like he's achieved almost everything he wanted to as a little kid

Departure- Gray (A)

Involving: Gray, ft. Jay Park, Simon D

Type: Angst

Word Count: 2.4k

Author: Admin B- Okay well I am REALLY bad at writing angst, I hope you enjoy this and I actually cried when I wrote this at the end so….ENJOY 

Summary: The unexpected event and guest was the last straw for y/n she had to get out, they were toxic but neither of them wanted to admit it, until now…

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Dropping your bag at the door you looked around your house just praying that the sight in front of you was a dream. No, no, no. He wouldn’t do something like this without asking you…would he? You walked through the corridor barely able to pass by without being engulfed within the bodies of drunken teens. The further you walked through the house that almost seemed unrecognizable, you felt anger boil from within in.

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