like he loves her that much

eugene declaring for all the world to hear that rapunzel is his best friend and the love of his life is enough to literally kill me bye

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you guysss

look at how long Daryl stands there just gazing at Carol before he goes back to her

like she is the most important fucking thing to him in the world

like he’s looking at his reason for fuckin existing

how am i expected to be normal when these characters love each and need each other as much as they fucking dooooOOOOooo

The fact that people think Norman Reedus actually thinks Daryl and Carol have a “ mother/son relationship ” is disturbing. That’s NOT what he was saying.
The behaviour Daryl portrayed seemed childlike, especially due to his past with being abandoned by people he loved, cared for and people who were supposed to be there for him and protect him. (His mom died, his brother left, etc).

So, when he was abandoned by Carol, he didn’t understand why. It was like he was a child all over again, wondering what he possibly did wrong, if there was anything he could have done to prevent her leaving.

When he found her, he was waiting to see what her reaction would be before he reacted to her. He was crying. He was sad. He was confused. Much like the emotional feelings that a child would feel.

Norman Reedus has confirmed, on several occasions, that Daryl and Carol do not have a mother/son relationship. How can you call yourself a fan when you put words in his mouth and misinterpret the things he says on your own call, because it doesn’t agree with what you feel? If you don’t even listen when he speaks?
I listen to Norman Reedus. I know he’s said that they don’t have a mother/son relationship. He actually gets angry when that’s mentioned or even suggested because it offends Melissa McBride.

The way Daryl hugs her, looks at her, reacts towards her, acts around her, isn’t mother/son. It’s a man who’s in love with a woman. Who just so happens to be slightly older. Why is THAT so disturbing to you, so incomprehensible, that you would rather ship a 40 year old with a 17 year old TEENAGER. Despite he, Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple all saying that the relationship between Daryl and Beth was NOT romantic. The relationship THEY had was Daryl being almost like a surrogate father (confirmed by the CREATOR, Robert Kirkman).

And yet these same people tell us not to against the stars, creators and writers intentions and story. Neither of them have said anything about a Caryl romance in a negative light. However, they were quite disturbed by the desire for a 17 year old/40 year old romance. They shut THAT down. Repeatedly.

Yet, here we are, with the same Team Delusionals, CERTAIN that 17 year old Beth, who got shot in the head and buried, is going to miraculously come back to life and be in a romantic relationship with Daryl, because people would rather see THAT, than seeing a man in a romantic relationship with a slightly older woman.

THAT’s what’s fucked up.

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DG once commented how a mask slips from San's face and it's amazing to watch. I agree. These past few weeks in LA the character mask slips away in the company of real friends and in the vicinity of Cait. Always brighter. Just Sam. Love it. -- LScribbles

yep completely. isn’t it funny how much happier and more relaxed he seemed last night? I noticed that too. He wasn’t even near Cait but it’s almost like just being in the same room as her makes him happier. And being with his friends too - he seemed much more relaxed and like his normal self. 

ok ok ok guys.. Could we talk about jackie? She seems so shocked!
I think now when star is gone, Marco realizes how much Star means to him. Maybe he’ll fall in love with her? Jackie is just.. something like a “crush” you know…BUT STAR she’s his true love. I don’t know how to describe it, hope you could follow my words.


replied to your post

“In the mood of writing more bughead soooo… hit me with your prompts?…”

First of all thank you so much for creating such amazing stories! I’d love to read a story involving prom/ school dance. Betty wants to go with Jughead but he’s not crazy about the idea of going to a school event like that.

Hope you like it, dear!! Thank you for your lovely words and for requesting!! 


“But, Juggie—”

“Betty, I said no.”

A childlike pout adorned the blonde’s luscious pink lips as she dropped her back on her leather seat at Pop’s, the action filling the silence with an icky squish sound. The conversation was pretty much going on and on like that since she had entered the small dinner and sat next to her beloved boyfriend, who these past days wasn’t so beloved but seemed to drive her to the wall with his stubbornness and his nonexistent desire of earning any social skills. At this point Betty was either gonna give up or smother his ridiculously handsome face with that laptop of his, that had his attention the whole hour she was trying to change his mind.

Topic of conversation: Riverdale High’s 20s decade dance. The whole school was filled with a gazillion of posters and excitement was pouring from every corridor of their high school, as this themed dance was a first time thing and very much anticipated. Needless to say, the Jones boy was grumpy and easily irritable this whole week that the preparations had reached their zenith. He didn’t quite get the big deal; it was just another event added to their long list of pep-rallies and jubilees, this being even worse, because it demanded attire from some too far gone golden era. Yeah, Jughead, wasn’t going to attend that.

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Matt Hastings said “maybe one of my favorite romantic scenes i’ve ever had the privilege of shooting”. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe the show i used to like so much is turning into shit. Im so disappointed, sad and angry. How can this be romantic? There’s no love her, Isabelle made Raphael addicted to her. She forced him to bite her even if he said “i cant do it” SHE !!!! ABUSED AND MANIPULATED !!!! HIM !!!!! to be honest, it’s like to see Simon & Camille again. And i can’t believe there are people out there who thinks that they’re cute together??? I’m just glad that Magnus called out their toxic relationship

damon literally sweeps elena off of her feet when he sees her again he looks so happy like he’s holding a piece of heaven and elena looks so elated being back home in the arms of the love of her life they’ve had to go through so much just to be together but no matter what they always find their way back to each other

I Miss Her

For @tinyturx about Vera Kane I hope you enjoy sweetie! 

Abby had noticed that Marcus seemed rather quiet that day. Oh, he gave her his usual smile when their eyes met and it was loving as always but his eyes looked sad, almost looking like he would cry. She felt concerned for him and catching up with Marcus around lunchtime, Abby asked. “Are you alright, Marcus?” Tucking her hand in his, her voice soft and intimate.
    “Have I been that obvious?” Marcus murmured, having not wanted to worry anyone with his troubles but he knew Abby would catch on as they shared so much together that she couldn’t have helped noticing.
    “Only a little,” causing him to smile briefly. “What’s going on?” Pressing a light kiss on his shoulder to encourage him.
“My mother,” he said quietly. And Abby felt a pang go through her heart. Of course, Vera. “You never talk about her,” she said. Marcus turned around to look at Abby, his brown eyes falling to the ground.
   "No-but I haven’t forgotten, I still wish I could-“ with a shuddering breath, "that I could take it back.” He finished, bravely and Abby caressed his cheek; feeling a tear threatening to spill down her face. Regret- how bitter it was and how often did Abby find herself wanting to erase the past, to start over. But they couldn’t, what had happened and all they could do now was turn the page.
  “She’d be proud of you,” Abby told him gently. Marcus smiled and laughed a little, exactly how he’d done when she had told him she wouldn’t have gotten caught by Pike, when the former had sentenced Marcus to death for treason. “I miss her, Abby.” He confessed, Abby drew him into her arms and held him. “I know.”


This is my sort of apology to my baby @kuddle-cakes because I haven’t finish the shot I told you I was goig to give you on your birthday (I’ll have it ready in a couple of days tops :D)

Inuyasha wasn’t a romantic–at least not in the obvious way–. He would never be like Miroku, shouting how much he loved his wife and children, he would never be like her own father, picking a pretty flower from the road and bringing it to his wife every afternoon. No, Inuyasha was not like that.

Inuyasha was the kind of man that showed his love with actions, whose actions could be easily overlooked if the person got too used to them, they were natural and constant.

The way he would fetch water for her during a hot day, just nudging at her side with the bottle or saying “don’t want you to get sick on me”.
The way he would sometimes disappear during the day only to come back with an animal difficult to hunt on his hands, looking to the side mumbling “you said you wanted to eat this”. The way he would get out of bed first to work in their garden, because “you do this for the town’s people, I can do this for our home” with a light blush across his face. The way he would stand in front of their door glaring at her shouting “you are not going outside, you are sick!”

Those were the kind of things he did.

It was difficult for Kagome to read him sometimes. It made her feel like she was failing to him from time to time. Not knowing what he needed and wanted before he said it, as he did with her.

The feeling had lessen after a certain time when she had complain about it to him. And he had deadpaned before huffing, “That’s because I don’t need anything else. You are here, and with that I’m…fine,” he blushed furiously before continuing, “More than fine.”

Following his statement she had kissed him will all the love she had wanted to show him for days. And then she made him promise to always tell her if he wanted something from her. Saying or doing something.

Like he was doing right now. Sitting on the shade of the closest tree, with his blushed face turned to the side and his arms open waiting for her to approach, ready to pull her onto his lap and hug her.

Maybe she was not as good as him showing how much she loved him. But as she settled her weight on her husband’s lap as she pecked his cheek, and he moved to nuzzle his neck. She knew this worked. They made it work.


This is my little present 😘😘😘

Better Off Dead

Theo Raeken X Reader 

Word Count: 909

Requested: Anon

Request: Hello!!! Good morning/night/afternoon (whenever you see this) can you do a Theo (from Teen Wolf) imagine based on song name “Better Off Dead” by sleeping with sirens where Theo’s fell in love with the quiet and shy girl of the school (the reader) so he kinda like hides his feelings for her? Please and Thank You!! I love all your imagines by the way! Hi this is the anon that requested the better off dead sleeping with sirens song, I’m so sorry if I bother you but I just realized I forgot to say that if the imagine could have a happy ending😂 so can it pls have happy ending??

Warning  Suicidal Reader, Neglect, Loneliness, Eating Disorder

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She says she wants to end it all when she’s all alone in her room

She cries
The way she feels inside is too much for her
When all you got is these four walls
It’s not that hard to feel so small
Or even exist at all
How come no one heard her when she said

Theo didn’t understand how no one knew who you were, he asked Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia but no one knew who you were. He knew that you were quiet, innocent so kept himself to himself and just watched over you when you were at school, it wasn’t until he started to follow you home that he realised just how damaged you were and how much you needed someone, so the next day he walked up to you leaning against the locker next to yours. “Your (Y/N) right?” he asked.
“Yeah.” You answered voice quiet.
“I’m Theo.” he smiled.
“Hi.” You smiled back though it didn’t reach your eyes.
“Can I walk you to class?” he asked and you frowned.
“Why?” He asked.
“Because I noticed you from across the hall and I want to get to know you,” Theo answered. You frowned but agreed nonetheless and a friendship started.

Maybe I’m better off dead
If I was would it finally be enough
To shut out all those voices in my head?
Maybe I’m better off dead
Better off dead!
Did you hear a word
Hear a word I said?
This is not where I belong
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone
Gone, gone
This is not where I belong
You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone

You were at home and it was so quiet that it was loud, no one cared if you ate or if she was okay, she was looking in the mirror and her ribs were starting to show. Theo decided that he’d come see you, he assumed that her parents would be home so when he knocked on the door her was shocked that it just swung open and the whole place looked abandoned. “(Y/N)!” Theo called but there was no answer. Theo continued to call as he made his way through the house eventually going up the stairs checking in every room until he found you in front of the mirror. “(Y/N)?” he asked.

“Maybe I’m better off dead.” You mumbled. “ If I was would it finally be enough. To shut out all those voices in my head?”
“Come on.” Theo tried to pull you away from the mirror.
“Did you hear a word Hear a word I said? This is not where I belong.”  You said pulling yourself away from Theo.
“You right but we’ll wait until we’re done with school then we can leave and they’ll miss you when you’re gone.” Theo smiled kissing your temple. “Until then I need you to stick with me okay.”

She doesn’t know she’s beautiful
Because no one’s ever told her so
And the demons that she has is all she knows
And maybe she can fall in love with someone in her life that she could trust
And tell her she’s enough (Have someone tell her she’s enough)

You had no idea why Theo was working so hard to keep you around, you weren’t pretty you were scared and broken. “(Y/N) sweetheart, what’s your mind working on? “ he asked watching your eyes glaze over.
“Nothing.” You answered as you watched him cook. Theo had pretty much moved into the house now that he knew your parents were never home, he wanted to make sure that you were okay, he had pretty much put his plan for becoming Alpha on hold and decided that you were more of a priority.
“I don’t think that’s true.” He smiled as he walked over lifting you onto the table and then taking the seat that you were in.
“I… Why are you here? Everyone else left, why are you staying?” You finally asked and he frowned leaning forward his hands resting on your thighs as he rubbed gentle circles with his thumbs.
“I think that you are beautiful and amazing and smart and everything that I need, you may not know this but I was a bit of a bad boy when I came here but helping you helped me to and now we’re both getting better.” He smiled. “You all I need, just you, not this house, or your brains, just you.” You lifted your hands to stroke his cheeks and he smiled taking a deep breath this is the first time that you’ve initiated physical affection, he was always first but here you were running your hands through his hair and kissing his forehead.
“Thank you.” You smiled.
“I love you.” Theo smiled.
“Love you too.” You answered and he squeezed your thighs before getting up and walking back over to the food that he was cooking.
“You hungry?” he asked.
“Yeah.” You answered walking over to stand next to him.
“Good.” He smiled. Theo didn’t actually go through with his plan to be Alpha instead he got a job and saved as much money as he could so that you could both move out of Beacon Hills after graduation. You did, you both started a new life and he could not have been happier because he got to hear you laugh, dance, sign and be the teen that you weren’t in Beacon Hills.

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aww I love primary school James tho, he's cute. I can imagine him always telling his mum that he doesn't want her buying his clothes so he buys all his own. But when he's older he looks back at old photos and is like 'mom why did you let me out the house?!'

i relate to this a little bit too much

college student bambam
playlist: something by gnash

• studying humanities
• is in his second year
• he brings the life to every party
• such a loud person
• everyone loves him, he’s really popular on campus
• he’s does modeling on the side because with a face like his how could he not
• his instagram feed is so nice and he has so many followers
• he’s also such a prankster so if you see him with jackson and yugyeom be very cautious
• parties are his stress release, he may drink a little too much but for him it’s all part of the fun
• has only ever been in one serious relationship and it lasted maybe two months before he dumped her
• he loves hanging out with his friends, he has such a caring heart towards them
• although he can be quite annoying sometimes they love him
• he’s such a talkative person and so outgoing like he gets along with everyone
• you can usually find him taking selfies somewhere or dozing off in class
• to him meeting you was fate
• you were actually a friend of jackson’s and in your third year
• you were studying photography and art and needed a model to photograph so you asked jackson if he could model for you but he refused
• instead he introduced you to bambam and you went from there
• you met him at the abandoned school and told him your concept but bambam being bambam decided he had other ideas
• he kind of did his own thing and at first you didn’t say anything
• but soon after it was getting to the point his arrogance was too much so you practically scolded him like he was your child
• “can you just stand there and look up while I take some pictures?”
• “but that’s so boring!”
• you decided to call it a day and head back tomorrow
• it went on like that for a couple of weeks, you two would meet up and snap some pictures and afterwards he’d treat you to lunch or dinner
• you didn’t expect to develop feelings for him especially since he annoyed the living daylights out of you
• after you finished your project you didn’t think you would see him after that and despite being slightly disappointed you hoped to get over it
• however bambam had different ideas
• he would visit you at your dorm, meet up with you after class, ask you to dinner or to go see a movie
• “why do you want to spend so much time with me?”
• “do you not want me to?”
• “no that’s not it, I just wanted to know.”
• “can’t you tell when a guy likes you?”

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headcanon: shiro likes "traditional" dates (ex: candlelit dinners at fancy, expensive restaurants) but pidge is like "if it requires putting pants on, i'm not doing it" so the majority of their date nights are spent at home watching netflix

OMG THIS IS REALLY CUTE I LOVE IT…. it’s not even the “going out” aspect shiro loves as much as just the act of doing something romantic together? so when he and pidge start going steady it takes him some time to adjust to netflix dates being PIDGE’S ideal romantic activity LOL (sometimes he wares her down into going out to museums and aquariums and stuff like that together tho)

Their Favorite Ship (jughead x reader)

Prompt: Hi ! Could I request a Jughead x (plus size)reader ? Maybe something like, they’re dating and are super cute and Betty and Veronica ship them super hard. Maybe just some cute moments of them together and/or with the others ? Thanks so much ! Xx 

 A/N: This is so cute! I hope you like it! Requests are welcome! 

Their favorite Ship (Jughead x Reader)

One of the things that attracted Jughead to you, was your fuck it attitude. (as well as your love of food but he’s refuses to believe it)

He first noticed you when you decided to wear a cute tight black dress with blue tights and your favorite combat boots.

The dress had shown off your curves and you strutted down the hall to find Cheryl and her little vixens standing in your way.

“What the hell are you even wearing?” She made a snide remark which you had replied with a “Screw off, Princess. You wish you could pull something like this off.” and walked past her.

Betty and Veronica had watched him stare at you every chance he got that day.

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Do you think Red was romantic on his letters to Kitty when he was out country?

I do! I mean not mushy sappy romantic kind of stuff but in his own romantic, sweet Red Forman way.

Red probably didn’t take the time to write Kitty poetry or anything like that and if he did it was probably because he felt like he had to because it could be something Kitty would want, and not being there at home he’s be worried he might lose her to some four-eyed poet.

Red’s romantic letters would mostly consist of him just speaking from the heart. Telling Kitty how much he loved her and missed her. He’d tell her how she was the one he wanted to see waiting for him when he got home. Red would also share some of the dreams he imagined for his future and how each of them had Kitty in it….

I have written one story where one of Red’s letters to Kitty appears. I don’t wanna say which story, it’s a surprise, but I will say this: it’s a multichapter and it’s complete!

Here’s just a little peek at what I imagine Red had written Kitty:

Some days I long to run my fingers through your hair and mush it up a bit (just because I know you hate it.) It’s you, your laugh, and your beautiful smile that keep me company on these cold sleepless nights.

One day I hope to be able to sleep another goodnights sleep and not have to wake up and find myself in a living hell. Instead I want to wake up every morning for the rest of my life in a bed at home next to my favorite girl in the world.

Please don’t ever forget that I love you, Kitty now and always.



Thanks very much for the question!

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Honestly I used to be such a huge fan and then all of this straight stuff started getting so much worse after glee ended. Like I do not care if he's gay or straight, could not care less. But I do care if he's dating someone so crass and rude. And I do care if Daisy is the act and jerk is the real Darren. And honestly whether it's real or not at this point it just makes me so upset that either he supports her behavior or he's that far in the closet that I just don't like him as much anymore.

You are certainly entitled to feel that way. And I agree. Ultimately, I personally don’t care how he identifies and who he loves. As long as he is in a healthy, loving relationship. Free and comfortable to openly express himself. And clearly his public relationship is extremely toxic and soul sucking. And it’s not what we want for him.

To me Darren with Mia is a man just trying to cope. I think he’s completely created a separate character in his mind to disassociate the real Darren when he’s with her. I think it’s how he is surviving.

I also think it’s an intentional choice. He doesn’t want to sell or market straight Darren. Because to do that would be to deny his true self and his true love.

Daisy is there. We see that part of his personality frequently. But generally when she’s not around. Or when he’s acting out against the PR narrative. I firmly believe that’s the real Darren. And I think when he crosses the finish line-That at times seems close and at others so far away, that’s the Darren that will fully emerge.

Richonne party week!

Day 1- When did I start shipping richonne

a bit of background info as to why they both have an unnatural hold on me

 I was a massive hoe for Michonne ever since we saw her at the end of S2 with that mega badass intro and I was so curious about what made her so guarded because she rarely spoke but she conveyed so much with every little thing she did and being the teenage black girl I was and still am I was amazed by her multi dimensional character like she was serving us more than the angry black woman shiz and she’s dark skinned! So I put my sudden shipping down to my Michonne obsession first. I was equally in love with the very conflicted Rick who did everything he could for his family, like more than his Adonis looks, Rick’s relentless striving to lead his people safely was why my heart fell out my ass for him.

When the two collided….

When the 2 apples of my eye ( apples get it lol ) locked eyes at that fence?! I felt pure fire and some other things I can’t describe but it was just an instant “FUCK THEY LOOK GOOD THEY NEED TO GET TOGETHER” and I did feel really bad at first because I only based it on their looks but then I realised that shit is called chemistry and it doesn’t exist like that from the first meeting without going somewhere really deep and meaningful.

Then from Clear, it was just too much to see how interwoven their personal stories are and I just fell deeper. I binged all the way up till when After aired live and I’m still kinda floored 13 year old me put 2 and 2 together so fast when I was reading and watching non stop like I think that’s one of my greatest life achievements lmao I pinpointed richonne when I probably missed everything else that had people going bananas!