. Like he doesn’t know what to do. And now we have to wait 10 days!!! I can’t deal with this. But I’m sure, Sana will talk to Isak shortly after the break, because this picture shows Isak with, what was presumed to be a black eye, and those doesn’t last forever. It has to take place not too long from now. I really want to hear what happened. Both from Isak and from Elias.

That makes sense with the break teaser, where the black eye is a left eye as well.

infinity train

[steve trevor x reader]

author’s note: i’ve been trying to play around w/ more abstract writing lately, and i’m not gonna lie, this is probably the most abstract thing i’ve ever written, to the point i don’t even know what to make of this anymore. i can’t write lolol what is writing 

word count: 1,385

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anonymous asked:

Hello!! Would you mind writing some hc's of Laf (or TJeff) with a s/o? I love all of your headcanons, and if you already have some, the could you be as kind as to direct me to them?

boss’ memo : oh ! you mean like general s/o hcs? i can do that ! =) and thank you !

Originally posted by diggstrash

  • lafayette, despite having lots to say and being v inclined to talking in general, really appreciates just staying quiet and leaning against you,, he really enjoys relaxing with you on days that he has off, ‘cause his life is hectic, and knowing that you’re there with him–for him–really puts him at ease
    • you’ll notice that he enjoys just being in the same room with you–the two of you don’t even need to be doing anything, he just wants to appreciate that you exist
    • basically, you really ground him, and he’s eternally thankful
  • he definitely goes on morning jogs, and may try to convince you to take them with him,, he’s very persuasive…
    • “i saw something i thought you might like while i was outside this morning ! maybe next time you can come with me and i can buy it…”
      “D’= !!!”
  • sometimes he can be a bit distant–if you notice that he’s been acting odd, it likely means that he’s a bit self-conscious about the relationship,, he’s unsure of how he’s worthy of being with someone as incredible as you,,,
    • it takes a lot for him to open up about his feelings, and he’s pretty good at hiding it, but if you ask him directly, he’ll do his best to explain (it’ll be difficult, but he’s willing to do it for you because he knows communication is important)
    • no matter how distant he can be, he always leaves you text messages or post-it notes, and makes you to-go lunch
  • he often worries about you and really makes an effort to take care of himself and you at the same time,,
  • laf is probably one of your daily anons on tumblr,, you’re sort of aware that it’s him due to typing style but it doesn’t matter as the two of you are having fun regardless
    • laf is constantly showing you cool things that he’s found,, world’s largest floppy cat? he’s gotta show you. painting done in time-lapse? gotta show you. he thinks of you a lot when he’s on tumblr, so you end up with a lot of messages from him whenever you come on
    • (they often say “oh, this reminded me of you!”)
  • if you have any colloquialisms that you say often, you’ll notice that he ends up saying them, too !!
  • one of the cutest things he does is say, “this is so wonderful! i could kiss you right now–ah, wait, i can!”

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Hi! Your medical seventeen stuff have been amazing so far! Keep up the good work 😊 if it's no trouble, could I request a dermatologist!joshua scenario where he treats your acne? Thank youuu 💕

aaa thank u ever so much !!!! here u are ♡♡

  • let’s say you’ve struggled w acne for quite a few years and it’s reached a point where u just want it vamoosed
  • so u build up the courage to go to this dermatologist ur friend recommended u because “the doctor was hot”
  • and ur like pfft yea right
  • but when u walk in and see him sitting there u just think . o h
  • as well as having the most clearest skin u could ever imagine, his appearance and general aura is verging on ethereal
  • as u sit down he introduces himself as doctor hong (”but i’d much prefer joshua!!!”) and so on, then he asks how he can help
  • but u don’t even realise he’s asked u a question until he gives this amused laugh ,,, tbh u were too busy wondering what lip scrub he must use bc wow ???
  • so after he repeats the question, u explain ur problem with abruptly pinked cheeks
  • after asking to take a closer look he invites u to sit on the bed and ur like sure any day and then begins studying ur face
  • u, meanwhile, are on the verge of a heart attack as this impossibly attractive and gentlemanly doctor hovers inches from ur face so close that u can literally feel his breath against ur cheek
  • u feel quite self conscious so shy away every time he seems to get closer
  • but he subtly reassures you by gently putting his hand upon ur shoulder which is ?? strangely soothing ??
  • after drawing away he proposes different treatments etc etc at which point u just zone out and start admiring his eyes this time
  • when ur appointment is finished (to ur disappointment) u thank him, get up to leave, but freeze when he asks “have i got something on my face??”
  • u give him this inquisitive look
  • so he replies: “u kept .. staring”
  • at which point u suddenly have to catch ur bus this very instant or else life as u know it would end so u blurt out this random cluster of letters in an attempt to form a word before virtually sprinting out of the clinic
  • u start taking the medication he gives u and, to ur delight, begin to see a slight improvement !!
  • so the next time u go, ur smiling a lot more, which he instantly picks up on
  • he asks how the treatment is going and if ur experiencing any side effects etc, to which u gladly tell him how great it all is
  • so he comes over to check ur face again and u bring ur fingers to ur cheek to motion to an area u think has improved only to feel ur hand accidentally enclose joshua’s
  • at which point u suddenly can’t move and ur stuck there with ur fingers pressing against his
  • he flicks his gaze towards u with these startled eyes
  • u still can’t seem to budge ur hand and u feel urself growing redder and redder and ur heart is beating faster and faster
  • and u just think he’s a few milimeters i could practically kiss him-
  • until u finally jolt ur hand away and shove it under ur thigh
  • he just clears his throat, rubbing the back of his neck as he goes to sit back down
  • and u cringe and think great. how to be creepy 101 !!!!!!!!
  • so, again, u end up leaving in a hurry just bc ur embarrassed
  • yet in between appointments u get excited about seeing him and u try to tell urself it’s just bc of his pretty face but .. ur not so sure
  • one day ur out shopping in the grocery store and manage to reverse into a stranger and knock all the stuff in their hands onto the floor
  • then u realise it’s no stranger but joshua hong himself
  • u contemplate hiding but quickly help out picking up his things despite how he keeps insisting “nonono it’s fine honestly i can do it, it was my fault !!!”
  • and when he sees it’s you his face brightens and he’s like “oh!! y/n!!”
  • u kind of bashfully smile and stare down towards ur shoes
  • he leans closer and admires ur face and cheerfully comments “u look so much better!!”
  • when u look up he’s like inches from ur face bearing this cute little smile which makes ur eyes widen due to the way ur stomach flips
  • he mistakes it for u being offended so quickly adds “i-i mean i’m not saying u didn’t look good to begin with !! you look amazing !!! wait i-i didn’t mean that, i-i just mean-”
  • he trails off as soon as u start giggling at his dorkiness
  • which, for some reason, causes his cheeks to flush a little
  • he clears his throat and rubs his hand against the back of his neck again,, which seems pretty familiar,, , before saying “well i’ve .. got to to go” to which u quickly agree and almost collide into each other again as u try to get past
  • u can’t stop thinking about how he awkwardly kind of almost complimented u and the way he blushed and !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • the next time u visit him, u feel so much more confident than u did at ur first appointment bc ur acne is so much better,,, ur practically glowing
  • as u don’t have much to talk about he starts making small talk, asking how the traffic was, etc
  • then the conversation drifts off to finding out more about each other
  • and when u realise u coincidentally have the same favourite anime both of ur faces light up and ur both grinning and start talking rly quickly and excitedly and-
  • a nurse interrupts and is like “sorry to .. disrupt u both .. but u have patients waiting”
  • dejectedly u trail after her as she leaves, feeling somewhat sheepish
  • then joshua asks “do u like cookies?” causing u to pause
  • who doesn’t
  • u nod, at which point he comes over to u and hands u a cookie inside a paper napkin, saying “i-i bought one too many”
  • u gush ur thanks before disappearing out the door
  • as u eat the cookie on the way home u discover that on the napkin he scrawled his number with “if u need any advice :]” next to it
  • naturally, u guys begin texting other each other every day, w most stuff being completely un-dermatology-related
  • in between shifts he’ll talk to u as much as u can and will end up sending bungou stray dogs memes
  • u realise u may accidentally be in love w him and his gentlemanly dorkiness
  • especially when he decides to call u when he’s on his break just to see whether you’d pick up, and when u do, he gets flustered and ends up talking the most random yet adorable nonsense
  • but then u begin texting him less frequently as life gets harder
  • u have so many burdens on ur shoulders like stress about exams work money family and so on
  • ur skin starts breaking out even worse than before
  • and ur self esteem plummets
  • u almost feel guilty and think that u mucked it all up despite joshua’s help, and that it’s your fault
  • desperately u try all these fad skin cleansing diets which only make u have no energy or motivation or anything
  • some days u can’t even get out of bed just bc of how depressed u feel about not being able to look in the mirror
  • ^so much so that u miss one of ur appointments whilst refusing to answer joshua’s worried calls and texts
  • u build up the courage to finally go outside to get groceries but ur bundled up in a scarf to hide ur face
  • in the grocery store as ur reaching to get something u hear a familiar voice say “y/n?”
  • and u turn to see joshua standing there
  • u feel urself freeze and instantly glare at the floor
  • he moves towards u and is like “a-are u ok?? why haven’t you been answering my calls??” before anxiously asking “is something wrong?”
  • u try to mumble something in reply, but it’s lost in the fabric of ur scarf
  • so he shifts forwards to move ur scarf from ur face so he can hear u properly but, distressed, u grip onto it with ur fingers and rapidly shake ur head
  • and then suddenly ?? there are tears in urs eyes ??
  • he panics and is like “i’m so sorry ohymgosh come here” and courteously leads u out of the store w his hand reassuringly laid on ur back so u don’t end up crying in the middle of a public space
  • he walks u to his flat which is only a block away and sits u down and makes u coffee and provides a plate of cookies and is says “u can tell me anything u want”
  • ur hesitant at first but then u just end up spilling everything: about how u were embarrassed to see him in case he thought you’d let him down, and that u blamed urself, and that u can’t even look in a mirror and that life is just so hard and everything
  • as soon as u start crying he rushes round to ur side of the table and kneels down to ur height and places his hands on ur cheeks and says “ur so beautiful no matter what ur skin is like, the only thing that matters to me is that u are a beautiful person inside out and i’d like u whatever you look like. it’s not ur fault, and i wish you’d love urself. i hope u realise that ur not alone and that i’ll always be there for u and i just want you to be happy. that’s all i want, y/n”
  • the he leans forwards and gently plants a kiss on the tip of ur nose with this warm smile on his face and strokes ur cheek w his thumb and honestly it’s better than any medication anyone could prescribe

Imagine a long weekend with Chris. (Part B)

A/N: Part 5B 😍 I am killing myself with my expectations. 😂 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; 'She Said Yes: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A’)

You and Chris took a cab to TD Garden the day of the concert because you both agreed that parking would have been a bitch even if you did get there early. You were both right because though the gates only opened at 5:30PM, there were already hundreds and thousands of people waiting and wandering the area. You’d wanted to show up a little later, when it was closer to the opening so you didn’t have to wait with the rest of the fans considering who your fiancé was and how many times your face had been on a magazine. But Chris said it would’ve been in your best interest if the two of you got there earlier, something about beating the even bigger crowd. So here the two of you were, outside TD Garden with all the other eager fans, hiding your faces with sunglasses and baseball caps.

“Come here,” Chris pulled you along with him as he walked outside the barrier, trying to cut to the front of the line. You yanked on Chris’ hand when you heard people yelling at the two of you, demanding you to “cue like the rest of us!” You fought, but as always- Chris proved to be much stronger than you, so you kept you head down and followed him. “Chris Evans,” he whispered his name to the man at the door, passing him a notecard that had something scribbled across the top.

“I’ve got Chris Evans at the door, Chris Evans has arrived.” The man spoke into his communication device, then nodded at the response. “We’ve got someone coming out to meet you,” he told Chris and your heart jumped with excitement. Chris looked over at you, chuckling, when you squealed as quietly as you could. “They’ll give you a pair of VIP passes, please keep them around your neck at all times. After you,” he opened the door for the both of you and Chris walked in, pulling an overexcited you in with him.

“Oh my God, Chris!” You whispered-shouted, making Chris chuckle. “This is so cool, I’ve never been a proper VIP with extra privileges before. When I went to see Taylor Swift with my mom, we did not get this treatment. We cued like the rest of them,” you told him and he released your hand to wrap an arm around you.

“Well, no more,” he whispered into your hair when he kissed your head. “You are only going to get VIP treatment from now on, I promise.” You smiled as you looped you arm around his waist, leaning into him.

“Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N,” a very familiar British accent greeted the both of you and you tripped over nothing, stumbling slightly. You looked up and saw Ed Sheeran walking towards the both of you with two passes in his hand, swinging in the air. Your jaw dropped and you darted your gaze at Chris then back at Ed, then again at Chris. No words would fathom your thoughts and emotions at that very moment; you were absolutely starstruck. “Welcome to my Divide tour.” He passed the passes to Chris who took it with a grateful smile.

“You’re Ed Sheeran,” was all you could get out, much like the first time you laid eyes on Chris. Both Chris and Ed chuckled, like they’d talked about how your first reaction would be upon meeting him. “Oh my God,” your voice quivered as you breathed out those three words. “This is amazing,” you whispered to yourself.

“She’s a big, big fan,” Chris chuckled, holding out his hand to shake Ed’s. “Thank you so much for this, I don’t know how I would’ve gotten tickets if it weren’t for you.” Ed smiled and nodded, then looked over at you. You smiled, but still couldn’t find the words to speak. “Yeah, she’s going to need a few minutes I think.”

“That’s alright,” Ed chuckled and beckoned his head for the two of you to follow him. “We’ve got all night.” Chris stopped you for a brief moment, moving in front of you to loop the pass over your head. He pinched your chin, winking when you whispered-screamed nothing at him. He looped the pass over his own head then took your hand and continued following Ed down the hall. “How’s filming going?” Ed quizzed, glancing back at you and Chris.

“It’s going,” Chris chuckled. “I’m ready to call it a day and head home to my girl here.” He squeezed your hand and you smiled at him. “What about you? Still a long way to go before you head home?” Ed nodded, chuckling. “Well, at least we’re doing what we love.”

“That’s true,” Ed agreed, then his gaze fell on you and he smiled. “How are you doing there, Y/N?”

“I think I can speak now,” you chuckled nervously and both guys smiled. Ed slowed to walk beside you, rather than in front. “Thank you so much for helping Chris get tickets, Ed- or Mr. Sheeran? Oh God,” you mumbled to yourself, “I don’t know what to call Ed Sheeran.”

“Ed’s fine,” Ed told you with a soft chuckle and you nodded in acknowledgment. “And it’s really no problem at all, Captain America asks for my help to save his world?” You looked up at Chris and he smiled, beckoning his head to your charm bracelet where he’d a charm made calling you his world. “I can’t really say no to that, now can I? I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic myself, so I like a good love story and yours- it’s brilliant.”

“Thank you,” you and Chris replied simultaneously; Chris’ voice more stable and firm than yours. “We actually really love your song, 'Perfect’,” you told Ed and he smiled. “It is a very good summary of our relationship, or where we want our relationship to end up.”

“Chris mentioned that on the phone,” Ed informed you and you turned to Chris, smiling. “Which is why later when I dedicate that song to a very special couple in the crowd, you’ll know it’s for the both of you. I don’t think I should mention any names for safety reasons.” He chuckled when you and Chris nodded with pursed lips. “Anyway, this is my dressing room.” He opened the door and beckoned the both of you in. “You’re more than welcome to hang out, I have a feeling there are some things we need to discuss. Isn’t that right, Chris?” He quizzed with a knowing smile.

“Right,” Chris nodded with the same knowing smile.

“What’s going on?” You asked, glancing between the two.

“I may have made some premature wedding decisions without you,” Chris told you and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “I know we said we’d discuss everything, but- there was a very good offer that I couldn’t refuse.” You scoffed with a frown, facials asking “what did you do?” Chris bit back his smile as he said, “I may have booked our wedding band already.”

“You did what?” You frowned. “Why would you do that?” You asked, somehow not connecting the dots that there was a reason Chris was taking you to an Ed Sheeran concert as well as getting you a meeting with Ed Sheeran. God, you were one thick bag of soup. “We haven’t even picked a date and you’re arranging a wedding band?”

“Well, it’s not so much of a band than a solo artist,” Ed spoke up and you turned to him. You saw the smile on his face and suddenly, it made sense. You turned back to Chris who was doing his very best to stifle his laughter. “I hope you don’t mind me crashing, Y/N.”

“You’re going to sing at our wedding?” You asked breathlessly as you found yourself caught in a daze. Both Chris and Ed nodded, smiling. “That is- that’s like on my bucket list. Ed Sheeran singing at my wedding is on my bucket list,” you repeated to Chris, wrapping your hand around his wrist tightly. “Is this real? Am I dreaming right now?”

“No,” Chris chuckled with a shake of his head. “Ed’s singing at our wedding and you’re marrying me. This is all happening,” he assured you and you managed a shaky laugh. “Are you okay, baby? Do you need to sit down, or maybe a bottle of water?”

“I need you to love me less so there aren’t anymore big romantic gestures that will give me a heart attack and kill me before I’m twenty-one,” you told him; both guys bellowed with laughter. “You’ve done it again, Chris Evans,” you turned to him and cupped his face in your hands. “You’ve knocked it out of the damn park.”

“I knocked it out of the park with my fiancée,” he smiled. “So I might as well knock everything else out of the park too.” You chuckled softly, shaking your head in disbelief; you were definitely dreaming, this was way too perfect. “I love you, Y/N.” He whispered when he dipped his head, his lips inches from yours.

“I love you too.”

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Part 5C

The Haunted Night

Gift fic for @amynchan

Slight blood and language warning.

Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Word-count: 6934


Relationship: Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Chat Noir

Summary: Marinette and Chat Noir are enjoying each other’s company on the day before Halloween when an akuma turns all of Paris into its own personal haunted house. They go on an adventure to find out why the akuma is attacking Paris and to figure out how to beat him.

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Perfect (NewtxReader)

Pairing: Newt/Reader

Prompt: Even in war, Newt and reader tries to stretch their bond, with a forever promise. (Based on the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran)

Words: 1591

Disclaimer: Lots of fluff, mentions war.

In the middle of a war, two hearts trying to survive.

I found a love for me

He never understood humans beings, been more fond to creatures, but you were just… Different, unique, he could understand you, and you could understand him.

You two had something especial, a feeling that was stronger than a bullet, as soft as a petal, and passionate like an adventure.

You were in love.

Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead

Running out into the rain, mud getting under his shoes, but it didn’t matter as long as he was with you, holding his breath, you keep running, trying to keep envolved in the sensation of your hands holding, trying to hide from the catastrophic outside. Because war was cruel and dark, and he needed time to remember how peace was.

Soon you were in a little, slightly comfortable cabin, in the outskirts of the battlefield.

Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet

He saw you smile as you hugged him, and he couldn’t help but laugh cupping your cheeks with his hands, happiness running through his veins, you were amazing because even in the sad and destructive setting of the conflict, you were strong enough to keep your light, to see him the same lovely way, to warm him up with your hugs, to kiss him like it was meant forever, and to smile with the innocence of a child.

Newt’s proud to call you, his.

Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

He was seeing you directly at your eyes, and you knew how much that meant.

Caressing your hair as he kissed your forehead, Newt start to think about your past. Being kids since childhood, he never thought one day you would end up together, a good part of his life he believed that Leta was the one, guess he wasn’t seeing what he really had in front of his eyes.

‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

Not knowing what it was

Truth was, it wasn’t that he didn’t loved you, he did, since the first day he saw you watching from afar at the Hippogriff in his yard. But he was too young, he always thought about you as his best friend, the one who would be always with him, it took him a time to realized how did he love you.

I will not give you up this time

Maybe in the past, he hurt you without intention, with his doubts and insecurities, but no more, today he was sure, today he was promising you a forever.

“We’re crazy” Newt whispered with a lopsided grin as he take out the rings from his pocket.

“No, we’re just in love” you laughed winking at him.

“(Y/N)… We’re getting married” his smile was the most big and beautiful you have seen.

“We’re getting married” you reassured kissing his knuckles.

He hold you closer “Oh, love, I want to make you a lot of promises… I will care of you like a Demiguise, and treasure your shiny beautiful heart like a Niffler” Newt flushed slightly, avoiding your sight for a second “I’ll be passionate as an E-Erumpent” you giggled caressing his arms “I want to protect you as mine, like a Bowtruckle, and I’ll trust you as a Thunderbird. But most important, I’ll love you with all my soul, my heart, my everything, forever.”

“Newt…” just a single tear roll on your cheek, his words really had melted your heart.

“M-Maybe those weren’t the most romantic words or the most appropriated, but-”

You cut him off “Those words were the most amazing and beautiful vows I’ve ever heard, and I know how much they meant, I truly loved them Newt, I truly love you, every single detail of you.”

But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own

And in your eyes you’re holding mine

You leaned forward to kiss him as you exchanged rings, formalizing your promise with the moonlight as a witness.

Soft sweet kisses you shared, like delicate flowing bubbles flying in the air, so natural, so innocent, so pure.

Baby, I’m dancing in the dark with you between my arms

Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song

You two were humming the same song, the one you danced for the first time together at the Yule Ball, as your feet move slightly from one side to another, your skin heating at the touch of his, with your fingers brushing his hair, and Newt’s hands stroking your low back upside down.

The rest of the world disappeared, the fights, the screams, the memories, everything, it was just him and you, inside the bubble of love.

When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath

But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight

It didn’t matter to Newt if you didn’t wear makeup, or the fact that your hair was wet and messy. You were happy, smiling, looking at his eyes with love, and for him that was the most beautiful look.

Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know

She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I’ll share her home

Newt blushed at the memory of Theseus’ teasing.

“So, when is (Y/N) moving into our house Newtie? Momma loves her!” He said smiling “Oh, but if she moves in, you wouldn’t snog her in peace!” Theseus bursted into laughs.

“What are you thinking about, Mr. Scamander?” You said playfully.

“In how much I want to snog you right know” he merely answered without thinking.

“Newt!” You giggled trying to hide a flushed smile.

Newt’s face was red “N-No I didn’t, I mean I wasn’t, erm, I…” he stutter ashamed but his mood relaxed when you put your lips on his.

Newt smiled in between kisses, strengthening his grip on your hips. You never make fun of him, always kind with him and his quirky characteristics, so patient and lovely with his love for creatures, so perfect.

I found a love, to carry more than just my secrets

To carry love, to carry children of our own

You weren’t just the woman he loved, his best friend, but the woman he wanted a home with, to watch your child running through the garden, teaching them about creatures and seeing them grow up, until you had grandsons to tell stories of his adventures while sitting in a rocking chair holding hands in the porch.“

When the war ends, Newt dreams about taking you to adventures, to live, to save creatures, him and you, loving each other in every part of the world.

We are still kids, but we’re so in love

Fighting against all odds

I know we’ll be alright this time

Darling, just hold my hand

Be my girl, I’ll be your man

I see my future in your eyes

You’ve choose him, even if you could have had every man you wanted, you chose him. Even if he wasn’t the most rich or powerful, he could be clumsy and cause a lot of trouble sometimes and he wasn’t the best at social interaction, but you loved him anyways.

And Newt was convinced to be the best for you, to cherish you as a queen and work hard, so one day he could give you the lived he thought you deserved, although the only lived you wanted was a one where he was with you, kissing and loving each other, being man and wife.

When I saw you in that dress, looking so beautiful

I don’t deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight

Maybe she wasn’t in a glamorous fancy wedding dress.

Or he didn’t wear tuxedo sweet.

You wear your last clean nurse uniform, Newt was in his dirty battle clothes, but you were immersed in each other, he was admiring you as the most beautiful creature he would ever seen, with the moonlight in your face, your messy hair, the way your face flushed as you see him, simply astonishing.

He felt so lucky, having you between his arms, dancing, your lips on his, what on earth did he do to deserve you? To deserve your love?

"I’m so blessed to have you, Mrs. Scamander”

“It’s my pleasure to be with you, Mr. Scamander”

I have faith in what I see

Now I know I have met an angel in person

And she looks perfect, I don’t deserve this

You look perfect tonight

In the middle of a war, two hearts trying to survive.

Loving in each other, in their own world.

They found the peace, in the middle of a storm.

A/N: It’s short I’m sorry 3 it’s more like a drabble (a li'l bit longer that a drabble actually) but it was more about feelings than an actually plot, although the backstory is kinda interesting, I may write an imagine about it (tell me what you think ;))

Also I’m considering about opening requests (I already got one actually (? JAJAJA) but I don’t know ('cause of collage) I’ll see. Also, I’m sorry for the grammatical mistakes

Hope you enjoyed it!

Be a limited edition in this world full of cheap copies!

And remember, your existences matters.

A Very Peralta Passover

It’s Passover so obviously I’ve got family dinners on the brain. It’s one of the most important holidays for Jews (waaaayy more important than Hannukah).

Jake’s never had a big family, seders used to just be him, his mom and Nana. Later Gina and her mom would join but somehow Jake was still stuck asking the Four Questions every. year.

Gina was a pro at finding the Afikomen, but then she’d hide it again and Jake could literally never find it. One year in like, December he finds a mouldy crumbled piece of Matzah stuck behind his desk and he wonders how many years its been there. Jake assumes there are about 20 hidden Afikomens in the nooks and crannies of his mom’s house.

Jake complains about the lack of pizza, cake, donuts and joy every year, but doing this one thing makes him feel like he’s part of something bigger, even if he feels apart and outside most of the time.

Anyway, over the years Jake acquires Passover Orphans. Rosa reads the answer to the Four Questions in perfect deadpan every year until Jake turns 38, by then his daughter is old enough to speak and it becomes her job.

Amy claims she learned to read Hebrew specifically so that her and Jake could breed trilingual superchildren.

Jake’s childhood Seders were intimate and sweet. The Seders of Jake’s adulthood overflow out of the kitchen and into the living room of their apartment. They’re comprised of approximately four jews and about 10 gentiles, but family’s family. That’s what holidays are about anyway.

Be More Chill Possession AU: There's Something About Jeremy

“Christine?” She jumped seeing Jake appear behind her.
“Jake! What are you doing here?”
“My ride kind of left without me and I came back in to see if anyone was still here. You mind if I hitch a ride?”
“Uh, yeah of course. I just need to use the bathroom first.”
“I’m not going anywhere.” Heading towards the restroom Christine pushed open the door when she heard crying.
“-a,and then he c…called me a dumb slut! W…why would he do that?” There stood Brooke and Chloe in front of the mirror. Brooke was a mess as she sobbed with her makeup smeared all over her face. Chloe noticed Christine enter as she glared at the other girl.
“Well if it isn’t the boyfriend stealer herself.”
“Excuse me?” Brooke stopped crying for a moment, walking over to Christine before slapping her.
“You bitch! Why would you do this to me?”
“First off, Ow. Second off, what are you talking about?”
“I’m talking about Jeremy!” Oh…right Jeremy used to date Brooke before her. And from what it sounded like the SQUIP wasn’t exactly kind when he broke up with her.
“I’m sorry Jeremy broke up with you but-”
“You better be, I mean what kind of girl sleeps with her supposed "friend’s” boyfriend?“ Brooke raised an eyebrow at Chloe who quickly bit her tongue.
"I haven’t slept with him yet, we’re just…dating.”
“Why are you so interested in him all of a sudden anyway?”
“I-” Christine was interrupted by the door bursting open with Jake running, er, wobbling in.
“What the fuck?”
“This is the girl’s room!”
“Exactly.” That’s when Christine felt her phone beep. It was a message from Jeremy.
-U C Jake? I needed to talk 2 him but he ran off
Looking over her shoulder Jake shook his head no.
-No Y?
-just want 2 talk about yesterday
-c u l8r ;)
Putting her phone back in it’s pocket Jake leaned against the wall.
“Why are you hiding from Jeremy?”
“Because he’s a freaking psycho, yesterday when we went outside he beat me with my crutches!”
“Are you sure you’re talking about Jeremy?”
The three began to talk about all the crazy stuff Jeremy has been doing lately and began to wonder whether or not to tell them when Brooke spoke up.
“Two days ago I was going to his house when I saw him dragging something in the backdoor. It kind of looked like a body. Do you think he killed somebody?”
Christine froze. ‘Is she talking about Michael?’


“Hey, no,” Clint had said, easy and smiling, “no big deal. Just figured I’d ask.” Like it’s that easy, like it’s just something people do. Which - Bucky guesses it is, obviously it is, but he’s so used to being the one to - truth is he’s never been the one to be asked out before, and he’d reacted badly. He’d reacted incredulously, like it was something outside the realms of possibility, and Clint had done a poor job of hiding the hurt for all of a millisecond before the cheerful mask had snapped into place. 

And now Bucky’s watching Clint talking to a guy across the bar, watching his easy smile and relaxed pose, watching the way they’re easing closer with every drink, and if he’s honest he feels a little sick with himself. 

He knocks his head back against the wood-paneled wall and figures this has got to be his last drink, that heading home is going to be an act of self-preservation sooner rather than later. 

Bucky’s just drained his bottle and is about to scoot out when Clint drops into the booth next to him, trapping him in. 

“Hey,” he says, and his warm smile hasn’t changed, the look in his eyes hasn’t changed, and he doesn’t hesitate to drape an arm across Bucky’s shoulders like that doesn’t send sensation shivering down Bucky’s spine. “Hey, you’re not leaving?”

“Didn’t want to cramp your style,” Bucky says, and Clint laughs. 

“That is not something I’ve ever been accused of having,” he says. “Stay for another drink?” 

“I can’t, Clint.” Clint’s fingers have wrapped around the collar of his jacket, holding him in place, and Bucky takes his hand to try and ease them free. They wrap around Bucky’s hand, instead, and Bucky swallows hard. “Okay, that’s not playing fair.”

“Never got taught how,” Clint says. “All games are rigged.” 

“Then I guess I gotta stop playing.” Bucky lets out a breath. “It ain’t easy watching someone walk away with the chance you missed.” 

“Gonna feel like an ass if I’m reading this wrong,” Clint mumbles, then leans in to press his lips to Bucky’s. And if this is his chance it’s his one in a million, the golden ticket, all the lights glowing bright with a ding ding ding. 

anonymous asked:

The swim team finds out that Rin has a secret girlfriend and he hide her from them because she's gorgeous with like an hourglass figure so he didn't want anyone hitting on her?

The whole team, including the Iwatobi guys and Gou had been suspicious of the sudden change in Rin’s behavior. It’d been a few weeks now since he started acting like he was hiding something, and no matter what they all do to make him speak up, he always just gets away with it. 

Until one day when they secretly followed him after Sousuke eavesdropped on him while he was talking to a girl on the phone. They were supposed to meet up at the famous cafe downtown and they all agreed to follow him, so the’d know what he was hiding from them. 

 They were watching him waiting on one of the cafe’s tables outside when a pretty, voluptuous girl suddenly walked up to him and kissed his cheek. He smiled and held her waist, pulling her close to him and kissing her as well. Their eyes all went wide in surprise, not expecting that he actually finally has a girlfriend and he’s been hiding it from the team, because he was scared that one of the guys might steal her away from him. 

“Onii-chan.. I can’t believe you,” Gou giggles as she stands up and looks at the boys. “Let’s all go home now and let onii-chan enjoy his date with his girlfriend. Come on now, move it!” She said and (much to Momo and Nagisa’s dismay) they all went back, happy that their friend finally found someone for him. 

HiJack one-shot:“Forever”.

Here you go, dear Anon: a proposal one-shot with Jack and Hiccup from There’s Always More. Thank you for the lovely compliments :) I hope you like what I’ve written.

Also posted on Ao3: Link.


Friends’ blood. Enemies’ cries. Children’s unseeing eyes. Jack’s eyelids felt sticky with sleep, and the blanket on his chest was trapping him in sweaty heat. He threw it off and forced his tired bones out of the bed. Pictures flashed and screamed behind his eyes. He rubbed them, imagining how simple things would be if he could just scrape those pictures out. It had been four years since the war, but there were certain kinds of pain, certain visions, that never fade.

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The Three of Us

#Rose’s Birthday Drinking Challenge @winchester-writes

Sorry its late hun. Hope you like it.

Absolut Vodka - “At this point I’m down for anything.”

Dean x Reader X Sam one with a cameo of Lucifer

NSFW content/pics/gifs

Sam and Dean had just gotten back to the hotel room after a long hunt with their best friend (Y/n) when Dean thought of something fun to do.

“Hey, why don’t we go celebrate a hunt well done at the bar?”

Sam sighed at his brother’s attempt to get him and (Y/n) out into the night life.

“Sure, I could use a break.” (Y/n) said in a soft voice as she looked at Sam.

“Alright. Let’s get going before it gets too late.” Sam said as he watched (Y/n) smile.

Dean nodded and pulled (Y/n) to Baby with Sam right behind them. A few blocks away they found a good looking bar.

Dean pulled into a parking spot and smiled at the two new bees.

Sam looked at (Y/n) and back at the bar.

“Now I know you are not much of a drinker so take it slow when you feel a buzz.” Dean said to them both as they got out of the car.

Sam held the door open for (Y/n) as she walked into the building.

Once inside, Dean walked up to the bar and ordered a few beers.

“Here ya go guys. Let’s drink to a job well done.” Dean said handing one to Sam and the other to (Y/n).

(Y/n) downed it in a few gulps. This made Sam look at her with wide eyes and Dean look at her with a huge grin.

“How about something stronger than beer.” (Y/n) said walking up to the bar and ordering three Blue Ice.

She walked back to them with a smile as she handed one to each brother.

“It’s called Blue Ice. It has Absolut Vodka, Peach Schnapps and mountain dew.”

Sam and Dean each took a glass from her with a smile.

They sat down near the stage and one of the workers went up to the mic.

“Tonight we have karaoke. Any brave soul is welcome to try their hand at it tonight.”

Dean’s face lit up and he looked at (Y/N).

“No Dean.” (Y/n) said as she downed her drink.

Dean got up and walked up to the mic.

“Hey everyone. I have this friend sitting here. Her name is (Y/n). She’s a good singer but she’s a little shy.”

Everyone sitting there started to chant her name.

Even Sam.

(Y/n) got up and walked to the bar to get another drink then up to the mic.

She pulled her (h/l) (h/c) hair back into a low pony tail and took a drink out of her cup.

She walked back to center stage and leaned closer to the mic.

“Well you all got me up here. What do ya’ll want me to sing?”

Everyone aid a different song title but one stood out to her the most.

The one Dean yelled out.

(Y/n) took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

‘Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom
Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
Ground Control to Major Tom (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (two, one, liftoff)

This is Ground Control to Major Tom
You’ve really made the grade
And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare
“This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today
For here
Am I sitting in a tin can
Far above the world
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do’

(Y/n) smiled at Dean and Sam as she started to sway to the music.

‘Though I’m past one hundred thousand miles
I’m feeling very still
And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
Tell my wife I love her very much she knows
Ground Control to Major Tom
Your circuit’s dead, there’s something wrong
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you hear me, Major Tom?
Can you "Here am I floating ‘round my tin can
Far above the moon
Planet Earth is blue
And there’s nothing I can do’

(Y/n) finished the song and bowed before she walked off stage and sat back down between Sam and Dean.

“I knew you could sing but Damn girl. That was amazing.”

(Y/n) blushed slightly at Dean’s comment.

“Awe look Sam, she’s blushing.”

“Wow, never thought I’s see that.”

(Y/n) playfully smacked both of their arms.

“More drinks on me!” Dean said walking to the bar.

Sam laughed and nudged (Y/n)’s shoulder with his.


“I know you like him.”

“What are you talking about Sam?”

“Come on (Y/n).”

Dean came back with more beers.

“Whatchya talkin’ about you two?”

“Nothing.” (y/n) said as Sam got up and walked to the bathroom.

Dean sighed and sat closer to (Y/n).


“I know you like Sammy.”

“Really Dean?” (Y/n) sighed. “I’ve had it with you boys.”

She got up and took her empty glasses to the bar and left.

Dean sat gawking when Sam came back.

“Where’s (Y/n)?”

“She left.”

“What do you mean she left?”

“She walked out the door.”

Sam sighed. “We better go after her then.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Dean went to the bar and paid off their tab then followed Sam outside.

“Uh Dean…”

Dean turned and noticed that his Baby wasn’t where he left her.

“She took Baby!!!”

(Y/n) was just getting out of the shower when she heard the flutter of wings.

“What the fuck do you want now Lucifer.”

“Touchy touchy… shesh. I went through all that trouble and no thank you?”

“Why would I thank you?”

“For making those fools realize something that they had both been hiding.”

“All you did was make them talk each other up.”

“So what’s wrong with that?”

“What’s wrong is the fact that I don’t like Sam or Dean.”

“Oh no… I didn’t know that.” He said sarcastically.

“Wait… You know?”

“Sweet heart. I know every dark and dirty thing that is running through that head of yours.”

(Y/n) sighed. “Fine. But you might want to leave. I just heard Sam and Dean.”

Sam and Dean walked all the way back to the hotel and they were both not to happy.


“What is with the yelling? God. You think you would be happy that I saved your precious Baby from your drunken ass.”

Sam laughed as he walked over to one of the beds.

(Y/n) sighed and walked over to Sam.

“And why are you laughing huh Sammy?” She smirked. “Maybe I should tell Dean what you told me.”

Sam paled at that statement.

“What the hell are you two talking about?”

“And maybe I should tell Sammy what you said Dean.”

Dean gulped.

“If you boys would please get the hell out of my way I would like to enjoy a quiet rest of the night with a good book.” (Y/n) said walking to her bag. She grabbed one of her favorite books that Sam happened to like too as well as her laptop. “Or I could just finish what you both started when you decided it was a good idea to talk each other up by watching porn.”

Something in the boys snapped and they walked over to her.

“You would really rather read and watch porn then try it with one of us?”

“Yes because as you both can see I don’t like either of you.”

Dean and Sam hung their heads and turned to walk away.

“I love you both.”

They turned around and looked at her with questioning eyes.

“You heard me.”

“So you’d rather have us both than pick one?”

“Yes Dean. I love both of you. I have ever since you saved my life from that messed up hybrid creature.”

“I don’t think we can share (Y/n).”

“Why not Sammy. At this point, I’m down for anything.”

“Whatever you say Dean. Is that alright with you (Y/n)?”

“If I get to have both of you then hell yeah.”

Both men smiled and walked back over to her.

Sam sat on the bed and pulled (Y/n) into his lap.

Dean stood in front of her and took the towel off of her body.

(Y/n) blushed and tried to hide her face in her hair.

Sam kissed her neck softly then started to lick it.

(Y/n) moaned and turned to Sam.

“Ya know it’s not fair.”

“What’s not fair?”

“I’m the only one naked.”

“True but I don’t want you to move.” Sam said into her neck.

“I guess it’s a good thing I have someone on my side then.”

The next thing Sam and Dean knew, they were naked.

Sam pulled (Y/n) closer with one arm around her waist. His other arm held her shoulder.

Dean kneeled by the bed and held her wrist in on hand as his other went between her legs to her most sensitive area.

“Dean…” Y/n moaned softly.

Dean rubbed her folds testing how wet she was.

“Damn baby girl. You’re soaked.”

Y/n sighed as Dean looked up at her.

“Yeah well that tends to happen when I am constantly thinking about you two.”

Sam smirked and licked her ear.

Y/n shuddered tilting her head back to let Sam have more access to her neck.

“You wanna tell us what runs through that beautiful head of yours when you think of us?”

“Yes and no…”

Dean pushed two fingers into her and leaned closer.

“Oh fuck…” Y/n moaned arching her back.

“Please baby girl.” Dean said moving his fingers in and out of her. “We want to know how dirty your mind can get.”

Y/n moaned and leaned forward. “No.”

Dean smirked and took his fingers out.

Y/n whimpered at the loss of contact.

“If you don’t tell us then you don’t get what you want baby girl.”

“Okay fine.” Y/n said and turned to face Sam. “I often think of what it would be like to have both of you inside me at the same time.”

Dean looked at Sam and nodded.

“We could make that a reality hun.”

Sam leaned back onto the pillow and pulled her with him.

“It’ll hurt at first but we will take it slow.”

“I don’t care. I just want you both.”

Dean smiled and kissed her jaw.

Sam moved his hands down to her hips and rubbed slow circles into her soft skin.

Dean slowly moved his hands to her legs, gently pushing them apart.

“We love you Y/n.”

Sam moved his left hand to hold her left leg and Dean kept his left hand on her right leg.

Sam moved her up his chest more so he could help her relax.

Dean licked her breast as Sam moved his hardened cock to her entrance.

Sam slowly pushed into her as Dean flicked her clit making her back arch.

Once Sam was in, Dean moved so he could enter her alongside his little brother.

Y/n moaned at the feeling of being full of them.

They started to thrust and that was the end of coherent thought.

It was like the world stopped just so they could spend the rest of their lives together like this.

Y/n’s moans got louder as her walls started to clamp down on the hard cocks inside her.

Dean and Sam both knew that she was close.

“Come for us Y/n.” they said together.

Y/n’s body arched between them as she came screaming their names.

Dean came shortly after her followed by Sam.

Sam turned them so that they weren’t hurting each other.

Dean smiled and pulled the covers over them before he passed out.

Red eyes watched the whole ordeal and a smirk played on thin lips.

“Way to go little one.”

Anakin Skywalker - Follow In Your Footsteps

Requested: Yes. ( could you possibly do an imagine where the reader and anakin live on tatooine on a moisture farm (considering past events, the two are basically hiding out from the jedi and the sith) and Anakin starts to notice that their son Luke is force sensitive? And Luke starts to get curious and asks anakin to teach him the ways of the force, but anakin is unsure of whether he should or not? thank you, your blog is flawless! (Also leia included, but she isn’t as curious about it as luke is) )

Prompt: The reader and Anakin are living on Tatooine in hiding and Anakin notices Luke is Force-sensitive but is unsure of whether or not he should teach him the ways of the Force.

A/N: This one was cute to write <3

You, your husband Anakin, and your two twins Luke and Leia both lived on a moisture farm on the outskirts of the planet of Tatooine. You and Anakin were both Jedi, or at least, former Jedi. You were forced to go into hiding four years ago when a certain turn of events happened involving Anakin.

He had been confused about which side were good; the Jedi or the Sith, and after betraying the Jedi, he was given the name of Darth Vader by Palpatine who was also known as Darth Sidious. He had done some things in that time that should probably have been unforgivable, but in time, you were willing to look past that and forgive him for all he had done in the short time that he considered himself a Sith. After all, you were the one who brought him back from the dark side. You knew he wasn’t evil, and you knew that wasn’t his destiny. But after he came back to you, however, you knew you both had to go into hiding. The remaining Jedi would be after him and so would the Sith. No one would be on your side anymore and you had two children on the way, going into hiding was definitely the best option for you. Once you had secluded yourselves on Tatooine, you gave birth to your twins whom you loved more than anything else in the world; Luke and Leia.

It had been four years that you had all been living in your new home. You actually liked living on Tatooine, it was different, but definitely not a bad different. 

Lately while Luke and Leia had been playing outside, Anakin was noticing something funny with Luke. He was responding to things much quicker than most children did. It seemed as though Luke was Force-sensitive.

One day as he was watching them, he decided to question you about it. “Y/N? Will you come here for a moment please?”

You left the kitchen where you had been preparing dinner and went to where you heard Anakin’s voice from outside. “What is it?” You asked as you approached him, your eyes looking between him and the children.

“Have you been noticing anything different in Luke lately? I find he’s responding differently and much quicker to things than most children, or even Leia are.” He said, turning to look at you. “I think he’s Force-sensitive.”

“Well it wouldn’t surprise me if he was. He has two ex-Jedi as parents. Leia probably is too.” You laughed lightly as your two kids ran over to you once they noticed you both standing there. 

“But what do we do about it?” He asked, looking down at Luke who was making grabby hands at him and kept saying ‘up’, signalling for Anakin to pick him up. Anakin sighed and leaned down, lifting four year old Luke into his arms.

“About what, father?” Luke asked as he looked back at Anakin. Anakin looked to you for help, not knowing how approach the situation.

You sighed. “I say we explain everything to him. Both of them.” You said as you bent down and picked up Leia.

Anakin nodded and ruffled Luke’s hair. “Wanna hear a story?” He asked, looking between Luke and Leia. They nodded their heads and the four of you went inside the house and sat down at the dinner table.

You had explained everything to them, just as you suggested. You told them your history, and the history of the Jedi. You knew they might not understand everything at their age but they were smart kids and would definitely get the gist of it.

“I want to be a Jedi!” Luke said, jumping up from his seat. “I want to be just like father! Can you please teach me?” He asked, running up to Anakin and climbing on his lap.

Luke’s comment caused you both to smile. You knew that Anakin had been worried about this day. You both knew it was coming, but he wasn’t as prepared as you were. He was worried about screwing everything up with his kids when it came to the Force, and having them turn out like Anakin almost did. But you reassured him. You told him that he was and would always be more of a Jedi than a Sith, and that he was the best Jedi you knew. Which was all true. You believed in him more than anyone ever had and now your kids did as well.

Anakin sighed, running a hand through his hair before looking down at Luke. The hopeful look on his son’s face sealed the deal for Anakin and he nodded, giving Luke a smile. “I sure can.”

Luke cheered and hugged Anakin so tight you thought he would suffocate him. 

“What about you, Leia? Would you like your mother to teach you the ways of the Force while I teach Luke?” Anakin asked Leia once Luke had stopped attacking him with hugs.

Leia thought about it for a moment, you could tell she wasn’t as enthusiastic about it as Luke, but she had enjoyed yours and Anakin’s story, and the thought of being a Jedi intrigued her so she nodded and looked up at you from where she sat on your lap. You pressed a kiss to her cheek.

“It’s settled then. When shall we start training?” You asked Luke and Leia.

They both looked at each other before looking at the two of you again. “Tomorrow!” They yelled in unison, causing you and Anakin to laugh.

“Alright, I guess we’re starting training tomorrow then.” Anakin laughed as he looked over at you.

“I guess so.” You smiled, looking down your two children and shaking your head. They were your everything, and you were beyond excited to train them how to be Jedi. You missed it, and you were glad that they wanted to follow in yours and Anakin’s footsteps.

Dream Come True

∟ Happy holidays to @highfaelucien

Summary: Ever since Feyre turned nineteen years old, Rhysand had visited her dreams every night. Frightened of this occurrence, Feyre refused to talk to him thinking that it was simply a delusion she had. She did not understand why it happened and why it was only him that showed up. After weeks of convincing, Feyre managed to befriend Rhys in a way she never thought she would.

A year later, Rhysand still visits her dreams every single night. Slowly, he became her escape from her abusive boyfriend, Tamlin. Rhys became something more to her than she ever thought he would. However, Rhysand has no clue of Feyre’s situation with her boyfriend - let alone that she has a boyfriend.

A modern soulmate AU for Feysand in which Rhysand saves Feyre like she saved him.

Tags: Angst, Love, Hurt/Comfort, Saving, Relationship


“Feyre darling.”

“It’s been a year, Rhys. Drop the nickname.” Feyre muttered, although the smile on her face says otherwise.

Rhysand stood in her living room, looking glorious like always with his playful smirk on his face. Although she would never tell him that. His ego was already big enough to begin with. He chuckled as he pushed himself off the marble kitchen counter and made his way to her. Feyre couldn’t help but stare at his built form dressed in a short sleeved, black collared shirt. It was pressed against his muscles in a more than wonderful way while the sleeves banded around his biceps nicely.

“You’re staring, darling.”

“What makes you think I’m looking at you?”

“It’s sort of obvious, Feyre. Your mouth was open too.”

Feyre resorted to throwing a glare his way, crossing her own arms as Rhys bursted out laughing at her reaction.

He thought she looked adorable.

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Friendly Tickles

A/N: Don’t we all agree that each fandom needs at least a library section of tickle fics? Even though it’s an old Disney classic, I felt a tickle fic was lacking for the movie Mulan, so yeah why not!

Summary: Ling, Yao and Chien Po pay an unexpected visit to Ping/Mulan’s tent, and learn that their buddy is ticklish. Run, Mulan, run!

“Pheeew!” With a loud sigh, Mulan let herself drop on the thin mattress in her tent. She kicked off her shoes and stretched her arms. Training was exhausting, but she was glad that she had been improving ever since she climbed that damn pole. She smiled and hugged her blankets. Who knew she was ever capable of doing that?

“Yep, you were badass again, today!” Mushu complimented her, and she nodded proudly in response.

“Wasn’t I? I even got to kick Shang in the face!” she said, and Mushu laughed loudly.

“That was definitely the best part!" 

"Piiiing!” Suddenly three heads popped up through the entrance of her tent, and she yelped in shock while Mushu wrapped himself in the blankets to hide just in time.

“Oh it’s you three,” Mulan sighed in relief, recovering from the shock. Damn. Former bullies Yao and Ling had grown specially fond of her over time, and the big friendly Chien Po actually tagged along like he always did.

“So this is where you’re sleeping? I was already wondering…” Ling mumbled, taking a serious look around the tent. Were they that curious, so they just followed her?

“Why’s your tent all the way here?” Despite Mulan’s attempted cries of protest, Ling entered the tiny tent and looked around with a frown, as if he suspected she had distanced herself from the others because she had something to hide. Well, actually she did… 

“Yes, yes. I wasn’t able to fix a luxury tent, I know. And I like it here, nice peace and quiet. Now get out.”

Ignoring Mulan’s protests, Yao also entered and admired the poorly built tent, while Chien Po remained outside with just his head poking through the entrance. Of course his huge body wouldn’t even fit in there, making Mulan suddenly wonder in what kind of tent he would be sleeping.

Just as Yao and Ling were admiring and laughing about how their friend had been sleeping all the way here, all Mulan could do was kick the pile of blankets away to cover her stuff that was scattered in the corner of the tent. If they were to see her feminine underwear, she would be done for.

But as soon as she did so, a muffled cry came from the blankets, reminding her that Mushu was hiding in there.

“Hey, what was that?” Ling asked curiously, and he looked at the blankets.

“Nothing!” Mulan squeaked, but Ling already lunged to grab them. Mulan spread her arms and jumped in front of him to block his way, what caused him to grab onto her side instead of the blankets. A loud giggle escaped her lips, and all three men looked at her curiously.

“Was that a giggle?” Ling asked, and the hand that had remained on her side wiggled its fingers, causing her to laugh.

“Aahahaha stop that!” Mulan drew her leg to kick him, but Ling’s other hand grabbed a hold of her ankle and he pulled her leg down with surprising power for such a skinny man, and pinned it to the ground. An evil grin was spread across his face and for a moment he looked just like the bully he used to be at the beginning. Still grinning, Ling looked over his shoulder at Yao and Chien Po.

“Guys, I think I discovered a little something here.” He squeezed her side again and Mulan let out another giggle.

“Our Ping is a little ticklish, isn’t that cute?” The hand on her side attacked, and she collapsed in a fit of adorable giggles.

“Or should I say… very ticklish?" 

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