like harold and the purple crayon

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name: nicole
nickname: nic, colty (lol), nicky, nickje (lol) 
gender: female
time and date at current moment: 5:17 pm, 22-02-2015.
favorite color: blue
lucky number: 22 and 28
last thing I googled: probs some stupid scientific article on scholar for uni
one place that makes me happy: my room; when i’m near my keyboard; florida; ziggodome amsterdam; theme parks, whenever i’m taking in a nice view (could be anything; a city; the ocean, anything). 
how many blankets I sleep under: one blanket and sheets during winter; just the sheets during summer
three favorite characters: mm.. idk.. nick miller, will turner, fran fine (i watched the nanny yesterday)  
favorite tv show: (i’m not really into (new) tv shows lately aiiiii) new girl, oitnb, got to mention wie is de mol as well
favorite beverage: god idk, (iced) tea? coca cola? i pretty much drink everything except coffee… when it comes to alcoholic drinks, basically same, but i don’t drink beer, although i love lemon flavoured beer during summer….. 
last movie I saw in the movie theater: gooische vrouwen 2 (pretty bad i know lol)
dream holiday: road trip through the US, road trip through the UK, australia, disney world orlando, florida………
dream wedding: oh god idk i know but idk, just someplace pretty, like a pretty, historic place, with a big green garden, idk i’ll let harry decide :)))))))))))) :’(
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Flower asks! Violet, Locust and Rhododendron

Violet:Do you like where you’re from?

yeah it’s not bad! i live just outside NYC so I have enough to not really get bored or anything, plus there’s nature where I live so it’s a bit of everything

Locust:What was your favorite book as a child?

Harold and the Purple Crayon!

Rhododendron:What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

well, i suffer from night terrors related to abuse so most of my nightmares are centered around that unfortunately

Homeschool and more

Well I didn’t write yesterday but that was only because I didn’t have much to say. But was a some what slow day. My sons top tooth became wiggly( he is excited about that) and he finished other section in on of his workbooks. He uses a few different workbooks brainquest, comprehensive curriculum and k12 math plus tons of stuff I find online. I don’t use a set curriculum I go by what I think he should be learning at the moment. Oh and I use 20 minute science as a quick science fill in. I am researching some others too. We just started reading the adventures of captain underpants. He is not a reader, he can read basic sight words but that’s it. He said he hates it and never wants to learn. So I figured I can find a cool funny book to get him interested in it. He likes it so far. 👍😄 I just started Harold and the purple crayon for my five year old. He has a great imagination so I figured he would like it. But they listen to both books so they get extra listening time, and so does their baby sister. Speaking of their sister she is getting her first tooth!! It just started breaking through today. Yay!! She has been extra fussy so now I know why. Now to find out if any teething toy will help. I also heard about a copper penny on a string around neck or a real amber necklace. Never tried them with my sons so that is new to me. Who knows? Anyways I think I am going to check out the DLC map Havoc I downloaded for call of duty advanced warfare. Yes that’s a video game. 🎮 Goodnight!