like he is just leaving him there

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word prompt: uncertain

Dean picks up the pages, testing their weight in his palm. There aren’t just a few. There are a lot.

He looks at the door, certain he shouldn’t be here, but uncertain that he can bring himself to leave. It’s an accidental find, really. He’d come into Cas’s cabin expecting him to be stoned, or high. Instead, Cas was gone. Instead, on the floor, ripped and spread out like a deck of cards were the journal pages.

Gingerly, Dean separates one from the stack. One that had Dean’s name written in cursive along the outer fold.

He skims the page realizing they aren’t exactly journal entries, per se, but more a place for one sentence thoughts.

-What’s a Vulcan? Dean called me one today.

Dean smiles.

-Dean asked me again if it’s hot in my trenchcoat. I keep telling him angels don’t feel cold. It’s strange to me that he keeps forgetting.

-Sam is acting off. I’m suspicious of his activities and hope that he isn’t drinking–

Dean lets that page fall away. He grabs another with the year 2013 at the top. He scans it, pushing down the guilty feeling in his stomach at prying.

-I broke my leg today. Dean said it’ll probably heal up in a day or two. But I know. I’m human now.


-I flew back to the park bench again. Sometimes I like to look at the trees or the children playing. It reminds me Dean used to be a child once. Did he ever get to play at a park?


-Dean’s been gone for two days on a supply run. He might be dead or a croatoan now. I’m useless to help with my broken leg. I tried Vicodin for the first time. It almost made me forget how much I worry about him when he’s gone.


-A Vulcan is an emotionally repressed, logical and stoic creature in the fictional world of Star Trek. I don’t find the comparison particularly amusing.


-Dean smiled today. I haven’t seen that in a long time. He has a beautiful smile.


-The world is coming apart at the seams, but I’m slowly finding understanding coming together for me. There is something different in Dean than the way I feel towards Sam. It leaves me feeling unsettled and raw. I want to look at Dean. To be near him. Instead, I’m reminded about “personal space.” I wish I knew why I can’t touch him. I wish I knew why I want to.

Dean’s hands become slack as he realizes that his name found its way to almost every page of the entries. Sometimes it’s Cas venting that he was pissed at Dean. Sometimes they are simply questions about things he didn’t understand.

But then Dean thumbs to the handwritten pages at the back. Even without the confirmation of the dates, he can tell they are more recent by the way that Cas’s handwriting has started to lose its neat quality over the years, morphing into the messy scrawls Dean recognizes now.

The entries in 2014 are simpler, too, some of them filled with only disjoined words:


-Green eyes

-Small patches of hair that stick up in the back

-His laugh

-His smile. Always his smile. Even if it’s just in memories.

Dean squints, his mouth falling open slightly as he hears a sound behind him. He turns. Cas’s face is surprisingly calm for someone who’s caught another person rifling through his entries.

Cas walks over, his tiny limp that he still carries from his broken leg noticeable, if only to Dean. He lightly holds out a hand and Dean drops the papers in them with a guilty look.

Then, licking his lips, Cas begins to read.

“Caring. Stubborn. Beautiful.”

Clearing his throat, Dean braves a look at Cas.

“You’ve been writing these a long time,” he whispers.

Cas nods, smiling fondly as his thumb rubs across a passage he’s found.

Dean glances at it:

-I told him once when he was sleeping. I know it’s not the same, but I needed him to know.


“I couldn’t look at them anymore,” says Cas, gripping the paper tightly as it starts to crumple from the pressure.

Very carefully, Dean pulls the papers from Cas, dropping them to the ground. He moves his hand to Cas’s jaw, touching it with one finger, then his full hand as Cas closes his eyes, relaxing into it.

“So tell me now,” Dean says. “I’m awake. Tell me now.”

Cas’s eyes open with a flutter.

“I love you,” he says without hesitation.

Dean leans in, kissing Cas lightly on the lips, tasting the salt of his humanity on his tongue.

They stand on the pages of their past, kissing deeper, as if finding each other again after years of being lost.

Holding each other, Dean presses his ear against Cas’s, relishing in the warmth he finds there.

“I love you, too,” he says.

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Fluff fluff fluff for days! :3

RFA + Saeran and V cuddling


  • If he could, neither of you would ever leave the bed
  • You would just stay there, wrapped around his strong arms and playing with his hair
  • But since it’s not possible, lazy cuddling sessions after you guys get home from work or from working out
  • You try to stay away because you’re all sweaty, but  buddy… your sweating smells like honey to him
  • So he glomps you, plopping with you on the bed and laughing from your attempt of looking angry when you’re clearly just flustered
  •  He hums random songs while rubbing your back gently
  •  You guys are so tired you usually end up sleeping like this.You can always take a shower tomorrow morning. Together.


  • Bed? Check! Couch? Check! Counter while one of you are cooking? Check!
  • He used to be all shy and awkward at demonstrating affect first, then he found the power of cuddling and now he’s a changed man
  • Because all it takes is wrapping his arms around you and nuzzling in your hair.
  • Then you’ll hug him back and snuggle in his chest and BOOM! There’s nothing to bring him down today.
  • Unless… something bad happened during the day, then cuddling will be a way of comforting
  • He’ll be there venting while you stroke his hair, legs and arms entangled
  • Both end up sleeping like this. Tomorrow will be a new day and he’ll be ready after recharging like this.


  •  It took a while for her to enjoy cuddling, it wasn’t something she was used to.
  • So at first was a little awkward. You’re tackling her, but your advances are very lazy, nothing too bold, so she’s not sure of what you want
  • But as time passes, she gets so sure of what you want she initiates the cuddling session these days, being the big spoon and everything
  • Bringing you closer by the waist and stroking your hair while she hums some Zen song or talk about her plans for the future
  • Yes, talkative cuddling for days
  • Because talking to you is so easy and makes her feel so light and good, she’s comfortable to talk about whatever with you.
  • And then she just stops… noticing you fell asleep when you roll over to snuggle in her chest
  • Yeah, she gets too excited talking to you, so she just chuckles and kisses your forehead, wishing you’ll have sweet dreams. As for her, this is sweet enough.


  • You have an option: will Elizabeth join you guys or not?
  • If she does, you’ll have her between you guys, you patting her while he pats you
  • If she doesn’t, he’ll be on top of you, burying his nose in your hair
  •  And you stroke his, finding out he shivers easily when you play with the hair next to the nape of his neck was such a happening!
  • Now you giggle everytime he tenses up a little before relaxing to your playful touch
  • And he narrows his eyes at you so you think he doesn’t like this, but who is he trying to  kid?
  • It’s a little awkward because most of the times he comes late from work and just plops on the bed still wearing his suit.
  • Cue you getting red eveytime you ask him to take it off before coming to bed. He knows what you mean, but teasing you is just too good.


  • Cuddling prince
  • It doesn’t take much from you, you can just pass by him and mess with his hair a little
  • He’s going after you and dragging you to the bed, couch, computer chair, doesn’t matter where
  •  He messily nuzzles in your chest, reveling to the sound of your giggles eveytime he does it
  • Then he’ll roll to have you on top, asking for kisses all over his face
  • Take his glasses off before going for the kisses and he’s gone!
  • He’s squinting his eyes since he’s not seeing a thing, then he’ll get super flustered by the way you squeal and tell him how cute he looks
  • But it doesn’t last long, because he’ll roll again to stay on top, telling you he needs to remind you who is the real cutie here.


  • No. Get away. 
  • He would pry your arms away everytime you even tried. No, sharing the bed is all he can handle and sometimes it can be too much.
  • Until one night, when you were tossing and turning, mumbling in your sleep
  • He has light sleep, so he promptly woke up, you looked agitated, as if you were having a nightmare
  • He called you and shook you a little to wake you up, which led to you hugging him in your sleep.
  • He was all weird and uncomfortable, but noticing you calmed down, he brought you closer by your shoulders, smelling your hair.
  • You woke up first, recovering from your sleepy state when you noticed how you were basically leaning on him like he is a pillow, and tried to pull away, he stopped you by holding you tight
  • He told you that you could stay like this, as long as you get to be the pillow for him next time.



  • Cuddling session? More like a praising session where he lists everything he loves about you
  • He makes you straddle him, he runs his long slender fingers up and down your back
  • Then you’ll both lay on bed and he’ll hug you tightly, kissing the top of your head
  • Might ruin the moment saying he wants to grab his camera to take some pics of you like this
  • He has no chill when he’s the one to initiate the cuddling
  • But if YOU are the one to start, he turns into this dork getting super red by the way you plant smooches in his face
  • But he’ll be comfortable soon, chuckling and telling you how good you make him feel
  • Though he will pretend he’s still a little flushed so you will keep calling him cute

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Lucy, with Halloween coming, what do you think of a fic based on the song "Hotel California" by the eagles?

(I’ve been thinking about that for the past six months but never had an idea till now. It’s not so Halloween-like but its still early for that)

Victor’s a novelist. He only intended to stay at the Hotel California for a few months, researching as he wrote. It’s supposed to be haunted. The only thing haunting him is the fact that the pages have stayed blank for over a year now.

He’s had enough best-sellers and movie deals that the royalty checks more than pay for the suite and the meals, but money doesn’t buy inspiration.

Just check out. His agent, Yakov Feltsman, tells him. Just leave. He can’t. He’s waiting for something. Days and days and weeks and months of white pages and waiting for… something.

Turns out to be someone.

Yuuri Katsuki checks in late one night, swaying on his feet with how tired he is. He mumbles something about driving twenty hours straight from somewhere or the other. His voice is gentle and black hair is messy. He’s got dark circles under the frame of his glasses, but Victor still thinks he has such a lovely face.

The room Yuuri gets is down the corridor from Victor’s suite. Victor stays up all night wondering what Yuuri’s story is. He finds out the next morning, when he sees Yuuri outside, finishing off a gorgeous sketch of the face of the old hotel.

Yuuri’s an architect, driving cross country seeking out buildings with history because something went wrong with his last project. He won’t say what, just that he’s escaping. Looking for someplace new. Maybe find someplace to settle. Victor doesn’t push for anymore than that.

Yuuri stays for a bit. He draws and Victor calls him an artist. It’s a title he shrugs off at first, but stops objecting to as the afternoons grow longer. They talk and they talk. Sometimes so caught up that they forget there’s other people there who come and go. Slowly, Victor’s pages start filling up.

One evening, they end up sharing a bottle of wine and a dance in the courtyard. Then make love in Yuuri’s bed, soaked in sweet summer sweat. Victor asks Yuuri to stay. Yuuri says he hasn’t considered anything else.

They never leave the Hotel California. Victor buys it with the money from his next book, about finding love where it’s least expected.

Victor finds his inspiration.
Yuuri finds a place to call home.

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Hey can you do robert nsfw headcaon if its not to much trouble

My dear it is not any trouble at all!

• He’s a switch, but mainly tops, but if his partner wanted to top ll over that
・ Oh dEFINITELY into bdsm, spanking, bondage, KNIFE PLAY, BLOOD PLAY, choking, you name it he’ll try it
• He likes it rough and kinky af, but he can also be very passionate and vanilla, it really depends on what mood he’s in.
・ BITE HIM, leave h I C K E Y S, mark him, make sure the world knows who he belongs too and he’ll do the same for his s/o
• He loves to e a t a s s s k a t e f a s t
・ He just loves oral in general, giving and receiving
• He loves to ride his s/o, whether it be their dick or a strap on!

(Hope these didn’t seem rushed, I need to go to sleep oops)

SMTOWN JAPAN OFFICIAL UPDATE 2017.08.18 - Members on Haechan

Taeil: ☀︎ He’s not afraid of anything. A mood maker who listens well
Johnny: *drawings only* = Michael Jackson?, Legs?, A musical note?
Taeyong: HAECHAN the Moodmaker who has become mature.
Yuta: The number 1 mood maker among the members (laughs)
Ten: Cunning Haechan (laughs) NCT’s comedian.
Doyoung: Roommate. It’s more fun to be with him than anyone else. Thank you for always lending a listening ear, Haechan
Jaehyun: Deep heart maknae. He might be he moodmaker, but he is someone with a tender heart and his presence is important to us.
Winwin: A younger brother I like. Bad at gaming.
Mark: 1) He’s interesting and has a lot of charms. A little brother who is like a friend. 2) Feels lonely being apart from him for just 10 minutes (laughs). Once together with him you won’t leave.
Renjun: An interesting friend who always makes us laugh. Friend!
Jeno: A friend I like so much (?) His sense of humor is the best
Chenle: He’s cute and cool. But he torments us little brothers..
Jisung: A hyung who is weird. He said,“You can use banmal on me” but when I see it on him he says,”WHUT” and gets angry.. What should I do? (laughs)

This is a compilation of what the members said about Haechan :D
For everyone else’s click here.

incoherent thoughts before bed to talk about in the morning: Yachi and Fukunaga meeting at the training camp and it being Cute

Come Home

Originally posted by ariesw1493

A/N: Some Bucky x Reader fluff/angst??? You heard me. And yes I’m using the same gif again, because its our boys!! Before everything!! so precious.

This request came from Anonymous, who said:

I’m giving you free reign because all I know I want is the reader and Bucky to be newly dating, and like just before he goes off to war. Maybe dancing??

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 700

I never imagined what our last kiss would be like. I never wanted to think of a world where I wouldn’t be able to kiss him. He says that he’ll be home one day, that this isn’t our last kiss. But I was afraid. I knew what war was like, and so my lips never leave his. I will kiss him until he is torn from me.

We laid upon the couch in his apartment, kissing lazily and slowly. I was draped across his chest like a blanket, and he held me to him like he was freezing.

“Y/N,” he said softly into my lips, pulling away slightly. He propped my head up in his hands to keep me from kissing him. “I’m coming home.” His eyes locked to mine. He knew I though that this was it.

I sighed, resting my head on his chest again, ignoring his statement. I wasn’t that I didn’t think he was strong enough or smart enough to survive and come home, it was that I had the tendency of losing things I love. I didn’t feel like I deserved Bucky. He was so kind and sweet and beautiful. As our relationship started, I couldn’t let myself fully enjoy it, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, that other shoe was here, and it was a nasty war.

“Y/N,” he pulled my face back to his, “you’re not going to lose me.”

He knew me so well. How could he know me so well? I feel like we’ve known eachother for so long, despite our first date only being four months ago.

“Bucky,” I sat up, just straddling his waist as he laid below me, “I’m not going to lose you.” I lied for his sake. It could be true, I didn’t know that. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t believe in him or didn’t trust him to come home. I had to shove back my insecurities. As scared as I was, he probably was scared too. “I love you,” his eyes snapped to mine, his hands jumping to my waist to hold me tightly.

He sat up, bringing his forehead to rest on mine. “I love you, doll.” His lips ghosted over mine.

I pulled back, watching the confused look on his face. I didn’t want to kiss him yet. It wouldn’t be our last kiss. He’ll be fine. He’ll be fine.

“Dance with me,” I hopped up and pulled him off the couch by his hands.

His hands slid down my back and sides to rest low on my hips. Everything he did was slow and methodical. He brought his forehead back to mine, brushing his nose to mine, his hands smoothing along my shirt to pause at my back.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling my chest flush to his. My hands pet at the short hair at the nape of his neck, swaying my hips with his to imaginary music.

This moment was so perfect. We didn’t have to say our ‘goodbye’s or I’ love you’s because I could feel it radiating from him in each sidestep we took. I had never felt so loved and content.

I finally tilted my chin up to press a kiss to his lips. This wouldn’t be our last kiss, I thought for sure. He’ll come home to me. He’ll come home.

When he left the next morning I laid in our bed in the quiet of the empty apartment and thought of our dance.

Our dance to an empty song held possibility for me. There was no one song that would remind me of that moment, but silence would. Instead of thinking of him when I heard a particular song, I would think of him in stillness and quiet. I would think of him always as he was gone.

The apartment was always quiet when he was gone. He was the one who brought music and laughter to me. He would make me laugh and smile and he would make me a better me. I found myself more talkative and funnier and more open to love because of him.

He was what made me better and I didn’t deserve him. But even so, I went about my life in my empty apartment, waiting for my love to come home.

Hope you liked it, Nonnie!

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Baberoe human and banshee aaaaahhh omfg also speirton (hunter and werewolf of course I wanna see that!!!) <333 - @jim-bones-spock 

(Speirton will be done son!! Since imagines are taking me so long I figured I would start off with headcanons instead)

Human! Babe and Banshee! Roe:

-When Babe first meets Roe he is enchanted by him

-Babe is so quiet so when it’s revealed that he is the banshee in the group, Babe immediately knows he has to befriend him

-But Babe as we all know isn't so subtle with things like this so despite his good intentions, Roe is a little offended when he spots Babe staring at him and the first thing he says is “Do your eyes change colors like the everyone else?”

-Roe debates ignoring his statement and just leaving but seeing the puppy eyed innocence in Babe’s eyes makes him realize, he really is just curious

-So he indulges in Babe’s little wishes about getting to know everyone and how they work together

-But there are times when Babe can go a little overload on questions which leads Roe to snapping at him

-When Roe starts to hear voices he isolates himself to prevent screaming in order to hear the voices speaking

-Babe does everything he can to try and understand what Roe is going through

-”Listen, I know it’s hard, but I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to help you.”

-”Why don’t you call me Babe? Why is it always Heffron?”

“Because I don’t want to get used to having you around and then waking up to your voice in my head.”

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I know that your probably not online but I have this mental image in my head where UF Papyrus likes to draw and when someone messes him up he starts attacking them while sans is just like "Boss no..." Meanwhile Undyne is yelling what attacks to use on them. I don't know. People need to stop leaving me home alone with my UF infected mind.

that sounds adorable honestly my dude

Let’s Get You Some Rest

Malec Drabble #8

Sick!Magnus and fluffy Malec.

It was almost 8pm when they got back home to Magnus’ loft. There were still a lot of things that needed to be done after defeating Valentine, but life was slowly getting back to its normal comfortable pace. Alec has spent most of his time at the Institute, giving orders and reading reports, only leaving for a handful of missions.

Like today, for example. One of the last remaining Circle members has finally revealed his position and Alec has taken the opportunity to capture him and send him to Idris for a proper trial. It was one of the rare days where he could work with Magnus by his side, while taking care of the transport.  

“So, dinner time?” Alec spoke up, casually slipping out of his boots and a leather jacket. “You said you wanted to try that new Italian place down the street, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, sounds great. Just, let me take a shower first?” Magnus was already halfway to the bedroom door when he answered. He looked exhausted. His shoulders were slumped together, his head held low, watching his feet almost drag behind him. Even his hair seemed more flat and less spiky, all of the product already gone.

“Mags? You alright?” Alec called out again, taking a few steps towards him. It made Magnus turn his head around, a small toothless smile turning into a painful grimace. One of his hands flew up towards the sharp pain suddenly throbbing in his skull, the other grabbing onto the door’s frame, steadying himself.  

“Magnus?” He could feel Alec’s hands on his shoulders, his soft but demanding voice filled with concern and worry.

“I’m okay. It’s only a headache. It will pass.” He tried to straighten up and open his eyes, finding solid ground under his feet again.  

“Magnus. Look at me.” That bossy undertone would make him chuckle at any other time, but not then as Alec’s eyes roamed his face, the back of his hand pressed on Magnus’ forehead. “You’re burning up. Do you feel nauseous? Or dizzy? Lightheaded?”

“A little, I guess.” Magnus closed his eyes again, leaning onto Alec and relaxing in his embrace. “Sorry, I’m ruining our date, aren’t I?”

Magnus could feel laugh rumbling in Alec’s chest, their hearts beating next to each other in one sync. Long fingers got lost in the dark strands of Magnus’ hair, an unusual occasion when Magnus didn’t have the energy or will to mockingly smack his hand away. Not when the gently scrapes were sending shivers down his spine, making him sigh and almost purr in contentment.  

“Not at all.” Alec whispered with lips pressed to the side of his head, planting a kiss. “Let’s get you some rest.”

Slowly, he untangled himself from Magnus’ sleepy grip, pulling him towards the bed. It wasn’t long until they were wrapped tightly with a blanket, both in comfortable sweatpants and loose t-shirts, enjoying the little puffs of Alec’s breath on the back of Magnus’ neck. His arms around Magnus’ middle, fingertips tracing the sharp edges of a hipbone and small patches of bare skin.  

“What about dinner?” Magnus asked, lost in the tender warmth.

“Hm.. We’ll just order something.” Alec replied, his words getting muffled as he pressed himself closer to Magnus, nuzzling his lips on Magnus’ shoulder. “In just a minute.”

Written for @lovetheskyisblue69. My first try at the prompt you gave me ^^. 

Read on Ao3.

Promt Me/Ask Me.

More of a personal hc. But still my Highlord is a male blood elf and he and Arator are a couple. it started as a mentor/mentee thing and escalated. my hc is that when we finally get to Argus. he has to introduce his parents to him because well he’s the leader of the armies if the light on Azeroth. So he’s like “Mom. Dad. This is highlord ~~~~. champion of the Light. Leader of the Argent Crusade. Highlord of the Silver Hand. Lightbringer. Then Turalyon goes to shake his hand. Then Arator just goes "ALSO MY HUSBAND” and runs away leaving the Highlord dying inside as Turalyon now has a death-grip on his hand. All this time Alleria is dying on the floor laughing at the whole situation.

—(headcanon submitted by @hurraymonster )

we can all agree in this panel that sangwoo shows genuine emotion

i wanna know what’s the reason for him to say that at the moment before he thought of a plan. it was a reflex, right?

did he think like so after officer lee said bum’s wound opened up, and he’s immediately worried that bum might leave him again because his wound is not healing properly? because sangwoo does try his best at treating bum’s wound, he doesnt want bum dead.

or maybe because bum was screaming in pain and sangwoo didn’t want him to be in pain, he wants bum to heal but the police ruined it.

idk, i just really want to know what made sangwoo to stand up and yell that immediately after seeing bum come into the station.

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Heyy Boo! Can I get another? I love your stories!! Can I get one where Juices Old Lady flips out on the club for teasing him on showing some humanity because he is always so kind. Leaving the boys speechless at her agressiveness. The boys apologize and Juice just laughs thinking it was the hottest thing he had ever seen?

Originally posted by pletzturra

A/N: I hope you enjoy it darling ❤️ Thank you for your support doll!

Warning: Cursing & other things I can’t explain? LOL


“Come one Juicey boy, you need to grow up lad, don’t ye dream of being a real man?” Chibs said patting Juices back roughly and before he could open him mouth to answer Jax cut him off “You’re like the baby of the group man, someone always have to supervise you so you don’t screw anything up.” Jax said shaking his head watching Juice lower his head. You turned the corner no longer being able to stay quiet while this men picked on your Old Man, you walked in front of Juice stepping in between him and the boys who were now all silent.

“I hope you all have a good damn reason for picking on my old man.” You said glaring at the men who were now dead silent just as you heard Tig begin to utter a word you held your hand up “That was rhetorical, I hope you all know what that means, if not. Look it up. There’s no reason ANY of you should be picking and teasing my old man, and no one better feed me this ‘we’re just messing around’ bullshit, cause if anyone says it, my hand won’t be messing around when it slaps you across the face.” You said looking down at the men who were now in shock.

“My old man, does everything he needs to do and more for this club. He may screw up sometimes but let me tell you NONE of you are fucking perfect. So hop off whatever high horse your ridding and sit the fuck down, you could all learn a thing or two from my old man, like how to keep your old ladies happy or how to be a good person. Someone who can sleep well at night knowing they are true to themselves.”

“Jackson, you’re a cheater who can’t get his thoughts straight yet you think you’re a great leader. Filip, you’re the man who let one of his mates attack him and steal his family and instead of fighting and dying with dignity you fled like a coward. Tig you’re an over emotional, cocky liar who doesn’t give a single fuck for anyone in this world, Opie, you’re a man who doesn’t know how to be a father to his own kids and a husband to his own wife. Happy you’re a fucking murder, and Kozik who the fuck knows about the issues you obviously have.”  

“You’re all children, because at the end of the day you cry to your woman who you wholeheartedly claim you don’t fucking need. So get over yourself, I want each of you to apologize to my old man or your life will become a living fucking hell.” You spat as all the men sat there looking at you with wide eyes trying to decide who you were and how did someone so sweet snap at all of them. You heard your old man dying of laughter as the boys apologized to him, he grabbed your waist kissing you gently “That was by far the most attractive thing I’ve ever fucking seen and heard.” He said roughly in your ear as he gripped your ass tightly.

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"Well I mean, Keith's so amazing and awesome and pairing him up with someone like me.... I'm not exactly as amazing and awesome so like I'd probably make him annoyed every moment I get without meaning to and he'd probably just leave me in the dust as he continues to grow and achieve..." - lance


Originally posted by n-wordbelike

anonymous asked:

So I know how /Keith/ feels about it, but I wanted to ask: How do you feel about Klance?

Well I mean, Keith’s so amazing and awesome and pairing him up with someone like me…. I’m not exactly as amazing and awesome so like I’d probably make him annoyed every moment I get without meaning to and he’d probably just leave me in the dust as he continues to grow and achieve…


It’s not like he’d like me that way anyway…

“I’m here”

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

Featuring: -

Words: written on the phone so idk

Warnings: -

Tags: @stormblastfanfiction

Request: requested by @krism98 (thanks for the request!)

“Hey I was wondering if maybe you could do an imagine where the reader is really really young like 2ish and gets taken in by the Lightwood’s and Alec is always grumpy but she won’t leave him alone and she has a nightmare and goes to him for comfort and he comforts her and falls asleep with her in his arms and it’s super cute and fluffy please?”

Notes: hope you all like it! I’m still trying to fix my computer but it looks like I have really nessed it up this time so idk until I can write on my laptop again. 

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You didn’t really remember for how long you had been living at the New York’s Institute, just like you didn’t know when you became part of the Lightwood family. All you knew was that you loved being there, you loved being part of the family.

Izzy had always been your confident, your best friend and also your opponent. You two trained together since you were old enough to beging your training. Ever since, every practice had turned into a competition. You had so much fun teasing her just like she enjoyed defeating you.
Max wasn’t around too often but when he was, he loved spending all the possible time with you. Playing football, training, playing board games and, of course, annoying Alec.

He had always been the quiet and grumpy one. You used to think he didn’t want you around but Izzy explained that it was just how he was. So you decided it would be easier to forget about it and live your life. You tried not to bother him since he was kind of intimidating and you never knew what to say around him. You knew why, you had admitted the crush you had on him a while ago but you forced yourself to hide it. It was easier than rejection.

“Nice shot” you congratulated Alec after watching him practising with the bow.

“Thanks” he simply replied as he moved to fetch back the arrows.

“Will you teach me someday?” You asked watching how he got ready to shot again.

“You’re good enough with the sword” he said making you roll your eyes.

“I don’t want to be good just with one weapon” you replied.

“I’m busy, okay?” He snapped, surprising you with his sudden harsh tone.

“What’s your problem?” You asked crossing your arms.

He turned around and looked at you like he was really about to answer your question. His eyes kind of scared you, making you take a step away which made him frown. He sighed and just put the bow and arrows in its place.

“Nothing” he said. “I’m just busy”, he added walking by your side without even giving you a second look.

After that moment you didn’t see him in the whole day. You asked Izzy and apparently he had gone out to patrol or something. It was strange since you had heard him many times saying how much he hated patrolling. With a sigh, you went to your room, knowing he just left so he didn’t have to see you.

You spent the rest of the day in your room, listening to music or reading, or just staring at the ceiling, wondering what on earth you had done to Alec to treat you the way he did. Eventually you ended up falling asleep.


You didn’t know what time it was when you suddenly woke up covered in sweat. You just had an horrible nightmare that had woken you up, feeling so scared and lonely that you didn’t dare going back to sleep. Not on your own at least.

Slowly, you got off bed and changed into your pajamas since you had fallen asleep in your regular clothes. Then, quietly so you wouldn’t wake anyone up, you left the room and walked to the end of the aisle, where Alec’s room was. You didn’t know why you were looking for his comfort but, somehow, you felt like seeing him would calm you down.

After knocking a couple of times on his door and receiving no answer you decided to just walk into his room and close the door. It was dark but the moon provided enough light for you to know where you had to go. You spotted Alec completely asleep on his bed and smiled. Maybe this was wrong, maybe he would kick you out but now that you were there, there was no way you were going back to your room where you knew you wouldn’t be able to sleep.

“Alec?” You asked climbing on his bed. He moved and groaned but didn’t wake up. Biting your lip, you shook his arm, waking him up.

“(Y/N)?” He asked sleepy. You nodded biting your lip. With a sigh, he let his head fall back on the pillow. “What are you doing here?” He asked.

“I…” You bite your lip, knowing what stupid It was. “I’m sorry to wake you. I… Had a nightmare” you explained.

“Really?” He said looking at you, his eyes brighting in the dark. “You woke me up because you had a nightmare? What are you? Five?”

He rolled over and laid on his side, turning his back to you. If you were honest to yourself, that was the exact reaction you expected but it still wasn’t nice.

“You died” you mumbled.

“What?” He asked turning to look at you.

“In my nightmare… You got killed by a demon and no one could save you” you told him. “I… Needed to make sure you’re okay” you added before starting to climb off the bead but suddenly your wrist was caught by his big hand.

“Wait…come here” he said pulling your arm.

You looked at him hesitantly but you ended up moving closer to him. He managed to move you so you ended up lying by his side, with your head on his chest, one of his arms around your back and the other hand stroking your hair.

“I’m here okay?” He whispered. You nodded closing your eyes as you felt your fear running away. “And I’m going to be for a very long time” he added making you smile.

“Thank you” you whispered. He kissed your head and squeezed you.

“Tomorrow I will start yout bow training” he said. You raised your head to look at him surprised. “I need someone to protect me if I’m attacked from behind right?”

You smiled widely and hugged him tight, pressing a kiss to his cheek before laying down your head on his chest again.

“Thank you” you said happily.

“You’re welcome” he replied. “Now sleep” he added rubbing your back, relaxing you until you fell asleep in Alec’s arms.

You had to admit to yourself that it had been a long time since you slept that good. You didn’t know what Alec had but when you woke up you felt like you had been sleeping on the clouds, you barely even remembered the nightmare. You turned around in the bed and saw that he was still asleep, an arm stretched out and the other one over his bare stomach. You bite your lip taking in the sight. He was gorgeus.

“Are you staring at me?” He suddenly asked, almost scaring you.

“Were you awake?” You asked. He chuckled and opened his eyes. Why didn’t he smile more often?

“I’ve been awake for a while now” he admitted. “You’re cute when you’re sleeping”

A blush was formed in your cheeks due to his words so you forced yourself to look away, making him laugh again, You felt the bed moving and then, his hand was on your face, making you look at him.

“I’m not teasing you, okay? I’m just stating a fact” he shrugged.

“Well thank you” you whispered, still blushing. “Are you still willing to train me?” You asked, afraid that last night’s kindness was a product of the tiredness.

“On one condition” he said scooting a bit closer to your face, so your lips were inches away.

“What condition?” You whispered, moving your eyes from his to his mouth alternatively. He smirked and bite his lip.

“That you sleep with me every single night from now on” he said. You opened your eyes widely, definately not expecting that. “I… I want you here. Always. I loved having you in my arms and…waking up next to you” he confessed. “So…will you?” He asked.

It took you a time to reply since you didn’t see this coming at all. You thought you would get along now but you never thought it would escalate so quickly. After a couple of minutes completely lost in his eyes you nodded your head slowly, making his smile grown and the distance between you two disappear when he placed his lips on yours on trhe sweetest kiss you had ever had.

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How would all of the boys react to a reeeeaaaally flexible s/o?


Shu: He may use their flexibility as an advantage in the bedroom or to get little peeks at his s/o’s undergarments.

Reiji: With being curious about humans and studying them, he will most likely leave you in predicaments where you’d use your flexibility to its maximum so he can see what skills your body has.

Laito: Don’t even get started with him and all the ideas running through his head. He will try any position possible for sex with you and also use your flexibility against you when he wants to trap you.

Kanato: He may be a bit curious about it, and will definitely try it out when you have to act like an inanimate doll. He may also go past your flexibility just to see the pain in your face too.

Ayato: He enjoys your flexibility and uses it to his advantage, whether it be to pick on you or for when you two will be in the bed room. He may also include your flexibility into a humiliating punishment.

Subaru: He doesn’t care about it much, but may find it useful if you two are having trouble fitting in the coffin together. And no matter how flexible you are, he will easily beat you with his strength to stop you from running off.


Ruki: Expect to be put in predicaments where you must stay either stretched out in certain positions for a long time or get a spanking or flogging from him. He enjoys incorporating their flexibility into any punishment or kinky times together.

Kou: You remind him more of a cat with how far you can stretch and twist, which appeals to him even more. But other than that, he’d only take your flexibility further in the bedroom.

Yuma: He really doesn’t care, but will be freaked out when he sees you doing contortions with your body that doesn’t look natural.

Azusa: It’s confusing to him. Does it hurt? Why are you able to twist that way? He will have many questions about it and won’t stop bugging you until he’s satisfied with the answers.


Carla: He will use your flexibility in any punishments he inflicts on you, whether it’s yanking an arm past its limits or having you do the splits for another punishment. Other than that, he won’t take much interest in your flexibility.

Shin: Once he found out about your “super power” he started to think of ways to take it to the extremes. He’d go to move your legs in unnatural ways and push your limbs past their limits on bending and flexing.