like he did all those things for people he loved

Jesus Christ. I just watched the video where Arin talks about having his first panic attack, and let me tell ya I’m fuming at the game grumps fans right now.

literally all of the comments said things like “arin you’re so stupid. shut up.” or “your philosophy is shit, arin.” or “shut the fuck up you’re just using this as an excuse for why you’re bad at video games.” I’m not making this up. These are literally comments I saw.

And? I’m just?? So angry. I don’t usually comment about disagreements and stuff but this pissed me off. People wanna find any way they can to shit on arin and that includes this. arin shared a personal life experience with us and told us his honest outlook on his life. he’s not trying to complain; he’s just trying to be fucking honest.

if danny had told us that, the reaction would’ve been completely different. we all know it’s true. People would’ve been telling him to go easy on himself and that we love him and so on.

so why do people hate on arin so much? I seriously don’t understand. because he doesn’t play video games the way you want? because he did something differently than how you would? because he has a different philosophy than you?

fuck you, whoever said those horrible things to him. I know arin doesn’t care and honestly this post might be pointless, but it pissed me off that arin would be treated like that for sharing something personal like that.

MC was emotionally abused by her parents

This request is very close to my heart, because of personal experiences, so I put off writing it for a very long time. I’m sorry to whoever sent this for having to wait for so long.

And if anyone has these kind of issues, I want them to know that friends are the family we choose and you don’t need to feel obliged to love anyone to mistreats you, even when society tries to force you.


Zen will never forget the night you told him about your childhood. He’ll always remember how you’d tried to smile through the stories while your eyes had gradually gotten dimmer and dimmer, slowly overflowing with tears you’d tried to blink away.

The situation was only made worse by the fact that he’d never known, he’d never have asked, had you not been so insistent on him making up with his family or at very least his older brother. He’d been so mad about it until you’d explained just why you thought it to be so important.

It really opened his eyes, making him understand just what a profound effect a family had on you, whether you wanted them to or not, and he came to realize that he too was still dragging around the effects of his childhood, because he refused to work through that.

That very evening he called his parents as well as his brother, not making up per se but at least making an effort in taking the first step. He was exhausted afterwards, but not too exhausted to hold you in his arms and let you cry into his chest until the pain went away.

The two of you were out on a date when you suddenly stopped in your tracks, face going white. Zen couldn’t find the source of your distress until a man and a woman stepped up to you and without ever seeing so much as a picture of them, he knew they were your parents.

Despite smiling at you there was a strange aura surrounding them both and Zen understood where it came from the second they began complaining about how long you hadn’t called them and how you hadn’t even considered introducing them to the new man in your life.

He looked over at you, getting smaller and smaller under the words until he asked you to go ahead and find them a nice seat in the Cafe. He gave you a kiss to the temple and a quick nod before you practically fled the scene, leaving Zen with your surprised parents.

“If it wasn’t for the people around I would make a bigger scene, but I’m a public figure and if I want to provide for your daughter, I need to keep my record clean. However, I want both of you to know that you are despicable people and if you ever step up to her again, I’ll show you just how angry I am.”


With Rika gone and his family distant you were a very important part of Yoosung’s life, his driving force, so to say. Whenever he lacked internal motivation he relied on you to provide him with external one and you always did, without a fail. He could count on you at all times.

However, Yoosung had never stopped to consider that so heavily leaning on you could possibly harm you. You were so bright and generous, there couldn’t possibly be something wrong in your life, right? Just like with Rika though, Yoosung was wrong

You’d explained it to him after finding out about Rika’s past: Sometimes it was simply easier to fake a smile than to open up about the pain in your heart. Especially when it comes to abuse. As long as the scars aren’t visible, as long as they are only in your head, no one cares for them.

Yoosung cared though, holding onto you as you broke down crying after a scene in a movie. Yoosung cared as you wailed in misery about being lonely and broken, about how their voices and words haunted you even in your dreams. Yoosung cared and yet he could do nothing.

Yoosung asked Seven to research them, put together a little file for him. He couldn’t actually make them pay, but the least he felt he should do was to give them a piece of his mind. Especially when he’d failed to do so once before, losing his beloved cousin in the process.

All the research didn’t prepare him for when he spotted your parents walking towards you while you were having a stroll through the park. His first instinct – his desire – told him to to go over and use this opportunity to give them hell. The smile on your face stopped him.

Instead he steered you into another direction, making sure that your paths wouldn’t cross theirs. He bought you ice cream at the stand and gave you his jacket when it got a little colder. He told you silly jokes and played catch with you.

He’d loved to have talked to them, but in the end your wishes and feelings were more important than his when it came to this matter. Maybe putting your past behind and focusing on making you happy for the rest of your life was the best option. Yoosung would certainly try!


Jumin had always been a perceptive person. It was a necessity to be as much when you worked with hundreds of people in a machinelike business that had to be sustained and kept running perfectly. He tended to ignore people’s feelings in favour of logic, but he always noticed them nevertheless.

Of course loving you the way he did, watching your every move and listening to your every word like it was gospel, Jumin noticed all those little things you thought he didn’t. Like the way you looked at his father like you were waiting for something, or looked down the second he met your eye.

He also realized that while you talked about even the smallest of things with him, open to share everything and expecting nothing but honesty in return, he knew nothing of your family, specifically your parents. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that something was wrong.

For a while he was patient, waiting for you to open up to him on your own. When nothing happened he approached you. The conversation was uncomfortable and painful, but Jumin knew it was necessary. He needed to know everything in order to help you and help you he did.

The two of you were out looking for wedding dresses when suddenly you were approached by a middle aged couple. From the way you went rigid beside him, Jumin knew that those two must have been your parents. They looked so innocent, but Jumin knew better than to be deceived by that.

He introduced himself politely but refused to have any kind of conversation with them, instead excusing himself and you, stepping before you like a shield before leading you away from them without another word. You were completely silent and Jumin knew, something had to be done.

The second you got home Jumin called his lawyers and detectives as well as Seven. While the info wasn’t enough to get them prosecuted, not for verbal abuse, he did manage to get a restraining order on them, making sure they’d never harm you ever again.

Along with the order, Jumin decided to write them a personal, little message as well. He told them how vile and disgraceful they were for failing you the way they did and that if they ever stepped to you again, he’d make absolutely sure that the detectives dug up something on them, no matter how real that something might be.


Saeyoung knew, better than most people, what it felt like not wanting to talk about a certain aspect of your past. For some it was out of embarrassment, others didn’t want to be judged for something they’d done a long time ago. It was just something they avoided talking about.

For his brother, you and him the reason was trauma. Saeyoung didn’t want to be reminded of those feelings of crippling abandonment and pain caused by his parents. He’d experienced enough of it and didn’t need a reminder. He figured the same was the case for you.

You never brought them up and he never asked. It was an unspoken rule and the only exception to your one-hundred percent open honesty policy. Of course that didn’t mean that Saeyoung didn’t find out about it one way or another. He just didn’t ask you directly.

Instead he dug up some dirt on them, made sure that he had enough material on them should he ever need it. With you he simply made sure to avoid the topic of family altogether, instead focusing on planning a brighter future as a new, happy family.

It wasn’t until he saw the way you looked at a mother dragging her screaming child around, saw the way your eyes became empty and tears gathered in them, that he realized your parents needed to be punished for what they’d done.

He figured he better do something late, than not to it at all. Saeyoung knew that it was technically a violation of the unspoken rule you’d established, but he couldn’t allow people who’d broken you the way those two did to live peaceful lives while you suffered.

And yes, part of his rage was probably fuelled by his own hatred and the fact that neither him nor Saeran ever got the payback they somewhat deserved, but he also couldn’t stand the way you had nightmares every time you heard a child cry.

He didn’t harm them, of course, although he would have loved to send his old agency after them. Saeyoung did, however, frame them. It was so easy to put the nasty kind of pornography on their computers and alert the police. He liked the irony of them going to prison for loving children too much


Because Saeyoung refused to send Saeran to some sort of rehab centre and Saeren himself couldn’t stand the idea of going to one on one therapy, the three of you had made a compromise in sending Saeran off to group therapy instead.

He still hated therapy and people, but at least he wasn’t the only one talking, so it was a little easier to bear. Like…he was a part of not only a group, but a group of people who truly understood what he’d gone through in his life and shared his pain.

Saeran didn’t question the fact that you sat down with the rest of the group every single time. After all you were the one driving him to these sessions and the one driving him home, so he figured you didn’t feel like driving back and forth.

That was until you were asked to share your story and instead of brushing it off, you actually began to talk. He hadn’t realized just how broken you were until he heard with what kind of ease you talked of that horrible abuse you endured…like it was nothing. Like it was normal, because to you it was.

Saeran had always been the more vengeful of the twins, everyone knew that. He’d planned on taking revenge on anyone who’d wronged him, but as it turned out his mother was dead, Rika was shipped off somewhere he couldn’t find her and neither his brother nor V were the bad guys.

Your parents, however, were still very much alive and living live’s a little too peaceful for his liking. They didn’t deserve happiness after what they’d done to you. He’d researched them, but knew that seeking them out wasn’t an option with you around.

He took it as a wink of fate when one day, while walking to the car from therapy, he spotted the pair out and about. He made up a lie about wanting to clear his head a little, telling you to drive home alone. Saeran turned to Unknown and pounced.

“We’re going to play a little game”, he said, smirking at the two, gagged and hanging from the ceiling. “It’s a game my abusive mother used to play with me. You’ll stand on your legs for 24h straight and if you make even the smallest of sounds, you get hit and no food. Sounds fun, right?!”


Jihyun had always been an advocate for peaceful solutions and forgiveness. He couldn’t bear to carry any kind of hatred or anger in his heart, not when the world was such a dark place on its own. To him there was nothing more freeing than letting go of any kind of animosity.

It had been that very attribute of his that had driven him to forgive Rika and see the good in her even when nobody else could or would. Sure, in her case his methods had failed, but he was convinced of their effectiveness in any other case.

Obviously his first response to finding out about your past was to find out a way to make it all better. Once again reminded of the way he’d failed Rika in not taking enough action, he makes the suggestion of inviting your parents to dinner.

Jihyun only wants you to talk it out with them and let go of the frustrations you must have been harbouring for years now. After all he’d seen first hand what pushing feelings down could do to a person. Eventually you begrudgingly agreed.


From the moment the door rang you were beyond tense. You’d cleaned the apartment at least a dozen times, changed your clothes the same amount of times. You looked nervous upon your parents entering, the smile on your face obviously fake.

Jihyun didn’t understand why at first, your parents seemed like ordinary, nice people, but he was about to find out. You’d just served the tea before dinner, the four of you sitting in the living room, when the two of them began a long streak of judgemental and passive aggressive remarks.

Everything you did seemed wrong in their eyes and they didn’t miss a single opportunity to tell you as much. And the worst part? They said it with a smile on their faces, acting like they were doing you a favour and just watching out for you when in reality they were breaking your spirit.

Eventually Jihyun had had enough. In the middle of dinner he simply got up and as politely as ever asked them to leave. He didn’t want to cause a scene and upset you, but he’d learned that evening that some people were beyond forgiveness.


Request ⇾ hello! i was wondering if you could do a Richie x reader imagine where Richie and the reader are dating and the reader kinda gets fed up by his cursing, but she kinda likes it? and then they start to like make out and stuff and Eddie walks in on them. thank you!

Warnings ⇾ swearing

A/N ⇾ kept it PG, ps, just a fluffy richie x reader fic! Also left out the bit where Eds walks in on them because I liked where it ended! Hope that’s okay!


“No, Stanley,” Richie began, rolling his eyes. “That is not what popping your fucking cherry means, you loser!”

Richie. Trashmouth. Tozier.

God, the losers were most certainly tired of hearing his mouth open. One thought that ran through all of their minds was, ‘how can one human be so damn annoying?’

Not in Y/N’s though, even though granted she sometimes did get annoyed, she didn’t feel quite that way. Everyone said this was down to the fact that she was dating the trashmouth himself.

Often, Beverly and Ben watched from a distance, either in confusion or disgust, at how he actually managed to woo Y/N. She rarely swore, was kind and open to everyone, did her homework and didn’t insult people 24/7, so how on earth did she fall for someone who did precisely all of those things, and more? They were all clueless, but what they didn’t know was that deep deep down, Y/N secretly loved when he swore. She thought it was funny and made him look more in charge, which was something she liked. Even though, he constantly said crude things and swore and usually embarrassed Y/N in the process, she thought it was totally cute. He knew that, too, which was why he continued to do it. In fact, it was why he did it more. Richie loved to please and impress Y/N, if he could see her laugh or smile it made his day. It was worth all of the stares from onlooking peers, the detentions from angry teachers, and the eye rolls from the losers themselves. Yes, he would do anything for her.


Richie sat rubbing his sweaty hands over his pants and pushed his glasses back up his nose. He was so nervous. He was finally going to try and kiss Y/N. What if she pushed him away, or didn’t kiss back? Thoughts like this continued running through his mind as he sat trying to calm himself.

Believe it or not, the two had only ever held hands, much to every one else’s surprise. They all believed that Richie would be as suave as he came across, but no, the infamous trashmouth tozier was a panicking mess. He couldn’t even muster a curse word even if he wanted to, which by the way, he most definitely did. If he could will the earth to open up and swallow him whole, he would’ve done that ten minutes ago. Flustered and terrified were two words he would’ve used to describe himself, had he have been asked.

“So, like I was saying, do you still want to go to the arcade later?” Y/N asked while reentering her bedroom after retrieving snacks for the two.

“Oh, yeah, sure.” Richie said, not daring to look at Y/N.

“Richie…” Y/N said tip toeing closer, “Richie, are you alright?” She sat down next to him on her bed.

“Are you alright?”

“Me? Oh yeah, I’m great, I’m fine!” He said looking up, avoiding her eyes while plastering a faux smile across his face.

Y/N tilted her head to the side in disbelief, she knew he wasn’t feeling fine nor was he feeling great.

“What’s wro-”

Richie engulfed her in a sloppy and inexperienced kiss. She kissed back.

“Fuck, yeah.” His inner conscience praised.


15 long years and Naruto has come to an end. During those 15 years Naruto has taught me so many things. Don’t ever give up, don’t let hate consume you, love your enemies and the list goes on and on. Naruto has been a strong character who always felt like he always had to shoulder everything, but in the end he always had friends there to carry such a burden with him and nowadays, people forget that they have family and friends who is always going to be there for them. Naruto defeated all of his enemies, but he never did it by himself. With all the POSITIVE people surrounding him, he overcome such an enemy. Not only that, let’s not forget how Kurama was sealed inside of Naruto. We all have demons inside of us, but it’s up to use to overcome those demons and learn to face them head on. As Naruto gets married, I feel like I’m sending off my child. He has grown to be such a great character, along with the others. They’ve all developed into strong characters. Even though this is an anime, we all have to agree on that Naruto has at least taught us something. Let’s just all thank Masashi Kishimoto for being the real MVP!! I cannot wait to see what the next generation has in store for us!

Photo edits goes to @lockscreenalala


The treatment that these two lovely souls have been getting for simply loving each other and posting pictures of each other on their Instagrams by these so called self proclaimed “fans” is genuinely disgusting. Matthew Daddario and Esther Kim have been nothing but generous and caring and this is how they get treated? Calling his LONG TERM girlfriend “ugly” and a “disgrace” and that he’s beautiful and deserves “so much better”? You guys (you fucking assholes who dare say these awful things) are horrible people. Didn’t you guys say that you “love Matt and Esther together!!!” And that you absolutely ADORE and ADMIRE Matt? How dare you send him and his girlfriend hate for simply wanting to share their relationship with you? He trusted you guys, he’s trusted all of us. You wanna know why he keeps his private life a secret? Because of assholes like them who just did what they did. If any of my followers are one of those people you can unfollow me right now because I will not have those kinda people on my blog. So, in order to let them know just how much we love both of them we are all gonna spread #welovemattandesther on Twitter at 2:30 pm US TIME!!!!!!! AROUND 7:30 pm EUROPEAN TIME!!!!!! please signal boost and reblog this!!!!!! @softshumjr @sonias-world-of-fandom @alexandargideonlightwood @blissfullybane @larlarinlalaland @bane-of-brooklyn @claryfaechild @willjtudor @alightwood

BTS Reaction to their S/O getting hate for dating them


He was disappointed in his fans for bashing his girlfriend over the internet or calling her disgusting names as she walked the streets, but he couldn’t say he didn’t see this coming. Namjoon being the protective type of boyfriend would have ask the company and his manager if they could send out a message either on twitter or the fancafe declaring that him and you are dating and any form of hate towards their relationship or to you directly will not be tolerated and those harassing her either online or in person will be charged. He would constantly tell you not to focus too much on it even though it was getting pretty intense and to just focus on your relationship. Whenever you were depressed after seeing the nasty comments people would post online, Namjoon would always do little cute things to make you feel better like taking you out on cute ice cream dates or relaxing walks in the park at night. All these little things he did for you made you feel loved and it always took your mind away from the negativity. You loved how sweet he was and you appreciated him so much for always giving you encouraging words to console whenever you were down and this made you realise that you didn’t need to focus on his so called ‘fans’ that didn’t like or support their relationship because you know Namjoon and you did and that was all that mattered.

“We won’t let them spilt us apart”

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Seokjin He could immediately tell something was off when you weren’t overjoyed at the fact that he had prepared all of your favourite dishes. He’d hesitantly question why you were in such a bad mood, but you would just shake him off, giving the classic excuse; your workmates were extremely hard to deal with so you were emotionally drained. He accepted it and you both would settle down at the dinner table to eat in a tense atmosphere. This would become a sort of routine for a couple of days; you coming home in a bad mood, dismissing it with the same excuse and Seokjin, not wanting to fight, would leave it at that, until everything unravelled. You just happened to leave your phone, unlocked with twitter opened, when you left to use the bathroom (continued) Normally Seokjin respected your privacy to the point of him refusing to be in the same room when you took a call, however your attitude the past few days was worrying to say the least. He grabbed your phone, and what he saw your direct messages opened. His eyes widened in shock, hundreds of hate messages were flooding her inbox. Scrolling through the seemingly never ending messages, he grew angrier and angrier. ‘Why didn’t she say anything’ he questioned, he immediately confronted you when you exited the bathroom. Your cheeks lit up from embarrassment, before confessing that you were worried he’d do something rash that would cause him to lose fans. He just took you in his arms, sighing gently.

“ Anyone who hurts you can’t love me.”

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Yoongi would always wonder what made you so depressed these past few days and why whenever he asked you what was wrong why you would always reply with short answers saying it’s nothing or that you were fine. It bothered him to know that you were feeling somewhat depressed and down and you wouldn’t open up to him but he thought giving you the space you needed would make you eventually tell him what was going on so he backed off with all his question ling and waited. A couple days had pass and you weren’t any better, maybe a little worse and he couldn’t bare to see you beat yourself up like this over something he was completely oblivious about.  He regretted never finding out what was wrong and trying to help you when he came over to yours after practice and heard faint sobs coming from your room, without any hesitation he rushed to your room, his heart breaking seeing you curled up on your bed with tear stained cheeks trying to calm your sniffling. He took slow cautious steps towards you laying figure, his heart breaking a little more every time he heard a sob leave your lips. He sat next to you and reached out to remove your hair from covering your slightly swollen face as a result from your crying. Seeing you like this inflicted something in him whether it was concern or anger. He asked you what was wrong leaning down so he laid with you in his arms trying not to upset you any further. You sighed and relaxed into his chest trying your best to swallow down the unshed tears fighting to escape as you built up the courage to tell him what caused you to be in this state. As soon as you were finished what ever anger he had in him was full out rage now. He couldn’t stand the people that claimed to be his fans treating his girlfriend like this, calling her a slut, a whore and even a gold digger that was only with him for his money but he completely lost it when you told him that they threatened to do anything in their power to break them up. You tired to calm him saying it wasn’t that big of a deal but even though he only calmed a little bit he was still worried.

“Don’t worry y/n, I’ll deal with it”

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Hoseok had noticed it for a while now. You’ve been so distant lately, withdrawing from showing affection in public, which would have been normal had it been a few months ago when the world knew you as his sister’s best friend rather than his girlfriend. You had spent two and a half years of your time together keeping your relationship a secret. Hoseok couldn’t bear the thought of your relationship being kept a secret from the rest of the world, so a few months ago, he had BigHit release a statement, announcing your relationship. From then, he had hoped it would have been smooth sailing, but it seems to have the opposite effect on your relationship. You sat in front of Hoseok, your eyes refusing to even graze his anxious frame, both of you sat at your dinner table, eating a lunch you prepared. The sound of silverware clinking on  plates was all that could be heard, while Hoseok repeatedly glances up at you. The sound of a text coming through to your phone alerts the both of you. He watches you as you swiftly grab your phone, unlock it and scan the contents of the text. With each word your mind registered, your face fell, tears quickly gathering in the corners of your eyes. Hoseok took note of this and quickly grabbed the phone from your hands, his eyes scanning the text. 

“You’re such a fucking whore, stay away from Hoseok you bitch” 

Hoseok blinked in shock.  He never once considered that you might have been getting hate. In fact, ARMYs loved you when you were known to the world as his sister’s best friend. That was precisely the reason why he decided to make your relationship public. ‘How did a fan even get your number?!’ he asked himself incredulously. Looking up at you, he saw that the tears had already fell from your eyes. Without a second thought, he rounded the table to latch onto you like a child.

“I’m soo sorry, I didn’t know" 

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Jimin was always the type of person to know when something was bothering you even if it was something so small and unimportant, he would always know, cause he knows you. So when you started receiving hate from his ‘fans'and it caused you to always be in a down mood he immediately realized your off behavior. He would be cautious about it not trying to pressure you to tell him what was bothering you giving you your space, but that didn’t mean he would leave it as is, he would do small little things to bring your spirits up like cute movie nights, buying your favorite snack or food or just randomly cuddling you until you couldn’t help but smile. You were sitting in the living room of Jimin and the boys dorm mindlessly scrolling through your phone until you came across a post, the type of posts that was the cause your depressed state lately, someone had posted a picture of Jimin and you together, when you both went on a date and had a very long detailed paragraph downgrading you saying you weren’t pretty or skinny enough to be dating him and that he deserved someone better. You couldn’t hold back the tear that rolled down your cheek feeling absolutely horrible about yourself. You couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel. Just as a sob left your mouth Jimin walked into the room clueless about your depressed state, you tried to compose yourself as you quickly wiped your damp cheeks smiling up at your boyfriend as he approached you, but knowing Jimin, he noticed. “What’s wrong, why are you crying” worry laced in his words as he sat next to you and intertwined your hands in your lap. When you told him what caused your tears he immediately felt guilty, for this hate was because of him. Sighing, Jimin would try to be positive, smiling in your direction, that smile that always warmed your heart and tell you to don’t worry about those comments and that they weren’t going to affect your relationship with him, in his eyes it just made him want to be with you more to show his ‘fans’ that you were beautiful in every way in his eyes despite what other see or say.

 “Who cares what others think, you have me and I have you, that’s all that matters”

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Both you and Taehyung had been extremely busy with your respective jobs so to say it was hard for you to meet up was putting it very lightly. You both had barely managed to maintain constant good morning texts, throughout this time but you were beginning to miss Taehyung more than you had previously anticipated, especially when you had to deal with a constant stream of death threats and hate messages coming into all of your social media inboxes. Since BigHit confirmed your relationship with Taehyung earlier that year, you have been on the receiving end of thousands of hate messages and it was beginning to get to you. Tae had always been a caring soul, always reminding you to tell him if any fans bothered you or said nasty things but you couldn’t bare the thought of piting him against his fans that devoted their time and money into making him the megastar he is today. So in the end, you would just keep it locked up on the inside. You and Taehyung had  finally arranged a date on the very rare day that you both had off. You’d been sweetly enjoying yourselves, entwined hands swinging between the both of you as you walked along the paved trail in the park. Settling down at a picnic table you had told Taehyung you had to use the bathroom and that you’d be back in five minutes. Five minutes came and passed, then ten minutes and then fifteen. Taehyung had began to become anxious, taking off in the direction of the bathrooms. He hand barely just passed the girls bathroom when he hear voices. He pressed his head against the door to listen.

 " How dare you think you have the right to keep Taehyung to yourself"

 A slap echoed in through the vacant bathroom, Taehyung flinching at the sound before pushing the door open. The two girls that had you cornered broke away before cowering into a corner of their own. Taehyung’s glare sent them scurrying out of the bathroom. Almost immediately, he ran to your side, holding you up  from sliding down the wall onto the floor. Moisture collected in his eyes as he whispered into your ears,

“I’ve made you suffer, haven’t I?”

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Jungkook was beyond clueless about the whole situation about you receiving so much hate for being with him. He was always very busy and hardly had anytime to actually sit and be on his phone or laptop to check what was going on in the fandom. Knowing how he would react you tried your best to keep this hidden from him, you knew he would blame himself saying that it was all his fault for this hate being directed at you. Whenever he was with you, you kept a smile and preppy personality to hide what you were really going through all the while trying to prevent him from going on his phone. He thought your behaviour was a little sceptical but didn’t think too much into it figuring you were just trying to spend time with him. You both were at this little cafe having lunch, you cherished these times you got to spend with him and nothing really got your mood down when all your attention and feelings were directed to your boyfriend, in these rare moments you actually forgot about all the hate and just focused on being with him and what you both had but this feeling was short lived when your phone buzzed signifying you had got a notification. Without thinking you mindlessly unlocked your phone but was greeted with something that instantly turned your mood upside down. The warm and happy feeling you had now turned into a depressed and anxious one. He noticed your change in mood, becoming worried and decided that he would ask what had been bothering you wondering if it had anything to do with him always being busy. Your eyes widened trying to find the right words knowing if you said it was nothing he would definitely know you were lying because you knew he could sense your change in mood. You started stuttering on your words but what caught you off-guard was him suddenly reaching across your shared table and grabbed your phone. You heart beat increased panicking about him finding out about the hate you were getting. His eyes narrowed at the screen frowning as he processed what he was seeing. As you were about to tell him it was nothing to worry about he cut you off. 

“ Why the fuck didn’t you tell me about this, how long was this going on for?, I should if known something like this would of happened when we started dating, I’m sorry y/n it’s all my fault I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.”

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( change pronouns as needed. )

  • “i don’t even know what’s real.”
  • “fuck it, keep on drowning.”
  • “you see all these chicks, and now your girl ain’t even write back.”
  • “don’t know how to make you feel.”
  • “no one really cares when you talk loud.”
  • “now i’m here, thinking that i messed up.”
  • “and i’m trying to explain it, but you’re never around.”
  • “we don’t pray for love.”
  • “switch up my style, i take any lane.”
  • “don’t want none of your time.”
  • “i only love it when you touch me, not feel me.”
  • “when i’m fucked up, that’s the real me.”
  • “i only fuck you when it’s half past five.”
  • “the only time i’d ever call you mine.”
  • “who are you to judge?”
  • “pacify her, she’s getting on my nerves.”
  • “you like to say that you’re right.”
  • “did it make you feel bad when you cheated on your man last night?”
  • “did i ever cross your mind?”
  • “don’t forget about me.”
  • “i’m no good without you.”
  • “you say you love me, but you act like you don’t.”
  • “someone told me to stay away from things that aren’t yours.”
  • “but was he really yours if he wanted me so bad?”
  • “stop lying with those words.”
  • “some people got real problems.”
  • “i’m only human, after all.”
  • “i like the sad eyes, bad guys, mouth full of white lies.”
  • “you say that you’re no good for me.”
  • “kiss me hard before you go.”

Honest to god, this is one of my favorite things that has ever been said about Star Wars.  I love it because:

1.  Anakin in death is just like Anakin in life:  Getting special treatment because he’s just that connected to the Force and because he’s so beloved by those in position to give him that special treatment.  (Because this is obviously to me about Obi-Wan, especially given how much Obi-Wan loved him.)

2.  OBI-WAN LOVED HIM SO GODDAMNED MUCH, YOU GUYS.  Even after killing Obi-Wan, even after everything Anakin/Vader did, all the people he hurt and killed, all the horrible crimes he committed, everything that he fucked up, all the betrayals he did, the minute he was Anakin again, Obi-Wan was there to help him and help him back to the Light.


Am I Trash? Yeah, Probably

So…yeah… thanks to the lovely @markired and revisiting Teabag Edition | Bro Average I have slammed myself into the trash bin. Have an imagine on the one and only Chase. ~~~

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I woke up to a pair of bright blue eyes staring lovingly at me. “G'morning, baby,” Chase whispered.

I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face. “Exactly how long have you been staring at me for?” I asked playfully.

He raised his head up slightly to look at the glowing iHome behind me. “Um, about an hour and fifteen minutes…”

We both burst into giggles. The mid-morning light coming from the window only made him look even more happy. As I calmed, I felt the gentle touch of his hand on my cheek. “God,” he started.

I blushed and wondered if there was drool or something on my face. “What?”

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My Love

BUCKY BARNES x Plus Size Reader

Summary: Reader is in the hospital, all about Bucky and how he’s coping with the situation.

Warning: I think there’s like one curse word and it’s really sad.

A/N: Sorry I’ve been away for so long, kind of hit a small wall while writing and college has been stressful. Anyway, this was requested it’s kind of based off the song My Love by sia. I’ll also be updating Written In The Stars sometime during the week. Enjoy and thank you.xx

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The room was filled with sunflowers. The yellow hues contrasting against the dull white of the wall Bucky was currently starting at. He hated the flowers, they stood there all tall and bright mocking him. While he sat there feeling all small and dull like the wall behind the stupid flowers. He was numb and broken like the cracks that had started to form through the concrete due to old age. He felt lifeless like the color against the bright yellow. And if someone else walked in with another vase of flowers he was going to explode.

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A little rant about Jumin Han.


This post is inspired by @rfa-housewife post I just reblogged before this. I would have put this in the comments but it became longer than expected, whoops. But please read that post before mine. 

Okay. Let’s get to it. 

I honestly love Jumin so much. Yes, everyone has their ‘less than cool’ moments in the game. Even MC. (Hello Bad Endings!) But, I just got done playing Jumin’s route again and…there is a reason I love this man. It takes him a bit to get to the point where he is comfortable enough to share his emotions and he makes some mistakes along the way (I get it, I do.)…but, I mean, COME ON, would you be comfortable sharing yours if you were ridiculed every time you tried? He is given a hard time in the chat AND in his day to day life. He sees his own father continually giving his heart to women who don’t give a shit. He deals with people, and, yes, it’s his job, and my man is good at it, but people who are just trying to profit themselves. Damn it, even one of his “step mothers” CAME ONTO HIM when his father wasn’t around when he was younger. Then, when MC comes into the game, Rika is “gone” and V is AWOL. The only two friends he trusted to know the “true him”. And no wonder he felt a close connection with Rika that was almost, pretty much, romantic. Cause she was the only female in his life that he thought he could trust! That “proved him wrong”. (Almost anyways…Jumin knows what Rika did to V’s eyes and saw how she became…slowly “not herself” in a way that was dangerous, so he no longer sees her that way, I believe, when MC comes in.) (Though he doesn’t really know the extremes of that yet, but, yeah, different discussion.) Hence, that leaves V…but again! A W O L. So, who did Jumin Han have before MC came in? (What also gets me…is that even though he couldn’t talk to any of the RFA members, I think he still sees them as family…especially if V sees them as family.) But, anyways, so, yeah, he shut down. T h e n he was ridiculed for NOT showing his emotions. What the hell? Just…give the man a break. It’s like he could never win. No wonder he became a mess of tangled strings. Then, the other details. I mean, okay, this one might be reaching but I think one of the reasons he began to distance himself from Elizabeth is because the people in the chat gave him constant shit about his relationship with her! Yes, I know he did need someone to talk to for real. But has no one heard of an emotional comfort animal? That’s pretty much what Elizabeth was! Why do you think V (and, I suppose, Rika) gave her to Jumin? And also why V and MC pushed for him to keep her. Sure, an animal does not replace a person…but they did have a bond! Jumin was Elizabeth’s home! Just like any human with their pet. And then the sexuality thing…I’ve personally been asked about my sexuality in my life because I’m single. And it’s just…why? Why does it matter? Leave the man alone if he is uncomfortable talking about it! And the “commoner” thing people criticize him about…he is GENUINELY ASKING. (Points to Exhibit A when he texts you and asks to let him know about more “rules” you know about besides the Sweet & Salty rule. Cue MC being a dork and saying the Ju and L rule. I honestly loved that part, ahhh, he’s so cute.) He did grow up different, and yes, MC does teach him empathy, it’s true. But she more like taught him how to tap into it. It was always there. And when he is talking to MC about his deeper feelings he has said on more than one occasion “oh, I’ve spoke to much, I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable” or something along those lines. Just…baby, no. Keep talking. It’s the equivalent of saying “sorry” after everything you do. (Ha, guilty for that one here.) He never hesitates to help or offer help to the members of the RFA even though he says it’s not him being kind…it’s just business or whatever. No, he actually IS a kind person but doesn’t want to seem like he is doing it out of kindness because that leaves him open and vulnerable. Even when his father betrays him because he is being manipulated…he still continually says how much he loves him and defends him. And, also! STOP with the silver spoon thing, people. Because money, really does not, as Jumin and his life is an example, buy happiness or love. I don’t even look at what Jumin did as necessarily “being held hostage”…he was just SCARED to be alone. And frightened that someone was going to leave again. Like all the women in his life, like his father who chased those women, like Rika…even V and how he became less and less present. No, it wasn’t really good how he went about it…but he makes up for it later to MC! I personally didn’t even mind it…though, yes, he got controlling at times…but he would never EVER hurt MC. And WHY I didn’t mind it is because if Jumin was real and I was actually in his life…I wouldn’t want to leave someone alone when they’re feeling like that! That would just be…awful. Who knows what could have happened. He was in the middle, in his own way, of a breakdown. I don’t even have the heart to go for the Bad Endings personally (though it’s fine if people do!) cause i just…hate the answers you have to select for it because you are basically being just like everyone else in his life. And he deserves someone better than that to be there for him. Just…I’m glad V is Jumin’s best friend because he needs someone like him in his life…(though I wish that he was more present…but we all know why he wasn’t…-insert ugly sobbing here-.) and I’m glad for the role MC plays in Jumin’s life. It’s why I love playing his route. That boy deserves so much happiness and love. I just…relate to Jumin so much. The tangled strings, keeping a small circle. Jumin just has so much to give but he didn’t know how until MC comes along. So, cut this boy some slack, wrap him in a blanket, make him some tea and give him a hug because he needs one. Immediately. I do love all the characters in the game with all my heart. They all have been through so much that I might make separate posts about each of them. But…right now this is for my honey bunny. (Personally, my favorite.) Jumin Han. 💜

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couldn't watch the live what happened? and thanks for existing you are awesome.

  • dan got a new webcam and spent several minutes playing with the color and brightness settings and settled on one where it looks like his piano is just transcending to another dimension bc of the amount of white light it is emitting 
  • he gave a very long and beautifully articulated little ramble about the manchester attack, making the charity shirt, and why the city matters so much to him and phil. he mentioned it was phil’s home and the place he grew up, the place dan went to uni, and the place ‘dan and phil’ began. he also very briefly touched on some of the criticisms that have been raised. to those who thought it was inappropriate for dnp to put themselves on the shirt or make the shirt at all, he politely asserted that they must be people who don’t understand what the city means to him and phil, and the connection they have to it. to those who argued they’re trying to make themselves look good, he kind of jst said ‘obviously not,’ and touched on a very interesting philosophical point about altruism and how it is bullshit to expect kindness and charity to be performed in a sort of emotional vacuum where the benefactor feels nothing and isn’t allowed to be happy that they’ve done something helpful. to those who criticize them for only doing something for a western tragedy when attacks like this happen so often elsewhere in the world, he thinks that is valid criticism and that’s why he feels like supporting the red cross is so good bc they help people all over the world. i was vibing a lot with this discussion and i very much appreciate dan in his calm and gentle states like the one he exhibited here
  • someone interrupted this whole discussion to say ‘phil and i’ though which caused him to consider changing the channel name from danisnotinteresting to pHiL aNd I (in reference to the spongebob meme)
  • phil was gone for two days last week so dan decided to jog for an hour while listening to a political podcast bc he was bored and also he’s an idiot who apparently thinks “cardio” doesn’t use muscles and therefore he wouldn’t be sore if he did this, but lo and behold he was in acute pain the next day and was basically rendered immobile for four days. the saga of dysfunctional dan whenever phil isn’t around continues 
  • he and phil and some pals played dungeons and dragons which for those who don’t know is apparently the nerdiest possible game anyone can play and it involves role playing and designing your own characters. dan’s character was an elf prince or some shit who is basically oppressed by his father and the many rules of their household or something so he runs away to get some life experiences and also he has a completely useless right hand. phil wanted to be magical so he decided to be a mage called shazeem? or something like that? i forgot. and he had a weird eye. idk. they’re weird
  • dan’s grandparents came to stay this past weekend and they arrived an hour earlier than planned which sent dan into a scramble to clean and polish every surface of their house and also order lunch and basically have a breakdown lmao and also his grandma is apparently the most adorable person on the planet and baked them a crumble which she dropped on the train, as well as buying an oreo cheesecake but she didn’t know what oreos were so she pronounced it o-RAY-oh and dan was briefly under the impression she’d brought them a fancy french pastry. cute. also very likely the bbq phil tweeted about was for them. and this happened like a week after returning from the lester family vacay so clearly family’s been the dominant part of the past month for them and i wanna die
  • graphic design is dan’s passion. he rambled more about the trials and tribulations of needing to define yourself by a font. relatedly he emphasized that his rebrand doesn’t mean he’s ditching wearing black and being bleak and having crises–if anything those are the things that define him the most. i think this is in line with what we’ve heard from him a lot this year about like,,, not knowing what he’s about on youtube rn and feeling a bit lost. 
  • he owns pastel pajamas 
  • he wished everyone happy pride and said “love yourself” 
  • he has slowly made the house look like, vvv aesthetic. to that end, he has at least 10 succulents that are all alive did you hear that phil 
  • at his all boys’ school, the culture was such that on the day everyone got painful TB injections people would wait around just to punch each other on the arms bc they knew it hurt 
  • his nipples were almost out when he was walking down the street in his vetements hoodie and got caught in a wind tunnel
  • he would wear a dress in theory but is still in practice constrained by social/gender norms 
  • introverted dan wanted to do nothing for his bday whatsoever and stay inside but he was talked into going out to dinner. so he’s doing that on sunday
  • someone said it was their 4 month anniversary w their girlfriend and he congratulated them and then asked how they feel, if it’s good/exciting or like, terrifying, bc it can be terrifying, sounding very much like he wanted to relate to the feeling of being in a new relationship from his own experience. given that we almost never hear him talk about anything to do w relationships from his own perspective anymore, i thought that was p cool
  • new gaming video tomorrow–a game for the switch called ‘arms’ where they almost punch each other 
  • phil is downstairs
  • don’t listen to his summary of nihilism it is. tragic

(dan live show: ‘‘daniel’ = deep dark and dank’ - 6.06.17)

Imagine your favorite turtle thinking about you. The bros are busy and he really, REALLY needs to keep his mind on the task…but he just can’t help himself…

Leonardo was trying to read. It was rare that he got some quiet time but when he did, he liked to settle down with a good book. It was oned of his favorite things to do but today, he was having trouble focusing on the story. All because of you of course. The main character’s best friend was so much like you, smart and sweet and brave. A littled on the sarcastic side but always there for people. So he couldn’t understand why the main character didn’t love her. She was perfect. And witty. And so pretty with those soft curls and long lashes and-focus Leo! He concentrated on the story or at least tried…but you kept popping back into his mind.

Raphael was trying to training. Hands wrapped up tight with bandages, he swung and kicked and punched his beat up punching bag. The poor thing was getting the daylights beaten out of it but Raph couldn’t help it. He couldn’t stop. Not because of anger or frustration but because of happiness. Because of you. He had just spent the best afternoon of his life with you, watching movies and eating junk food and talking for hours. And all he could think about was your smile, your laugh, the way your hand had brushed against his…and it was making him so happy, he had to punch something.

Donatello was trying to work. He had to fix thst stupid toaster yet again and it needed to be done by morning (because heaven help us if Mikey didn’t get his Cinnamon Toastie Waffles). And damn it, he was trying! But you kept creeping into his mind as he tried to figure out what was wrong with this stupid thing this time…it wasn’t his fault. It was you, with your goofy grin and adorable laugh and love of anime. You, with your big beautiful eyes and, oh, the way you said his name…you were so wonderful. And you were keeping him from getting any work done too. He had to focus, had to focus…was that the first episode of Boku No Hero Academia? Wasn’t that your favorite? *click*

Michelangelo was supposed to be doing his chores and he TOTALLY was so shut up, Leo. He was mopping the kitchen floor…he was just dancing with said mop…and, okay, he was singing too. But he couldn’t help it! He was listening to a playlist you had sent him (he had asked for all your favorite songs cause he’s a nosey turtle) and, well, he hasd just started grooving to it. It didn’t matter that his brothers were laughing and rolling their eyes, it didn’t matter that Mikey was not the world’s best singer. All Michelangelo cared about was the music, the same songs you listened to and loved were playing right now…and they all reminded him of you!

I’m actually amazed.

I’ve been reading Kuroshitsuji for a long time but I’ve just recently found out about the Twin Ciel Theory. The clues aren’t obvious at all and they’re scattered all throughout the chapters. Yet people still managed to piece it together.

I don’t get why Yana is getting hate over this. She did a brilliant job hiding this fact for at least a 100 chapters while leaving small hints. I’m genuinely surprised because I never expected this at all. Why are people hating the fact that the character they grew to love turned out to be an imposter? It doesn’t make a difference. Our!Ciel was still the one who mustered up the courage to do all those things. He is who he is.

Anyways I am seriously hyped for the chapter to get translated and for the next one as well. Looks like things are going to be reaaally interesting.

A Study in Pink

The other night my entire life changed, I think for the better, and I want to tell you about it. So this is what happened on the night I moved in with Sherlock Holmes.

When I first met Sherlock, he told me my life story. He could tell so much about me from my limp, my tan and my mobile phone. And that’s the thing with him. It’s no use trying to hide who you are (or what you are, which scares me more) because Sherlock sees right through everyone and everything in seconds. It’s remarkable but terrifying. What’s incredible, though, is how spectacularly ignorant he is about some things.

This morning, for example, he asked me who the Prime Minister was. Last week he seemed to genuinely not know the Earth goes round the Sun. Seriously. He didn’t know. He didn’t think the Sun went round the Earth or anything. He just didn’t care. I still can’t quite believe it, and he’s not taken kindly to me spontaneously laughing about it. In so many ways, he’s the cleverest, most incredible person I’ve ever met but there are these blank spots that partly worry me and partly brighten my day (knowing something that Sherlock doesn’t brings a sort of thrill). At least I’ve got used to him now. Well, I say that, I suspect I’ll never really get used to him. He is like no one else I’ve ever met. It’s just, on that first night, I literally had no idea of what was to come. I mean, how could I? I’ve come to learn that when you’re with Sherlock Holmes, everything is an adventure.

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I finished watching Cheese in the Trap a couple of days ago. First of all, I am so in love with this drama, it’s excellent. It has everything - romance, humor, mistery, great acting, which is the most important, and character diversity. It’s pretty much dynamic, which makes it easy to watch, and not only that but 1st ep is more than enough to make you addicted…

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British MC

I wasn’t really sure how to tackle this, since very British can mean a lot of things, so I decided to take the funny route and take very British as stereotypical British. All hail British stereotypes. Hope you enjoy! :3


♬ one of the many things Zen loves about you is what a genuinely good girl you are, pure in a sense. It appealed to his manly instincts and made him want to protect you, regardless whether you actually needed said protection or not. It just felt good to feel needed.

♬ it was just that though, he also loved that because you were a good girl, you also kept him on track to some extend. Zen was a very disciplined man on his own, but when his heart took over he tended to get himself in sticky situations sometimes that you now saved him from

♬ that is until one day some of his colleagues asked him out for a drink after their final show and instead of saying no like he usually would have, he invited you along. He was a little worried, since he’d never seen you drink before, but you assured him that you could hold your drink

♬ at the hospital lying in bed with alcohol poisoning, Zen cursed his toxic masculinity, which he blamed the events that transpired on, because of course he took that as a challenge. You were tiny, how could you possibly outdrink him? Turns out, British people drink. A lot. You won that challenge.


★ being the youngest member in the group and basically still a baby in comparison might have a lot of downsides like the total lack of direction in his life or the fact that he never got the same respect from the other members like they had for one another, but it also had positive sides to it

★ Yoosung was much more in tune with the outside world, especially since he played LOLOL with people from all over the world. It gave him access to grade a jokes and all the memes the internet had to offer. Some of which, of course, were based on stereotypes

★ so when they found out that you were British, Yoosung thought he was prepared. He’d seen all the memes and jokes about your inability to handle sunlight and your obsession with tea. Plus, Asian’s loved tea so much themselves, equipped with sunscreen he was ready for you

★ sadly, Yoosung had underestimated just how obsessed Brit’s are with their tea. You didn’t just drink green tea once or twice a day. You had an entire cupboard filled with flavours he’d never even seen before and you drank it non-stop! If Yoosung had to drink one more cup…


♛ being a perfectionist and CEO of one of the biggest companies in Korea, if not the world, had taught Jumin to be insightful to the point he could anticipate almost any event life was about to throw at him to the point he was sure that nothing, absolutely nothing, could surprise him anymore

♛ as it turned out, Jumin was very much wrong in that assumption, because boy oh boy did it surprise him to see you jump from the sofa, wearing the ugliest sports uniform and matching face paint he’d even seen while shouting at the flat screen with an aggression he’d never witnessed before

♛ apparently you were a big fan of football – and no, not the shit American kind, the proper football that is actually played with feet hence football – and while you were polite and quiet on every other occasion you turned into a gremlin the second boys in shiny shorts started to run after the ball

♛ that’s how Jumin found himself sitting stiffly on the coach beside you, hands neatly folded in his lap, after you forced him to replace his expensive suit with a matching, ugly uniform and face paint so he could watch you continuously throw insults at the TV, admittedly a little scared of you


☽ since Saeyoung first met you over the messenger, he had no idea that you were British. You wrote in Korean with them, so logically he’s just assume you were Korean. Big was his surprise when he walked into the apartment to find big doe eyes, extremely fair skin and light, not noodle straight hair

☽ it was a lot to take in, but Saeyoung somehow managed not to show his surprise too much. Now that he’d established that you were Caucasoid, it still begged the question where exactly you were from. He got the answer the moment you introduced yourself with that adorable little accent

☽ you’ve been together for quite some time now, but Saeyoung’s reaction to your accent is still and will probably forever remain the same: teasing. How could he not? When you looked like a porcelain doll, sounded lie a posh princess and cursed like a sailor

☽ He would either coo at you until you turned bright red, making silly joked until you couldn’t help but smirk along or ask you to just speak English to which he would laugh not because he found you sounded strange, but because he couldn’t get over how much he loved that adorable sound


☼ when Jihyun found out that you were British he was delighted. Not because he has some sort of special affection for the country, but because he saw it as an opportunity to broaden his horizon and learn things from an entirely different culture than his own, draw inspiration from it

☼ lucky for him, you did live up to a lot of the ‘stereotypes’ that are assigned to British people; like your peculiar taste in food, your eagerness to enjoy every last drop of sun, your love for tea and an always slightly posh demeanour that reminded him so much of Jumin he couldn’t help but smile

☼ all those things were completely new to him, quickly making you into his muse. There was, however, another stereotype you lived up to that did cause a bit of a problem from time to time and that was the well known British politeness

☼ now there is nothing wrong with being polite, but the two of you together – two awkward dorks with the tendency to carry the weight of the world and apologize a hundred times a day – managed to drive all of your friends insane after a while to the point you didn’t get a swear-jar, but an apology-jar

Scared Of Happy | J.A

Requested: No, I just really wanted to write it oops

Warnings: One curse word? // This was supposed to be full of angst but it’s more like 5% angst and 95% pure fluff because I suck.

Notes: I didn’t realize until after I finished it but this is kind of based on the song “Scared Of Happy” by Fifth Harmony.

Jack’s name appeared on your phone screen for what felt like the billionth time today, you’d been avoiding him for the past week and a half and you were running out of excuses. Which is how you ended up here, hiding away in your room, watching Netflix and ignoring your boyfriend.

It wasn’t that you guys had a bad fight, you just had been feeling like you weren’t good enough for him. He’d be better off with someone who could handle being in the spotlight or someone who was able to talk to him instead of hiding away for a week. 

1:15 pm

Jack: if you don’t call me back in five minutes i’m coming over.

As much as you knew he deserved an explanation, you couldn’t bring yourself to answer his texts or the phone call that came after them. Instead, you pulled the hood of Jack’s hoodie over your head and leaned further into your bed. 

When he appeared in your room, you had your back to him. You felt the bed move slightly as he sat down beside you. 

“Are you sick, babe?” Jack’s voice was as soothing as his hand that was rubbing circles on your back. “You didn’t need to stay away from me, I’m sure you’re not that contagious.” 

You rolled over to face him, trying to give him the best fake smile you could muster. “Not really.”

“What do you mean?” He tilted his head n confusion, staring at you in hopes of some explanation for why you were acting so weird. 

“You deserve better than me, Jack. Maybe you should just break up with me.”  You sat up in front of him, bringing the blankets with you keeping them close to your chest. 

Jack’s eyes studied you as he tried to remember any reason that you’d say such a thing. Had he done something? Did you do something? Was it the fans? They’d been so nice about your relationship, It couldn’t be that. 

“Y/N, you’re not making any sense.” He spoke slowly. “What aren’t you telling me?”

Anything you’d wanted to tell him for the past week and a half suddenly sounded completely irrational and pathetic in your head. How were you supposed to tell him that you were jealous of all of the perfect LA girls or that you didn’t want to get in the way of his growing success with the band? That you’d been hiding away from him because you didn’t feel worthy of his love? 

You looked into his eyes for the first time since he’d arrived, the worry was evident in them and it only made you feel worse. “Look, Jack. I just don’t think I’m good enough for you okay?” 

“Oh my god, you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Jack screwed his face up, sighing deeply. He jumped to his feet and started pacing with his hands on his head for a while before he turned to face you again. “Is this just you being insecure or did you cheat on me or something?”

You continued to sit on your bed in his hoodie as you watched him carefully, he was never one to be violent but if looks could kill you’d be six feet under right now. 

“Jack-” You attempted to say something, anything but you were at a loss for words. 

“Did you cheat on me?” Jack questioned you, the anger in his voice rising with every word. 

The air was heavy with all of the negative energy and you knew he could feel it too. You could practically smell his anger radiating from his body, suddenly it hit you that this was your fault. If you hadn’t been so insecure and you hadn’t felt the only option was to avoid your own boyfriend, neither of you would be here right now.

“Of course not. You know I’d never do that!” You snapped, as you felt your eyes start to well up at the mere thought of it. Unintentionally you had started to pull at your hair. You hadn’t even brushed it today, it was still in the messy bun you slept in last night.

“Then what reason could you possibly have to be able to sit there and tell me what or who is good enough for me and what isn’t?” Jack took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down enough to not scream. “I’m telling you right now, you do not get to decide that for me!” 

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, mostly because you weren’t sure how to give him the answer he wanted. So you sat there with tear stained cheeks and buried your head in your hands. 

Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before walking back over to you. He removed the blankets from you, leaving you in a hoodie and sweats. His hoodie and sweats. This made you look up at him and into his eyes that were no longer glaring, but apologetic instead. He moved around until he was sat directly in front of you and opened his arms, which you gladly crawled into. 

“Here’s what’s gonna happen, you’re going to let yourself cry because you’ve probably been holding it in for way too long,” Jack whispered, not needing to talk any louder because your head was at the crook of his neck and you could hear every word. “Then you’re gonna tell me what the problem is and I’ll fix it because I love you.” 

Your sobs were so violent that your whole body was shaking, you had your arms wrapped your boyfriend’s waist, hugging him like it was the last time you’d ever see him. Jack let you cling onto him and cry your heart out. He’d speak when your sobs got caught in your throat and he had to remind you to breathe. His hands went from rubbing your back, to up and down your arms, until eventually he just held your head against his chest. 

By the time you were out of tears, Jack’s shirt was completely soaked from you crying directly onto it. You were exhausted but you felt like half of the weight you’d been carrying all week had been lifted. 

“Talk to me, baby girl.” Jack smiled at you, as he moved you away from him ever so slightly so that he could see your face.

“You have so much talent, Jack. You and the boys are going to go so far and do really amazing things and I don’t want to hold you back from any of it.” You spoke slowly, afraid saying your thoughts out loud would make you cry again.  “I’m not like the pretty LA Instagram models that are everywhere around here. Look at me, I haven’t even brushed my hair today.” When Jack still hadn’t said anything, you continued on with your train of thought.

 “You’re amazing and I’m not and I don’t think I’m worthy of your love or attention.” 

Jack pulled you back into his chest, kissing the top of your head repeatedly until you couldn’t help but laugh. He finally let you go again and you stared at each other intently. 

“Do you think I care about any of that stuff? You have the most attractive personality I’ve ever seen, you already know I fell in love with you for that first. I know you’re insecure and I know you think you look awful right now, but you don’t. Those girls you see on Instagram don’t look like that all the time and you know that. People post what they want others to see, don’t let it change how you see yourself. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and I can’t believe you’re mine.” His eyes never left yours as he listed all of the things he loved about you and he smiled the entire time. 

“You’re not still mad?” You spoke barely above a whisper, still not fully understanding what you did to deserve someone as loving and caring as Jack. 

Jack shook his head as he took your hands in his. “It hurts me that someone as amazing as you is so insecure and that you felt like you couldn’t talk to me about it but I’m not mad at you, baby.” 

Before you could say anything else, your boyfriend walked over to your vanity at the other side of your room and returned to you with a hairbrush in hand. You stared at him in amusement until he made you turn around with your back to him.

“Tell me if I hurt you, I might have three sisters but I’m not good at this.” He sat behind you and laughed nervously. 

Every so often he’d catch a bit of tangled hair and apologize profusely but having such long, wavy hair you were used to it anyway. When he was done, he moved your hair out of the way and left kisses at the side of your neck. You thanked him and he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind. 

“Why don’t you go take a shower and then we can order pizza and cuddle?” He offered, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Are you saying we can’t cuddle until after I shower because I smell?” You joked. 

“No, but I know you probably haven’t left this bed all day and you need to take care of yourself.” He laughed and you felt it vibrate on your shoulder.

What he said wasn’t a lie, you had only left your bed today to pee or get snacks from the kitchen. 

You walked back into your room half an hour later in a fresh pair of sweats and a sports bra, feeling a lot fresher too. Jack was laying on top of your bed, trying to find something to watch on Netflix. You were just about to walk over to him when you heard the doorbell ring.

“That’ll be the pizza. Can you get it while I dry my hair?” You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Sure thing, baby.” Jack grinned and threw the remote at you, which you barely just caught. “Pick a movie and wait for me.” 

You were glad your hair was cooperating today and it dried fairly quickly. By the time Jack returned, you were sitting on your bed with Hercules waiting to play on your laptop. 

He sat the pizza box in front of you and climbed onto your bed next to you. The two of you cuddled into each other and watched the movie in a comfortable silence for the first ten minutes. 

“Can you promise me one thing, Y/N?” Jack was the first to break the silence. 

“Anything.” You answered quickly. 

“Please try to stop being so scared of happiness.” He sighed gently. “You make me really happy and I know I make you happy too, you don’t need to be so scared of it.” 

Jack cupped your face with his hand, rubbing circles on your cheek with his thumb and you melted into his touch. It didn’t take him long after that to grab your face in both of his hands and press his lips onto yours. His words went a long way, but his actions made them real. 

“I love you so much, Jack.” 

“I love you way more.” 

Decisions, decisions ...

If you could only read one book from now on, which would it be? 

 This is a question that often gets asked in my circle of friends, usually after a few drinks, and my answer is always the same – I would pay someone to bind all of Terry Pratchett’s work into one ginormous book just for me. 

When that doesn’t pass muster and I am accused of cheating (which I usually am) I then have to choose between Terry’s books. And that, I have to say, is a much more difficult proposition. I know some people say “it doesn’t matter, it’s Terry, you can read any of his books time and time again and find new angles and puns and other titbits of information that you didn’t notice before” and that’s all true but … despite it all, it matters to me. 

When I look at my Pterry shelves my choice of re-read is significantly dependent on the mood I’m in and what feelings I’m looking to calm or invoke in myself. Do I want to remind myself of how I felt when I first fell in love with the Discworld? If so I need Reaper Man. Do I want to be reminded that it’s possible to find your purpose and get your life together even when your world seems to have gone to the dogs? Then I need Guards! Guards! Do I want to find the courage to keep making the choices that I know need to be made, day after day after day? Then I need Carpe Jugulum or A Hat Full of Sky. Do I want a reminder why organised religion just does not do it for me? I need Small Gods. Am I hankering after a seriously good laugh set in the Discworld equivalent of Ancient Egypt? Then Pyramids is taken from the shelf. Is it Christmas? I need Hogfather … I could go on. And on. And on. There is not a single book of Terry’s that doesn’t resonate with my soul for one reason or other. 

However this form of questioning does not help me narrow down my choice of one book at all and for years I um-ed and ah-ed and then hand-waved and said I couldn’t choose and no-one could make me. 

Until one day someone turned the question on its head and instead asked “If you were told you could never read anything ever again, which book would you be most upset about?” 

And I immediately said “Night Watch”. 

No hesitation - no um-ing and ah-ing, no trying to bend the question to my will – just an instinctual response that had nothing to do with my mood or wanting specific things and everything to do with the sick feeling the thought of never reading it again produced in my stomach. 

This book, to me, is the epitome of Terry’s writing and the epitome of what a story can be. There are so many strands to it, so much depth and feeling packed into its 480 pages that I cannot imagine not being able to return to it at will to mine it again and again for every nugget of truth, punnery and glorious understanding of the human condition. It is both an origin story (for Vimes, for Vetinari, for Ankh-Morpork as we know it), a continuation of the Discworld series and Vimes’ story, and a commentary on – amongst other things - civilisation, revolutions, how we know who we are, and why some of us continue to make the right choices over and over again, no matter how hard they are. 

This book helps me make sense of the violence in the world, makes me want to be a better person, and is the reason that each year, on 25th May, I pick a sprig of lilac from the tree growing in my garden and have a hard-boiled egg with soldiers for breakfast. 

It also contains such gems as: 

“He hated being thought of as one of those people that wore stupid ornamental armour. It was gilt by association”

“The Assassin moved quietly from roof to roof until he was well away from the excitement around the Watch House. His movements could be called cat-like, except that he did not stop to spray urine against things”


“‘I get it,’ said the prisoner. ‘Good Cop, Bad Cop, eh?’ ‘If you like.’ said Vimes. 'But we’re a bit short staffed here, so if I give you a cigarette would you mind kicking yourself in the teeth?’”

And now I’m turning the question over to all you lovely people reading this, but adding a specifically Pterry angle:

If you were never able to read another book written by Terry Pratchett again, which one would you be most upset about?

Do reblog and let me know – sharing the love of Pterry is a wonderful thing!



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A/N: Okay, part six. This series will still continue. So far, I think there is going to be one or two more parts, we’ll see.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 2,978

Warning: drama time, cursing, angst

I think I might be in love with you.

You were pacing back and forth in the living room early in the morning. The memories of the night before flashing through your mind as you ran your hands over your face in frustration, you tugged at your hair in a stressful manner.

Sebastian was in love with you.

You couldn’t believe it… Well, that wasn’t completely true.

It didn’t take a genius or a mind reader to tell that Sebastian had feelings for you. Sure, he always told you how he only saw you as a friend with benefits but you saw right through him. Although you knew the truth that he tried to cover up with his little white lies, you refused to believe it. Now that he had confessed his love for you, it was a lot harder to do so.

You had been tossing and turning all night, the words ’I think I might be in love with you’ running through your mind.

It would have been another story if he had muttered those words out in his sleep but he had been wide awake, with no ounce of alcohol in his system since he had had to drive. He had been sober, in his right mind while saying those words and it scared the hell out of you.

You felt bad. Out of all the people in the world it had to be you Sebastian fell for. The two of you wanted completely different things. He wanted a relationship, commitment and you wanted none of that. You didn’t believe in love, didn’t want a commitment because you didn’t see it going anywhere. You didn’t want a relationship like Sebastian did.

Or did you?


You were startled by Sebastian. You hadn’t heard him come down and you turned around, wide-eyed with a gasp.

“Are you okay?” Sebastian asked, worried. “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head, taking a deep breath and trying to seem as nonchalant as possible. “Didn’t get much sleep. Just a little jumpy,” you said as you shivered, chills running down your spine.

Sebastian looked you up and down, frowning. “Why didn’t you get any sleep?”

“Just… Some nightmares, it’s no big deal.”

“It is if it kept you up all night,” Sebastian said firmly, placing a hand on your arm which made your whole body stiffen. “What was the nightmare about?”

You shrugged, letting out a forced laugh. “Just… Interviews… Going wrong.”

Sebastian sighed and pulled away. “It’s going to be fine. You did great yesterday, it’s not going to be any different.”

You nodded, gulping as you looked straight into his eyes. Those beautiful bright eyes that made you feel at home, they gave you a sense of security. You couldn’t help but notice the loving gaze he had when he looked at you. Even though your mind was telling you to look away, your heart was telling you not to. It confused you, how they were telling you to do different things.

Sebastian’s brow rose as he stared back at you. He waved his hand in front of your face, causing you to quickly advert your gaze from him.

“Why are you awake so early anyway?” You asked, changing the subject before he could ask anything more concerning your odd behavior.

He shrugged. “The bed just felt cold without you.” He pouted, clearly joking but the words and the way he delivered them to you still tugged at your heart in a pleasant yet slightly painful way. You kept your poker face on, though, not wanting to show him just how much his words really affected you. You even chuckled slightly, going over to the kitchen.

“What do you want to eat?” You asked as you looked through his fridge.

“No, you’re not making breakfast,” he said as he walked up to you and closed the door of the fridge while pulling you away from it.

“What? Why not?”

“You barely slept. If anyone is making breakfast, it’s me,” he said and opened the fridge again.

You started thinking about what Madlenka had said the day before. She had said you two were kind of like a couple and you were starting to see it. You spent a lot of time together, you practically lived with each other and now Sebastian was making you breakfast. You couldn’t help but think of the words husband material as you looked at him getting ready to cook up something for you.

“What?” Sebastian asked, seeming taken aback.

“What?” You asked back.

“What did you say?” He raised a brow while looking at you carefully. Your odd behavior was really starting to worry him.

Oh, God, did I say that out loud? You thought to yourself. You only shook your head and smiled. “Just said you’re going to make a great husband some day,” you said, deciding not to lie your ass off in case he had actually heard you clearly. “You’re going to make some girl very happy some day,” you finished and reached out to ruffle his hair a little bit. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

You rushed out of the room, shaking your head and running your hands over your face. You were quick to step inside the bathroom and lock the door before letting out a quiet groan. You couldn’t help but think, How the hell did this happen?

Waiting for the first interview of the day, you had your elbow resting on the armrest while your cheek was on your hand. Your eyes kept closing and opening over and over. The sleep deprivation was really hitting you and you cursed silently at the timing.

“Y/N?” Your assistant asked, looking at you with furrowed brows. “Are you alright?”

You nodded with a tired smile. “I didn’t get much sleep last night.”

She smirked, glancing over at Sebastian who was making his way to the room. You shook your head. “No, not because of that… I just couldn’t sleep.” You sighed, leaning back on your chair and letting your head fall back as well.

“Let me go get you some coffee,” she said sweetly and went her way.

You glanced at Sebastian who made his way over to you with a charming smile. “Hey,” he said as he sat down next to you. “Still nervous?”

You nodded, gulping as you looked into his bright beautiful eyes. “Yeah, very.”

He placed his hand on your thigh and squeezed lightly to comfort you. “It’ll be fine. You did great yesterday.”

You nodded again and bit the inside of your cheek. Your gaze fell back to his hand that was resting comfortably on your thigh and your heart started beating faster in your chest. You shook your head and sighed, trying to ignore the warm feeling it caused within you.

Suddenly the room felt warmer, way too warmer for your liking. You grabbed the neckline of your shirt and pulled on the material, moving it back and forth fast to fan yourself.

Sebastian’s hand left your thigh and was soon placed on your shoulder. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asked with his voice dripping worry.

“I… I need some air,” you said with a hoarse voice and stood up from the seat. You rushed out of the room. You walked to the back exit of the building, knowing there were some fans along with paparazzi outside the front door. You just wanted to be alone, calm yourself and ease your mind. You stood in the alley behind the building. You placed your hand on your forehead and groaned, frustrated.

You were incredibly confused by the way finding out about Sebastian having feelings for you was affecting you. The way your body reacted to his touch after finding out was so odd to you. You were a lot more aware of his touch than you had been before the previous night. You were very aware of the excitement and warmth you felt when he had his hands on you. You had had those feelings before but you hadn’t really acknowledged them. Now, it was hard not to.

You heard the door open behind you and you turned around to see Sebastian rushing over to you. “Y/N, what the hell was that? You just rushed out of the room. What’s going on with you?” He asked with worry as he placed his hands on your arms, making your skin tingle at the contact.

Him being there with you was not helping you calm down at all. It was too overwhelming. All you could think about when you looked into his caring eyes was ’he loves me’. He was in love with you. Being with him was a constant reminder of that and it was making you lose your mind.

Your eyes started watering as your breathing quickened. You mentally cursed yourself for being so emotional. Again, you blamed the sleep deprivation.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Sebastian asked, his voice rising as he got even more worried. He noticed the tears in your eyes and he could not wait to find out what was bothering you.

“Seb,” you whispered shakily. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“What are you talking about?” Sebastian’s brows furrowed in confusion.

“Seb, I know.”

“Know what?”

“I heard you last night,” you said and felt his grip on your arms loosen. He pulled back, gulping as his lips formed a thin line and jaw tightened. “I know you have feelings for me.”

Just as Sebastian was about to speak up, the door opened behind you once again. You both turned your attention to the door to see Sebastian’s assistant standing in the doorway.

“The interview is starting in a couple of minutes.”

Sebastian nodded, giving his assistant a tight lipped smile. “Thank you,” he said politely. “We’ll be there in a minute,” he finished and turned back to you again. “We’ll talk about this later.”

You nodded, whispering a quiet, “Okay,” before watching him turn to the door and go inside. You let out a deep breath and took slow steps towards the door.

The interviews were going to be hell.

“Okay, let’s talk.”

You closed the door after hearing Sebastian speak up after the uncomfortable interviews and the quiet ride home. You sighed, resting your hand on the door knob for a second before turning around and facing him. He looked straight into your eyes, ready to clear some things up.

The problem was, you weren’t ready.

You nodded, crossing your arms as you leaned against the wall. Your gaze dropped down to the floor and you huffed. You really weren’t ready for the conversation you were going to have.

“Don’t you have anything to say?” Sebastian asked, clearly feeling somewhat annoyed.

You sighed one again and ran a hand over your face. “I don’t know what to say,” you admitted.

“Come on, you’ve got to have something to say. You just found out your fuck buddy is in love with you,” he said, voice rising as his hands were thrown in the air in frustration.

You frowned at his choice of words. “You’re much more than a fuck buddy to me, Seb,” you scolded. “You know that.”

“Then what exactly am I to you?”

“Why are you getting so worked up?” You asked, surprised by the annoyed tone in his voice. “Did I do something to annoy you?”

He shook his head as he shrugged. “No. You did nothing wrong.”

“Then why are you so mad at me?” You urged him on.

“Because you’re refusing to admit that you have feelings for me too!”

You took a step back and looked at him with wide eyes. “What?”

“You heard me,” Sebastian started as he sauntered over to you.

“Well, I must have heard wrong.” You scoffed.

“No, you heard correct. Come on, Y/N. You can’t actually think I haven’t noticed.”

“Noticed what? There’s been nothing to notice!”

“You have feelings for me.”

“Stop, Sebastian!” You  practically screamed. “No, I don’t,” you said a lot quieter.

Sebastian placed his hands on your arms and lowered his head to be on the same eye level as you. His hands ran gently up and down your arms as he held your gaze in his mesmerizing eyes. “Admit it. You feel the way I do.”

You almost audibly whimpered as the corners of his lips flickered upwards in a hopeful smile. Your jaw tensed and you gulped visibly before your head tilted downward. You shook your head slowly and let out a breath you didn’t realize you were holding

“Sebastian… please, don’t do this,” you begged.

Sebastian placed his finger under your chin and lifted it for you to look him in the eye again. “Come on, I know you do.”

“No, I don’t!” You denied his accusations and harshly pushed him away. A look of hurt flashed through his features but you continued. “I’ve told you I don’t believe in that dreamland bullshit hundreds of times! Stop trying to pull me in! It’s not going to happen.”

Sebastian raised a brow. “Oh, really?”

“Yes, really!” You said in frustration. “I don’t have feelings for you.” For some reason, the words that came out of your mouth didn’t sound convincing to either of you.

“So, the little glances you always shoot my way when you think I don’t notice? The way you always find excuses to hug me or just steal little touches here and there. Or what about that time you left my place to go home, called me a hubby and kissed me goodbye?”

“Okay, that was a joke and you know that,” you said, referring to his latter example. “I just show affection in a friendly way and what glances?”

“You’re always staring at me with that look in your eyes. Don’t try to lie, you can’t fool me. Everyone else has noticed it as well.”

“What look?” You asked, eyes narrowing.


You rolled your eyes. “Love and lust are hard to tell apart sometimes,” you muttered, looking back at the ground again. “Seb, really, you need to stop. You’re just hurting yourself by doing this. Trying to convince me and yourself that I feel the same way. You need to stop, it’s getting…”

“Getting what?” He asked.

“Pathetic,” you finished, instantly regretting it.

His jaw tensed as he stood up straighter. He towered over you, looking at you with an angry look in his eyes. “Pathetic?” He asked, letting out a dry laugh.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—”

“Pathetic?” He asked much louder. “What’s so pathetic about knowing what you want? What’s pathetic about wanting to be with someone? Are you saying being in love is pathetic?”

You tugged on your hair as you paced back and forth, breathing heavily while you were having the conversation you’d never have to have with someone, especially with Seb who you cared about so much. He was incredibly important to you but goddamn was he stubborn as hell. He just wouldn’t let the topic go.

“You know how I feel about all that relationship crap! You need to stop trying so hard. I don’t want you trying to make me fall in love with you. That’s not going to happen! You’re just blinded by your own feelings and the attempts to make me fall for you are—”


“Like… Like the rose you gave me last night!” You said, gesturing to the kitchen where the rose was stood in a vase on the kitchen counter. “I don’t want you giving me flowers. We’re friends. Friends don’t buy each other flowers before going out!”

“You don’t want flowers?” He asked and glanced at the kitchen. “Fine,” he said before stomping over to the kitchen.

Your brows furrowed as you followed him. You got to the doorway just as Sebastian grabbed the vase in his hand and dumped the rose into the trash under the sink, the vase itself following afterwards. You stayed at the doorway, watching as he slammed the cabinet door closed, turning to you with fury filled eyes.

“There! No more flowers. Are you happy now?”


“What else? What else do you not want?”


“Answer the question!”

“I don’t want to hurt you!” You screamed over him, angry and frustrated tears appearing in your eyes.

Sebastian quieted down. Shrugging his shoulders as a deep sigh fell past his lips, he walked over to you. Stopping right beside you in the doorway, he whispered, “Well, you’re too late on that one.”

Your heart sunk at his words and you watched him walk past you and head to the front door.

“Seb, where are you going this is your place—”

“I just need some air,” he said as he grabbed his jacket and put it on. “But don’t worry. I’ll bring you no flowers, buddy,” he said, the distaste he felt towards the last word clear in his voice.  He turned to the door and headed outside, slamming the door closed after exiting.

And so you were left alone in his home, standing while staring at the door, the sound of the door slamming closed ringing in your ears. You wrapped your arms around yourself and neared the kitchen. You opened the cabinet to see the trash and the red rose lying underneath the vase. A single tear fell down your cheek as you bent down and picked up the rose. You looked at it while wiping away the wetness on your cheek and sat down on the counter top.

You thought back on what he had said about you being in love with him too but refusing to admit it… It got you thinking.

You looked at the rose again, picking up a petal of the rose and letting it fall down on the marble surface.

And so a silent game of ‘I Love Him, I Love Him Not’ began.

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