like he does love her and wants what's best for her


We’re continuing the theme of meeting the animals. Two by two :) I’m really loving this new format!

I wanted to share some more about Cheeks and what he did all day, because I was concerned people weren’t getting the full picture of his quality of life when they saw his small enclosure. It really is just his “official” enclosure, and he really does like the small high space best to relax when he’s not out and about.

Pearl just doesn’t get her fair share of the spotlight, so I’m glad to highlight her here.

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you probably didnt watch the first seasons of tw lmao



believe what you want. I’m sorry I find Scira SO much more healthier then Scallison ever was? And that its obvious despite what her family may think Kira always goes out to do what’s RIGHT just like Scott even in really really hard situations (that she really wasn’t apart of) where Allison strayed and pretty much turned her back on her friends for awhile? (though I don’t hate Allison she had her reasons but also really didn’t) And sorry that I like the ship where Stiles has a partner that actually cares about him more then platonically? And puts him first and puts in the same amount if not more amount of feeling in the relationship as he does? People fall in love more then once, and its the best thing because they LEARN as they find new relationships. Scott learned not to throw himself into being a lovesick puppy and have love control him. Stiles learned that he doesn’t have to change and do all these extravagant and really unnecessary things to have a girl like him and have the feelings be returned. I’ve watched the show from the very beginning and while I do like various Scallison and Stydia moments because all characters seemed to show different stages of fondness in them I feel like Scira and Stalia show a good development from the start. 

Also, Arden Cho and Shelley Hennig are AMAZING and portrayal different characters that aren’t simply ‘replacements’ to Allison and Lydia. They’re both so under appreciated probably y’know because Kira is 1. Scott’s girlfriend and 2. Asian and of course Shelley has to deal with hate just because her character is the character who prevents a non canon ship. I mean Shelley has admitted to saying she stays off social media as much as possible because of things she gets sent. The teen wolf fandom is a bunch of twelve year olds who believe in love at first sight and that those people are your destined soul mates which is obviously not realistic. I am allowed to be upset about Kira being away in the first (and probably first few) episodes of this new season because they could have done that with any other character yet of course they picked a recently new main casted character that also happens to be POC. Yes I am allowed to ship what I want as you are allowed to ship what you want. Hell, I am close friends with a Stydia shipper and we just tease each other now and then but respect why we ship what we do. There is NO reason why ship wars should be a thing because what you like isn’t the sun in the sky. The world doesn’t have to revolve around it and follow it. Next time you jump the gun and say something like this, please remember that. 

Have a nice day! xx 

Summer Night || Navly

Lily was mesmerized by what she found when she was wandering in the resort. She wanted to share the spot she found with someone, and she thinks Naveen is the best person to show it to. She really liked his personality, and he seemed to love adventure as much as she does. She wanted to get to know him better, and this was her chance.

After spending the day playing beach volleyball and swimming, she went back to her room so that she can prepare for their date. She took a shower, and put on the outfit she planned. She then walked to the lobby and waited for Naveen.

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Solas& isii 8 & 14??

What do the like best about their partner?

They have the same answer - they love each other’s passion.

In saying that she loves how passionate he is, Isii doesn’t simply mean the qualities of his physical affection. In their earliest days together, she loved engaging him with questions about the Fade because of how passionately he’d discuss the topic. Something in his voice, in his eyes, in the way he would brighten at her interest - there’s something about it that has always appealed to her. His is a quiet kind of passion, understated and yet fiery at the same time. She could always tell there was more there, hidden beneath the surface and all she wanted to do was draw it out into the open. 

He loves how she lives her life so vibrantly, that her passion seems to extend to all of the things she does. It’s infectious. Her laughter brightens his heart, her touch stirs his desires. She makes him feel more alive, more engaged than he’s ever been since he emerged from uthenera. 

Anything they both dread?

Isii would not want to answer this question seriously. She’d brush it off as a joke, simply saying “wolves” and moving on. She wouldn’t tell anyone that she constantly dreads losing everyone she cares about. Part of her will always believe that it’s inevitable - that fate is cruel and only gives you happiness so that it can be ripped away from you. She has nightmares of failing, of leading her people into a battle they cannot win, of having to watch each of her companions being killed off. Worst of all are the dreams where Solas dies. She doesn’t tell anyone about these and she tries to convince herself that it’s nothing more than a bad dream. It won’t happen that way. Things will be different this time.

Solas dreads his own failure. He dreads making another shortsighted mistake that will cost lives. He dreads her death most of all because he knows he can do nothing to stop it. One day, she will leave him, no matter what either one of them wants. He doesn’t know how he’ll cope with that. It’s something he tries to avoid thinking about. 

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He’s not strange! Hes LOVELY! I dislike the way this MC is translated. So anoying!! I’m sure I would have liked Japanese MC more in this scene.

 I HATE they thought that English translations are destroying mc’s integrity as she is in Japanese version. I find this super annoying. I DO NOT relate to this kind of mc and the way she speaks her mind. I tend to really dislike her manner of expressing herself. Especially when a simple Kyaa becomes suddenly holy sweet mother of pie- hilarious maybe but in the long run I HATE it. The more in see it, the more it annoys me!

 But I love Claude and his integrity as a loyal and strict butler.

Claude is strict because he is like a strict teacher and wants to do what’s best for Wilfred. He’s really really  awesome. I love him. I want him happy. Give him a route….Hes my favourite otome type- loyal, strict, dedicted. Mc would have to win his respect. I want him because I see in him Reichi Himuro from tokimeki memorial- and I LOVE that character to death. 

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Her eyes look like they’re glowing, something he knows isn’t possible. A single desk lamp is trying its best to make her whole room visible, and in such dim conditions human eyes have no such properties as seeming to emit their own light. Kristoff finds it very difficult to think – being in close proximity of the chest of a girl he very much loves would do that, he supposes – but he does his best to label what she must be thinking, what those burning eyes mean.  Is she frustrated because he’s being slow, shocked at the forwardness? Probably not that last one. Maybe it’s anticipation, the kind currently curling in his own stomach and causing every muscle to feel electrified?

Anna slowly and deliberately drags his face up to hers. Upon closer inspection he manages to put words to her expression.




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Imagine when Rick is younger, Janet always encourages him to leave the house on Father’s Day because she knows how harmful and awful Bill is and she knows how good Steve and Sue are as parents and she knows that Steve is the best “dad” Rick could have especially compared to Bill and Rick gets worried that Janet could get in trouble for letting him leave but she genuinely wants him to and promises she doesn’t care what Bill does because her Rick being happy is the most important thing to her!!

And Sue has a talk with Steve explaining to him how important it is that Rick feel like he’s part of the family because he really doesn’t have much of a father of his own really and Kieren loves him so much and Janet is trusting them with her son and so they need to be supportive and help him as much as possible

Imagine little tiny Rick going over to the Walker’s house on Father’s Day for the first time and being really worried he’s not welcome there or doesn’t belong but he wants to be with Ren and he’s happier here than he is with his dad and Sue and Steve are so supportive and kind and then Steve calls him Son and Rick just starts crying into Kieren’s shoulder oh my gosh

i don’t know what it is, but i have this sudden urge for like… darkly!possessive Kennett, or Klonnie, or even Bamon. Kennett and Klonnie just seem naturally possessive “this is mine, this is mine, this is mine.” and hissing and growling and fighting when their siblings touch what doesn’t belong to them. “that is MY Bennett Witch, keep your fangs to yourself or back in the box!”

but like Damon can’t get in good with Elena, but then there’s her quietly heroic best friend who will do anything to protect those she loves. including stay with a vampire that’s in love with her best friend. or he’ll show her how romantic he is and bring her heart after heart of Mystic Falls civilians. Damon wants to keep bonnie as like, his foot in the door with Elena, but then there’s all these supernatural people and things that want use of his Bennett Witch and he tells her he doesn’t love her and threatens to harm her probably daily and orders her to practice her spells and magic and what not on the daily for whenever he needs it, but that’s for him. that’s his Bennett Witch. he’s her prom date. he’s her chaperone. he’s her ride to and from school. she’s his everything and he’s her everything. he does not share. he won’t ever share a woman again, don’t touch his witch.

  • what she says:I'm fine
  • what she means:I just need to know the logistics of Tentoo and Rose's relationship like was it a natural thing that they both loved each other and just fell into their life?? Did Rose have to learn to love Tentoo with time because it technically wasn't her doctor? How did Tentoo cope with knowing that no matter what he's always be the copy of what Rose wanted, always second best? How long was Rose hung up on the real Doctor if she ever was at all how many times does she still think about him and Tentoo has to comfort her with empty promises how often does Tentoo thank every star in the galaxy that he got the better end of the deal when did Rose fall completely in love with Tentoo to the point that they made their own memories how did they manage-

I cant seem to stop feeling like Im really lonely and have no friends the past 3 years of my life have been washed away from one guy thinking he can do anything he wanted with me saying he loved me when he really didn’t. I honestly was so close to ending my life so many times but the thing keeping me alive was my best friend shes like a sister to me and I couldn’t leave her. I am so surprised I got through this whole thing so many more things have happened since then I came out to my mom as bi and her response was not the greatest but her opinion does not affect me as much anymore. But what really still gets me is knowing that I have done nothing productive with my life in the past 3 years I gave up photography and drawing and just anything creative when I was with this shit bag. I didnt know who I was anymore I was what you would say just gone. Now Im finally happy about what the future holds Im actually excited about going to college to get my psychology degree and just being human again. Because I sure as hell have not happy cried in a very very long time. I honestly dont know what the point of this post was I just kinda wanted to put what im feeling into words. Also I just randomly burst into tears and I was really confused on to why so I guess this helped me figure out why its because Im truly happy.

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♟: Patching up a wound

If he stares too long at her things start to go fuzzy at the edges. He tries not to think about what that means because it’s happened plenty of times before when she pulls a bandage too tight and he winces as pins prick his arm all up and down. 

“You did that on purpose,” he pouts, lower lip tucked between a set of teeth when she knots it again. Too tight, too tight, he thinks just as she loosens it a bit. Vindictive smile gone and worry in her. He cannot seem to find the words to stop her, cannot let his tongue click against his teeth like everyone else his age does. He watches her, lets her know that he can take a few knocks from his father. He’s taken them often enough, he has an immunity right?

“I’m fine,” he manages to spit out as she opens her mouth. He does not want her to worry about him. He does not want to be reminded. He wants to dream of better places where two can stand against many and live to tell the tale. He wants to imagine that there are better places than here. He just wants to watch movies with his best friend. Not dwell on what he will see again when he goes home.

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"Don’t look at me like that."

Send me a sentence for my muse’s reaction

“Why? Does it embarrass you?” Although she was teasing him she did look away. He gave her an order. 

She gave it a few seconds before looking back at him, this time with a sly smirk, similar to the ones he gave her whenever he knew what he wanted.

“Maybe I just shouldn’t look at you again. Because this will be how I look at you from now on.” She loved him, anyway. She’ll always have this look on her face. This gentle, loving, moderately cocky expression. 

“Hey.” Changing the subject seemed to be best as she rolled onto his chest, arms at either side of his head as she gazed down at him, a light smile coming to her features.

“I love you.”


Of all the people you manipulate. Of all the people you control, why, why did it have to be her. Why did you have to be so evil and cause her to become obsessed with you.

Once you dump her she’ll fall apart. You’ll never maintain a real relationship. You’ll never fall in love because you truly are a horrible person. You’re shit who doesn’t deserve any of the affection that you force out of people. I was your best friend and now you cast me away like im worthless because I can’t offer you sex. Go to Hell you son of a bitch.

Rot in Hell for thr horrible things you do and say. You’re hurting everyone you know and you don’t care. You want pleasure and nothing more. I love her but you convinced her she wants to be used by you.

I tried to help you out of the hole, but now you aren’t even raising your arms to let me pull you out

you know why i love taylor/roman so much?


No, it’s not a toxic relationship. Nothing like it.

it’s a real relationship. they fight, they come at impasses, they want it to work, regardless of what omega says. roman did not leave taylor no matter what, because he has hope. he does not care about what she is, he just loves her for her. taylor is so afraid of hurting him that she’s literally this emotionless shell of a person.

roman wants to help.

he wants to be by her side, but he can’t because she’s shielding how she feels. which leads to arguments and disputes.

but they still come back together. the love never fades.

he literally does not care who or what she is. he just wants her. all of her.

and she feels the same way. things just take time and he’s being patient and just…trying his best. because the things he can do for taylor is severely limited.

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My personal headcanon is that Nana was born into the mafia. Like not a major famiglia but in the mafia nonetheless. But she got out fell in love with her husband. Fast forward to start of manga, she knows who Reborn is. And there was a reason that Tsuna didn't even face any form of attack in the mafia, because his mother stopped them. She wouldn't be the best, but everyone underestimates a ditsy airhead mother. And that's what she wants. She protected her son, her baby, until he could choose.

Hmm, nice headcanon. It definitely has potential and does answer a LOT of questions about just how ditzy she is. Although tbh she didn’t really do a good job protecting him, considering he’s been bullied all his life O.o Lol sorry, that was rude of me. I just really really dislike both of Tsuna’s parents XD

On a serious not though, it has a lot of potential and ties in nicely to this one headcanon I have that Nana is also somehow distantly related to the Vongola. It’s the only way it would make sense tbh, considering that Tsuna literally looks like a carbon copy of his mother from when she was younger (except different genders), but he also looks like Giotto, whom he’s related to through his father. 

I talked with my flatmate about relationships the other day and I mentioned how she seems so much more happy and cheerful when her boyfriend is over for the weekend and she smiled and said “he helps me be the person I want to be” and if that’s not what loving someone means then I have no idea what is 

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Hey I don't know if you remember me but I was the girl who wanted to date her bestfriend even though we were young and stuff. He left. Forgot about me. Found some girl who was like me and looked like me then dated her. Until he came back and she broke up with him and weighed him down. All the while he was debating whether he loved me or not. In the end he said he just wanted to be friends. -.- honestly this kid has put me through so much I don't know if he's worth it. He was very close but...

From what you have stated, it seems as though this friend of yours does not acquire the maturity and/or loyalty to be not only your partner, but your friend. You’re a beautiful individual, who deserves to be treated with respect, compassion, and, above all, faithfulness. With his continual neglect towards your wishes and feelings, it seems as though he needs to lose his childish tendencies before engaging in another relationship, especially with you. 

With such ideas in mind, I would suggest you openly speak of your discontent with him. Inform him that you are displeased at the way he handled the situation and feel as though he insensitivity has hurt you a great deal. As well, notify him that his behavior has shown that he needs to mature until he can be deemed your friend or boyfriend. If he becomes angry and/or frustrated at the situation, remain calm and speak rationally and honestly. Once the conversation has finished, remove him from your social circles. 

While I’m sure he acquires good intentions, the way in which he treated you is unacceptable. Try to look for individuals who will love and support you rather than impede upon your mental health. If you believe a friend and/or lover to be denying you the respect and dignity you need, don’t be afraid to cut off relations with them. You deserve the very best after all. 

I’m here if you need anything, alright? Stay strong~!

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Hi i'm a Virgo (f) and I'm in love with this Capricorn (f) in which I have known for awhile. The thing is though is that she's in love with this Cancer, but he is a jerk. I don't want her to get hurt, but I'm scared. Tips?

Well,  this is a tough situation to be in.. You being Virgo I imagine you feel VERY strongly for her and this may (not saying it does, but it’s likely) affect how you view him. Now, she’s a Capricorn, an earth sign, bound to loyalty even in some of the worst situations. Also, him being Cancer, at least from what I’ve witnessed, he has one basic personality type that’ll stay with him.

The best advice I can give you is be that best friend, since that’s what she’ll need. If you push too hard she may just dig her heels in. Try to put your emotions aside and think logically. Now, since you say you’re “scared” that leads to worry on my part, if you’re worried, tell her. Just make it evident that in the end it’s all her decision, that you’re not trying to force her hand.

If you have any more questions about this don’t be afraid to shoot another ask, 


 Yah know what? Black is acting weird again cause Sven took possesion of his body again -_- It’s funny cause when Black is around his kids Sven doesn’t do anything but when around us proxies……possesion equals one broken arm -_-

*Lifts up her cast arm* And Black has no memory of any of this shit but he does believe us so he’s trying his best to get rid of Sven. But it feels like I lost my daddy ;-;

*Sneaks away as Black is possesed again and tries to attack her*

Going to disappear for awhile and maybe hide with Offender…..*Shivers* I got no where else to go and Edward wants to sell my ass and Xen no love me no more *Cries as she goes into a an abandoned house and curls up ignoring her phone as Sven sends her threats*