like he knows she probably need ross more than him right now

Lets Dance

You and Tom hate each other, you thought having to go to the same performing arts school was torture enough.. but just wait

(1,600 words)

Warnings: language, sexAY talk (not rly)

Originally posted by tomhollanddaily

Lets get one thing straight. Tom and I were not friends. We’d been at the performing arts academy together for two years now, and ever since we met we’d been irritating each other beyond belief. Out first I thought I’d just be able to ignore him, but everything he did pissed me off. To make matters worse, all of our friends hung out, which meant we were constantly stuck at social gatherings together.
At least today I was stuck at home with a fever and didn’t have to see him in ballet. That’s where he was exceptionally annoying. He knew he was the best in the class, and made sure everyone else did too. He constantly gave me “pointers” which I never asked for.
I was halfway through watching La La Land for about the twentieth time when my best friend called me.

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MCU Civil War Fic Recs | Stony Edition

FINALLY i’ve decided to post my first fic rec list. Caught up with my feels after watching CA:CW. THE PAIN, THE ANGST, THE HEARTBREAK </3 Anyway I’ve been reading lots of MCU Post-Civil War fics and I thought it’s time for me to contribute to our lovely fandom. Here are some of my favorites to share with y’all. Don’t be shy, feel free to share any fic recs with me (●♡∀♡) I’d love to read more!

last updated 17/7/2017.

new fics added on top :) will be updated from time to time if there are new recs.

Tony gets the phone, but he never uses it and he never intends to. Or, he doesn’t until Steve starts texting him, asking strange questions about medication and mental health, which is when Tony gets worried.

(A texting fix-it that grew beyond all proportion. Deals with depression and anxiety quite a lot. There is even some plot in there somewhere.)

Tony and Steve fall through a portal just after defeating Thanos and his army. Stranded in another dimension, the two have to finally face what happened—and what could have been.

“Tony is missing.”

Steve hears the words over Natasha and Clint’s bickering, over Sam’s snorts, over the erratic beat of his heart.

The Avengers are in the aftermath of the Civil War, trying to keep their heads above water when an unexpected portal opens up and drops a few familiar faces on their doorstep for the upcoming battles.

Never let it be said that fate doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Steve doesn’t think about having sex with Tony Stark. He certainly doesn’t plan for it. It happens anyway.

They fight Thanos—and they’re losing. And before Tony knows what’s happening, he’s standing with Doctor Strange in front of the Eye of Agamotto and gets send back in time. Can he find a way to fix things this time around, or are they doomed to fall apart all over again?

“So was I,” his soulmate would tell him one day, and what it would mean was that they loved him. 

Post-Civil War. A mission at a power plant goes south and the ensuing explosion triggers the denaturation of the serum. In which Steve insists that he’s feeling fine, Natasha gets Tony involved and pieces start being put back together. 

Tony bypasses into the mailbox every time. It drives Steve absolutely nuts. 

Tony can’t even recognize himself nowadays.

Tony misses Steve very badly after the Accords. Some days he deals with it better than other days.(a fic featuring the booty call flip phone, minor kidnappings, and time jumps between chapters because the election has been happening and my brain has been too mush to make a proper plot)

Steve and Tony love each other—that would undoubtedly always be true. However, there might just be things that don’t care for love, that don’t care what it means for the two to take different sides. Things that none of them could’ve foreseen. Things that might just rip everything apart.When the United Nations attempt to put restrictions on the Avengers, Tony has to admit that the pawns had been in place for a long time, he just hadn’t dared to admit it to himself. And now, it is simply a matter of who will move first—and more importantly: in which direction.

Tony struggles with the day-to-day of leading a UN-sanctioned team of superheroes, Steve goes on a listening tour across America, and Natasha would like to remind everyone that (unlike Sam Wilson) she is not a licensed therapist.(55/200) page fancomic

When we do things, we always have a good reason. It’s other people we see as defective.

Learning to look a little harder than that will be a long journey, but it might just be worth the struggle to change.

After the civil war, everyone is left living in the new reality they’ve created — and now they have to figure out if they are willing (and able) to try again at being a real team.

If you think of life and death on a continuum, finding the point where it tips is complicated. It cuts across all political lines and gets to the root of our humanity. It requires faith informed by years of intimacy that you’re doing what’s right for your loved one.

But Tony is just a man. And there’s only so much he can do.

(Or that time when Tony does what is necessary to survive just so that he can continue to fix things and makes extremely rash decisions; because even if Steve may have left him behind, doesn’t mean Tony would do the same. Kind of.)

Everything seems to be in working order; except one day, after hoping and hoping for a chance to set things right, to prove what he had meant in his letter, that he’d be there for Tony when Tony needs him, Steve is given the opportunity to. It just isn’t what he had expected it to be. Not by a long damn shot. Sequel to Rebirth.

Strangely, or not so strangely, Steve is the one to call first.“Tony,” is all he says, low and throaty and oh so raspy.Tony says nothing. Not because he has nothing to say, but because he has too much. And maybe, for once, Steve should be the one talking.

After the Civli War, the Avengers were back together.

How is everything going, Tony? Pepper had asked in her email.
It’s fine (Tony had written back). I’m fighting with Steve all the time. Everything is going to hell. I’m okay (you know I’m always okay).

(Or: How Tony and Steve learned to be a bit gentler with each other)

It’s a mistake destroying Steve’s gesture of goodwill, Tony thinks, even as he takes an unholy amount of glee smashing that stupid phone to bits down in his lab and DUM-E waits eagerly with a fire extinguisher for the last of the letter to burn down. But it’s a mistake Tony is happy to make.

How to say ‘wish you were here’ without actually saying so, as done by Captain Steve Rogers.

One moment they’re fighting, yelling scathing insults and ugly accusations at each other, and the next they’re kissing, all teeth and anger-fuelled desperation. Steve backs him up until Tony’s shoulders hit the closest wall, and hoists him up, giving Tony no choice but to wrap his legs around Steve’s waist for support. Tony bites Steve’s bottom lip, hard enough to draw blood, and Steve growls, and grips both of Tony’s wrists in one big hand, his hold bruisingly tight.

‘Dear baby,’ he thought hysterically while dodging an arrow, ‘One day your daddy and I fought and almost blew up an airport. I hope you’re better at communication than we are.’

Tony blinked up at the face staring down at him. This was impossible. This was definitely 100% not possible, he had not just started giving a good morning handy to -


After the events of Civil War, Tony and Steve wake up in bed next to each other in an alternate universe. It goes about as well as you’d expect it to.

Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there’s still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.A family.In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he’s to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.

It was the first time they’d seen each other since Siberia. It was probably one of the worst possible ways to have an unscheduled reunion. It was also about to get worse. A lot worse. 

 Steve writes letters to Tony that he never sends. By the time he hands them to their rightful owner, Tony has had a brush with death, has retired as a superhero, and now has a small town workshop of his very own. But it’s okay, Steve has gone into retirement too.

An alternate universe where Steve wins the Civil War.

It doesn’t go well for Tony.

A deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. Moreover, it often carries a repressed knowledge that the object of longing might never return.

Steve and Tony before, during, and after.

“But as a guy who’s never been good at anything but killing- lemme tell you this. Wars can come to us, and we can fight to end them.”

“But nothing’s ever worth starting one. Nothing at all.”

As the dust of Civil War starts to settle- Steve begins to see a couple of things.

“Humans are machines. Fascinating ones, but fatally flawed- because we feel too much. We try our hardest to be objective; but whenever two sides are too close, we ‘follow our heart’, which means fall prey to whatever our emotions think best and fuck all that logic might have had to say about it.”

Sequel to ‘And In The Silence That Follows’. Three months after the 'truce’, AIM is on the move again, and Norman Osborn seems increasingly determined to seize power in the void that the Avengers left behind. Logic dictates that Tony should cooperate with the runaway superheroes, led by one Steve Rogers to get ahead of the situation. Too bad his trust issues don’t agree with him. Too bad humans aren’t actually machines who can turn emotions off at the flick of a butto-Oh. Hello Extremis.

Steve splays his fingers on Tony’s chest, over his heart, and Tony whimpers. “You should take better care of that, Tony,” Steve says, digging his fingers in briefly.

Tony closes his eyes. “Don’t.”

Steve laughs, and it’s cold. He trails his fingers lower. “I could hurt you,” he says, almost conversationally. “I’m a criminal now, remember.”

“He hid some things from me,” Tony says, then shrugs. “It’s fine. I hid some things from him, too. Don’t you know this story?”

616 Steve meets MCU Tony.

“You were supposed to say thank you,” Tony said after a moment, covering his eyes with his forearm. It wasn’t as if Steve could see him. “It’s only polite, you know. Happy birthday, Steve—Thank you, Tony.”

It was raining when Tony exited his car. In front of him was a church.

He wasn’t sure why it always rained nowadays, but it wasn’t like he could do anything about it. Tony knew this weather kind of suited his mood, and his current mental state.

Attending funeral after funeral after you’ve been beaten up by the father of the embryo in your womb in Siberia before he left you in the cold, was beyond hard and painful. Tony had cried himself to sleep more than once. However, he couldn’t let anybody know, except Vision who had figured it out by himself.

“I sense a lifeform in you,” the android had mentioned to him once. “Is it… Steve’s?”

Tony remembered breaking down in front of him, after that Vision never mentioned the relationship between Steve and the lifeform in Tony’s womb again. He felt guilty, yet grateful. It had been barely a week after the incident in Siberia. Tony wasn’t ready for something that would remind him of that event, and he doubted he would ever be.

Steve never lets go of the phone. Sam thinks that it’s time for him to use it.

The written letter and cellphone never made it to Tony.

Tony never made it home.

Everything about them happened in seconds. Their first meeting was quick, with Tony landing next to the Captain, each man giving a curt nod and name in greeting. Their argument on the hellicarrier took mere seconds to escalate. Until Steve was goading Tony into putting on the suit and going a few rounds and Tony not so subtly reminding Steve that he wasn’t afraid to hit an old man.
It was only seconds of staring at Tony on that New York City Street, his arc reactor dark, no rise and fall of his chest, for Steve to know that inside the tin can, was a good man.
Then Ultron happened, and it took seconds for their world to change, seconds for Steve to throw his shield at Tony and for the billionaire to send a repulsor blast back. They went from laughing and relaxing to standing on an edge thousands of feet above solid ground.
And now…now everything’s changed. And all it took was a combination of seconds; of decisions made, actions performed and words spoken that they couldn’t get back.
Just a few ticks of the clock for their world to shatter.

It took two months and fourteen days.Well, two months and sixteen days if you wanted to be nitpicky and count the two days it had taken Tony to actually accept that yes, the phone was still lying on his desk, and no, it wouldn’t magically disappear just because he wished it so.The phone, and beneath it, that goddamn letter. If you need me, I’ll be there.

After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn’t blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they’ll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn’t have to worry about Steve’s grim frown, Bucky’s hateful gaze, or everyone else’s cold annoyance.For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn’t sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he’d somehow acquired a kid.

He’s sitting there on the carpeted floor with blood dripping down the back of his head, holding the battered red notebook with trembling hands. He looks up from the page and tries to blink away the scribbled words that won’t seem to disappear from his eyesight. He can’t breathe, can’t get his throat to work properly because it feels like he’s being strangled by the sheer truth of what he realizes now.

They knew. Oh god, they knew.

When Tony discovers a devastating secret, it will threaten to tear apart everything they hold dear.

Steve is going to realise in the worst possible way what happens when you let pride, rage and fear cloud your judgment. What happens when you don’t listen.

“And you think you could take me, do you, Stark?”“I’d give it a good fucking try. I’d like to shove you into the nearest wall and wrap my hands around your damn neck.”“Oh yeah? And then what?”Post-CACW, a series of phone calls between Tony and Steve. 

Total: 38 fics

Reggie x Reader: Shape of You (One Shot)

The title really has nothing to do with the story but I was listening to it when I got this idea and also while writing it so enjoy xxx (ALSO I WROTE THIS ON MY PHONE SO I DID MY BEST IN EDITING IT BUT TELL ME IF YOU SEE ANY ERRORS

Plot: The one where Reggie watches you – a lot.

Originally posted by veronicsalodge

Reggie watched you, that was all he seemed to do. His eyes never left your frame as you stood in front of the bench with sweat falling down your tight fitted shirt that was carefully tied at the side to make it even tinier. The rim of a water bottle was touching your lips and Reggie has never had a more irrational jealousy.

Reggie watched as you swallowed gulps of water and how your tongue poked out to run through your pink plump lips, making Reggie want to do the same.  The flushed tone of your skin and tiny silent gasps you seem to emit made Reggie hold his own breath as he imagined how those little breaths would feel on his skin with you under him. He flushed at the thought of how he always managed to make something so innocent sound so filthy.

Reggie watched you flinch (you were too cute), clearly startled when Cheryl suddenly screamed your name: already needing the assistance of her right hand man. You hastily wiped your face with the towel that was hanging around your neck and turned your back, completely hiding your face from Reggie, but he would be lying if he said his eyes didn’t go down to your glorious behind.

Reggie cleared his throat and sat straighter, trying to compose himself.

Cheryl started screaming at her team and Reggie only caught the mention of your name and a new routine.

When the Vixens sat down on the ground and you stepped forward Reggie was confused, his eyebrows nearly meeting each other at the middle of his head. But when Cheryl hit play on the radio and the first beat started: Reggie knew he was fucked.

You were flawless when you danced, not that you weren’t doing anything else, but you were a different kind of beautiful when you were dancing. Reggie leaned on his legs and hiding his mouth on his fist to stop his jaw from falling to the ground. Reggie has been watching you since day one so he knows you were never the obnoxious type and always preferred to keep everything to yourself, however, seeing you make a dance floor out of the gym was something magnificent. You were oozing with confidence and grace, body not missing a beat as you flawlessly performed the complicated routine Cheryl prepared for the oncoming game next week.

Reggie is pretty sure he is in love.

You finished the dance with a bang, more sweat coming out from your body, making Reggie’s mouth literally water as he imagined what it would feel like to trace those sweat with his tongue. His eyes trailed down from your waist to your face and saw the small smile gracing it, rolling back to the sweet (Y/N) everybody was familiar with.

Everybody exploded in applause and admiration, chattering with each other in amazement and congratulating you. Even Reggie couldn’t help himself, clapping his hands louder than everybody else as he descended down the stairs, catching their attention and, most importantly: catching yours.

“Well, well, it seems like the big bad captain enjoyed the show our little (Y/N) made.” Cheryl snickered making Reggie’s eyes roll to the back of his head, trying to will his blush to disappear.

“Great routine, Blossom. Too bad only (Y/N) could probably pull it off by next week.”

“You wound me, Mantle.” Cheryl sneered, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “Give me three days and I’ll make every vixen here as good as (Y/N),” she looked behind her where everyone was either drooling at Reggie or warily looking at Cheryl. “Even if it killed them.”

“I doubt it,” Reggie chuckled, looking at you blushing beside Cheryl. “This is my girl were talking about, nobody will ever be as good as her.”

You blushed even more, eyes shooting up to Reggie who was already staring at you, eyes filled with pride and mischief and that beautiful smirk that you wanted to kiss away. Your boyfriend never had any control when it comes to you but you still couldn’t get used to it, not even to his abundant compliments.

“Bet money?”

“Oh you’re on—“

“Okay enough, losers.” You spoke, getting physically in between your best friend and you’re boyfriend. “I’ll be going, Cher. See ya.”

“See you, darling.” Cher waved you goodbye, giving Reggie a glare before turning his attention to her other Vixens. Cheryl loved her Vixens to death (even if she shows it in an unnatural way) but they really do need some beating so that they can be the best.

You walked towards your boyfriend, shaking your head. “You should really stop messing with her, Reggie.”

As soon as you were within reach his arms immediately wrapped around your shoulders, quickly kissing the top of your head with a grin. “I’ll try, babe, just for you.” He took your gym bag from your hands and hooked it on his left shoulder.

“Now how about you give me a private show at my place?”

“For the right price, maybe.” You teased leaning and tip-toeing a bit to give the side of his lips a kiss.

“How about mind-blowing sex?”

“Keep talking.”

“You can be as loud as you want since my parents are out for the weekend.”


“Breakfast in bed and round twelve in the morning?”

“Now you’re unto something.”

Reggie laughed, unconsciously pulling you closer to him as you walked towards the car park, getting ready for an amazing weekend with his favorite little Vixen.

He may love watching you but getting to touch you and to see the (Y/N) only he knew will beat it any other day.


Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Title:  Running Wild (Part 1): Slow Hands

Author:  Mimi @captain-rogers-beard

Summary:  The rancher’s daughter and the ranchhand. Forbidden love. Is this the real thing or just a game to be won or lost?

Characters: Steve Rogers x Female Reader (Y/N Ross), Thaddeus Ross, Elizabeth “Betty” Ross, Scott Lange

Word Count:  1724

Warnings:  nsfw, implied smut, angst, bossy father,

Author’s Notes:  This is for Anna’s @missxavenger Favourite Things Challenge. My prompts were Slow Hands by Niall Horan (x) and my bed (I failed a bit on this one, I only mention it a couple of times and just vague references. I tried to add more but it just wouldn’t work). Thank you to @star-spangled-man-with-a-plan and @climbthatmooselikeatree for their invaluable help.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Originally posted by noahschnapps

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Coming Home (Chapter One)

Welcome to the Fic! This pics up directly after BROKEN ends, and gets off to an angsty first few chapters so holy hell guys, buckle up! 

I tagged everyone who was tagged in Broken, but if I miss you or if you would like to be added to the tag list, let me know!


Buckle up!


From the End of Broken—

“Captain Rogers.” Colonel James Rhodes stood stiffly in the common area, wings so dark blue they were almost black tucked behind his shoulders, looking bruised and battered, but fierce as hell. “Thank you for meeting me, and for not involving the rest of the family.”

“Colonel.” Steve greeted him, his own wings raising in welcome and reached to shake his hand. “It’s no problem. What can I do for you?”

“Captain Rogers–”

“Wait.” Steve came around the couch, folding his arms. “Um, where’s Tony? We haven’t heard from him since he landed in Afghanistan. How did the weapons demonstration go?”

Rhodes seemed like he tensed even further, his wings shaking slightly and something awful rocked through Steve’s body.

“Rhodes.” he said slowly. “Where’s Tony? Why are you here and he isn’t?”

The Colonel’s next words made Steve’s knees give out, made him collapse onto the couch.

“Steve. We don’t know where Tony is.”

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morse code

based off of this prompt:

hi! surprise, surprise, we’re not dead (just like someone else am I right) (okay that was too much) (I’m sorry) (have some gay)


Tap. Tap. Tap.

Sherlock had been considering deleting Morse code from his mind. After all, there was never a use for it.

He knew caring was not an advantage. He knew letting himself feel things was not good, and would probably come back to haunt him. He knew he was a high-functioning sociopath, and this wasn’t what high-functioning sociopaths do.

But his heart pushed aside all thoughts of reason and allowed him to fall for John Watson.

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I’m Sorry

Requested by Anon: „could you do one were y/n & reggie have a fight about the play book but they end up making up ??“

A/N: I’m very sorry this took me so long but I hope you enjoy reading this anyway! Feedback is always appreciated. :)xx
Also please note that English isn‘t my mother tongue so there might be some mistakes.

Pairing: Reggie Mantle x Reader
Warnings: None, I think??
Words: 1,490

“Y/N, can we talk to you for a second?” Betty asked as soon as I entered the student’s lounge. Veronica standing next to her, an apologizing look on her face. Confused I nodded at them, following them to a quieter place. “You heard about the playbook, right?” Veronica hesitated. I nodded again, not sure what they wanted to apply on. Ronnie unlocked her phone and showed me a picture she took of one of the pages. At first I didn’t see what they wanted me to see until my eyes caught very familiarname. A frown formed on my face. Anger began to raise in my body.

“We’re sorry,” Betty said, “At first, we weren’t sure if we should show you, but you deserve to know it.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about. It’s not your fault. Could you do me a favor and send it to me?” Veronica nodded, “Of course.”

“Anyway, thanks for showing me.” I quickly left the room, on my way to find my boyfriend.

When my eyes finally caught his tall figure I stomped towards him. “We need to talk.” He turned to me. “Wait, I just have to-” I cut him off, “Now.” The seriousness in my voice caught him off guard, knowing that I would never talk to anyone like this unless something bad had happened. I grabbed his hand, leading him to an empty classroom.

“What’s going on, babe?” he asked worry lacing in his voice. “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?”

His eyebrows furrowed, he clearly was confused. “Need a little help?” I gave him my phone, showing him what I was talking about. His eyes went wide at the sight. “I- I can explain. It was before we even started going out.”

“I don’t care if it was before we were a thing. You played with the feelings of girls, human beings, Reggie. You made them believe you like them. You made them feel stupid, used and probably insecure about themselves. This isn’t fun in any way. This only is disgusting,” I spatted the words out, not even trying to conceal my anger.

“How would you feel when the person you like for god knows how long, ask you out just because of some stupid game? Awful, don’t you think?,” I continued.

Reggie didn’t say a word. His head hung low while he stared at the ground. “You know what? I don’t want to be with someone, who doesn’t value the feelings of others. Do us both a favor and never talk to me again.” I exited the room, not wanting to see the boy who disappointed me to no end.


Hoping it would clear my head a bit I spent the past couple of days with Betty and Veronica. Unfortunately that wasn’t as easy as I hoped it’d be. This whole situation just won’t get out of my head, which I was sure will drive me slowly but surely insane.

Don’t get me wrong I was really grateful for the effort both girls made to distract me, but it just didn’t work; at this point I was certain nothing would.

“Earth to Y/N, are you with us?” Veronica asked, waving her hand in front of my face. I shook my head in order to get rid of the thoughts for a little while. “Erm, sorry, I spaced out.”

“Did he try to contact you?” Betty asked.

I shook my head, “No, not even once.” My heart felt heavy thinking about the reason as to why he didn’t. “I know that what he did was wrong and all that but I can’t help but to miss him. Which is ridiculous considering that I was the one telling him to leave me alone. But I feel like he doesn’t even care that much about me. If he does, he would have at least tried to talk to me, right?”

My eyes were focused on the girls’ faces, trying to read what they were thinking. “It’s totally normal to miss him. I mean you guys dated for months, you loved him. Of course, you won’t get over him immediately,” Veronica said.

“The thing is, I don’t think I want to get over him in the first place. But I also can’t forget what he did to those poor girls,” I mumbled. “It’s just so complicated.” My hands rubbed my eyes out of frustration.

“Why don’t you just talk to him? Get it off your chest?” Betty suggested.

“You know what? I think you’re right. We need to talk like adults about this. Thank you, guys, you’re the best,” I agreed, hurriedly grabbing my stuff and making my way to Reggie’s house.


When I arrived at Reggie’s I rang the bell, hoping he was at home. For some reason my heart beat a lot faster than usual, making it really hard to stay calm. After about a minute or two the door finally opened. In front of me now stood the very friendly woman, who raised the boy I was looking for.

“Hello, Mrs Mantle. Is Reggie home?” I asked politely.

“It’s nice to see you, Y/N. He’s up in his room,” she smiled, letting me enter the house.

After a quick ‘thank you’ I hurried to his room. My heart wasn’t the only thing that quickened, my breath, too, was pretty fast now. I somehow was scared of what would come now. About a thousand things that could go wrong filled my mind, making it impossible to think straight.

With a shaky breath I knocked on the door. I didn’t wait for a respond though and opened the door without waiting for any sign that it was alright to enter. The sight in front of me made my heart ached. The cheerful and confident Reggie I knew was curled in a ball in his bed; a blanket covering his figure.

“Reg?” I asked softly.

At the sound of my voice the boy sat up immediately. He stared at me with big eyes, apparently not believing that it’s really me. The longer my eyes lingered on him, the more I just wanted to hug him. He must have been crying recently because his eyes were red and swollen. Seeing him like this made me feel worse than I already did, considering I’ve never seen him in a state like that.

“Y/N, why are you here? Not that I complain, it’s just that I didn’t expect you would come here ever again after-,” he began to rant but I cut him off, “Reg, stop talking so much. Let’s sit down and talk, alright?”

“Of-of course,” he agreed.

I sat down before opening my mouth, “To be completely honest with you, your behavior hurt me. I would’ve done anything to defend you but this- it ruined the trust and respect I had for you. And when you didn’t even try to contact me I thought I was one of your little games. Since I want to be honest to you I have to say that it broke me. I tried to tell myself that you would’ve acted differently if it was true but on the other hand would you?-”

“Before you say anything more I have to say something first. Firstly, I know I messed up big time but I regret everything. I even apologized for the terrible things I did to the girls. Of course, not all forgave me but I needed to do that. Secondly, you have no idea how much I wanted to text or call you but I know you deserve someone better; someone kinder. Someone who doesn’t hurt your feelings or the feelings of others. Thirdly, please, never ever again think that you’re just a game or something like that to me. You’re everything to me. Please, don’t forget this.”

My eyes filled themselves with tears, while my heart skipped a beat or two because of his little speech. Some probably wouldn’t have believed him but the look in his eyes and the way how he spoke told me he was telling nothing but the truth.

“You have no idea how relieved I am right now to hear this. But I hope you know that we have to work hard before it will get back to how it once was, alright?” I said, looking him in the eyes.

“I’m just glad that you’re talking to me again,” he muttered, wrapping his arms tightly around me.

“Me too, Reggie, me too,” I whispered while burying my face in his chest and inhaling his scent.

Even though it will take a while until I’d completely trust him again, I was more than ready to work on that with him. Because I sure as hell knew that none of us could or wanted to live without the other.


Request:  Hey! Im so in love with your stories omg, if you acknowledge this I’d probably have a heart attack!!! Can you do one where the reader is Tony’s daughter and in Civil war she is on Steves side and she gets really badly hurt so he has to get her heart going again or something like that?? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!reader

Summary: You have always been a daddy’s girl but when it comes down to choosing sides, you turn your back for the sake of justice.

Word Count: 1,591

Genre: Angst

Notes: Reader is like Sharon Carter ability wise. Also, this fic isn’t my best work and I’m sorry for that. I’ve been trying to get my body back and ready for school to start up again and it’s really affecting how I’m doing my regular stuff.

Also thank you to @navyandnotquiteright because without your advice I probably wouldn’t have finished this today

You and your father had a very tight relationship. There was no secrets, you trusted your father more than anyone in the world. Your father was your hero even now as an adult, he helped cultivate you into the person you were today. Tony knew what was best for you and you truly believed that with all of your heart, until now.

The Sokovia Accords went against everything you believed in. You knew that if general Ross or the united states government had a chance to control The Avengers, they would corrupt everything that made you proud to be an Avenger. Sadly it seems that your father didn’t believe so. Tony Stark was fine with signing the accords, it almost seemed like he didn’t care that he and his daughter would be becoming the government’s watchdogs as soon as he signed the dotted line. You two fought over it for more nights than you would like to remember. You were so adamant about fighting against their plans for you but your father was equally convinced that giving up control of the Avengers was the best way to keep everyone safe, to keep you safe.  

When it was clear that separation was immanent, you had no choice but to side with Steve. You refused to lose your free will and ability to help those in need because of greedy politics and fears and it seemed the captain reciprocated the sentiments. Now stood side by side with Wanda, Bucky, Scott, Clint and Sam while Cap and your father taunted  each other from opposite sides of the airstrip.

You weren’t paying much attention to them as you looked around at the other side. You were truly divided down the middle, the team you once knew and loved were separated by what felt like an ocean of mixed emotions and angst.

“Alright, I’ve run out of patience.  Underoos!” Your father yells, your attention snapped back to the man who raised you just as something shot down from the sky and ripped Steve’s shield right off of his arm.

Suddenly just above your father sat a boy with an oddly familiar suit. Your vision almost went red as you noticed it was the same kid that you convinced Tony to ignore before your falling out. He was just a kid, he didn’t need to be dragged into the crumbling mess that the avengers were, apparently your words didn’t go far as the boy was sitting right in front of you.

“Are you kidding me Dad? You dragged a kid into this mess?” you yell outraged.

His eyes snap to yours and you see his face soften, but his eyes only held betrayal. “Well, when the one person you expected to stay by your side leaves, you gotta find a substitute.”

With that said, the battle began. You tore your eyes away from your father just in time to watch the team break off, Bucky and Sam went after peter and Clint faced off with the black panther while cap and Scott took on your father. You stayed close to Wanda as she launched projectiles at the other side while blocking incoming attacks. You pulled out your guns and began returning the fire coming from War machine. Across from yo you see Scott grow and you hear your father mean sarcastic remarks about any other hidden abilities  while Peter swings out of the terminal, no longer followed by Bucky and Sam.These were your friends, your family that you were fighting against. All you ever wanted to do was protect the innocent and the government warped that idea until it turned the entire team against each other.

you broke away from Wanda and followed the flying spiderboy. He was only a child, he shouldn’t have been dragged into the fight, but if you were the one fighting him maybe you could minimize the damage while distracting him from the rest of the fight.

“Wow! Ms. Stark, it’s so cool to meet you! I have like 5 of your trading cards!” he said excitedly. God, he was so innocent and young, what was your father thinking?

“Do you even know what you’re fighting for? Do you understand the implications of choosing Tony’s side?” You ask incredulously.

“Not really, but I really want to impress Mr. Stark, so I’m going to have to cut this conversation short!” he says as he webs your hands together quickly.

“Like that would stop me!” you said. You ran to him and began attacking him with everything but your decommissioned hands, obviously pulling your punches. You finally get your hands separated just in time to see Scott accidentally hurdle a giant piece of debris directly towards you and Spiderman.

“Y/n no!” Tony yells, but it was too late. You had already pushed Peter out of the way and effectively sealed your fate.

“I’m sorry.” you whisper. You knew Tony could hear you but you needed to apologies before you become buried under the debris. You were always a daddy’s girl and you shouldn’t have let the stupid accords split you so easily.

Your body explodes in pain as he ripped off wing of a plane crashes into you and you see the familiar sight of red and gold hovering above you before your vision goes dark.

As soon as Tony saw that wing fly towards you his stomach dropped. He never wanted this to happen. He didn’t even want you to be an avenger, you were still supposed to  be playing with your barbies on his office floor not be risking your life for national security. He knew there was no way for you to agree with him, he knew he raised you to be selfless but he was being stubborn and he knew that if you continued down the path you were you were destined to get hurt. All he wanted was for you to be safe and cap didn’t offer that. The sight of that plane piece flying towards you woke him up from his stubborn stupor and he instantly dropped what he was doing and flew towards you. He pushed himself as fast as he could but it was too late. He saw the scared look on your face and he cursed himself for not being faster.

“Y/n!” he yelled. He dropped down and starts pulling things off of you.  Peter joins in next to him and continues trying to pull the seemingly never ending pile of scrap off of you.

The battle field around them went dead. You were the one person that no one ever really hated. You were like the light of the team, no matter how dark things could get you always found something to smile about. They couldn’t imagine you gone, soon more and more of the team had come together to remove the debris.  It made sense, if anyone could bring back the team it was you.

Tony finally saw you and he dug harder. He finally got everything off of you and they held their breath as he put his ear to your chest, he heard nothing but silence.

“No, no! Come on baby girl you have to come back to me alright?” he said as he began doing CPR. He was ready to do anything for his little girl.

He put his ear to her chest again and was met with the same deafening silence. Around him he heard the sounds of quiet gasps and quiet sobs. Suddenly Tony had an idea, it was a last ditch effort and it had to work if Tony was ever going to hold his baby girl again

“Friday, charge my hands.” he said.

“I would not advise that M. Stark-” The AI said.

“Just do it!” he yelled

The AI did what it was told and Tony’s hands were buzzing with electrical current. He put his hand on her side and by her heart, giving her a dose of the current before pulling it off and putting his head on her chest while also checking on her pulse.

It was weak but it was there, Tony let out a sob. You were okay. You were alive. Tony couldn’t hold back his tears as he pulled your unconscious body to him in a hug before shoot hing back into the air quickly as to get you to a hospital.

The two teams looked at each other, not knowing what to do. Tony was still supposed to bring the group into custody so that’s exactly what they did, only they missed the who people that hadn’t been with them the entire time; Steve and Bucky who were now on their way to Russia.

Tony sat next to you in the hospital.You looked pale and lifeless, you had awoken for awhile but were instructed to get more sleep after a quick check up by a doctor. Tony swore after seeing you wake up that he wouldn’t do anything that hurt you again. There were two angry burn wounds on your sides from the shock but it brought you back to life so Tony didn’t feel too terribly bad about it. These damages could have been easily avoided if Tony just listened for once, if he had stopped being so stubborn you would be awake and laughing and tinkering away in his lab like usual.

Seeing you so banged up in that bed, Tony made a silent oath to you both. As long as you still had a heartbeat, Tony would be there to keep you safe whether it be a natural disaster or Tony himself. He would stop it from effecting you because without you he had no heartbeat of his own.

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It was honestly getting out of hand. This is not what Tasha had in mind when she had the airport evacuated. It was more to make sure Barnes doesn’t accidentally hurt someone and maybe avoid people snapping pictures and tweeting about Avengers arguing with each other. And what the fuck was Clint doing here? Admittedly, she could have left a more detailed explanation with Vision as to why Wanda was confined to the compound though she thought that Wanda was intelligent enough to draw her own conclusions. Apparently she wasn’t.

“Is this part of the plan?” Nat asked after Tasha helped her up.

“No, this definitely was not part of the plan. Damn Rogers and his ‘punch-the-way-out’ mindset. Want to switch it up?”

“Sure.” It was with practiced ease that Iron Woman had Black Widow in tight but safe grip, flying short way across the landing strip in order to land in the path of Cap’s team.

“Captain Rogers… I know you believe what you’re doing is right. But for the collective good…you must surrender now.” It pained her how incredibly like J.A.R.V.I.S. Vision sounded sometimes. But the good captain apparently was not listening if the advancing was anything to go by. Well fuck.

“They are not stopping.” She could have gone without kid’s comment. In a matter of seconds they were beating each other again. It was insane. And she had run out of patience. “Vision, take out the quinjet. It seems they won’t stop until they reach it.” Tasha instructed, dodging the shield Rogers threw at her.

The android disengaged his fight with the newcomer with the suit that could apparently enlarge as well as shrink; and turned his attention to the open hangar where the powered down quinjet was waiting. Iron Woman’s instruction was sound. Taking out a way to escape reduced the probability of prolonged fighting. Checking yet again if there was someone around the hangar, short beam of yellow energy burst from the gem on his forehead and the quinjet was reduced to a smoking pile of scrap. It was a shame really, for Tasha Stark took great pride in designing and building it. The resulting explosion served as a short moment of pause as the realization of no escape settled on Captain America’s team.

“I will say it one last time!” There was no restraint in anger that boomed from Iron Woman. “Stand the fuck down!”

Spider-man used the distraction to shoot copious amount of webbing at Hawkeye, Falcon and Scarlet Witch, effectively pinning them to the ground. It was after all the reason why she brought him to Germany in the first place. The close contact combat was not it. Black Panther had Barnes pinned as well, Black Widow was eyeing the man in giant form with all the suspicion of the world whilst War Machine was hovering near him as well, ready to act at any sudden move. For the first time since this whole shitty mess started, Captain America looked indecisive and unsure. It was more than likely because his only effective way out was blown up. Looking at his now subdued teammates, he let the shield he retrieved fall from his hand. “You’re making a mistake Tasha.”

“Then it is mine to make. As it was your mistake in deciding to not contact me before this fight went down or even to listen to me back at the task force.” She turned to Black Widow. “Please inform Everett Ross to send a transport for everyone.”

The giant man finally shrunk down to the normal size, hands raised up in surrender. She would find out exactly what his name was later. “Stay put Rogers.” Tasha ordered when he moved to follow her approach to Barnes, reinforcing it with a raised gauntlet waiting to fire off an energy blast. The helmet collapsed when she kneeled in front of Barnes. “Who am I talking to right now?”

“Sergeant James Barnes, serial number 32557038.”

“It’s nice to meet you at last Barnes. I believe I have something to help with your conditioning problem.”

“Steve didn’t mention that.”

Tasha snorted. “Yes, I am beginning to learn how elective he is with words. We’ll discuss it later.”

Black Widow returned with small caravan of SUV’s and prisoner transport trucks in tow, gear was taken away, handcuffs were slapped on and everyone made their way back to Berlin. Tasha was already having a headache just thinking about conversations that were to be had in about two hours. Making sure Spider-man was safely on board her private jet with Happy, Tasha slipped into the backseat of the black SUV; content to find out that there was no one else in it. She just needed a quiet minute or two.


“You know you are not obligated to talk to them any further. That is actually my job at this point.”

Why did she stop drinking? Because she could fucking use one right now. “I like you much better than the other Ross. So if you could just let me deal with this shit please? I promise you can hash out all the details on them later because frankly I am just about done.”

The shorter man eyed her, finally shrugging his shoulder and pointed to the heavily guarded conference room where the rogue Avengers as media was already calling them were being kept. He made it crystal clear that they should be in cells already but he was not going to go against the higher ups. And seeing the plain exhaustion of her face, he decided that the woman should have some sort of satisfaction out this entire clusterfuck. “You look ready to keel over.” Nat commented bluntly, matching her steps with Tasha’s.

“Let’s just get this over with, okay? I really don’t want to talk about anything else.” Two women already found Rhodey, Vision and T’Challa sitting at the same table, facing the other team with expressions varying from unconcealed anger to pensive curiosity. “Are the handcuffs really necessary?”

“I’m not here for chit chat, Rogers.”

“Where’s Bucky?”

Rhodey snorted loudly and Tasha rolled her eyes. “You have unbelievably single track mind, it’s amazing. You people collectively broke more international laws than most terrorists do and you keep yapping about your best friend. He’s fine; I negotiated with Ross to have him transferred to one of my facilities under heavy guard just in case the other Ross had any bright ideas. We-” she motioned to her team. “Are here to talk about the supposed Winter Soldiers.”

“Oh, so now you care?” Clint shot out, not even attempting to hide his discontent.

“Mr. Barton.” T’Challa cut in before Tasha could speak again. “The entire defense of your team sits on this supposed threat. Make no mistake; your position is very precarious.”

“Barnes already gave us some intel, we just want to corroborate that he told you the same thing.”

“And then what?”

Vision leaned forward in his seat. “And then captain Rogers, we are going to go and investigate the validity of those claims. I believe they will be taken into account when joint counter terrorism centre brings up the charges. I believe Mr. Ross has far more detailed explanation of how things will proceed from here.”

“And the Russians are just going to let you waltz in their backyard?” Sam sounded guarded and doubtful.

“Considering they have to deal with public backlash of Barnes being used as KGB’s assassin and likelihood that they have been storing several more on ice all this time after everything that happened, yes, they will let us just waltz into their backyard.” Rhodey ground out.

“Look, we will check this either way Rogers. You cooperating might do you some good. Time to start using that head of yours for something other than punching and thinking about your war buddy.”

“You mean compromise?”

Tasha pinched the bridge of her nose. “Not this again Rogers. I am not talking about this with someone who has not even read the Accords. None of you did, I bet.”

“You owe it -” “Enough Captain.” T’Challa was on his feet now. This was not how they discussed making their marriage public knowledge but he could not stand to watch any longer to his wife’s former team mate look at her like she was ultimate disappointment in his life. “My wife does not owe you or anyone here anything beyond the common curtsey of civil conversation.”

One could hear a needle fall in the room that is how silent it was. Steve noticed that aside from Rhodes, everyone was sporting various degrees of surprise on their faces. And Tasha looked uncharacteristically pleased with it. “Is this some sort of joke?”

“I assure you Mr. Barton; I would never joke on the matter of our marriage. You have never inquired if Tasha was seeing anyone, you just made assumptions. Besides, we preferred our privacy.”

“So it was another secret.” At best, he sounded like it was something he believed to be completely in character with her and was therefore disappointed that she did not learn from past experiences.

Tasha’s eyes narrowed. “Rogers…my marriage is of absolutely no importance to the events that have transpired in last few days. So fuck you for trying to use it as some sort of springboard for your moral crusade. I’m done.” T’Challa wasted no time in following after her.

“Tasha slow down.” It was not that he could not catch up with her but it was the way she was gripping her left arm while she was marching away that had him concerned. “I am sorry for blurting it out like that but I could not watch him step on you any longer.”

“It’s fine, really.” Her breathing suggested otherwise.

“What injuries did you sustain in the fight?” His eyes tried to asses her condition but aside from the black eye, she had no visible injuries.

“None. But uh, my left arm is kind of numb. Is that normal?”

No, it was not normal at all and the panic he experienced seconds before the bomb went off returned with full force. “You need to see a doctor straight away.”

“What? No, I’m good.”

“Please, intanda, do not argue with me. Not now.” Her acquiescence after his plea was short lived because not ten steps later; she collapsed and would have kissed the floor face first were it not for his fast reflexes. With relative ease, he scooped her up and called for help. He lost his father; he would not lose her too.

@queenyavengers So you wanted a secretly married IronPanther, yes? Here’s a short thing plus angst.

Highly Recommended

“Hey,” Mike says casually one morning, dropping onto the couch and flipping open a file. “Can you write me a letter of recommendation?”

There’s nothing but silence in the room - No typing or tapping of a pen or even breathing, which is strange. Harvey’s been loud and clear with his behavior, but maybe he didn’t think Mike had the balls.

“Anywhere in particular?” he asks calmly.

Mike shrugs. “I’ve been thinking about investment banking. Learned enough about M and A I’d guess.”


The continuing silence convinces Mike to look up in a way no amount of argument could have. Harvey has no facial expression, not anger or sadness, though a muscle twitches in his jaw, and there’s something strange about the way he’s sitting, tight and too still.

“Harvey?” he asks softly. “Can you?”

Shaking himself, Harvey nods. “Sure. Should be done before you leave.”

“Cool. thanks.”

He nods curtly. “You’re welcome. Now get.”

“Right.” It wasn’t like he was expecting some dramatic last supper. A few paces past Donna’s desk he imagines the sound of glass shattering, and when he whirls around, Harvey’s standing, fists clenched to his sides, deep inhales shifting his shoulders, but he’s facing the window. There’s no way to tell -

“What did you do?” she asks, soft, no judgement.

“It’s time.”

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Alright, I’m sick of all of this “Donna doesn’t deserve this promotion” or “Donna’s being annoying and it’s making me not like her” bullshit. We are gonna stop this right here. 

“she was more fun as a secretary, and she should go back to just rocking her role as that.”
ya know what, harvey’s not doing the greatest job as managing partner and was awesome just having his name on the door, should he just back down? No. this season is obviously going to be a lot about him growing in to his role, and rising to the challenge he has chosen to take. Donna should be allowed just the same benefit of the doubt. Who’s to say she can’t go on as COO and still be the remarkably witty character we know and love? Honestly, if the writers would just give her some damn time outside of having to defend her position to everyone and let her be her damn self, maybe we could actually see her being just as awesome as she was before as just a secretary.

“it was so unreasonable; she’s unqualified and doesn’t have a law degree. there’s no way she’d be partner in real life.”
ok umm if you have this thought, then have you been watching suits at all? the whole basis of the show started off on Mike being a fraud and then coming back to PSL after being convicted and then leaving prison. (did we all forget harvey also snuck mike out of prison so that he could see his fiance and remember how much he wants to go home???)  I don’t see Mike being a big deal for anyone else. you really wanna start on being realistic now? as korsch so kindly reminded us a couple of days ago, this is a tvshow. you can throw all the “BUT IN THE US ABA LAWBOOK #34598389457987 PART 2 A ROMAN NUMBERAL V THIS IS ILLEGAL” in the trash. we care about character development and personal growth, not how accurately this show reflects real life. Harvey’s therapist admitted she had fantasies about him, for christ’s sake. Harvey’s ass wasn’t fired on the spot for hiring a fraud who came in with drugs into an interview. 

“she doesn’t know anything, she’s gonna fuck up.”
yeah, and??? we’re all human??? you’re going to tell me that louis litt’s temper tantrums were justified??? all 6 seasons??? the time he punched harvey in the face?? the time he got upset over his cat??? the time he yelled at Stu and tried to get them evicted even though it was completely irrational?? the time he leveraged Mike’s secret to get his name on the door??? 

and don’t even get me started  on how many times she’s prevented all of these *colorful personalities* from fucking up themselves. Louis throwing a fit about Norma? Handled that. Mike and Harvey can’t make up because occasionally their heads are too far up their asses? also handled that. Louis jumping ship to Daniel Hardman? handled it. Scottie wanting to sort out her feelings with Harvey? handled it. Daniel Hardman himself? did we forget that she slapped him?

“she only got it because Harvey has a soft spot for her.”
Where the hell do you think she got that vote of faith from, buying him a bagel and a coffee every morning? No. You can’t ignore the fact that they’ve been a team for more than 12 years. If she wasn’t competent or capable, she would have been fired long ago. instead, we have scenes with Donna telling Harvey that “sometimes we need a little help” or convincing Louis to be rational and not use the tape admitting Harvey’s in therapy against him. where would harvey even be without her? probably in some jail cell with cameron dennis back in season 1 when he didn’t have the heart turn on his superior. 

“she’s so annoying now, totally ruining suits for me”

truth of the fact is, yeah, maybe it’s a far stretch, but it is nothing out of ordinary in the suits world, nor is it deserving of all this criticism. PSL is an empty shell, everyone left, she has spent a large part of her entire time being everyone’s emotional punching bag and keeping everyone from sawing off each other’s legs, and after 12+ years-

If you were a) a badass secretary who knew everyone and everything, thus making you b) a very valuable asset to the firm and c) had to dictate Louis’s dictaphone at one point on a daily basis at one point in your life, fucking look me in the eye and tell me that you wouldn’t take up this opportunity if it presented itself to you in a heartbeat.

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One day Brian brings Audrey to work but he's tries to keep her out of the lab. However, she wanders in anyway and finds Arin's tank. At first they think Arin will get scared or confused, but Arin actually ends up gasping all wide-eyed like "Tiny human! Tiny human!!!! Oh my gosh!"

oh my GOD this is so long. my poor hands.

i really like this bit, though. good interaction from our characters and humor and fluff.

plus, like, who doesn’t love audrey? enjoy.


Dan glanced up from the water tank’s platform as Suzy walked into the lab. “Hey, Suzy.”

Arin also perked up from where he was swimming lazily next to the platform. “Hello!”

Suzy smiled up at them. “Getting any research done, boys?”

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Prompt #28 w/ Spencer

I know you didn’t ask for this, but I made it a crossover with Supernatural. It is a little bit longer because of that, but I hope you like it nonetheless. 

#28: “Go to Hell.” 
“Already been but thanks for the invite”

The BAU team had often seen you around cases, and it was soon they made a link. Yet, the wrong one. You saved their ass without them knowing it, and you got arrested. Not that you really cared, you would be free soon. 

You were glad when the seemingly youngest one (and cutest one) joined you in the room. 

“If I had known I would be interrogated by someone like you,” You began, leaning in with a grin. “I would have dug up my sexy underwear.” You winked. 

If he cared, he was good at hiding it. “What were you doing in the crime scene?” His voice was calm, but you knew that wouldn’t be the case for long. 

“Last time I checked, it was just a building with more houses.” You leaned back in the uncomfortable chair. “But if you really want to know, I was buying sex toys from an illegal dealer with one eye.” 

The agent, Dr. Spencer Reid, blinked a few times. “Right. What were you doing here,” he placed a picture of another crime scene on the table. “About two months ago.” 

“Honey, I live nearby.” 

“And here.” He placed a few other pictures on the table. “Or here, or here.” 

“As far as you know, I am rich and have more houses.” You smirked. 

“Can you explain why we can’t find anything under your name? Where is your ID?” He started losing his patience, which was horribly cute. 

“I’m not from here.” You leaned back forwards, shamelessly flirting with him. “But for you, I would consider staying another night.” 

Dr. Reid stood up, moving to the door. You guessed someone whispered something in his ear. “Bye, Dr. Reid.” You waved after him. 

You were alone, but knew every move was followed. You started humming a song, your teasing glare never leaving the ‘mirror’ in front of you. 

A darker skinned man came in, and your flirtatious smile crept back on your face. 

“Well hello, sexy beast.” You just didn’t know shame anymore. 

“We found your car.” even though that was hard to believe, your face fell for a second before you laughed. 

“How embarrassing. I haven’t cleaned her in a while.” You smiled. “Sorry you had to see that much dust on a black car. Probably a male pet peeve, am I right.” 

You had a black car, but you hoped he would think this was just a trick. However, he didn’t bite. 

“Can you tell me what you think we found?” You raised an eyebrow. “It can help you.” 

“Sweet cakes,” You leaned back. “You couldn’t have found my car. I’m not stupid.” 

“We aren’t, either.” 

“In that case, you should know that you can’t hold me without evidence.” You gave him a sympathetic smile. “And I think you have nothing except coincidence. That means I’ll be gone before sundown.” 

“We can hold you for 24 hours.” He reminded you. 

“Believe me when I say I’ll be home before that ends.” You winked and leaned back. 

You were right, an hour later you were on your way out. With a last wink pointed towards Dr. Reid, you glided through the doors. You didn’t hear how they shook their heads, annoyed that they couldn’t prove anything against you. 

When you jumped into your car, you were glad they hadn’t found the car. The weapons would be enough to put you in jail. 

You hoped it would be a while before you ran into them again, but it wasn’t. You never got what you wished for. You were on a job when the BAU decided to show up. 

And of course they had to walk by when you were just about to beak into the crime scene. 

You cursed under your breath before you dove into a bush. It was childish, but they almost knew too much. They would figure out that it wasn’t a person who killed the victim, but a spirit. 

It was sunset, and you wondered why they weren’t going back. The spirit would soon appear. 

“We should do one last check.” An older man said, gesturing for them to go inside. Even though you didn’t really liked them, you didn’t want them dead. You were ready to blow your cover, maybe hold them back, when you realized they were already inside. You rushed to the door, telling them to get out before a crazy spirit came. But the door blew too, and you knew that they were in the hands of the spirit. 

You groaned, turning around to go to your car, gathering as many weapons as your bag could carry. They would need some weapons, too. You took some iron knives and extra rock salt. 

Breaking the door open would be hard, but you had done it before. You got ready to kick the door open, which surprisingly worked. The door fell closed with a loud bang behind you. You didn’t saw the agents, you started looking for them.  

You didn’t make a sound, but they were also silent. You got thrown to the ground by q female figure. 

“Cassie?” You saw Agent Prentiss her black hair and smiled. 

“You can call me Y/N.” She pushed the woman off and stood up. “It’s not what you think, alright. put down your guns I’m here to save you.” 

“Is that why you brought guns?” Agent Morgan said. You rolled your eyes. 

“Obviously. You can’t kill it with a regular bullet.” Their guns didn’t lower. “Alright, listen up motherfuckers. You let me do my thing so you can all see daylight again or we all die.” 

“We can handle the unsub. Don’t worry.” 

“Oh, how do you kill a vengeful spirit?” You placed your hands on your hips. “Tell me.” 

“A ghost?” 

“I don’t like that word.” You glanced at Dr. Reid. “But if you will, yes. They are real. So are demons. Werewolves. Vamps.” You shrugged. “Besides, I couldn’t kill anyone with my bullets. It’s salt.” 

Spencer leaned down to check. “She’s telling the truth.”

“That doesn’t mean there is an actual ghost.” You rolled your eyes and walked to your bag, a gun was pointed at you again. 

“So you’re a ghost hunter?” 

“Oh please, I hunt more than just ghost. And you better put that gun away, mister.” You pointed towards Derek. “I am here to save your fucking ass.” 

He looked extremely annoyed with you. “Why can’t we kick the doors open? What’s going on?”

“Strange ghost power.” You took the salt out of your bag. “Move.” 

“What are you doing?” Someone asked. 

You sighed. “I can’t explain everything in one night, but here we go. Salt stops spirits.” You kept it short, drawing a big circle. 

“There, stay in the circle.” You pushed them in. “Don’t move. I’ll take care of the spirit.” You handed Derek and Emily a shotgun and some salt. “Don’t miss.” You grinned. 

“Wait!” Spencer called after you. “How are you going to stop him?”

“There is something in this house that is his connection. I salt and burn it and he’s gone.” 

“You can use us, right? I mean, we are profilers after all. It has to be something special to him?” 

You got curious and nodded. “Yes, his name is John Greenwall. He has been dead for six years. Killed by an axe, his brother lived here until he died. Now the Ross family is killed.” 

“It-It had to be something important to him, right? Like, a book or something?” You wondered why they believed you without seeing the ghost. Then it hit you: This was a distraction. It was too late, the blonde lady had thrown herself onto you. You didn’t want to hit her, but as she was straddling you, you had to kick her off. The other members had drawn their guns, but so had you. 

And for once the spirit had a good timing. He appeared to your left, Hotch noticing it first. He shot, but it didn’t matter. You loaded your shotgun and shot, the ghost vanishing. 

“Do you believe me now?” You pushed them back towards the circle. “In the circle!” You reloaded your gun. 

“Are you willing to help now?” 

Spencer seemed to be in deep thought. “I remember reading his brother’s file. A-a painting! He refused to give it away!” 

The spirit came back, and before you could shoot, Derek had. You grinned at him. 

“A painting. It’s possible. Okay, I do the attic, someone gotta look here.” 

JJ raised her hand. “Give me a gun. I will.” And so you left. You only ran into the spirit once. You didn’t find the painting. You ran back downstairs after hearing gunshots. However, you found JJ holding the painting. 

“We found it.” She breathed out with a faint smile. You grinned. 

“Alright, get back in the circle and make sure he won’t attack me.” You placed the painting in the middle of the room and salt and burned it. You held your breath. 

“I hope this worked because otherwise, we have a long night to go.” You were already quite tired. 

You tried to open the door, which worked. You sighed in relief. “Alright guys, case solved.” You gathered your weapons and smiled. “It was my pleasure, yet I hope I never run into you again.” 

That was a lie. Even though they almost shot you, they hadn’t. That was better than your last friends had done. 

Spencer Reid still had questions, and he was the first one to be outside, hoping to catch a glimpse of you. 

“So you’re just going to leave?” 

“What else am I supposed to do?” You smiled and pushed your bag in your car. “There are other people who need me.” 

“You aren’t even going to stay the night?” 

“Nope.” You wiggled your eyebrows. “Unless you want me to.” 

“Go to hell.” He chuckled. 

“Already been but thanks for the invite.” You answered. He didn’t know you were serious. 

“What if we run into a ghost again?”

“You know what to do. Salt also helps with demons, remember that.” You plopped down in you and rolled the window down. “If it’s bad enough you’ll see me again. And if that happens,” You smirked. “Then I’ll take you out for dinner.” 

You drove off, hoping you’d see them soon again, because then, you and Spencer would have dinner together. 

Imagine #5 - Elevator Encounter

You ran down the hallway of the convention hotel in your town. Out of lack of rooms, your school had permission to use some conference rooms and decided to move all the art classes for higher grades there. That meant you had about 5 minutes to get from your school to the hotel halfway across the town, though. Luckily, this was the last class of the day for you so you only needed to hurry through town once.

“No, nononono!” you muttered under your breath as you turned the corner and saw that one of the elevators was just closing the doors. You knew that waiting for another one to arrive on your floor was like playing roulette and taking the stairs would take too long as well. Not to mention that you really were not in the mood to take the stairs up to the 10th floor.  

You prevented the doors from closing all the way by quickly sticking one of your sketchbooks in the small gap. As soon as it fully opened up again, your eyes widened at the sight of already a good amount of people inside of it. They all turned their heads to look at you.

“I’m so sorry,” you apologized and tried to catch your breath. You could feel the heat rise up to your cheeks that were most likely tinted in a dark shade of pink by then. “I’m just gonna wait for the next one.”

“Nonsense,” a brunette guy said and nodded for you to get in. “Which floor did you need to get on?”

“Uh, 10th, thanks,” you answered, then standing next to a blond guy that was significantly taller than you.

“No problem,” he answered smiling. “I’m Ellington by the way.”

“(Y/N),” you answered, lightly smiling back. Everyone else introduced themselves and if you were remembering correctly, you were standing next to Riker. Next to him was Rocky and across from you were Ellington, Ross and Rydel.

The doors opened on floor 6 but no one was moving to get out. “This isn’t your floor either?” you asked, not actually knowing where they were headed.

“No, we’re going one above yours,” Ross answered, seemingly not fazed by the random stop at all.

Fantastic. Of course, the elevator had to stop at random floors just for the fun of it. You leaned your head back and sighed quietly while the doors closed again.

“Everything okay?” Riker asked from next to you.

“Yeah, these elevators are just worse than any gambling game,” you laughed lightly. “And I have a class that actually started a couple minutes ago already.”

Right as you said that, you arrived at floor ten. “Well, it was nice meeting you all,” you waved and stepped out.

“You too,” they replied. “Maybe we’ll see you around again.”

After your class ended, you had some time to kill and decided to sit down in the little café that was part of the hotel. Scribbling in your sketchbook to figure out some concepts for the assignment you just got, you heard voices approaching you.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Rydel said, smiling from widely. “Mind if we join you?”

“Not at all,” you shook your head and made some room on the table since your things took up most of the space. Rocky and Ross were sitting down next to you, the others scattering around the rest of the table.

“Your description of the elevator being like a gambling game was pretty accurate, by the way,” Riker laughed.

“Oh yeah? How many times did it take you to get to your floor?”

“I think it was 3 or 4 times,” Ellington overdramatically sighed and rolled his eyes. “But how was your class?”

You tried not to groan at the thought of the past one and a half hours, but it was to no avail. “Let’s just say that I can’t think of anything more boring than being stuck in a History of Typography lesson that is 100% theoretical for 90 minutes,” you chuckled causing everyone else to let out a small laugh as well. “At least the assignment we got is practical. But what were you doing? If you don’t mind me asking.”

“It’s fine,” Rydel waved her hand dismissively. “We had a little band meeting and finished earlier than expected so now we have the rest of the day off. Then we thought we could check out this café,” she smiled.

“Oh, you’re all in a band?” you wondered and tried to hide the fact that you were a little surprised. They seemed so normal and down-to-earth, you never would’ve guessed they were in a band.

“Yeah, R5,” Ross piped up from next to you. “Ever heard of it?”

You shook your head no and gave them an apologetic smile. “I will totally check your stuff out, though.”

“Is this for your assignment?” Rocky suddenly spoke up. Just then you noticed that he had taken the sketchbook that had been lying in front of you and was flipping through the pages. Usually, it was the probably biggest pet peeve of yours when someone would just flip through your sketches without asking beforehand. Seeing that this was the book especially for schoolwork and it was getting graded and critiqued by pretty much everyone anyways, you condoned it.

“Yeah, it’s just a rough draft of the first couple ideas, though. It most likely won’t look anything like that in the end.” Your eyes followed the book that was now making its way around the whole table.

“They are really good for just rough drafts,” Riker noted and passed it to Ross, who seemed to be eagerly taking a look at every page.

“Yeah,” Ellington agreed. “Maybe we will hit you up in the future when we need some new designs.”

“Thanks,” you blushed. “But I’m sure you would want someone with an actual degree or at least a lot more experience.”

“Eh, who cares about degrees when the final product is awesome?” Ross shrugged and handed you the book back.

You kept chatting for a while, getting to know each other more, until you realized that it was time for you to go. They asked to exchanges numbers so you handed your phone over and got theirs to put your number in.

“So, (Y/N), if you ever want to get away from boring history class assignments, we have a show coming up soon and could sneak you a ticket if you want,” Riker smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.

You laughed. “I’ll keep that offer in mind, thanks.”

“Just shoot one of us a text or something,” Rydel pulled you into a hug, squeezing you tight. “Not only because of that, but in general. You’re pretty cool.”

“You guys are pretty cool, too.” You grinned at your new friends.

You said your goodbyes and walked down the street, smiling while recalling the past couple hours. Out of everything that could have ever happened, you never thought that the shitty elevators in the convention hotel could actually be the reason for an awesome, new friendship to start.

I Want You To Stay // PT. 2 (Zach X Reader)

a/n: what up everyone I finally got to writing part two thanks for all the love on part one you guys are cute!!

warnings: cursing, punching (??? do you tag punching idk)

part 1 is here !!

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Best Friend - Isaac Lahey

Summary: Based on the song Best Friend by RaVaughn. You and Isaac are best friends but you want more

Word Count: 2,575

Author’s Note: Just because Teen Wolf is over (it hurts to say that) doesn’t mean I’ll stop writing for it. And Isaac is still my fave even though I currently have more Theo imagines. 

Side Note: I will always be bitter Daniel Sharman was too busy with that damn zombie show to come back for the finale 


Originally posted by isaac-lahey-imagines

You watched Isaac walk to his usual lunch table. He was your best friend. Well, your guy best friend. Bonnie was you other best friend. The one you would talk to about guy issues. Isaac and Bonnie got along, but now Isaac had his own set of friends. The two of you still hung out and talked all the time. But ever since he went through a weird leather jacket phase, he started sitting with new people.

“Take a picture. It’ll last longer,” Bonnie said from beside you at your lunch table.

You leaned over and nudged her with your elbow. “Shut up.”

“I’m serious. Watching you stare at him is going to make me gag on my lunch. Why don’t you just tell him how you feel?”

“That’s why,” you said nodding in direction of his table. Allison had just sat down with Lydia and their lunches across from Isaac.

“You act like they’re dating,” Bonnie said biting into her burger.

“Alright, so maybe they aren’t dating. But they do like each other. It’s only a matter of time before they actually become a couple.”

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Rebound Girl, Pt. 5

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Summary: You think that Danneel’s news mean the end of your relationship with Jensen. Does he feel the same way?

Warnings: slightly Anti Danneel as always actually, idk, maybe mild angst? implied smut

A/N: part 5 to my series for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1k follower challenge

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Originally posted by holy-spn

Reader’s POV

Your heart felt like a lump in your chest. Every beat of your heart hurt and it felt like a knot was tightening around your lungs. Breathing got hard, the blood rushed in your ears and you didn’t know what to do. It just hurt. Tears sprang to your eyes and you got up. You noticed that Danneel had started talking again but you weren’t able to grasp one bit of it. This was just too much for you to take, too much for your brain to handle.

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No Matter What (Part 6)

Prompt: Imagine you’re an Avenger and you meet Bucky for the first time during Civil War

Word Count: 1970

Warning: Language, fighting, violence, angst

Notes: This will follow Cap America: Civil War…. I envisioned a younger reader who’s like 19-24 years old, btw. Thanks to my beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Forever Tags: @amarvelouswritings @cocosierra94 @essie1876 @magpiegirl80 @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked @harleyquinnandscarletwitch @iamwarrenspeace @marvel-imagines-yes-please @superwholocked527 @myparadise1982sand @missinstantgratification @thejulesworld @rda1989 @marvelloushamilton @munlis  @bubblyanarocks3 @thefridgeismybestie @random-fluffy-pink-unicorn @hardcollectionworldtrash @igiveupicantthinkofausername @kaliforniacoastalteens @feelmyroarrrr

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Bucky Barnes: @nedthegay @lostinspace33 @alwayshave-faith @elleatrixlestrange @ultrarebelheart @lenawiinchester

No Matter What: @void-imaginations @devil-may-cry-11-blog @james-heaven-barnes @mrs-lancelot


“So you like cats?” Sam suddenly said about half an hour before you arrived to the compound. You wanted to laugh at the remark, but you were scared out of your wits. You were facing jail and possibly something worse for Bucky.

“Sam,” Steve chided.

“What? Dude shows up dressed like a cat and you don’t wanna know more?”

“Your suit…It’s vibranium?” Steve asked.

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You Owe Me - Part 5 (Final)

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 3,036

Summary: The reader has an interview with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. Having never seen Supernatural, the interview definitely does not go as planned.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

“Um…I think I change my mind.” You mumble feeling nervous.

You’re walking towards the front door of Jensen’s parents house. His sister’s birthday party is happening inside. You two are holding hands until you suddenly stop making him look back at you.

“About what?” He says noticing you look anxious.

“I’m gonna go in there and everyone’s gonna be like…who the fuck are you?!”

You’re bouncing up and down on your annoyingly high heels and Jensen thinks it’s adorable.

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