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Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love


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Charlie, Mimzy, Molly, Niffty, Crymini, and Angel (and the silhouette wolf extra people) all belong to @vivziepop~! Love playing around with her characters, they all just have so much soul X3

His Boy

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word count: 506

Part 2 of From the Other Side

Buying a house hadn’t ever been something Dean thought he would do. Then again, he hadn’t honestly expected to make it this far. Seeing your face light up made it so much more worth it. It wasn’t something extravagant, that wasn’t you, and he knew that. He went for something you could make into a home. He’d taken to domestic life at home faster than he thought possible. Mowing the lawn, playing mr fix it, and anything else that needed to be done. And you liked it. He’d come in from mowing, sweat making his skin glisten, and you’d bite your lip.

Things went smoothly, and he felt the stress lift from his shoulders. Finally, six months after you were completely moved in, he got down on one knee, and blurted out a marriage proposal that was completely Dean. Without a second thought, you said yes.

Dean wanted it all with you. You had the house, you were engaged, and now, he wanted a family with you. Picturing you with a child that the two of you helped create always made him grin like an idiot. He wasn’t surprised when you were shocked, as it wasn’t like he’d shown an interest in having a family in the past. For once, the pair of you had a discussion like adults. He was pleased with the outcome. You wouldn’t try, but you wouldn’t prevent it, either. Dean felt that was the best way. It felt more natural, and less stressful.

Part of him expected it to take awhile. It wasn’t like he led the healthiest lifestyle. However, just about a month and a half later, he was lifting you in his arms, grinning. You were having a baby. Soon, the house would really feel like a home. Not a night passed where his hand wasn’t on your stomach as he slept.

The two of you had been in bed, your back against the headboard, and his head on your thighs, when he felt the baby kick. Dean’s eyes watered, his hand unmoving from it’s place on your stomach. “You know your daddy, huh?” He said softly before kissing your rounded stomach.

“It’s a boy!” Had made his day. Knowing what to picture years down the line, made it that much more real. And that much more terrifying. He was still excited, but he’d never dealt with a newborn before! His hand was still on your stomach, night after night, but he found himself constantly distracted. He would zone out, only half hearing your words, and would reply automatically.

The first time he heard his little boy’s cried, he smiled as tears ran down his cheeks. He wasn’t ashamed one bit. Seeing you hold him, kissing his head softly, was more beautiful than he ever expected.

Sitting in the chair by your bed, he felt at peace. His son slept peacefully on his chest, and Dean couldn’t believe it. His son. His. He would watch him grow up, would teach him to ride a bike, and so much more.

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Kitten- Morgan Rielly

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I love Mo and right now I’m definitely not in a good place so a happy Mo is helping! So enjoy guys!!!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Can you do a Morgan rielly one? I’m no picky it can be about anything I just love him and need more


              You were making dinner, waiting for Morgan to get home, your 60 lb yellow lab lying across your feet.

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fact: when working on a film or a drama, the person hired does not work under the group’s name but as an actor, as an individual person. this is not only the case with yixing, but also with chanyeol and kyungsoo. where was the outrage then? or is it only bad when it’s a Chinese member?

Linstead and pregnancy headcanons

  • Erin’s pretty scared to tell Jay when she first finds out that she’s pregnant. They’ve discussed a future together, but not quite discussed children, or even marriage. She acts a little distant from him at first until he finally gets her to tell him what was wrong. At first he’s quiet, but after a few minutes of processing it he pulls her to his chest and says that they can do this, together. Erin is relived that she didn’t have to do it alone. Jay’s surprised that she’d even think that and tells her that’s why she has back up
  • They keep it to themselves initially, until after the first ultrasound. They tell Hank, and he reacts better than they thought. He congratulates them, and tells Erin that they need to sit and discuss risk assessments and an upcoming maternity leave. Olinsky is also happy for them. He takes Jay out for a drink and they have an emotional talk about what it means to be a father
  • Erin suffers for the first three months with morning sickness. Jay learns exactly what settles her stomach and always keeps stashes of plain crackers all over the apartment, including their bedside drawers, the car, and at work
  • They discuss what their families roles will be. Jay tells Erin that he has concerns about Bunny being around the baby, especially alone. Erin assures him that her mother will not be looking after their baby, or have much to do with any of them. She asks him about his family. Jay says that he wants his brother to be a part of their baby’s life, but as for his father, blood doesn’t make family. He’s content with Voight being the grandfather figure
  • They have many moments of “how are we going to do this?” They have to figure out their finances. Their apartment is big enough for them, but eventually they’ll need more room for the baby. They have to consider that soon they’ll likely need to discuss babysitting. Erin considers staying on maternity leave for a little longer but they don’t know if they’ll be able to afford that on just Jay’s salary. He saved quite a sum of money over the last few years but it won’t be enough to get them through for long. Jay looks for a few investments to potentially get involved with. Voight asks them to allow him to set up a trust fund for the baby. He did it with Justin’s baby and he wants to do it for Erin and Jay as well
  • They discuss religion. Though Jay’s not overly religious, he was raised catholic, and he does still believe in baptising their baby. Erin’s fine with that as long as their child is allowed to come to their own conclusions about religion when it grows. They discuss potential godparent options. Will, and Antonio are two they are considering to ask, and Jay’s thought about asking Alvin too
Feline Felix...

I’ve been on Seeking Arrangement for a few months. I’ve met plenty of guys, have arrangements going with a couple of guys but never did I think I would run into this issue. 

I’m legitimately attracted to my Sugar Daddy that I just met. 39 tall, dark, HANDSOME…. Conversations and laughs flowed at dinner. There was chemistry that I actually wanted. When the plates were cleared off our table, he reached out his hands to grab mine…  In that spark of a moment, I knew I was done for. The restaurant we went to was in a Westin hotel right next to a golf course. He wanted to walk the golf course trail barefoot with me. I catch myself smiling while writing about this moment because it was just a fun idea. Typical Aquarius man. 

Alone on the green he wraps in his arms around me and comments, “I never thought this would happen, that I would be so into it,” and kisses me. Thus, we were both thinking the same thing. His previous encounters were of girls who didn’t look like their picture, or they came off rude and greedy for money and mine were of older men that I usually bullshitted my feelings for.

Since it was early in the night we agreed to go back to his place but throughout the night he kept asking, 

“Is that okay with you?” 

“Are you doing okay?” 

“Are you uncomfortable?”  

He cared. He cared about me and how I was feeling. (Which all SD should do.) The difference was, his voice was so kind and gentle. Sincerity was in his voice, eyes and body language. I like him, a lot. I find myself wanting to communicate with him, I check my stupid phone often… I’m setting myself up for failure basically. 

I looked online for help for what happens when you start to fall for your SD. Everyone said to end it. Granted he’s not married but he is near the end of his divorce with his EX. Regardless, I am considering it even after one date. I’m a Scorpio, and there’s no gray. Just black and white. I love passionately. He’s an Aquarius. Unpredictable with his feelings. Like a cat. lol Feline Felix. I’ll have an update soon. 

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Can you write something small about what married life with Luhan would be like? P.S. Your blog gives me life, it's so perfect omg <3

thank you so much! 

  • quiet mornings laying in bed with him
  • his arms are wrapped around your torso and sometimes he kisses your shoulders
  • “what do you want for breakfast?”
  • also hectic mornings where he’s rushing to get things ready because he has to film that day
  • and all he grabs is a granola bar
  • so you call his manager and ask if you can swing by and drop off his lunch at some point
  • him saying “I love you” nine times an hour
  • going grocery shopping together and you noticing how he always looks at the baby clothes
  • him shyly asking if you’d like to have kids sometime soon because he’s always really wanted kids
  • when you have your first kid he’s so protective
  • he cries when your child was born and he’s so nervous he’s shaking
  • he over baby proofs the house if that’s even possible
  • and he cries over every single achievement because he’s so proud of his child
  • when you have your second kid he tries even harder to make sure every single person in the household gets equal attention from him
  • he is so proud of his family and he makes sure everybody knows he is
  • overall he’s sweet and caring but still manages to be playful and he really loves his family with his entire heart
Imagine Danny getting stuck in traffic while you’re in labour

(A/N: For anon, I hope you enjoy this and sorry for the wait. Sorry, this is so short. I had to do an extra shift today and it made me really tired and late. You can expect the normal long imagine back. Next one up is with Mike. I hope you enjoy that and this) 

Imagine Danny getting stuck in traffic while you’re in labor

“Promise me you’ll go home after this,” Sonny stated as he rushed to keep up with you as you marched to the courtroom.

You stopped and waited for your partner to catch up. You were nine months pregnant and he was still struggling to keep up with you. You turned to look at him and was about to protest but the expression on his face clearly indicated that what he was saying wasn’t a suggestion.

“Fine,” you huffed, “I promise.”

“Thank God.” He breathed before ushering you forward again towards the courtroom.

“I don’t get why you are so worried.” You commented.

“Because you’re nine months pregnant and your husband would kill me if I let you keep working.” he informed.

“You’ve been talking to Danny?” you questioned, skeptical.

“We text. And both of us agree that you shouldn’t be working.” he countered.

“What am I supposed to do if I’m not at work?” you asked.

“Relax? Prepare for the arrival of your little…” he began to suggest.

“I’m still not telling you what we’re having.” You interrupted.

“Why not?” he protested, “I’m the godfather!”

“Says who?” you demanded.

“Danny.” he informed.

“When?” You asked.

“Well, he said I could be if I got you to stop working and go home.” He explained.

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You guys are hanging out with your family and your cousin/niece/nephew asks when you’re going to have a baby (Seventeen)

S.Coups: -he was thinking about it all day after your cousin asked you and when you guys went to bed he asked you about it- “do you want to have a baby at one point? I kinda really want to”

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Jeonghan: -he kept elbowing you after your niece left the room. He smiled largely the whole time you two were making dinner- “yeah when are we gonna give her a cousin baby?”

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Joshua: -he didn’t like seeing your cousin pout when he said you two wouldn’t be having one in the near future- “but don’t worry we will have one for you in the future”

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Jun: -when your niece said it you guys were eating dinner with the rest of your family and they all looked at you two- “sweetie just eat your vegetables and don’t worry about babies”

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Hoshi: -he was excited to hear your cousin say that she wanted you two to have a baby so she would have someone to play with- “I wanna have one too don’t worry but you have to talk your cousin into it”

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Wonwoo: -he was trying to play it off with your nephew when he asked for the second time ever- “I mean then there’s a possibility you won’t be my main man after that”

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Woozi: -he blushed at your niece’s words about you two having a baby. He just looked at you- “I don’t think anytime soon honey”

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DK: -he smiled at you while you rolled your eyes at your nephew’s words- “I think we can give him what he wants, like right now”

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Mingyu: -he gave you a look because it’s what he wanted with you. So your cousin asking gave him for fire- “yeah cousin Y/N, when is it happening?”

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The8: -he wouldn’t tell your niece no that you wouldn’t have a baby but he knew it wasn’t gonna be anytime soon- “maybe some day in the future but not now honey”

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Seungkwan: -he was so confused on why your cousin was asking all of a sudden- “little man I’m too young. Maybe in the future we can talk”

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Vernon: -after playing with your cousins and niece the question just left her mouth with no problem- “maybe some day, who knows”

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Dino: -as soon as your nephew asked if you guys were gonna have a baby anytime soon. Chan looked at him like he was crazy- “do you know how old I am? I’m still a boy”

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having a lil child with Hoseok?

hi yes as a hoseok biased girl this was v easy for me and like wow i hope you enjoy we can share hoseok okay im not willing to part

Dad Hoseok

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  • yo yo yo back at it again with my bias wow we can all marry hoseok i dont think im ready to part with him
  • im kidding
  • this one should be interesting cause bias but im ready to get at it!!
  • hoseok to me is someone who would want kids as soon as he’s married
  • he wouldn’t want to have kids before hand because wow that is a lot of work and he would want to know the person he is having kids with is someone who he will be the spending the rest of his life with and he would just be a very traditional guy?
  • like he would know the dangers of having kids before marriage and how that often ends poorly so he would definitely want to be married first
  • but as soon as you guys tie the knight he’s like hello yes time to have a little jung running around the house what do you say to that
  • “hoseok you’re already like raising one kid i don’t think that i could deal with another one right now”
  • and of course he pouts and gets all whiny and hides his face in a pillow until you agree to wanting to have kids
  • tbh he would probably tell all the boys you two were having a baby but he would never specify when honestly and they would all be hyped because what another baby what is this?? and they’re all ready to throw a baby shower and you’re like “just hold up for a second um im not pregnant”
  • and everyone kinda gives hoseok a look and he’s like “well we’re gonna have a baby soon, right jagiya~?”
  • “i dont know hoseok i would probably prefer to get a dog instead”
  • you’re just teasing him
  • if his partner was willing to have kids as early as he wanted (bcuz obviously the man doesn’t make the ultimate decision, ladies are the ones who have to lug that thing around for nine months) he would probably be the third to have a kid after taehyung and jin
  • he would make the best dad can you imagine hoseok as a dad like that kid is gonna be spoiled rotten
  • and you know that because hoseok spoils you enough as is like your kid is gonna be a brat
  • kidding of course they couldn’t with hoseok as a parent
  • okay but now about the actual pregnancy
  • you realize you’re gonna have a baby pretty early on like you take one of those tests when you get really suspicious and you’re like oh yikES
  • not because you don’t want the baby but because the boys just left for some promoting deal all over in japan or something and they won’t be home for like a month and a half> maybe two? and like you weren’t exactly planning to get pregnant (you wanted to wait until the promo ended so you could have hoseok with you through it all) but hey sometimes things happen
  • a baby is one of thoe things
  • you also desperately want to tell hoseok in person like he was so excited to have a lil baby it wouldn’t do him justice to tell him over skype
  • so you sit there, staring down at the test like what do i do?
  • and so you decide you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you’re just not gonna bring it up until he gets back home
  • you’re not gonna tell anyone actually (like nance smh)
  • you’re gonna keep it on the down low because if you tell someone, they might let it slip to hoseok and that is the last thing you need
  • you’re gonna tough it out
  • you’re literally gonna tough it out because morning sickness has wrecked you
  • and time differences so like the only time hoseok can talk to you is like after things go down with promoting so usually late at night for him
  • and for my time at least twenty two there is like nine here so for the sake of this let’s say when he does get to skype you and call you it’s kinda early in the morning
  • and you’re sitting there in your computer chair, and on the floor next to you is a huge ass bowl just in case
  • you’re seriously doing everything your power not to tell him every time you two Skype because you want to tell him so badly but you know it’ll be so much better if you wait to tell him in person
  • so you keep a giant pillow up against your chest that you snuggle up so he can’t see anything (not like anything would be there yet but just in case) and you’re holding your tea (the one thing that doesn’t make you queasy) and you’re smiling for hoseok but he can tell something is off
  • you’ve been holding in this huge secret and that’s never healthy and it’s taking a toll on you like hoseok can tell you’re stressed
  • your hair is mess and there are dark bags under your eyes and your cheeks look sunken and pale but whenever he brings it up you say something like “oh it’s work, really”
  • but he doesn’t believe it at all
  • and the other boys can see because he’s been eating less and all he does is stare down at his phone and he’s really not doing good
  • namjoon is the one who finally calls you
  • and he asks if you’re doing okay and you give him the same spiel you give hoseok about being stressed about work or whatever and namjoon doesn’t buy it
  • and he has a heart to heart with you like namjoon would be amazing at those kind of talks don’t you think
  • “look I know you’re not telling us the truth. you may think you’re doing it for the best but isn’t it a little selfish? letting hoseok stress and worry about you but not letting him in on what’s wrong? doesn’t that seem selfish on your part? I think you need to talk to him… you guys are married after all”
  • and namjoon really puts it into perspective for you like he’s right you are being selfish
  • hoseok does nothing but love you and care for you and put you first and you thought you were doing what was right but it’s worse that you’ve caused him to panic over you
  • and so you decide to call him the next morning right away
  • but first you go to the store…
  • okay okay so you wake up the next morning right and you fix yourself up a bit
  • and you head downstairs to the computer and you turn on Skype and hoseok is already calling you
  • “jagiya morning how are you my love are you feeling better? are you feeling okay? are you eating enough? are you sleep-”
  • “hoseok”
  • “are you making sure that you take care of yourself? namjoon said he called you last night, he said you seemed to be doing better is that true?”
  • “hoseok, namjoon helped me realize that I need to tell you something”
  • and he freezes
  • he’s bare faced and beautiful right now just letting you know
  • but he looks so scared and you shake your head and you quickly grab something that was right down near your feet and it’s a little uncomfortable but whatever
  • okay but you’re now holding a pair of baby shoes and they’re probably heelys throwback and you’re smiling so softly
  • “hoseok we’re having a baby”
  • and he’s silent and that worried you because maybe he actually isn’t ready maybe he isn’t prepared to be a dad what if you messed this up
  • but then he screams okay scratch that he shrieks and he starts jumping up and down and he’s spinning in circles and yelling and yoongi busts down the door and comes running in because he thinks hoseok got hurt or something
  • and hoseok just runs over to yoongi and tackles him to the ground and you hear a thump but you can’t see him cause he moved out of the frame oops and yoongi starts cursing and hoseok is still screaming
  • you still can’t see anything cause hoseok is a mess
  • but you hear him crying now and yoongi is congratulating him and by now all the other boys have run into the room and they’re all flooding the camera and asking you for how long and when’s the due date and all these questions and you’re tearing up cause you can’t believe you didn’t tell him sooner
  • when he’s off the ground hoseok shoves everyone away oops and tells you to get your belly up to the camera so he can kiss the baby and say hi he’s so cute god ily hoseok
  • every morning he starts the video call by saying hello to the baby and then asking how you’re feeling and he’s so cute
  • he does a cute voice when talking to the baby “like hello lil munchkin it’s me your pops how you doing in there is it comfy”
  • okay but when they do come home you go to pick him up from the airport and by this point you’re like three months pregnant?? about?? all I know about pregnancy is based off nance tbh but you have like a minimal bump it’s like not even there honestly but
  • and he gets off the plane and he walks in to the gate and and look who’s there it’s you and he shoves jin and namjoon out of the way and he sprints over to you and he picks you up and spins you around in his arms and kisses your face all over and then gets on his knee and kisses your bump all over and starts rambling to the baby “hi it’s me its me, your dad I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you”
  • okay but hoseok doesn’t let you do anything while you’re pregnant
  • you’re reaching for a cup to get some water and he bolts up from across the room and gets it for you instead
  • “jagiya don’t you dare strain yourself that’s how you get hurt!!”
  • “hoseok it’s a cup…?”
  • you try to get up in the middle of the night cause pregnant ladies always need to pee oh my god and hoseok jerks awake and he physically carries you to the bathroom so you don’t strain yourself
  • he has a list of baby names on the fridge already and he adds a new one every single day
  • except you start to notice that there are only boy names up in this camp and you kinda?? “we aren’t gonna find out the gender.. you remember that conversation right hoseok darling??”
  • “please honey i know this is gonna be a boy baby okay”
  • “how you know this??”
  • “well because when-”
  • you just give him a look like please hoseok i dont even wanna hear what obscure theory you have about childbirth cause i bet theyre all lies yoongi has been feeding you
  • yoongi is really invested in this baby cause hoseok was his lil babe he needed to protect and he low key needs to make sure everything is okay
  • he is the most supportive of hoseok like sometimes hobi will come to him in tears cause he’s worried that he won’t be a good father or something ?? and he gets so stressed and yoongi tells him that he will be the best dad in the world and that this kid is gonna have the best family in the world and it’s really super touching
  • anyway
  • hoseok goes overboard with buying things for the nursery and everything!! you guys paint it a light green okay and it has this cute jungle theme and you have lots of animal plushies and this little wallpaper border that goes around the wall and a rocking chair and he sits in it all the time “soon i’ll be sitting here with our baby”
  • he buys the cutest clothes for the baby too oh my god and all of them say daddy’s prince or daddy’s boy and you’re like hoseok this could be a small girl and he’s still shoving the cart with daddy’s number one onesies
  • his sister sends you two lots of baby clothes too!! and bunch of never before seen pics of baby hobi to inspire you
  • you guys keep all your baby pics around cause when your baby is born you wanna compare the child to you two as small lil kids
  • probably goes up to random strangers like “hi my wife is pregnant doesn’t she look so amazing though wow when the baby is born i can send you some pics!!”
  • “um that’s wonderful sir but would you like to pay cash or credit”
  • every single night he calls his parents to update them on the baby and let them know that everything is going smoothly
  • he also asks his dad for advice cause i think hoseok is someone who internalizes his problems and always expects himself to be perfect so he’s a little stressed about not doing something right so he needs all the advice he can get
  • practices dad things with tae and jin’s babies but mostly tae’s cause he’s a bit older and jin doesn’t like people going near his little girl
  • like he holds the baby and he squeals every time he gets the little thing to laugh or smile and you look on fondly cause he’s going to be the most perfect dad in the world
  • he always has his hands on the bay bump like you guys are sitting and watching psych?? well he just keeps a hand on the belly and traces hearts and smiles and i love you and it tickles a lot and you end up giggling
  • that’s when the first kick happens tbh
  • like you two are chilling and watching your movie and he traces down the name he really likes for the baby like his most favorite name he’s been pestering you about for ages now and he finishes the last letter and the baby kicks really hard and you two freeze then stare at each other
  • he screams and you scream and you both start to tear up a bit and he’s hugging you super tight and he kisses your face all over
  • whenever you guys go to the doctors he’s a little stressed “um is my baby healthy are they gonna be here soon and by they i mean he cause i know my own child’s gender trust me”
  • and the nurses think it’s so funny cause like obvious first time parents right here
  • but your baby is super healthy and when hoseok sees the little picture thing for the first time he full out weeps like not tearing up nope he’s sobbing and he squeezes your hand because that’s his baby?? and they’re so healthy and perfect?? and it’s actually happening, he’s actually going to be a father??
  • okay but he takes the time out of his day to sit down and he has one hand on your belly and the other is holding a large book of fairy tales and he reads to your lil baby every single night cause he loves reading and he wants his baby to have that seem love and he wants to let the baby hear his voice as much as possible
  • the baby likes to kick when he reads so he does it a lot more
  • decides that the baby will be dancing the day they take their first steps and he has all these baby dance shoes ready for the moment it happens even though you’re like “that’s gonna take a few months there buddy”
  • he loves to make some songs for the baby not like hardcore songs but like just more like nursery rhyme type things and he’ll sing them at the top of his lungs all the days long
  • you guys don’t have a gender reveal party cause you didn’t want to find out anyhow but yoongi does organize something for you two
  • except it’s him and namjoon and chim cause the others are busy with babies or their own upcoming pregnancies oops
  • they send gifts though
  • and you can tell hoseok is upset he plays it off though all casual like he doesn’t seek to care at all but you know he’s upset
  • like he eats his cake all glum and yoongi and namjoon are exchanging looks and they seem rather worried and you’re rubbing his back and he doesn’t wanna seem ungrateful especially cause yoongi even baked the cake by himself!!
  • and you’re opening presents and it’s super cute and fun and hoseok begins to cheer up but then the doorbell rings
  • hoseok gets up to open it cause you’re too swollen for this crap
  • there’s all the boys and they’re smiling wide and giggling and they step aside and there is hoseok’s family
  • they went to the airport to pick them up surprise!!
  • and it’s lots of hugging and crying and more hugging and it’s so cute and they’re sicheng precious and cute and they’re all gaping at your belly cause wow you’re so big you’re gonna burst
  • you guys play all these fun baby shower games and yoongi and namjoon end up winning all of them tbqh
  • and you guys make the spare room all ready and they’re gonna stay for a few months to help with the baby cause they know he’s more than worried about everything and like in Asian cultures grandparents do a lot with the kids !! they’re really super involved and his parents wanted to be there
  • they’re the one who end up taking you to the hospital surprise!!
  • it’s probably a week before your due date and you’re cooking dinner and hoseok’s parents are helping you out by setting the table and stuff and you guys are talking about the baby how cute
  • hoseok said he would be home late; they’re learning a new dance routine and some of the boys are having a really hard time so they’re staying longer to make sure they get it down
  • you don’t live close to the studio nope he wanted somewhere far from work cause he didn’t wanna be a workaholic okay
  • anyway you’re stirring the noodles and all of the sudden you kinda “um I think my water broke??”
  • and his mother rushes over and she’s like yup yup I know this I’ve had kids we need to get you to the hospital right now
  • she sits in the back of the car with you while hoseok’s dad drives and his mom is asking you about contractions and whatever happens when people go into labor
  • and she’s squeezing your hand and giving you a pep talk meanwhile she has hoseok on the phone and while you’re pretty calm he’s screaming and you can hear him even though the phone is nowhere near your ear
  • the hospital is probably equal distance from your house and the studio so hoseok promises that he’ll be there for you no doubt about it
  • when you get there, there’s hoseok standing outside the doors, the other boys flanking him
  • he runs to your side and he ushers you inside and behold it begins
  • he is actually really super calm like he holds your hand and talks to you he tries to distract you from your pain by talking to you and keeping up a conversation but when that doesn’t work he’s calming you and inspiring you and reminding you it’s okay
  • and after everything you hear the cry and they’re like ahh the baby is finally here and hoseok breaks down in tears and he’s smiling so brightly and laughing too but he’s crying too ahh it’s so sweet
  • and they wash the baby off and then they hand them over to hoseok
  • “congrats on your baby boy”
  • and he’s crying and he’s whispering sweet nothings to your son and he’s kissing his baby head and oh
  • you hold him too and then they take him to wherever they take babies
  • and all the boys and his parents are there and they’re all pointing and cooing and tae can’t wait to introduce him to his son and oh my god I love babies so much
  • okay the baby has his nose and his cute lil ears and a mix of your eyes and your face ship and lips and he’s a tan lil thing kinda tiny too
  • at home hoseok does not let either of you leave his sight ever
  • he’s always the one who wakes up first when your son does so much as yawns he’s up and ready to help
  • always dancing with the baby on his hip once he’s old enough obv
  • takes him to all their practices when he’s old enough and your son always coos and claps at hoseok
  • takes his first steps in the studio cause hoseok is dancing and not paying attention to him and he gets up and stumbles toward him and you’re crying and hoseok is crying and yikes
  • he always reads to his son always he sits him on his lap and holds the book in front of the both of them so he can see the pictures okay
  • and he does different voices for different characters
  • your baby boy cries if he’s separated from hoseok for too long
  • he’s like the most angelic baby save that one fact
  • hoseok loves to help with bath time cause he’ll make a bubble beard and pretend to be Santa or something and your little boy just squeals
  • he loves tae’s little boy he’s always playing with him and they’re brothers from the beginning oh my god can you imagine
  • anyway hoseok will be the best father im convinced part two will be coming to talk about the other jung kiddos
A Little Faith, Trust, and Exceed Dust

a/n: this one is a little shorter than the rest, because the next part is gonna be a doozy guys. (yes i am a seventeen year old who just said doozy. fight me. not really i’d probably cry

Chapter 4

They landed shortly after, on a small cliff that overlooked the smoking ship below.

As soon as his feet touched the soft patch of grass, the young girl pushed away from his chest.

“Explain,” she demanded of the surprised boy, tears in her eyes now that they were away from any danger. “Where are the Lost Kids?” She jabbed a finger in his chest before pointing down towards the water. “Tell me how they weren’t caught in that awful, unnecessary explosion!” 

That’s when she heard giggling coming from behind her, and she whirled on her heel to see the faint outline of four or five children farther down the hill, a ball of light fluttering above their heads. 

Happy, he must have saved them in time.



Lucy, distracted by the boy in the treetops, accidentally grabbed hold of a branch slick with moss. It caught her off-guard and she lost her footing, crying out as she dangled by one hand several feet off the ground.


Then, it snapped under her weight.


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Hey look! More fairy dragon!!!! I thing I want to get him wing silks but I haven’t decided yet. But yes, I finalized his gijinka design, I liked the doodle I did of him last night so I went with it!!!

Orin is a changeling, a fairy (tho no one but taea knows that yet). He constantly exudes magic, and his particular aura manifests a ‘sweet scent’(no dragon can actually smell it, so we’ll just have to take Taea’s word on it?) so he constantly attracts insects like butterflies and bees to him. He is quickly becoming a Wonder of the clan, or a kind of ethereal princess. No one wants to approach him but everyone wants to catch a glimpse.

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" youre so cute when youre half asleep like this.. " with taehyung?

“mm” you breathed, rolling over to meet the chest of your boyfriend, taehyung.

“good morning sleepy head” he giggled, it resonated through you- the tone itself was like an echo and you loved it.

“what time is it?” you pushed your hair off your face.

“It’s 7am” his voice was chipper.

You groaned, “it’s way too early” you rolled back to lay on your back when Taehyung grabbed you and rolled you back over to lay on him.

“I was comfy” he muttered, kissing your forehead.

You opened one eye to see his hair sticking out everywhere, you smiled. He always managed to look so adorable and handsome on a morning. With his voice thick and raspy from sleep.

“You’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this” he used his pinky finger to move some hair off your forehead.

He stared down at you, wondering how he managed to end up dating someone like you.

“baby I have to go to practice soon, I won’t be home until 2am ish” you lifted your head at his voice.

“But that’s so late” you whined, you know he loves his job but sometimes you missed him too much to handle.

“will they let me visit you?” you prodded his mole and his smile that you loved so much graced his face.

“what time do you have to be there for?” you wrapped your arms around his waist.

“10am” he smirked.

“why am I awake” you half cried, half whined.

“I just wanted to watch you sleep, I didn’t expect you to wake up” he defended himself, at the same time he curled himself around you like a cat.

“I don’t want to move ever” you closed your eyes, relishing in his smell and warmth.

“me neither” he hummed, the tune itself was melodic.

“you’re so warm” you snuggled deeper into him, he laughed breathily.

“am I just a something to cuddle” his voice was mocking. Still half asleep, you pushed him down onto the bed. Pinning him slightly.

“What are you doing?” he mused. You crawled onto him, so that your head rested on his abdomen and your stomach was between his legs. He grabbed the comforter and pulled it over you.

“perfect” he whispered, you didn’t know what he was talking about until you heard the click of his camera.

“why?” you stressed, squishing your face into his lovely tummy.

“because you’re so cute when you’re half asleep like this” he echoed his earlier statement.

“Yeah, I’m a freaking peach” you bit out, just wanting to catch some more sleep with him.

“awe baby, you’re so mean” his hand rested over his heart he pretended to be shot. You grabbed his hand lightly and kissed it.

Looking up at him, you tried your best puppy eyes. “sleep for ten more minutes with me, then I’ll make us some pancakes with strawberries” you persuaded, watching him fall into the idea of pancakes with soft, juicy strawberries.

“hm “he pulled you up his body so that he could wrap his arms around you properly, “ah this is the dream” kissing the tip of your nose lightly. You felt the imprint of his lips much after he’d fallen asleep again.

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About the last Snk chapter, I know there are already posts about Eren being worried about Armin. But I really want to talk about Eren and Armin being worried about each other because well I have feelings about this.


From the very moment Armin hears about the fact that Eren might get eaten in order to obtain his titan power, he becomes preoccupied, so much so that he doesn’t answer to Levi’s orders like Mikasa and the others.

After hearing everything Hanji said, all Armin can think about if the information about the titans and how it relates to Eren.

Through Armin’s behavior and thoughts, we know that something awful might have happened to Eren. That, how he became a titan, when he became a titan and who he ate is all tied in one. But more than that, there’s the fact that Eren had to eat a human titan shifter to have the ability he gained. It’s not just about Armin making logical deductions given their situation.  It’s also about Armin being worried about Eren.

We can see the concern on Armin’s face as he realized what Eren might have done before, the concern about Eren himself and what this all means for him.

By the end of the chapter, Armin serious expression is justified. We realize that Eren did indeed eat someone and it was none other than Grisha, his own shifter father. For Eren who already lost his mother to a titan, he now has to deal with the fact that when he became a  titan he ate his own father too.

It’s interesting that Isayama connects Armin to Eren’s painful memories here. Eren has to learn something horrible at the end of the chapter and already pages before we have Armin already thinking about the matter and worrying about Eren. It’s like “something important is about to happen to Eren, let’s get Armin feel it beforehand”.

But Armin isn’t the only only whose worried thoughts we’re shown. When Eren wakes up and thinks about his squad he also mention Armin in his worries.

This Armin worries about Eren and Eren worries about Armin business reminded me of something similar happening during the Female titan arc. Back then too, we had Eren and Armin worrying about each other safety with the threat of the female titan over their head.

We had the same thing in this chapter although the 2 of them were concerned about the other for different reasons of course. That still doesn’t change the fact that Isayama spares us panels to show the 2 of them worrying about the other. Whereas with Armin his thoughts are strictly concern about Eren, with Eren his thoughts are for a group of people in which Armin is included. But even then Isayama has Eren calling Armin by his name distinctly instead of lumping him together with the others.

It doesn’t matter how many chapters we’ve had or how much time has passed in manga time, the author still drops those reminders of how important Eren and Armin are to each other and finds ways to connect them to the other. And as someone who adores Eren and Armin relationship it makes makes me really happy.

Now I’ll be waiting and hoping for them to meet safely later and for someone to comfort Eren because that was really painful to read ;A;

Watching season three of Buffy is so weird sometimes because whenever I see Angel and Wesley in the same scene, all I can think is, “Ohhh, you boys have no idea what kind of ride you’re in for together.”