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Headcanon: Artemis is initally confused on why Jason buys so many hot dogs from the hot dog cart and he walks down an alley to a small horde of grimy little orphans before giving them everything and Artemis is like "Do you know those children?" And Jason is like "They're me." before walking and Artemis is confused on what just happened.

This is clearly canon.


Chapter 7. Lina.

After yesterday’s downpour it became noticeably colder and I wrapped myself in an old jacket more forcefully. I still could not stand it and fled Anna from the apartment. The strength to remain in it was not perfect, especially when I remembered last night. When I remembered her, I blushed so that the whole body felt hot. At night, Denis finally slipped from the couch, stretched out on the carpet and did not even wake up when I slipped him a pillow under his head and covered his blanket. After a moment’s thought, I climbed up to him under the blanket and happily felt him hug me in a dream. He slept soundlessly, only a hot breath burned my cheek.
What happened with me? Is it possible to do this?.. We just slept, but I still felt like a terrible debauchery, although, probably, it was?.. All the same, I’m a very bad person. From all these thoughts, my brain began to boil. Therefore, in the morning, without waiting for Denis to wake up, I escaped.
The cold air chilled me a bit and it was even easier to breathe. I decided to return home to my sister, although I realized that she was unlikely to be happy with my return.

My sister opened the door as quickly as if she were already waiting for me. But she did not let me into the apartment, and I realized with sadness that she would do anything, so long as I did not cross the threshold.
- And why did you come? - she asked viciously. -You kind of went with that woman with such pleasure.
-I want to go home,
- I tried not to pay attention to her rude tone.
- Is it bad there? Beat, rape, humiliate? If not, better go back there.
I could not believe my ears. Yes, my sister never really loved me, always believed that I stole her mother’s love, for some reason blamed me for my father’s death, but I could not even think that she would drive me out of our apartment. Well, at least until my majority …
- Katya, but it’s wrong that I live with strangers! - I tried to reach her mind, but she looked at me with empty eyes and was silent. I grabbed her hand, but she pushed me away and I painfully bumped my shoulder against the wall. Tears came to my eyes. Well, what did I do wrong in this life to deserve this? Sister quickly ran into the apartment and slammed the door. Judging by the noise, she also began to move the cabinet to the door, so I did not exactly break into home …
I slowly left the entrance. And where should I go now? I do not want to return to Anna’s apartment, my sister does not let me into my home, and that, I still have to find some bridge and live under it? I furiously rubbed my fist with my eyes and realized that I could not stop the tears. So I’ll go and die now somewhere, let my sister be tormented conscience when he finds out. I moved forward, not seeing the road from tears. And it’s no wonder that I immediately crashed into some man.
- I’m sorry,- I muttered, and tried to round him, but I felt the man’s hand grab my shoulder. I was startled by fright and I was ready to scream and break out, but for a start I decided to spit at him. And she stopped when she saw Denis in front of him. What is he doing here? How did he understand where I left and where does he know my address? Although, he could get an address from Ani, but that does not change anything! He came for me? What for?
- Annoying,- he suddenly said, and pressed me to him. I sobbed and finally burst into tears, like a child.

In his car, I cried a long time, curled up in a ball in the backseat. Denis melancholy sat behind the wheel, drawing in a notebook. I was even glad that he did not come to me with consolations, and what could he tell me? What’s all good? I did not see anything good in my situation.
Finally, I was exhausted. Forces no longer cry, and I pulled the jacket over my head, because I suddenly felt terribly ashamed before the man. Suddenly, oh yeah. When we slept side by side, I did not have this feeling.
I heard him start the car and we went somewhere. It seems that I dozed off with heat and even motion sickness, because when Denis shook me by the shoulder, I did not immediately realize where I was.
- Come on, let’s go,- he pulled me out of the car and gave me his hand. I looked at him doubtfully, but still held out his hand to him. Denis stroked my head reassuringly and silently walked through the park.
- How does it turn out, Denis, that the native person hates you? -  I suddenly asked. - My sister always hated me, but I did not expect that to the extent that she was ready to drive me out of the house.
The man looked at the sky and answered, pausing:
- Sometimes family ties do not mean good relations … alas.
I stared at him. There was so much depression in Denis’s voice that it suddenly occurred to me that his family was not even mentioned casually. What do I know about him, except his name, age, and the fact that he is an artist?
I opened my mouth to ask, but he shook his head warningly.
- Do not ask about my family. Perhaps I will tell myself. Anya, too, will not tell, do not ask her questions.
- Think!

I wrenched my hand and walked away from him quickly. Also, I, secrets, but I wanted to spit. For everyone! Where is the nearest bridge under which I will live?
Behind me, I heard footsteps - Denis caught up with me and crushed me in an armful.
- Sorry, Lina, I really dislike this topic. Do not get mad.
- I’m not angry,
- I sighed. - Today is a stupid day, and in general … I do not want to live with Anya, I’m a stranger there and I feel uncomfortable. What should I do, Denis?


- What should I do, Denis? -  Lina asked and looked at me wide-eyed. Does she really think I know the answer?
When I did not find her in the apartment in the morning, I immediately understood where the girl had gone. And blew up for her, because?.. Why? Did not want her to come home? Decided for her that she should be around? I never thought that I was suffering from pedophilia, but when I met Lina, I realized that I did not see her as a teenager, but just a small woman. Which, in addition, needs protection. And why do not I become her protector?
I coughed.
- You know, I needed a person who would hurt me for a long time if I work more than two days in a row. Anya with the beginning of autumn will rarely be at home, so you do not want to take this responsibility on yourself?
- Are you kidding?
-  she stretched out and tears flashed in her eyes again. - Of course, I’m only sixteen and you can scoff at me as much as you like …
- I do not really have any sense of humor,-  I grinned. - But I really need such a person.
- You’d rather marry,
- she muttered. - I will feel like a nanny with such an adult man.
- I must marry,
- I hugged her. - But a little later.
Lina blushed and put her face in her hands.
Oh, yes, Denis, you’re just a master of courtship. But the most interesting is that I think I’m really ready for this.

We continued to walk for a long time, until the clouds ran up and began to drizzle up a small and nasty rain. When the door slammed behind the girl in Anna’s apartment, I thought, maybe I should have kissed her? But I decided that there was no need to rush things.
 For some time I was happy.


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You officially broke my brain with the Green Day 1994 pictures. I had one of those hanging on my wall growing up, and I just realized that I got with the first guy I hooked up with a few years later because I thought he was hot (and I thought he was hot because he looked a certain way). I just realized that certain way was just fucking like Billie Joe. So, basically I hooked up with someone because, without realizing it, I thought they looked like Billie Joe. Damn, that was weird realization.

I really can’t blame you, 1994 Billie was such a babe lmao 

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45 for evan/Jared 😂

45. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”


~ It had been a long time since Jared had seen Evan. They rarely hung out aside from school, so they hadn’t seen each other all summer. And once they were at school, it’s not like they went looking for each other. 

But sometimes they just ran into each other.

And it was usually unexpected.

And some other things were unexpected too, like when they came across each other in the hallways before the first-period bell, and Jared was stopped in his tracks.

“Wow,” he murmured as Evan turned to see him. “You look pretty hot in plaid.”

Evan’s eyes got wide and he blushed, turning away from Jared and bolting down the other hall as fast as he could. Jared was taken aback, frozen in the crowd.

“Did I actually say that out loud?”

He turned in his place a couple times. “Well, shit.” ~

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I just love how everything has "hot" as a prefix. Hot professor Sam, Hot Doctor Sam, Hot Fireman Sam... Etc. I like it. Maybe others call(ed) him Hot Sam, somewhat playfully (but seriously too, ofc)... Like Jess, like Max, like Dr. Cara, Brady, me. Idk, I feel it works, and it spikes up his ego when he laughs and blushes slightly at the 'nickname'.

(re: these tags)

Hahaha idk I just label him that way in my mind. I don’t think Sam would ever conceive of himself as a hot professor. That’s more like… what his students would call him (in this imaginary case where he’s managed to wangle his way onto campus as a substitute teacher). I feel like his partners might well tell him that he’s hot, and that he’d get sort of bashful awkward about it most of the time (unless he was like… in a good confident stretch in bed and then he’d be like ‘yeah I am, rawr’), but I don’t know if they’d go for the whole, ‘hot [whatever] Sam’ construction, hahaha

(!! okay tho, imagine, they catch onto this hunt at a university, something vanishing students from this one department and Sam decides the most sensible thing is for him to go in as a teacher, so he gets his tweed on and his sweater and he’s prepped for class, kinda nervous because he’s actually going to have to deliver this lecture on folklore of the American Midwest. But he can do it, he knows the topic and he’s got his Powerpoint and his laser pointer, and so he rocks up in class on his first day and he’s looking at his notes and there’s a voice from the doorway: “I’m a grad student from the languages department, gonna be auditing the course if that’s alright.” So he looks up and there’s Max in the doorway in a soft grey sweater with a pile of books. And Max’s eyes go like ZING when he sees Sam in his stupid outfit, but the other students are coming in, so he just goes to sit down in the back and Sam’s, like, *clears throat* starts talking, up front, and internally he’s all “!!!!!!!!!” because ermmm last time he and Max spoke it was via text and there were some very compromising pictures exchanged. But he manages to keep it together thank LAWD, he even answers some questions from the kids, tho he definitely forgets about his original intention to take a couple aside and try and get chatting about their missing buddies. Instead, when the class ends he lets them all stream out and waits as Max stays seated, lets the classroom clear and then comes down to the front like *purr* “Well professor that was very… inspirational” and Sam dry-mouthed like “oh, you thought?” and Max up close in his space like “Mmmm. Maybe gonna need some private tuition just to… flesh out the subtleties.” And he reaches up to tug Sam’s hair loose from its elastic, and suddenly somehow Sam’s lying back on the desk with his tie all twisted up in Max’s fist, and somewhere right at the back of his mind he’s panicking because they never pulled down the blind on the window and he’s probably gonna get fired from his imaginary job for making out with a student but on the other hand he really doesn’t care)

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I wouldn't mind shawn actually, he is nice and has been supportive to mila, and they just give me friendly vibes

Yeah I totally agree. He’s cute and probs tried it on with Mila like he said, but I think they are both aware that there is nothing more than friendship there. It’s like when you have that one hot friend who u are completely aware is hot as fuck but you don’t make any moves because you know there isn’t a connection.

Camila is Shawn’s “hot friend”.


  Prodigy Hero Bby | Bakugou Katsuki | ♥  ୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭ *:・゚✧


oh my god a bucky action figure he’s so beautif-


it always confuses me when superman gets drawn burlier than batman. i mean we dance around it but superman is basically super strong due to space magic. he could be a weedy lil string bean and he’d still be able to lift a bus. i’m not saying the muscles don’t help, or that he doesn’t probably have magic space muscles. i’m just saying, all of batman’s strength is muscle-dependant. he has no space magics. in my head he is the more burly of the two just out of necessity. i know he’s kind of got the gymnast thing going on but like. i imagine bruce wayne as more barrel-y and clark kent as more dorito-y. i don’t know why i’m telling you this except that i’m dealing with the realization that this is not the standard assumption.