like he loves her that much

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I would like to request ftm trans!draco coming out to Narcissa/ them bonding! thank you so much ilu <3

Hi my love ♡ I hope it’s okay! 

Draco couldn’t do this.

He had dreamed about how he would tell his mom - make her dinner, buy her flowers and hug her tight.


Just in case she didn’t want to hug him ever again.


He would tell it to her slowly, breaking the news as carefully as possible.

(Anything to save her from an imminent heart attack.)

He had made a speech, wrote it down on paper in the middle of the night, the paper stained with tears because he couldn’t focus on anything but the fact that his mother is going to hate him.

Pansy had calmed him down from several panic attacks, Blaise had basically just told him to “suck it up and tell them” and he was still convinced that he’d rather jump into the Hogwarts lake and be drowned by the giant squid than go through with this – because oh dear Merlin he couldn’t do this.

But he couldn’t back down now.

Because his mother was standing in front of him, her hands full of clippings he’d stashed in his room, his binder wrapped over her wrist and – oh no.

“Love,” his mother began, slowly, looking up from the muggle Trans Teenagers magazine clippings, “what’s this?”

“I –”

He had prepared a speech. He was going to do it, but he wasn’t ready now – he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t he couldn’t he couldn’t

He had to.

“I’m..” he took a deep breath, looking down at his hands. “I’m sorry, mother.”

“Darling,” she started again, her voice slightly off, as if she was on the verge of tears. “Are you – is this –“

It felt like there was a hippogriff on his chest now, pressing down on him until all he could do was choke. Please, please, she’s going to hate me - “I – yes, mother, I –“ why couldn’t he breathe, he needed to breathe –“I’m so, so sorry that – I didn’t mean to –“

Then, suddenly, she lurched forward and wrapped herself around him.

She hugged Draco tight to her chest, locking her arms around him and her head against his hair – crying and kissing his forehead, whispering impossible things to him, “shh, darling, it’s okay, I’m here –“

“Mom,” Draco sobbed, hugging her tightly. His heart was going bonkers. Was this really happening? “I’m not your –“

“You’re my child,” Narcissa said through the tears, firmly and clearly. “And that’s all that matters.”

Draco hiccoughed a laugh, a broken one but it felt real, and he buried his face deep in her chest. She didn’t hate him – she was hugging him, she wasn’t appalled, she wasn’t locking him up – he couldn’t believe this he couldn’t

“And I think,” Narcissa continued softly, “that your father has always wanted a son, anyway.”

They both snorted at the same time, and then started laughing.

Because at the moment, it was fine. Draco could finally breathe in deeply, knowing that whatever his father would say, he’d be able to go through it, to keep standing and face him, knowing that his mother was right there beside him to hold his hand.

“I love you,” he murmured finally, and she squeezed him tighter. 

She didn’t need to say it back.

He knew.

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Ooh headcanons! Casual intimacy? With the whole family! The careful way Wolf touches Cress's shoulder to move past her or quietly get her attention. Cinder plopping her feet in Thorne's lap. Winter twisting a curl of Scarlet's hair. Kai and Jacin in a crowded elevator, and Jacin edging protectively closer. Just little touches--things that show how close they are!

Ahhhhhhhh!!! Your examples are so incredibly adorable all by themselves! I can’t even express how much I love the idea of Wolf being so very careful about how he touches Cress. Instinctive little touches like that are such a big part of what makes the Rampion crew more family than friends. Touches and actions like…

  • Iko absently playing with the hair of whoever she’s sitting next to. She weaves delicate braids into Cress’s short locks (or Jacin’s longer ones), then unravels them to leave pretty little waves.
  • Jacin automatically throwing out an arm to halt any unpleasant jolts for his passenger—often Kai or Cinder or Winter—when the hover brakes unexpectantly.
  • Thorne gently tucking his flight jacket around Cinder’s shoulders when she falls asleep in the Rampion’s copilot seat after several hours’ worth of work on the control panel’s wiring.
  • Scarlet holding out a spoonful of the stew she’s just made to Cress for tasting, her other hand poised under it to catch any drips.
  • Winter propping her chin on Kai’s shoulder while they’re waiting for Jacin to bring the hover around after yet another exhausting press conference about the bioelectricity inhibitor.
  • Cress wordlessly handing any stubborn pickle/jam/jelly jars over to Wolf to open for her.
    • In turn, Wolf wordlessly handing over tangled headphones or knotted shoestrings to Cress because her small fingers excel where his giant hands fall short. 
  • Thorne carrying Cinder’s discarded heels (and Cress’s, of course) for her as the Peace Ball winds down and everyone’s walking back to the palace’s living space together.
  • Wolf snagging Thorne’s collar to haul him back before he accidentally steps off a curb wrong or steps in something unpleasant in the barnyard.
  • Iko holding onto Cinder’s arm for balance as she adjusts the strap on her sandals.
  • Scarlet dishing up second and third helpings at dinner without being asked because after all the meals they’ve eaten together, she knows who’s going to want what.
  • Kai bumping his shoulder against Thorne’s in greeting (and as a wordless “scoot over”) when he drops onto the couch next to him on movie night.

I’m screaming because I decided to combine these two requests and it ended up longer and more convoluted than expected BUT I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AAA @chiimei @anonymous Thank you for sending them in! c:

From the prompt list (x)

It wasn’t the first time he’d thrown himself in the line of fire to protect her, and while Ladybug was always grateful to have someone always looking out for her, she couldn’t help but worry that one day irreparable damage would be done to him and she would be without her partner.

Chat Noir was reckless and often in peril, and most of the time it was because he was covering for her in one way or another. As years of their partnership went on, her fear of losing him built up over time. The only thing she could do was build a dam over the river that was her feelings on the matter, because she knew Chat Noir only wanted to protect her, and she couldn’t fault him for that.  

Today’s akuma attack, where she actually saw a sword go through her partner’s stomach, broke that dam in one fell swoop.

It all spilled out and she completely freaked out, and when Marinette freaked out she lost sight of everything and anything in her immediate vicinity, and it was by sheer luck that she had her freak-out in a completely secluded area with only Chat Noir as witness.

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Kaneki rampage incoming?

Now I’m even more worried that Kaneki’s Kakuja rampage is imminent.

I mentioned before that Kaneki will be a lot more protective of Touka now that he loves her, and that becomes much more apparent when you look at how happy he is. I really don’t know how Kaneki will react if Touka’s life is threatened or in danger.

Up until now Kaneki has only been protective of those who he always kept at arm’s length, who he never showed being vulnerable too. But now that Touka is out of this loop, his protective instinct will likely become hypersensitive. I’m worried that Furuta will take advantage of this especially considering that his debut (without his mask on) involved briefly meeting Touka and then afterwards referring to her as “pretty” in an omake.

With the returning centipede as well, I highly suspect that we may see another Kakuja rampage from Kaneki once again.

Their reaction to you having cuteass moans

Bts reaction to you having cute ass moans. 

 Okay, so, I’ve decided to do a short one because I haven’t got much time to update, and it also seems like the shorter ones the other admins do are more popular. Hope we can receive your feedback! 


Originally posted by allforbts

 This is his domain. His world. Literally, “I love your moans." Inside, he would be like, "Holy shit her moans are dead cute omg my soulmate." 

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Love your Ned and Sansa parallels. Wish we saw more of their relationship. Can we hear your Cat/Arya parallels

Aww thank you! For me  Arya always admired her mother Catelyn. She thought she was a fondamental figure in Winterfell. And it shows here in this quote: 

“The Lannisters are proud,” Jon observed. “You’d think the royal sigil would be sufficient, but no. He makes his mother’s House equal in honor to the king’s.”

“The woman is important too!” Arya protested.

which for me foreshadows Arya being like Queen Nymeria. Marrying a lesser lord (gendry) and using her own Stark sigil to rule. (and her own army of wolves…) 

As for Catelyn, she loves Arya very much. And even though she cant understand her more wild side, she admires it. When she sees a strong woman, Arya is what comes in her mind. 

The Warrior was Renly and Stannis, Robb and Robert, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow. She even glimpsed Arya in those lines, just for an instant.

Also arya has defently taken her more dangerous side, her desire from revenge from her mother. This list of names sounds very similiar to Arya own famous one.

I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one, every one. But my girls … my girls will …" 

(its also why i believe Arya will be the one to give Lady stone heart, the mercy of death. Which will be tragic for her, will make Arya stop persuing revenge and make her return home to fight the others..) 

I like how both want to look brave and strong but sometimes they just want to be held, to rest, to be vulnerable:

She woke aching and alone and weary; weary of riding, weary of hurting, weary of duty. I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all … a day … an hour . . .

“I wish I was home,” she said miserably. She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but sometimes she felt like she was just a little girl after all.

As for my head canons: Catelyn is always proud of how northen Arya looks. How she has took after her husband Ned. And when the septa tells Catelyn about Arya not being a lady, Catelyn goes to Arya room and consoles her. Reminding her that she is beautiful in her own way. Arya loves how her mother manages the keep, and how people ask for her opinion. She wants to be respected like her when she grows up. 

‪Twelve buying Missy make up 🌸‬
‪Missy making him try her black eyeliner and nail polish because she thinks it fits with his rockstar aesthetic 🌺‬
‪Twelve combing and braiding Missy’s hair as he tells her about his day 🌼‬
Twelve smiling at Missy as she’s sleeping in his arms like a tiny smol murderous kitten and just not being able to resist the urge to kiss her forehead 🌹

Yondu and the 4 year old lil girl!! He’s a protective dad who lets her play with his trinkets, and is over protective when she starts dating! She also learns to cuss at a young age and the other Ravagers die laughing when she does. Yondu doesn’t know how to feel. Hope you like the doodles! ❤


Okay I'm all about Drarry ya'll know that right

But a tiny part of me will always be happy because Draco Malfoy married for love and the fact that she was a Pureblood was secondary to him (because obv Narcissa and Lucius didnt like her much). And isnt that the most subtle character development?? He didn’t leave her side even when she was dying?! It sucks that he was paired off with some chick who wasn’t even necessary but the idea is quite beautiful nonetheless

😊DM Diary (Grayson x Reader)

Summary:  Hi darling ☺️ ! Could you write something about y/n has a habit where she dms Gray every night before she goes to bed telling him about her days, her problems & just venting. He’s pretty much her diary! He randomly replies one night, & every night they always seem to talk & eventually they end up meeting or something cute? I know this will never happen but a girl can dream 💕 love you!

Warnings: None

A/N: Happy birthday @scuteedolans! I love you so much and I hope I did your request justice! I’ll also try and update DLE for your present! DM messages are in italics.

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Dear Grayson, Hey Grayson. My name is Y/N and I’m such a big fan. I decided to vent to you, like you’re my diary? I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Just some things I need to get off my chest so I feel this is the way to do it. Thank you for following me on Twitter. Honestly, my heart skipped a beat. I was driving when I got the notification that you had followed me. I almost wrecked the car out of pure excitement. Anyways, I just hope that you have an amazing day and I love you so much.

Xx Y/N

This was the start of many DM’s later that I would DM Grayson. He was my person I could vent to. He was like my diary. I remember when he followed me, I was driving when I got the notification. I almost wrecked the car, but I didn’t. My best friend and I would get in an argument and I would tell Grayson about it. Some coworkers being dumb at work? I would tell Grayson. I would also ask how his day was going and make sure he was doing okay and I would let him know that if he ever needed to vent that I was there for him. I did this for about three months. Every single night I would write him different DM’s and let him know that I was always as positive as I could be. My friends would always make fun of me and tease me for DMing him, but I didn’t care. Until one night I got super drunk and sent him a DM. It was the night before my birthday and I was getting hammered with all of my friends. Then Grayson came to mind and everything went downhill.

Grayson, I love you so much. I don’t think you know just how much I really do love you. You’re such a wonderful human and I’m a little drunk and all I can think about is how amazing you are. How attractive you are and how much I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fuck we can too IDC haha. But Grayson today is my birthday and it would mean the world if I got a DM from you because I love you and you’re so cool. Thanks for being so great tbh. -Y/N

When I woke up with a massive hangover and a craving for water the next day, I saw the message. I left my friends who were still asleep in the house as I scurried to my car to go home. I still can’t believe I sent that. I groaned at the sunlight as I started my car and drove to work. I just shudder at the message I reread over and over and over again in my mind. I parked in the front of the mall and I walked to Forever 21. I was hungover and wanted to leave. I groaned as I folded some clothes and dealt with some grumpy customers. I could feel my stomach churning.

That night was the first time I didn’t DM Grayson. I didn’t DM him for awhile after that. I was so upset about what I sent him the night of my birthday. However everything changed whenever I was handing some swimsuits up before we closed for the night.

Hey Y/N! Haha thank you so much for all of your positive DM’s! I’ve noticed you haven’t messaged me in awhile :/ are you okay? Sorry it took me forever to respond, but I enjoy reading your messages so much! Haha and if we ever met, maybe we can work out that kissing deal? You’re really cute tbh and I hope you had such a great birthday! Ethan and I have been working our tails off for the new videoes. Hope to hear from you soon! What’s your snap? -Xx Grayson :)

“Okay Y/N you can–” My boss started to say, but I cut her off.

“GRAYSON DOLAN JUST DM’ED ME HOLY SHIT I NEED TO LEAVE!” I screamed in my manager’s face as I quickly typed my message back to him.

My snap is @your_snap_name_here123 and you’re honestly so great! I was just so embaressed about my drunk message to you…

Don’t be nervous. Trust me I’ve read way worse lol. And I added you :) wow 10,763 points? WEAK!

I saw my friends Cassie and Miranda walking out of Torrid laughing. They were walking my direction.

“Hey Y/N did you–” I cut Cass off as I flashed my phone in front of her face, causing her to drop her pop.

“GRAYSON DM’ED ME YOU GUYS!” Miranda then took my phone as she read through the message over and over.

“Nah it’s whatever I wasn’t thirsty anyways.” She muttered.

“Holy shit.” She gasped as Cass took the phone. Just then my phone buzzed with a snap from who I assumed was Grayson. I snatched my phone back as I saw Snapchat from Grayson Dolan across my screen. Grayson Dolan just snapchatted me. I was doing my best not to freak out in the middle of the mall. I opened the snap which revealed Grayson drinking some coffee.

 That started our 241 day snap streak. We played multiple games of truth or dare trhough snap and we just became super close. We told each other so many things that I didn’t ever repeat. Not even to my groupchat. We would even do silly dares like I remember I had to take three shots of maple syrup while I dared him to eat a Vegemite and ketchup smoothie. This was the beginning of our talking until I went out to LA with my friends that summer and Grayson and I met up. We all went to the beach together and we had so much fun. Grayson and I made smores while Maddi and A’ishah  hung out with Ethan and went skinny dipping, but they didn’t tell us they went skinny dipping. Grayson and I talked about anything we could think of. I talked to him about moving all over and he talked to me about youtube. I honestly had the greatest weekend with him.

“Okay so truth or dare?” He asked me as I smirked.

“Truth. I never do dares with boys.” He chuckled.

“So how has this weekend been on a scale of 1 to 10?” He asked as we walked along the shore of the beach.

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“11.” I chuckled with him. “What if I said dare?” I asked throwing his arm over my shoulder as he laughed.

“I would have dared you to kiss me. Like you said in your DM. Remember?  I would love to just kiss you, hold your hand and rub your back until you fall asleep. And I mean if you want to fu–”

“Yes yes I remember Grayson Bailey.” I said with a chuckle which made him cackle.

“So is it a dare?” He asked with a smirk.

“I don’t kiss on the first date. But I can give you a kiss on the cheek.” I giggled which he shrugged.

“That’s fine. That means more dates in the future?” He asked as I nodded. I started to lean in to kiss his cheek.

Originally posted by 03sandraa

That was when he turned his head and pressed his lips to mine. “Grayson…” I groaned with a laugh.

“Oh well that was our first kiss. Guess we can have multiple other ones now.” He said pressing his lips back to mine as we shared a laugh.

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“I hope your birthday was just as amazing as you are.” He smiled. I smiled with him.

“Nope. It was as amazing as you.” We laughed at our cheesiness as we continued kissing.

also it’s so obvious that straight people continue to use bisexuals for their own fucking gains because they keep saying “uwu alec could be bi” when MAGNUS IS LITERALLY CANONICALLY BISEXUAL, like if they cared about bisexuals then they wouldn’t be fucking shipping the actually canon bi character’s BOYFRIEND with a WOMAN lmfao. they just fucking hate gay people. 

and moreover this definitely is racialized homophobia because these same straight girls love shipping white dudes with zero chemistry all the time, but that they choose to ship alec with clary even though he’s canonically gay and he doesn’t like her all that much, or they choose to ship him with jace even though they’re literally brothers and parabatai, just shows that they hate magnus because they desexualize asian lgbt people and are upset they can’t self-insert using magnus 

Drink - Vernon Scenario

admin k: actually like this one sm so hope you guys do too! 

word count: 900+

pairing: vernon x reader 

Originally posted by visual-17

Looking at her, she was so pretty standing there, in her natural state. Being at party likes this, wasn’t something that Vernon was so comfortable with. Sure, he came every once and a while but he’d rather be somewhere, maybe a home, alone with the person that he’s been admiring for the past while.

He wasn’t sure why and what it was about her that he loved so much but he knew that overtime he looked at her, his heart would stop. Vernon was mesmerize by every move she made, even if it wasn’t on him. He was always a witness of her devilish actions of flirting from one guy to another. It was her nature, especially at a party where things can get crazy and out of hand.

It wasn’t her best feature, for her to flirt but he couldn’t help but feel jealous for all the guys she’s been with. Oh how much did he desire to feel her touch, for her hands to run along his chest, gliding up to wrap around his neck just to pull him closer and into a sweet kiss.

How much did he want to capture those sweet, lips of hers that form the most beautiful smile. Vernon wished for her to at least have her glance at him with those sparkling eyes of hers but never did she sneak a glance at him. How would be he know? Mostly because he’d always have his eyes on her, no caring what in the world was happening around him.

She was his main focus and it angered him how he was never the guy that was her target. It really bothered him, making him frustrated as the think about the many people she’s been with. She’s probably hook up with so many people, maybe everyone but him. He found that strange.

How could it be? Vernon knew he wasn’t unattractive, not that he thought of himself as the most attractive guy but…to the most average. Was he not her type? That can’t be…

Something that night made Vernon ticked off more than most days. It could’ve bene the drinks that night or it could’ve been an off day for Vernon, who knows but that night, he got up from where he was to approach her.

Finally, after months now, he’s finally using he courage and anger he’s built to talk to her.

She was laughing so loud but cheerfully that her lovely laugh could be heard over the blasting music in the house. As usual, she was with a few guys, talking and chatting away.

When Vernon stopped right in front of her, it scared her and she froze in her place. It wasn’t the first reaction Vernon wanted her to have of him but he couldn’t change that.

“Drink with me.” He spoke in a commanding voice but also a bit welcoming just to make her feel at ease.

She hesitatingly took the shot glass that he offered her. “Oh come on Y/N, don’t act so scared! It’s literally one shot.” One of the guys she was with joked around.

She smiled and took the shot with him even though he was still glaring at the guys she was wiht. She noticed and immediately grabbed his wrist to pull him away from the guys and to where people were dancing.

He seemed confused but the minute she starts dancing and smiling again, he knew that she was happy to be dancing with him.

Laughing and dancing, the night was better. Afterwards, you both took a break from dancing and drank once again on the couch.

“Thanks.” She said when she takes the cup of beer Vernon offers.

She immediately gulps it down while Vernon sat down beside her and watched her. Why was it that every move she makes just gets him in daze?

She was an aura of beauty and Vernon was so attracted to her. She looked to him, staring at him in question.

“I have a question.” Vernon speaks up, somehow reading her mind.

Her eyes go big for a minute but she answers. “Ask.” Her voice as lovely as her being.

Vernon felt his breath hitch, almost as if it was taken away from her beauty. Trying his best to focus, he regains himself. “Why is it that…your always flirting with some other guy and I mean any other guy except…”

“You?” She finished his question. She looked away, at the people dancing, thinking about the question.

“Unlike the other guys…I actually like you. I get shy…around you.” He furrows his brows but inside he’s denying her confession.

She lets out a small breath and embarrassed smile, looking down at her cup of beer. “Shocker right?”

“It’s…pretty hard to believe, I’ll tell you that.”

“But it’s true, I don’t know what else to say. I really am just trying to have fun at these parties and whenever you’re around, I just…I can’t face you. Until tonight that is.” She looked up at him.

“Kind of pathetic but whatever.” She added.

He still blinked at her blankly, unsure of what to think about it. Vernon still couldn’t believe his crush liked him back.

“Do you know how jealous I got because of you?” 

That night was filled with unexpected outcomes, and one included Vernon leaning in to quickly capture those lips that he’s been wanted to kiss for so long.

It didn’t take a second for her to immediately kiss him back in longing and want for the sweet love that the two of wanted to feel between each other.

Hoseok Scenario: Rather Mysterious.

Request: Hi 😋 so I was hoping for a Hobi scenario 🙈  where he hears y/n talking with her BFF and he hears something about how she likes guys that are serious and kind of mysterious (but he didn’t know she was talking about anime guys) Then Hoseok starts acting serious and all that for y/n to like him more. P.S: I love your writing so much 😍

Genre: Fluff / Comedy.

Hoseok couldn’t decide if he had arrived at the best or at the worst time. 

You were in your house enjoying a night with friends, and him, Hoseok didn’t mind being around you girls, he’d usually laugh his ass off at your occurrences or exactly the other way around, it was good for you as a couple to be able to feel so comfortable with each other’s friends since some times it was you coming to his house to have a great time with him and the guys, and he knew those troublemakers liked you as much as your friends liked him. So you were in a well build ground on the friends department. 

He liked that, he liked to think that was one of the things that made your relationship so strong and then he heard the voice of your best friend talking and it was like betrayal.

-Come on Y/N, you don’t like them like Hoseok-

He had trusted her, he had given her his good will and showed her his jokes, for what? Was she getting into your head just like that? And how dared her, and you to speak like that so freely? He could go in at any minute. He had just gotten away to go to the bathroom and make a quick call to the manager and when he came back he started to hear this.

Hoseok hid himself against the wall feeling his heart beating faster, he was eavesdropping on your conversation, but then you were talking about him somehow, so he had the right to know.

You laughed making Hoseok frown, you found that funny?

-No I don’t, Hoseok is a different deal-

A different deal? So what? He was like some kind of exception? Hoseok had always thought he was your ideal type, the man you had waited for your whole life, not an exception.

-So how do you really like them Y/N?- your friend continued with that mischievous tone girls used with each other. 

-Well, let’s see…- you started with the same tone. Hoseok usually found it endearing when he heard you like that, but now it was making him annoyed. What was so fun about this? Talking and thinking about other guys, your ideal type. 

Even without wanting it Hoseok tuned in his ears to hear better what you’d say next.

-I like them like… mysterious you know? That type of guy who is a bit aloof and you don’t exactly know what he’s thinking, I don’t know, I think mysterious would be the best way to describe it-

Hoseok gasped under his breath, outraged. If he was sure about something in life was that he was everything but mysterious. And to you he was like an open book, he had really thought you liked that, but hearing this now made him think he had been wrong all this time.

Your friends laughed and you laughed with them, Hoseok’s frown deepened.
He truly liked you, he loved you. And he didn’t want you to bore of him, so he thought about his odds and nodded with determination, if you wanted mystery then mystery you’d get.

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Highlights from a local spring awakening production

-wendla came onstage super happy! She was dancing in circles and playing with her dress when she started singing but slowly got sadder (very different from any versions I’ve seen)
- mama who bore me reprise had soo much energy compared to past shows I’ve seen
- okay, when the boys come onstage i like to guess who is who, and i was mostly right except i switched melchior and hansen bc melchior seemed way more smug than other interpratations ive seen
- i loved moritz so much!! He was smol and had long super curly hair and had a headband to keep it back, it was really cute (he was also also the first black mortiz I’ve seen live and looked a lot like how headcannon him)
- the actor playing melchior really made me want to hate him, much more than other Melchiors have
- he seemed like he was trying to correct the teacher for the sake of talking back than to actually help moritz
- bitch of living was great!! That was the point where my mom was like uhhhh what am i watching?? Most likely bc there were a lot of jerking off motions happening in the dance
- there was also a pole onstage that people were leaning on and swinging around on during the dance which was cool
- the achilles & patroclus line was delivered perfectly!!
- anna and thea were definitely a thing no one can convince me otherwise
- The hanschen was perfect in his desmoda monologue but i felt so awkward with my mom next to me
- i got chills during touch me wOW
- dark i know well was suuuper well done, they had all the boys onstage playing the father of all the girls and showed them beating/being sexual with them and it made the song super powerful
- the teachers didn’t have german accents which i actually liked
- the beating scene wasn’t as intense as i would’ve liked… after he said the “I’ll beat the hell out of you” line he stopped and ran off before actually punching her and stuff
- there were no microphones until half way through And Then There Were None when motiz had a microphone and stand, and at the end the stage went black except a spotlight on mortiz and he dropped the mic stand and it was hella dramatic
- honestly in other productions, mirror blue night seems like it has no purpose (i mean like wtf do the lyrics mean) but the actor playing melchior had a clear reason for singing it in his mind and it really showed
- the hayloft scene was way too consentual, it didn’t seem like rape which is the author’s intent…
- i really liked ilse, she was the perfect mix between obc and dwsa ilse
- i liked how she was trying to show how great her life was but you could really tell she hated it and was scared
- ( also the lighting in that whole dont do sadness/moritz suicide was a+++)
- wendla was happy during guilty one’s?? Her and melchior were like cuddling and being super domestic and stuff it was wierd
- melchior overall just seemed like an asshole… i mean he kinda is but i didn’t see the other layers of him like i have with past actors
- melchior was playing guitar at the beginning of left behind which was kinda cool
- moritz’s dad was the focal of the song rather than melchior, he was center stage clearly coming back from getting drunk and was breaking down, and at one point melchior came up and tapped him on the shoulder and he just crumpled to the floor crying
- okay I’m gonna talk about woyb reprise for a bit
- it wasn’t comic relief at all i was so glad!!
-hanschen at first seemed to be interested in what Ernst was saying before he was like … are you kidding me
- hanchen seemed so hurt during “so are you sorry we…??”
- Hanschen looked into ernst’s eyes and grabbed his hand as he said the “and so you should” line and i think it was the best I’ve ever seen it
- the the rest of the song hanschen seemed so vulnerable!! Like “oh shit I’m falling for this boy whay do i do”
- the kiss at the end of the song was way more tender than the other ones and a few people laughed at the previous ones but thankfully no one did the last time
- the reformatory scene was the only one were melchior didn’t seem as much of an asshole tbh
- MORE PROOF THAT THEA AND ANNA WERE GIRLFRIENDS was in song of purple summer, all the characters that were couples were next to eachother (like hanschen/ernst and the parents and stuff) and thea and Anna were holding hand and at one point they sat down and thea put her head in anna’s lap it was so cute you guys
- overall i really loved the choreo in the show

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I watched an NBA game one night and they showed the kiss cam and there was a mom with a little girl and it was adorable! So, I thought how cute would it be if Sebastian took your 2 year old girl and you (his wife) to an NBA game and the kiss cam would be on them so he would give her many kisses on her face and she would giggle. Can you write one like that?

So after much debate I decided to do this request as a drabble. Hope you still like it!

Originally posted by yourlipbalm

Seb may not have been much for sports but you loved them and since you loved them, he made an effort to do so too. So for your birthday he bought you guys tickets to go see your favorite basketball team play against their rivals.

You guys arrived to the stadium early as you were escorted to your seats the only thing you heard more than Sebastian’s name being yelled was people complimenting your daughter on her pink tutu and leather jacket ensemble.

Sitting in your VIP court-side seats, your daughter climbed into your laps, draping her full body across both of you. You were totally enthralled in the game as you tried to explain to your little girl what was going on when suddenly Seb tapped you on the shoulder and pointed to jumbotron. The kiss cam was pointed at you guys making you giggle.

You lifted your little girl up between the two of you as she wrapped her arms around both your necks while you guys covered her faces in kisses. A resounding ‘aw’ filled the stadium as she giggled and wriggled against your hold on her.

As soon as the camera turned away, Seb leaned around your daughter and pulled you in for a quick peck.

“Ewwwww!” Your daughter squealed, scrunching her face at you guys as you leaned in for one more kiss before turning your attention back to the game.


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harry potter for the send me a fandom thing

The first character I fell in love with: Luna

The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Lily

The character everyone loves that I don’t: Ginny

The character I love that everyone else hates: Umbridge (okay love is a strong word, but I don’t hate her)

The character I used to love but don’t anymore: Snape

The character I would totally smooch: Remus (he deserves all the love)

The character I want to be like: Harry (I’m a huge wimp and I envy brave people)

The character I’d slap: Umbrudge (I may not hate her, but I’d still like to slap her)

A pairing I love: Jily 

A pairing I despise: Sn/ly

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It's ominous that we didn't see Touka's face after what Kaneki said about accepting the ring.

To me, she was kinda embarrassed because Kaneki didn’t look embarrassed/awkward/uncomfortable AT ALL, besides, maybe she was afraid that he would get the wrong idea? like “is she asking me for marriage?” but he got it pretty well and even laughed/smiled and was super supportive and accepting about it, he didn’t even ask why or told her that maybe it was too much for her to give him something as important as that ring, but he just took it without complaining and put it around his neck immediately (kudos to Kaneki, such a loving man)


Lunch Break

Seokjin X Reader (Smut & Fluff)

Request: Can you please do some smutty Jin texts where his gf is self conscious cause she’s a chubbier girl but he’s super loving about it and talks about how much her body makes him happy - Anon

A/N this got fluffier than I anticipated, but I hope you like it non-the-less, dear!! Thank you for your request!! 💛

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I wanna see more super mutant main characters. Not like a companion who really brings nothing to the story, or one just standing there doing nothing, then becoming human through bullshit science. I mean something where you need to get some kind of resource, and the only one who has it is like, this super mutant who somehow has a beard, had a business suit custom built for himself, and is in charge of a vault casino.

yeah, i like marcus, hes my favorite in fnv, even though he doesnt do much in fnv. but i liked how he had a really calm voice and seemed pretty chill. i love lily but her and raul had very disconnected and simple arcs that revolved more around lore and backstory versus being interactive with the games world building. there was neil too, the guy at black mt that helps you get past the nightkin if your speech is high enough, at least he was helpful. theres like, one random super mututant in far harbor thats intelligent and sells dogs, and even gives dogmeat a bandana which my sole survivor wears everywhere now because i was so attached to that sentiment. i wouldve loved him waaaaaaay more as a companion then strong, but mostly because i just like animal friendly people probably haha

Crazy Thoughts About Chloe

Weird thought I had driving in the middle of the night.

What if Chloe was made by God to be Charlotte’s vessel?! I probably have been watching too much ‘Supernatural’, but God is omniscient and would have foreseen her escape from Hell and her mortal body breaking apart. Now he loves humanity and would not want his creation destroyed by the divine light of his ex-wife. So what does he do? He asks Amenadiel to create a miracle.

Chloe is immune to Lucifer’s ‘magic’. He can’t tempt her, he can’t easily seduce her. Maybe her mortal body is hardwired like this, not as a romantic option for Lucifer, or in order to distract or take him down, but so that his mother can be contained.

Maybe her her miracle body can house a divine being permanently.

Idk for sure, it was late and I was tired when this popped into my head. Probably won’t happen. But the writers could be that cruel to the Ship Deckerstar, and what a terrible and depressing season finale it would be. Lucifer unable to kill his Mother, learns the love of his hellish existence is meant to contain her, and now he has to stare at Chloe’s face and realize it’s his mother behind her blue eyes.

It’s a little twisted, but also great story telling.

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