like he does love her and wants what's best for her


Miles & Monroe (feat. Frank and the Blonde Cadet) | 2.18

"Rachel did this to you."


make me choose
laurenmcquilty asked Aidan & Rebecca or Aidan & Kat

Then she let out a laugh, like she has never laughed for quite some time, for he’s wearing a cropped-top-like sleeveless undershirt;

She turns her back on him, afraid he sees how much she wants him;
And just before she does, he hugs her tighter than a hug should be, pulling her closer, she doesn’t know what to do;

He walks away with her eyes gazing at him doing so, she let out a sigh with a smile on her face that says: “that was unexpected but that was probably the best and what i really wanted and needed..”

—  y.a // she doesnt know why he hugged her that tight but she was so delighted he did

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Hello darlin' So I've had this question on my mind and who better to ask than you! When Aaron said "you've got Chrissie" and Robert replied "it's not enough" - What do you think this really means? Is Chrissie not enough for him so he actually wants Aaron but can't see a way to only be with him?Does he need them both? I guess what I'd like to hear is your take on the question: Will being with just ONE person ever be enough for Robert? Can he stay faithful? Will Aaron in the future be enough?

Hiya love! Oh my god this is a great question, I have been thinking about the best way to answer it for a bit. <3

The question that popped into my head when I was trying was “If being with Chrissie didn’t come with money, status and power would he have loved her enough to marry her?” and for me personally the answer is no. I don’t think he has ever experienced the kind of love and passion he has had with Aaron. And before he knew what it COULD be he thought that the material things were important enough to him that they would fill in the gaps that his life with her would have. That with all the perks he would get combined with what he DOES feel for her it would be enough for him to be content. It was only after being with Aaron and then losing him that he realized that those things are important to him, yes, but they aren’t enough for him to be truly happy and content with his life.

I think it’s kinda obvious he was already starting to feel antsy and trapped because he found his way to Aaron in the first place. He picked Aaron because he was already attracted to him and his life with the Whites was starting to feel like a noose around his neck. He was trapping himself in a life where he was always putting on a show and never letting who he really is out. That first time with Aaron came about because he wanted him so much, but also because he wanted to prove to himself that no matter how much he played the picture perfect fiance, he wasn’t truly tamed. He was still Robert fucking Sugden.

When Aaron broke up with him it would have been a piece of cake for him to go out and replace the “thrill” he had lost. But we are never once given a reason to think that he went out and found someone else. Because what he was trying to replace wasn’t a thrill. It was the feelings of peace and happiness he had been experiencing with Aaron. He is suddenly trying to throw himself into domestic bliss, whenever Robert goes out and cheats it is because he feels he is missing something. When he found Aaron that first time he was afraid he was missing/losing a part of himself to the false face he was putting on so he would fit into the space in Chrissie’s life. And when he loses Aaron he doesn’t go out to bone a stranger, he starts playing the perfect husband at 110%. 

And the point with that is that he didn’t have to try to find someone else to have that with until Aaron was GONE. He didn’t have anything missing while he was with Aaron, he got to be Robert fucking Sugden WHILE having happiness and contentment. I love that right now everything with Aaron has broke pattern for Robert. He is the only person that Robert has no secrets from (the “pushing” Katie thing and whether he should have elaborated is one of those things we each have to decide for ourselves), he is the only one he never lies to (he confessed to his ONE lie to HELP Aaron) which he did to be selfless, something else he NEVER does. I am a firm believer that the core of who a person is doesn’t change, outside factors can taint a persons behavior and their actions. But the person they truly are is a fixed point, but that point can also be molded and shaped to bring the better parts of a them to the surface. It’s all in there it just takes the right set of circumstances to make someone feel comfortable enough to “change”.

Who Robert is at his very core isn’t a bad person, he is just someone who has had a lot of pain and emotional trauma. He has been made to feel like that core is something that no one could ever really love, he will never be enough for someone. His actions have been affected by that belief, he has grown to believe that just like he can never BE enough he can never HAVE enough. There will always be something missing from his life and his relationships, because there is something missing from him.

Aaron is the first person to see all of him and still love him for exactly who he is. Aaron loving him isn’t dependent on him acting one way or the other, he is gonna love him no matter what. But he also holds Robert accountable and expects better from him, but he never expects Robert to be better FOR AARON. He doesn’t need him to change in order to be able to love him, he wants him to be better because it’s what Robert’s family deserves from him. It’s not because Aaron thinks he isn’t enough it’s because he KNOWS that Robert already is more.

Now to flat out answer your question, yes I think one person can be enough for him. He is very sexual, but cheating is usually more psychological than just about having a high sex drive. He doesn’t try to find easier lays when being with Aaron is difficult, he just works harder to be with him. I think finding someone that he, ROBERT, in all of his dickhead, trashcan glory will be enough for, will give him a satisfaction that no one else has ever been able to. I think when he finds someone that doesn’t look at him as lacking, he won’t feel like the relationship itself is lacking. And that is exactly what Aaron is doing. Right now he is still afraid, that is a whole different post, but about whether he CAN and whether I think he WILL. Yeah I think he can and he is already well on his way.

Or maybe I’m a hopeless romantic and my love for this asshole is clouding my judgement. *shrugs* At least I will be in that boat with the beautiful Aaron Livesy.

This is a soap so one day if the writers start to feel they’re getting dry and need to liven things up they could have one of them cheat. But it would be such a waste of such an incredibly rare soap dynamic that I hope they can continue to be more creative than the standard cheating angle.


Revolution Cast | ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Tim Guinee* (x), Stephen Collins (x) + Tracy Spiridakos (x)

*Due to Californian water restrictions Tim chose to do 'the dirty bucket of mop water challenge' instead.

Jaime x Brienne.

Here’s what I love about the dynamic between Brienne of Tarth and Jaime Lannister

  1. Yes, you can have two people initially dislike each other and end up changing their minds about that. I have a friend who didn’t like me when we met (and I didn’t like him either) and we ended up being friends for decades.
  2. Yes, you can have a male/female relationship that blossoms despite one not being physically attracted to the other. Jaime respects Brienne even though he doesn’t necessarily want to sleep with her. It can happen. She likes him because she realized he’s not a total shit, not because he’s hot.
  3. No, it’s not a damsel in distress story! It’s not “the knight and the damsel”; she’s a knight too, basically. She kicks ass on her own and doesn’t need him.
  4. They absolutely bring out the best in each other. He help her chill out and not take shit so seriously (which she does and has to, as a strong woman in that kind of world) and she gives him hope that he can still be a good person and he doesn’t have to be the kingslayer that everyone says he is.
  5. Jaime likes her for who she is, when very few people really did. Her own father didn’t like her. Girl has self-esteem issues because of that; I mean, she was ready to die for Renly because he danced with her once.
aromantic hermione

big frizzy nerd who loves her friends most in the entire world 

literally marries one of her best friends bc it’s not yet legal to marry both and she put a lot of work into harry and ginny being a thing

is all aflutter about lockhart bc she thinks he’s a skilled duelist and scholar, plus all lavender and parvarti keep sighing so she’s gonna sigh too,  bc admiration and infatuation are obviously the same thing

doesn’t like krum that way. doesn’t like most ppl that way. ron? she likes ron. he’s sexually attractive to her in a way that harry isn’t and doesn’t keep asking for something she can’t give. 

ron is special. she wants to do things with him and he’s one of her closest friends. what does that mean? that…she finds him sexy and they’re also besties? what else….? oh. no. no, that’s not, haha. ron gets it: hermione likes him best but not in that way. that’s why he’s special.

Some thoughts now that I have finished Season 1 & 2 of The 100 and I am completely and utterly addicted. 

- CLARKE FREAKIN’ GRIFFIN, I don’t think I have ever fallen in love with a character so fast. I can’t start using words to describe Clarke because I will never stop. BUT CANON FREAKIN’ BISEXUAL CLARKE GRIFFIN, that is all. 

- Raven is a badass and I love everything about her. I could go on forever and ever about Raven Reyes. She’s smart and funny and she does her best. 

- Octavia is also a badass and I love everything about her. The transformation from the beginning to now is phenomenal. She is so beautiful and strong and she is a warrior. She can hold her own with anyone and she’s amazing. 

- In fact all the female characters are just incredible. 

- Bellamy, I hated him and then I liked him and now I just love him because he does so much shit that makes you want to slap him but you get it. He is not bad or good, he falls squarely in the middle, totally grey and I really love that. For the first 3 episodes I thought I would just hate this jerky little punk but he’s so much more than that. 

- I love Lincoln so much, I knew Clarke et al would be okay but I always found myself on the edge of my seat hoping Lincoln would be too. At the end of the finale Abby says maybe there are no good guys but there is Lincoln, perhaps the best soul of them all.

- Lexa, such a conflicting and wonderful character. I get that Lexa did what she had to in order to protect as many of her people as she could but I don’t know if I can get past Tonedc or her leaving the Sky people to die. Clarke does what she has to in order to protect her people but I don’t believe for 1 second that she would have left the Grounders to die if Mt. Weather had offered her the same deal. I think that is what makes her great though. We don’t expect such reason and coldness. We don’t expect a decision to be so removed from emotion and yet there is Lexa who thinks with her head and not her heart and it hurts but it’s so interesting. 

- I’m all about friendships and family relationships and this show has so much of that and it’s all so wonderful. I just adore Clarke/Raven, Clarke/Octavia, Octavia/Bellamy, Clarke/Abby, Clarke/Bellamy, Jasper/Monty etc 

- This show is about so much more than ships but of course there’s always ships. I didn’t really ship Clarke/Finn and I don’t ship Bellarke or even Clexa taht much at this point (but depending on where it goes in S3, we shall see). I ship Wick/Raven, Octavia/Lincoln (and Clarke/Octavia a little bit), Abby/Kane and Monty/Harper. 

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Idk if you've answered this but what aspect of su do you like the most? Like storytelling, or character development etc? Personally, I love the storytelling

I adore the characters, the story development, the character development, and the colour schemes. I also love how things connect and the bonds between the characters.

Like I love the bond between Steven and Greg. It is nice to see a dad like Greg who honestly tries. He might not be the best, but he does his best for his son. I really love that.

And Steven and Connie’s relationship is adorable. I love how he became her first friend and how he wanted to protect her but it was breaking him to do so. That last episode made me cry so much. They have the perfect friendship.


Charlie + Tom (feat. Jason) Vs. Miles (feat. Chair Jenga) | 2.19

"You are the worst thing that ever happened to him."

If you only say nice things about Lea Michele when she does something relating to Cory or Finn, please get out of the Lea Michele tag and please stop calling yourself a fan.

If you get mad when she goes about living her life and not stuck in the past like you are, please get out of her tag.

As someone who has experiences profound grief and been exposed to grief in many different forms, those of you who hurl hateful comments at Lea because she is not grieving to your standards are beyond disgusting.

Also stop lessening her current and future relationships with all this ‘Monchele is endgame’ ‘Monchele will always be better’ crap. This is real life not fiction. Like Monchele all you want, remember the good times all you want, but don’t make out like you actually know what is in Lea’s heart or say things like ‘Cory will always be her true love’ or ‘her current boyfriend knows he is second best’. It just shows such little understand for how people work and the myriad of emotions a single person can feel.

My dad died 3 years ago and since then my mother has been unable to date again. She says she’s just not ready. And that’s fine. But, she also says one day she hopes she can and when she does she would only want a love as great as what she had with dad.

My uncles wife passed 8 years ago after they were together for thirty odd years and had two beautiful children he has remarried a lovely lady who he adores. He does not love her less or more than his first wife. That love is different, as is all love, but it is no less meaningful.

I could go on. But, my point is people are amazing. The capacity for love we have is truly incredible. The fact that we can have our hearts broken over and over and still want to find someone to love so deeply is a beautiful thing. Not something to be sneered at or looked down upon.

If you want to cherish Monchele and how you saw them, do that, but if you need to make out like it’s better than any relationship Lea ever has, that’s both petty and also ridiculous.  

I don’t claim to know what Lea feels for her current boyfriend or what she feels currently regarding Cory and I think anyone who does is an idiot. Only those who actually know her on a personal level are aware of that. But, just step back and realise how fucking cruel it is to act like every relationship Lea has after Cory means less.

And I know those of you who hate Lea for living her life will continue to do so, but just keep your stupidity out of her tag. 

“You saved a man you hate, to save me.”

I think that was Lizzie’s way of trying to reassure Red in that moment, in the best way she could, considering what was just revealed to her by him and everything going on in her mind. 

And I think going through this entire situation with the judge and Tom and the harbormaster was definitely needed. Because considering everything Red told her, he feels guilty for everything that has been taken from her life when she was a child. And maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but he does feel that way, and going through something like this will probably help Liz understand why he did whatever he did a bit more. Maybe it would make it easier for her to forgive him because she knows what its like to be put in such a position now. And now she knows a little bit about the extent of his care for her. Maybe the writers actually do know what they’re doing, after all. 

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Well, Puck did stay a douche all throughout, so no harm done, really. Well, Ryan's an ass, isn't he? Fuck him for saying that about Dianna. He has no rights to Quinn's character, Dianna does. Screw him for wanting Quinn to be a bitch all throughout, and much love for Dianna for caring so much about her character that she made Quinn human and someone to grow to love. No wonder Ryan fucked Quinn's character up so much - just because he didn't like what Dianna did. Such a fucking childish reason.

Ryan is an asshole, no wonder he loved Finn character so much, he’s just like him, a douche who pretends to be the good guy…

Yes Dianna did an awesome job giving Quinn depth, she made Quinn grow up in the best way possible considering the character she was supposed to play, It’s a shame that they fucked her up at the very end of the show

Children in Love: Parents

Three days in a row she’s screamed at the door
begging for mommy in the middle of the night
it’s the third night she’s needed a fix.
She is her mother’s daughter after all.

He has love and respect for his parents.
Who in turn love their granddaughter,
even if her howling keeps them up at night.
both want whats best for her,
but god do they have different ideas of what that is.
Its after she’s locked away again
that they fight each other
over the hand that feeds, and how firm it should be.
Can a hand always be soft, or does it have to be hard too?

I ask myself if she thinks about her actions;
about disappearing, like smoke in lungs a magician performing,
then reappearing when tricks are through.
Does she expect applause when the finale
cuts in half her relationship with her daughter?

I ask, I guess, because children love first,
and will try to love a full moon,
even when they know what beast it brings.

“Hook decides to take a leaf out of Emma’s book and he offers her a chance at her happy ending in exchange for finding out what Gold is really after, and so Hook at the minute is trying to be the best man that he can be, because he genuinely loves Emma and he wants to make a real go at it. Sometimes he makes mistakes, but everybody does.” - Colin [x]

This last part that Colin is so very important and I’ll tell you why.  Good or bad, everyone makes mistakes on this show.  I think what we’re seeing this season that even characters we consider good (like Snowing) made mistakes that they’re not proud of. 

Villains make mistakes too and sometimes, they atone for them.  Ingrid is a very good example of this and Hook is too. 

But to all the haters who like to nail him for his mistakes, guess what? 

Hook is never going to be a perfect character like Prince Charming. 

His mistakes, his faults, is what makes him relatable to a lot of people because honestly, who hasn’t made a mistake in their life that they’re not proud of and have wanted to atone for? Everyone has at one point or another.  

The difference is how Hook learns from his mistakes and genuinely wants to be a better man. Here’s yet another a perfect example of how Hook’s mistakes can help Emma too.  

Hook is a rock for Emma. he tries to help her navigate her way through the emotions she’s feeling and in some ways draw on his past to try and help guide her. But you’ll find out later in the season how exactly that goes… But he’s definitely there for her and trying to help guide her in the best way that he can.

Hook can draw from his own personal experience to help Emma fight her inner darkness. And Emma’s seen him at his lowest but she also knows that he isn’t that person anymore and she’s choosing now to see the best in him and he promised to continue to see the best in her too. 

And that promise, I promise you is what is going to help Hook keep Emma on the good side.  Because he knows who she is, she’s a good person and she’s a strong person and she can fight her inner darkness and win. 

He believes so strongly in her; Hook’s going to be cheerleader for her this entire arc, as he’s always been but his strength and belief in her is going to add to Emma’s strength. While Emma may doubt herself, Hook is going to be there to lift her up and believe in her. 

While Hook is not perfect and is never going to be perfect, he is a perfect match for Emma.  

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☾: It's in the middle of the night and my muse had a nightmare about yours- what does my muse do?

She’d been having that dream again. The one about her brother and Daniel. It’d always start off the same. Eric and Daniel would be drinking beer, laughing, talking, as Bay imagined they usually did. Then they paused. Daniel would suddenly be overcome by sexual frustration and lunge at her brother. Eric would always seem surprised by the presence of his friend’s lips, but it would melt away after the realization of how much he really wanted them. These weren’t like her dreams with Blake dressed as a cowboy and making out with other cowboys. This was most definitely a nightmare. Bay cursed her future daughter for putting this horrid thought into her mind. No one— absolutely no one should witness their sibling getting sexual. And that’s exactly what was happening to Bay.
“Eric broke the kiss hesitantly, searching Daniel’s face for the words to say. “I love you, bro. And not just in a bro way. I love you more than a bro.”
Daniel looked taken aback, but he smiled eventually. “I love you too, man.”
Eric resumed the kiss, tugging at Daniel’s shirt buttons.
And that’s when she woke up screaming.
Her roommate asked her if she was having the dream again, and Bay told her she was. Her roommate cursed because she’d been trying to have that same dream for weeks.

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Prate :)

PRATE: to talk excessively and pointlessly. This fic might not seem like it fits the prompt, but come on, it’s got Cullen in it—he stammers and rambles so much around women that I feel it works. :P I’ve wanted to write this as a fic for quite a while, but I don’t quite feel like the idea is quiet… Where I want it to be yet. It needs something more, some kind of extra… Something to it that I can’t quiet put my finger on. Anyway, here you go! It’s kind of long… Sorry. :P I haven’t checked to see what the total word count was, and now I’m kinda curious… and GAH now I’m THAT fanfic writer with the long author’s notes, lol. 

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