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So given your tags on that photo post is Alfredo going to show up in your writing now? (please say yes i love new boy)

The Fake’s have a shiny new sharpshooter and no one is safe. The LSPD find out about him in the worst possible way, a hailstorm of coverfire from an angle no known member of the FAHC could have managed. Even without the unprecedented display of skill just about every active crew-member is running around on ground level anyway, moving with the utmost faith in their unseen sentry as they sweep down the road. They’re calling out to one another, laughing and joking and audibly teasing their eyes in the sky, as distressingly jovial as always while officers are forced to duck for cover. The sniper is good, better than good, clips three cops in mere moments and leaves the rest scrambling to retreat, all the while avoiding the erratic movements of the crew as they breeze all too easily through their escape. This is bad.

Unseen and unnamed the LSPD have just about nothing to go on when they try to build a file on the new member, don’t even have a name let alone a description beyond a blurry silhouette photographed in a window before the sniper disappeared. There’s some chatter in the city, new guy’s skills are already making waves, but even the police informants don’t have much to go on yet. Apparently he was a gun for hire, a contract the Fake AH Crew decided to keep on indefinitely after they saw him work. People say when he gets his sights on someone they go down, no question. So the LSPD are probably right to worry, probably justified in their harried rush to build a file, though the temporary label they’ve adopted in lieu of an official title is questionable at best. It originated from one officer’s account, the dubious memory of what must have been a misheard comment, a mangled codename, but for now The Sauce is the closest thing they’ve got.

big mood was when griffin ALMOST described garfield the deals warlock and was like “have we never described him? is that why all the fanart is literally just garfield the cat? well i cant describe him now” which makes me think the whole time griffin has been talking abt just like. a normal ass guy. like a regular man named garfield. he wasnt originally a cat. we made him that way and griffin loves us too much to crush our hopes and dreams. i just want him to have a pam anderson body at the least

One day Everyone turned up to a meeting in dresses and skirts without discussing it and Courfeyrac walked in in his usual skinny jeans, froze, cursed, left, and came back 10 minutes later in a skirt apologising for forgetting the protest.

No one has the heart to tell him it was coincidental so they spent the rest of the meeting discussing gender politics. 

White Noise - Baekhyun X Reader

Synopsis: You face a rather unfortunate turn of events, and campus hotshot Baekhyun intervenes in your favor.

Genre: Fluff/College!AU

Word Count: 4,767 (sorry not sorry)

Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault and harassment, please don’t read if you’re sensitive.

You could’ve met under better circumstances.

Under much better circumstances.

But, there you were, drunk beyond all comprehension and non-coherently sprawled out on some frat boy’s mattress. And, if it wasn’t for Byun Baekhyun, you would have been much worse off than simply having a nasty hangover. You had to close your eyes as tears began to fall and think back to where this started.

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That Did Not Just Happen

This is a little drabble I came up with while sitting on a flight myself.

That Did not Just Happen

*italics are her inner monologue

“Thanks Asshole”

Your seat mate turns to you “Pardon?”

“Oh, sorry!! Not you”

The guy in front reclined his seat all the way back, giving you no room in the already cramped airplane seat. You shift trying to fit your legs comfortably without bumping his seat

“Normally I love being tall but not today” You joke

Your neighbor huffs out a small chuckle “I get it”

A few more shifts and you finally get comfy, however your neighbor is not. He shifts around bumping you a few times

“Sorry” He apologizes only to bump you again

“Two tall people in one small airplane seat.” You say, as you really are not sure what to say

He answers with another chuckle

You look over at him

At least he’s cute you think to yourself. You could have been stuck next to some stuffy businessmen or a mom with a crying baby

“What takes you to LA?”


“LA? Going for a holiday?”

“Oh! Um, no. I’m actually going for a job interview”

“Oh yeah? Wow. That’s cool. For what?”

You weren’t sure why he wanted to have small talk. You look over at him, watching him pull on the fabric of his jeans. His knees jiggling a little

He’s nervous

“Well, I do Press for Gillette Stadium but got offered a job with..”

“Whoa! Wait! Gillette stadium, as in where the Pats play? Like THAT Gillette stadium?”

You laugh “Yup! That’s the one”

“You work for the Pats and you’re entertaining moving. Are you crazy?” Genuine shock in his voice

Unable to hold back laughter “I’m told I’m crazy all the time. But I actually work for the Stadium. Not the team. I work in the PR department.”

“But still!”

“But still” You parrot

“Have you meet the team?” He asks, slightly awed

Awww! He’s adorable

“I’ve meet a few of the more public players. We work with them on events” you explain

“I take it you’re a pats fan?”

He shrugs “Is it obvious?”

“Just a little” You hold your finger and thumb apart

He laughs, turning more in his seat towards you

“Yeah, I’m from Boston so you know….kinda my team”

“Boston you say. Then what takes you to LA?”

You watch him blush slightly and fiddle with his jeans again


“How generic and vague. Are you like FBI or something that you can’t say?” You tease

He answers with a puff of laughter “No, not FBI”

“Auditioning for a boy band? Male stripper? Celebrity impersonator?”

You had him laughing. You watched as he stopped playing with his seam and clap his hand on his chest

“Yup! You got me!”

“Let me guess…” You make a show of thinking, tapping your chin with your finger

“You do drag down on sunset.”

“What?” He looks at you shocked “Really? Drag with this beard?”

“Good point. Ok not a queen. So that leaves lumberjack or Just For Men model” You say

You are rewarded with a huge laugh almost a cackle. His hand hitting his chest again

You start laughing just watching him laugh

“You are crazy”

“Thank you” You say with pride in your voice

His laughter dies and he goes back to fiddling with his jeans, looking down the small aisle. Twisting and bumping your knees again

“Looking for someone? Secret rendezvous? YOU ARE FBI!” You point a finger at him

“No no! I just don’t like flying. I fly all the time so you think I would be used to it but I not.” He answers

“Ahhh! Frequent flyer, works in LA…you must be important”

You watch him blush again as he shakes his head “Nope, not important”

“Well then you have me stumped mister 15A”

“Well Miss 15B, if you must know I am an actor”

You narrow your eyes at him “Porn?”

You watch his eyes widen before he barks out a laugh again, causing the people across the aisle turn and look at you both

“Anything I’ve seen? Um…like Saving Ryan’s Privates or Teachers Pet 2 - The substitute?”

“Oh my god! What? Are those real?” His can hardly make the words out as he laughs

“Well teachers Pet wasn’t all that good” You fight back your own laugh

“Did you…Oh my God. I can't…” he wheezes out between laughing and almost crying

The flight attendant comes over to your seats

“While I am glad you both are having fun the rows behind you are not, would you mind keeping it down” she smiles sweetly before walking away

You cover your mouth with your hand, stifling your giggles

“You got us in trouble”

“Well, technically it’s your big man laugh that did it”

You are rewarded with a huge smile and another cackle. You duck your head as the attendant turns back towards you

“Sorry” He offers as a weak apology to the attendant

Turning back towards you

“You are trouble and crazy”

It’s your turn to blush

“And I don’t do porn” He scoffs

“It’s a shame! Girls love a good beard” You shrug

His mouth opens and closes as he can’t figure out how to answer

He really is cute

You sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes

“Do you not know who I am or are you playing me?” He asks

“Should I know you?” You question back

“I guess not. It’s just nice to be able to do this”

“Do what?” You wrinkle your brow not following along with his train of thought

“Be a regular guy” he answers

“Unless you are a wizard, you seem like a regular guy to me”

He gives a sad laugh “Yeah”

This is weird

“Like if you’re famous and I don’t know you, I’m the idiot here” You try to reassure him

What the hell. Is this guy famous?

You turn you head and look fully at him. He turns and looks you square in the face

He can see you studying his face

“On your left”

Realization washes over you, you feel your eyebrows raise and your mouth falls open

Oh my god you idiot! Stupid stupid stupid

“I….you….no….you” You stutter

You can see him tense

Don’t be weird

You force your mouth to shut

You’re making him uncomfortable. Do something

“Well technically you’re on my right”

You see him smile and his shoulder relax

Be cool idiot

“So you know my name, do I get to know yours?”

He wants to know my name

“Y/N” You squeak out

“Nice to meet you Y/N”

You sit a little stiff in your chair

“I made it weird, didn’t it?”

“What? No! I’m weird” You rush out. Closing your eyes and hanging your head

You are an idiot

He laughs “I like weird”

“Well I’m your girl then”

“How long are in you in LA for?”

“Uhhhh….3 days I think”

“You busy on all the days?” He questions

“Nooooooooo” You draw out the word

“Well, you’re weird and I like weird so I was wondering if you maybe wanted to hang out, go for coffee or something?”

He just called you weird

“Um. I don’t..really?” You stuttered not sure if you hearing this right

“It’s been nice to be able to talk to someone like this, and I want to do it again. If you want?”

Kill me now

“Sure” You answer very unconvincingly

He chuckles “Well don’t sound so excited about it”

“Well you know, I can’t be seen with just anybody you know” You smile at him

“I hope I’m up to your standards”

You shrug “You’ll do, I suppose”

“Gee thanks” He says with an eye roll

The announcement of your pending arrival sounds over the PA system

You are not sure what to do now, do you give him your number? Does he give you his?

He wouldn’t give you his. Moron

You dig around in your purse and find a card

“Here’s my card with my number and email”

He takes it and looks at you

Oh God he didn’t want it.

“I was thinking my driver can take you to your hotel so I know where to pick you up for when we hang out”

“If that’s ok?” He adds, looking a little nervous

Are you fucking serious?

“Yeah, for sure! Save me fifty bucks on a cab”

He shakes his head as he laughs again at you

The remainder of the flight is spend making a plan for later that night. After a bumping landing, he says a quick good bye and I’ll text you later before jumping up and making his way to the front of the plane

You sit stunned in your seat for a few minutes


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Requested by: @shirleyleylove

What they wanted: Could you please do a Tvd imagine where Damon compelled himself a girlfriend (like Andy) and the gang is against it because she is a really nice and innocent girl (Damon actually loves her)

Tagging: @shirleyleylove


Damon knew it was wrong to compell the young girl to be his girlfriend but he needed her in his life. She made him feel like he was human and that was truly hard for him to feel knowing his past and all.
First he had compelled her to break up with her boyfriend that night when he had bumped into her on the street next he compelled her into thinking she was his girlfriend for a couple of months.
Damon smiled down at the (h/c) haired women in his arms who was cuddled up asleep in his arms in his bedroom. No one knee about her and that’s how Damon wanted to keep it, he knew if his brother or his ‘friends’ found out that they would just continue seeing him a the big bad vampire Damon.
“Damon we need help-” Stefan stopped short on his sentence after walking into his brother’s room, seeing an unfamiliar women in his brother’s room wasn’t strange but her still being alive was. Stefan knew Damon still drunk human blood but seeing the girl laying in his brother’s arms all safe and sound asleep with not a single bite mark on her neck was strange.
“Who’s this?” Stefan questioned.
Damon who gently placed (y/n)’s head down onto his pillow stood up from his bed ignored his younger brother’s question. “None of your business now what do you want?”
Damon asked pushing Stefan out of his room and closing the door behind him. Stefan raised an eyebrow at Damon’s protective behavior. “Are you going to tell me who was that girl in your bed then?” Damon eyes stared coldly at Stefan’s body, “Leave it alone.”
He said walking past Stefan down the stairs now.


“It was weird guys, I mean she looked to calm being around Damon and this is Damon were talking about. Just being near him will get someone tense.” Stefan said to his friends who were all seated at their usually table.
“Are you sure she wasn’t dead?” Elena asked her boyfriend. Stefan nodded his head, “Positive I heard her heartbeat.”, Stefan paused for a moment, “But it was really strange how protective Damon was about me knowing about her.”
“Maybe she’s his girlfriend.” Jeremy joked. Stefan who was nursing down a beer chocked a bit before replying to Jeremy “Damon with a girlfriend, ha he would kill her.”
“Well good to see my brother has so much faith in me with ladies.” Damon said behind his brother.
Everyone turned around and saw Damon with the same girl from before under his arms, Damon’s arms was wrapped around her waist in an protective manner. The (h/c) haired female gave the group a gentle smile before tugging Damon’s arm to an different table saying that she wanted to eat.
While Damon and his girlfriend walked off to a different part of the bar Caroline spoke up, “Ever thought he compelled her, I mean if you looked closely into her eyes they are kinda distant.”
Everyone round the table whi heard Caroline turned to look back toward Damon and the girl who was cuddled up into his side at their table drinking a milkshake while nibbling on some fries. Damon placed a small kiss onto her forehead and stole one of her fries from off of her plate.
The group could hear them laughing and just being silly with each other, for once Damon didn’t look like the bad boy he always looked like he looked like a regular guy just enjoying his time with his girlfriend on a date.
“Would explain a lot.” Elena said breaking the silence.

Yuanfen - Part 5

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve (briefly)

Word Count - 1729

Warnings - None 

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ It’s been MONTHS! Yuanfen is back, please let me know what you guys think! A special thanks to @bovaria for reading this over and giving me the confidence to post this.

Yuanfen Masterlist

“I’m not too sure about this, James.” You puffed out your cheeks, eyeing the stunning red dress that hugged your frame.

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Lifting the Hammer Part 2

Fandom: Avengers/Marvel

Paring: Avengers x Reader

Summary: You accidentally lift Thor’s hammer, not aware of what it means. The Avengers are shocked and they refuse to believe you can be a normal human and “worthy.”

Read part one here.

You were in the midst of a Netflix binge when there was a knock on the door. You looked at your sweatpants and the screen on your lap, and considered pretending you weren’t home.

“Y/N?” You froze as you recognized the voice on the other side of the door.
Steve Rodgers was at your door. Captain America was at your door…and you were in sweatpants.
Feeling as if it was your civic duty to answer, you smoothed out your clothes, sneaked a peek of yourself in the small hallway mirror and opened the door.

“Hi,” Steve said. You had never seen him nervous before, but as he stood in front of you Steve almost seemed like a regular guy.
“Hello…what can I do for you?”
“I, I wanted to apologize for Tony. The way he treated you last week wasn’t right.”
“You do this a lot, don’t you?” You say cocking your head to the side.
“Apologize for Tony.”
Steve smiled and crossed his arms across his chest. “Someone has to.”
“Well I appreciate it.” You said smiling back.
There was a brief silence and you could sense Steve trying to find a way to redirect the conversation.

You decided to cut to the chase, “you’re going to ask me to give it another try, aren’t you?”
“I know last time was rough, but the fact is, we need someone like you on our team. Someone-”
“human?” You let out a snort as you interrupted him, “Thor made his feelings quiet clear on that.”
“Worthy,” Steve corrected. You were shocked. Not only did Captain America show up at your door but he just called you ‘worthy.’ 

“We have a lot of brains, strength and skill on our team. We are superheroes,” Steve said. “But these things were done to us. We were improved. You are already something great.”
You stared at him, trying to process all he had said. Ever since Tony dragged your life onto his big screen you’ve felt anything but great.
All you could think was, Who am I to be worthy?
Who am I to help the Avengers?
People like me don’t do things like that.

But now Steve had changed the questions. He was asking, who better? 

“I doubt everyone feels the same,” you said in a quiet voice.
“They are…warming up to it. But they will come around. We’ve battled things much bigger than our pride.”
“Are you sure about that? Because I’m pretty sure Tony’s pride is larger than the tri-state area,” you remarked, getting a good laugh out of Steve.
“I’ll do it,” you finally said, “but no home movies this time.”

You cursed Steve under your breath as you walked back into Stark tower. The sun was out but the air was chilly, and you pulled your leather jacket around yourself to stay warm. You had worn your favorite outfit, the one that makes you strut and feel like you can kick anyone’s ass. You figured that if you had to face the Avengers again you might as well make a statement.

When the elevator doors opened it was just like the first time with everyone gathered in Tony’s living room. “Shall we pick up where we left off?” Tony said as he sauntered into the room. Before you could snap at him, Tony added, “joking. Take a seat." 

You picked the chair between Steve and Bruce. You told yourself that if things went south you could always punch Bruce in the face and awaken the Hulk, have Tony’s apartment smashed as payback. 

"So? Let’s have it.” You said, speaking with fake confidence.
Natasha spoke up, “we discussed it and we realize you’re human-”
“Speak for yourself!” Tony interjected.
She ignored him and continued, “but we think you will be an asset to the team.”

“We don’t know what role you will have Y/N, so for now you will be like a consultant.” Steve said. “That way you’ll be able to learn from us, being trained by all of us in different skills. And we will learn from you. Whatever special thing you’ve got going on, we could use more of it.”
Even though Steve was speaking when you looked around the room you saw a willingness in each of their faces.
The Avengers were asking for your help.

You felt more uncomfortable than honored. You didn’t know how to respond. You had no idea what made you worthy, what you could possible bring to this team. Maybe they could help you discover it.
What they were offering was shaky, with no real boundaries or expectations. But it felt right.

“I don’t have to wear tights do I?”
“Only if Clint does,” Natasha said with a laugh.
“You’re just worried I’ll look better in them than you,” Clint retorted.
“Wouldn’t that make you Robin Hood?” Tony said as he went back to his lab. Clint muttered something under his breath, and Thor laughed. You watched them all go about their business; Clint and Natasha leaving the apartment, Bruce joining Tony in the lab and Steve calling the two new recruits you met in the shop.

“You are a lot mightier than you look,” Thor said, catching you off guard. “You proved yourself the moment you lifted my hammer. I’m sorry I could not see it.”

“It’s ok,” you said, giving him a smile, “it’s only human.”

Poetry Nights | Chapter 1: In which an art student meets a poet

Pairing: John/Paul

Rating: PG-13

Set in: Modern AU

Summary: 21-year-old Paul McCartney, who has recovered from a breakdown due to stress and his mother’s unexpected death, has recently moved to London where he now rents a cheap flat with his friend George. Having needed to give up his medicine studies, he has decided to start over and go to art college instead where he meets the rude and troublesome John Lennon, a young poet, who, much to Paul’s dismay, also happens to be his neighbour.

Disclaimer: I do not own The Beatles and this is fictional. I do not make money off this.

Author’s note: First part of my entry for the McLennon Big Bang! It’s kind of late, but well… it’s here. Before anyone’s going to ask, I’ll be posting A&O every Monday as well, so don’t worry. There is no fixed schedule for this one. I’ll just post a chapter whenever it’s finished. I’m probably not going to be able to finish this on time (there will be seven chapter), but we’ll deal with that when we come it. Also, look at this gorgeous moodboard @fabpaul made for this fic! 

Author’s note 2: It’s been a while since I lasted posted something, and I’m really nervous about this. I hope you guys are going to like this. Like I said, there are going to be 7 chapter in total. Please let me know what you think! You can also read it on AO3.

Although he had not initially intended to spend his first weeks as an art student at the library, it was where he most often found himself after his classes and during his free mornings and afternoons. Because the semester had only just started, the library was practically empty most of the time, save for the occasional over-enthusiastic, over-ambitious student who was already cramming for tests that were still weeks if not months away, and writing essays about topics that had not even been properly discussed yet in class, sitting with their noses buried in books with such flimsy paper, that it looked like it would tear if handled in any way but with the utmost care. There was something “uncool about spending all your days at the university library, making time-tables, revising notes, studying texts, writing essays, and cramming for exams, that made most people want to stay away from such places as much as possible, not wanting to be considered “one of those people”. Paul would have done the same, that is, if he had cared at all about what was and was not considered “cool”, which obviously he didn’t. Not one bit. At all.

Truth be told, he enjoyed the library. It was quiet, peaceful, filled up to the ceiling with books containing fascinating information about curious topics and ideas he did not yet know about, there was free Wi-Fi, plenty of spots to plug in your phone or computer when needed, and, most importantly, no one to bother you by asking annoying questions or playing Guitar Hero at an ungodly volume, while stuffing their face full with potato crisps and diet coke, wearing nothing but a pair of plain, light blue boxers that looked suspiciously similar to a pair you owned yourself and would burn the next time you saw them. On the second floor they had opened a coffee corner where you could grab a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, along with some (cheap!) sandwiches, cookies, and other snacks (they even had vegan options), of which Paul took full advantage. They had also put down a couple of old battered couches for people to sit on, and honestly Paul could not imagine why anyone would want to spend their days anywhere else, except when they did have normal roommates with at least a sense of common decency.

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Rafael Barba Meets You Via Online Dating

Barba never got lonely.  He was never a lady’s man, and always felt alright on his own.  Later in life after establishing his career he became too involved with his job to date.  However, one night after a few too many drinks with the detectives he realized he didn’t want to go home to an empty apartment.  What would he do the next day?  Work?  He began to feel…lonely.  It was an unwanted, unexpected feeling.  It was gnawing at him.  He tried to ignore it after that night in the bar.  However, as he went to bed that night he decided maybe he should get out more?  Find someone?  He didn’t have many friends, and his whole public persona was wrapped up in his “ruthless ADA” that he had worked so hard to achieve.  Now it was burden.  He went home alone, no one to greet him.  He decided, he would find someone, but not in NYC.  He wanted a breath of fresh air and not someone who would know him from the papers. He decided to put a profile on a dating site.  He didn’t want the usual women who went after lawyers so he put down “teacher” for occupation.  His mother being a teacher and now running the charter school he figured and with his education background he hoped he could pass as an educator.  He put in all the information however picked a different area code outside of New York.  Hoping his plan would work he went to bed.

You sat at your desk and tried to finish an assignment.  You felt distracted, why at 30 did you decide to go back to school?   You liked being a nurse, it had good pay, but you wanted to teach nursing.  That meant grad school. You must be nuts!  You decided you “earned” a break so looked through your matches for your online profile when one caught your eye.  He seemed nice enough lived a little away but you thought why not?  You messaged him.

Hi, I’m y/n.  I saw your profile and noticed you’re a teacher.  I’m in grad school for teaching.  How are you today?

Barba was lounging around his apartment that day.  He had slept off the alcohol and was going through the website’s app on his phone.  He had a few messages, but not many people wanted to date teachers it seemed.    Your message popped up.  He looked at you.  You were pretty, an RN and were going to grad school.  Ambitious and smart, a good combination.   He never thought he would be called out so quickly but he wasn’t necessarily thinking clearly.  Alcohol, had those effects on people sometimes that and desperation.  Barba quickly made up that he was a high school teacher on sabbatical.   He made up a story that he was traveling around looking to get some experiences for a book he was writing.  He wrote that he had inherited some money and decided to travel.  You wrote back that was amazing, but you were more of a homebody.  Besides, class didn’t allow you to do that.  Soon a relationship between messages grew.

One day you both decided to call each other via FaceTime.  Barba was so nervous.  His apartment, normally clean since he barely was there was now immaculate.  You took your time.  You thought to make yourself look great you went outside in a park.  Testing out the perfect light you FaceTimed him.  You two talked for hours, about everything.  You knew he wasn’t from your city but you thought he was closer than New York.  However, you wondered why a New York area code was on his phone number and why his apartment overlooked what looked like aa New York City neighborhood.  The first few times you had spoken you didn’t care.  Now it was it bothering you.  You asked him.  He confessed.  He worked in New York and lived in New York, he had just wanted to meet someone outside the city.  He confessed was a bit a drunk when he posted the profile and wanted someone who didn’t know him or anyone who knew him to answer.  He took a chance and met you.  You had to admit you were a bit annoyed, but you made him promise no more lies and to be more open.  He then casually said something that made your whole week.

“I wouldn’t lie to my girlfriend.”

You were in shock, you couldn’t believe it!  This dating site worked!  He lived in NYC, you had never been there.  To you, your Rafi was a regular normal guy.

Barba was over the moon.  He now had someone to text ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Goodnight’.  He would FaceTime you after work but he still had this secret hanging over his head.  He had to admit, he was a bit anxious about that.  
It’s not that he wanted to lie to you, but he was in a nasty business and you were a bright spot for him.  A spot that never got tarnished by his work.  Most women would love to date attorneys, and he had dated those types of women before.  You were different.  You laughed with him, and made him feel so special.  He desperately wanted to meet you.   He felt that it was serious enough for you to meet his mother.

You both ordered Chinese from respective restaurants one night when he brought up you coming to meet him in New York.  You almost choked on your Chicken Fried Rice.
“Come to New York?  When?” You asked still a bit in shock.
“After Finals, you’ll love the city.  I’ll show you around.  Meet my mom.” He replied casually eating Chow Mein.
You were stunned, his mother?  How could he be casual about that?  You looked at him and replied.
“Ok, I have some vacation time saved up.  Do you think I can get a hotel room, or would they all be booked up?”
He looked at you and gave you a lopsided grin.  
“You can stay with me, I have an extra room and won’t do anything.  Come on, we can spend more time together and you can save on a room.  And let me buy your ticket.”
You looked at him and shook your finger.
“I’ll stay with you, but you have to be on your best behavior.  I’ll buy my ticket.  I don’t want to feel like I owe you anything.” You said smiling.
He assured you he’d be a perfect gentleman and you completely trusted him.  You logged on your computer right then while FaceTiming him and got your vacation time from work.  Three weeks in New York City with your boyfriend!  You couldn’t wait to tell the girls at work!


Barba for his part was happy.  A little nervous but happy.  He told his mother that he had met a woman online wanted them to meet.  For the first time in years he got time off from work and put it in with SVU that he didn’t want to be bothered unless it was NECESSARY he got other ADAs to cover his cases and could not wait to pick you up from the airport.

He got his spare room ready, had the apartment professionally cleaned and took a cab to the airport.  Would you both recognize each other instantly?  Would it be awkward? Do you hug or handshake?  

The second you came off the nervousness dissipated and you ran to his arms and he spun you around.  He was finally felt like a normal guy!  He was with the woman he talked to and was falling in love with.  Both of you went picked up your luggage from the carousal and went to his apartment.

You couldn’t help but look like a country mouse in the big city while he just looked at you and smiled.  You had to hold yourself back from constantly taking selfies together.  You went to his apartment when you noticed something.  It was very nice for a teacher’s salary.  You didn’t know much about Manhattan rental prices, but weren’t they too expensive for a teacher’s salary?  But you let it slide as you went into his living room.  

“Are you tired?  Or hungry?” He asked, now the nervousness and the weight of what was going on set in.  

“Not really, it’s kind of overwhelming, though” You admitted to him.  

“I don’t want to overwhelm you, but my mother really wants to meet you.  Is tomorrow for breakfast ok?  If you want to say no, feel free.”  He rushed looking nervous, like he was gauging your response.

“She really wants to meet me! That’s fine.”  You said giggling you continue
“I kind of want to talk more, I know we talked ALL THE TIME but it’s different now we are in the same room.  You know what I mean?”  You continued blushing, barely able to look at him.

He smiled, relieved he wasn’t the only one.  Standing in a courtroom, cross examining a rapist he felt in control.  Sitting next to you, his pretty girlfriend, he felt a bit out of his element.  Soon you both started talking and it felt like the most regular thing in the world.  He realized he was more in love with you than he initially thought.  He just wished he wasn’t lying to you.  

You came in at 1 p.m. at 5 p.m. you both realized you had been talking for four hours!  You stomach started to rumble, and asked if you guys could order a pizza.  Rafael ordered and you picked out a movie.  With his arm around you he felt like a regular guy.  He had no idea what was about to go down.
A half hour into the movie there was a knock at the door, assuming it was the pizza you went up to get it, feeling more comfortable around him and your place in the apartment.  You were shocked to see two detectives.  They looked as confused to see as you were to see them.  

“Is this the apartment of Rafael Barba?”  A tall blond man asked, there was a brunette and a blond woman with him.  

“Yes.” You answered.  “He’s my boyfriend, is something wrong?”

You were a little scared, thinking you might have completely misjudged the situation and Rafael.  All three seeing your look, immediately went to assuage your fears.

“It’s nothing, we just need the ADA to quickly sign something so you two can get back to your movie.”  The blond detective said.

You were in shock and never even heard Rafael ask if you needed help with the pizza.  ADA?  A lawyer, in your head the wheels were turning.  He always said he was a teacher.  Why would he lie?  However, it would make sense that a lawyer could afford this apartment.

The detectives must not have picked up on your confusion as one by one they introduced themselves, saying Rafael seemed so much happier since you two got together.   The blond woman even mentioned the framed picture he kept of you on his desk.  He had mentioned the picture.  You assumed he meant the desk in his classroom.  

An apology and guilt flashed in Rafael’s eyes as he signed a document.  The detectives all apologized for the inconvenience, promised it would be the last and wished you well before leaving.  You closed the door after them and looked at Rafael.

What’s going on?” You simply asked.  You didn’t know to be scared, angry or hurt.  You thought you two had an honest relationship.  

“I’m an ADA, a prosecutor for the Sex Crimes unit in Manhattan.  We call it Special Victims.  It can be hard to meet women, and I just wanted to meet a normal woman under normal circumstances.  I was lonely.  I thought being a teacher was a good idea.  My mother does run a charter school.  I just don’t work there.  You can ask me anything you want.   I promise that was the last lie. I understand if you want to leave or go home.”

You just looked at him for a while, almost dazed. You didn’t want to leave and go home.  You vacation time would be wasted.  But you weren’t sure you wanted to stay with him.  You could see that this wasn’t a moral lie, he wasn’t married he just lied about his profession.  

“How much do I really know about you?”  You asked.  

He tried to take your hands but you pulled away and his face fell.  He told you everything about his life, that growing up in the Bronx was true.  He confessed that instead of going to school to be a teacher he got a scholarship to Harvard Law.  Everything else was true.  He tried his best, to explain why he lied.

You leaned in and kissed him.

“I could do worse than a lawyer.  Just don’t lie to your girlfriend again!”  You simply said and smiled.

He looked at like the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders and smiled.

Wrapping his arms around you he murmured.

“Thank you, let’s get back to waiting for the pizza.”  

Sitting on the couch with you later eating pizza while you talked through the movie, Rafael wasn’t lonely anymore and realized he was now just a regular guy.

Interesting thing about Kageyama’s character is that he seems in some way… unaware of his own abilities. You have people who are literally pissed off because of how good he is, Oikawa admitting that he can’t do some things Kageyama can and even Nekoma’s couch calling him a monster. 

He’s good at everything in volleyball - serving, setting, blocking and spiking. It’s hard to find a thing that would be his weakness (well, except maybe for his communication skills). 

And yet you never see him acting in any way superior to others. And that match in middle school. I don’t think it was Kageyama feeling better than others. It was more like as a setter he felt so responsible for the team that he forgot that people are not able to do things he’s able to do. Not to mention that this match got to him to the point where he has freaking nightmares about it and still hates when somebody calls him “king.”

It’s like… he is so not aware of how good he is. And he acts like a regular guy who still needs to practice, still needs to do his best. Still respects people like Sugawara and Oikawa. He’s still afraid that he won’t be good enough to play. And knows that there are certain things he needs to learn in order to be better. And his brain literally freezes when Hinata calls him incredible almost like he really doesn’t understand why. 

There is no arrogance or selfishness in his behavior. He’s just really nice guy who wants to be better for the team and who wants to change in order to work better with people. Who - even in sometimes aggresive kind of way - tries to help people grow.

This is Alex. Alex is a little different to my other slaves. He’s a successful model and so having him join my personal harem and vanish from the outside world would have caused some issues as he was bound to be missed. So when Alex came to see me to see if hypnosis could help him with his sex addiction, I decided to take a different approach to all my other slaves.

I came up with an ingenious cure to Alex’s problem. Alex is no longer a sex addict: I channeled all his lust and horniness into that baseball cap he’s wearing. Now he can function like a regular guy when not wearing the cap, but when I message him, he gets an uncontrollable urge to put the cap on. As soon as its on his head, Alex’s sex drive is ramped up to 11. Unfortunately for Alex, he knows I control the cap and so when he wears it, I control him.

He’s on his way round now. I cant wait to fuck that beefy home while having one of my other slaves face fuck him. He doesn’t care. When he has the cap on, his dick takes over and I think secretly he likes giving up control.

I’m going to slowly phase out Alex’s modelling career. In a few months he will join my stable of live in slaves, permanently under my power.

I’m still recruiting if you want to join!

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ok but imagine the clique six dressing up as the incredibles one halloween. like the core four would be the family and zay would be frozone and smackle would be the lady that made their costumes. idk i just think its something they would do. 😂

Originally posted by the-reactiongifs


Lucas as Mr. Incredible because you know the whole strong thing lol but also theyre both kind, brave and heroic.

Riley as Elastigirl because they both have feminist beliefs and also Elastigirl is always caring for those around her and is the stronghold of the Parr family who keeps them together and thats exactly what Riley does within the clique six.

Farle as Violet because as funny as that might sound they actually have a lot in common. Like in the beginning Violet just wants to be normal like everyone else but by the end she embraces who she is and thats just like Farkle when he was being bullied and then later turned into “regular guy Donnie Barnes” but eventually he accepts himself. 

Maya as Dash because they both have reckless tendencies, cocky personalities and get themselves into trouble but even though theyre both trouble makers they still care about their loves ones.

Smackle would be an amazing Edna Mode just like you said. They’re both candid and have like no filter lol, they both are sassy, extremely smart and think highly of themselves.

Zay as Frozone because just like frozone is Mr. Incredibles best friend, Zay is Lucas’ best friend. They both are hilarious and witty.


BTS Bodyguard Yoongi 'Breaking Point' Part 1

@hyunguponew​ asked: *whispers into the void* bodyguard Suga expansion

A/N: This started as a drabble expansion and then grew legs and ran away from me. *awkward laugh* Hopefully you guys will like it even though it’s long. 

This is a drabble freaking long expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Yoongi hadn’t been with the security detail long before he had an impact. Highly observant he was the only guard to notice the color was off on one of the service staff’s jackets. It was a tiny detail but enough to get his attention. Which made him keep an eye on the person long enough to notice other things were amiss. Turns out Yoongi was right, that guy didn’t belong there. His good sense had ended up diverting a serious situation. 

After receiving congratulatory pats on the back from his peers you came over and thanked him personally. It had been a long time since such a serious effort had been made against your life. Even though it may ruffle the feathers of those with seniority you asked to have Yoongi moved up to your personal guard. He’d already proven himself more than capable. 

And that’s how you met. Months went by with him at your side. He was diligent and always polite but kept a professional distance. It was hard to know what was going through his head. You supposed you didn’t mind. Maybe it was easier for him to do his job that way. But sometimes it irked you that as friendly as you tried to be, he always held a part of himself back. 

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every post about ppl on this site wanting to fuck monsters is like:

“what people THINK i mean when i say i love monsterboys: [picture of a catboy]

what i ACTUALLY mean: [picture of a regular guy but he has like some horns and red eyes or a generic werewolf]” 


Thorin + as seen by Bilbo

#if you think about the idea that Bilbo is the one telling the story of the Hobbit #this is how he saw Thorin #no wonder he fell in love [x]

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Thank you so much for answering!! <3 I mostly agree with your theories, I personally feel like, even if Hide's 100% human, he's not a regular guy. Like I once saw a post saying, what if Hide is a human raised by ghouls or something, so who knows haha. But the V/garden theory is very possible! I'm not sure if the hand in Ishida's art is Hide's, it could be Rize's or maybe Touka's if she's captured by V, but in any case I hope it means we learn more about V because I've been waiting for ages! /1

Hey it’s no problem! More of a pleasure than anything to talk on and on about Hide. ^^

Personally, I think that Hide is definitely not an ordinary guy. If he is 100% human, then he’s like Takeomi, in the sliver of the population whose strength can match a Ghoul’s. When I read the Bible chapter in Tokyo Ghoul: Days, and saw him single-handedly fend off the Cain (Bikaku-type Ghoul), I knew for sure that Hide’s not ordinary.

I’m not sure if that art’s Hide either, I’ll give you that much. I hope it could be, given the overall but strangely relaxed we see Kaneki in. It could be Rize, it’s not the first time we’ve seen her hold Kaneki that way.

But I always felt a great sense of unease from Kaneki whenever she was anywhere near him.

However, I don’t think that it’s Touka (not that I’m not open to that possibility). Initially I did, until I read up more on the fifth tarot card: the Hierophant. (Primarily did so because V can also be the Roman numeral for 5.)

The Hierophant is known as the masculine counterpart to the High Priestess. The Magician bears a similar role, as he serves as a balancing force in the world alongside the High Priestess.

The Magician is the positive side. He represents the active, masculine power of creative impulse. He is also our conscious awareness. The Magician is the force that allows us to impact the world through a concentration of individual will and power. The High Priestess is the negative side. She is the mysterious unconscious. She provides the fertile ground in which creative events occur. The High Priestess is our unrealized potential waiting for an active principle to bring it to expression.

The terms positive and negative do not imply “good” and “bad.” These are human distinctions that do not apply in the tarot. The Magician and the High Priestess are absolutely equal in value and importance. Each is necessary for balance. We may view the negative as our Shadow, but without shadows, we cannot see the light, and without a ground of potential, we cannot create.


And with respect to those similarities between the Magician and the Hierophant:

His [the Hierophant’s] right hand is raised in benediction, the same hand the Magician has raised. While the Magician was taking raw power from the Universe and manifesting it on the material plane, the Hierophant channels that power through society


That’s why I strongly believe it’s Hide, but I’m still open to the possibility that it could be Rize or Touka. Since that V is carved into the person’s hand, we can assume that they’ve been forced into a role they desperately don’t want. And that can apply to all three of them.

Either way! Only time’s gonna tell.

Edit: Anon! I forgot one tiny detail. This wouldn’t be the first time Hide’s been associated with the Hierophant.


The link there is to an AMAZING theory about Hide, from where I got this picture that shows the number 5 reversed on him.