like he does love her and wants what's best for her


“I don’t understand you when you talk like that”

You know what the worst part of this is?

Does Kristoff Look even the slightest bit confused? The slightest bit troubled? If Kristoff didn’t understand Sven, wouldn’t he at least try?

Kristoff does understand what Sven was saying. There was not a time in the entire movie where he does not understand him. They are best friends. They have some sort of telepathic thing going on.

Also, you know who gives Sven a mind? A voice? Kristoff. He’s the one who voices Sven. So basically here he’s saying that he doesn’t understand what himself is thinking.

Because he knows that in his heart, he wants to be with Anna, but dismisses it as fast as he can because he knows will never have a chance.

What if Mama Midoriya, in her constant worry, just follows Izuku to school and becomes the Head of the Girls Dorm of Yuuei. Like, “look at all these children that need someone to mother them before they do something unforgivably stupid” and she ends up being the one to mother the boys and girls of Yuuei while they’re away from their families.

She tries anyways, because she’s so anxious and shy and more than a little clumsy that she ends up messing a few things up more than once and lots of the other kids end up helping her sometimes with things like laundry or cleaning their rooms and they’re rewarded with their own personal Mother of All Sunshine Smile ™ and they try they’re best even harder because Inko just wants the best for them and it comes through with everything she does.

Izuku is a little embarrassed at first because HIS MOM IS THERE TAKING CARE OF EVERYONE OH GOD but he loves his mom more than anything so he still tries to make his mom’s life easier by checking in with her daily and helping her with any of her little duties like more laundry or cleaning the bathrooms (he even manages to get the boys to adhere to a kinda schedule to help out his mom) and pretty much people love Inko and Izuku and feel like they’re a part of one giant family.

But then we have ALL MIGHT coming in regularly trying to father everyone. So it comes to the point where it’s like “Hey Inko-San, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“Go ask All Might.”

“Hey All Might, can I do this slightly dangerous thing?”

“If Inko-San says yes then you can.”

Or on the flip side:

“Hey All Might, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Ask Inko-San.”

“Hey Inko-San, can I cook this weird thing I’ve never cooked before?”

“Of course, dear! Let me try once you’re done, I know you’ve worked hard on it.”


“All Might, I need advice on this completely personal and slightly embarrassing thing.”

“Uhh, hold on, I’ll be right with you!” *goes to his phone* “Inko-San I need your help!”

And like, PARENTING everyone into a weird Yuuei order until it comes the point where it’s not uncommon for kids to call them “Mom” or “Dad” and no one blinks anymore. But then they think “Well, All Might’s single and Inko-San is single and they already work so well together, why aren’t they together?”

Cue every single Yuuei kid trying (badly) to get these two dorks together because they practically have a family together with Izuku as the kid anyways.

  1. When your best friend ignores you and you see her outside with someone else, just wave at her. She doesn’t deserve shit leaving you without explanation. Don’t call her at 2:42 am when you’re about to fall apart. She might not pick up and even if she does, she won’t be there for another 2:42 am.
  2. When he screams he loves you whilst wasted and drunk, cry and leave. Let him know what it feels like being eaten alive by love. Let him know what it feels like wanting to rip off your skin because he touched you there. Let him know what it feels like ripping out your ears because his voice is the only thing you hear. He kissed her, let him know how much his lips will burn every time he’ll someone who isn’t you.
  3. Don’t smoke cigarettes. Your lungs will get destroyed either way. When you’re swimming and you can’t breathe or when you’ll scream in pleasure while his tongue is there. When your best friend stabbed your back or when your father calls you a slut. All you wanna do is scream and scream and scream. When you die and you want help. It’s a nightmare you’re living but there’s no voice coming out of that mouth.
  4. If his eyes are blue, don’t trust him. The ocean is blue and its full of dark secrets. It’ll drown you. If his eyes are green, don’t touch him. There are plants that eat you alive as soon as you touch them, he’ll break your insides. If his eyes are hazel, don’t love him. You’ll end up screaming in pain when he decides he doesn’t love you anymore.
  5. When you fail a test, it’s okay to fall apart. It’s okay to relapse. It’s okay to crush down on the floor, pulling your hair out. It’s not okay when someone calls you useless and lazy and that you didn’t try enough. Because it’ll make you think you’re not enough and that’s not okay. It’s not okay when your brother who’s a doctor looks at you with disgust because you had a 64% at Chemistry. He may know what’s love’s chemical formula but he doesn’t know where to find love like you do while reading Hemingway with your boyfriend.
  6. You want to die, but please baby girl, don’t. I love you. Not everyone has to love you and that’s okay. You’re not in this world to be lovable by everyone. Love yourself because if you don’t, who will when I die? Love yourself and treat your body like a temple. Do not cut open your wrists again, let them heal. Do not put a cigarette in your thighs again, let them heal. Let your body treat itself and you’ll get better, I swear. But don’t hate it the other day when you’re full of scars and burns and love marks. When a temple has many broken features, everyone’s trying to understand why they’re there. And it makes them famous. Someone will wonder why you have cuts and he’ll kiss them when you wanna scratch them.
  7. Don’t drink too much. I know after 3 glasses of vodka, your mouth tastes like his, like love. But it’s not worth it. His mouth kissed so many others after you, you don’t wanna taste those. Kiss another guy or even a girl. Don’t drink because it’ll damage your liver and you need to it so you can live and fall in love again. I know you can’t go on kissing others pretending it’s him but you’d better do it than destroy yourself. Your thoughts are already doing it, why destroy more?
  8. If she offers you heroin or meth, slap her. The fact she decided to ruin her life does not mean she should intrigue you into doing the same. Spit on her face because your life is worth so much more than those narcotics. They will make you feel happy and free and your heartbreak will hurt less but it will end you. It will kill you. Look at Kurt Cobain; he ruined his life with drugs and ended up shooting his beautiful head. Those blue eyes will never see his daughter. Imagine her pain, now imagine mine when you’re gone.
  9. Let the rain fall into your skin. No, don’t wear a jacket when it’s raining and mildly windy. Go out and live every nanosecond that amazing thing that’s called nature. Let the wind blow your hair and your eyelashes. Let the rain wash off the places he hurt you or kissed you. I hope when you come back home, you’ll be free as ever because nature will work its way back to being okay.
  10. When you send him nudes and he shows it to his friends, slap him hard and kick his balls. Hard. So next time he shows his dick to some girl, it’s deformed. Let him feel the embarrassment you felt when your body was exposed. No, I’m not saying don’t send nudes, it’s your body. But I’m gonna say that you should send them to the right person. The person who will keep them safe and use them for his own pleasure, not showing off to others.
  11. When the whispers get louder, put on some music. The Neighbourhood know how to help through these situations. When the figures get more vivid, watch Supernatural. The Winchesters know about monsters and ghosts. And next day, visit a doctor, get meds so Placebo won’t have another reason to sing that again. Seek health, get better. If you want them to stop, this is the only way.
  12. Before you kiss that guy, make sure you’re pure. Not down there, no. But in your heart. Don’t kiss that guy if you belong to another one, because you’ll hurt him in the most awful way. He trusts you and loves you for a reason, don’t give him a reason to leave. If the guy is very hot and his fingers would feel so good inside you, look him in the eye and see that it’s not the boy you love, it’s just a boy you crave. You’re going to have cravings in your life but you must learn to say “no.” Don’t make a mistake you can’t undo. Time, unfortunately, doesn’t turn back and feelings disappear.
  13. Lastly, when your life is holding by a thread, make sure your nails are cut short. When your cut is too deep or when your weight is minus 30kgs than you normally were, don’t “one more cut”, or “one more kilo.” It’ll be the end of you. You’re amazing and beautiful and god, god, you’re so much more than this. You can be yourself again, you have people who care about you. You’re so amazing, I’d give my eyes to everyone so they can see you like I do. I would give my heart so they can feel how I feel towards you. Your life is a gift, don’t throw it away.

-13 things I wish my mother had taught me before I turned 17 (z.g)


I was hoping maybe you could help me narrow my search.
We only have two data points.
Well, do the best you can…

Liam- I Want To Know That You’re Mine

Request-  Can you do a Liam imagine where the reader is dating him but she’s best friends with Stiles and always smells like him so Liam gives her his sweater and does other things to scent her and she gets mad when she finds out what he’s doing and then they have a cute fluffy make up and can she call him werepuppy

A/N- Here is it love. Next up is an Aiden imagine.

Liam stood in the parking lot as he watched you hop out Stiles’ jeep. He saw you grab your bag from the floor, hefting it over your shoulder as you laughed at something Stiles was saying. It wasn’t just any laugh, and Liam could tell whatever the older boy said had been pretty funny, because you were near crying.
Liam suppressed a jealous growl at the sight before his eyes, wondering why you never laughed at his jokes like that. He guessed it had something to be with Stiles being your best friend, but it still didn’t make him feel any better.
You walked over to Liam, wiping the trace of humorous tears from your eyes. “Hey, Liam.”
“Hey,” he said, brushing off his jealousy and pulling you in for a hello kiss.
You smiled and leaning forward, only to find him wrinkling his nose.
“What?” you asked. “Do I smell bad or something?”
“No,” Liam said. “You just smell like Stiles.”
“Oh, okay then,” you told him, leaning forward again.
Liam pecked you on the lips, and he knew he should drop the whole Stiles thing, but there was just one detail he couldn’t ignore. “Is…is that Stiles’ hoodie?”
“Yeah,” you told him, raising an eyebrow at him. “I forgot my jacket when he picked me up this morning and it was cold. Is there something wrong with that?”
“You could have asked me for mine,” he grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Liam,” you said gently. “You’re not wearing one.”
“Oh,” the beta said, feeling his face go bright red. “Right.”
You rolled your eyes, patting Liam on the arm. “Don’t worry about it. Just because I have Stiles’ hoodie doesn’t mean I’m not yours.”
“Ok,” Liam said, just as the bell rang.
He leaned forward to kiss you one last time, but as you walked toward your separate classes, he couldn’t ignore the fact that traces of Stiles were all over you. Even though he knew the older boy was dating Malia and he knew that you loved him, it still bothered him more than it should have.
What if someone else thought you were dating Stiles? You were close enough that several people had mistaken you as a couple, even with Liam standing right beside you. Maybe he shouldn’t have been so upset, but it bugged him that you were his and no one knew.
It stayed in his mind all through his walk to english, and he was determined to make sure that no one would ever mistake you as Stiles’ girlfriend again.

All week, Liam had been acting strange. You knew it had started the morning you had shown up in Stiles’ hoodie, but you couldn’t figure out why he was being this weird. He had been around you constantly, insisting that he walk you to class and sit right by your side when you were eating lunch.
Every day he brought you his jacket, knowing you would probably forget yours. Whenever you showed up in Stiles’ hoodie, he would insist that his was much warmer and that you should wear it instead. You would give him an odd look, knowing there was something more to it, but you took the jacket anyway.
You had pushed the events to the back of your mind, but as they continued to happen you figured maybe something was really wrong. At first you thought it had something to do with a coming full moon, but that was more than three weeks away.
You were willing to brush the weirdness off for a little longer, but it was getting to the point where you decided you need to figure out what the hell was going on.
You were walking out of your chemistry class on Friday afternoon when you saw Liam down the hall. Much to your surprise, he came right up to you and pulled you into a passionate kiss, right in front of everyone. Your eyes widened, all too aware of the people staring at you as you passed, and you gently pulled away.
“Hello to you too,” you said. “But maybe let’s not do that here.”
“Just letting everyone know how much I love you,” he said nonchalantly.
“Aw, I love you too, but maybe we can save the making out for somewhere that isn’t a high school hallway.”
“Sorry,” he apologized, even though he didn’t regret it all.
He reached forward, pulling you into a tight hug and burying his face in your neck, rubbing his nose against your skin.
“Uh, Liam?” you asked gently. “What are you doing?”
“I can’t hug my girlfriend?” he asked innocently.
You pursed your lips. “There’s not a full moon tonight, is there?”
“No, why?”
You shook your head. “Just wondering.”
“Did you want to come over today? We could play Call of Duty,” he suggested.
“Sorry,” you apologized. “Stiles is giving me and Malia and ride to her house and we’re having a sleepover with Lydia and Kira.”
“Oh,” Liam said with a frown. “You never told me that.
"You’ve been acting so weird lately I kept forgetting to tell you,” you admitted. “Maybe tomorrow though…I guess I’ll see you later.”
You turned to go, but Liam quickly grabbed your hand. “Wait, Y/n!”
“Yes?” you asked, turning around and giving him a weird look.
“I love you,” he murmured, pulling you into another tight hug and burying his face in your hair. His arms wrapped around your waist, locking you in as you ran a hand down his hair.
“I love you too,” you told him. “But I’m catching a ride with Stiles, not dying, so you probably let me go before I’m late.”
“Right,” Liam said, a hint of bitterness in his tone. “Call me later.”
You smiled at him, pulling away from his strong arms and heading towards the doors to the parking lot. But as soon as you turned the corner, you shook your head in disbelief, wondering why the hell your boyfriend was acting so strange.

“…and then he kind of rubbed his face all over my neck,” you explained to an audience of Lydia, Kira and Malia.
Lydia looked up from where she was painting her nails bubblegum pink, her eyes narrowing. “You’re right. That does seem a bit weird.”
“It sounds like he’s just trying to show you he cares,” Kira said as she sat on the edge of Malia’s bed, her chin resting on top of her hands. “It probably doesn’t mean anything.”
“No,” Malia said, through a mouthful of popcorn. “It sounds like he’s scent-marking you.”
You looked up, your eyes going wide. “What did you say?”
“It’s obvious he’s scent-marking you,” Malia repeated with a roll of her eyes. “You said he gave you his jacket to wear, he won’t stop kissing you in public and he keeps rubbing his face all over you. He’s not doing it to be sweet, he’s doing it to show everyone you’re his.”
“What?” you demanded.
“Wolves do it to their mates when they want the other pack members to know who they’re with. It’s like a signal flare telling them you’re already taken,” Malia informed you.
You blinked, suddenly realizing that this was what you had been missing all alone. “Oh my god. Of course.”
“What?” Lydia asked. “What am I missing?”
“He’s doing all of this because he’s jealous of Stiles,” you explained, suddenly mad at how childish Liam was being. “He let me borrow his jacket one day, and now Liam is acting like a twelve year old because of it!”
Lydia made a hmph sound, making some remark about how you were strong and independent and you could hang out with whoever you wanted. Kira gave you a pitying smile, while Malia continued to stuff her face with popcorn.
“Talk to him,” the kitsune suggested. “The only way he’ll see he’s just being insecure is if you talk to him about it.”
“Oh, I’ll talk to him,” you told her angrily, pulling on your shoes and grabbing your jacket. “Trust me.”

You knocked on Liam’s door loudly, knowing his parents would be on a date tonight. You stood on his porch with your arms crossed over your chest as you waited him to open the door.
“Y/n?” he asked when he finally did. “I thought you were at Malia’s.”
“See, I was at Malia’s,” you told him. “And then she explained something to me, and everything makes sense now.”
“Y/n, what are you-”
“Scent-marking?” you demanded. “Seriously?!”
“I…” Liam trailed off, not knowing what to say.
Now that he thought about it, the beta realized it was a little ridiculous. He had gone out of his way to make it known that you were his, when your relationship hadn’t been in any jeopardy at all.
“Me and Stiles are friends,” you continued angrily. “But that’s all we’ll ever be. I can’t believe you’re so insecure that you think I’d ever leave you for him.”
“I’m sorry,” he admitted. “But everyone always thinks you’re dating. You spend so much time with him and you’re so close.”
“Liam,” you said with a sigh, your tone softening. “Dating Stiles would be like dating my brother. Besides, I’m in love with you, you idiot, not him.”
“Then why do you spend all your time with him and laugh at all his jokes?” Liam asked jealously. “You never laugh that much with me.”
“Liam, have you met Stiles?” you asked, your eyes going wide. “Everything he does is a joke!”
“Well…I’m a werewolf,” he protested. “Stiles can’t protect you like I can.”
You raised your eyebrows. “You know, with the way you’re acting, I’d assume you’re more of a were-puppy than an actual werewolf.”
You sighed, closing your eyes for a brief moment. “Stiles is my best friend, Liam. You can’t just ask me not to hangout with him because we’re dating okay? I love you, and only you, and if you can’t see that then maybe we shouldn’t be dating.”
“Wha-no!” Liam cried. “That’s not what I want at all.”
“Then what do you want?”
“I just…I want to know that you’re mine.”
“I am yours,” you told him, grabbing his hands in your own. “And I always will be.”
You reached forward, grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulling Liam into a sweet kiss. If Liam didn’t believe he had all of you, you were going to show him he did, and this was the perfect way to do it.
His arms wound around you, holding onto you as if you were a life preserver and he was drowning. His lips melded against yours in the sweetest way, and if he had any doubts about your feelings before, he certainly didn’t now.
“Believe me now?” you asked, pulling away from him with swollen lips.
Liam nodded, a little breathless from the kiss. “You know, I might need to be persuaded a little more, so if you could just-”
You rolled your eyes, pulling his lips back onto yours in one fluid motion. You were glad Liam had finally admitted his insecurities, and now he finally knew he had nothing to worry about. You definitely wouldn’t be doing that with Stiles.


Because I am bored, I am making a master-list of westallen fics that I highly recommend (I really just want you all to cry with me!) They are in no particular order, but the bold-titled ones are probably my favorites (those in bold and italics are my all-time favorites and current favorites). I also don’t know many of the authors’ handles but a few, but none are mine! 

A Most Improbable Scenario by @grittyrebootBarry Allen is a smart young man, thinking is what he does best, especially thinking about her. Or: how Barry and Iris fell in love on another Universe. 

Rewrite Our HistoryIn the blink of an eye, there’s no hand on her arm, no bank robbers, no guns, no bank—Iris is standing underneath a tree in a park halfway across town and the Flash is directly in front of her, yelling, “What were you thinking?”

3 AM:  Iris. He said it like the word was water in the middle of a desert. Like the word was the sun shining on a barren planet. He said it like the air around that word tasted differently, balancing it delicately on the tip of his tongue and making her think, think that maybe…

Just Pretend by @unleashwithin: She’s heard of the stories where co-stars would fall in love with each other for real while they were filming away together. And as hard as it was for people in the spotlight to find love, she was not going to fall for her co-star. Naturally, nothing went according to plan.

Perhaps We Should’ve Got MarriedYou are cordially invited to the wedding of. Or, four weddings, a funeral, and Barry and Iris.

To Iris, With LoveEarth-2 Barry and Iris accidentally make a sex tape, and Earth-1 Iris accidentally watches it. Twice. Set after 2x15. One-shot.

Just Friends: Barry and Iris are friends with benefits. Written for #WestAllenHiatusWeek. One-shot.

Bound: On Earth-4, The Committee for Personal Relations decides who gets married and who doesn’t. And Iris West is surprised to learn her match. For #WestallenHiatusWeek. One-shot.

They Were Too Late by @journalistiriswest (I requested this one because I love angst): Iris laying in Barry’s arms, bleeding out. Iris tried to say I love you but Barry won’t let her say good bye.

Two Pink Stripes by @iriswestthings: Iris thinks she might be pregnant. Or rather she’s kind of sure of it.

Off The RecordA soft flush settled over Iris’s cheeks as she realized what she’d said. Barry, too, suddenly felt the weight of his own confession, and damn it, they had been doing so well at not making the whole “I’m in love with my best friend who happens to have a boyfriend” thing awkward.
“I-I’m interested in what you can do,” Iris stammered, clarifying with a wince. “The whole, uh—speed. Thing.”

Good Boys and Bowties by @gnimaerdIris West punches Barry Allen in the face and falls in love with him in exactly the same moment: the courtship of E2 WestAllen. (Contains some kink, because, um, it turns out that Iris bossing Barry around is super hot?)

Would It Be Okay?It was agreed that for the sake of their children and future generations to come, the kings of Central and Keystone would sign an agreement that when their children were grown, they would marry. It was a decision both of them felt was necessary, but lingering in the back of both of their minds was a hope that when their children grew up, they would be willing participants.

No More Playing Around by @iriswestthingsBart shows up before Barry and Iris are together to give Barry and Iris a push because they’re taking too long and he’s trying to exist.

Skin by @iriswestthingsBarry and Iris and the new scar she’s got, courtesy of Tar Pit. Written as a reaction fic (to fill a prompt I got on tumblr) after “Fast Lane.”

The Vow by @inksmudgeAn unconventional, private wedding vow.

For Your Own Good by @journalistiriswest: Barry pushes Iris away. 

Drop Your HolsterWhere everything is the same except Joe lost the battle over Iris joining the police academy and Barry regularly drops f-bombs.

I’ll FitA two-part AU where Eddie didn’t die at the end of season one and Iris made the mistake of marrying him.

Castor and PolluxPost 2.16 "Trajectory” fic. After taking down metas, Barry runs on empty. Iris catches him in a moment of reprieve and reflects on her relationship with Barry – and the Flash. Hurt/comfort, whump, friendship, pre-romance Westallen. COMPLETE.

A Lesson in GastronomyWestallen AU. Executive Chef Barry Allen meets intrepid reporter Iris West, and she learns about gastronomy.

We’ve Got UsIris should have known broadcast journalism would be a mistake.In fact, if she had just stayed the course she wouldn’t even be on TV at all. Iris would be hiding behind her computer in relative obscurity writing for a newspaper or, more likely, an online publication. God, if she had a time machine. As it is, she’s sitting at her stupid desk in front of her stupid fake backdrop at 3 AM trying not to sound like she’s contemplating quitting on air in a blaze of glory. Barry Allen, it turns out, is a breath of fresh air.

Say Hello To Miss Miracle by @minute42: Iris West is struck by lightning and becomes a metahuman who can move things with her mind and teleport. A genderflipped AU of the Flash with some interesting results. Season 1/Season 2 AU. Barry and Iris POV, but Barry will be the first few chapters. Appearances from Team Arrow, characters from other earths, and other superheroes from DC comic canon. There’ll be stuff from the TV show, but there’s also a LOT of divergence, as well as storylines from the comics.

The Scientist and The Storyteller by @minute42: Barry Allen is a CSI working to free his father. Iris West is a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist with a secret. What happens when they have to work on an article about the mysterious Dr Harrison Wells and his Particle Accelerator and slowly discover they’ve secretly known each other their whole lives? Multichapter AU. Barry will become the Flash…eventually. Appearances from Team Arrow and characters from wider DC universe.

Honestly DeceptiveMy take on if Iris found out The Flash’s identity and the confrontation that ensues.

Meant To BeSometimes fate doesn’t work fast enough. In those times, Cisco Ramon’s gotta step in.

The Owner of the Closest Shower by @iriswestthings: Barry’s shower breaks mid-shower so he knocks next door for the closest shower, which is Iris’.

Not Weird At All by @iriswestthingsWestallen friends-with-benefits high school AU.

She Walks In Beauty by @jade4813A glimpse into how Earth 2 Barry and Iris could have met and fallen in love, with the slight change from E2 canon that they were already a CSI and detective respectively when they met.

Nice Girls and Thunderstorms by @gnimaerd:  Pre-series, Iris and Sara are councilors at the same summer camp, the summer before the Queen’s Gambit goes down. A mix up means they end up sharing a cabin with just one bed. Inevitable smut ensues. 

A Wrinkle In Time by @inksmudgeBarry’s reflections during an intimate moment with Iris.

That’s all folks! These a are just a few I’ve collected. A read tons but I forgot to keep track of them. Right now, the best ones I’ve read and are currently my favorites are The Scientist and The Storyteller and Say Hello To Miss Miracle by @minute42! I recommend that you read those first, but hey! You’ve got nothing but time.

I just want to say a quick thank you too all fic writers. Personally, you make my days better and I am always excited to read new fics or see that my favorite ones have updated. You are all very talented and this fandom would be nothing without you! 

Can't sleep, so here's a thought on Westallen...

I am so happy that this episode was written.  There was this weird outrage with those ‘anti Iris’ folk, that Iris will only like Barry when she realizes that he is the Flash.  I called bullshit on that before this episode, and then “The Man in the Yellow Suit” happened and your whole argument shattered.  There are so many instances in this episode that its clear to me Iris also sees Barry in a romantic way or has at least thought about it, before she loved him as a “best friend”.  So follow me here…

He gives her the replica ring. He puts it around her neck, and what does she say? “You remembered.”

You only say that when you are shocked that someone you never thought would pay attention, but wanted them to, did.  Something that happened so long ago, when you were kids, something so important to you and you’re like wow. But maybe you say, no she is just happy her best friend remembered. Oh ok…now lets talk to Eddie…

 Enter Eddie, he says oh nice ring, she explains, smiling the whole time, never stops touching it, until Eddie says awkwardly, very thoughtful Bar (Barr? Bayr? Bare? Bear? I dunno lol) then what does she do? She sensed Eddie’s awkward response and that’s when she lets go of the ring, sighs, looks at Barry, and moves on.

So here, Iris is all giddy and reality check Eddie comes in.  She checked herself with how giddy she was over the ring, but not just the ring, the ring Barry gave her.  She held the ring and stared at Barry.  If it was just a gift from her best friend she would be more excited about the gift, showing Eddie that it was just like her mothers, but she was clearly more excited at the fact that it was a thoughtful gift from Barry.

Moving along, Eddie asks if Barry likes her.  Her whole response is a denial of all denials like I can practically see the sweat dripping off her forehead. That “What? No!” was fake as hell. She stutters then hits Eddie with the “He and I are just best friends.” Almost trying to convince herself.

We all know once they hit you with the “we’re just best friends” your relationship is over.  Iris delivered this explanation to Eddie as if he was accusing HER of liking Barry as more than a friend.  This is the scene which leads me to believe that she did once before and she is quickly trying to shed that notion because she has Eddie now.Then he hands her the box and fear comes across her face.  I’m not convinced she would have said yes if it was a ring. Does she love Eddie, absolutely.  Does she see a future with him? Probably. Then what’s in the way? Barry.  Still don’t think she sees Barry as being more than a friend? There’s more…

Iris inquires about Barry to Caitlin. Cue “Is there anything I should know about?”

Let me ask this other woman, whom he is good friends with because he might tell her because he can’t tell me he likes me, but I should know because I might like him back and we should get to the bottom of this, I need to know. Also translates as hes been on my mind all day.  But maybe she is concerned because she doesn’t want their friendship ruined. Yeah that’s true too, but…

Iris asks Barry herself, in an undercover Eddie thought you might feel weird about it…” Barry says Eddie is wrong and sheer disappointment covers her face, sigh, cover up chuckle, let me leave before I cry.

This scene is all the proof you need, that Iris actual entertained the idea of a romantic relationship with Barry. In fact, even wanted it.  If he was just her friend, she probably would have dropped Eddie’s suspicions as just that, but the fact that she investigated it, shows her interest in the possibility.  When he shoots her down she is clearly disappointed and then that sigh. look she does before she says “that’s what I told him” was one to me of, wow I feel stupid for maybe getting my hopes up, then she bolted out of there. Retreat…smile…smile…its ok…best friends. bye.  If by now you think her appeal for Barry is just because of The Flash you are so dumb, but I will entertain you with my final observation…

Barry pours his heart out.  She says nothing.

The initial hug, she looks around and gives this oh feels nice look. Then Barry begins to spill the feels. She is looking at him confused. Then she shakes her head with the oh shit Barry no, I just pushed all those feels for you after you shut me down, don’t bring them back up, I have Eddie. He keeps talking and she sits down, like I have to really listen to this.  Barry says the line “I kept it in” and she does a angry smirk, that I interpreted as you idiot, I liked you too dammit you should have said something.  Then he gets deeper talking about losing her and she lets the tears flow.  So he says sorry and she just kind of smiles, shakes her head like what do you want me to say? She says nothing.  No denial of his feelings, she lets him talk.  She lets him release it all and doesn’t shut him down once. Why? Because she won’t close that door.  The door she always wanted to open, finally he did and now she has to decide to go through, but she left it open. Her reaction is the clear reaction of someone who you thought you didn’t have a chance in hell with, gives you the chance but at the most fucked up time. Shes not mad at Barry, their friendship is not ruined, she is genuinely confused because Eddie is great and she loves him, but her love for Barry is just as deep as his for her.  

So bullshit on all you Iris haters that think she only wants him for his super powers.  I posted a while back, that it is going to be epic when Iris realizes her feelings for Barry, except I was wrong, those feelings were always there. she always knew it.  The real surprise for her is when she found out that he felt the same.

Bonus! At the end of the episode, at the Christmas gathering, Barry congratulates the two, and Iris’ first words to Barry since proclaiming his love was “Thanks.” How beautiful was that? She ends in Eddie’s arms, but smiles at Barry. Thoughts on Barry. Its Barry.

*Sidenote to the Snowbarry shippers, Snowbarry is dead. Evidence by Caitlin running past hurt Barry on the floor to ex Firestorm.  That’s her true love, if we believe in that.  That’s where she belongs.

jadeattias  asked:

Sometimes I wish there was more canon information about James, especially when he matured. I also, would love to know how him and lily fell in love. What would you like to know about Lily and James? Btw, I really love your blog.

So this is a great question and it will come to you in two contradicting parts:

1. Okay so I wish I knew a bunch of little and relatively unimportant things. Like what was Lily’s middle names? What does her family tree look like/why does she have no relatives? What was the cats name? What did she want to do with her life when the war was over? What did she want to do with her life before she knew she was a witch? What was her relationship with her parents like? Who were her best friends? When and how did James meet Remus and Peter and were they friends right away? When did James start to fancy Lily for real? Did he date anyone else? Were his glasses square, rectangular or round? What was the ratio of getting caught to getting away with shit? Where did he purpose to Lily? Where did they live before Godric’s Hollow? What is there actual timeline for the last couple years of their life? Etc. Etc.

2. Absolutely nothing. I love this fandom for so many different reasons, and part of that stems from the fact that it’s all a fricken sandbox when it comes to the Marauder era. We have a few puzzle pieces to put together, but it’s like all the edges are straight, and we can put them together however we see fit, in whatever way works for us, and then we build off of that. You want Marlene McKinnon to be Lily’s roommate? Awesome. You want her to be ten years older, cool. Dorcas Meadows is Remus’s crush or a lesbian or a forty year old judge, cool. Good for it. We’ve got a bunch of names, a vague plot line and a killer setting and then most of the rest is up to our own interpretation and imagination and that’s just really cool and I don’t really want that to change.


Here, imagine the Riddler having a daughter:

- Does her hair and makeup for her

- Spends entire days wondering if he should homeschool her or if she needs to go to school to ensure she learns to socialise

- Calls her during sleepovers to make sure she doesn’t want to come home (’Dad you have called SIX TIMES and I’m staying ALL NIGHT’)

- Loves to go shopping with her and even if it doesn’t fit they get it anyway because anything will look nice if you tailor it properly

- Tells her the type of man to avoid (’But Dad, this sounds exactly like you’)

- Looks into the ancestry of any potential suitors to make sure their entire family was upstanding

- Cries during every important event

- Spoils the hell out of her but expects a lot out of her so really she deserves it

- Does his best not to get frustrated when he helps her with homework and she has no idea what he’s saying

- Shows her how to build computers

- Loves every horrible tie he gets for father’s day (’I thought this purple tie with green polka dots would match… well, everything’)

- He gets as many hugs as he wants

So I’ve been having a feels meltdown over Wells Jaha on my twitter but I feel like it should be shared with you all too; Wells, as a black guy, is already at a disadvantage within the show/fandom (tbqh); however, there’s all this evidence that he's a great person, he was sweet and kind and firm and like you know what the narrative does? It fucks him over because like from the get go, Clarke’s pissed at him believing he sold her dad out but then you find out he took the fall for Clarke’s mom because he’s a good man and he’s Clarke’s best friend and he’d rather have her hate him than her own mother (let’s talk about how family, despite sharing blood with them, doesn’t mean they won’t do awful shit and Wells shoulders the blame because he doesn’t want his best friend to be hurt).

He goes to Earth with Clarke because he doesn’t want her to die knowing a lie and also because best friends man, but like the rest of the ship automatically distrusts him because of shit his dad does (talk about putting the sins of the father on the kid, ya morons) and he has to deal with their disrespect; he deals with an angry bestie, a bunch of hormonal dumbasses who don’t know how to conduct themselves when they’re not on the ark, and a racist rat bastard weasel face looking guy. So like instead of getting mad and like beating these dumb shits up, he walks away from them because he’s got more important shit to do like keeping them alive. I know we all love Bellamy and whatnot for his standing up with leadership with Clarke, but like before Bellamy ever even decided to give two shits about these people, it was Wells who tried to make sure they had supplies and food and were safe first. He tried to make sure none of these idiots went off to kill themselves, but no one ever really remembers that?? which is not surprising at all tbh.

Wells took the blame for something he didn’t do because family means a lot to him and like he could endure the pain even though that is his best friend which is just heartbreaking. I think fandom needs to appreciate Wells more because he was the most compassionate out of them all and deserves way more recognition

Greg: “Amy Acker is not happy.”

Denise: “No. I would not want Root to be mad at me.” 

And so begins one of the best chilling performances Amy gives as Root. 

Denise: “Our Dr. Carmichael here, Bruce Altman, I love when he starts to realize that she actually does knows things about him.  Things she really shouldn’t know and things she would have no way of knowing.” 

Greg: “I think her spiel is an excellent reason why more people might be concerned about the loss of their privacy.” 

Root: “Would you like to know the truth, doctor? About what we’re arguing over? Whether or not I’m gonna kill you.”

Soooo yeah, look at that face, terrifying indeed. The only reason why Root hasn’t painted the walls with the doctor’s brains was because the Machine told her not to. The Machine is literally Root’s morality. 

This is why I never believed her when she claimed she doesn’t like killing people. She may not ‘like’ killing but she doesn’t mind killing either and for her line of work, most of the time for Root killing people is the most expedient. 

(”Plus, paying those two to kill Tomas is cheaper than paying all three.” - Honor Among Thieves.

Root also killed a man who worked for her simply because he saw her face, also turned out she never paid the guy too. Root doesn’t like paying for things out of her own pocket.)

But really look at that face, Root was dead serious when she said the only thing keeping the doctor alive was the Machine.  

I can fully believe that the way Root was staring/glaring at the doctor in the first two photos? She’s imagining all the ways she would kill him, if she were allowed. 

(Contestshipping) Headcanon: There’s a Twitter-like social media platform in the Pokemon universe (I can’t think of a clever name for it, that’s your job if you want it) and May loves using it, she always tweets out her plans for the day, how good food is somewhere, little ‘previews’ of contest preparations and so on.

After following all her friends and idols she asks Drew if he has an account and he admits he does but he doesn’t do anything with it. And he’s damn truthful, not a tweet in sight, totally bare. But what gets May riled up is that his account still has 8 times as many followers as her and he does nothing. 

But after fuming she decides she will 'hack’ his account and – with his “I don’t care, I don’t use it” consent – posts a selfie of them with a caption of “Saw my BEST FRIEND @ princessofhoenn today, man I wish I was as good a coordinator as her”. Drew allows it only if she deletes the 3 heart-eyed emojis at the end. But it is a nice picture, May with a huge grin and wide eyes for the camera, Drew nearly hiding behind her but with a faintly amused look at the situation.

Although Drew’s high follower count creates an issue by the next morning. Retweets add 'cute!!!!!!!!!’ or 'omg just marry already’ comments, and of course those flurries of speculation translate to the larger tabloid world, wondering if the obvious 'hacking’ by May on Drew’s personal account signifies they share something closer than rivalry or friendship.

The accusations embarrass the both of them, but honestly Drew is just happy he made May delete the emojis to prevent even more damage, and May is happy that she got more followers out of it all.

I’m so surprised people are so negative about TVD right now. So let me just rant for a bit. I loved the 100th episode. I loved that they developed Stefan a bit and he was likeable and I enjoyed his scenes so much. Damon felt like Damon from S1-S3 with darkness in him that he can’t but tries so hard to shake. I mean he decided to fight for the woman he loves, how great is that? Elena was just being so compassionate but also sad about Damon and she was picking up the courage to fight for him too. Caroline was annoying in the first scene but then it was just the old Caroline squealing about scandalous sex.

They gave us great flashbacks that made me care about Katherine and feel sad for her. And in the end they made her a villain again which is what she does best and I’m happy about that even if I hate that she possessed Elena. But watching the promo Elena will fight her which I’m so looking forward to. People are negative about DE angst Katherine will cause? Anyone remembers 2x01? One of the best episodes full of DE angst that Katherine caused. DE is built on angst, why is everyone surprised? Then you have Enzo being a little devil on Damon’s shoulder but also being his friend. Michael and Ian has such great chemistry. I can’t wait to watch that. Damon and Stefan are in such good place right now so of course the writers will play with that but they will see through Katherine’s lies at some point and they will hopefully learn from their mistakes.

People need to realize that this show is in its fifth season. It’s not getting any younger. Kevin Williamson is not coming back. It’s one season from its series finale. It’s time to enjoy this show with all its ups and downs. If you hate the show and can’t enjoy even one thing about it maybe it’s time to reconsider watching it. 

What people want isn't always what's best for them

The same goes for characters.

Whether it’s Molly Hooper crushing hard on Sherlock, a man who’s rude and dismissive towards her, Wolverine’s infatuation with the Pheonix, a married woman who ends up as a literal destructive force, or Harley Quinn’s dedication to the Joker, a man who abuses her to the point of hospitalization, characters often “fall in love” with toxic personalities.


If Sherlock were to fall in love with Molly (supposing that’s possible) that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be the same insensitive, rude, dismissive, antisocial asshole he was before. There’s no guarantee (and a lot of evidence otherwise) that Molly would be happy with him.


If Phoenix divorced Cyclops and ended up with Wolverine, he’d likely be the target of Cyclops’ rage, along with distrust from the other X-Men. He’s also likely to find that lusting after an unavailable woman is different than being in a monogamous relationship.


If the Joker loved Harley (maybe he already does in his sick twisted way) that doesn’t mean he’ll stop abusing her. Hell, maybe the abuse will get worse if the Joker gets attached. We’ve all seen what he’s done to Batman in the name of “love”.

TL;DR shipping a character with their abuser/a toxic person just because “it’s what they want” and you want them to be happy is flawed logic and overall a bad decision.

In defense of rejecting Gilbert

Hear me out, Fablers.

I really like how GGF handled Gil’s confession. It was painful and awkward and lays the blame on no one. Both Anne and Gilbert screw up what could have been a nice moment and they do it spectacularly.

Reading the novel, it’s sometimes hard to see why Anne rejects Gilbert’s proposal. He loves her – how can Anne not see that when the reader does so clearly?

However, while Anne and Gil are friends – best friends – neither of them have ever talked about wanting anything more.

So when Gilbert blurts out that he’s in love with her, it’s a shock Anne is not prepared for. Gil has had time to examine his feelings – she hasn’t. How is she supposed to respond? Is he expecting an answer? Is she supposed to say I love you too?

So, Anne responds in a way many of us would to sudden change – she rejects the idea (and Gilbert).

She doesn’t want to hurt him and she doesn’t want to lose him.

But he’s just told her something that throws her world off-balance, and Anne has already had so much change in her life recently.

Don’t worry; these crazy kids will get together eventually (spoiler alert!). But they’re still figuring it all out right now.


Rucas Appreciation Week // Day 3 - Riley being insecure in their relationship or Lucas telling Riley the whole story about what got him kicked out of school back in Texas

Lucas is so successful in everything he does. Baseball, rodeo, debating, and more. Riley begins to wonder if she’s good enough for him. Sure she has good grades, but you’re supposed to get good grades, right? Although she loves cheer-leading, she knows she’s not very good at it. Riley confesses her insecurities to Lucas who immediately begins to tell her all the things he loves about her including: how she’ll do anything for her friends, how she doesn’t give up on what she loves just because she may not be the best at it, how she always stands up for what’s right, how her optimism is so contagious, and how much she cares about the world and the people in it. He tells her that if anyone is out of each others league, Riley is out of his.

Girl Meets Texas

Ok how come nobody is talking about the fact that while yes Riley is very much doing this for Maya, she is also running away from Lucas out of fear? 

In Girl Meets Semi-Formal she found out about Eric/Rachel/Jack’s love triangle. She asked Jack if he was still friends with Rachel and he said they hadn’t spoken in years while Eric is still very much in touch with her. 

When Riley told Lucas they were brother and sister she emphasized a lot the fact that she always wanted him in her life. This is a DIRECT parallel to what was presented in semi-formal. 

So yeah, Riley DOES care a lot about Maya being happy and getting to go out with the boy she likes. She wants what’s best for her best friend. But she is also very obviously running away from a relationship that could possibly lead to an ugly break-up with Lucas. 

Bad! Bad Feminist!!!

Apparently, I am a bad feminist who is still hanging onto misogynistic ways…according to my best friend.

She wants to hook up with a male relative of mine and I warned her that I would tell him about “her history”.

“Her history” being that she is a push-over, who has messed up her last three relationships by cheating on them with her “first love”: a POS loser that only wants her for a place to stay(when he is homeless after his break-ups), money and during his “in between relationships” phases. She is currently engaged in a sexual relationship with the POS now.

Another thing is, my cousin is what people call a “late bloomer” and a wallflower. Unbeknownst to her, he has Asperger’s so he does display signs of difficulty to interact in social settings.

I think she sees him as an intriguing anomaly: physical handsome guy who is bashful and unaware that his looks could “permit” him to act like a dog. I believe that she considers him to be a safe bet.

I don’t want my cousin to end up liking her and end up getting his heart broken by her. Cause if that happens, I guar-rent-damn-tee-ya I will beat her ass until fire comes out of it.

The thought of Robert being so frustrated at the fact proposing to Aaron just isnt going his way when he hid this obvious strong love for so long, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert talking to Vic about the proposal and gaining her support, her being the voice of reason, his best friend, the person he can turn to and confide in, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert hanging on to Aaron for dear life as he dangles off that cliff only to have no choice but to let go, his face dropping and then him instantly reacting by jumping in the lake to save him because it’s what soulmates do and no way is he watching the love of his life lay lifeless and desperate, makes me want to cry.

The thought of a declaration of love, a proper breakthrough in their relationship, it taking danger and near death for them to realise just how much they need each other, through the good and the bad, for the rest of their damaged and difficult lives, makes me want to cry.

The thought of Robert broken at Aaron’s hospital bedside as his whole world falls apart, kicking himself because he should’ve known he wouldn’t ever be able to be this lucky and content with his disconnected life, makes me want to cry.

The thought of there being huge potential scenes for Robert with Aaron’s closest family, for Robert to have a special moment with Chas, him kicking and screaming out with them calming him down, him hating himself for everything he’s put Aaron through, blaming himself whilst he’s reassured all that’s in the past and Aaron really does love him, makes me want to cry.

The thought of a hospital bedside proposal actually happening because it’s the most soapiest conclusion ever; Robert feeling this is his only chance because he never got to do it the way he wanted and all he wants right in that moment is for aaron to be his, to be alive, and well, and happy, makes me want to cry.