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12x14 “The Raid”
“How about you’re just trying to be a mom.”

God, I love this moment and it hurts. Because of course Dean just wants her to be a mom, would love for her to be just as he always envisioned her, but she’s not. And damn if that’s not painful to realize. More than that though, I think for Dean getting Mary back wasn’t just about getting back the mom he always hoped her to be, but rather gaining something he never had since her death and that is indeed childhood. He may not be a child and kid anymore age wise, but as we know somehow Dean managed to preserve a little bit of this boyish-ness and being a kid at heart. To me getting Mary back in that regard to Dean may have even counted as a regaining of childhood as an adult. So of course that’s jut my personal impression/headcanon, but when thinking about it in this way Dean’s line is even sadder, because in a way it must feel like he lost his mom and his childhood a second time around. And damn if that’s not painful, because he is telling the truth plain and simple, he never was a kid… ;___;

All Caryl interactions in Season 7 (indirect or direct) and what it means:

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be:
Daryl, injured and hopeless, kneeling, facing potential death, thinks of mostly Carol in his potentially last moments. He could be about to die any second here and he thinks of her, mostly. He remembers the Terminus hug (5x01) and he remembers when he gave her a shoulder massage (3x01). 

Now, let’s think: Why would he remember those specific moments out of any other? Terminus reunion was probably because that was the happiest he’s been. He lost Carol out of his own control (like he has with his mom and Merle), he, perhaps, even though she was dead. He thought he would never see her again. He missed her so much. 
But then, he sees her. She FOUND him. She SAVED them. There she was, in all her precious flesh, apprehensive, wondering how they would all react. The woman he loves is alive and she found them, in a hopeless world. She found them. Happiness can exist even in that world. As hopeless as it seems, in the misery of it all, they reunited. 
And he runs to her. He hugs her so tight, lifts her off the ground. Teary eyed. So happy. Nuzzles her. Just can’t get enough of her. 
‘’ You’re here. You found me. You’re here again. I’m never going to let you out of my sight, I love you. ‘’ (he didn’t say those words specifically, but with his actions, his facial expressions, says it all.)

Why did he remember Terminus? Because of everything I stated above.

Why did he remember giving her a shoulder massage? He was bringing her comfort. He was going out of his way to do something for somebody he loves (something he’s never done for anyone else, I may add). She looks at him with a huge smile and he stops. ‘’ We should get back… ‘’ he says.
‘’ Pretty romantic. Wanna screw around? ‘’ she asks. 
He scoffs. He looks back at her almost like ‘’ wait… is she serious? ‘’ and instead, they both laugh. 

Slow burn, people. Slow burn. 
Why did he remember the shoulder massage? Because it was physical affection. It was him bringing her comfort. His memories with Carol, his happiest one’s, are ones that include physical touch. He could have remembered literally anything else. But he didn’t. He remembered memories that include him initiating, all on his own, physical touch and affection. THOSE are Daryl’s happiest moments. 

Moving on. That was Caryl interaction in Season 7 Episode 1. It was indirect, but it was there. In his last thoughts (for all he knew), he thought of Carol.

Season 7 Episode 9: Rock In The Road:

Rick: Did you find Carol?
Morgan: I did, yeah.
Daryl: Where is she? Is she okay?
Morgan looking at Daryl: Well, she was here and then she left. 
*If you notice, Daryl stops in his tracks. No movement. None. You cannot even tell he’s breathing. 
Morgan: You know, she wasn’t too happy with me following her. She wanted to get away from us. From everyone.
*Daryl starts pacing side by side*
Morgan: But when I found her, she was shot.
*Daryl stops moving again*
Morgan: Just a graze, I got her back here, they got doctors. They good. 
Daryl: *angry, grunt voice, almost snarling* Was it them? 
Morgan: It was. 
Morgan: She had crossed with some of them and one of them followed her and tried to kill her.
*Shot of Daryl’s face, who swallows as he’s told someone tried to kill Carol. He looks very angry and upset.*
Morgan, who by the way is looking straight at Daryl, almost with an apologetic look, continues on saying:
I killed him. I had to. Carol was here. She got help. *looks at Daryl*
Morgan: Now she’s gone. 
Daryl: Looks sad and destroyed, confused. 
*Shot of Rick also looking at Daryl.

Now… this scene wasn’t for nothing. This was to show how close Daryl and Carol are and how others around them, even others who don’t know them that well (Morgan) know how close they are and how important Carol is to Daryl. This scene had Daryl pacing, frozen, swallowing, angry, concerned and sad. This? It wasn’t for nothing. This was yet another indirect Caryl scene that didn’t necessarily need to be there and wouldn’t have been there had they planned on erasing Caryl.

Moving on to one of our favorite episodes (yes?)

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends: 

Scene 1: Daryl brings up Carol out of nowhere. (Necessary? No.)
It starts off with…
Daryl: Hey. Where’d you go in them trucks?
*Morgan walks over*
Daryl: You went to see them, right? 
Morgan: Yeah. 
Daryl: Part of your deal?
*Morgan looks away*
Daryl: What the hell is wrong with you?
Daryl: You’re bleeding. They did that to you. You know what they are.
Morgan: I do. 
Daryl: You know…if Carol were here, she saw all that, if she knew Abraham… and Glenn… she’d be leading us right to them, ready to kill them all.
*evaluate Daryl’s voice… his voice is low. Almost angry. Snarling. Almost mocking Morgan.
*Morgan is quite obviously a bit offended*
Morgan: She would. And that’s why she left, man.
*Daryl, looking at him with anger and walks away*

This scene, was it necessary? No. What did it show? That Daryl is thinking of Carol. He knows her. He knows how badass she is and how she takes no shit. He admires her. He’s PROUD of her. He knows this woman is fierce and he has no problems randomly letting Morgan know. Out of nowhere. Because he is thinking of her.

Scene 2: Richard set up a plan to get Carol killed in the hopes to push Ezekiel to want to fight. Let’s skip that dialogue and get to what matters.

Richard: It’s just some loner he met 
Richard: Sometimes he brings food their way.
Daryl: Why don’t they live in The Kingdom?
Richard: I don’t know. She lives out there, she’ll die out there.
Daryl: … it’s a woman?
Richard: Does that matter? She’s got more balls then you and me. She’s gonna die either way.
*Notice the sounds, the music* 
Richard: When the saviors come and find their buddies dead, if they know their elbow from their asshole, they can follow an obvious spore. They are going to go to the weapons cash and into the cabin. They are going to attack this woman. 
Daryl: What’s her name?
Richard: Maybe they kill her, maybe they don’t. But it’s going to show Ezekiel what he needs to do. 
Daryl: Her name. What is it?
Richard: She’s tough. Maybe she’ll live.
Daryl: *raises his voice* Say her damn name!
Richard: … Carol. I hoped you didn’t know her. But I didn’t think you’d care. Cause you know what needs to happen.
Daryl: No.
Richard: Maybe she’ll live. Look this is how this can happen. This is how we can get rid of the saviors. This is how we all can have a future (A future for Daryl without Carol? NO. That’s what the show is saying).
Richard: She’s living out there alone just waiting to die.
Daryl: *raises voice again, walking away* NO.
Richard: If we don’t do anything, a hell of a lot more people are going to die, people who want to live.
Daryl: *immediately turns around and gets right up to Richard’s voice* 
You stay the hell away from Carol, you hear me? 

Saviors driving up, Richard still wants to go with his plan and Daryl, realizing that he’s going to do it, throws Richard to the ground, beating him up. 

After, Richard talks some more nonsense, prompting Daryl to say:
‘’ She gets hurt, she dies, she catches a fever… she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightening. Anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you. ‘’

Was this scene necessary? No. This scene just showed us how much Daryl loves Carol and how she is the most important thing in the world to Daryl. That’s not for no reason. Nothing is wasted screen time. This is to remind us, after all this time, Daryl still loves Carol and will protect her by any means necessary, even if it means beating or killing someone. 

Scene 3: The Grand Reunion:

*We see Carol opening her door and is just looking annoyed. Ezekiel and his people are there. Carol says she only opened the door because they tripped her wire. Jerry gives her cobbler, she takes it and tells them to go.*

*She’s seen sitting down, picking up a romance novel called Denim Dreams, when she hears a knock on her door*

*She opens the door, ready to rip Zekeyboy a new asshole, when she loses her breath, realizing it’s Daryl* 
Who, by the way, is wearing denim and so is Carol.

Daryl is looking apprehensive. Sad. Carol is beginning to cry. She walks forward in his arms and he hugs her back with one arm (because crossbow on his arm), he sniffles and moves her arm gently to look at her. Because he needs to know. He needs to know why she left. 

Daryl: Jesus took us to The Kingdom. Morgan said you just left… I was out here. I saw you.
Daryl: *voice breaks* Why’d you go?
Carol: I had to.

This scene shows us how upset and devastated Daryl was finding out she left. 
This scene highlights to us, again, how important she is to him. How much she matters and how much he loves her. How much he doesn’t feel okay when she’s gone away.

Scene 4: 

Carol: I couldn’t lose any of them. I couldn’t lose you. 
* Daryl raises his head to look right at her*
Carol: I couldn’t kill them. I could. I would, if they hurt any of our people, anymore of them… that’s what I would do. And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.
Carol: The Saviors. Did they come?
Daryl: …. Yeah.
Carol: *crying* Did anyone get hurt? Is everybody okay? Did the saviors… is everybody back HOME okay?
Daryl: *hesitating* 
Carol: Daryl.
Daryl: They came. We got em all. Made a deal with the rest of them like Ezekiel. Everyone’s alright. *Carol here is starting to breathe more easy… and Daryl reassures her again… ‘’ Everyone’s alright ‘’ in such a comforting voice. 
Carol: *crying out of happiness with a huge smile*
Daryl: We gonna eat or, or I got to be a king or somethin’ to get food around here?
Carol: *laughs* softly responds ‘’ shut up ‘’.
She brings the food over and pours some in Daryl’s bowl. Looking at him. Smiling.
Daryl: Ezekiel. Is he okay?
Carol: Yeah, I think he is.
*Daryl starts eating, has wonderful table manners around Carol by the way and meanwhile, she’s smiling at him, barely taking her eyes off of him

This scene. All of this here, is important. This is Daryl lying to Carol because he loves her. Sounds weird, right? Hear me out.
This is Daryl, who just finished hearing that the woman he loves couldn’t kill anymore because she was afraid there would be nothing left of her after that. 
Daryl lies because he wants to keep her safe. Protected. Away from this war. He lies because he loves her, and like Norman said ‘’ He doesn’t want her to get hurt and fuck her up basically. ‘’. 
This is a selfless act. This was for her. Him and Team Family could benefit from having Carol fight alongside them. Hell, Daryl even brought up Carol’s badassery to Morgan. He knows she could help them win. He knows she’d be a huge benefit and asset. But he doesn’t care. 
Not at her expense. He needs her. He needs her alive and healthy. If this means potentially sacrificing everyone else’s life, so be it. They can find another way. They can find another way that doesn’t involve the woman he loves. For her.

Scene 5: 

Daryl is walking out of the house when he suddenly turns around and looks at Carol for a second. She looks awkward, putting her hands in a pocket. Daryl doesn’t want to leave. But he knows he has to. So, he walks to her and gives her a hug. She grabs his hair and he puts his face down in her shoulder. We see Carol, her face, clearly shows she doesn’t want Daryl to leave. 
She nuzzles his shoulder and breathes him in. You can hear her. This is incredibly intimate. Neither of them want to let go, but Daryl knows he has to. Every moment that he lingers is tempting him to stay more and more. He knows he has to go. So he raises his hand up her back and moves away, looking right in her eyes… ‘’ Watch out for yourself, alright? ‘’ he says, in a very quiet voice. 
He walks away, without turning around. Because he knows he can’t stay. Not yet. 
Carol, however, is about to go back inside before she turns around. She’s struggling. She wants to go after him. She wants him to stay. (Melissa McBride confirmed that Carol was obviously struggling with Daryl leaving) 
But she goes inside anyway. 
(May I add that the music, to me, was pretty romantic? I loved the sounds. So calm, gentle and loving.)

Scene 6:

Morgan confirms that Daryl is holding onto Carol. Daryl is holding onto Carol because he loves her. 

Moving along to…

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes: 
(This is more a parallel)
Rick says to Michonne: ‘’ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ‘’
Carol just got done telling Daryl that she couldn’t lose him in Episode 10. 
Because she loves Daryl. Daryl’s actions prove that he can’t lose Carol. Because he loves her.

Season 7 Episode 13: Bury Me Here:

Carol knows something wasn’t right. Why did Jesus bring the group to The Kingdom… what happened? She can’t sleep. She goes to find Morgan.

Carol: Why did Jesus bring Daryl and everyone else at The Kingdom? 
Morgan: They, um… They wanted to see if we could all start working together on things. 
*Carol getting teary eyed* The saviors are still here. They are not fighting with The Kingdom. Daryl said they beat em back at Alexandria… Is that true? That they made a deal with em? Is everyone okay? Just tell me if it’s true.
Morgan: You need to talk to Daryl about that… You wanted me to keep the whole story about you from everybody. Told me not to say where you were and I did what you asked. Daryl didn’t find you because of me. And what was said between you and him was said between you and him. I will go with you to Alexandria if you want to make the trip. If you want to talk to them. 
You shouldn’t go alone. 
You found what you wanted, right? You got away from everyone. Is it what you wanted? Or was it just too late to get away?
*Carol is crying at this point*

This scene is also important because it shows that no, Carol didn’t really want to be away from everyone. Especially not Daryl. This conversation was mostly about Daryl here and Morgan understands what’s going on. She already loved Daryl. She already loves him. It was confirmed Carol was running away from love. Carol was running away from Daryl. That’s what was happening in Season 6. 

It was also confirmed by Melissa McBride, that when Morgan does tell Carol what happened at the end of the episode, Carol was thinking of Daryl and how she’s sorry that he felt he couldn’t tell her.

And now… here we are, rolling into Episode 16 and her running away? It’s done. The ‘’ One Way ‘’ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. She calls Alexandria her ‘’ home ‘’… but there’s someone there specifically. Daryl. 

The best is coming. Her and Morgan’s arc is officially closing. Carol is fighting alongside them. She will reunite with Team Family in Season 8. She will reunite with Daryl in Season 8. It’s been set up for us to see them have a conversation about this. Season 8 is a NEW chapter. Caryl is coming, slowly. But it’s coming. 
Also, we have a great reputation with season premieres for Caryl. ;) 

Stay strong, guys. Season 7 DID show us that Daryl loves Carol and Carol loves Daryl. 

Heroes of Olympus Preference: How They Cuddle With You

requested by perry-gallifrey ; thank you for requesting this! I absolutely LOVE doing Heroes of Olympus/ Percy Jackson things! We are now best friends.

Percy Jackson

Percy was in love with the outdoors. He loved sitting outside and just absorbing the beauty of the camp. How the stars shone in the rain-less sky, how the Demeter cabin had the beautiful flowers, and how your eyes glistened in the starlight. Jackson loved cuddling with you outside the Poseidon cabin, on the dock, your legs just dangling off the edge, barely grazing the water. You’d lean into him, sharing body heat, and just enjoy your night together.

Jason Grace

Jason loved you, and you saw it in his actions, attitude, and personality towards you. He loved watching you go to sleep, watching as your eyes slowly close, the way your body quickly tensed up, then relaxed, your shoulders dipping once more. After he knew you were asleep, or at least comfortable, he would lay with you, making sure not to move your body in the slightest. He’d hold your hand so that in the middle of the night, he knew you were right bye his side.

Leo Valdez

Leo was a total dipshit when it came to cuddling. You two would probably be nicely watching a movie when he’d randomly slap you with a pillow. It would ruin the moment, yes, but it started something all the time… a pillow war. When the high of you two fighting was done and you were all tired out, you’d ask him to cuddle, where he’d say yes, due to the adorable puppy dog face you gave him. Who could resist that? He’d hold you like his mom used to hold him; tight, but loose, rubbing soothing circles on your back.

Frank Zhang

Frank was hands down the best cuddler out of all the guys. Thanks to his shape-shifting abilities, he’d turn into an adorable puppy and sit with you. You absolutely adored it when he turned into it, but you also liked it slightly better when he was big ‘ol Franky. As soon as you would say the words I’m tired, or It’s getting late, he’d transform back into his normal self and hold onto you, not ever wanting to let you go.

Nico di Angelo

Little di Angelo would cuddle you the tightest. First, he would be completely and utterly surprised that you would even go for a freak like him. He would always ask you that one question, but you’d correct him, saying that you were the one surprised that he would go for a freak like you. Next, he’d hold you super tight. He did it for the fear of losing you was too strong. He didn’t want to lose you like he lost Bianca, or his mom. You were the only important girl left in his life.

@wingletblackbird replied to this post about Owen and Beru talking about Luke having a lot of his father in him saying:

I’ve often wondered the same thing. Did they know Anakin was Vader, it’s hard to be sure. Still, the Jedi were hunted and if Luke left Tatooine as a Forceful called Skywalker there could be trouble. They knew that Anakin had a strong wanderlust maybe that was a concern? Or maybe it was because Anakin left that Owen was upset? He got snooty with his Core World friends like that soft, rich girl he brought home, left his mother to die, buried her, and than left without a by your leave…?  There was probably sibling rivalry there as well. Owen couldn’t retrieve Shmi but Anakin could… The knowledge of the Tusken slaughter probably became known eventually… I wonder if Owen condoned that. On the one hand he would have fiercely loathed Tuskens…on the other…Anakin also killed the children sooo…. I often wonder myself just what on earth, or Tatooine, Owen though of his brother. Even more exasperating is that Beru says it with a smile. So… she can’t think that Luke being like his father is a bad thing….?

I think the answer to what sort of relationship Owen had with Anakin is complicated. Like, they are quite literally strangers, but Owen probably heard so many stories about him from Shmi that he felt like he knew him. Maybe he felt jealous that Shmi loved him more, maybe he felt like he was constantly being compared, or maybe he felt lucky that he got to spend time with Shmi while Anakin didn’t. Who knows?

I do, however, doubt that they were aware Anakin=Vader. In the new comics, when Obi-Wan tries to pressure Owen into letting him teach Luke, Owen says he’s gotten enough Skywalkers killed. That to me, in addition to being a sick burn, says he believes that Anakin is dead and the Jedi (Obi-Wan specifically) are responsible. I’m sure Mr. Certain-point-of-view failed to mention the whole Dark Side murder thing when he dropped off the newly ‘orphaned’ Luke.

I suspect the difference between Owen and Beru’s reaction to Luke wanting to go adventuring like dear departed dad comes down to experience. Owen, like Anakin, is afraid of loss. He lost his bio-mom, he lost his beloved step-mom, he lost his dad. They have no kids (infertile, dead babies?) except Luke and he does not want to lose him too. Skywalkers leave and come back dead (or not at all) and for Owen that is unacceptable. Beru, on the other hand, loves the stuffing out of Luke, but understands that she can’t hold on for ever. The parts of him that Owen fears, his quest for adventure, his desire to be a part of something bigger, are why she loves him and she accepts the implications of them in a way Owen can’t.

Protection// Im Jaebum(Part 7)

Originally posted by got7kings

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Supernatural, Vampire

Summary: After being saved from an absolute stranger, you find yourself in a different world; A world you never knew existed, a world where you find yourself less protected than before.

Author’s Note: I hope you all enjoy~

xoxo Sara


You felt your heart shatter at the boys words. Was he telling the truth about Yugyeom? Would a person who you barely even knew of take the fall for you if he knew you were safe and sound with his ex-teammates? Did he really go out of his way and leave them just so he could try and see you again?

You looked at Bambam with sad eyes, watching him intently as he took in a deep breath. He turned away from you, rubbing the back of his neck slightly before sliding his hands into his pockets. “That’s why I don’t like you. Even though you didn’t intentionally do it, he left the team because of you. He left me, because of you. And now i’m all alone here. Him and I were best friends. He was the only friend I had for a long, long time, even before I was turned.. He was the only person I had before then, and now that he’s gone, I get this pain in my chest whenever I think about him..”

“I’m sorry, Bambam,” You whispered, looking down as you felt your heart clench,, “I’m sorry Yugyeom went after to me, even after all of this time of not seeing me. I’m sorry he left me because he thought he would be able to see me. If I were you, I would be mad at me too. Have you ever tried to contact him after the fact?”

“We had to cut off all contact with them as soon as they were inducted into the Kin. We had to move bases once or twice because they kept finding out where we lived. This is our third base since then. Jaebum was the one who suggested we live here even though we found a cheaper and better apartment a couple of hours away. Now I see why he did that.”

You sighed softly, sitting down while gently pulling on his hand, attempting to get his attention as you stared up at him.

“How can I make you forgive me? I don’t want there to be any harsh feelings in between us. Because honestly, you seem like a pretty nice guy, despite the mean demeanor you put on whenever I come into the room.”

“Could you bring Yugyeom back to us?” Bambam said, looking away from you, but sitting back on the couch next to you. “I know you can’t. That was more of a rhetorical question. I guess I could work more on trying to accept you and not hate you, but it’s going to be hard.”

You looked down at your hands, sighing gently. “Bambam, I don’t know why, but I get this feeling that everything will be okay soon. With time, of course.”

“What do you mean everything will be okay?”

“I mean… Your team. If something major happens, I think… I think the team will be okay. Maybe you guys will reunite one day.”

“What? Can you like, tell the future or something?”

“No,” you chuckled softly, looking at your hands, “Like you said, you get a feeling when you think about Yugyeom? I get a similar feeling, only when I think about the future of your team.”

The stayed quiet for a few moments. “Can…Can you show me a picture of Yugyeom? I mean.. I’ve seen a picture of him in my head from an old memory, but I didn’t really get a good look-or maybe a good memory of him.”

“Why?” Bambam hissed, his cold demeanor showing up again after you thought you had finally ended it,, “Are you going to try and seduce him like you somehow got Jaebum? Oh wait, you can’t see him because he went after you already.”

“Hey,” you said softly, resting a hand on his shoulder, his shoulder becoming more tense at your touch, “Don’t speak to me like that, please. I’m trying to bury whatever is happening between us so you and I can both be happy, and so Jaebum and Jackson don’t shout at you anymore. “

Bambam looked at you through his peripherals, letting a soft sigh fall from his lips before pulling out his phone. “Alright, fine. I’ll let you see a picture of him.”

He opened his phone and went through his photos, until he settled on one with what seemed like his former team. He zoomed in on one with dark blue, almost black hair, who had his arms around both Bambam and Youngjae while he smiled.

“That’s him,” Bambam said, placing the phone in your hand, “He’s dyed his hair since you last saw him though. He usually has red hair.”

“Ah,” you chuckled softly, nodding at Bambam as you looked at the picture, “Yeah, I remember his face now. I saw him sitting on the couch in one of the memories I had of him.”

“Him and I used to watch you,” Bambam explained, “But it was mostly him. I would just run out and get us food, because he never wanted to leave you alone. He really cared for you as if you were his younger sister, because he never had any family members besides his mom. It kind of explains why he was so avid on looking for you, because of the fact that in his mind, you’re the only living family member he has left.”

After a moment, Bambam sighed, taking the phone out of his hands, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Hit me,” You said, rubbing your hands on your thighs, ask me anything.”

“If somehow,” Bambam rubbed his hands over his face, “If somehow, your feeling is right, and we do come together as a pack again, and this is high-reaching, I know… But if we do, Can you please treat Yugyeom as if you were his actual sister? Whenever he thought about having no family, he would get really sad, and he’d even cry sometimes. It really hurts, seeing him hurt, because him and Youngjae are some of the happiest people in our team. So, if we were to become a group again, and you were to not treat him as if he was your brother, he would be really hurt. And I don’t want to see him hurt like the way he was when he lost both you and his mom. I don’t want to see that Yugyeom  ever again.”

“But wait,” you paused, “Didn’t you say that you two got turned together? I thought that… That his mom was a vampire as well? How does that work?”

“Well, technically we didn’t get turned together, but I say that because he was the one who turned me. See; vampires age slowly, and we stop aging at around thirty, maybe a little older. We age ten years every one-hundred years. Yugyeom was one-hundred and sixty when I met him for the first time, still. I was only seven, though. He became like an older brother figure to me, I guess. Does that make any sense?”

“No,” you sighed, sitting back, “But i’m still interested. Continue.”

“So, he was one-hundred sixty. But when I turned seventeen, he turned one hundred-seventy. So he was technically seventeen because every ten years they age one year, since they age ten years every one-hundred years. Now does it make sense?”

“Oh, yeah,” you nodded softly, “So what happened? Did you ask him to turn you?”

“I did,” he nodded, “I wanted to be a vampire, very badly. They say that becoming a vampire is one of the worst things for you, because you have to watch everyone you love die off eventually, but in reality, I had no one else in my life besides of Yugyeom. So I asked him to turn me. It didn’t hurt at all, surprisingly. I think from the team, I was the only one to technically be turned, but that’s besides the point. I asked you a question.”

You looked at him softly, suddenly understanding as to why he had such an attachment to Yugyeom. “Alright Bambam,. I promise to treat Yugyeom as if he were my older brother. .”

“Thank you,” Bambam smiled slightly, quickly wiping it off of his face, “That made me hate you a little less.”

“Hey, it’s progress isn’t it?” You asked, smiling at him as you bumped your shoulder with his.

“Now, I didn’t know much about the vampire queen before I was turned,” he sighed, turning to you slightly and lifting his legs up slightly from the ground, tucking them in between you while his hands went to wrap underneath his knees, “What was she like?”

“My mom?” you asked softly, looking over to the piles of books Youngjae had brought you.

“From what I read… My mom was a scientist. She was a very well-known scientist in the human world, and aparetnly well-known in the Vampire world as well. But before she had tried to infuse her blood with the plasma of a vampire, she was never really intrigued into that. It’s when she met my dad-”

“Was he the king?” Bambam asked softly.

“No, he wasn’t the vampire king or anything like that,” You hummed, “My dad saved my mom from a vampire attack while she was working in her lab one late afternoon, or so I read. The Kin had broken into her lab because they had heard that a scientist in the human realm had come up with a serum that could eliminate all fighting cells in the body within seconds, and kill her prey.That scientist was my mom, which is kind of ironic because from the personality things and traits i’ve read about her, she seemed as if she wouldn’t hurt anyone. She didn’t do this on purpose, which is why when she found out that something that she created did that, she completely got rid of the serum. But The Kin attacked her anyway. My dad was a vampire who was active in the human realm, among one of the strongest here, and was set out to stop any active Kin members if they were a flight-risk and could potentially hurt someone. So my dad took my mom away before she could be physically attacked. And they fell in love. But he refused to turn her into a vampire, because he didn’t want to have her live with the curse he lives with.”

“He lived with a curse?”

“Not a real one. It’s like what you said before. He didn’t want her to live with the fact that she would eventually have to watch everyone, including her mom, die at some point. And he knew she couldn’t handle that. But they stayed in the Vampire realm with him, working on more science and serums that she believed, would bring both realms closer to peace. And with those Serums, she corrected the evil Kin members, but she didn’t do it with all of them, which is why The Kin was able to somehow to re-hatch itself after a while. My mom was able to take the throne after mostly eliminating The Kin, and because she was sweet and kind to everyone in the Vampire realm. But then… The Kin came back and killed both her and my dad and took over the throne. And now… That’s what the Vampire realm has turned into. And The Kin are looking for me now, because they think that since i’m her offspring and I have Vampire aspects that can be awoken in me by being turned, that I can somehow come to power and rule the same way she did. But I don’t think I would ever be able to do that.

“And why not?” Bambam said softly, “From what I see now, you seem very positive about almost anything. And you seem super nice as well.”

“Aw, does this mean you don’t hate me anymore?” You giggled gently, “That makes me happy.”

“I hate you a little less I said,” Bambam mumbled, “I don’t like you yet. But as I was saying… You seem fit to rule a kingdom. And with Jinyoung, or Jaebum by your side, i’m almost positive that you can do anything, especially rule another realm..”

“I don’t understand how i’m destined to be with two people,” you sighed into your hands, running your hands through your hair, “I just don’t understand it. Maybe there’s a book on it somewhere, but I would have to wait for Youngjae to get back so he can get me more books from the Vampire realm.”

“We can go to the library,” Bambam said to you, looking around slightly, “You know, none of the boys are here right now. It’s just you and me. And the boys said that they won’t be back until later tonight. Jaebum says I can’t handle the light, but I can.”

“What are you trying to get at, Bambam,” you said hesitantly, watching as a devious smile found its way to his lips.

“I say, we sneak you out. Just for a little while. I’ll come with you, because I can handle light well despite what Jaebum says. As long as we don’t stay out until late tonight, and you can quickly get your book, I think we can pull it off.”

“But, what i-”

“Sh,” Bambam hushed, standing up from his seat, “The Kin won’t catch you, (Y/N). I’ll make sure of it. Jaebum says i’m weak, but i’m stronger than I look. If anyone tries to come near you, I will protect you, and I promise you that. We’ll be quick, in and out, no one will even notice that we are gone!”

You shook your head slightly, “I don’t know Bambam…”

“Come on,” Bambam whined, taking your arm and pulling on it. “Let’s do it. Or are you too scared?”

Stuck with Me

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Mary Winchester (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned), Rowena (mentioned), Crowley (mentioned)

Pairing: Reader x Dean

Warnings: 12x03 spoilers, abandonment, self blame, rejection, it’s Dean so…  

Wordcount: 1700ish

A/N: Okay so this is a little short one shot I did not have time to write but 12x03 left me no choice. It takes place after the events of that ep so Spoiler Alert.

It will also be a sorta part of my Halloween count down or atleast add a little extra to to. Check the #A Supernatural Halloween for other posts. 

Thank you so much to the ever brilliant and my amazing friend Erin @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.

Dean looked up when you closed the door behind you, and your eyes caught his. They were red and glassy. There was no doubt in your mind that he had been crying and drinking. The almost empty whiskey bottle next to him was a big clue. Not that you needed one. You knew him.

“Hey.” You smiled, trying the best you could to hide your worry as you walked down the stairs towards him.

“What are you doing here?” Dean questioned with a frown, making you shake your head and grin at him.

“What kinda greeting is that?” you teased him, trying to get him to smile but with no luck. He just mumbled an apology and gave you a quick half-hearted hug. He was so much worse off than you had initially feared.

“Dean…” you tried, but he waved you off with a fake smile making your heart clench. You wanted to throw yourself into his arms. Hold him and tell him everything was going to be okay, but you knew him. He had been your best friend for over a decade, your boyfriend for a little over a year now. You knew if you wanted him to talk, to open up to you, you would have to ease him into it.

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DeanCas Coda to 12.03: The Foundry

“So, um, you hungry?”


Dean doesn’t want to hear it. He already feels his heart beating a mile a minute inside his chest, the world blurring at the edges as he swallows back what feels like bile crawling up his throat. He forces his lips to pull up in a smile, giving a cursory swipe to his eyes as his gaze bounces from the floor to the table to literally everywhere else but the goddamn door.

This is his fault.

As per usual, Sam was right, and Dean was too stupid to see it. If he’d only grown some fucking balls and talked to her—fuck.

“Dean, we should talk about this.”

A laugh—loud, humourless, teetering on the knife’s edge of hysteria—bubbles up past Dean’s lips. “Ain’t nothin’ to talk about, Sammy.” His voice comes out hoarse. “You want a sandwich or what?”

Dean doesn’t give his brother time to answer, stalking to the kitchen with a bitten lip. It’s hard to see where he’s going because everything’s blurred no matter how much he wipes at his face, and the way the world seems to be folding in around him feels kinda like the panic attacks he used to get when he lost his mom the first time. But that wasn’t on him.

This is.

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“Stay awake”


Requested: Your eyes flutter open and immediately your pupils start to adjust to the dim lit room. Questions, questions so many question file through your brain. You have no clue where you are or why you’re held, no chained, to a wall by some rusty and over used handcuffs. Your instincts kick in and you start to struggle your way out of the tight metallic hold. You know they’re not budging anytime soon but you try anyways. Until your tears start to mix with sweat collected on the outline of your face.

“Help!” You shriek, feeling your eyelids droop heavily with exhaustion.

“I see you’re awake” You can’t see your kidnapper properly, just his silhouette. Tall and very well-built but also tense, as if he’s not sure about this whole situation. “Nice to see you again, (Y/N), it’s been a while”

But as that shadowy figure steps out of the dark corners of the room, you finally are able to put a name to that voice. Tyler Lockwood. You had to admit it, you were close during high school but ever since he lost his mom, it’s like he flew away to another universe by himself. All alone, and that solitary time made him change, a lot.

“Ty, help me” You plead, jiggling the cuffs on your arms.

“That’s the problem, (Y/N)” He sighs. “I can’t” 

“And why the hell not?” The tears have dried by now and instead of fear, anger had taken place. You grit your teeth back and forth, trying to distract yourself from the possibility that Tyler’s the one who kidnapped you.

“Because” He strolls closer to you.  “All these months, I’ve been grieving my mom and searching for you all through Mystic Fall. While you’ve been sharing the same bed as Klaus. The man who killed my mom!” His voice is now booming throughout the room while his fist lands not more than three inches from your head, making you shudder.

“What’d you want me to say, that I’m sorry?!” You mumble. “Sorry for falling in love. Because I’m not and I’ll die before you hear that coming from me. You know, I searched too, Ty. I searched for you but you weren’t there. You weren’t there when I needed you, you were so caught up in your own grieving that you forgot mine”

“He killed my mom!” He shouts again, this time pulling away from your face and turning around. Narrowing your eyes, you notice him snatching something from a shelf before returning back to you. “Now, I’ve got the perfect leverage”

And with that, he slides a blade across your arm making you yelp as thick blood starts to ooze from your skin. It burns, a lot but you manage to keep your attention focused onto a possible way out.

 “He’s looking for you, y’know, so I’m just making sure that when he does find you, he’ll find you way past the point of being repaired.” And so he cut and cut and cut until your skin wasn’t skin anymore, it was blood. And your screams where like sounds in space: totally useless.

You were hoping to pass out and all the pain would just be ignored but, much to your dismay, you never did. Sure your vision blurred and you couldn’t exactly see anything clear anymore but you were still unconscious. Feeling every slice, every break of the skin until another sound erupted into the room.

 “I’m going to rip your head off and shove it up your arse so hard, it’ll come out of your neck” Klaus.

If you could, you would’ve sighed in content, seeing his blurred figure gripping Tyler’s neck, but you almost burst into a full ‘Hallelujah’ song when you heard his neck snap and he dropped onto the ground, lifeless.

 “Oh, (Y/N)-“ Klaus’ hands gently traced over your open wounds, before cautiously relieving you form the shackles. “Here, drink”

 Offering you his arm, you almost collapse onto his chest once all the chains come off. You can barely stand up but with the few strength you have left, you manage a ‘Thankyou’. Resting your head on his heaving chest, you feel his hands wrapping tightly around your frayed body, protectively before whispering. “I love you so much”

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6/8 characters (The Outsiders) • Darrel “Darry” Curtis

He’s got eyes that are like two pieces of pale blue-green ice. They’ve got a determined set to them, like the rest of him. He looks older than twenty - tough, cool, and smart. He would be real handsome if his eyes weren’t so cold. He doesn’t understand anything that is not plain hard fact. But he uses his head. 

“I thought we lost you like we did mom and dad.”

Eyes, Heart, and Hands

Requested by Anonymous: Could you do an imagine where the reader is dating Daryl but is quite a bit younger than him so she has more in common with like Glenn and Carl (they talk about TV shows and bands they liked pre-apocalypse) so Daryl gets jealous but the reader convinces him they only have eyes for him? Xx Idk if you do smut but if you do, smut please?

I’m back! Sorry it took so long :/

I don’t write smut, but here is the rest of the request :) Also, I made a band up, cause I got lazy, but whatever :P

Eyes, Heart, and Hands

“No, she had blond hair, and her guy friend’s name meant ‘fat’.” Carl said.

“Lizzie Maguire!” You yelled out, finally remembering the name of the show.

“Lizzie Maguire!” Carl started laughing. “I loved that show. That, and Kids Next Door.”

“Oh, I loved Kids Next Door!” You said, picking through your oatmeal and considering whether or not you were going to finish it. You hadn’t put enough water in it, so it was drier that you liked it, but still, it was breakfast.

Carl was sitting next to you on the pavement outside, watching the quiet Georgian landscape as it woke up for the day. The rest of the group was having their breakfast inside the prison. “Do you ever worry that we’ll lose this place?” Carl suddenly asked, turning to look at you. “That you’ll lose Daryl and the rest of us?” You set your bowl down and looked away. “Sorry.” He backpedaled quickly. “It’s just that… I think about losing my dad and Judy a lot.”

You nodded. “I think about it.” You did more than think; sometimes you woke from nightmares in which you were the one to put Daryl down, and as you reach out in the darkness for your boyfriend, the whole world seems a lot larger than it really is.

“I try not to dwell on it.” You say then. “We’ll lose the ones we love eventually, Carl. We just have to enjoy the minutes we have with them and pray that when we do lose them, it’s a long, long time from now.” He nods.

“Y/N!” You can hear Daryl calling your name from the entrance of the prison.

You turned and waved at him. “Just a minute!” He frowned for a second, which you found odd, but decided to chalk it up to him not being a morning person, before he disappeared back inside the prison. “Keep your chin up.” You said with a smile, bumping the rim of his hat playfully. “I’ll talk to you later.”


Later in the morning, you were loading the motorcycle up with supplies and getting ready to go on a run with Daryl.

“Hey, Y/N, don’t forget your gun!” Glenn said, bringing your piece over to you.

You rolled your eyes. “Thanks, Glenn. I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached, and my ass if it didn’t belong to Daryl.” You looked over at your boyfriend of one year and watched him blush a bright shade of red and scowl at you for embarrassing him in public. You laughed. “I’m teasing you, honey.” Then, you sang, “It’s just a little tease, it don’t mean a thang!”

Glenn laughed and sang the next lyric. “It just a flirt on the fly, but it doesn’t mean you’re my guy!”

“Holy shit, you know The Chicks Criminal?” You were impressed.

“Oh, yeah, they’re awesome!” Glenn said with a smile. “I saw them live at the Qwest center in 2007.”

“No way?! I was there, too!” You say, completely geeking out. “Remember when Charlotte kicked that amp over?”

“Oh yeah, that was awesome! And that one fan jumped the balcony and onto the big speakers to get down onto the stage?”

“And security tackled him?” You were both cackling by now.

“Hey, Y/N, we should leave.” Daryl said, staring at Glenn with a look that neither of you could read.

“Uh, yeah, sure. We can talk later, Glenn.” You say, putting your gun on your hip and waving to your friend as you climbed onto the bike behind Daryl, wrapping your arms tightly around his torso.


When you got to the large Wal*Mart that you would be raiding, it was starting to rain outside, so you darted quickly inside and began to stab walkers while Daryl propped the bike up under an overhang. The group had already cleared the Wal*Mart out a few weeks ago, so there weren’t too many walkers, just one or two that had wandered in since the last run, and within a few minutes, you had it cleared again.

“Alright, what do we need?” You asked cheerfully, bouncing up to Daryl with a smile.

“Calm down, alright?” He grumbled at you. “We ain’t here to screw around, we’re here for supplies.”

You were a little hurt, but you just said, “Um, OK. So, what do we need?”

Daryl showed you the list of supplies, and you began to follow him through the store, pulling cans from the shelves and putting them in your backpack. It was quiet, which was unusual, and it made you uncomfortable. Daryl had always jokingly called the runs you did together as ‘dates’, and would often make conversation and be at least a little playful with you. But today he was sullen, and even a little angry. You had decided to let it go for now and ask him about it later when you saw a rack of t-shirts.

“Hey, I’m running low on non-blood stained shirts.” You comment. “I’m going to flip through this rack real quick.” You say, then frown as Daryl huffs impatiently and stands off to the side to wait for you to finish shopping.

“What? No way!” You cried, pulling a shirt from the rack. “Daryl, look! They have Chicks Criminal shirts!” You hold one up in your size, beaming. He doesn’t respond. “I should grab two.” You say, putting yours in your bag. “What size do you think Glenn is? A medium?”

At this, Daryl finally explodes. “What the fuck you gettin him shit for?! Huh?”

You took a step back as Daryl quickly closed the distance between you. “What’s your problem today?” You ask, getting defensive all of a sudden. “You’ve been pissed at me all day, and I don’t know what I did!”

“Why you always hanging out with Carl and Glenn? Huh? Is something happening that I need to know about?” He got closer, grabbing the t-shirt you had picked out for Glenn out of your hands and shaking it in the air.

“What?” You were confused for a moment before you realized. “Daryl, take a deep breath.” You said sternly, but with the anger drained from your voice. “You’re scaring me a bit.”

He took a few steps back from you and tried to calm down. “Didn’t mean to scare ya.” He mumbles.

“Are you worried that I’m cheating on you?” You ask, more hurt than angry.

He sighs, staring at the floor and shaking his head. “No. I trust ya.”

“So then what’s the issue?”

He doesn’t talk for a long time, just stares at the white tile floor, Glenn’s shirt still in his fist. “I just…” He sighs again. “What if you fall in love with one of them instead?”

You frowned. “Where is this coming from?” He’d never given any indication before that he was worried you didn’t love him anymore.

He shrugs. “They’re closer to your age, I guess. You have more in common with them.”

Ah. There it was. You closed the gap again, this time more softly, and Daryl continued to stare at the floor as you enveloped him in a hug. “I’m 25, Daryl. Carl’s still a kid. He’s like my little brother, and he just lost his mom and he’s scared. He just needs family right now, and I want to be part of that for him.” Daryl nods. “And Glenn’s married. He’s madly in love with his wife, too. We just happen to like the same music.”

Daryl hugs you a little tighter. “But mostly importantly, I love you. Always have, always will.”

“Really?” He asks, placing his forehead on yours.

“Really. Hate to break it to you, Dixon, but you’re stuck with me. Forever.” You reached up and pulled his face down towards yours for a kiss. You kissed him quietly and hungrily for a while before he finally pulled back, a huge smile across his face.

“Come with me.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you through the sections of the store until you reached the small jewelry counter. The glass had been smashed by someone else previously, and glass and jewelry was scattered everywhere.

“What are you doing?” You ask as Daryl begins to pick through the glass and scour the floor around the case.

Finally, he finds what he’s looking for. “Y/N, do you wanna get married?” He asks, holding out the shiny ring in his hand. “Y’know.” He shrugs. “Really be stuck with me?”

You begin to laugh, then kiss him again softly. “Yes.”


“Hey guys, how’d the run go?” Rick asks as you pull into the prison yard. By now the rain had stopped again, but you were both soaking wet from riding in the rain for half of the way home.

“Fine.” Daryl said, taking both bags off the bike. “We got supplies, and we got married.” Then, he turned and walked inside to put the supplies away.

“What?!” Rick looked at you in shock and delight, looking for more details.

You just shrug. “Like the man said, Rick. We got married.” Then you followed your husband inside.


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quick fic #16

disclaimers: i’ve never been treated by a therapist before, so do not treat dean’s fictional therapist as having any credibility whatsoever.  also, i’ve never had a panic attack so please tell me if i am treating it insensitively or inaccurately.  (tw for a mild panic attack and mention of past childhood trauma - but trust me, it’s all fluff after)

When the fire alarm goes off, Dean’s fast asleep on his couch.  The beer bottle in his hand slips from his grip as he bolts upright, momentarily confused by the continuous high-pitched ringing.  Then it hits him, and he’s off of the couch and out of the apartment in five seconds flat, his heartbeat running a mile a minute.  He looks up and down the hallway, doesn’t see any smoke.  Some of his neighbors are already hurrying toward the fire exit. 

He’s about to hurry after them, but something tugs his mind back to an apartment two doors down.  His palms are sweaty and he’s scared out of his mind, but fuck - he can’t leave Cas.  Cas, who’s probably still dead to the world despite the alarm.  Cas, who would probably die if Dean didn’t go in and wake him up.  

He rejects every instinct screaming at him to leave and bolts in the opposite direction of the crowd.  He’s banging on Cas’s door and yelling as loud as he can, but he knows it’s no use over the screaming of the alarm.  Still, he yells, knowing the firefighters will be storming the place and dragging him out in minutes, maybe seconds.

“Cas, open the goddamn door!”  There’s no smoke, no fire that Dean can see, but he feels something closing up his throat.  He knows he’s panicking, can hear his childhood therapist’s voice telling him to breathe, Dean, count to ten, but Dean can’t, he can’t, because Cas is in there and he can’t lose Cas like he lost his mom, not when he’s never ever told Cas anything, not one thing he wants to say - “Please, Cas, I can’t - you have to open the door!”  Vainly, he rams his shoulder against the door.  It doesn’t budge.  “Cas, please, I love you,” he says, quietly this time, exhausted, gasping in the silent corridor.  “I need to tell you.”  He pounds once more on the door, hopelessly.

It opens.  Dean gasps at the sight of Cas, looking extremely bewildered.  “Dean?”

But Dean’s not waiting around for the fire, even though he’s not seen or heard or smelled any trace of it.  He grasps Cas’s wrist and he hurries toward the fire exit.

Firefighters meet them halfway.  Cas shoves Dean at one of them.  “He’s having a panic attack,” he says shortly.

One of them breaks away from the group and guides the pair of them downstairs and outside.  He administers oxygen to Dean, seated on a gurney, while Cas stands idly by, wrapped in a blanket handed to him.  

Eventually, the firefighter leaves to tend to other renters.  There are no burns, just a few nervous residents.  Dean’s feeling his heartbeat slow down.  Having Cas nearby helps.  

He pulls the oxygen mask away, because what he needs to say can’t wait.  “My lease is up next month,” is what he says to Cas, who tilts his head, adjusting his blanket.

“I don’t understand.”

Dean takes a deep breath and reaches for Cas’s hand.  Cas doesn’t even hesitate.  His hand is warm and reassuring around Dean’s, and it spurs Dean on to say, “Let me move in, Cas.  So I don’t have to go through that again.  I don’t want to be on the other side of the door trying to get to you.  I want - I want to be beside you, if this ever happens again.”

Cas still looks confused.  Dean replaces the oxygen mask and closes his eyes in dread.  

Slowly, Cas asks, “Beside me, as in… in the same room?”

Dean nods slowly.

“The same… bed?”

Dean can’t open his eyes.  He finds himself wishing the firefighter had given him something stronger than oxygen.  Still, steeling himself, he nods.  

All around him, the displaced residents talk amongst themselves.  There’s a siren screaming in the distance.  A baby cries.  But Cas is silent.  If Dean wasn’t still holding his hand, he’d think Cas had gone.  Slowly, he opens his eyes, dreading what he might see.

Cas is looking down at their joined hands.  In the emergency lights set up near the ambulance, Dean can see that Cas’s face has gone red.  He’s also smiling.

Dean tugs on Cas’s hand hesitantly.  He’s hopeful, but not crazy.  He pushes the mask down to his neck.  “What do you say, Cas?”

Finally Cas looks up, eyes shining.  “I say yes, Dean.  Of course.”  He steps closer, smiling bashfully.  “Can you handle me kissing you in your fragile state?”

If Dean weren’t so shocked at Cas’s forwardness, he might make a sarcastic remark.  As it is, he can only swallow and nod jerkily, his eyes staring at Cas’s lips, slightly chapped, slightly perfect.

Cas leans in.  He keeps one hand gripping the blanket around his shoulders and the other in Dean’s hand.  Dean is the one to tentatively grip Cas’s chin to tip it just so - and suddenly Cas is kissing him, sweet and slow, a counterpoint to the rush of sirens and alarms.  

They kiss in between lazy laughter until the firefighter returns.  “Sirs,” he says professionally, “Please refrain until we give him the all-clear.”  

Cas steps away, his face ablaze.  “Of course, sir,” he says primly.

Dean grins, his sense of humor clearly restored.  “We’re moving in together,” he says to the firefighter, who’s beckoning a paramedic over. 

The firefighter raises his eyebrows.  “Congratulations.”

The paramedic comes over and checks his heart rate.  Her eyebrows furrow in concern, but a few mumbled words from the firefighter clear her expression.  She glances between Cas and Dean, suppressing a smile.  “You’re good to go, sir.”

Deep breaths and yelled words were the soundtrack of your life at the moment. Every time you opened your mouth, a new fight was created from the words you uttered, no matter the subject. The feeling of hardwood floor underneath your barefoot feet chilled your body even more than the words from your boyfriend had frozen your heart. Your life had somehow turned into tear stained pillow cases and emotions that broke like dropped glasses that needed to be swept up but were instead swept to the side for another time. You had been turned from a sunny day to a hurricane that lasted months and tore things apart to the point of no return.

The shirt that hung from your shoulders wasn’t yours and the sickening scent of your boyfriend engrained in the material made your nose burn and your heart ache. Your legging clad legs were crossed as you sat on the edge of the bed, arms behind you holding you up. Eyebrows raised, you watched your boyfriend walk in the room, not even bothering to make the slightest eye contact with you. Instead, he walked in the room, threw his guitar case onto the bed next to you and walked off into the bathroom, his lower lip caught inbetween his teeth and his eyebrows furrowed in what anyone else would think was confusion but what you knew was anger.

You wished you had your eyebrows furrowed in anger; you wished your emotions were running high. Sadly, every ounce of emotion had left your body at some point today and instead of getting up and yelling at your boyfriend for being a dick and ignoring you, you stayed in your spot, staring at the open space where a door would be if it was closed. You lifted your hand to push your hair out of your face before returning your hand to the surface of the mattress beneath you. Your fingers curled around the blanket that used to lay on your bare skin as Luke trailed his fingers across your love bite ridden collarbones, admiring the marks he put on your skin. Now, the material felt wrong and itchy as you held onto it. You released the fabric, putting in the effort of tossing it across the room where it landed in a heap on the floor.

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anonymous asked:

i'm sure the he knew about the paps

and? your point? i don’t care whether he knew, or didn’t know. the point is that he’s suffered a tremendous, unimaginable loss, and danielle, the paps, his team are all acting like it’s business as usual. it’s not!!! he’s grieving!! he lost his mom, man, and it hasn’t even been a week yet, and he’s being thrust right back out there under the public eye so people can jack off to his sadness. “oh no poor louis let’s watch his every move and see if he’s had a breakdown yet” “poor louis was trying not to cry on the xfactor. so emotional let’s hound him some more” “poor louis looks so sad and tired let’s follow him around with my ginormous camera so everyone can see how broken he is *click click click*” they! don’t care!!! omg!! they literally do not give a rats tail about him, and his family, or his pain! they just want him for hits and that’s despicable and disgusting, and no one close to him, who should have his back (outside of his family and friends/1D) like, um? his girlfriend perhaps?? is looking out for him. nah, get outta here with that. i don’t care if he knew or not. it’s wrong and horrible, and he needs to be left alone. 

also, i thought of a platonic Tarzan/Gravity Falls AU that i’m going to call Tarstan

Little Stan and Ford are on an expedition ship with their mom and dad, but a storm hit and Stan fell overboard with their mom, Fillbrick died in the storm, and Ford was found by some kind survivors who took him back to England

Ma Pines did as best she could to keep herself and Stan alive, but it wasn’t enough and she died. Stan at this point is about 2 or 3, just early enough to start speaking and recognizing things, but not old enough to do much else. of course, Stan gets adopted by apes and grows up with them

(Wendy is Terk and Soos is the elephant)

years later, Stan is all grown up when a ship comes to shore, with Ford on it (along with Fiddleford). shenanigans happen, and Stan and Ford meet. Ford is freaking out, and Stan slides Ford’s glove off and stares at his 6 fingered hand.

Stan presses his hand against Ford’s, an echo of words going through his mind–“Hi’ sixth

Ford stares at Stan, slowly calming down, and realizes that Stan looks exactly like him, except wild, and remembers that he once upon a time lost his mom and brother in a storm. Ford realizes he just found his brother.

Hello friends! I’ve been stewing over an idea since my dog woke me up at 4am bc she had to poo. Pls enjoy this notfic…thing.

Werewolves are known AU, medieval-ish era.

In order to foster relations between humans and werewolves the country hosts an annual tournament. Humans come from all over to compete for the grand prize, aka the gift of the bite. There are separate brackets named to each pack, and the bracket winners are bitten into those packs. Competitors go through multiple challenges to test their skills, and whoever comes away with the most points wins their bracket.

Enter Stiles.

His random lottery has him placed in the Hale pack bracket. Alpha Talia Hale + mate and their two eldest children (Laura and Derek, of course) attend all of the Hale bracket events to scope out the candidates and wish them luck. Stiles strikes Derek’s interest. Maybe he smells yummy. Maybe he likes his (s)ass. Maybe soulmates are a thing. Or all of the things!

Somehow, Derek ends up being a big creepy lurker whenever Stiles is training. T-minus 3 weeks until the competition starts or something: Derek is watching Stiles like, ‘omg. This kid is gonna get smushed.’ He pops out of his little shadow to tell Stiles this exact thing. Stiles is pretty much like, ‘I’m 19 with a boyish face, shut up!’ In response.

So Derek can’t help himself and he ends up sneaking away from his family to help Stiles train (maybe it’s not uncommon for wolves to help human friends train, but Derek is immediate family of the alpha so it’d be frowned upon. He does not question himself why he’s sneaking and why he doesn’t want to be told to stop. He just thinks the rules are dumb. Really.).

They have a lot of Moments. Like Derek with his hands on Stiles’ ribs to take the pain of a bruise after he smacked him too hard with a training sword ('It was an easy parry, how could you miss it?! I know your father taught you!’ 'Shut up, I was distracted!!’ 'By what?’ Stiles is silent for once bc obviously he can’t say he was thinking about Derek’s sword grip).

Eventually the tournament happens, and by this point Derek has resigned himself to being over invested in Stiles’ success. Laura probs knows about his attachment at this point and loves it, but teases the crap out of him for it. He can admit, Stiles is much more skilled than his initial assumption, and he hopes it’s enough.

It totally is.

Stiles pulls out a victory by the skin of his teeth, and Derek’s already thinking about courting him after the bite when it happens. The plot twist. Stiles actually doesn’t want to be a werewolf at all. He only wanted to win the bite so he could gift his place to Scott, bc his breathing condition (aka untreated asthma) was getting worse. He didn’t want to lose another huge part of his life, not like he lost his mom. After hearing all of this,Talia agrees to meet Scott and take him instead.

Meanwhile, Derek’s soft little heart is breaking bc he thinks (for some reason or another) this means he can’t court Stiles. Or he thinks Stiles doesn’t want him, maybe what he thought was a connection was a lie. Maybe he feels a little bit betrayed bc Stiles never told him this stuff. Maybe Stiles tries to explain now, and Derek turns him away.

Angst and pining happens.

By the next full moon (when Scott is to have his bite ceremony) Stiles thinks things are hopeless with Derek. He lost his chance. But if it means Scott gets to live a full life, then the heartache is worth it. He attends the ceremony, and Derek surprises him by apologizing. He was upset, but he should have listened when Stiles tried to explain. If Laura needed help, he’d do all he could for her like Stiles did for Scott.

After all is said and done, maybe Stiles thinks being courted by a werewolf is a better prize than becoming one.