like he doesnt even look like an human


Don’t worry they won’t go down the flower path without Baekho!

They will go back for Baekho and carry him down the path if they have to!

#StayStrongDongho you and your family are in all our hearts. One day they will walk down this flowery path together, all Five of them.

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Hello~.I find requesting really scary, and thus have never done so before.But ever since you wrote the mermaid minhyuk au I've craved one for kihyun.The mermaid au was so fricking cute and it still pops into my head whenever I get a notification of a new post you've made.I know you have so much going on,but if you'd ever considered making a mermaid au(or perhaps even a siren au because kihyun voice <3)for kihyun I'd be the happiest follower ever ^_^. Your writing is pure love on so many levels

mermaid aus are getting so popular hehe!! here’s kihyun~
find mermaid!minhyuk (here)

  • has always been the best singer among the mermaids in his part of the ocean and he’s really really proud of his voice
  • has a tail that is a shimmering yellow with teal hints at the tips of his fins
  • wears a necklace of really pretty shells around his neck that was passed down to him from his mother
  • teaches the younger mermaid kids how to sing on key,,,,it’s really cute but he’s apparently a tough teacher LOL
  • ok,,,but in this au,,,,kihyun’s hair is long,,,,,like to his waist,,,,imagine,,,,
  • is actually kind of scared of land,,,,he doesn’t like sand and humans sorta scare him,,,,,,just because they seem so loud and not a good loud like a Bad loud
  • so he tells the kids he teaches to stay away from the surface if they can,,,,the ocean is home
  • and u well u have always been scared of deep ocean water
  • ur fine walking a bit into the shore,,,,just till ur covered to the knee,,,,anything deeper tho and ur running back to land because like WHO knows whats in there,,,,,sharks??? monsters???? those fish that puff up and can spike u to death???? no thanks
  • but one morning as ur collecting shells on the shore u hear,,,,,,,a voice??? a singing voice???
  • but it’s,,,,it’s more than just a person singing a song,,,,it’s much more,,,,,smooth and beautiful???
  • the melody seems to flow even tho it’s just a voice with no instruments???? 
  • and u can’t help it but u feel urself drifting toward that voice and u find urself on the boardwalk,,,,walking right to the end and looking down into a net cast into water,,,,,except,,,,,,,,,,,there’s someone in the net????
  • the voice is coming from them and u squat down to see a boy,,,,eyes shut tight,,,,but it’s obvious he’s the one singing and u wonder briefly if he’s singing to calm himself down
  • but then,,,,,u see it
  • the tail
  • yellow and glistening against the harsh dark netting and helplessly splashing around
  • and u think for a moment u must have hallucinated it. that the boy is stuck,,,,with a bunch of fish,,,but that makes no sense because as ur eyes travel up the tail u see the torso of a human,,,the chest of a human,,,,the neck of a human,,,,,,,,and the singing stops because u lock eyes with the boy whose opened them
  • and his hair,,,,,,all thrown around his face and tangled in the net too doesn’t shield the way his eyes get big in even more fear
  • and u dont know what to say so all u can blurt out is “are u stuck?” which is redundant because of course he’s stuck but,,,the boy just freezes
  • and ur like “do,,,,can you understand me???? i think ur stuck???”
  • u bend down a little and put ur hand on the net,,,trying to figure out where it has been tied closed but u cant find it and the boy shakes a little and ur like “i ,,, i won’t hurt you!! i heard ur pretty singing and,,,,,,ill get u out before the fisherman come ok i promise!!”
  • and ur words seem to work because he stops squirming and suddenly,,,he goes “will you set me free?” and ur surprised because he speaks ur language but u nod and ur like “ill get u out and u can go back int,,,into the ocean!!”
  • and he nods but he’s also like “the opening is under me,,,u need to jump in the water.”
  • and ur like,,,,,,,,,,,,,jump?,,,,,,it’s deep,,,,i,,,,,,,,cant
  • and he’s like why not and ur like,,,,the water scares me,,,,,,,and kihyun for the first time looks at u and instead of thinking u want to hurt him or that ur some loud human,,,he hears ur voice get smaller and ???? to him theres nothing scary about water it’s land that scares him but,,,,here u are
  • and he’s like “there’s nothing here,,,it’s not scary,,,,,i promise,,,,” and u swallow because u havent been in deep water for a while,,,but u also know if u dont hurry the fisherman will come and find him
  • so pushing your anxiety down u do ur best to slip one foot in,,,,pulling it back until u hear his voice again,,,,,,so angelic go “it’s ok,,,there’s nothing but water.”
  • and u nod and finally u slide ur whole body into the water off the boardwalk and with trembling hands u start to feel down the netting and with one breath u dunk ur head under water when u feel the knot and try to work as fast as possible
  • with it finally undone u come back up and feel ur heartbeat go crazy,,,the fear coming back and kihyun wiggles until he’s free and u pull the netting off him too but before he leaves he pauses himself
  • seeing ur shaking shoulder and suddenly he wraps an arm around you and lifts you into his arms and ur like “what-”
  • with a slight jump out of the water he manages to push you back up onto the boardwalk and he’s like “thank you,,,,for helping me - um,,,,-”
  • and u tell him ur name and he’s like “im kihyun,,,,” and ur still shaken up from being in water and ur looking at him in disbelief
  • and he’s like “i,,,,,,,will a song calm u down?” and u blink but nod and,,,,there it is again
  • that voice that lead u to him,,,,so beautiful and flowing
  • and as u sit there shivering on the boardwalk,,, kihyun reaches out his hand from the water and u take it,,,,letting him sing until ur shivering has stopped
  • and u and him just look at one and other,,,,and kihyun can’t believe it,,,,,that there are humans,,,,,
  • that looks so,,,,,,,nice
  • and even in ur fragile state ud jumped into water and saved him and,,,,,kihyun doesnt like being wrong but ,,, maybe not all humans are bad and he suddenly hears something and lets go of ur hand and is like i must go,,,,,,but i owe u my life,,,,,,,,,,
  • and u seem to forget ur fear for a second because u lean over,,,, over the boardwalk and ask if ull see him again
  • and kihyun hesitates,,,,but he can feel his heart is telling him to say yes not only because u saved him but because,,,the color of ur eyes and ur hair in ur face and the gentle touch of ur warm skin against his had,,,,,,,done something to him
  • so he says yes,,,,that he’ll visit u again and ull be able to tell because he’ll sing the same song,,,,,,,,
  • and ur like ill be waiting and kihyun dives back in,,,his yellow tail is the last thing u see of him glimmering as it disappears and u wonder that the ocean may be scary
  • but it’s also full of beautiful mermaids like kihyun,,,,,,,,it can’t be that bad

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Could I get some headcannons about Kuroo, Bokuto, and Terushima where their fem s/o tries to kiss them in front of the team for the first time and how they react? Thank you, love your blog! <3



Kuroo Tetsuro

- you were always at their practice matches, and it was evident that the team knew who you were

- but you and kuroo didn’t really do any pda around the team during practice

- one day kuroo had been feeling pretty down and you knew a kiss from you would help even just a little

- so you come up to him and he embraces you

- you cup his face and pull him down for a kiss

- Yamamoto cries

- kenma doen’t even care at this point

- lev’s like “Yaku-san! They’re kissing!”

- “Lev shut up!”

- it’s not that chaos but everyone’s secretly jealous of their captains’ relationship

- Inuoka’s pretty bummed out bc “I want a girlfriend like _____”

- so Kuroo’s pretty much pumped up now bc hes really proud that you were his

Bokuto Koutarou

- he would always brag about you to the team and they’re very skeptical about your existence

- “Bokuto-san are you sure she even exists?”


- and everyone would be like “but we havent met her! And she sounds like a perfect human being???”

- so he would stomp off of the gym and pull you from the club your in without context

- “Koutarou wyd????”

- you would be asking him the same question until you reach the gym bc he doesnt answer


- and he kisses you in front of everybody

- and when you pull away you look at the team and like

- “oh hello”

- no one says anything bc they are s h o o k t

Terushima Yuuji

- he would definitely forget about introducing you to the team

- so one day when you go watch his practice everyone starts flirting with you

- but Terushima just walks over with a smirk and kinda just 

- “hello _____,” 

- kisses you 

- you look up at him like yuUJI WYD

- everyone’s silent for a few seconds cause 

- what?

- then suddenly they start screaming like 

- everyone’s really happy cause they were so tired of Terushima complaining about not having a girl

- now, everytime Yuuji playfully smacks his teammates they’re like 

- “Ne, _____! He’s hurting meeee”


anyways why make steven visibly have legitimate problems with connecting his human and his gem side only to have the first human he expresses that to be the goddamn racist uncle instead of idk maybe greg or connie

yeah maybe he wants to “know more about his family” but greg is clearly his family, not to mention that it seems like a flimsy excuse since steven’s never mentioned wanting to know more about his family before??

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Hey I just wanted to inform you of an artist that I found recently. They have an Oc named Lukas whos a demon and looks like a version of Luca with horns. I wasnt sure if that was a coincidence before they posted a picture of Lukas and his first human who is a replica of Papaya. The person is a user on Tapastic named Mint-Tea and they also made a drawing thats similar to the gif you made of Lucas 'Its just a bad dream' They may be referencing, but theres no credit and its very very similar.

IM CRYING no no their character isnt named Lukas it’s LUKA haha they just changed the c to a k and he definitely looks heavily uh….”inspired” by Luca.

She even has a picture titled “Luka’s first human” and it’s a character that looks exactly like Papaya!!! yall need to put some effort. (Didnt notice u mentioned this in ur ask OOPS) 

YKNOW. Sometimes people like other people’s characters A LOT and instead of drawing fanart or whatever theyre like “…what if…this character….was MY character…>:3c” LMAOOOO 

It doesnt look like they’re tracing my art or anything just uh…taking….A LOT of inspiration. There’s nothing I can do I guess. BUT HEY as long as people like you can easily be like “wait a minute this is Leslie’s shit” then I guess that’s good enough for me! I’m super happy people know my art style/characters enough to tell when other people are taking it haha!! 


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hey man, i know you dont 'feel like' fire/paw/heart/star's design isnt right when he's darker skinned, but you seriously need to consider making him even slightly darker skinned. i know youre not trying to play the white savior trope, but you are. he doesnt look like his cat counterpart at all. im sorry if this sounds rude, im not trying to be.

You can design your own human firestar then

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May I request headcanons or a scenario for Iwaizumi, Oikawa and Lev and their s/o that is wearing their jersey? Thanks!

Hi babe! I hope you like theseeee


Iwaizumi Hajime

- He would come home to you on yhe couch wearing his jersey and your shorts
- As soon as he sees you he’s :o
- Bc the shirt would be covering the shorts
- A big pink blush creeps onto his cheeks and he’d be speechless
- Tells you he was wondering where his jersey went once he regains the abolity to talk
- Giggling and standing up to give him a hug
- You pull away and ask him what he wants to eat as you turn your back to him
- He’d see him name on the shirt and smile
- V v v happy you were his
- And a bit turned on tbh

Oikawa Tooru

- You would meet him up after his match wearing one of his spare shirts with leggings
- Once he sees you he gasps really loudly (bc his teammates were there)
- You’d laugh and kiss him telling him how proud you were
- “You’re wearing my jersey! You’re so cute!”
- The human translation of !!!!
- He’d be all over you, hugging you and kissing you
- Blushing bc Tooru, u and reader-chan are in public smh
- He’d take tons of photos
- Asks Kindaichi to take a photo
- Shows you off to everyone
- This time Iwaizumi doesnt even care bc they just won a match okay

Haiba Lev

- he would ask you to stay over, your parents werent home, it looks like a storm outside, and he wouldn’t let you go home
- He’d be really excited bc you were staying over!!!
- Lowkey like Tooru bc he’s !!
- When you change into his jersey, bc all of his other shirts were too big
- He gets a big blush on his face and smiles really widely at you
- “_____! You look great!”
- You’d giggle and shake your head bc it was like a dress on you
- Takes photos with you
- Peppers you with kisses
- Always having the urge to squish you
- Tells you that you look better in his jersey than he does


LOVE LETTER  x Rainy day with JEONGHAN

jihanlife edit

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your drabble about tim being mad after he comes back! I'm screaming man screaming g o d im so here for this. imagine tim being so upset and angry and just disappointed and utterly sad that he can't even express his anger. Thinking that so many of them died before and none of them look for him? tim coming back and his time in the cell wasn't fun while he wasn't tortured the lack of communication, the lack of another touch of human only makes him more annoyed that he even needs it.

!!!!! RIGHT?? I want him to just like– listen I love this kid but I want to see him cry like enraged ugly angry tears like he’s never felt more broken and hurt in his entire life. and he wants to be comforted and he wants them to tell him that they WERE looking for him instead of doing absolutely nothing but he also doesn’t wanna even look at them he doesnt want them to touch him or anything, he can’t even say anything and so he doesn’t he just. leaves. he can’t stand to be around them. maybe one day he’ll forgive them but he can’t see that happening for a long time

markhyuck!couple au

buckle up your seatbelts kids bc wowee boy smh me

ty to @minxharu for helping me and listening to me rant about markhyuck omg

-r u ready

-youre not ready

-so we all know how much i love the idea that hae is a fucking tsundere

-and lemme explain a thing ok oNE TIME

-hae and mark were sitting on a couch together and hae kept moving around and shifting

-and like, slowly hae’s hand started inching towards mark and mark was just completely clueless, one hand holding his phone the other resting on his leg

-and hae just hesitantly rested his hand on top of mark’s and looked away like he wasn’t doing anything and mark looks over and sees hae looking at the other direction and just grins bc “what a fukin idiot i love him” and holds his hand

-hae smiles just a lil lil lil bit bc he’s so whipped for mark even if it doesnt seem like it

-dont take hae to the grocery store

-like, yes, he actually knows how to be a normal human being who can cook and stuff but he absolutely can NOT go shopping for food

-one time, mark wanted to do something special together so they decide to bake a cake or something and they get to the grocery store right 

-hae grabs the most useless shit 

-he grabs two cakes, fifty boxes of chocolate chip cookies and grabs like a chicken leg 

-“hae we don’t need any of that" 


-what a character amirite wow i love him

-their contact names for each other are “haehae the tsundere” and “wannabe thug #1″

-hae doesnt really like skinship but he lets mark hold his hand in public or something


-so they were up late practicing their new dance for a comeback

-and they were like exhausted bc they spent 3 hours straight dancing

-and hae COLLAPSES on the floor

-mark knows he’s ok but he goes over anyway

-when hae opens his eyes, mark is hovering above him

-neither of them move or talk and im pretty sure hae wasnt breathing poor bby :c

-so mark finally mans up!!! and leans in!!!!! he pecks hae’s lips what a nerd

-hae is a blushing M E S S

-he doesnt do anything for a few seconds but then he punches mark’s shoulder really hard

-”YOU FUCK I WASNT READY” -hae right before he kisses mark again

-hae doesnt ask for kisses or hugs or cuddles a lot but mark always knows when he wants them

-mark either gets hella distant and teases him by not doing anything with him, which results in hae grabbing him and kissing him really hard

-OR he teases him a different way

-”hae if you want something just tell me~”

-“just.. do it!!!”

-“do what hae? hm? hmmmmmmm??????”

-“you know what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-“i really don’t hae, you know if you really want something, just tell me B A B E”

-the ‘babe’ part drives hae crazy and he grabs mark by the collar and kisses him

-after they pull away mark’s just like “see how easy that was”

-which makes hae go “I DONT EVEN KNOW WHY WE’RE DATING”

-they exchange smol and short pecks a lot!! they always make hae blush


-shhh don’t tell mark but hae likes listening to the sound of mark’s heartbeat when they cuddle

-when mark is asleep at like 3am, hae for some fucking reason is awake and just stares at mark’s face and wonders “how did i get a boyfriend like him”

-hae is vvv insecure but mark is there to love him forever!!!!

-they probably hold hands while they sleep somehow

-mark always throws an arm around hae’s shoulders and hae like grabs his hand with his and that’s how they hold hands

-because holding hands normally is for normies!!!!!1111!111111!11111!!

-hae isn’t one for skinship (like i said earlier) but he likes buying them couple things


-he hints that he wants stuff like that

-“wow look at how cute that couple is with their COUPLE SHIRTS mark look!!!!!”

-“babe do you want like a couple shirt or something”

-“no omg!!!! i mean if you want it we could!!!!!!!!!!” what a fuckin nerd

-mark loves him so he just buys it for them

-mark likes them too so like its a wINWIN

-mark looks at hae with heart eyes

-and hae looks at mark with heart eyes!!!

-but when mark catches him, hae scowls and turns away

-it makes mark melt what a cutie!!!!!!!!!

-mark likes randomly kissing hae’s cheek to make him blush

-they can be in a library, a restaurant, a park, a bathroom whO CARES ITS HAE AND HES REAL CUTE WHEN HE BLUSHES

-mark calls hae babe a lot

-hae pretends to hate it but he lowkey loves it

-hae calls mark trash but mark doesnt mind bc he finds it cute <3

-“hey trash can pick me up something from the store too”

-”u got it babe”

-“how are they even dating” -renjun to chenle

-hae makes mark sleep on the side closer to the door

-just in case there’s a murderer man


-hae’s always like “lol bitch” but he eats it anyway


-so before they became official, they were already holding hands, etc etc

-and people just automatically assumed they were dating

-it took hae 288282 years to ask mark out bc he was so afraid

-and when he finally did it was in the middle of a grocery store bc he decided right then and there that it was the time!!!

-so hae stops him at like aisle 4 where the candy is and is like

-“mark i have to ask you something”

-“yeah man what’s up”



-and mark takes a few seconds to process what he says and another minute to think

-but then he finally says “… aren’t we already dating??”

-hae stares at him for a second and turns around to mARCH OUT OF THIS STORE IMMEDIATELY!!!


-mark laughs and grabs hae’s wrist and turns him back like its a kdrama!!!!

-“hae, yes i’ll go out with you

-even tho we’ve been dating for like 2 weeks”

-and hae’s face is so red

-like a firetruck!!!!!!!!!!!

-mark sings “YOU AREEEEE MY DESTINYYYYYY” obnoxiously to hae a lot

-markhyuck bicker like CONSTANTLY


-”your hair looks stupid”

-”youre ugly”


-their hyungs always judge them and are like “use protection”

-and mark’s always like “protection from what, from how bitchy he is” which makes hae slap his shoulder really hard and say

-“HOW DARE U *voice raised 6 octaves*”

-mark thinks he’s sassier than hae

-but hae’s just holding back bc he loves him

-if anybody hurts mark, hae will sass and roast the fuck out of whoever hurt him

-and like, mark’s not a violent person but for hae he’ll murder anybody who even loOKS AT HIS BABY FUNNY ISTG

-he embarrasses hae a lot but like w/e man

-so ya know how nct dream used hoverboards for their choreo

-and hae was like STRUGGLING on his hoverboard when they were riding into music bank

-so they were practicing on them once and hae falls over

-and the ducklings are like “OMG MOMMY!!!!!!!!”

-and runs over dramatically

-and hae being a dramatic shit is laying there with his eyes closed, clutching his stomach for some reason even tho he fell on his knees????

-and the ducklings are like “D A D D O S O M E T H I N G”

-and hae’s just like “mommy sees the light kids you must survive without me it’s too late to save *coughs dramatically* *voice is weak* me *pretends to die*”

-and mark judges them hardcore and just thinks “who the fuck are these people”

but in the end mark decides to join in and is like “*sighs* ok IM COMING MY P R I N C E S S”

-which make hae come back from the dead and glare at him for a sec before he flops down like he’s dead again

-so mark runs over and is hovering over hae like hes gonna kiss him but he isnt planning to actually

-not in front of the ducklings man

-but jisung is a lil shit and pushes mark’s head down and makes them kiss

-mark calls hae princess to annoy him

-when he does, it goes one of two ways

-hae either kisses him to get him to shut up

-or knees him where the sun don’t shine

-hae’s favourite is the second one but he loves mark so he just kisses him

-for their first date mark takes them to an amusement park!!!

-hae judges him bc it’s cliche and too kdramabut he goes anyway bc he secretly wants to

-mark wins so many stuffies for hae omg

-they share cotton candy and they hold hands on rides bc mark cries during them and hae laughs but kinda feels bad so he holds his hand to make it feel better

-and for their last ride they go on a FERRIS WHEEL SUCH SHOCK!!!

-and mark has like tears in his eyes and is trying not to cry (they went on the tallest roller coaster there before getting on the ferris wheel)

-hae just takes one look at him and laughs and shakes his head

-mark blushes wITH TEARS IN HIS EYES

-cant forget the tears

-hae leans over to kiss mark and it was their first real kiss

-not a peck or somethin half ass, a real kiss

-and all mark can say after is “thank you” really quietly

-hae’s just like “for what?” all soFT AND PRECIOUS LIKE

-and mark blushes harder and says really quietly

-“for being my boyfriend and letting me love you”

-and hae just goes from “cc:” to “////O.o/////” and just says

-“why wouldn’t i let you love me, i love you so” ALL CASUALLY AND STUFF

-BUT THEN HE REALIZES WHAT HE’S SAID AND HE FREAKS OUT AND IS LIKE “omg i didn’t mean it like that i hate you omg!!!!”

-but mark just smiles knowingly and says “i love you too”

-ok so in car rides back from shows and stuff

-when all the lil kids are sleeping including mark

-hae’s staring out the window bc he can’t sleep

-and for some reason ren’s in the shotgun seat bc mark is a nice mom

-so mark’s in the back sleeping beside hae

-and his head’s like resting on his shoulder

-and hae doesn’t mind bc like w/e nothing new


-and suddenly hae feels someone tangling their fingers with his and holding his hand so he looks over and sees mark’s eyes half closed and a dumb sleepy smile on his face

-“why aren’t you asleep?” hae @ mark 

-“i could ask you the same thing” and hae just shakes his head and presses a kiss to mark’s forehead and says 

-“go to sleep baby" 

-aND AND mark nods with a dumb smile still on his face and closes his eyes to go back to sleep

-this is hurting my heart and it’s getting so long bu i have more omg

-mark probably makes hae sit on his lap

-they probably share earbuds too

-one time they were making cupcakes and mark was like

-"so we put 4 cups of flour”


-”what’s wrong hae??”


-”same thing right????”

-hae may know how to bake but mark knows how to stick to recipes

-hae ends up adding fifty cups of chocolate chips (when mark isnt looking ofc)

-“did we get chocolate batter mix hae??”


-“why is it brown then" 




-mark gives hae his jacket when he’s cold but hae’s all like “I CANT CONTROL THE WEATHER BITCH” when mark says he’s cold

-hae still gives him his jacket tho

-hae loves piggybacks but will always complain when mark gives him one

-“put me down mark omg!!!" 

-"tell me that you love me" 

-"no ew gross" 

-"im never putting you down then”


-they end up really dumb but hae loves them anyway

-tl;dr what a MESS OF A COUPLE but they love each other lots so it all works out somehow <3

Ok so random secret saturdays thought

with how much the kur stone affected zaks development, mind and body wise in ways we probably do not fully understand or was not fully explored

and from what we know of the kur myth, kur did not like humans, was repulsed by them even, to the point of war (though with them soul sucking monks being the story tellers I can completely understand why kur doesnt like humans)

what Im saying is it be cool if zak was ace, but found certain people to be acceptable romantic partners after getting to know them for years and years 

I mean he seemed to look at wadi the same way he looked at the fish king and the epsilong boy, stuttering when rivarly began, being very aggressive and combative with the prospective friends, before finally either tolerating there company then actively and openly enjoying it, only really thinking of the romantic side of things experimenting with the idea at his parents cooing over how cute a couple they are. (which makes me feel like tiny baby zak just enjoyed his baby sitter as a sitter and then his parents started cooing over his little baby crush and subconciously was like oh, im suppose to love her like that? ok)

just zak growing older, expecting those romantic/sexual feelings his parents expect from him to grow as he grows and they just, never do

and he doesnt know how to tell his parents that humans look just as wierd and ugly to him as 99% of the cryptids they come across, (some less ugly then others enter the 1% but everythigns at least some level of ugly to him) 

kurs species probably is exstinct, or has been widdled down into multiple subspecies, or kur was a being of pure energy that did/does not require any form of reproduction to keep doing his thing


also think of zak telling wadi this and her being understanding and them having a loving romantic but non sexual relationship or rarely sexual relationship and just being happy adults together 

Meeting Josh Klinghoffer

I’m still in disbelief, and I keep going over the events in my head to make sure I don’t forget a single detail!

 For anyone who wants to know exactly what happened, I met Josh before the Cate Le Bon gig. I was with my friend Penny, just hanging around in the venue - it was a small venue, literally a church, but with a bar?? I kept glancing around, partly because my other friend Richee was supposed to turn up, but mostly in case I saw Josh. I glanced around at one point, and caught sight of Josh, just walking in casually and sitting down next to a couple of people and chatting to them! Oh my God, I can’t describe how I felt at that moment. I was thinking; he’s real, 3D, a living breathing human and I’m less than two metres away from him. He actually looked and made eye contact with me before I even went over, I expect because I was gawping at him, and it felt really weird because I felt like he should have recognised me, obviously I’m such a big fan of him that it just kind of felt like, I know who he is, why doesnt he know who I am?? It felt so strange. My stomach went into knots, I was so jittery, I could barely contain myself. I kept muttering to my friend ‘ohmygodohmygodohmygod’, but I kept calm and built up the courage and went over to speak to him when he’d finished talking to this couple. 

I sidled up started by saying hello and asking for an autograph, and handed him a little notebook and a pen. He was so sweet, I could tell he was a little anxious. I shyly told him I’m a huge fan, and that I travelled 100 miles (from my hometown Exeter to Cardiff, where I often go to see friends) to see him and he looked surprised. He asked ‘where from?’ in such a soft voice that I almost melted right there and then. I told him Devon, which probably meant nothing to him, lmao. He wrote a message on the notebook and signed it, and when he handed it back I said 'you’ve basically just made my entire life’ and he said wow, and looked down shyly, smiling. 

I asked him if I could get a photo, and as we all know he’s a little self conscious I made sure to say 'you know, if you do that, you don’t have to if you don’t want,’ and this bit is what will stick with me forever, he said, 'not usually, but’ then stood up to take the photo with me… My heart melted! And man, I’m so glad I look alright in that photo, I didn’t blink or look ugly or anything, I’m so lucky, I would have been gutted if I’d had the rare opportunity to get a photo with this precious angel of a man and ended up looking like a fuckin goat or something, I’d have been so sad. Anyway, by this point I was probably sweating profusely, but I’d somehow managed to keep my cool, I hadn’t blurted out anything stupid or thrown up on him, I was really proud of myself. I asked him if I could get a hug, and he said yes and put his arms around me, and as I squeezed him I thought I was gonna pass out, it felt so surreal. I was still trying to keep it cool and casual but I really wish I’d drawn in his scent or something, savoured that hug a little more.

 Then, and I for the life of me, can’t remember exactly how we got on to the subject, but I think he said, 'I like your hair, it’s similar to mine’ - and took off his beanie and ruffled his hair. He said, 'I don’t know what to do with it now, I might let it grow out.’ And I said 'Oh, I love it.’ And he smiled, and mumbled a really shy thank you, and then said, 'Maybe I’ll go your colour.’ So by this point I was internally screaming but determined not to show it. I smiled and pretended to preen and flick my hair in a jokey way, and he smiled and gave a really little shy laugh. I almost cried. He was so sweet. 

He spoke to my friend Penny then, and they shook hands, and by this point everybody was starting to make their way up some stairs towards the main part of the venue, so we started making our way, and I said thank you as I left and gave him a sort of wistful smile that I hope came across as coy and cute, but was probably just really intense and frightening. The smile he gave me back though, man, my life is complete. I still can’t believe what happened, I keep remembering it and my heart jumps. He was so, so nice, so real, and so human!

ok had another vocaloid obsession phase and I found this cool song by Len Kagamine called dream-eating monochrome baku

so as you can see its about a dream eating demon, that goes and makes a deal with a girl to eat her dreams

and then to grant her more dreams I think

and as you can expect it doesnt end well when theres a demon involved

he takes away all her dreams as payment

ok, now. It could be just me because I always find songs for the tings I like somehow, but doesnt this remind you of Bill Cipher? am I crazy?

I mean he even looks like a humanized version of him in this video, with a hat, a cane and a bowtie, which I guess isnt helping

And makes the world monochrome mostly except for yellow which also doesnt help me

And making deceitful deals as well

Please tell me its not just me

i love how, super tiny shadow looking like a toddler on his human-sized motorcycle doesnt register as comical to the people who made shth and all the merch and stuff like. this is somehow cool to them


a soriel hc

i headcanon sans and toriel being the best bros for the longest time.

and then alphys asks sans during one of their science hangouts when hes gonna confess and sans is like ??????? and alphys says well you look at her the same way i did with undyne, all smitten.

and ever since then sans gets more aware of his feelings and starts getting weird around toriel, who in turn asks papy if somethings up but paps has never seen his brother act like this.

love doesnt even cross toriels mind because a,though theyre both old in human terms, shes way older than sans is and b, she sees him as her funny bro, you feel. 

when sans takes her to a fancy restaurant to confess, acting all weird and different than usual (because lbr hes likes to go to food places for Serious Talks to feel more confident) shes genuinely shocked and answers honestly that she doesnt know what to say. sans of course says its chill he understands whats he to a royal like her, he just needed to get it out.

theres an awkward week or three where sans avoids toriel and frankly it gives toriel the time to realize what a great person he is. not that she didnt think so before, but now, well, she sees him in a different light. 

the next time they cross ways she catches the bonehead before he can escape.literally, she lifts him up and crushes him to her chest. 

sans is all ???!!?!! // and toriel apologizes for not realizing sooner and for hurting his feelings. she admits she loves him too and she really missed him the past weeks.

sans doesnt really compute because he tried his best to revert back to his usual self and tried to repress those useless feelings. his answer is  ???!!?!! //

what follows is a sixties dating montage mixed with them realizing that hey, you can still be best bros throwing shitty puns left and right AND love each other and snuggle?? 

on an off note, undyne made bets how long their shenanigans would take.frisk won because frisk Knows people ok

Kinda really want more fics of these guys

“Everyone becomes friends again and it turned out well” AU headcannons:

- Lewis is actually a big protective dork. When the chase ended and everything was discussed, he knows what happened and is careful about certain subjects and shows, “hey, it’s okay.” If he sees Arthur or Vivi having bad memories of the past, he tries to cheer them up.

- Lewis goes with them on new adventures and can form a human-like appearance using the same technique he did with his hair. They like to hit the town on their downtime, so its necessary. He gets very awkward if he gets hit on for this appearance, but most of the time he is very self-confident. 

-Arthur feels like he doesnt deserve Lewis’s or Vivi’s friendship even though he understands what he did he couldnt control. He has the outer appearance of a happy goofball, but when he thinks no one is looking he shows his sadness and body language that he is uncomfortable. He rubs his metal arm a lot when he is like that and  the other start to pick up on the pattern and make sure to shower him in affection.

- (OT3) Arthur also doesn’t realize how much of a cutie he is and what kind of attention he gets when the group is downtown, but the other two do and over time get more frustrated with it. Sure, they also get attention but they know how to deal with it (Vivi especially, very strong willed and to the point). Arthur gets flustered easy, either not seeing the obvious signs or not thinking that is what is happening since his self-confidence is low. Either Vivi or Lewis sweep in to drag him away or depending on what the offender is doing, both coming in blazing. Lewis has a really hard time keeping his mask on when this happens or the flames at bay. 

- Vivi (to me at least) has a personality simular to Yang (RWBY). Goofy, fun, not too serious until she needs to be. Then she easily slips into leader role, black belt experience, protective, impressive strength and insight. She has to save Arthur quite a bit and on occasion get Lewis out of situations. 

-Arthur is incredibly in tune with spirits, they flock to him and he is good with communicating with them or finding out details. Only downside is this means he is easily possessed and has to keep his mental walls up on missions. But most ghost that come to him have good intentions with him. Once, Lewis and Vivi came into a room to find Arthur sitting in a chair holding the yarn out for the ghost of an old lady knitting and telling him stories of the grandson he reminds her of. On the other hand in a different situation, they came back to him pressed against a wall with the ghost of a biker chick, hands on his chest pushing him against the wall, obviously coming onto him and saying naughty things if his tomato red face was any indication… easy to say they decided to not go back. 

- (OT3) The group normally put the seats down in the van and have a blow up matrice to put in the back to sleep on since hotels get expensive. They use the “park near a 24 hour place with a restroom” tactic for everything else. Being in a tight space, cuddling up always happens to get comfy. Thick blankets (that always get stolen by Arthur) and way too many pillows (Lewis insisted) are used. A tv is also placed on a shelf attached to the side, that is able to run via Lewis’s powers (He was first annoyed with being a battery, but then found it endearing how the other two found it so cool.) Scary movies are normally the choice and Arthur gets super nervous ( is actually really invested in the movies plot while he buries his face in Lewis’s sholder and holds Vivi’s hand) and Vivi gets really excited, while Lewis gets critical with details and Vivi throws popcorn at him to shush him. 

-Throws self out window-

he wouldnt dare let her feel guilt

she wants him to stand, i dont think she can bear to see him like this

he has a small tear over his dead brother, he doesnt even look up

haesoo’s words

his face, he finally looks at her and up. her words shock him out of his shock

when she softly says the words on her mind

he cant believe what he’s hearing, how could she blame herself

i feel like she’s goign to say So…it should be me who gets punished or something else along those lines

he can tell, before she can finish he stands up like she wanted and holding her hand takes her out

holding her hand its support in my eyes, human touch , theres also no way in hell hes letting his girlfriend feel guilt over this. 

i wonder if wang so was just goign to leave with her and not look back (this was before  won say’s yo will tell everyone she killed the prince) 

love their hands in this, their a team. one unit. he wont listen to her blame herself or indulge it at all. its what triggers him to come to his sense and out of shock

  • fuck you, dad: can you imagine though
  • fuck you, dad: like Asgore coming over and he's like alone with Sans for whatever reason but Theyre just kind of awkwardly ignoring each other. But then Sans does something just offhand that makes Asgore kind of chuckle and kind of whistfully comments "you're so much like your father"
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: OH NO
  • fuck you, dad: sans just finger guns out of the room and goes to his room to lay down and have an existential crisis
  • fuck you, dad: Which only further proves Asgores point
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: (papyrus voice) yeah hes not coming back
  • fuck you, dad: gOD
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: id say mettaton voice because mettaton basically lives with the skelefam but he would just laugh at it
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: asshole
  • fuck you, dad: god though can you imagine
  • fuck you, dad: because like i'm sure to a certain point most people, including Sans are aware that he's a lot like his dad just from knowing Gaster pre-accident, but like.... Asgore doesn't see it very often because Sans doesn't like him and kind of fronts while he's around 90% of the time, but once in a while little glimmers of personality slip through and suddenly its like
  • fuck you, dad: Asgore is back in college and staring Gaster straight in the face
  • fuck you, dad: and he just gets real sad
  • fuck you, dad: like I think that's more jarring even than Papyrus looking fucking EXACTLY like his father, because Pap at least is like the polar opposite of both of them
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: ohhh my god
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: yes paps got the looks but even then... he doesnt have gaster's shit eating grin, sans does
  • fallout 4 finished downloading and im euphoric: im hurt why is sans so much like gaster