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Would you be open to writing something with Mulder helping Scully with something wonderfully domestic long before they become involved? Like moving house, fixing the sink, paining the apartment...UST!

I absolutely loved this prompt - thank you so much, anon! I hope you like it. Set between Redux and Detour. 

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“Mulder, what are you doing this weekend?“ There is no reason to be nervous, Scully reminds herself as she presses the phone against her ear and winds the cord tightly around her finger. It’s just Mulder.

"Not much. Shoot some hoops, maybe. Why, do you have any tantalizing x-files lying around, Scully?" He chuckles at his own, really not so funny, joke. 

"No, I could just use your… help. For something.” The cord bites into her skin leaving a red mark. Scully considers hanging up the phone and claiming she was high on painkillers. 

“My help? Always, Scully. What do you need me to do?”

“Only if it’s not too much trouble.”

“Scully, come on. What is it?”

“I need to paint my bedroom and the doctor said I should refrain from strenuous activities so-”

“He’s right, Scully. You’re barely out of the hospital. I’ll gladly help you, but don’t you think it’s too soon?” Scully gnaws on her lip. That’s exactly what her mother said, too. If it were up to her, Scully would spend the next few weeks or even months in a bed recuperating. Having ditched certain death, all Scully wants is to do things. Live. Because it’s the one thing she thought she’d never get to do again. She beat cancer. Clearly, she can paint her bedroom.

“I’m fine, Mulder.” He groans in frustration on the other end of the line. “I really am. I know I have to take it slowly and I’m doing that. I just need to paint that wall.” He is quiet for a moment, a tell-tale sign that he’s thinking. Scully imagines him licking his lips trying to come up with the right words. She is not ready to spill her secret just yet. The reason why the paint job can’t wait.

“What time should I come over?”


Saturday morning and the hardware store is crowded. Mulder listlessly pushes their cart along the broad aisles and she has to grab it a few times to prevent a collision with another cart or person.

“You didn’t tell me we still had to buy the paint.” Mulder sounds like a moody child and Scully is about to tell him to stop being such a baby when he abruptly comes to a standstill. It’s too late to stop herself from crashing into him.

“Mulder, what!”

“Scully, look at this,” her eyes follow Mulder’s pointing finger, “what do you think?" 

"It’s cut lumber, Mulder.” He nods, staring at the cut pieces and panels as if they were extraterrestrial entities. Scully briefly wonders when Mulder has last stepped foot in a hardware store. Or if he ever has.

“I could build you a new kitchen cabinet.” His voice is more excited about that prospect than it should be.

“Nothing is wrong with my kitchen cabinet, Mulder. I am very happy with my furniture. What we need is paint.” She tugs at his sleeve and he starts moving again. As if she’d ever let Mulder alone with a hammer and nails. They spend enough time in and out of hospitals as it is. 

They make it to the paint aisle without further disruption. Mulder stares at Scully, at the colors and back at her. 

“I think I should stick with white. What do you think, Mulder?" 

"You really don’t want to ask me about colors.” Mulder’s finger traces a soft aquatic color and then turns to her. There’s a soft, almost shy smile on his face. “Reminds me of your eyes. But uhm, that’s probably not the color you want in your bedroom.” He clears his voice. Scully, touched yet slightly embarrassed, lets his comment slide and moves on to the whites. 

“Silver Feather or Morocco Sand.” She mumbles, examining the colors closely.

“Scully, it’s the same color. They’re both white!”

“No, they’re not. Look,” Scully is interrupted by another couple, matching grins and clothes, apparently hoping for some advice, “the Morocco Sand is a touch darker.”

“Silver Feather works great in bedrooms,” the woman tells them with a wink, “reflects the morning sunlight just beautifully.”

“I think I want Morocco Sand, Mulder.” Scully mumbles quickly and pushes Mulder to get the cans. The couple keeps moving to the reds and Scully takes a deep breath. 

“Are you sure, Scully? I think Silver Feather looks really nice.”

“You just said they looked the same!”

“I was wrong. Let’s buy Silver Feather." She doesn’t object.


Scully feels as if she’s in a movie. In one of Mulder’s videos that aren’t his. She watches as Mulder, shirtless and with low-riding jeans, moves the furniture in her bedroom. Moaning from the physical exertion. The play of his back muscles as he puts protective plastic on the ground is mesmerizing. 

"Should we get started?" He stands in front of the naked wall, hands on his hips. Scully nods, her mouth slightly open. Water. She needs a glass of water. Ice cold. 

"Do you- are you thirsty, Mulder?”

“Oh yeah.” He basically groans. Scully walks into the kitchen, heat following her, and when she pours the glasses, Mulder is suddenly close behind. Scully almost lets go of the glass but quickly recovers and pushes it into his hands. Her fingers brush against his hot, naked chest. Mulder gulps down the water and grins at her.

“Let’s get this paint on the wall, Scully.”

It turns out Mulder puts as much energy into painting a wall as he does in everything else he considers important. She tried to help but Mulder makes her take a break every five minutes. ‘I’ve got this, Scully,’ he told her, ‘sit down and relax. You can watch and criticize.’ She tries to find fault in his brush strokes, but he seems to know what he’s doing. So instead Scully looks for her old radio, dusts it off, and soon soft music fills the room. Whenever a song comes on Mulder likes, he starts whistling, badly. Then Elvis starts singing. Mulder lets go of the pain brush, turns to Scully who sits cross-legged on the plastic, half reading a medical journal. Mulder offers her his hand.

“Dance with me.”

“What?” She laughs.

“Just one dance, Scully. Please. It’s Elvis!” She puts her hand in his, convinced. Small drops of paint are splattered on his arms and his chest. His still very naked chest. Scully loses herself in the warmth of his skin, the feel of his muscles. Her thin cotton shirt is the only barrier between their chests, barely there at all. Her hands are on his back, skin touching skin. 

“Hmm, you gotta love Elvis.” Mulder croons into her ear, his hands on her back drawing small circles. She wishes she’d put on a bit more weight already. He must be able to feel her ribs against his fingertips. Scully makes a mental note to have a big lunch, maybe something with fries. Mulder, she is certain, won’t need to be convinced.

The melody picks up and Mulder doesn’t miss a beat, twirls them around. He laughs at her and the sound is so infectious that she giggles, hides her face against his chest. Suddenly he dips her and Scully squeals. Her eyes, upside down, land on that spot on the wall. She one she wanted to forget. The one that started the whole thing. The music stops, Scully stands upright, tries not to let Mulder see her change in mood.

“Scully? Are you all right? Are you dizzy? I didn’t think. I’m so sorry.”

“No, Mulder. That’s not…” Scully stares at the wall again. The smallest imperfection in a sea of white. 

“What is it?” His voice is soft and she knows the exact moment he sees it. Mulder crouches down, the plastic rustling under him. He touches his finger to the spot, now a pale, distorted orange color. Scully hugs herself, feeling cold. 

“What… what…” But Mulder doesn’t finish his sentence, whatever it is.

“One night,” Scully takes a deep breath, “one night my nosebleed was so bad. I didn’t see anything. It was everywhere. I crashed into the wall, I think, trying to get to the bathroom. I didn’t see the blood on the wall until later and then it was too late." 

"Oh Scully." 

"I didn’t want to look at it anymore. Be reminded of it. I know it’s stupid but-”

“It’s not stupid. It’s not stupid at all.” Mulder picks up the paint brush and dips it into the can. Then he hands it to Scully. Soft white droplets drip to the floor as he waits for her to take it. Her hand is unreasonably shaky as she reaches for it. Mulder doesn’t let go and she eyes him, a questioning look on her face.

“Let’s start a new chapter, huh?” He asks her. Scully nods and together they paint over the blood, over the past until it shimmers silvery white and new.

This scene is so simple and fleeting, yet so meaningful. Here, we see two people in love; two people who want to be there for the other. Rick, we see, is being so gentle with Michonne; he cups her face lovingly and holds on to her. He is careful, because he knows she is still healing, but he still wants to be close to her.

Michonne looks at him ruefully; she wants to be by his side as they mount their attack, but her injuries won’t allow it. I imagine they had a conversation much like the one they had in S4; only this time it is he who would have told her to rest one more day.

Then there is the fact that the whole company of ASZ fighters are waiting patiently while their fearless leader says goodbye to his beloved. It is a very public scene, yet a very private moment between the two. I always feel like when Rick and Michonne are near one another, it’s as if they are the only people who exist anymore.

There’s so much emotion in this scene: An overwhelming sense of love, devotion, and a hint of disquiet, given the profundity of the situation. There’s a pleading in Michonne’s eyes for Rick to return to her; there’s promise in his, that he will.

Silent Treatment

Requests: “Can I have a Kai smut, where the reader is mad and giving him the silent treatment and it makes him like super pissed but turned on at the same time, and it gets a little rough 😏😘”

Kai couldn’t put his finger on why Y/N was so angry with him for the past 24 hours. If it was something he said then when he tried to apologize she was ignoring him. Keeping to herself. This wasn’t normal because normally she’d be all over him and clinging to him and he’d be the one trying to keep his personal bubble. Now the Heretic realizes how much he loves her attention and it’s all he craves as of recent.

After a lot of thinking he came to the conclusion that he definitely said or did something she didn’t like and she was shutting herself out just because she could. They hadn’t cuddled since the night before and here he was cold in their own bed because she had the blankets all to herself and he was bare. She didn’t want to share body heat anymore apparently and now he couldn’t sleep. So he moved closer and listened to her take a deep breath and he knew she was awake. Her side of the bed was warmer, all of her body heat trapped inside the mattress and their supposed to be shared blanket.

Now he shifts slightly closer and grips the trim of their blanket and slowly starts to pull the blanket into his own body. Right when the blanket was up and over his stomach his very angry partner yanked the blankets back at her own body and rolled in it like a caccoon and sighed deeply. Kai grunted and turned his head to look at the night stand and the clock read eleven PM. He rolled his eyes and scooted closer to Y/N.

He rubbed her shoulder gently and then leaned in, pressing his lips to her neck. Kai moaned deeply as if that would get her to magically crack but instead she shoved him off. “Baby please. I’m cold.” But she only huffed at him and tried to close her eyes. So he tried again, this time she moved her neck, stretching it slightly where Kai could dig his teeth lightly into her soft spot where normally she’d grab him by the hair and beg for more. Now she kept her eyes closed and bit her lip and refused to give in.

So Kai held her close to him and tried to very hard with his warm tongue to get her to make any kind of noise to assure him she didn’t turn into a statue. Her breathing got deeper but that was it. She’d have a hickey the next morning and then she’d probably get mad at him again even though she was letting him do it. That was her logic lately. Kai felt as though he was risking his life when he kissed down her cheek and inched closer to her mouth. They hadn’t kissed in nearly two days and this made his heart thrum rapidly.

He closed his eyes when he kissed the corner of her lips and hummed in pure satisfaction. Her hand this time gently came up and ran through his hair at the back of his head and pulled him closer. Kai was the one who was now getting absorbed into her and forgetting she was angry still even though she was welcoming him. His lips moved to hers and his heart skipped a beat when she kissed him back. That’s when he straddled her and gently dug his crotch into her leg.

His briefs were constricting his waist now as they got deeper and more passionate into their little session. Y/N was truly evil. Poor Kai was so confused yet so satisfied. Y/N’s fingers gently pulled at his hair and made him groan in pleasure against her sweet lips. Now he wanted more and she could feel it against her leg. That was when she puled away from him and he moaned at the loss of contact and she pushed him off of her and gave him some of the blanket so he’d leave her alone.

Kai stared wide eyed at the ceiling above him now covered in the blanket he wanted earlier and now instead he wanted to be buried inside something else…

“Wow…” He panted but he wasn’t sure if it was out of pleasure or the frustration he now felt pent up inside of his briefs.

“You need to tell me if you’re angry at me.” Kai said from the doorway to the kitchen. Y/N kept on making her coffee and paid him no mind. Kai was starting to get angry himself and he hated when people didn’t pay attention to him. He always liked to be the center of attention even if he was hurting somebody. And now somebody he learned to love was ignoring him and usually at this time of day she’d be kissing him and wrapping her arms around his neck as he sat at the table eating breakfast.

The human attempted to brush by him with her coffee in hand but Kai grabbed her wrist securely in his hand and stared down at her sternly. She glared up at him with flames flaring in her eyes. “You’re starting to piss me off, Y/N. I deserve an explanation.” Not to mention the Heretic was still sexually frustrated and could barely get into his jeans this morning. Y/N glanced down at the front of his pants and then back up at him. “You really know how to fuck with my head and I’m not used to that.”

She tried again to pull her arm away and leave him alone in the doorway but he wasn’t having it. Now she felt helpless and he was proving just how much stronger he actually was compared to her. She was going to lose this game she was playing whether she liked it or not. “I will drop you off with your sister and parents for the weekend and if you won’t willingly go I’ll throw you over my shoulder and make you go. You’re about to see a side of me you won’t like.”

Being dropped off at her family’s house was the nastiest threat that had come out of his mouth. She couldn’t stand a weekend with her talkative family and her evil sister. Her eyes widened and she realized she’d have to talk now. “So you need to give me an explanation. Right now.”

“Why don’t you ask Bonnie?” Kai’s eyes widened and Y/N yanked her wrist out of his hand and set her coffee down. Hearing her voice was a shock to him. “I’m sure she’d love to spend all day with you and have her hands on your chest and give you little love potions.” Y/N spat.

Kai rolled his eyes. This was what he was being ignored for? “We were practicing a spell it wasn’t like that.”

“All day?” Y/N’s voice now raised and octave.

“Damon and Stefan came home, they offered dinner and I stayed. I called you and let you know what I was doing.” He grunted. “This is ridiculous.”

Y/N chewed her bottom lip angrily. “Caroline said-”

“Caroline doesn’t know shit Y/N. The girl sees what she wants to see and she wants to see you and I broken up because she hates me and no matter how loyal she is to you she will always be on the Salvatore’s side and they will always hate me!” Y/N didn’t say anything. “You’re giving in to her. I can’t believe you. You’re letting a Barbie doll make your decisions for you!”

And with that statement came a sharp slap and a sore neck, and Kai’s hand rubbing his red cheek. He fixed his jaw and Y/N realized what she had done. When Kai looked up his eyes were dark and he looked…bad. Like the bad guy. “I’m confused and so turned on, Sweetheart.” Y/N backed herself into the wall, not out of fear but because she was ready for the Heretic to fuck her up and down that very wall and the look on his face made her hot and ready for him to instantly have her.

But he never came to her. She swallowed thickly and he grinned. “Damn girl you’ve got a swing in that arm.” He then licked his lips but never moved an inch closer. “Are you finished?” He mocked. And with the flick of a switch her gentle Kai was no more. “Because you’ve made your bed in that wall, Babygirl. And when I’m done with you everyone is gonna know you’re plastered into it.” The air between them was hot and her chest heaved for the fresh air.

His hands played with the button and zipper on his pants but never shrugged off his coat. The thick black material she loved so much. If he planned on fucking her in it she was done for. Goosebumps had already started rising on her flesh and her nipples were hard and rubbing against the inside of her bra. His thick finger pointed down at her legs where she wore her fluffy snowman pants. “Those. Off. Now.” He reached inside of his briefs and freed himself.

Y/N swallowed the lump in her throat and starting shimmying out of her warm pajama bottoms. Kai inhumanly growled at the lace panties he’d bought her from Victoria’s Secret as they hugged her perfectly. “I hate to say it but those have to go too.” His voice was slightly gentler but he growled again when she kicked the panties off and kicked them away with her foot. Kai was the one to swallow thickly. “The rest has to go too, Sweetheart.” He gestured to her top.

She confidently dragged her shirt up her body and tossed it next to her. Once Kai realized she had the matching bra on he moaned. “That has to go too, Baby.” Y/N gracefully reached behind her and unclasped the bra, it fell to the floor before her. There she stood, naked and vulnerable in front of someone who could easily hurt her and instead she trusted her life with him. “Now touch yourself.”

Her eyes widened. “W-what?” Kai laughed at her.

“You spoiled thing, what did you do before you met me?” Y/N can’t remember the last time she touched herself. Kai was always there and he was always willing to help her. “Now touch yourself.” He repeated and gestured to her body. “Oh baby don’t tell me you have stage fright.”

Y/N swallowed her embarrassment and stuck her hands between her legs and instinctively parted her legs. A soft whimper fell from her parted lips. Kai sat at the table, his legs spread and his cock resting against his stomach as he watched with wide eyes and an open mouth. He couldn’t believe she was actually doing it.

Her other hand played with her nipples, pinching and poking at them as he would with his own fingers. “I can’t decide if I want you to sit on my cock or fuck you up the wall now.” That’s when Kai gave in and patted his lap. “Come here you pretty little thing.” Y/N nervously walked the floor to him and grasped his shoulders under the thick jacket. Kai readied himself while his other hand held her hip to guide her over him.

Kai’s thumb dug into her hip where he then dragged her downward, his excitement getting the better of him. Y/N wrapped her arms around his neck for support and the overwhelming warmth in her belly as the tip of him brushed through her folds. A soft whimper escaped her again. “So ready for you baby.” Kai whispered against her bare chest. “Hell yeah.” He hissed at her as he sheathed inside of her.

Y/N forgot why she was angry at him in the first place when she felt him stretch her and fill her. Her nails dug into the thick dark material on his shoulders. Kai guided her hips against his until her thighs were smacking against his. All that could be heard were his thick breaths and Y/N’s cries bouncing against the walls. At one point she bit the back of her hand and tried to stay as quiet and collected as possible.

The Heretic focused on making their hips meet. Y/N rested her forehead against his shoulder and her body caved when his hand snuck down and rubbed small circles on her clit. Now the girl was a mess and trying her best to move herself against Kai’s fingers. Her walls fluttered around him and he gave out a sigh of satisfaction. “That’s it baby. Just like that.” Her body responded again and again until she was threatening to cum.

“N-no. No K-Kai.” Her hot breath fanned against his neck and when she bit down on his soft spot he moaned and held her down, rubbing her faster and moving her against him harder. She pushed herself away, holding herself from him at arm’s length. The look on her face was of pure pleasure. Her body stilled against him and her eyes crossed, then rolled into the back of her head and her mouth opened and her head shot back. Kai held her, whispering dirty things to her as she fluttered around him.

“Such a beautiful girl. That’s it. Give it to me.” He whispered under his breath to her. “Look at you. Damn.” He praised. A loud cry echoed through the house when her body gave in and she came undone in his hold. Her body started to shake all over and Kai slowly rolled her hips to a stop and she hid her face in his jacket. She went limp for a little while and Kai rubbed circles into her shoulders. It was quite romantic she thought.

When she peered up at him her eyes looked like the normal loving ones he fell for again. And there seemed to be a permanent smile on her lips. “I think you really needed that.” Kai laughed and she agreed with him. “But baby I still haven’t finished.” Her smile fell when she remembered Kai was still rock hard inside of her and now it was his turn. She was already so exhausted and she couldn’t picture doing that again or she’d probably pass out.

“I’ll do all the work. Don’t you worry about a thing, Sweetheart.” He collected her in his arms and pushed himself off of the chair. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waste and it was a good thing because if he set her down she’d probably turn to jelly and fall into a melted, love struck puddle. On their way to their bedroom they shared a passionate kiss. One that seemed innocent while her gentle fingers caressed the back of his neck.

Before she knew it Kai was setting her down on the edge of the bed. Still buried inside of her, he didn’t miss a beat and started a steady pace that felt lazy. Y/N hid her face in her hair which made Kai completely straddle her and brush her hair out of her face. He gently grabbed her chin and tilted her gaze directly toward him and then suddenly started up a bruising pace. Everytime her neck strayed and her gaze fell he’d direct her attention back to him.

Her hands found the buttons on either side of his jacket and she held him into her. His thighs smacked hers again and with his hand forcing her to make eye contact, it looked and felt like a scene out of a movie. She started to rock back and forth under him and never taking her eyes off of him. He looked stern and yet again the pleasure was overwhelming to her. Y/N’s mouth hung open again but Kai’s needy mouth gave in and swallowed her into a passionate kiss. Her hands found his wrists as he muffled her whimpers that were in sync with every thrust.

And in that magical moment, Kai rubbed that spot deep inside of her that made her walls flutter. Kai knew exactly where that spot was like he knew the back of his hand. When Y/N choked during their kiss he knew what he had done to her. It’s her same reaction everytime. To choke on air. No noise or facial expression. Just to choke on air until she realizes that he had brushed her spot and then her moans and cries catch up to her as he repeatedly does it.

So now he directed himself into that spot, letting her fluttering walls milk him. He pulled back from their kiss and she choked on air yet again with her mouth hung open and then a strangled sound came from the back of her throat. She closed her eyes to focus on her upcoming orgasm. Kai’s hand fell to her throat and he applied minimal pressure. Even that alone set her whole body into flames and she fluttered around him once more before it triggered Kai’s orgasm. Y/N followed behind shortly after she laid there, letting Kai ride out his orgasm against her, submitting to him and letting him use her for it.

They were both panting, Kai’s arms were shaking and if Y/N sat up she’d melt. The Heretic quickly fixed himself and pulled his pants up and then lay defeated next to Y/N. He thought fast and shrugged his jacket off and dressed the naked girl with it and she hugged it close to her body, enveloped by his cologne and musk and the warmth it brought and then rolled over to cling to his side where she belonged the whole time.

“Damn.” They said in unison and then sighed out loud. Kai’s hand stroked her cheek gently.

“That’s not fair you finished twice.” Kai said after five minutes of peaceful silence.

Y/N looked up in shock and shook her head. “God, Kai I can’t take anymore.”

“I’m kidding.” They lay in silence again for a few more minutes. “Next time you give me the silent treatment don’t kick me in the balls. I won’t be turned on by that.” Y/N scoffed and pushed at his chest while he laughed at her.
























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Stubborn Love

Request by @messrs-howler :Hiiiiii! I absolutely love your blog and I was wondering if I could request a Young! Sirius x reader where Sirius really likes Y/N so he does what James does with Lily. He asks her out constantly. But she doesn’t really think too much of it until her sixth year when she begins to realise herself that she has begun to like Sirius. So naturally she tells Lily (her best friend) and they decide what to do together. (This is what brings Lily and James closer cause they call on him for help)

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2482

Warnings: fluff, insecurities and dat’s it :D

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long to write, but now I’ve found a bit more free time it shouldn’t take me this long to post a fic again. Feedback is appreciated and happy reading :)


Hogwarts had always been a special place to you. From the grounds to the tallest tower, you had explored every inch of the castle. You loved all the teachers and students (with the exception of only a few people), and looked forward to the end of each summer so you could return. Over the years you had spent there, Hogwarts had become your home, much like it had for many other people. Nothing was ever the same there, everyday a new adventure. Well, apart from one little thing…

Sirius Black, a mischievous, black haired boy had made it a sort of tradition to ask you out every year at least once.  

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O l i c i t y 

A r r o w  4 x 0 9

I love this moment so much. I  love how her glasses lift up off her nose as they kiss. I love How he tells her, “You’re coming with me” and her shocked look as he pulls her along with him as he walks up on to the stage. I love how she tries to keep up. She has to take extra steps and she looks adorable doing it.  

Why do I love Voltron so much

Because Lance tries so fucking hard and I want him to be loved the way he loves his team.

Because Hunk is the best human being I’ve ever seen and despite the lack of screen time he’s still a great character.

Because Pidge became the warrior she needed when her world fell apart and this is just so respectable.

Because Keith is freaking valid and I feel like dying inside a little bit more every time he tries to kill himself for the greater good.

Because Shiro has to be protected, he has seen some shit and no one seems to care anymore.

Because Allura wants to be as good as everybody needs her to be and even more and didn’t fell into the Princess Mary Sue stereotype.

Because Coran isn’t just the funny weird uncle but an important and irreplaceable member of Team Voltron.

Because Zarkon became tyrannical for a reason and at the time the reason was fighting for what he thought was right. 

Because Haggar wanted to be able to protect the universe and lost herself because of lust for power.

Because Lotor isn’t just a lost cause but a man trying to prove the universe he is better than what he is supposed to be and what it’s expected from him.

Because Matt is the sparkle of hope we waited for and because his return is the first step towards the end of the war.

Because these characters speak to me on an emotional and spiritual level, because they are full of insecurities, because they are corruptible and breakable, because they are funny and caring for each other in their twisted, complicated ways, because they are so relatable sometimes and because they are more human than some of people on this goddamn planet .

anonymous asked:

i'm gonna say something that i've been thinking for a while and it's weird and probably not true, but hear me out: az knows mor is bi and isn't in love with her like we all assume. we read from feyre's pov and she assumed mor loved az, but was afraid to act on those feels until mor told her flat out she was into women. i wonder how much more feyre assumed, and by extension the audience, and got wrong. maybe az being upset about helion was because he knows mor wasn't into it. (1/3)

maybe az does love mor (it’s mor, hard not to love), but after trying to tell her once (after being hurt by her family) and her stopping him he didn’t bring it up again not because he thinks he’s unworthy, but because he knows the truth and has been working on getting over his own feelings. mor told feyre about andromache and made it seem like no one else knew from the inner circle, but i think az does. they were separated in the war. i find it hard to believe he didn’t use his shadows (2/3)

to make sure she was safe/alive. i find it hard to believe he didn’t find out that she was in a relationship with a human queen. i think az is fully aware of mor’s secret more than we think. and his outburst regarding eris i think was less about being in love with mor and more about having been the one to find her after being tortured and carrying that with him/bringing up memories of his own torture. i may be off the mark, but i don’t think az is that oblivious. (3/3)

Honestly, NonNon, I also think it’s pretty ridiculous for Azriel to not know what’s going on with Mor. Imma bring this up again because I thought it was a really good point, but @squaddreamcourt mentioned a couple weeks back and then again yesterday that he might just be attached to Mor not because he really loves her in that way, but because it’s easier than admitting he might be able to find happiness with someone else, that he might be worthy of it. It’s easier to be attached to Mor, who he knows is unavailable, because then he doesn’t have to face rejection from anyone else, or challenge his self-worth (which is currently at zero) if that makes sense.

And I totally see Az using his shadows to check up on Mor, especially during the war, and not in a creepy way but just to make sure she was ok. So no one knowing about Andromache is highly unlikely to me.

I think your point about the Eris outburst makes sense! It wasn’t just anyone that he blew up at, after all, it was Eris, who is the source of a lot of Mor’s tortured past. And given that Az is the one who found her, and it brought back his own memories… yeah, I get your point. It doesn’t necessarily have to have been about love. We’ve seen how protective they can be of one another, and while he was clearly over-reacting and Mor was not appreciative of that display of violence, I think they have all shown themselves to care about each other enough that they would be willing to do just about anything.

One of the issues I do have with the whole Mor being-bi thing is the idea that no one in the Court of Dreams might have figured it out. I mean Eris knew, for crap’s sake, you can’t tell me that her cousin and best friends for 500+ years haven’t figured it out…

High School Reunion

Characters: Jensen x Reader, Cammie (OFC)

Word Count: 1,657

Warnings: Pregnant!Reader, fluffy Jensen feels, sad feelings about Jensen not being with you but this is a fluffy fic

Request: Do you think you an do a writing where it’s the readers high school reunion and she pregnant and Jensen has to film but than he surprises her?

Author’s Note: If you want to be a Queen or a Dean Bean, let me know and I’ll add you to the lists! So sorry this is out so late, I hope whoever requested it, that you like it!

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“I love you so much.” You said into the phone with a smile. You were happy for your husband, Jensen that he was working again, getting to be with his coworkers and second family but you really wish he was with you here now. 

“I love you more. I promise to call tonight after we’re done filming. This time, you have to put me on speakerphone so James can hear my voice, okay?” Jensen said, wishing he was there with you. You put a hand on your very large belly, feeling your son kick for the hundredth time that day. 

“Of course. I just wish you were here with me right now. It would make this reunion a lot more fun. I kind of told everyone you were going to be there. There are a few Supernatural fans going to be there. Oh well, guess I have to break their hearts.” You said, sighing into the phone. 

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. You know I would be there but we need to start filming for Season 13. Hey, look, they’re calling me on set now. I gotta go. I love you, sweetheart.” Jensen said, purity in his voice. 

“I love you more.” 

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TFLN #14

This one’s for @lexi5678900 who is my tumblr best friend and I love her very much and if either one of us were to ever go on a date with Harry I feel like this is how the conversation would go 


Y/BFF/N, I’m falling for him

Don’t do it Y/N, this is too good to be true, he’s going to break your heart

I know, but he’s just so cute

And he’s so nice

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone so nice

He’s such a gentleman

Like he opened all the doors for me

And he listened to all my stupid stories about my boring life and seemed genuinely interested

Do you know how long it’s been since a guy has been this nice to me?

I do, I’ve heard all about your nightmare dates

But just because he opens a door for you doesn’t mean he’s going to be the love of your life

You’ve been on one date, slow down

Where did he take you?

We went to dinner at a fancy restaurant and for a walk in a nearby park before he drove me home

And he wore this incredible black suit and his nails were painted, he looked so fucking hot

We’re going on a second date tomorrow


You only went out yesterday?!

You didn’t fuck him on the first date, did you?


He kissed me goodnight after he dropped me home and that’s it

I have some class

Not always

Where are you going tomorrow? And was the kiss Good?!

The kiss was incredible, his lips are so soft and lovely, I don’t know how to describe a kiss but I’ve never felt like that after kissing someone before

He’s taking me to The British Museum and afterwards we’re going to get some drinks at his favourite bar

That’s definitely going to end in sex

It’s Not!

Ok it might, but it won’t

Like you said, I’m taking it slow

I mean, he’s Harry Fucking Styles, I still can’t work out why he wanted to go on one date with me, and now there’s a second

Because you’re stunning Y/N, and you’re a good person with an exciting life, of course he’s interested in you

But just please be careful, he’s this big famous pop star who has such a busy schedule and so much happening in his life, I don’t want to see you get hurt again

I’m taking this slow for a reason, but he’s incredible and I’m falling hard

Don’t fall too hard too fast x


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see the thing about scanlan helping pike with “literally whatever she wants to do” is that like. that was planned Before she accepted any date or made any proposal or even revealed any romantic feelings at all. no matter What her decision towards him was ultimately going to be he was going to help her do whatever she wanted anyway

How fun it is to watch them talk

At first, he called her beast

Then she became the wench

Short after it was just Brienne, as she always wants to be. So sure that she would never be a lady… or a knight.

Later, he defended her honor. « Call her by her name. Lady Brienne » he said. He wanted everybody to see her as what he’s started to see

And now he’s calling her My lady …

How sweet those words can rule under a tongue… so much respect. The fun fact is, from my point of view, these words could also be used for something more intimate. Something you would whisper like a secret.

« My lady … »

Just say it out loud, and come join me in heavens.

I always love to seat over the edge of love. Just before your mind tells you that you’re about to drawn.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your head cannons! I was wondering if you could do the RFA+Minor babes reacting to MC with a pet pig? Weird request but I have a pig and just wonder how they would react to her. Love your head cannons❤️

This is so cute <3 


  • omg 
  • he is in love now 
  • like srsly loves your pig 
  • likes to play with him/her 
  • he’s going to be a vet so he’s always telling you facts about pigs
  • loves it so much he actually stops eating pork 
  • takes tons of pictures of him/her to show to his classmates 
  • to brag about how cute is


  • he’s a bit afraid of him/her at first 
  • like is not a common pet 
  • but is actually really happy that is not a cat
  • with the time they get to know each other 
  • and now they are like best friends
  • every time Zen is in a place your pet follows him 
  • and he actually feels really proud of it 
  • “I’m glad to be friends with my lady’s best friend” 


  • if it doesn’t makes a mess like Elizabeth she’s happy 
  • “they are not as hairy as cats?” 
  • that’s it 
  • she into him/her 
  • is more like a far away relationship 
  • she doesn’t get to near and everything is fine 
  • but deep inside her she likes it a lot 
  • the way you are so happy with your pet makes her life better
  • and when you left the alone with him/her she’s going to tell him/her that 
  • “Listen, I may not be close to you but you have to stay with MC for many years, okay?”


  • is a bit complicated
  • he doesn’t know much about pigs 
  • and he’s not sure how Elizabeth will react 
  • or how the pig will react to Elizabeth 
  • is dead afraid that they would not get along 
  • but you introduce your pet to the cat 
  • and they are actually pretty good pals 
  • they spend so many time together 
  • sleeping 
  • playing 
  • Jumin is very happy since he’s not much time with Elizabeth 
  • and you’re not much time with your pet too 
  • now they both have company


  • “A PIG!!” 
  • the coolest thing he could ever see 
  • the only thing he wants to do is meet your pet 
  • like the first time you see him he asks a lot of questions about it 
  • “How old is?” 
  • “is it big, small, medium?” 
  • “does it smell?” 
  • “what sounds it makes?” 
  • and more…
  • when he meets the pet is crazy 
  • you haven’t seen this boy so happy never
  • literally loves it 
  • half of the time goes to your house just for the pig 
  • “Can I give him/her a ride on my babies?”


  • aesthetic 
  • literally you haven’t seen pictures better 
  • loves to take tons of pictures of your pet 
  • so you two decide to create a blog dedicated to him/her 
  • it has millions followers 
  • besides that he loves him/her a lot 
  • likes to stay in bed until late cuddling with him/her 
  • also with you of course


  • too cute for him 
  • acts like he doesn’t like it 
  • but he knows he loves it 
  • when you’re not there he even hugs him/her 
  • and when you get back home he’s like 
  • “what pig?”
  • has like million pics of him/her at his phone 
  • but doesn’t show them to you


  • “why a pig? you could have get a dog or a cat, like a normal pet” 
  • doesn’t understand it at first
  • and is totally sure is a mess so doesn’t like it 
  • but then you bring your pet to him 
  • and holy shit he likes it 
  • like is so cute and soft
  • “well is not that bad” 
  • gets a matching jacket for him/her so they both look the same

shitsstorm  asked:

do you have any relationships in warriors that interested you? some that stood out to you like spiderleg and daisy for example?


- spiderleg & daisy for one, i feel like it’s really one of hte more misunderstood/and wasted potential relationships in the series. it was never stated that daisy was completely in love w/ him and we know he wasnt w/ her, but i thought the idea of clan culture shifting so much that now litters who dont know/interact w/ their fathers is so unusual, that spiderleg is sorta caught between instinct and between what his clan expects, while daisy just wants her kittens to know their father and to have a good relationship w/ him

- tawnypelt & tigerstar is another one, because it’s really interesting how she left thunderclan to be w/ her father, and still stayed in shadowclan after he died, and even named her son after him, all while acknowledging that hes a piece of shit and refusing to be around him. i just wonder what their relationship was like and if, out of all of his kits, if he understands/relates to tawnypelt the most

- brightheart & cinderpelt, bc cinderpelt took care of her and nursed her back to health and thats her SISTER dammit

anonymous asked:

How would the espada react to their s/o being very loving? Like they'll snuggle up to them, rub their shoulders and such, MANY KISSES You know all that lmao

( * ́꒳`*)੭


-He absolutely loves all the affection, and happily accepts whatever you give him. Being loved so much is such a wonderful change from ages spent alone, there’s no way he wouldn’t enjoy so much attention and care. 


-While she definitely appreciates that you want to be so gentle with her, all the affection is a little bit hard to accept. Love and kindness are so different from what Hollows are used to, it’s just hard to take in. 


-There is absolutely no need for you to be so… loving with him. At first, he takes the affection as some kind of pity, but even once he’s gotten used to the way you are, it feels weak to just give in and accept it. 


-There is no way he deserves you being this sweet to him. He’s not the kind of creature that gets treated with such gentleness, and you’re better off figuring that out soon. He has absolutely no way of handling the affection. 


-At first, he’s downright uncomfortable with all the attention, but once he gets used to it, he becomes almost dependent on your kindness. He’s never had such love before, and never wants to lose it. 


-Genuine love and kindness is one of the few things that can actually make him uncomfortable. Such loving feelings aren’t easy to deal with at all, and it’s hard for him to know what to do with so much of it all. 


-It’s very, very hard for him to deal with such kindness from you, and it’s obvious that he has no idea what to do with himself. It’s completely foreign to him to be treated so well, and it’s almost too much to handle. 

Requested by anon

Can you please pelase, do Caius x Female redaer imagines in which reader come with Alice and Bella to save Edward and she finds out that she is mate of Caius but he don’t want to even know for that until they get closer, and Marcus is trying to help her and she looks at him like a parental figure. I hope that I’m not asking too much and I’m very sorry for bad english (I am from Serbia).

I like it! And don’t worry I understood what you mean :)

WARNING: Caius x reader, big bro Marcus, love confession, 

You sat in your new room, your head hung low as you looked at your hands. You had come with Bella and Alice to save your brother however you find out that you are mated to Caius, the blonde angry vampire. You sighed and flopped down on the bed, looking up at the high ceiling. Marcus is the one to find out and had informed his other two brothers, Aro seemed to be very pleased and Marcus held a curious look in his eyes. However your supposed mate only glared at you, it made your blood run cold and your hands shake.

You heard a knock on the door and got up to answer it.

“Yes?” you asked opening the door, you saw Marcus stand in the hallway with a small pleasant smile on his face.

“Y/N? may I come in?” He asked with his usual slow like voice.

“Of course,” you said stepping out of the way to let him through. closing the door behind you looked up at the dark-haired vampire.

“I wanted to make sure that you are comfortable and that you had everything you needed,” Marcus said with a monotone voice. You expected him to not care at all about your wellbeing, but you guess you cant judge a vampire by their fangs. Marcus sat with you at the love seat at the end of your large bed, it felt odd but at the same time comforting.

“May ask the reason for your kindness?” you dared to ask. You see his smile turn into something more sympathetic.

“I wanted you to know that you may ask for anything from me and please I know my brother may be a bit … rough for the lack of a better word, but please give him time. He is more worried than what he shows” Marcus replied hoping you would understand.

You sighed “I’ll try my best, having lived with siblings as well I can understand their stubbornness” You replied feeling a bit better knowing at least you have someone to talk too. 

So you did that, you waited patiently for Caius to come to you hanging out with Marcus whenever he was free, the two of you have become pretty close like family and one day as you sat in the library you felt the couch dip as you looked to your right. You saw Caius sit next to you reading his own book, you smiled.

“baby steps,” you tell yourself “at least he is meeting me halfway”.


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I"m just getting caught up on LoT and I really enjoy your blog and after Mick's awkward flirting with Kara I feel like if he ever met Diana/Wonder Woman, he'd be too awkward to flirt and just stare and bring her food. Like 'youfightgood, madeyouasandwich' and then take off

hahahahahah omg.

We talk sometimes about how Len canonically has a crush on Wonder Woman in the comics, but I think you’re totally right. DCTV Mick would be into her. He’s absolutely got a thing for powerful women, especially (it seems) mature ones closer to his age (e.g., the President, and Agent Sharpe), and more physically aggressive ones? So… 100%. Yes. 

Dammit, now I want to see this happen.


I do too much of the “get inspired by non-English songs so nobody understands anything ” type of artwork someone beat me up for this.

Captain Vor: “ -  I’ve told you that I love you and it’s also true - but there is someone else and it’s not only you - I could gobble her up, with drooling jaws of wolf 

Mistress:  “ -  Oh I should not be singing  - Oh I should not be rejoicing  - Oh my love has gone to travel - Oh my dear one he is wandering “

Song is  Vargtimmen (hour of the beast) by Hedningarna