like he does love her and wants what's best for her

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You're one of the few bloggers who consistently talks about Hey Arnold, so I just wanted to know what you thought about Arnold's feelings concerning Helga? Do you think he like-likes her? I personally think so but I'm not good with words like you. Pls and ty!

This is possibly going to turn out really long and wordy but I love writing shipping and character metas, so I’ll try my best with this one :’) Especially since I’m talking about one of my first OTPs LOL.

So, here’s the short answer: Yes, Arnold does like her. Even if Craig Bartlett has confirmed it on quite a few occasions, it’s been consistently hinted at during the series’ run.

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maya literally deserves so much better what he fuck first things first she needs a new fucking best friend may  i vote zay because zaya is the only thing between the kids keeping e stable but like. why would you put maya through SO MUCB PAIN,, she been through enough oh my god and some of you fucks are horrible towards  her saying she’s whiney like ?? biktgc the FUCK all she does is want people to be happy and will put anyones happiness infant of hers i love maya so much

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Tbh, I love the Marriage!au on ao3 but also, what do you mean by fishbones? You mentioned it in the tags?

Fishbones is a novel and a webcomic (although the artist recently decided not to work on it anymore, due to wanting to get back to her own art, so they’re currently searching for one, and if they don’t find one the comic is done) by Jisuk here on tumblr! 

She’s a very talented writer, and Fishbones is basically about a kid whose father works as an accountant for the mob, and he’s best friends with the to-be heir of said mob family. It’s a friendship story, but also a story about the mob itself, and you learn a lot about the world and the families and stuff like that. It’s a good book, available in both print and PDF format, and it does have a sequel planned that you can currently read on her tumblr. She’s also done a story about Japanese Tengu called Karasu, which is also amazing, and also has a sequel going on. 

In short, read Jisuk’s stuff if you want good quality stories with very pretty artwork, and if you enjoy what she writes, consider supporting her by buying her stuff. :)

imagine amora in the first thor movie:

- she is the only one who actually likes loki, who respects him with his tricks and all, they both learned magic together after all. 

- amora being close to both sif and loki, but hating how sif bashes on loki and thinking he wouldn’t be able to do any evil until he does.

- amora aiding frigga during her time taking care of odin, informing her of what has been going on (but not all for loki says he doesn’t want his mother worried)

- amora turning fandral into a frog when he hits on her.

- amora grieving the loss of her love best friend

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my main issue with kotfe is how "one size fits all" it is. it's most obvious valkorian tells every character he wants them to rule the galaxy, even crime lord smugglers and imperial agents. it just makes no sense.


I’ve got my Sith Inquisitor on Aric Jorgan’s chapter (sidenote, I’m still not over that you can’t just stop in the middle of a chapter/mission like in the base game where it’s all little interactions because guess what the chapters are hella long)

And so my Sith inquisitor Wenia is a chubby, impressionable, little doe-eyed girl who assumes the best in everyone and thinks the galaxy’s this great big, nice, wholesome place because she grew up incredibly sheltered.

Andronikos thinks she’s sweet. She doesn’t see the bitter, murdering pirate. And so he does his best to protect that innocent part of her that makes her rescue lost pets and bake bread for soup kitchens. They’re totally in love and married and all that.

And then KOTFE.

Where she’s in carbonite for 5 years. When she’s broken out, she’s lost, she doesn’t know these people all that well, where’s her pirate and her crew?

And they’re looking to her for leadership? She gave up her spot on the Dark Council because she wanted to be free from the Sith. So Wenia tries to be what they want, tries to remember who she is, it’s been five years with Valkorian in her head.

She’s floating lost in a sea of mixed emotions that she doesn’t know what to do with.

Then Kaylio comes along. Kaylio who tells her that these people have taken those five years from her, they stole her away from her crew, from her husband. They’d taken so much from her.

Wenia decides that yes, the civilians should suffer for what they’ve supported, for what they stand by and let happen. She goes from neutral to full dark side. 

I mean, If Lana and Theron want her in charge of Odessen, then hey, maybe Wenia’s not the only one who went off the deep end.

But nearly all my characters in that spot of “hey, I’m the ghost in your head, and I want you to rule the galaxy” and they’ll all turn him down.

Because the ‘one-size fits all’ is ridiculous when you want a psycho Imp Agent with a tendency to ‘accidentally’ assassinate innocent aliens to rule the galaxy, or a Jedi hellbent on destroying all Sith. KOTFE should’ve been more like the base game. As much as I like having Pierce and my Inquisitor running around, it feels weird. KOTFE could’ve had specific paths for each discipline, and then the main companions would come back first, then the others. One or two hings could’ve been changed, it could be the same scene, but instead of Aric Jorgan returning, it’s Iresso. Instead of Kalyio, it’s Risha. Lady of Sorrows? No SCORPIO, it could be Nadia, Jaesa, Kira, really, Lady of Sorrows could work for quite a few female companions.

There was so much potential and it was lost.

Review:Your Eyes Tell Me Everything

Author: @lydiamarkin

Review by: baseballbatslove

Comments: Since i’m still not over the trailer yet, i decided to fill me with angst by reading all the fics i can related to s6a, and this one is definitely one of the best ever, even though the prompt is not exactly following the plot of the season (here it’s Stiles who forgets everyone, not the opposite). I need stydia to have a talk like this about what happens/happened to them, i need them to talk about their feeling damn it. And  I really loved the moment when Stiles points he does remember her, it’s really beautiful that he’s still the same sarcastic boy despite everything but tries to comfort her as if he wanted to make her clear that no matter what happened to his memories, he’ll always care about her.

Description: After Stiles lost his memory Lydia and him talk about that.- (The fic’ had been written before the trailer aired).

Genre: Romance, Angst

Rating: K+

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While Holly is away Dan does his best to take care of her bids. Wanting to do it on his own and not bother Holly on her trip. But he gets nervous on whether on not he is doing out right and calls her several times a day to be sure. She loves it

omg yess and dan is just so nervous and he wants to impress her and not disappoint her but holly just thinks its adorable and thoughtful,, and all the birds are just flying around and he’s just freaking out YES


“hey, dan. what’s wrong?”

“who- who said anything was wrong??”

“well, this is your fourth time calling today, and each call has been you asking questions about the birbs,” she just laughs. “which is fine, obviously!”

“n-no, what- what makes you say that?” dan sounds all nervous and holly can hear a bunch of birds flapping around and cooing wildly in the background and then he’s just like “…. i, uh, just,, wanted to know… how often should i feed them, again? i think theyre hungry.”

“oh, didnt you just feed them? thats weird. what makes you think theyre hungry?”

“because they keep biting me. i think theyre hungry for flesh now. please help.”

I hate Ezra Fitz.

If Ezra really loved Aria, like he claims he does, he would have taken the job in New Orleans in season 2.  He would have left because if he loved her he would have realized that he was actually a huge complication to her life.  Love is about sacrifice.  It’s about doing what’s best for the person you love. If Ezra loved Aria, he would want her to have the best possible life she could have and he would realize that couldn’t happen if he stayed in her life.  But no.  He has to be a selfish prick and stay.  He even tells Aria’s dad first to gloat in a “stick it to the man” kind of way.  

Ezra doesn’t love Aria.  He loves the way she feeds his ego.  He loves the power he has being the older one in the relationship, the one who has control.  He is a predator and their relationship is completely illegal and abusive.  

And as much as I love Pretty Little Liars, I hate the way the writers romanticize Ezria.  Like no, it’s not romantic, it’s wrong and creepy af. 

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my bestfriend's crush doesn't know that my bestfriend likes him a LOT and he told her he likes me very much. he often flirts with me in front of her and compliments me a lot.but i don't flirt back. she knows i don't like him that way but she did admit that she still gets very jealous and she's a bit cold towards me. she's one of the best people i know and i love her a lot. i don't want this to ruin our friendship. what should i do? :/ btw i love your blog💖

Thanks 💕 I think you should talk to him and tell him if he doesn’t know already that you don’t like him in that way then he will stop acting the way he is does around you if knows you don’t have a crush on him too. I hope this kinda helps :) 

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Luffy... I really really like this girl but I don't know how to tell her.. what should I do?

Ask my muse about something and they will give you absolutely terrible advice.

You should just tell her! Go up to her and tell her that you really really like her! it’s a simple, straight-forward solution, but for Luffy, it’s a simple, straight-forward matter. After all, if you like someone, no matter the type of like it is, there is no reason to keep it hidden, nor to go out of your way to impress. ( between all the love and honesty what more could be needed? )

Besides, there isn’t a single thing Luffy would want different about Sabo, so whatever he does is the best, right?

Sabo is really smart so don’t worry! It’ll all work out. Sabo should just be Sabo!Never mind that Sabo came to him for advice this time, Luffy still believes that his brother would work everything out in the end. As Sabo.