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Pretty soon guys, I’m going to start making and posting Animatics to a YouTube channel I’m creating! (Don’t bother looking for it, I haven’t made it yet) It will mostly feature animatics centered around the Riordan-verse, but you may see fun original short clips or fun little draps from other fandoms! I’m so excited to be announcing this, so keep your ears and eyes open for when I finally open it up with not only this “Good Kid” animatic, but a full other PJO animatic I’ve been working on! Two for the price of one for my grand opening!!! Can’t wait to share it with you guys! Lot’s of love!

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HELLO. IVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER. Can I have a scenario where I meet Chen on a reaaaallly long plane ride? With him sitting next to me? And appearances of other members? And tons of fluff? & somehow we end up meeting each other again? thank you! & both of you guys are incredible writers!

Likewise ~Chen~

This one came out really long. Whoo Chen Chen Chen CHEEENN CHEN CHEN chen Chen Chen. Now I’ve written airplane scenarios for both of my EXO biases ^^ Hope you like it! ~Admin S

         “Yura, I want that seat.”

         “Well, that’s too bad.”


         Your best friend turned to grin at you. “I am only kidding, calm down,” she said, taking the seat behind the one that you wanted. “This is going to be a long plane ride, you might as well make yourself comfortable.”

         You sighed and put your bag up in the bag compartment, knowing that her words were very true. The two of you had just got back from studying abroad, and now you were flying back home to Korea.

         But, since Yura didn’t purchase the tickets ahead of time, the two of you were stuck with the one plane ride that happened to be the longest.

         Thanks, Yura.

         You plopped down in your seat and searched for the seatbelt. There were still people trying to get to their seats in the plane, and you only hoped that the person who would be sitting next to you through this entire ride wouldn’t be someone who was particularly annoying or unpleasant.

         “Hey, ______,” Yura said, sitting on the edge of her seat so that you could hear her better. “Sorry again for all this.”

         “Don’t worry about it.”

         “I know you secretly want to murder me for doing this, but please don’t.”

         You grinned and faced her. “Let’s just hope neither of us have to sit next to a middle aged man throughout this flight again, because that sure wasn’t a nice experience last time.”

         Yura laughed and fell back in her seat, remembering the memory as if it happened just yesterday.

         You only shook your head as you recalled the disgusting man you were forced to sit next to on the last plane ride a year or two ago.


         To try and make up for some of the boredom you were experiencing, you reached forward and pulled out one of the magazines that was provided in the little bag behind the seat in front of you. You aimlessly flipped through the pages, only taking slight interest in some of the pictures.

         Out of the corner of your eye, you spotted a rather attractive looking young man walking through the small aisle of the plane. He was staring down at his ticket and then back at the numbers above the seats, trying to find the right one.

         Behind him was an even more attractive guy, who was probably a little younger. You couldn’t help but let your eyes follow his every move, since he was just so attractive.

         “Luhan, I think we sit in the back,” the second guy said, pointing at his ticket.

         “No, Chen, I don’t think so,” replied the guy who was referred to as Luhan. “Lay booked the tickets and he told us we sat in the front.”

         Yura sat on the edge of her seat and muttered, “Hot damn.

         You looked back and glared at her. “Watch your words, they could hear you.”

         “Well good, I’m sure both of them know how attractive they are already.” Yura let her eyes wander all over Luhan before a smirk showed up on her face. She crossed her fingers and looked up at the skies. “Please oh please, let this empty seat beside me be that fine man’s seat, I beg you.”

         “Yura, could you please-“

         “Excuse me?”

         The two of you looked up and saw that the guy who was named Luhan was staring down at you both a small smile. He stretched out his ticket and asked, “Could one of you please tell me where this seat is?”

         Before you could even lift your fingers, Yura grabbed the ticket from Luhan’s hand and read it over. “Mhmm.” She nodded and patted the seat beside her. “Your seat is right here.”

         “Oh, thank you.” Luhan opened the bag compartment above the two of you and put his bag up there, leaving his friend looking quite confused.

         You took it upon yourself to peek at his friends ticket before giving him a small smile. “Your seat is this one here.” You pointed to the one beside you.

         The boy, whom you remembered as Chen, looked at his ticket once more before looking back at you. Then, he beamed, “Thank you, Lay.”

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