like he killed someone and now is happy


  • ’ Why are you all wet? ‘ 
  • ’ Aloha! ’
  • ’ You’re vile. You’re foul. You’re flawed. ' 
  • ’ Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten. ’
  • ’ If you want to leave, you can. I’ll remember you, though. ’
  • ’ I remember everyone that leaves. ’
  • ’ You! You’re the cause of all this. ’
  • ’ This is my family. I found it all on my own. Is little, and broken, but still good. Ya. Still good. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! My dog found the chainsaw. ’
  • ’ No more caffeine for you. ’
  • ’ Did you lose your job because of me? ' 
  • ’ The managers a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead. ’
  • ’ Trust me, this isn’t gonna end well. ’
  • ’ I’m sorry I bit you. And pulled your hair. And punched you in the face. ’
  • ’ GIve us a sign you understand any of this. ’
  • ’ Show us that there is something inside you that is good. ’
  • ’ I didn’t teach him that. ’
  • ’ Come on, what’s the big deal? ’
  • ’ Leave my mother out of this. ’
  • ’ You are such a pain. ’
  • ’ Then why don’t you sell me and buy me a rabbit instead? ’
  • ’ I hate it when you use Ohana against me. ’
  • ’ I’m lost. ’
  • ’ Don’t interact with her. ’
  • ’ Oh, we can’t do that. Uh-uh. That would be a misuse of resources. ’
  • ’ Why do you act so weird? ’
  • ’ You look familiar. ’
  • ’ We’re a broken family, aren’t we? ’
  • ’ I shouldn’t have yelled at you. ’
  • ’ You are built to destroy. You can never belong. ’
  • ’ We need something that can defend itself. Something that won’t die. ’
  • ’ I hear you cry at night. ’
  • ’ Do you dream about them? ’
  • ’ You came back. ’
  • ’ Nobody gets left behind. ’
  • ’ I need someone to be my friend. Someone who won’t run away. ' 
  • ’ His destructive programming is taking effect. ’
  • ’ Did you ever kill anyone? ’
  • ’ Are you.. happy? ’
  • ’ I am the one they call when things go wrong and things have, indeed, gone wrong. ’
  • ’ Our family’s little now, and we don’t have many toys. ’
  • ‘ If you want, you could be a part of our family. ’
  • ’ We’d raise you to be good. ’
  • ’ She likes your butt and fancy hair. ’
  • ’ I read her diary. ’
  • ’ Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within legal boundaries. ’
  • ’ He was designed to be a monster, but now he has nothing to destroy. ’
  • ’ I never gave him a greater purpose. ’
  • ’ What must it be like to have nothing, not even memories to look back on in the middle of the night? ’
  • ’ If you promise not to fight anymore, I promise not to yell at you, except on special occasions. ’
  • ’ Stupid head. ’
  • ’ Did you catch fire again? ’
  • ’ This is your badness level. It’s unusually high for someone your size. We have to fix that. ’
  • ’ Don’t leave me, okay? ’
  • ’ Do you want to be taken away? ’
  • ’ You’re just jealous 'cause I’m pretty! ’
  • ’ My friends need to be punished. ’
  • ’ Heard you lost your job. ’
  • ’ Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience. ' 
  • ‘ After all you’ve put me through, you expect me to help you just like that? ’
  • ’ He’s very persuasive. ' 
  • ’ I know you had something to do with this. ’
  • ’ Oh, good! I was hoping to add theft, endangerment and insanity to my list of things I did today. ’
  • ’ I prefer to be called evil genius. ’
  • ’ You smell like a lawn mower. ’
  • ’ I have just determined the situation to be far too hazardous! ’
  • ’ Don’t worry. I won’t hit her. ’
  • ’ This is low even for you! ’
  • ’ You are all mine. ’
  • ’ You know I have no choice. ’
  • ‘  Please don’t do this. ’
  • ’ You’re making this harder than it needs to be. ’
  • ’ She needs me. ’
  • ’ Leave me alone to die. ’
  • ’ What is that monstrosity? ’
  • ’ Does this look infected to you? ’
  • ’ You’d better not have rabies. ’
  • ’ Hiding behind your little friend won’t work anymore. ’
  • ’ Didn’t I tell you? We got fired this morning. ’
  • ’ That is the ugliest thing I have ever saw! ’
  • ’ It has no place among us. ’

We’re supposed to assume that Jimin has a crush on the girl he and Hobi are with right?

NOW, call me crazy but  I think he doesn’t and it’s all jealousy. I think he is actually in love with Hobi.

He is the only one alone and doesn’t have a girl. Meaning he needs to love someone already taken. As we know, BigHit loves pairing JM and HK (like in RUN, LIE, MAMA, etc.) and they make each other happy (the pillow fight scene and all that stuff).

So it’s shown that Jimin is mostly likely self-harming. And you probably think that it’s cause of the girl right? Well, no…

Let’s look at this scene:

It’s shown that when they crash/collide it causes him more pain. Now, if he loved the girl, that wouldn’t happen because he would be crossing paths with her and was actually making a “move” (even if accidental).

But if he likes Hobi, it’s a completely different story…

Their(the girl and jimin’s) feelings for him(hobi) are colliding and they can’t both have feelings for the same guy with out if causing problems (represented here by them crashing and both falling).

This scene is basically the universe asking Hobi:

Him or Her?

And as is shown, Hobi ends up picking her and carrying the girl through the rain:

Leaving Jimin alone (represented by him dancing alone in the dark)

While they(hobi and the girl) were always dancing together and not alone:

Keep in mind that both the girl and Jimin are hurt and need medical attention. And Hobi ends up picking the girl and carrying her through the rain, basically choosing her over Jimin. As everything goes to shit, we’re treated to this scene:

Since in none of the other places it was raining (and JM and HK are always together) we can come to the conclusion that both Jimin and Hobi are in the same place at this time.

I believe that this is Jimin looking and seeing Hobi picking the girl over him. He’s watching as the boy he loves holds another person on his back and carries her soaking wet, through the rain (when he needed the exact same thing).

This is Jimin’s lie. The Lie that he’s fine and not hurting (something he tells his friend represented by him turning the camera to the painting, something that hobi sees as good)

When really he’s just in pain and drowning in his lie.

Deceiving Hobi, much like his mother did.

Both lies represented in the painting.

Another thing I found was the scene in Lie where it’s “raining”:

Something that reminds him that the boy he loves choose someone else and that he’s caught in a lie (much like he was caught in the rain).

They all lost the person they loved, and while most members lost their girls.

Jimin lost the boy of his dreams to one of them.

Somewhere in Neverland

Summary: After a mission, Bucky goes to a trip on memory lane about your relationship.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2520

Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluffy. All flashbacks are in italic you will love Bucky even more after this.

credits to the gif owners

Bucky looks at himself in the mirror, he hates to admit but right now he looks scary and much like a killer. He chuckles because this is exactly what he is. His hair is dirty, with sweat and there is probably blood on it.

The mission was rough, but they always are. He has a few bruises on his body, nothing too painful just a reminder of what happened in the last few hours and how dangerous his job is.  He hears you getting up and off the bed, he can’t help but smile when he hears you complaining from the cold and going to the bathroom after him.

“I didn’t hear you coming. You should have woke me up.” You say kissing his shoulder and hugging him from behind “Didn’t want to distribute you, sweetheart. You looked very cute sleeping.”  He feels you kissing his shoulder again, resting your head on his back.

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The three pages of notes between Eric Harris and Kristi Epling from German class. (JC-001-012993, JC-001-012995, and JC-001-012996.)  Kristi was so afraid to have these notes in her possession after the massacre that she sent them to a friend in St. Louis for safekeeping, but the friend went to the police with this “tip,” which is why it’s in the “Tips” section of the documents.

Note 1: 


Guten fuckin tag. [Good fuckin day.] Frau [the German teacher] sucks, but German rules! thanks for letting me copy allllll that stuff in Deutsch, Hist and chem. Kritzer sure is one Helluva spaz huh. well, our junior year is at an end, woop-de-flippin-do-da, we will be top of the food chain soon.  hey, stay away from those Frostys (redacted…), they might explode some day by no fault of mine! and you could get hurt. hey, your smart, do something cool when you grow up. Gott weiss ich will kein engel sein. [God knows I don’t want to be an angel, from the Rammstein song “Engel”.] oh well. ready for some philosophy? not yet? or… [redacted] and [redacted] need to burn, those pricks will get what’s coming soon.  thanks for listening to my problems and shit, bla bla–other nice thoughts–yadda wadda so so so…ok, time for philosophy: Nihilism, Anarchism, and several others are all wrapped up into 1 ball called my head.  society wants to get rid of any human instincts we may have, like Kritzer said a few times, the industrial age and factories and shit, all to better the community and lessen the human part of life, “sit in order, be respectful, don’t talk out loud, drive safely, don’t run, don’t lie, bla bla don’t don’t” why the FUCK not!!! we are humans, we should use our brains for something besides memorizing cube roots. the things that put us above animals is our brains, and society wants to flatten it out. they don’t want thinkers and dreamers, only thinkers and dreamers who think and dream about how to be successful and be a good citizen. Anyone who shows more thoughts or emotion than the norm is said to be wierd or crazy, wrong! they are just more in touch w/their humanity, and people who think they can sum up mankind in simple lame quotes piss me off. like “there are 2 kinds of people…the quick and the dead…the smart and the dumb…leaders and followers…” well you fucks are wrong!! The only 2 kinds of people are male and Female!!!!! the rest is B.S. follow your instincts, be free from all, listen to no one, be SELF AWARE!! step back and look at what you are doing, do you look stupid? smart? silly? foolish? that’s why I acted like I did at After prom, have you ever watched, actually watched someone dance? it is ridicu.o…lus. people are funny, they want to be accepted. don’t be afraid to judge people either. people say you shouldn’t judge others because that’s not how they are on the inside…well oh fucking well and to flippin bad, your impression of someone is what they seem like, and if they are to caught up and stupid to have their true self most obvious, then that’s their choice. if they look like a lame gothic black devil wannabe then damnit that’s what they want you to think and boom, verdict made. well, how was that for a trip through the mind of a wise one? I hope you liked it, if you didn’t I don’t care anyway!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  

[cut off] sehen du spater [see you later]


(Mr. Kritzer was Eric’s teacher for world history in the second semester of junior year and philosophy in the second semester of senior year.)

On the side:

Dieses ist Kostenzahler-kultur von der unterirdischen…eternal Umdrehung die dieses unser stichhaltiges…KMFDM ist, das besser als das beste…megalomaniacal ist und stark als der Rest. –Sascha K.–  KMFDM

[This is counterculture of the underground…eternal revolution, this is our sound…KMFDM is better than the best…megalomaniacal and harder than the rest.]

(Note: this is from the KMFDM song “Megalomaniacal”)

Note 2:

Kristi: did I make your hit list yet?

Eric: nope, yer on my “Semper Fi” list. but [redacted] still is in the top 5, along with this asshole named [redacted] or [redacted] or something.

(arrow to “Semper Fi”) Semper Fidelis


always faithful. motto of the USMC

Kristi: that’s fine, he knows that. he wants off, or rather, he doesn’t want to die anytime soon

Eric: He will always be under the gun and in the sights since he hit me in the face, even though it didn’t hurt at all.  Until I get to hit him back I will always be pissed at him. and his dickhead friend too, If they want “off” then tell them to show some fuckin respect to their elders (me and dylan) and never make another smart ass remark about us or to us.

Kristi (arrow from redacted): who is this guy?

Eric: Just some faggot punk ska skater shitface who always makes fun of my kleid (German for “clothes, dress”) so I told him to shut the fuck up about it, and he is such a disrespectful smart ass and today he comes up and says “what’s up” in his little smart ass tone so I yelled at him

Note 3:

Kristi: if you’re going to be pissed @ me for being w/[redacted], then that is your thing, but I think that it’s stupid. I’m still the same person, I didn’t change just b/c I’m w/him, but you are going to do what you will.

Eric: exactly. but I didn’t think you would go out w/someone like him. but oh fuckin well es ist mir scheiss egal. [it’s all shit to me/I don’t give a shit.] does he still want me to be nice to him?

Kristi: I’m sorry I let you down, but I’m happy w/him (for now), he never wanted you to be nice to him, he just didn’t want you to kill him (he’s definitely scared of you.)

Eric: well, if he will let me punch him in the face and not tell a single authoritive figure (not get me in trouble) then I will be happy. I’ll even fuckin say “Hi” to him when he’s w/you. he’ll get down to around “#90” on my “shitlist” which is basically neutral. his friend is another story though.

Kristi: I’ll tell him, but I don’t know –[redacted] is a dork, I don’t give a shit about him, so you can do what you wish to him.

Eric: oh we will. I don’t expect [redacted] to let me do that either, so until he does not a damn thing will change

Kristi (arrow to “oh we will”): You and Dylan?

Eric: yeah.

Kristi: that’s cool, I’d probably the same way if it was me

Eric: I just don’t want the little fuck going to admin or the cops and start whining that we are threatening him or intimidating him. because if I get in ANY more trouble w/cops I will fucking lose it.

crazybunny02-blog  asked:

Jealous Hanzo or McCree?

Jealous tropes are MY JAM.  I know it’s supposed to be an unattractive trait but damn, it’s awesome.  I love me some jealousy.


Even before you and Jesse had started dating you knew he was the jealous type.  But his jealousy was as humorous as it was sweet; he didn’t get violent or even vocal about it–he only pouted like a child.  Sometimes handsy as well, but loving.  The first time you noticed he was jealous was when you were at the shooting range and Jack had made a correction in your posture, placing his arm around you to show you a better shooting technique.  Jesse had been watching you from afar after you banished him for turning a serious shooting session into playtime, but you could still see his shoulders stiffen when Jack stepped closer.  He didn’t relax after Jack left, and instead leaned back in his chair, arms crossed, and mouth downturned despite the cigar that hung from it.  

So it was no surprise to you when you were chatting with a new recruit in the records office when you felt two hands come around your waist and pull you close.

“Hello, darlin’,” Jesse said, placing a kiss on your neck.  The recruit you’d been talking to wasn’t perturbed by Jesse’s sudden appearance, and when you pretended as if Jesse wasn’t there they only furrowed their brow.   You shot the recruit a glare, silently telling him to ignore you boyfriend exactly as you were doing.

“Darlin?” Jesse asked when you didn’t respond.  You continued your conversation, discussing local dining options for the recruit to take his boyfriend.  You felt Jesse’s grip tighten around your waist, trying to get your attention.  His chin rested on your shoulder, his rim of his hat brushing against the top of your head.  His fingers drummed along your sides, playing with the hem of your shirt in an attempt to irk you enough to talk to him.

Still, you had far too much fun making him miserable.  He let out a long sigh, his breath making your neck and cheek hot.  With another heavy huff he stuck out his right hand to the recruit and said, “Afternoon, the name’s McCree.”

Before the recruit could accept the handshake you swatted Jesse’s wrist, making him pull back with a hiss.  Even the recruit had to raise their eyebrows at that.  Just as you were about to part ways you felt a thumb and index finger pinch hard on your bum, eliciting a squeak from your throat.  You tried to jump forward but Jesse’s other arm kept you in place, his hand now flat on your ass.

“Jesse!” you shouted.  As you twisted your neck to face him the recruit dashed off, already seeing how red your face had gotten; they probably didn’t want to stay to find out if it was anger or embarrassment.

“Well you weren’t paying me any attention, sugar,” Jesse said.  You struggled to get out of his grip but all you could do was face him, allowing him to keep you flush against his chest.

“Well are you happy now?” you questioned.  “I’m gonna kill you, is that enough attention?”

Leaning close, his nose bumped yours, his lips still in a grin.  He purred, “Do I look like an unhappy man?”


For someone so quiet and reserved, nobody expected Hanzo to be as possessive of you as he was.  It wasn’t obvious to some, but Genji saw the way his brother stared daggers at anyone that came into your vicinity.  It was so subtle, in fact, that you didn’t notice until McCree had placed his hand just a little too low on your back for Hanzo’s liking.  He was lucky it was his robotic arm, because you were certain Hanzo’s grip was crushing as he carefully removed it from your lower back.  

Of course, you’d given him hell for doing it.  In front of McCree no less.  To a certain degree it was sweet that Hanzo was protective of you but he couldn’t go around hurting people when they touched you, especially if it was your friend and a member of the team.  He gave little resistance, and you could see in his eyes that he knew what he was doing was wrong.  After that it didn’t help that McCree would sometimes go out of his way to wrap his arms around you, all the while sending a smirk to the archer.  Once you kneed him in the crotch for getting a little too happy at Hanzo’s discomfort he stopped, and Hanzo gave a rare grin.

One evening though, as you sat on your balcony with small cups of tea, you saw a small twitch in Hanzo’s lips as you told him about a bad pickup line from a cashier.  You questioned, “Why do you get so jealous?”

He must not have been expecting the question because you saw his adam’s apple bob as he gulped.  His face wasn’t as hard to read as most thought, and you saw as he went through the initial panic from your question to worry with a creased brow, to accepting it with a sigh.  “Do you not get jealous?”

You thought a moment, wondering if you did.  Hanzo didn’t exactly get hit on in public, but you saw the looks some would give him as he walked by.  He was an attractive man, you accepted that he turned heads.  You replied, “Don’t change the subject.  I don’t go around trying to break arms if you shake hands with someone.”

A small grunt came from Hanzo’s throat as he sipped his tea.  

You prodded, “Well?”

“I have not broken any bones,” he finally admitted.

“You nearly took McCree’s arm off and started hitting him with it,” you stated with a grin.

Seeing your smile made the tension in Hanzo’s shoulders relax, his teacup clinking as it touched against the glass table.  “That American is too handsy.”

“He only does it to get a rise out of you.”

Another grunt with pursed lips.  His eyes fell on his cup as he twisted it back and forth between his middle finger and thumb.  You waited, a little impatient, for his answer while he thought.  Finally, he told you, “You are important to me, I do not want to lose you.”

Your chair screeched against the stone balcony as you dragged it next to Hanzo.  You pressed the arm right against his chair and linked your elbow with his.  With a sigh you rested your head on his shoulder.  He continued to twirl his cup.

“Why would you lose me?” you asked.  

“I have done many things in my life,” he replied, “things that make me question if I am worthy of you.”

You flinched up, facing him.  He refused to look at you, and kept his eyes on his teacup.  “You don’t think you’re worthy of me?”

His silence was answer enough.

Taking one hand you pressed it against his cheek and forced his gaze to meet yours.  “Hanzo, please don’t put me on a pedestal.  And don’t worry about what you’ve done making me love you any less.  I love you.  You have nothing to fear.”

Stretching your neck up your lips met his, tasting of the honey he’d put into his tea.  With your forehead touching his you said, “And to answer your question, I do get jealous.  I don’t like it when other people look at you sometimes.”

“What do you do then?” he asked.  His knuckles stroked your cheek, his hand going to cradle the back of your neck.

“I remind myself that you and I share a bed,” you replied, “and I make sure to leave a little mark on your neck that you never notice to prove you’re mine.”

Hanzo hummed as he kissed you again.  “Perhaps I should mark you tonight so that McCree does not touch you tomorrow.”

You smiled.  “Now that, I’m very okay with.”

Some Doomworld/post-Doomworld headcanons because why not honestly: 

  • They end up just chilling in Nate’s basement all the time and Nate’s mom is happy because wow he has friends now. 
    • Malcolm and Darhk have nowhere to go so?? They just end up joining the Legends to try and figure out what to do about Thawne. 
      • “Aw, Nate, you have two new friends, how nice.” 
      • Nate and Damian: “He’s not my friend.” 
      • Malcolm: *already into his 5th sandwich* “These are delicious, Mrs. Heywood. 
  • Axel the Rat is enjoying a life filled with sandwiches and tiny pastries and Mick will randomly make kissy noises at him, which earns him weird looks (except from Ray, who’s happy Mick loves his present). 
  • Doomworld Stein is just really confused about everything. The guy witnessed a murder and a bunh of time travelers fighting; at this point he goes home and when Clarissa asks about his day he shrugs, says, “the usual” and goes immediately to sleep. 
  • Even Janitor Ray knew his true calling: vlogger. He would end up vlogging about his life, the best cleaning methods, hopes and aspirations. Thawne found his vlogs one day and groaned. 
    • He subscribed though. And he liked the videos. 
  • Rip knows how to make the best cakes so now every time someone has a birthday he spends the entire day making a cake specialized for them (and lord help the person who tries to help him because Rip will hole himself up in the kitchen making this cake). 
    • Ray tried to lick the frosting and Rip almost killed him.
      • “Ow! It’s my cake!” “It’s my masterpiece!” 
      • He’s petty and puts in “Happy Birthday Mr. Palmer” instead of Ray and also puts Ray’s real life atom suit on top. 
        • “Aw, is that a little mini m-wait is that my suit?”
    • Nate got a Star Wars theme and Ray cried for him. 
    • Amaya’s has a cute animal theme and she freaking loves it okay.
    • Stein’s is probably like, universe related and has formulas written on the side in frosting and he spends an hour pouring over the formulas and explaining them while everyone else half nods. 
      • Sara tries figuring out if she can just eat some cake without Stein noticing. He does, and pulls the cake away and tells her that he’ll be happy to let her eat after he explains every formula.
    • Gideon even gets her own mini cake; Rip designs the cake for a week before he finally uploads it and the team sings her a happy birthday. 
    • Mick’s is big and has literal donuts in the cake because Mick requested it. Rip is a little horrified but does it anyway. 
      • He also made a pizza cake because Mick said he wanted meat. Mick ended up eating the whole thing and didn’t share with anyone else. 
    • Rip couldn’t figure out what he wanted for Jax’s theme, so he made the cake three tiers and put in a different thing for each tier: the bottom layer was green and looked like a football field (with it’s own football player and football), the next layer had tiny cars and looked almost like a racetrack, and the top layer had sparklers and was fiery red. 
    • Sara’s has knives all over the cake. Literal knives. She almost tears up when she sees it. 
Stuck in the Middle (with You)/Awesome Crowley

[For a meta about Reservoir Dogs and Tarantino’s use of gay subtext, click here.]

I don’t want to be the person who ruins everyone’s fun, so I’m saving my one big criticism of this episode for last. This meta is completely positive, even saccharine, until the very last paragraph. Also, I’m borrowing one of my favourite AO3 tags as a title because, let’s face it, Crowley was the real hero of this episode and where the action was, and that’s perfectly okay and long overdue. Crowley’s been around for years now, and he’s gone through huge bouts of character development, and yet we still know next to nothing about him and he’s often treated like an afterthought, both by our heroes and by the writers. This episode finally (finally!) corrected that, because no matter how intriguing and plain beautiful everyone was, Crowley was magnificent - as I fully expected him to be.

After all, they’re good - but he’s Crowley.

Like anyone with eyes, I loved everything about this episode, and especially how it was filmed. I have to say - this is the first episode in a long time that actually had me in tenterhooks about a possible character death, because you never know, right? Theoretically, Crowley could die, and so could Cas. Theoretically. And also the music, did I mention the music? I think that scene of Cas crawling away from Ramiel and the shot of Ramiel stabbing him - that’s just become my favourite Supernatural scene ever, bar none. It was so powerful and dramatic and visually magnificent and that damn music - wow

I adored that symbolism, because Cas’ been a Christ figure for a while now, and seeing him like that, on his back, defeated and stabbed by a lance - you can’t get more Golgotha than that. Beautiful stuff.

I also loved that this episode was, in a way - off-centre. Sam and Dean were there, of course, but the story was not focused around them. The real protagonist was the supernatural world itself - Cas, Crowley, Ramiel; even Lucifer, to me, was more present than he’s been in a while, what with this vague threat of his child hanging over the world, and him taunting Crowley and flashing his red eyes at this most undemonic demon in the very last scene. The truth is, I love everything about Sam and Dean, and that includes the incredibly talented actors who play them, but I feel the show could benefit greatly from approaching their story from a different perspective every once in a while. I’d love to know more about their childhood, for instance, or about this world of monsters and hunters around them; and a completely Outsider POV episode is, at this point, something I’d probably sell half my soul for.

Anyway - lately, this show reads like very good fanfiction, and considering how engaged, loving and talented this fandom is, this is high praise. I particularly appreciate the fact they’re going back to important plot points and filling them in with completely new details - after all, we’ve been wondering for years what’s up with demonic eyes, or how Crowley became king in the first place (or, at least, I know I did). This new class of demons appearing out of nowhere - creatures powerful enough to wield an archangel’s weapon - that’s incredible stuff. I’m guessing we’ll see more about them, and I can’t freaking wait.

So, yes - Ramiel was spot-on. Jerry Trimble managed just the right mixture of underwhelmingly normal and terrifyingly amoral - so much so I’m sort of sad we didn’t get to see more of this character, even if everything about him, including his death, was handled just right - there was no room for anything more.

My one slight criticism there would be the fizzling nature of Cas’ abilities. For instance, didn’t we establish that Cas can smell lies? So why couldn’t he guess Mary was hiding something? And what about demons’ true forms? I always assumed Cas could see that (was it ever stated in canon? it must have been), and I was therefore almost disappointed that Cas couldn’t recognize Ramiel for what he was. Maybe it can be explained away by him slowly becoming closer and closer to a human being - I don’t know. In any case, I’m truly appreciating how obsessed everyone seems to be with him lately. After years of taking angels for granted, we’ve got two characters in short succession fangirling over angels (in a creepy, murderous and definitely non-con way, but still) - and, yeah, I know that basically everyone spent the entirety of Supernatural pointing out how different and unique Cas is, and I’m grateful for that, but it’s also nice to get a reminder that angels are awesome (in the other sense of the word) in and of themselves.

(I’m still loving Mr Ketch, by the way. Aaaaaw.)

Let’s now come to our unsung hero: Mr Crowley.

Crowley was magnificent in all this. And we’ve now learned he never seriously planned to become King of Hell - my headcanon, which I’m considering confirmed, is that Crowley simply wants control. He’s been tortured for a century or more as some demon tore his human soul out of him, and he’s never putting himself in that position again, which is very sensible of him, and also very Scarlett O’Hara.

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I loved you

Summary: Your best friend, Zach, started dating his crush and slowly forgot about you, not knowing how you feel about him, until you confessed that you loved him at one of Bryce’s parties.

Warning: Angst, bad writing

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“Drink up, get drunk, have some fun,” one of your best friend, Sherri, said, handing you a cold beer. “Forget about Zach for the night.”

“It’s hard, Sherri,” you sighed in sadness, grabbing the beer bottle and taking a sip. The bitter taste ran down your throat and kinda burned a little bit.

“I know, but there’s a lot of cute guys here, one of them is bound to help you move on,” she winked at you, causing you to laugh and take another sip of the cold drink. You were about to open your mouth to say something, but you see Zach, your best friend whom forgot about you, and his girlfriend walked into the party in your peripheral vision.

“You’re right, I’m going to let loose,” you took another sip of the beer, promising yourself you will talk to at least one guy, promising yourself that you will forget that Zach is at the party tonight. Sherri nodded in agreement and pushed you towards a guy with blonde hair.

“Sorry,” you apologized, bumping his back, causing him to turn around, holding a red solo cup in his hand,

“It’s fine,” the mystery guy said, giving you a smile. “I don’t think I’ve met you before, I’m Nick.” He stuck his free hand out, asking for a handshake.

“YN,” you replied, putting your hand into his bigger hands. “Do you go to Liberty High?”

“No, I’m here to visit Bryce, he’s my cousin.”

“Oh, I am so sorry,” you joked, causing him to laugh.

“Thanks, at least you know my pain,” he joked back. “Hey, you wanna dance?” You nodded and placed your half empty bottle at a table nearby, grabbing Nick;s hand and led him to the dance floor, filled with sweaty teens grinding on one another, You wrapped your arms around his neck, his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to him. Both of you guys danced to the upbeat of the song. People around you were bumping against you guys, you could feel the hot air around you due to the crowded dance floor. Then out of nowhere, someone grabbed your arm and dragged you away from Nick and out the door, You saw a glimpse of Nick’s confused face.

“What the hell, YN,” a familiar voice said, you turned around to face the person who dragged you out and was face to face with the one and only, Zach Dempsey. “This is so unlike you.”

You rolled you eyes in annoyance, crossing your arms over your chest and kinda glared at the boy in front of you. “And how would you know?”

“We’re best friends, I know everything about you. I know that you wouldn’t drink and grind up against random guys.” He threw his hands in the air.

“Are we even best friends?” You asked. You were done, you wanted to forget about him for the night, you wanted to have a great night, but someone was preventing that, and that someone was Zach, the person you wanted to forget today.

“What do you mean?” he asked softly, staring at you with confusion.

“You have been ditching me, for months. Months, Zach. I’m surprise you even remembered I even existed.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Ever since you started dating your girlfriend, you forgot about me. You always cancel on our plans, you even cancelled on our weekly Friday movie night! You won’t even talk to me anymore, even in class, you act as if I never existed!” you exploded, glaring at Zach. If looks could kill, he would be at least 10 feet under ground by now.

“YN, we talked last week,” he tried to reason.

“Bullshit! You haven’t texted me in weeks.”

“I thought you would be happy for me!” Zach exploded, getting fed up with your attitude.

“How can I? How can I be happy to see someone I love, liking somebody else? Somebody that isn’t me, someone that is prettier and smarter than me?” You screamed, not caring if he knows about your feelings for him, The boy in front of you, stared at you, mouth wide open, lost for words.

“Y-you loved me?” he asked, stuttering, still not believing at what you just said,

“Yes, I love you, Zach. I have been for years.” you simply said. He continued to stare at you, you could see sadness in his eyes. You just shook your head and walked away. You took about 3 steps until he grabbed your arm for the second night.

“YN,” he whispered.

“Just, just leave me alone, Zach.” Shaking his hands off of your arms, you walked away, leaving the confused best friend behind.

Disposable pt 8

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

You woke to the sound of birds chirping and light breathing–neither of which made much sense to your sleepy brain. The only birds you usually heard outside the apartment you lived in were pidgins and the occasional angry crow, nothing like the things singing outside currently. But the breathing was much more concerning. 

You opened your eyes slowly to find yourself eye-level with Min Yoongi’s lips. Oh god. This was bad. You looked further up, and let out a sigh of relief when you saw that his eyes were closed. He would probably murder you if he knew that you had been sleeping half on top of him–with your hand clinging to his shirt no less!

You carefully moved his hand away from where it had been resting on your hip, and then a thought occurred to you. Min Yoongi cuddled in his sleep. It wasn’t just you rolling over on top of him, he had put his arm around you. You fought back a smile. What would he have done if he had woken up first? Screamed, probably.

The mental image was an amusing one, and put you in a good mood (but you were also glad that you had woken up first, not the other way around).

There was a knock on the door, and you froze half-way out of bed. 

“Are you two up? Are you decent? I don’t want to walk in on anything.” It was Hoseok’s voice, and you were about to get up when an arm wrapped around your waist. 

“Come in.” Yoongi said, pulling you closer. Damn he was good at the whole “adoring boyfriend” thing.

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What happened?

Hey :) do you think you could please write a klaus x reader where you two are dating and Hayley shows up with her child so klaus gets preoccupied with that and you obviously feel left out. But one day klaus’ enemies show up whilst he is gone and you have to fight them but you didn’t know that you were of werewolf descendant so you turn and he comes back to a very bloody house. You can make up the rest but make the reader strong ie isn’t really prone to crying? Sorry it’s so long .-.

Klaus x reader

It had been a few months now since Hayley had arrived in New Orleans, and your life had been turned upside down. Before that, you and Klaus had been relatively happy. Sure, you had your ups and downs, but you were working through them, together. But now? You felt like you barely saw him. He was hardly ever around, and the pair of you hadn’t had a decent conversation in months. You missed him, if you were honest with yourself. But you were far too stubborn to find him and tell him how you felt. Instead, you kept quiet, getting more and more frustrated as the weeks went by.

You hadn’t even had the chance to tell him what had happened last week. That you had killed someone, for the first time in your life. You weren’t even sure how it had happened- one minute they were alive, the next they weren’t. They had been taunting you, threatening you and the rest of the Mikaelson family. You had seen red, and suddenly, they were dead. Your anger never usually got the better of you so easily, but it had been getting worse recently. There was certainly more for you to be angry about, and you were keeping it all bottled up with nobody to tell about it. 

Tonight, you were yet again alone in the compound. Klaus was out dealing with the latest Hayley related problem, along with Elijah. The night was just beginning to draw in, and you were sat on the balcony overlooking the courtyard, curled up with a book. You had intended to wait up for Klaus coming home and try to actually spend some time with him for once, but it was starting to get late. You would be worried, but him coming and going through the night had become almost normal recently, so you had given up worrying. It wasn’t as if he worried about you, these days. Suddenly, a noise caught your attention. A thump, as if of feet landing. You let your book slip to the floor and got to your feet, peering over the balcony to see if you could see anything. Nothing was obviously wrong. You were clearly just jumpy, you weren’t massively keen on being home alone, especially in the dark. Now that you were up, you leant on the balcony and gazed up at the night sky. It was a full moon, you noticed with some trepidation. Why wasn’t Klaus home, with the possibility of werewolves in the quarter? 

Another noise caught your attention and you looked down. This time, there was something there. One of the vampires allied with Marcel was strolling into the courtyard, looking as if he owned the place. Your heart started to thump, but you kept your cool. “Can I help you?” You called down, voice as steady as you can make it.

“Are you Klaus’ girl?” 

“Excuse you?”
“I said, are you Klaus’ girlfriend.”
“Um…, yeah I suppose so.” You frowned, unsure why this was important. “What do you want?”

“Is he home?”

“Er…” You panicked, unsure whether to lie or not. “Not right now, can I take a message?” You decided that they were probably after Klaus, and you were safest if you were truthful.

“Oh, sweetie. You are the message.” You just opened your mouth to ask him to explain what he meant by this when there was a thud behind you. You whirled around to see another vampire behind you, veins appearing beneath his eyes as he launched himself towards you. Panicking, you fled down into the courtyard, where the moon was shining down. You felt strange, then suddenly a shooting pain manifested in your legs; your arms; your spine. You turned to face the vampire in the courtyard, and screamed, your eyes flashing yellow. Your bones began to crack as he realised what was happening and his own eyes widened. They hadn’t realised what they had let themselves in for.

Though logically, you knew you must be turning, you didn’t understand how this could be happening. You weren’t a werewolf, were you? You were distracted from your thoughts by another crack as your spine reformed, causing you to release another horrible scream. With this, the vampires seemed to suddenly decide what to do, and turn to flee. But by now you were furious, and half-changed into your wolf form. You snarled, grabbing the vampire nearest you and digging your fangs into his neck. This was the last thing you remembered before you finished turning completely, other than the awful, all encompassing pain.


Hours later, you awoke. The dawn light was just beginning to seep in through the windows and illuminate the room in which you lay. You looked around you, and promptly threw up at the sight in front of you. You were surrounded by the bodies of slain vampires, most of them with their throats ripped out, one still writhing with the effects of the werewolf venom. Blood coated almost every surface, and you were covered in it. You reached for something to cover yourself with, a throw lying on the nearest sofa, and were horrified when you noticed the bloody handprints you left on everything you touched. You sank back to the floor, leaning against the sofa, and let your head fall into your hands. What had happened? What had you done?

It was then that you heard the sound of approaching footsteps, and then the door to the house opening. You didn’t dare look up, didn’t dare see who it was who was seeing you like that. 

“Y/N?” It was Klaus’ voice, and it was shocked. A little scared, perhaps even. Slowly, you removed your hands from your face and looked up, eyes wide.

“My God. What happened?” Slowly, Klaus walked towards you. His hands were raised as if to pacify you, as if you were a wild animal. 

“I don’t know,” you whispered, voice shaky. “I…Marcel’s vampires, they came for me, and they attacked me, and then… I think I turned, Klaus.” You waited anxiously for his reaction, not having any idea what to expect. And you saw almost all possible emotions cross his face in the space of a moment: rage, fear, pride? and then, guilt. He knelt beside you and opened his arms, allowing you to crawl into them, despite your blood stained state. 

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I should have been here. I shouldn’t have left you alone. I didn’t think you would ever be a target,” he murmured into your hair. 

“It’s not your fault, Klaus. I just… I can’t believe I did this.”
“Did you kill someone, Y/N?”
“Wha.. what do you mean? Look around you Klaus, of course I killed someone,” you snapped, nerves frayed.

“No, that’s not what I meant. You turned, you must have killed someone before now to activate the curse.”
“Oh… Yes. The other week. I don’t know how it happened, and I wanted to tell you, and talk about it, but you’re always so busy with Hayley these days and I never even get to see you!”
“I know. I’m sorry, but it’s important. This baby is important!”

“I know it is, but that doesn’t mean I’m not,” you replied, voice growing softer.

“I know that too Y/N. And I am truly sorry. I promise that I’ll make more time for you.” You smiled gently at him at this, pulling away a little to look up at him. “Are you okay?” He asked, taking a proper look at you now.

You shook your head. “No, not really. It hurt, Klaus. That’s all I can remember, how much it hurt. And this… I have to do this every month?” 

“Shhh,” he soothed you. “I know. We’ll find a way to make it easier, Y/N. And it does get easier, I promise.”

“You sure?”


EXO (OT12): Reaction to Meeting Your Ex at Some Sort of Function

The long-awaited family reunion where you could finally introduce your boyfriend to your extended family had come. It was being held at a local amusement park that everyone enjoyed going to. What you didn’t expect was to bump into the boy who broke your heart during college. It was a hard breakup, and Min knew all the details. As you were walking around you heard someone call your name. You turned around to see him smiling at you. You awkwardly introduced him to Minseok. Min placed an arm around you and pulled you closer, “I know all about how you left Y/N because you weren’t ready to grow up yet. Well I would like to thank you for the chance to meet the love of my life. Goodbye now.” You would let Minseok lead you away and reward him with a sweet kiss.

Your younger sibling was graduating high school. Since you and Luhan had been dating for a few years and he had spent time with your family on many occasions he was invited to the ceremony as well. However, a bit of a problem arose when your ex-boyfriend whose younger brother was in the same graduating class as your sibling, sat next to you. Luhan knew how serious you two were and when he recognized the face from old photographs he placed a protective arm around you. Your ex kept trying to coax you into conversations while waiting for the ceremony to start. Lu could tell that you were uncomfortable and was honestly sick of hearing your ex yapping. “Hey,” he said in a respectful yet authoritative voice, “maybe you should go find another seat. Y/N isn’t interested in whatever it is that you are trying to do.” As your ex quietly said his goodbyes and found another seat you looked over at your boyfriend. “Thanks babe, sorry about him.” He looked at you with an adoring gaze. “I just wanted to make you feel better Baobei, this is a special day, and he was ruining it.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek and he pulled you closer so you could lean on his shoulder.

Kris (Yifan):
After spending a day with your family, you wanted to take your boyfriend to your favorite restaurant in your hometown. You two were enjoying a romantic dinner when you were suddenly interrupted by your ex-boyfriend who came over to greet you. You were talking to Kris when suddenly his facial expression changed. You turned around to see your ex walking towards your table, “Y/N, it has been so long!” You awkwardly stood and were met with your ex’s arms pulling you into a hug. You had told Kris how you honestly never wanted to see this man again, so he decided that something had to be done. After your ex released you Kris was standing beside you and placed an arm around you. “Hello, I am Kris. I am Y/N’s boyfriend. I suggest you leave us alone and let us enjoy our dinner in peace.” Your ex was shocked, he just turned and walked away without another word. “Are you okay?” Kris asked as he walked you back to your seat. “I am, thank you for saving me.” He sat down and took your hands in his across the table, “of course Baobei.”

When you heard that your best friend was getting married you could not wait to be her maid of honor. However, the best man just happened to you be your ex-boyfriend whom you shared quite a history with. Just knowing that you would have to walk down the aisle with him made you unnerved. Junmyeon had been as supportive as possible, telling you that he would make sure that you were alright. While you were getting ready for the ceremony Jun came to give you a kiss before he took his seat. When he saw your ex in the waiting room he was sure to inform him that you were his girl and that he would not condone any acts on his part that would make you uncomfortable. “Y/N is here to make this day as perfect as possible for her best friend, I suggest you do the same.”

What is a trip back home without meeting up with your friends? You decided to introduce Yixing to everyone by inviting them to go bowling with you. But when everyone showed up, there was an unexpected guest. Someone thought it would be a good idea to invite your ex. Yixing being a nonaggressive person tried to be friendly to him. He knew how much this guy made you hurt inside and it was killing him to be kind. When your ex brought up the fact that he missed you Yixing felt the need to step in. “If you cared about her you would not have hurt her like you did, you don’t have any right to miss her, she is happy now.” You couldn’t help but give Yixing a wide smile, “Yes I am,” you said as you happily wrapped your arms around him.

When you decided to bring Baek home for the week to meet everyone you also thought it would be a cute idea to have him watch one of your youngest sibling’s sporting events with the family. Everyone was setting out their blankets to sit on the side of the soccer field since it was an under 18 league that didn’t have stadium seating such as bleachers. As you were getting settled down with Beak’s arm around your shoulder and yours around his back you noticed that the coach of one of the teams was your ex. You knew that he had not moved out of the area and that he enjoyed soccer but you didn’t expect him to be a coach, let alone for your sibling’s team. You gave a questioning look at your mother who in return said “I didn’t want it to be an issue, so I just withheld the information from you.” When Baek asked what was going on you responded with “my ex, he just happens to be the coach of Y/S/N’s team.” He gave you a concerned glance, “Are you okay?” What your parents didn’t know but what Baekhyun did is that your relationship didn’t just end because you weren’t getting along, it ended because your ex was threatening to harm you. He never did, but you were not going to risk it. “You are here, so of course I am fine,” you gave him a reassuring smile. When the game was over and your ex finally came over to see you Baekhyun didn’t even give him the chance. “Hello, I’m Baekhyun, Y/N’s boyfriend. I know everything, and if you think I am going to let you near her then you have the wrong idea.” Baek took your hand in his, “good game by the way,” then he led you away without your ex getting a word in. When you got back to the car you couldn’t help but kiss him. “I’ll always protect you Jagiya,” he said softly as he wrapped his arms around you.

The festivals that took place in your home town every year were very exciting. You always wanted to take Dae to one and now you finally were. As you were walking hand in hand around the fairgrounds you noticed one of your old friends from high school and walked over to say hello. You chatted with your friend and introduced her to Jongdae which lasted for about ten minutes before someone else joined your group. Your ex-boyfriend walked over and placed his arm around your friend’s shoulder. “Hey Y/N funny seeing you here.” When he introduced himself to Dae you suddenly felt Dae’s grip on your hand become tighter. Of course, Jongdae would recognize the name from you telling him about your previous relationship. You and your ex were basically engaged when he decided that he was bored and left you heartbroken. You were struggling for a few years until you met Dae who always seemed to know how to make everything better in an instant. He probably knew the emotions that you were going through and trying to hold back on the inside. So, when your ex decided to start talking about how he and your friend had been dating for a few years Dae stepped in to try to end the conversation. “We really wanted to watch the sunset on the Ferris wheel, I’m sorry but it seems like we will need to get going.” You all went your separate ways and when you were walking to the ride, you gave Dae a kiss on the cheek, “Kim Jongdae, you always know what to do.” He smiled at you and started swinging your intertwined hands back and forth as you continued to make your way to the Ferris wheel.  

You thought it would be nice to take Chanyeol to the ski resort that you visited with your family as a child. The trip was super romantic and Yeol loved snowboarding so that was a plus. After waking up and getting ready in your private lodge, you set out to hit the slopes. As you and Chanyeol were waiting for the lift, you noticed a familiar person in line in front of you. “Yeol, I am going to be honest, my ex is in line in front of us.” Yeol made one of his surprised expressions, “You mean the one who cheated on you?” You looked up at your giant boyfriend with a soft expression, “yes, if he notices me please try to let it go.” Yeol just nodded silently and pulled you closer to him, it was a bit of an awkward maneuver though since he offered to carry both of your snowboards. When your ex turned to talk to someone behind him he seemed to have noticed you and called out your name. You tried to act like you didn’t hear him but then he walked back to greet you. “Hey Y/N, long time no see.” You kindly returned the greeting and introduced Chanyeol to him. When your ex mentioned meeting up later, Yeol had to say something. “You gave up your chance with her before, so please don’t try to make things better. She is my girl now.” Your ex apologized and went back to meet up with his group. You giggled at Yeol after he left, “that was super-hot babe, thanks for standing up for me.” Yeol looked over at you with a cute grin.

You had come back home to celebrate your parent’s 26th wedding anniversary. Kyungsoo had been wanting to meet your parents for the longest time and now he could. He had prepared for everything, everything except for your ex going to the party and trying to get you back. When you were dancing with Soo, your ex came up behind and asked to steal you for a dance. Kyungsoo recognized him from your college photos and immediately turned from the soft person he usually was with you to the scary one that you would not want to mess with. “Of course not! How could you come to her parent’s anniversary and do this?” As your ex became annoyed with Soo and tried grabbing your wrist you knew that Soo would not be able to stay so calm. “I suggest you take your hands off the love of my life and leave this party, you are only causing a disturbance.” Kyungsoo pulled you back into his arms and your ex made an outburst of not very friendly words as some of your relatives helped usher him outside. You turned to Soo and gave him a kiss. “I love you too,” you said as you pulled away and returned his smirk with a smile of your own.

When your brother said that he would like to have Tao in the wedding party so that you could walk down the aisle with him you were beyond ecstatic. You and Tao had flown into town a few days early so that he could the proper adjustments to his suit, you had sent in his measurements but this fashionista had to look perfect. When you both walked into the tailors to meet up with your brother and the rest of his groomsmen you were surprised to see your brother talking to your ex. Of all the times in the world, your ex was also being tailored for his friend’s wedding. You introduced Tao to your ex and Tao couldn’t help but be a bit jealous that your brother was still friends with him. Your ex and you didn’t end on bad terms, it is just that you both agreed that you didn’t fit each other. Tao knew that so he was friendly to him. However, you did enjoy watching Tao try to impress your brother and his groomsmen and one up your ex. “Baobei, don’t I look amazing in this suit.” You giggled at him, “of course you do. Super sexy.” He flashed one of his adorable grins and gave you a wink.

Since Jongin had spent almost every Christmas with his family and you had been living away from home for several years, he decided to fly you both out to spend Christmas with your parents. When you were there, your family thought it would be nice to go out and see a movie one day. As you were in line talking with Jongin and your parents someone called out your name. You turned around while still holding onto Nini as you saw the face of your ex-boyfriend. You didn’t want to talk to him but you did not want to be rude. You introduced him to Jongin and he said hello to your parents. Jongin was being very civil even though he knew exactly who this person was and had been to you. When you were waiting in line however, Jongin made sure to let your ex know that you were his now. He kept giving you adoring glances and placed his arm around your back. When your ex finally left to go watch another movie you could tell that Jongin was happy. “Jealous, are we?” He giggled at you, “maybe a little.” You pulled him close and hugged him, “that is okay, you are cute when you are jealous. Don’t worry though, you are the only one I want.” Returning the hug, he smiled widely at you, “that is what I like to hear.” Your parents then fawned over how cute you two were with each other.

As a surprise, Sehun bought concert tickets for your sister, you, and him to all spend some time together. It was a group that you and your sister had loved for ages and Sehun just wanted to see you dance and sing because he found it to be the cutest thing in the world. When you were all waiting in line the person in front of you glanced back and seemed to recognize someone. You thought that they might recognize Sehun and were prepared to warn him. But when the person turned to someone in the group with them and pointed you out, you saw that the person they were informing was your ex. Your ex made his way back to say hello to you and your sister, seeming to not notice Sehun at all. That was until Sehun was sick of your ex trying to make conversation with you and spoke up. He placed an arm around you and introduced himself. “I’m Sehun, you seem to have an interest in my girlfriend. I would love it if you went back and joined your friends.” Your sister who seemed to never like your ex couldn’t help but giggle when a look of shock crossed your ex’s face. When he did end up listening to Sehun and moved back to his friends you looked at your boyfriend and joined in on the giggling. “Oh Sehun, I’m honestly surprised it took you that long to send him away.” You gave him a little nudge but then he pulled you close and gave you a quick kiss. “Ewe,” your sister remarked, “could we keep that to a minimum if I am in the same vicinity as you both.” You and Sehun smiled and let out small chuckles.

This was a request. I hope you guys like it. :)

flirt ✧ junhui

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fluff, 1543 words, badboy!junhui au who’s really just a cute soft baby featuring supportive friend hansol, request from anonymous: junhui + “wanna go out sometime?”

Junhui sighs heavily, the thought of you crossing his mind again as he watches you pull out a chair in the corner of the library and set your books out neatly in front of you. It’s what feels like the hundredth time he’s seen you today, and also the hundredth time that he hasn’t made a move even though that’s all he wants to do.

His close friend Hansol sits beside him, observing the way his gaze settles comfortably on you and the expression that paints its way across his face. He laughs, “Junhui, if you’re itching so badly to get some then why not just—”

“That’s not what I want,” Junhui scowls, rolling his eyes at the younger boy, who was sometimes a pain in the ass. “I just…”

“Yeah, I get it,” says Hansol, clasping his hands together dramatically before he proposes, “you want to go up and confess your undying love and be together for all eternity. I’m right, aren’t I?”

“God, you’re so annoying sometimes.”

“But it’s true, isn’t it?”

Junhui definitely can’t dodge that question. Frankly, anyone with a functioning pair of eyes would be able to tell that he was head over heels for you, and had no plans to hide any of the shameless flirting. It was confident of him, to always be trying to win you over like that, but beneath all the layers of what bordered arrogance and over-the-top cockiness was just a boy who was a stuttering, blushing mess around the person he liked.

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Harry Styles - Boys Make Fun of Relationship - Imagine


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We All Fall Down - Eleven


You blinked your eyes open to see your husband standing next to the couch. Shit, how long you’d been asleep for?

“I thought you would have at least got some more unpacking done this afternoon.”

Cricking your next and stretching out you legs, you felt annoyed. You could detect irritation in his voice and it grated on you.

“Well this afternoon was very stressful, I had a headache so I took a nap.”

“Stressful? Y/N you went phone shopping, I’d hardly call that stressful.”

Was every conversation going to be like this? You took a deep breath and told yourself to stay calm.

“No that wasn’t. But driving for the first time in years was as was getting stuck in the car park because two assholes can’t park. Even Luke struggled to get out.”

Spencer’s eyes narrowed and you saw something flash in them. “Luke?” His tone was the same but you recognised the clench of the jaw and sudden tension in his shoulders.

“Luke… Mr Alvez, Henry’s teacher. He was at your father’s funeral Spencer. He saw me struggling and helped me out of a tight spot. I’d have still been stuck there now otherwise.”

His shoulders relaxed and his jaw unclenched. “You could have called me, I would have come and helped.”

“No I couldn’t, the phone was barely charged and I had no idea how far away you were. Luke was there and he helped me out. I’m very thankful to him. But it all gave me a migraine, so I took a few painkillers and fell asleep. I’ll do some more unpacking tomorrow alright. Now,” you inhaled a deeply and pushed your hair back, reminding you yourself that you were trying here. “How was work, did you get everything done?”

Spencer looked suprised but whatever animosity was in his stare dropped. “Erm, I got a lot more done but I’ll probably have to go in over the weekend. I’ll need to sort my father’s study out at some point so I can use that when I’m home.”

“I can do it for you? Just tell me what needs to be done,” you offered.

“That would be…. helpful. Thank you.”

Your stomach rumbled and you looked at your husband hopefully. “Did you bring food?”

“Oh! Yes, it’s in the kitchen. I picked up a bottle of that red wine I know you like as well. Shall we go through to the kitchen and eat?”

You didn’t particularly like red wine, Spencer did. You were a white wine girl unless you had no option. But as you followed him through to the kitchen you could see it was the bottle that you found the least offensive so perhaps that counted towards something?


You ate dinner together in uncomfortable silence, wincing each time you took a sip of the red wine but refilling your glass all the same. You attempted to make conversation with Spencer, telling him about the tech shop girl Penelope, and asking him about his new position. He answered your questions, all the time watching your wine glass, not that you noticed. When you went for the second bottle he’d bought, having not even cleared your plate yet, he put his cutlery down.

“Is spending time with me that bad that you really need to get wasted?” he asked.

You weren’t drunk, only slightly tipsy. But his words sobered you somewhat.

“I’m not getting wasted,” you replied, still refilling your glass and then placing down the bottle. “You’ve been drinking too.”

“I’ve had maybe a glass and a half at most,” he pointed out and you realised that he was right. “Why do you drink so much?”

You stared at your husband, torn between denying his statement and agreeing with him. Because you did drink far too much. It didn’t used to be this way. Yes you were drunk the first time you and he…. but then you hadn’t been able to drink for a few months. And even after that you’d hadn’t felt like you needed to, decorating the apartment and then dealing with Spencer’s treatment taking up your time. You could cope back then, even if you weren’t particularly happy you didn’t feel like you needed to drink. It was only after Derek came back onto the scene that you started. And you just hadn’t really stopped.

“Y/N?” You hadn’t answered him and he was waiting. “I’m not trying to be cruel, I’m concerned.”

“It just…. It helps me relax, it helps me sleep.” You weren’t going to be truthful. You weren’t going to tell him that it was because it numbed the reality of your situation. That you were stuck in a marriage that was falling apart, that the person who you thought had come back for you, had just used you for his own needs. That, out of spite for both men you had ended a pregnancy because you couldn’t stand someone wanting something that was inside your tummy but not you yourself, and that you didn’t want your husband raising a child that wasn’t biologically his and lording it over your head forever. You weren’t going to tell him that you actually hated the fact that you drank so much because it reminded you of your father, but that it had become so a part of your daily routine that it was honestly just habit by now.

You weren’t going to tell him that you wanted to stop, to slow it down, because then he would take from that that he was right and you were wrong.

“If you’re having trouble sleeping Y/N, perhaps make an appointment to get some pills.”

“Maybe I will. Now, do you wanna tell me what needs sorting out in the study?”

Your change of subject didn’t go unnoticed but he let it go, giving you a list of things to do but also telling you that it was no major hurry. After eating you made your excuses and took yourself back up off to bed, Spencer calling your name before you left the kitchen.

“Y/N, we’re invited to dinner tomorrow evening at my sisters. I do need to go out during the day but I’ll be home for around 4pm to get showered and ready. My mother’s looking forward to seeing you again and so is Henry.”

Although it was an invitation you were very much under the impression that you couldn’t refuse which was strange considering how much he’d apparently tried to keep you away from his family.

“Well I look forward to seeing them too.”

You awoke much earlier the next day, hearing the front door shutting as Spencer left. You hauled yourself out of bed and moved to the window, watching him leave through the window pane. You didn’t have a headache despite the one and a half bottles of wine you must have consumed, which told you one thing: you drank so often your body had become used to it. Or at least that was the way it seemed.

That was the way it had seemed with your father too. After your mother abandoned you both he turned to drink, even your seven year self recognising that the bottles that cluttered up the garbage were far too many. The father that had once played with you joyfully in the evenings when he returned from work, now slumping in front of the TV with a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand, not even bothering with a glass. You didn’t remember much about before your mother left but you remember your father being happy to sit and play dolls with you and then after she left, you had to play by yourself. Amazingly, he could still function in the morning, tossing back the coffee like it was his lifeline before heading to work, his blood alcohol level far too high for him to be able to legally drive. When you thought back you were now suprised that he hadn’t gotten into an accident and killed both himself and someone else. Instead it was the cirrhosis that killed him, and rather quickly too. He literally dank himself to death, preferring the numb reality that large amounts of alcohol gave him to actual life.

Like father like daughter?

No. You didn’t want that did you? You remembered the quick decline in your father’s health, your Aunt Lorel collecting you from school when your father collapsed in his office. From then it was a matter of months, his skin turning a sickly shade of yellow, his limbs shaking in the hospital bed, him asking Lorel to sneak him in a bottle everytime she took you to see him.

As Spencer drove away, not noticing you watching him, you thought back to your conversation two nights ago.

Things needed to change. Both of you needed to change.

You would stop drinking. Or at least you would stop drinking as much.

Deciding to get a head start on the day now that you were up, you starting moving a few more things around in the room that had become yours. Even if things did change between you and Spencer you didn’t see you going back to sharing a bedroom with him anytime soon, so you unpacked a few suitcases of your clothes, hanging things up in the closet and folding things away in the drawers.

Afterwards you made your way downstairs, still clad in your nightwear and started moving labelled boxes into William’s… well you guessed it was Spencer’s now, study. You didn’t want to do too much in here and Spencer’s instructions had simply been to move his boxes into there and to pack up any papers in his father’s desk, he and his sister would sort through them at a later stage. So that’s what you did, hauling through box after box and wondering how on earth he had so much stuff. You peaked inside one box seeing it was full of notebooks, pages full of ideas and dialogue for stories. You spotted a few with your own writing on them, leftover from the days where you could imagine world’s and characters and could bring them to life with words. He had a lot of your old essays and submitted stories too, a manuscript you had written at aged seventeen which had won you the scholarship. You moved these items to one side, intending to take them to your own from, for what, you weren’t sure. Stealing a glance into another three boxes you saw they were full of letters, fanmail you realised, because fans of writers actually still sent handwritten letters. At the top of one box sat a shoebox, some how different from the rest as the other letters were just piled into the boxed haphazardly, but when you ventured further and looked inside, you again saw that it was just letters. Did Spencer really need to keep all of these? Or could they at least be filed better; perhaps sorted out into folders rather than rammed into boxes. You made a mental note to ask him just as the doorbell sounded.

You made your way to the door, peering through the glass and seeing it was Emily. You opened it to her.

“Hey Y/N!” she smiled warmly and then took in your nightclothes, a concerned look clouding her features. “Still not feeling well?”

“I’ve been unpacking actually. Haven’t had chance to get dressed… Haven’t had chance to even eat or drink actually. Do you wanna come in?” You held the door open and your nearest neighbour stepped inside, looking over the hallway and seeing that there were less boxes.

“So you have. Getting settled in then?”

You nodded.

“So um, I ran into Diana this morning when I was running some errands in town and I mentioned I was heading over to the Target in the city this afternoon. She suggested that you might wanna come? Apparently Spencer told her that he hadn’t really had chance to go grocery shopping yet. Would you like to come? I know it’s not the most exciting of adventures but we could chat some more, get to know each other?”

Something told you that while you were living in this town, you were going to be forced to be social whether you liked it or not.

“That would actually be really great Emily, although I haven’t even had chance to sort the kitchen out yet. The freezer is still frozen over and I need to toss all the expired food out and make a list of what we need. But at least if I come with you I can find out where the Target is. Thank you for offering. Would you mind terribly if I jumped in the shower first though? I’ll be as quick as I can?”

Your raven haired neighbour…. new friend? nodded. “That’s fine, I can wait. And I’ll tell you what, I’ll take a gander around the kitchen whilst you’re getting ready and see what you need if you want? Even if you can’t get everything we can still get you kitted out with the basics.”

You grinned at her and told her that would be great, your face unaccustomed to smiling at people as often as you had these last few days. You bounded up the stairs and quickly showered and got dressed, shooting a quick message off to Spencer to let him know where you were going, should he come home earlier. You grabbed the credit card for his account too, quickly remembering the money he had given you yesterday.

You still had around half of it left and was torn between handing it back over, using it for groceries or just keeping it. Whilst it wasn’t your own money, he had given it to you and hadn’t asked how much the cell had cost you. You decided to keep it, stashing it in your makeup bag.

Maybe you’d ask Emily about waitressing jobs too so that you could add to it, so that you could have your own money.

A voice in the back of your head told you that if you had your own money, then maybe one day you could leave if things didn’t improve. And although you’d both said that things needed to change, were you really expecting them to?

In the short term, maybe.

In the long term term though?

That same voice wondered if you’d ever actually have the courage to walk out into the unknown, alone, without any support or anyone to fall back on.

Maybe though, if things didn’t improve it would be better to be alone.

You paid little attention to that voice as you quickly applied make up. Because if you did, you’d have realised that you were already setting things in place to leave. Because you knew what was surely inevitable of your situation.

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The Host jokingly saying something like "kill me now" and Warfstache freaking out because no why would he kill his soft precious boy

Wilford, who’s ridiculously trigger-happy and kills almost thoughtlessly, actually pauses with his hand halfway to his gun, eyes wide and terrified.

His fingers twitch because someone said the magic words, but he doesn’t want to shoot the Host. He’d rather get shot again than shoot the Host, but what if that’s what he really wants?

But the Host nudges his hand away from his weapon, lets him know that he was kidding and it’s honestly the most Wilford has ever been relieved to not have to shoot anyone

Honestly I bet Sangwoo is really happy he has Bum around now so he can pull shit like Cake Gate 2k17 and have someone there to appreciate the sheer absurdity of a serial killer challenging a couple to an arcade game over a fucking CAKE.

I bet he’s been lowkey desperate to pull shit like this for YEARS.

In The Forest

depressed after his boyfriend’s Bill’s defeat, Dipper finds a statue in the woods that looks awfully familiar.

(fun fact: This idea was the reason I started writing drabbles)


Dipper walked through the woods of Gravity Falls. It was nice to be back again. Everything was the same as he remembered. Still, everything felt empty, like something was missing. It wasn’t a mystery as to what was missing of course.


The summer before they’d gotten rid of Bill Cipher, defeated him as Ford says. Dipper was the only one against the idea. He knew if they just let him talk to Bill he could make things better. They refused, literally locking him away until it was all over.

They said it was to keep him safe but he knew it was to keep him from interfering. His relationship with his family hasn’t been the same since. They have yet to make up for what they did or make him understand. He is held together with tape, in one piece but the cracks will always show.

“Dipper, where’d you go?”

Mabel’s voice was heard nearby. Dipper changed direction to get farther away. He wants to explore alone. Stan and Ford wouldn’t let him so he had to take Mabel with him. He’s not sure why. Is there something they don’t want him to find? Dipper took Mabel with him then quickly lost her on purpose. He will only let her find him when he is ready.

Now he’s on an unfamiliar path. He explores it. Mabel’s calls get farther away. Soon he arrives in a new clearing. He stops and stares. There’s a statue of a triangle. It has a top hat and a bow tie and it’s arm out stretched. It can’t be… is it? Dipper approached it. He dropped to his knees and hugged it.

“Bill… what did they do to you? I’m so sorry.”

Dipper glanced up at the hand outstretched. He looked at it for a moment. It was reaching out like asking someone to… Dipper let go of the statue and stood. He looked at the hand a second longer then reached out and took it.

Nothing happened at first. Then Dipper felt the whole statue shake a little then the cracks appeared. They started at the hand then moved down the arm and throughout the statue. Gold lights shined through the cracks.

It got brighter and brighter and the statue started vibrating. Dipper was forced to let go as the hand crumbled. The statue exploded with a noise Dipper was sure was loud enough to tip off Mabel. He was forced to move back and shield his eyes but did not fall.

Coughing was heard and after the smoke had cleared Dipper got a look at what was there. Where the statue had been was a blond man in semi-formal clothing including a small top hat that floated about three inches over his head and a shiny gold bow tie. He coughed a bit more then hit his fist to his chest once.

“God, lungs are awful.”

That voice. It was a little different, it wasn’t as high pitched or nasally and the echoey effect was gone so it was easier on the ears but it was still unmistakably Bill’s. Dipper stared, frozen. Bill, it had to be Bill it just had to be, looked at Dipper. He grinned showing of teeth that were a little sharp to be human’s.

“What’s wrong pine tree, it looks like you’ve seen a ghost?”

Dipper tackled him. If Bill hadn’t already been on the ground the force of Dipper’s tackle would have put him there. Only by bracing both hands behind him on the ground did he manage to stay sitting up.

Dipper threw his arms around Bill from where he’d situated himself straddling the demon’s lap and hugged him. Bill laughed and now that he wasn’t in danger of being knocked over put one arm around Dipper in an attempt to hug back.

“I’m guessing you missed me then, kid?”

“You have no fucking idea.”

“Ah I missed you too.”

Dipper sniffed and Bill sensed the impending tears.

“Oh kid, don’t cry.”

“I- I’m s-sorry. I just. It’s been hell without you. At least I think it has. Everything’s been so dulled. I’m- I was just s-so numb. Everything felt so empty without you.”

“Pine tree, look at me.”

Dipper did despite the fact there were tears flowing down his face. He looked in to Bill’s eyes. One was blue like his magic fire and the other gold like his triangular form. Bill moved the hand that wasn’t supporting him up to Dipper’s cheek then up behind his head to thread through Dipper’s hair. He pulled Dipper to his lips and kissed him like he’s wanted to for years. Dipper melted immediately and kissed back. They parted reluctantly.

“I’m never going to leave you again, alright? You don’t have to worry or miss me ever again because this time I’m always going to be there.”

Dipper smiled.

“Thank you, Bill.”

“Of course, pine tree.”

“Hey Bill, why do you look human?”

“It was part of the deal.”

“What deal?”

“The deal we made to get me out of that statue. Did you think shaking my hand would do nothing?”

Dipper blinked, he was kind of comfortably cuddled up to Bill and seemed unconcerned.

“Oh. I was kind of acting without thinking. What are the terms of the deal?”

Bill laughed like he found Dipper’s impulse endearing.

“Well kid since I like you so much I’ll tell ya. You gave me some energy so I could get out of that statue which is what I wanted. You on the other hand wanted me to be back and be with you forever. You also seemed really interested in getting me this body.”

“I was?”

“You wanted me to be in a form you could make out with.”


Dipper blushed.

“So, I fulfilled your requests. You now have me in a body you can make out with, and I really do expect you to since I went through all this trouble to tailor it to what you find attractive, and we’re bonded.”

“What do you mean bonded?”

“We’re magically connected. We share energy, you technically belong to me but I also technically belong to you, and if one of us goes we both go which I believe will have your uncles singing a different tune about killing me. You can probably do a little magic now too. That’s basic bonding so, yes, we will be together forever.”

Dipper smiled and kissed Bill again. Bill was more than pleased with this and kissed back.

“I love you Bill.”

“I love you too pine tree.”

Mabel watched from the edge of the clearing unseen. She was sent with Dipper to avoid him finding the statue. They all knew he had a weird attachment to Bill and they were trying to keep him from doing something stupid like letting Bill out.

Well, now Bill’s been let out. She had always puzzled at Dipper’s obsession with Bill. She had thought their relationship had been bad because Dipper had started acting weird but now… Mabel thinks she may have been the blind one not her brother.

Maybe he wasn’t acting weird because Bill was tricking him maybe he’d been acting different because he was in love. That explanation made a lot of things fall into place. It explains Dipper’s distance.

Mabel sure wouldn’t trust or want to be close to the people who killed someone she was in love with. Dipper looked so happy with Bill, happier than she’s seen him in a year. Maybe this won’t be so bad. After watching the boys cuddle, hug, and kiss for a few more minutes Mabel backed up and went back to the shack by herself.

Looking back on chapter one how Earth shattered Bum must have been when he discovered Sangwoo was a monster....

He spent his whole life with an uncle that beat the shit out of him, starved him, and sexually abused him. As I posted before Bum has an obsessive personality type and he attaches to anyone that gives him positive attention. All times him attaching to someone (not Sangwoo but the people before him) have lead to hard rejection.

Now we lead up to Sangwoo, the man Yoonbum though was a kind hearted, and thoughtful, the man who saved him from getting raped. Bum moved away from his uncle for who knows how long and for that amount of time was free of pain. He stalks Sangwoo and breaks into his house prepared to be rejected (like always but still wanted to be near him)…….. well we all know how that fucken turned 😐

Now Bum is trapped with another monster. His vision of happiness shattered. This boy never caught a break in life. What makes this worse on Bum is that he sought out Sangwoo, he’s back doing whatever his abuser wants to avoid pain but unlike before where he could runaway and his attacker could care less if he left… Bum is fighting for his life with someone will not let him go.

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Our Happy Ending

Summary:  How things could have concluded if Zutara was the endgame.

Read on: ao3

Zuko had been recovering well from his lightning injury but he still had a hard time dressing up, especially with all the muscles that needed to bend or flex. Things would be a lot easier if there were servants around, but Azula fired more than half of the Royal Palace’s staff. Also given how things turned out, Fire Lord Ozai losing his bending, Zuko ascending the throne, and the Hundred Year War finally coming to an end, people were still in shock and in confusion.

“Do you need some help with that?” Someone voiced out. Zuko’s eyes went wide. It was one of the people he wasn’t prepared to see yet.


Keep reading