like he doesnt even look like an human


LOVE LETTER  x Rainy day with JEONGHAN

jihanlife edit

he wouldnt dare let her feel guilt

she wants him to stand, i dont think she can bear to see him like this

he has a small tear over his dead brother, he doesnt even look up

haesoo’s words

his face, he finally looks at her and up. her words shock him out of his shock

when she softly says the words on her mind

he cant believe what he’s hearing, how could she blame herself

i feel like she’s goign to say So…it should be me who gets punished or something else along those lines

he can tell, before she can finish he stands up like she wanted and holding her hand takes her out

holding her hand its support in my eyes, human touch , theres also no way in hell hes letting his girlfriend feel guilt over this. 

i wonder if wang so was just goign to leave with her and not look back (this was before  won say’s yo will tell everyone she killed the prince) 

love their hands in this, their a team. one unit. he wont listen to her blame herself or indulge it at all. its what triggers him to come to his sense and out of shock


Felt like uploading the refsheets for my main 5 ! (◕‿◕✿)

Berry is a happy, outgoing, naive, childish 19 year old who looks like a 13 y/o xD

Sapphire is the mom of this group lol she takes care of everyone but is also very strict

Tyler just questions how he even got into the group,he has very good painting and cooking skills but doesnt do much with it

Simon is… Simon (greedy bastard who loves money, flowers and fashion)

And Reii is the only one who is underage and he hates it. He’s a sarcastic, somewhat lazy introvert with sleeping problems

also the “fan fiction” on his ref was a joke between a friend and me but we stuck with xD because why not

i love how, super tiny shadow looking like a toddler on his human-sized motorcycle doesnt register as comical to the people who made shth and all the merch and stuff like. this is somehow cool to them


a soriel hc

i headcanon sans and toriel being the best bros for the longest time.

and then alphys asks sans during one of their science hangouts when hes gonna confess and sans is like ??????? and alphys says well you look at her the same way i did with undyne, all smitten.

and ever since then sans gets more aware of his feelings and starts getting weird around toriel, who in turn asks papy if somethings up but paps has never seen his brother act like this.

love doesnt even cross toriels mind because a,though theyre both old in human terms, shes way older than sans is and b, she sees him as her funny bro, you feel. 

when sans takes her to a fancy restaurant to confess, acting all weird and different than usual (because lbr hes likes to go to food places for Serious Talks to feel more confident) shes genuinely shocked and answers honestly that she doesnt know what to say. sans of course says its chill he understands whats he to a royal like her, he just needed to get it out.

theres an awkward week or three where sans avoids toriel and frankly it gives toriel the time to realize what a great person he is. not that she didnt think so before, but now, well, she sees him in a different light. 

the next time they cross ways she catches the bonehead before he can escape.literally, she lifts him up and crushes him to her chest. 

sans is all ???!!?!! // and toriel apologizes for not realizing sooner and for hurting his feelings. she admits she loves him too and she really missed him the past weeks.

sans doesnt really compute because he tried his best to revert back to his usual self and tried to repress those useless feelings. his answer is  ???!!?!! //

what follows is a sixties dating montage mixed with them realizing that hey, you can still be best bros throwing shitty puns left and right AND love each other and snuggle?? 

on an off note, undyne made bets how long their shenanigans would take.frisk won because frisk Knows people ok