like he lies to protect people

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So many people who surround louis speak for him & how he feels, he has to watch them pretend to care about him yet say such awful things. The language of that pap is probably the same manipulative language he's heard for years by his rotten team. "You can't be yourself, let's throw el at you and wash out your individuality maybe that'll work. JK here's a fake baby! You can't come out you'll be the lying weak gay who lied, everyone will hate you, you need to stay closeted to protect your family"

And Louis is still fighting and proud of who he is. What a angel, I’m so lucky to be a louie and support such an amazing guy 


I’m honestly so glad this scene exists. In a lot of manga/anime, loss is apparent and we see multiple parallels, but it’s never addressed as straightforward as this-

And that’s what I love about Rin’s character as well. He’s outspoken, bold, and a lot of the time he’s pretty simple minded, which allows him to see the mistakes people who over analyze and become too emotionally invested in (ex-Bon, Yukio) would otherwise dismiss or try to hide from.

Rin has been through a lot, he’s had to protect his brother, he’s been lied to, ridiculed, beaten, but he’s remained of sound mind and heart.

Back to the scene, the way Rin calls out Bon is heartbreaking, and for anyone on Bon’s end, most likely extremely hard to hear, even harder for Rin to say. But it needed to be done, and I’m glad this piece doesn’t shy away from that.

Rin sees himself in Bon, and doesn’t want anyone to go through the kind of pain he did. Rin learned from his mistakes-the problem is, as humans, some of us never do, and that’s what our precious demon is trying to push others to realize, even if he doesn’t know it. Through his actions and personality, however, it’s clear as day.


hey guys here lies the abyss makes me so emo because varric cares so much abt hawke and he’s gone through so much trouble just to protect hawke….he literally lies to cassandra abt not knowing where hawke is just to keep them safe…..and hearing him tell cassandra “you people have done enough hawke” was just a punch to the gut??? so seeing how absolutely devastated varric is when he finds out hawke didn’t make it out of the fade is,,,,,,, im crying??? like varric finally gives in and decides to contact hawke because he knows the inquisition rly needs them and so to have hawke potentially die because of this makes me so SAD i love varric i love hawke i hate bioware

Lapis Lazuli

Okay, so let’s talk about Lapis Lazuli. For all the time she’s spent on screen, I feel like there’s still quite a lot we don’t know about her. While Peridot would incidentally mention all sorts of details of Homeworld or her own past, Lapis deliberately stays silent (especially about Blue Diamond, for some reason). She looks out from behind a mirror, and people looking at her see only their own reflection.

We do know a few things about Lapis purely from her actions. For one, she cares about Steven, and wants to protect him. She knew he was a gem (asked him to return to Homeworld with her in Mirror Gem) but lied about that to Jasper (in The Return). She sent Steven a warning message, too. And she listened to him and wanted to stay near him after Same Old World. And she was prepared to break Peridot’s tablet in Video Chat. I’m reasonably confident that these actions reflect how she really feels about Steven, even if she won’t say as much.

And, of course, we have her actions in episodes like Jail Break and Alone at Sea. But I’ve talked about Malachite elsewhere, at length, so I won’t touch on that here.

But when it comes to the things she says, rather than the things she does, I start to doubt how honest she’s being. This is Steven’s “Beach Summer Fun Buddy,” after all. When her mask is up, what she’s saying may not be true, or she may leave out enough key points that it might as well be a lie.

That mask has cracked before, though, usually when she gets angry. It cracked in Room for Ruby, too.

When Lapis got frustrated with Navy, that was real frustration, albeit mostly directed at herself. She evidently has been trying to learn how to live on Earth, either because she’s resigned to her situation here, or because she thinks things will change for Steven at some point.

She’s having a tough time, because Earth has not been kind to Lapis. Of course, it’s also true that Lapis has not been kind to Earth (nor has she been kind on Earth, for that matter). But this is where she was trapped in a mirror for thousands of years. And it’s where she got caught up in a war, somehow.

Her loyalties are still not clear. She was never a Crystal Gem, but she wasn’t here to fight for Homeworld either. She had a job to do—some kind of terraforming, judging by YD’s song in That Will Be All.

Possibly she was here to make the Beta Kindergarten, although that would put her arrival some hundreds of years after the war started, rather than before it broke out. For context, I posted a while back that she could have been a kindergarten teacher. But then someone suggested that she could have made the Beta Kindergarten, so I went and found their mentioned post about Slot Canyons, and how they’re formed by flash floods. Food for thought.

Anyway, for now, she’s got a bit of a cease-fire going with the CGs, but she is still not on their side. She has spent a lot of time with Peridot, after their rocky start, but most of that time she spent just going along with whatever ideas and activities Peridot happened to come up with, or lying in her hammock. This was at least in part because she was afraid of what she’d do if she took control of things again, but it was never clear how much was honest willingness to learn about Earth, and how much was feigned enthusiasm for Steven’s sake.

But now we know that she actually has been trying to adjust to Earth, because she’s frustrated by how little progress she’s made (especially in comparison to Navy, who really is faking it). When she says she’s still struggling to accept the Earth, that’s consistent with her “joke” about the table in Gem Harvest, and it means that she has, up to now, been trying to hide those feelings from Steven and Peridot. But it also means that she was not entirely faking it. It’s a reassuring middle ground.

The hardest thing about Lapis is that we know so much about what happened to her on Earth, but so little about where she came from, or about where she’s going, plot-wise. At some point, we have to resolve her issues with the Crystal Gems (the show is good about letting tensions build, but there’s always a payoff), and with Earth in general. But I can’t even guess how that will happen, or what the consequences will be.

Lapis Lazuli has survived (and inflicted) deep traumas. She’s working through some of them, or at least has started trying. But without knowing who she was before Earth, we can’t know who she’ll be after it. Would she return to Homeworld, if given the chance? She’s the only gem on the show who has never talked about any of the Diamonds, not even Blue (who is, presumably, her Diamond). That can’t be a coincidence, but it only points to more secrets.

Overall, I’m glad to learn that the Lapis we see isn’t entirely feigned. And that she’s genuinely trying to become a better person, even though she has a long, long journey ahead of her on that front.

But I’m looking forward to finding out more about her, and putting all her actions in a larger context. Peridot had plans she wanted to present to Yellow Diamond, a way to use Earth’s resources without harming its organic life. I imagine Lapis could be the one to put that into practice. But will she want to?

So I was thinking late last night about the new chapter, and I asked myself: is there any chance Shi Li will become a sympathetic character in the future?

After thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that no, he won’t.

Although his story mirrors that of Mo Guan Shan (he’s getting into a fight with the entire main gang) the difference between the two (putting aside the idea that Shi Li is protecting a known molester) is that Shi Li has power while Mo Guan Shan has none. Shi Li is trying to crush those who are already down, and he has the whole school supporting him. Mo Guan Shan had no one, and lashed out at people because of that. Because he is a powerless, misunderstood kid who wants to act “tough” because that’s what people expect from an outcast like him. Meanwhile, Shi Li (who I would argue is He Tian’s foil, but that’s another rant) uses his great power for evil, and that is why I think he will never be sympathetic.


New Muse! Colleen Holt (aka Mama Holt)

Art by captain-crykitty

  • Name: Colleen Holt
  • Age: mid 40s
  • Gender:  Cis Female
  • sexuality: bisexual
  • likes: Pastries, spring, birds, programming, writing, rain, wind chimes, her family
  • Dislikes: cold weather, lies, small-minded people, big crowds

Colleen is a lot like her daughter, Katie. They’re both clever and daring and never deal with anyone’s crap. She’s a strict mother, but loves her children with all her heart. For being a stay-at-home mom, she knows a lot about technology and programming. She’s never been a scientist but she can keep up with her Husband just fine when he discusses his work at dinner. Mrs. Holt is quite the Mama bear too and isn’t afraid to do what needs to be done to protect her family. When Sam and Matt went missing, she was devastated. Of all the things so could do for her family, she couldn’t fly herself into space to find them… Instead, she let Katie do it. Or at least, didn’t stop her daughter when she decided to sneak into the garrison. If the government wasn’t going to tell them what happened to their family, they’d find out for themselves.

Erdogan is spreading lies, do not believe him.

Dutch people, the government, stand up for protecting democracy and protected it with not letting a Turkish politician in to the country for trying to make dutch Turks vote for Erdogan, that would end up in giving him more power. The Dutch government protected its people against non-democratic and offensive behavior.
Now Erdogan says that the Dutch are non-democratic, Nazis’s, fascists and now he also says we did genocide. It is a lie. The Dutch tried to protect the people in the Yugoslavia war two decades ago but they were outnumbered and couldn’t protect all of those innocent people against the Yugoslavic troops that got closer and closer. We did not commit genocide against Yugoslav Muslims! Erdogan is trying to make us look like monsters because we didn’t gave him what he wanted. He wants to start a fight and wants to punish my country for nothing really. I’m really offended by these accusations and lies he’s spreading. And to be honest this situation makes me kinda scared because the tension is rising. 


Yes ok anti-karamel people say whatever you want about Monel, be the person that is a hypocrite because I Guarantee you have lied before. Just put this part out their cuz I don’t feel like hearing the bs. Monel did lie. I will admit that. He should of told Kara, yes, but haven’t you lied because of fear? The fear of losing someone or something you love.He has NOTHING.He was just trying to protect the one person he ever loved, from the darkness that is forever embedded into his soul; being the prince of daxam. If he would of told Kara he was the prince when he first got to Earth he would still be in a cell. If he would of told Kara when they fell in love she would of hated him. Or at least this is what monel thought. He thought the best thing to do was forget about his past and be the man that Kara wanted him to be. He had no idea his parents were alive.He thought being the prince didn’t matter anymore. This is why he lied out of fear of losing her! Either way he would of been penalized for telling the truth. tbh if Kara actually had reasonable standards and did not nitpick every single thing that he does I believe that he would have told her. I’m not saying this is her fault I’m just saying neither of them are perfect.

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I hope you do as well! The voice just drives me crazy. Makes me think he's cheating or that he hates me. So I restrict and purge and try to act normal. It just all gets so exhausting. That's why I'm on tumblr, as a way to get it out I guess.

Dude same! It’s like using your disorder almost as a means to protect yourself from the lies your brain is telling you about the people close to you. I mean we could be worse off, I know that’s shitty to say, but at least we have some form of an outlet on here. But yeah our situations seem really similar and equally shitty, if you ever want to vent or something shoot me a message :)

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Oh jeez I read both POVs to Infidelity and (dis)Honesty. Tbh I think they'd be a great three piece!! because as we know Harry knows how to spot modified memories (Slughorn) and oh jeez Harry's so mad he lied but also like 'he did it to protect me oh' and he confronts draco and he's like 'give me the real memory' and Dracos like 'let's just make a new one' and yeah. I'm gonna imagine it this way 😂 (just cause I can't with Draco being a sad muffin) ANYWAYS it was AMAZING as usual ❤

Thank you!! Glad you liked the Infidelity fics!!

I love hearing how different people decide my open endings will proceed =D

I imagined so many different ways the Infidelity stories could go, picking one to write would be too hard!! But having Harry realise the memory was altered was one of them =) (which then sprouted a few more endings, depending on whether Draco changed his own memory of the event or not (and whether he kept the unaltered memory tucked away somewhere or not), and whether suspecting it was altered helped Harry remember or not, and whether or not they’d interacted much after talking, and then also several more ending paths after that depending on whether he and Ginny repaired their marriage or not lol waaaaay too many possible endings for me to write only one haha)

A couple of people have mentioned Harry’s ability to spot altered memories, and while completely possible that he may eventually notice, Slughorn’s memory was very obviously altered, with grey fog patches and the like, whereas Draco has become a master of memory manipulation, and invented several spells to use in the process. Spotting the modification to Draco’s altered memory would be almost impossible, with the way I’ve written his career path.

To be honest, when I imagined the possible ending of Harry noticing the memory was altered, I went more the route of him thinking his own behaviour in the memory would lead to more happening that what he sees. Or just feeling like it was wrong and watching is so many times and obsessing over it until he notices the faintest, most difficult to spot stutter in the memory where Draco altered it, or inconsistencies with what Draco said in their conversation. Because the indication it was altered would be almost impossible to spot due to Draco’s mastery of memory modification spells. Sometimes when I imagine that ending, I don’t even have him notice any evidence that it’s modified, but he just has the gut feeling that it didn’t happen that way, combined with viewing his own memory of their conversation again and looking more closely at Draco’s body language and word usage to pick up on him perhaps lying or omitting things since he’s calmer and less emotional later on, and more likely to notice.

Anyway, loved hearing your idea for the ending!!! Couldn’t help rambling about the possibilities of that ending! Definitely one of the happier alternatives! I definitely feel Harry would go that emotional route, angry, but realising Draco did it to protect him, and quite possibly thinking back on the things he nastier things he said to Draco during their conversation, and the guilt of that overcoming the anger, knowing how hard it must have been for Draco to lie while hearing Harry’s negativity, knowing he didn’t have to lie at all. Even more likely for them to end up together that route if they’ve started talking more after it happened.

Aaagh sorry for the long rambling reply hahaha Thanks for letting me know what you think, and how you think it would end!!

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Specialshipping, 16, 18, 27, 35, 50!

cheese alert <3
16. Who is scared of thunderstorms?

Yellow doesn’t like thunderstorms, even though she’s used to Chuchu’s Thunderbolts. Thunderstorms are dark and intense and so very loud. Thankfully, Red covers her ears when he sees her crouched in a corner. He doesn’t question, and only offers an understanding smile. 

18. Who is a cat person/ Who is a dog person?

They’re both dog people- warm, affectionate, loyal. Red’s like an Arcanine- fierce, protective, compassionate and proud. Yellow probably seems like a little Lillipup in comparison, but Red knows that beneath her gentle exterior lies the heart of a Mightyena. 

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower?

Yellow does both. She spends a lot of time in the shower taking care of her hair, singing as she does so. Red doesn’t mind- she rarely sings, shy as she is, so her voice- like a glimpse of her beautiful yellow hair- is something he treasures. 

35. Who goes overboard on the holidays?

Red doesn’t do anything by halves. He would go out of his way to decorate the house for Christmas; climb Mt Silver for fresh snow if he needs to. It’s not because he wants to impress her- he just wants every holiday to have good memories for them both.  

50. Who is the hopeless romantic?

Yellow’s been crushing on Red for a long, long time. It doesn’t help that her battler has a one-track mind that isn’t good with romantic ideas. So she’s the one who pulls out all the lovey-dovey letters, the strolls along the beach during sunset, the little romantic ‘I love yous’ that she whispers into his ear. He blushes and laughs, and each time, it sets her heart aflutter. 

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          Carol doesn’t know if he feels guilty. But on the off chance that he does, she needs to let him know that it’s okay. She doesn’t BLAME him for lying to her. She wanted to believe it was to keep her safe, and protected from those Saviors who were terrible news. Maybe he didn’t want her to have to face any more trauma from that group of people. After all, it was them who almost killed her in the first place.

          “Daryl… I get it.” She can already feel herself tearing up. “You… You lied to protect me. And I get it… But no matter how hard you try you can’t stop me from fighting. Even if it ends up killing me… I have to. For Glenn. For Abraham. For Olivia and Spencer. And… And for Benjamin.”

Imagine Loki takes you (his girlfriend) back to Asgard to meet his family and he's really nervous...(Part 2)

As requested. :D

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You stuck close to Loki as you walk through the city of Asgard. He was right about not being liked by the people. The whole journey you, and Loki heard onlookers whispers about him being the prince of lies. One man in the streets even had the guts to laugh and call Loki the foolish king. The people words and stares were starting to make your blood boil. You pulled away from Loki’s grip to go prove a point until a strong arm wrapped around your waste pulling you closer.

“I appreciate you want to protect my honor, but it isn’t necessary to give into his desire by becoming scum like that. Beside it best not to give him the show he so desperately wants.” Loki whispered in your ear as you just sighed in frustration.

“Fine, but I’m not sure the next guy we run into like that will keep his teeth.”

“Well my dear I don’t believe we have to worry about that look.” Loki said as he pointed to the sight in front of you. It was the palace, but even more breathtaking up close.

“You grew up here!”

“Well I mean yes. Quite a boring place really. It was very small for a royal family to live in, and imagine having to live in such a small space with that giant oaf Thor.” Loki fake shudder as he jokingly mocked his former home.

“Oh stop with your lies brother. You used to praise about how many hiding spots you could find in such a vast space.” Thor remarked as he shook his head smiling.

“You had hiding spots Loki? For what hiding and seek. Aw that’s so cute.

Thor laughed at you. “No, Lady (Y/N) the hiding spots for when he got older and he upset father or worse disappointed mother. Instead of facing punishment Loki would have various places to run hide to. Eventually he would be caught and justice would be set right. Something’s never do change do they brother.”

“Oh shut it!” Loki hissed before a thought came to his mind. A smirk played across his lips. “Or should I tell her about the time I got you to wear a dress?”

You snorted out a laugh picturing the burling man before you in a frilly pink dress with bows. Thor clenched his fist turning red from embarrassment.

“I thought we agreed we would never speak of that event again! Besides it wasn’t my fault my hammer mysteriously disappeared, and I got pulled into one of your poorly thought out schemes.”

You snickered at the bickering brothers until you had reached the palace. The wide doors opened to reveal the beauty hidden inside. Elegant golden halls sparkled as the sun hit it. You then saw an older beautiful woman walk towards your small group.

“My sons you have returned to me at last!” The woman exclaimed as she pulled the two men into a hug. She released them both and took Loki by his shoulders. “And why have you not come and seen me in such a long time?”

“I am sorry mother. On the brightside while I was gone I have managed to stay out of trouble while I was away. Well for most of the time.” He flashed a sly smile.

“Oh I’m sure.” She chuckled as she released her grip and turned to you. “I’m sure you must be the one who has kept him from causing too much mischief. I have heard a lot about you.” She smiled softly.

“Good thing I hope my Queen.”  You said quietly.

“Nothing but good things my dear, and my son told no lies when he said how lovely you were. Oh and please no need to be so formal. Call me Frigga.”

“Yes your maje- I mean Frigga. It is also very nice to meet you too. You can just call me (Y/N).”

Frigga smiled and nodded. “Well now that we have our introductions out of the way let me take you to introduce you to my husband. “

Frigga led the three of you into a great dining hall. Food was spread across a long table. You had never seen so much food. There were meats, pies, fruits, and dishes you had not seen before. You got excited about it all, but that was cut short as you saw an old mad with a beard and an eye patch sitting in a chair at the end of the table. Only one thought had crossed your mind when you looked into his cold eyes. “Oh boy here we go…”


Dean: I do love Castiel, which is why I’d welcome his conversion. But I know he won’t do it…

I know that humans have a different perspective than gods. I know that Cas deals with… the teachings, the organized effort to worship. He deals with humans. And human interpreations of what little his God let trickle down to his creations. And I know what lies beyond that… I don’t have to like it to know how important it is for humans.

I protect people of other faiths with the same dedication as those who worship in my name. I’m not a god who craves the power that comes with the devotion of their followers. I don’t need or want them to convert unless they do so out of their own free will.

But if Cas doesn’t convert… Then I’ll lose him. Eventually. Not now, not even in the next years. But eventually.

Steffi notes: I hope we’ll get to Dean’s solstice celebrations eventually.

I have a lot of feelings about Bellamy and Octavia. 

I have a lot of feelings about the moment he first held her, and she automatically became his entire world.

I have a lot of feelings about “I won’t let anything bad happen to you, Octavia. I promise.”

I have a lot feelings about piggyback rides and games played in repetition, about stories of the Ark and the way the moon and sun look over the earth.

I have a lot of feelings about the lies and the hiding, sneaking rations and whatever else he could get his hands on; the fierce protection that consumed every single day.

I have a lot of feelings about Bellamy bringing his lessons home each day, teaching his sister as he himself learned.

I have a lot of feelings about the moment he slipped that mask onto her face, the way it felt to watch her slip into a crowd of people for the first time, to watch her smile and dance like she never had before, and the way it must have felt for Octavia to finally know what it meant to be a part of something larger than herself, larger than the two people that made up her entire world, part of a crowd, part of a life swarming with vitality and fun and youth.

I have a lot of feelings about “Bell, how do I get home?” and the look on his face, the look on his face when he realizes.

I have a lot of feelings about “Look how big you are.”

I have a lot of feelings about the awe on Octavia’s face as she takes in the world around her, the way her feet thump when they hit the ground, and the look on Bellamy’s face as he watches her finally get to be free.

I have a lot of feelings about “That’s right, my little sister.”

I have a lot of feelings about “My sister. My responsibility.”

I have a lot of feelings about the way they bicker, the way they push and pull at one another, strain against each other’s ideas and opinions and demands, but always come back to one another in the end, always forgive, always accept, always love.

I have a lot of feelings about “I’m scared.”

I have a lot of feelings about “I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”

I have a lot of feelings about “I’m glad you’re here.”

I have a lot of feelings about Bellamy learning how to let Octavia go, let her live, let her make choices and grow and interact and be with people and make mistakes and fail and succeed and live.

I have a lot of feelings about Octavia gaining a family and friends and a life out from under the floor, outside a single room, but never letting go of her brother, never giving up her brother, never sacrificing her brother.

I have a lot of feelings about “I told you my life ended the day you were born. The truth is it didn’t start until then.”

I have a lot of feelings about “I love you, big brother.”

I have a lot of feelings about every embrace, the way they hold each other like they are each other’s gravity, and every hand hold, every kiss on the cheek.

I have a lot of feelings about the fact that they are soul mates, as clear as day, as precious and rare as any great love. They just happen to have it with each other, because they are all they’ve ever had, just each other, and they love each other more than anything in the world.

I have a lot of feelings about Bellamy and Octavia.

my favorite hurricane → harrison

Honestly, when Brad had suggested to Brielle that he join her on her mission to find and meet her biological father for the first time, he had fully expected her to turn him down straight away. Though she still had feelings for him, her feelings of rage and betrayal towards him were definitely the driving forces within the petite brunette right now. Not that he could blame her: he’d kept his secret from her for far too long and he’d built up a bunch of lies around it to protect her from getting hurt, when in the end they’d only hurt her more so.

After what felt like months of her being MIA, Brad felt that excitement and nervousness traveling from California to see her. Of course, she was cold, distant and completely unimpressed by his arrival and so about three words were shared between them as they made their way to the hotel that she had booked for them both. Unfortunately for Brielle, they weren’t the only two people here. A busy time indeed for their hotel with a conference taking place over the next couple of days was one thing, but a mistake on the fully booked hotel’s part that wound up shoving the two of them in the same room? Brad was fairly certain that Brielle was about to murder the concierge.

There was no mistaking her instructions as they opened the door to their room to find one bed: he was to sleep on the floor like a dog and not even think about joining her. However, as he rolled over the hard floor of their room at 2am to feel that stiff, dull ache in his back, Brad decided to take his chance. Brielle was asleep, what could it hurt? He’d wake up before she did and rush back to the floor. At least, that was the plan…

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steggy + mobster AU

(inspiration from these prompts)

  • For as long as he could remember, Steve Rogers wanted nothing more than to be a cop, to fight the worst of the city’s bullies. It took many long years, but he finally graduated from the police academy, and they placed him in the organized crime division.
  • Peggy Carter was terrifyingly efficient at everything she did, a character trait that had served her well throughout her life. After the tragic death of her brother at the hands of the people who were meant to protect him, she turned to the Family, where she worked as a sort of fixer, working entirely behind the scenes to investigate and then solve problems for the Family. She hated the people she worked for, even if she enjoyed aspects of being a fixer, exposing lies and exceeding expectations.
  • When Grant, the new muscle, enters the Family, Peggy doesn’t know what to make of him. He’s built like a tank, but he’s quiet, thoughtful, and unlike many of the men employed by the Family, he challenges and engages her without crossing any of her boundaries. He’s respectful, but never a pushover, and Peggy finds herself drawn to him despite her best efforts to remain aloof.
  • Steve really, really hates undercover work. His alter ego is hired muscle, and he often finds himself tagging along as extra support for their fixer. Peggy is a force of nature, fully capable of taking care of any situation that arises, so Steve doesn’t do much. Instead, he talks to her (in his report, he considers it obtaining intel). 
  • They debate about anything and everything, both strong willed and stubborn beyond belief. Steve, much to his chagrin, is captivated by her strength and conviction, and he begins to dread the end of this assignment, because she would go to prison and he would never see her again.
  • Peggy figures it out. She’d be a pretty terrible fixer if she couldn’t read between the lines, couldn’t understand what makes people tick, couldn’t figure out the difference between a truth and a lie. She confronts him in the middle of a job, enjoying the way he splutters and deflects. After letting him flounder for a while (Peggy hates being lied to, especially by those who are important to her, not that he knows), she promises to testify against the Family in exchange for leniency.
  • Steve agrees, as do his superiors. After the raid, Peggy is swept away by Witness Protection, and Steve doubts he will ever see her again. Even if the trial is successful and all of the Family are put behind bars, he lied to her every day for months, she probably has no desire to be around him.
  • A year later, after a wildly successful trial that put him on an incredible career track, he walks into the precinct to see a brunette woman sitting on his desk, legs swinging back and forth. He walks up to see the very woman he had been missing more than he would ever admit, a bright grin on her face. She pulls him down to her level and pecks him on the lips, leaving a faint smudge of lipstick behind.
  • “Miss me?”

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ugh, it pisses me off so much how finn is always what comes between raven and clarke. raven is always blaming clarke for things that are finn’s fault (just like how clarke blamed murphy/herself for things that were finn’s fault). like when raven said "tell me you weren’t screwing my boyfriend as i was risking my ass to come down here" and now “the only murderer here is you!”

um??? 1. finn is the one who lied/deceived/cheated everyone, clarke was as much a victim as raven; 2. clarke killed finn to save him, after he killed 18 people which raven forgave almost instantly

i know raven loves finn but her “protecting” and “forgiving” him goes way too far and she’s actually destroying the relationship she has with someone who actually does care about her and wouldn’t hurt her the way finn did