like he did all those things for people he loved

Honest to god, this is one of my favorite things that has ever been said about Star Wars.  I love it because:

1.  Anakin in death is just like Anakin in life:  Getting special treatment because he’s just that connected to the Force and because he’s so beloved by those in position to give him that special treatment.  (Because this is obviously to me about Obi-Wan, especially given how much Obi-Wan loved him.)

2.  OBI-WAN LOVED HIM SO GODDAMNED MUCH, YOU GUYS.  Even after killing Obi-Wan, even after everything Anakin/Vader did, all the people he hurt and killed, all the horrible crimes he committed, everything that he fucked up, all the betrayals he did, the minute he was Anakin again, Obi-Wan was there to help him and help him back to the Light.


All those people saying "why Carrie, couldn't it be Hayden Christensen?" or comment the force ghost edits with Leia and young Anakin with "I love that it looks like Hayden died, too" could please FUCK OFF and think about the extremely insensitive thing you said about a kind man that never did anything wrong to you, and just focus on Carrie's devastating death for a moment??

I don’t give a shit if you hate the prequels, Hayden, his acting, anything. Carrie died today. Hayden must be sad like we are, and you’re lucky he doesn’t use social medias so he can’t see the hurtful things you said. He’s a lovely man, talented actor, with a loving girlfriend and a little daughter, and you just said you’d want him dead. I don’t care if you were joking, it’s offensive to him and Carrie’s death. We all want Carrie to be still with us, but don’t ever say such a bad thing about other people. Hayden is not worth less than Carrie. He may not be as beloved as her, but he is still loved by millions of people. He is the kindest man, he loves his job, his family and his fans, he never said anything bad about SW and the ungrateful fans. Don’t drag him into this. Carrie wouldn’t want this.

It was a few months after you left when my friend asked me.

“How did you know?”

“How did I know what?”

“That you loved him”

When she said that every single thing about you rushed back into my brain. It was like I was feeling all the pain for the first time again. But I answered anyway.

“It was the way the sound of his name made my stomach fill with butterflies. When he looked at me the whole world stood still. God those green eyes made it feel like we were the only people on earth. His touch electrified me. Lightning coursed throughout my veins filling every part of me with warmth. He made my heart feel like it was going to burst out of my chest. But it’s the pain he caused that makes me certain.”


“Because it wouldn’t hurt this much if I didn’t.”

—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write

15 long years and Naruto has come to an end. During those 15 years Naruto has taught me so many things. Don’t ever give up, don’t let hate consume you, love your enemies and the list goes on and on. Naruto has been a strong character who always felt like he always had to shoulder everything, but in the end he always had friends there to carry such a burden with him and nowadays, people forget that they have family and friends who is always going to be there for them. Naruto defeated all of his enemies, but he never did it by himself. With all the POSITIVE people surrounding him, he overcome such an enemy. Not only that, let’s not forget how Kurama was sealed inside of Naruto. We all have demons inside of us, but it’s up to use to overcome those demons and learn to face them head on. As Naruto gets married, I feel like I’m sending off my child. He has grown to be such a great character, along with the others. They’ve all developed into strong characters. Even though this is an anime, we all have to agree on that Naruto has at least taught us something. Let’s just all thank Masashi Kishimoto for being the real MVP!! I cannot wait to see what the next generation has in store for us!

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Last night is so special because
1. We did it!
2. He did it! (Overcomes his fear of being in public)
3. He knows he has lots of support around the world.
4. Jada Smith, everyone. Jada Smith - a feminism activist - before announcing his name, she said that he is her personal favorite when she didn’t have to say that at all. Thanks, Jada for showing him your support. He needs it. (I personally feel like there’s no way she would said that if there was any doubt about the DV thing)
5. Those people at the show!!! Those who repeatedly shouted ‘WE LOVE YOU!!!!’ or cheered him up. They made me cry. To see him getting so many supports from people there is sooo important to me. I was a bit worried before the announcement like if he win and he shows up, how will people at the event react? Will they support him or else? But to see that there was such a overwhelming support from people there just makes my heart melt. Thank you soooo much.
6. The reaction from the majority of people in the internet. Yes, we see some brats whining up or having a meltdown. (Poor them.) But I see the majority supports him and congrats to him on this. His acceptance video get most views and likes, etc.

It’s overwhelming and I still can’t get over it.

A few months back I found out that an uncle that I had a lot of love for was abusing his wife and ever since I found out I have not been able to even look at him let alone talk to him. It’s weird because he was somebody I really thought was cool. He never passed along gossip, he jus kinda did his thing and I was able to jus talk to him as a person. Not even as a Brown Uncle. You know those types of people who are only concerned with your job, college education and what your cousins are upto. Nothing like that at all. I was able to jus talk to him as a person and we’d even grab a beer and jus talk at the community picnics. He was so cool. But after hearing about all this I jus can’t understand how people really expect me to engage with the guy. Yes, he was good to me and gave me a lot of advice and motivation. But the same time? Beating your wife? I struggle with balancing these things out in my head. I just don’t understand how a community can hear all this and not bother to confront him or even talk to him about it. You know? Because it’s not like people aren’t talking about it. I mean how else would have word got back to me about all this? I get it. In any type of Brown community gossip, things should be taken with a grain of salt because people exaggerate all the time. But this tho? There has to be some form of merit to all this. I’ll see him and he’ll come over to me expecting a hug and a fun talk but I’ll just give a handshake and say that I have somewhere to be whenever I see him. It’s weird, yo.


LOGAN HUNTZBERGER. Yes, he has had his ups and downs, his not-so-great moments, but tbh I feel like all I read about is those moments? people hardly ever remember his great traits. 

Logan challenged Rory, encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone because 1. it helps the person grow and 2. he wanted her to LIVE without over-analysing every now and then, he did that without pressuring her, without PUSHING HER, without trying to tell her that what she is is wrong and that she SHOULD be this or that. Except for when a habit interfered with her ability to do her job as she wants it to be done, she admired great journalists, loved journalism but always thought of herself as someone who’ll see something and then write about it from distant, he noticed that and reminded her that nothing will ever deliver the way she saw something like experiencing it, he reminded her of some great examples to put her mind at ease, and even when he did that, he didn’t PRESSURE her, he asked her more than once if she was sure she wanted to ‘jump’ and reminded her that no one is forcing her to do it. 

He respected her, her life, her loved people, he never questioned why she did this or that in a negative way, not even remotely, NOT EVEN WITH HINTS. He wanted to be with her as she is, not the idea of who he wanted her to be, he didn’t fucking yell at her when she didn’t do/say what he wanted her to do/say simply because he thought he knew her and thought that knowing her gave him that right lmao (yes, I’m being petty and passive aggressive).

He had so much respect and admiration for her ambitions and dreams, he always believed and her, he literally introduced her to the man who gave her her first actual journaling job (granted getting the job was all Rory’s hard-work and self-success yes, but he was the link), and this point in particular needs to be emphasised lmao bc somehow people think he was the reason why she left Yale? bc his dad gave her that internship and crushed her? and I’m like??? the boy literally warned her that his dad is a bully, that he isn’t up to any good, she choose to go with it anyways, and here’s another point: HE DIDNT GO TO EXTRA LENGTHS TO STOP HER FROM TAKING THE INTERNSHIP EVEN WHEN HE KNEW HIS DAD, and I think that’s one of the best things he has done, he showed her his dad’s truth, he told her exactly how he thought it might end, but ultimately left the choice to her, he respected her enough to know that the choice is HERS, her career, her life, her experience, he didn’t go behind her back and try to stop this from happening to ‘protect her’ bc he knew he had no right to do so, and that manipulation and protection/love are different things (although he fucked up that point with those bridesmaids, but anyways we’re focusing on the good). 

When she left Yale, Logan was one of the very few who supported her, gave her enough emotional/mental space to make up her own mind and make up her own plan, to fix what was crushed by someone else, he didn’t even talk about school in front of her so he won’t trigger anything or make her feel bad, and when she told him it was something behind her and she was done with school, he knew her good enough to know that was bullshit and that it was just momentarily but nevertheless he didn’t act on it or say anything, he respected her momentarily decision/feelings and didn’t dismiss them. Same thing with her mom’s fight. 

it really baffles me when people are like ‘logan had the worst impact on rory’ bc like??? no he didn’t?? Did she change? yes! did that change come when she was him? YES, but who’s to say change is bad? she stepped out of her comfort zone, of her world that she grew up in, he exposed her to new experiences, new challenges that made her grow as a person, but he never forced/pressured her into it, it happened gradually, she made the choices, he was just there, being supportive, standing by her as she went through different roller coasters. 

Even when Lorelai was being a total judgemental ass towards him (I love my mom but she was), he didn’t just ignore it, he didn’t let it slide or bicker back, he understood that Lorelai is one of Rory’s top priorities, and that it was really important to rory that they got along, so he talked to her, he reassured her, he was patient with her and stood up for himself in a way that was reassuring to Lorelai rather than aggressive towards her. 

He respected Paris, accepted her shit lmao, Zach and Lane, and her grandparents even when he went to her town, he was open to her world (more than rory was to his tbh), he was just happy to be there lmao. 


I’ve never shared how vocal my cat is but here he is!! This is my son Frack. He is an all black cat and he has 3 legs, I’ve had him since the day he was born and he is literally the most cuddly cat I have ever own like he is always so needy with attention (which I happily spoil him with)

Those who say black cats are bad luck, fuck off. The reason he has 3 legs is because some asshole decided he didn’t like him and kicked his back leg to the point of where he had to get it amputated off. The sad thing is is that this happened while he was outside and he ended up crawling back home with his injured leg. We all knew who did it too but we couldn’t prove it because no one was around which angers me but still despite that Frack still loves people so much as long as me or my dad introduce them to him. I love him so much 💚🐱

braylon-the-ta  asked:

*little flower star thing fo the bby Jonah B James and Eve*

  • who said i love you first?
    • Eve did. But Jonah sent it quickly after
  • who laughs when the other trips?
    • Eve would never do such a thing because she is Sweet Eve but Jonah might once he stops treating her like glass
  • who pays the bills?
    •  Jonah because he’s the “man of the house” probably *eye roll*
  • which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?
    • They both grew up without them so they could either continue not caring about them or plot twist become those types of people that always go all out. Let’s hope they find a happy medium
  • who’s more clumsy?
    • Poor sweet Eve
  • who checks their daily horoscope?
    • I don’t see either of them doing that
  • who sings louder in the car?
    • I feel like Eve would whisper-sing under her breath like that girl from Pitch Perfect and then Jonah would sing louder to get her to 🎵 SHOUT IT SHOUT IT OUT LOUD 🎶  and then Eve would try to top him
  • who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?
    • Jonah because he’s a neanderthal
  • who is more up to date in pop culture?
    • “I do not understand what ‘cash me outside’ means. Are you looking for an ATM?”
      “My name is not Felicia. It is Eve.”
      AKA: Jonah (but only slightly)
  • who insists on going to see the newest movies?
  • who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?
    • Eve because she herself is an abused animal 
  • who’s the lighter sleeper?
    • Eve, especially due to her nightmares. Jonah can sleep through anything. A hurricane. An earthquake. A Bowser attack. All three at the same time.
  • who believes in ghosts?
  • who does the grocery shopping?
    • I imagine Eve is the more domestic one but I can see them both shopping together. how cute :’)
  • who updates their facebook status more often? 
    • Neither of them have a Facebook and they are both blissfully disconnected from the hell we call the World Wide Web

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Today in class we read the list.
We took turns reading them, in alphabetical order. The first ones had it easy - few people died at mafia’s hands before WWII. But when my turn came (I read the late Seventies and Eighties) I was scared of doing that. I knew how many people had died in that period, and I didn’t feel like I was enough to give all those people justice.
I did it, eventually. As I read out loud, spoke their names and learned how to pronounce them, I felt them coming to life. I made them live, filled their names with my rage against the awful things that had been done against them.
I had to hold back a sob when I read Boris Giuliano’s name. He was a hero, they all were, but he was one of the symbols of the fight against mafia. I loved Boris - I still do.
My voice faltered at Piersanti Mattarella. I thought about our President, his brother, how terrible it must be to be the sibling of someone who was killed so brutally.
I actually did shed some tears at Graziella Campagna. She was a 17-year-old girl who worked in a laundry, she’d done nothing wrong in her life. To me, she’s the symbol of innocence, she represents every innocent kid and teenager who was ever murdered by mafia for “knowing too much”.
When I walked back to my desk, I felt relieved that it was over, but also extremely upset at the fact that I couldn’t bring any of the others back like I’d done with the ones I’d read. 
Then I remembered. I bring them to life anytime I think about them, anytime I remember their lives and their deaths, anytime I battle the cancer that spreads all throughout my beautiful country, anytime I wish for us to be free and happy. They are alive because I remember them. Their body may not be with us anymore, but their ideals? They’re with us every day. It’s up to us to decide what to do with this.

Merc-ing Things Up


Nice job with the title Lucy

You shut up!

Written by: @dean1winchester1dreams1of1pie

Words: 1.5k

Warnings: I mean I started this a long time ago and it’s not like I remember it 


And away we go…


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He told you not to fall in love with him, He told you he was no good for you and that things would never work. You’d end up in danger all the time, Not to mention he killed people for a living, He didn’t want you around that. But those warnings did nothing

Here you sat curled up in bed with the Merc himself, He held you close playing with your hair and you were telling him a story about school that day. Wade never judged anyone, Everyone was open to love and he’d get with anyone, no matter who or what they identified with, even if they didn’t identify with anything! 

The way you had gotten together was…strange, to say the least. He caught you when you went falling out of a windowsill, Your ex having had pushed you. 

“Looks like you fell for me” He’d said and that’s when you fell in love with him. You didn’t know if it was the pick up line itself, maybe the fact he’d saved your life. Or the extremely tight spandex, But you were definitely in love. 

Wade left you there for a minute and went up to kill your boyfriend, He’d left a trail of abused women and this asshole had to go. When he got back down to you, Blood spattered across his chest, You did what every normal person did when the brand new love of your life killed your abusive now ex boyfriend!. You drew your number in the blood and walked away. 

That was when Wade fell in love with you. 

He’d spent weeks watching you, When you went back home to your parents your father stayed clear away from you, Your mother did her best to try and help the relationship but nothing helped. One day when your mother went out to go to a ladies night, Your father came into your room, Clearly he’d been drinking. You tried to fight him off, but nothing was working. When he slapped you across the face Wade had finally had enough. He came bursting through your window, ready to chop the bastard’s head off, but you jumped in front of him shielding him with your body 

“No please!!” You cried “My mother needs him, She loves him. Please don’t hurt him” That was the night Wade took you away from everything, He took you away from the abuse and the pain, He took you to a totally completely safe place. 

His apartment.

 It had a beautiful view of the city and was within walking distance of your school. He promised he’d go back in the morning while you were at school and get your things. You sat in front of the big windows for a while, Not really wanting to believe anything bad had happened and that you were still five and everything was okay. Wade sat next to you, giving you a plate of Chinese food. 

“Uhhhhh it’ll get better?” He tried and you shook your head, taking a bite and pushing the rice around on your plate

“You know you’ve got me now, All we gotta do is outfit that tight ass with a suit and BAM superhero couple. We’ll be better than Wolverine and a bottle of lotion”

You punched his arm “WADE THAT’S GROSS……Does he really do that? I mean what about the 

“Claws” You said at the same time.

 “That’s why I had to go check it out!” He threw his hands in the air and you laughed. You two ate, talking about everything from when you punched a kid in the nose for taking your popsicle and when he got his first job murdering someone. It was a very exciting time for him. 

 It was around two am when the two of you were finally ready to go to bed, He let you have his bed and he went to sleep in his chair 

“Hey Wade?” You whispered in the dark

 “How can I help you?”

“I’m cold”

 “Oh come on Y/N that’s the oldest trick in the book!” You opened the covers as Wade climbed in, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your neck

“But you still fell for it” You turned in his arms and curled up into his chest


You went through Wade’s closet, He didn’t have much in terms of clothes. Not that you expected him to. You pulled one of his hoodies over your head and started to put on your converse. 

“Seriously?” He asked, “That’s all you’re wearing” he rolled out of bed and rooted around, looking for something else. 

He managed to find a clean pair of sweatpants and you rolled your eyes, Pulling them on over your shoes and grabbing your backpack 

“Can’t have everyone staring at my girl’s ass, That’s my job” He smacked your butt and you squeaked, walking into the hallway, He followed you to the elevator and got in 

“Since when am I your girl” You asked, staring at your nails “I don’t believe you’ve asked”

“Didn’t think I had to, the way you were pining over me”

“I was not pining!” 

“You wrote your number in your ex boyfriend’s blood. I call that pining”

The elevator opened and he pulled you to his chest in a tight hug “BE BRAVE” he cried and you laughed, shoving him away

“I’ll see you at three, Don’t forget my stuff” The doorman went to open the door 

“LOVE YOU SWEETUMS” Wade called out and you flipped him off leaving to go to school.


To say Wade enjoyed getting your clothes, would be an understatement. He definitely enjoyed going through your undergarments drawers, picking out only his favourites, He went through your closets and even the pile of clothes on the floor. He stopped to use the washing machine, washing a load of his clothes and everything he was bringing you, just in case. 

He ate some lunch and watched television while he waited, your mother’s chicken salad was to die for. He packed up your old lunch box with a couple of chicken salad sandwiches, some chips and a thermos with your name on it full of eggnog. 

When the laundry was done, he carefully folded it and set it in the bag, Leaving a note for your mother explicitly telling her how good her chicken salad was and he definitely would take a bath in it. When he finally got back home, after setting the head of his clients enemy on their doorstep the apartment was beautiful, well as beautiful as the small apartment could get.

 You’d cleaned everything up, All the dishes, you swept up and made the bed. Wade dropped your bag on the bed, kissing up your bare legs and starting to lift up the hoodie you’d put on earlier You pushed his head back and sat up 


“Cock block” He muttered and you rolled your eyes,

 “Say’s the guy who still hasn’t asked me out, Besides aren’t I a little young for you?” 

“Say’s the girl in MY bed, half naked in MY clothes, on MY side of the bed” You got up to start to put your clothes away in his closet, 

“Stop whining”

He got up “I’m so sorry I have a point” 


“Yes love” He batted his eyelashes and started to unpack the lunch box

“Why did you only bring me lingerie”

“There’s a normal bra in there somewhere” He shrugged, putting some eggnog into two fancy glasses and putting the chips and sandwiches on the plates.

 “Why do I send you to do anything” You asked walking over and taking a chip

“So you don’t ever have to go to that hell hole again” He kissed your head gently and you blushed slightly.

 “Anyway” You took the plates and you both sat on the floor in front of the TV, though it was just white noise, You bit into your sandwich finding a piece of paper with a heart on it, in deep red ink

“Be mine?” You laughed and pulled a piece of chicken off it “Classy Wade” You kissed his cheek “Of course I’ll be yours”

“Now all we need to do is get you into a schoolgirl outfit and my fantasies will come true”You punched his arm, 

“No costumes, You’re already dating an underage girl, as if you need another thing to be convicted for”

 “Not even a tail?” He pleaded “God no, Wade!” You laughed and he smiled at you 

After finishing up you sat together in the chair “So on a scale of 1-10, How likely am I to get laid” Wade was playing with your hair and you loved it 

“Like a four” You nuzzled your head into his neck

 “Four? Seriously four. I can’t get a five?… 8.2?”

“I’m 17 Wade, I-i’m not sure i’m even ready for it” You sighed quietly He pulled you away and lifted your chin 

“I will NEVER force you into something you do not want, I’m not gonna force my baby girl into sex”You blushed and he pecked your lips.

 “Don’t worry babe”


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i mean, we didnt have a lot to work with back then so i get why it happened, but i dunno, the early characterizing people did of always brooding and serious “i-literally-ate-a-thesaurus-to-gain-its-power” simon petrikov was kinda… boring??

like yeah, he’s clearly an adult and he’s clearly super smart, but for the amount of bland simon fanon i suffered that was solely based on the fact that he was an academic and also an adult im so glad we got all this sweet sweet canon to work with that really shows he can be both those things and also be hilarious and dorky and loving, and relatable: 

  • reenacts bizzare sitcom episodes to entertain a child
  • his emotions too big for he gotdam body
  • gave his jacket a nickname 
  • the second he’s able to talk alone with his adopted daughter for the first time in centuries he immediately launches into embarrassing dad questions 
  • literally wants to fist fight his baby demon daughter’s ex-boyfriend
  • actually DID punch the fuck out of him once to steal his ride
  • tried to take marcy to the soupery on a motorcycle but blew it up by accident
  • swears like a goddamn sailor and kicks things when frustrated
  • was the creator of the spell linking hunson abadeer to ooo so marcy could get back to her dad
  • he actually thought betty was going to leave him for some random guy in the final seconds he’d ever have to see her and instead gets sMOOCHED SO HARD THROUGH THE TIME PORTAL HIS GLASSES FLY UP HIS FACE AS THE PORTAL EXPLODES
  • met betty in a fucking library and they flirted/hooked up over a note in a book they both wanted to borrow that is just about the goddamn cutest most fUCKING CLICHE ADORABLE SHIT IVE EVER 
  • “simon you’re dying!” “yeah??? but i’ve got work to do???”
  • *throws chair through a fucking window* *tells marcy never to do that even though he just did it*
  • the determined way he says “might be chicken soup inside there”
  • literally knocks out a goo monster with the crown instead of freezing it because marcy asked him not to wear it
  • *dying simon voice* “what am… us?”
  • put on the crown in the first place for a bad joke

basically: i love that in 2016 im still so happy with simon’s character and it just keeps getting better

Derrick was one of those guys who liked to pop fun with other people and be cheerful all the time. There wasn’t a day where he wasn’t sad or mad or anything - but that sort of all changed when he met someone. They became friends but it was sort of a skinny love thing and he honestly could say the least about things.

Now, growing up, Derrick was a smart kid, he never did drugs or drank - okay, well, he did, but occasionally. He still managed to get into college with a high (more like 4.0) GPA and of course, a job as well. The one thing that he needed was his friend; well, the one that he had been with for a while and he was going to be fine with his life. The brown haired male was in his room, trying to figure out who his roommate was going to be. He had taken the left side of the room - for good luck and whatnot - he was a very superstitious person and he let people know that. But, he also wanted his ‘roomie’ to feel comfortable in a neat environment, really. He was timid about things, but he was mentally prepared for it, as well.