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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Inspired by X Ambassador’s “Unsteady”, this is the narrative of two people’s love being tested after a heartbreakingly fatal decision is made.

for the brilliant @sebbytrash.

warning/note: implications of suicide

Tears blind your eyes as you watch his chest rise and fall, oxygen entering his body with the assistance of a machine. For a man whose body is manipulated to be strong and agile at the zenith of human potential, he looks frail and weak lying on the hospital bed with all of the needles poking into him.

“BUCKY, PLEASE!” you screamed, voice laced in pain. You latched yourself onto the ledge, hoping that pushing off the small concrete wall would give you more support. Panicked adrenaline pumped through your body as you grabbed Bucky’s hand with all of the strength you could muster.

Bucky looked up, a sad calmness reflecting in his eyes. It was scary he didn’t look like a man who’s dangling off the edge of a tall building. It was as if he was ready for the imminent conclusion of his life. His eyes were tired, a result of the wary defeat that had emotionally pounded him into pieces. Somehow he mustered up a small smile.

You fiddle with the simple band on your left finger, distracting yourself from the tears fighting to stream down your cheek. Leaning your side against the glass window, you take another systematically deep breath, your ribcage hurting as you force yourself to inhale and exhale.

Sweat beaded on your forehead as you pleaded for him to keep hanging on. “Place your foot on that structure and swing your body over! I’ll pull you over and - Oh God, please Bucky! Please don’t give up now!”

“Doll, just let go,” Bucky exclaimed. “I don’t belong here and -”

Blood rushed through your ears and your eyes darkened with desperate anger. “Don’t let go! Please don’t let go! I am begging you!”

A strong gust of wind blew by and you screamed as Bucky’s body visibly sways. “BUCKY!”

“(Y/N), doll. I’m so sorry, but -”

If you love me, don’t let go! PLEASE!”

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Bad Girl Ch 18: Home

Kris’s POV

My hands are shaking, I don’t know why, I’ve done this before. But  at the same I know this isn’t just my baby clicking her heels down the hall, it is Kim Jooyoung, a full grown woman. I’ve handled full grown woman, but never any that I’ve cared about. I have never been shaking with so much fear that I could say the wrong thing and drive her away. What if she hates me? My heart drops, I can’t handle that.

“Daddy?” Her sweet voice pulls me out of the black hole of fear I found myself in.

I snap out of my daze and stare at her with wide eyes. My sweet baby only reaches my chest even in her heels, her small frame looks amazing in a dark red two piece outfit. The skirt is flowing back as she continues her way toward me, the high slit giving me peeks at her slim legs. A gold body chain is peek out of the bottom of her high collared crop top that ends an inch or two above the skirt. My eyes continue their way up, noticing the large golden earrings hanging on either side of her beautiful face. Full lips that match the same color as the dress form a small pout when I don’t respond. Those forest green eyes are accented in gold eye shadow and black eyeliner that look like Baek’s doing, are staring at me with concern.

“Daddy?” She grips my hand and squeezes it tight.

“Sorry!” I quickly apologize, “You are just so beautiful.”

She flushes, “Daddy, stop.”

“Are you ready to go? Do you want to drive again?”

She shakes her head, “I can just type the address into your GPS.” I watch mindlessly as she takes my hand and leads me out to where my car is parked in front of the house. I open her door for her before climbing in the drivers side. She is already typing the location in, humming some song to herself. It’s a strangely familiar song, not one that I can place but puts me on edge.

“What song is that?” I wonder, pulling out of the driveway and following the directions given.

“Jiho hums it for me all the time, he told me he doesn’t know.”

I nod, “I feel like I know if from somewhere.”

“I do too but can never place it.”

“So where are we headed on this adventure? Another hot spring?”

“Nope, we are going to dinner, like you always wanted.”

“Please don’t tell me we are going to one of Jiyong’s places,” I groan.

She chuckles and once again shakes her head, “Nope, mine.”

I raise my brows at that, “Yours’?”

“You don’t honestly think I just live off Jiyong’s income do you? I’m a big girl, I make my own money, have my own businesses.”

I whistle, “Look at you, such a big girl.”

We make small talk for awhile until we arrive at her restaurant. It’s a small place on the beach with lanterns outside that lead the way up the double door way. A man is there holding the door open, he bows a full 90 degrees before greeting us, “Welcome Madame Jooyoung and her guest.” I scan the man, he isn’t much shorter than me with circular sunglasses and an emotionless face.

“Good evening Zion, how are you tonight?” Jooyoung muses with a smile.

“I am happy I can be of service to you tonight. It has been too long since you’ve come to visit.”

“I know I’m sorry, I’ve been really busy lately.”

“You are here now, that is all that matters,” A genuine smile graces his face, though it is small. “Your table is set up on the back porch, would you like me to escort you there?”

She shakes her head, “I can lead the way, thank you though. You can go back to the kitchen.” He nods before turning and returning to wherever he came from.

“Who is that? The host?”

“He’s the chef.”

“No offence Baby but your place is pretty empty at the moment.”

She chuckles, “You guys aren’t the only ones who can close things down for a night. I sent everyone home except for him so we could be alone.”

I gulp. This is all I’ve ever wanted. Just single night alone, completely alone where my brothers weren’t sneaking around trying to steal her attention. But yet again I find my hands trembling. She leads me through the beautiful yet simple restaurant and out on to the patio where we see the sun almost completely setting. Heating lamps are set up around one table that is set just for us. I pullout her chair for her before taking my seat across from her.

“Are you okay Daddy?” She asks in a sweet voice. “You aren’t talking much. Did you not want to go out?”

“I did! I’m sorry, I’m just… nervous,” I admit looking down at my hands.

“Nervous?” She echoes, “You’re nervous? Why? I’ve been shaking in my booties this whole time thinking you hate me and this whole idea.” She lets out a sigh of relief.

“I could never hate you,” I remind her. There is no way I could ever feel anything but love for the pretty little princess in front of me, how could she ever think different.

“You might not hate me but I know me being big isn’t your favorite thing.”

My heart breaks, my hand reaches out for her small one and holds, it tight, “I’m sorry for ever making you feel like I don’t love all of you.”

“If it makes you feel any better it isn’t just you, I saw it in Xiumin’s eyes too, and Luhan, and Suho. It’s you older folk you seem to have an issue,” She chuckles and smiles but I can see the heart break in it.

I open my mouth to explain but nothing comes out. Guilt is settled deep in my chest leaving no room for the words I need. I’m the person who made her look so sad, who made it a little harder for her to smile, how the hell could I do this to her?

When I don’t respond she looks away as if she is ashamed, “I’m sorry, lets not talk about that.” She chuckles awkwardly.

“No! Lets talk about it! I’m… I’m sorry!” That seems to be all I can get out, “I’m so sorry!”

To make this situation worse the man from before appears with to heavy looking plates in his hands. He freezes a few feet from the table and looks to Jooyoung on what he should do. She just gestures for him to continue with a fake smile plastered on her face. After doing so he leans closer to her and whispers in her ear, giving me quick side glances.

“Thank you Zion but it’s okay, you can go now, I appreciate you staying late. Have a good night.”

He looks hesitant to go but when she shoos him away gently he finally obeys. When he is out of sight I can’t help but ask, “What did he whisper to you?”

“He wanted to know if it was safe for him to leave me here with you alone.”

I grimace, “Who the hell does he think he is?”

She chuckles, “He is just worried, it’s not often I go out by myself like this.”

“You are with me,” I mumble holding her small hand.

“But he doesn’t know you, he honestly doesn’t even trust Jiyong that much. The few times I’ve come here with Jiyong those two have bumped chests.”

“So who does he trust?”

“Jiho and my other dongseangs, people under me like him.”

“Jiyong’s little thugs?”

She smiles, “They are my little thugs now.”

Mentioning foot soldiers brings something to mind, “Have you had a run in with our dongseangs?”

She seems completely thrown off by the question, “What?”

“Jin and his boys? You were close before and I’m guessing they heard the same story as us so did you have any kind of run ins with them?”

“Once,” She admits. “It was my first night out after the whole thing and Jiyong took me to a party where I saw Namjoon from across the room. We locked eyes and I smiled, I wasn’t sure if my bridges were burned with them too but after he gave a dirty look I went with yes. After that they stopped coming to parties, I had people keeping tabs on them so I know what they are up to.”

“When are you going to tell them you are alive? What about Jihyo?”

She sighs, “I want to wait a little while. I have so much going on with you guys and work that I don’t think I can add them into the mix right now. But once we get everything figured out I plan on letting them all know.”

“And your family? They had a funeral and everything.”

For that she just shrugs, “Why ruin their now peaceful lives with my craziness? It’s not like the miss me much anyway.”

The conversation seems to end there. She tells me to try the food but I’m too focused on her, I can’t even think about anything else. I feel like I’m killing th mood with all these questions, this isn’t what I should be doing with my small amount of time with her. Who knows when I could get this again, I can’t waste it on other people.

“When I was younger I used to think that if you opened the oven before the timer went off it would explode.”

She stops moving her fork around and looks up at me with a small smile.

“Like I was honestly horrified when our nanny would try and peek to see if the food was done. One time I actually through myself in front of the over door so she couldn’t open.”

Now she’s laughing, that beautiful smile returns lifting the weight off my heart a bit, “I thought for the longest time that I was adopted from a fictional alien character because of how different I was from my family. I remember screaming at my mom that I she wasn’t my mom and that my real family will come back for me by the time I’m eighteen. Fate threw that back at me, you guys found me just in time.”

“I’m sorry we aren’t aliens.”

“Yea, I expected more, but I guess this is going to have to do.”

We laugh. We talk more about our childhoods, silly stories about one another and my brothers, I didn’t want to talk about them but she asked and who am I to deny her. Time flies by as we talk and sometimes just listen to the waves crash up on the shore. By ten we are sitting side by side near the edge of the patio with the heating lamps hanging over us and my jacket around her. She is giggling about some stupid joke Baekhyun had told us at home that has me rolling my eyes. Her love for that stupid boy is beyond me.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone down on the beach near the restaurant’s steps that lead down there. I glare down at the figure as I try to figure out who it is, is it the man from before, Zion? No he was thin, this man looks more built and more familiar. Joo notices me staring a follows my gaze.

“So he did follow us.”


Jooyoung’s POV

“Who the hell is it?” Kris snaps.

“Jiho, I told you I don’t go out by myself.” I muse.

“How did he find us? How long do you think he’s been here?”

“I’m guessing Zion called him right when we showed up, and probably a good amount of the time. He has probably been hiding on the little gazebo down there.”

He pouts, “Get rid of him.”

I chuckle but stand up to do so, “I’ll tell him we are okay.”

“Can’t you just give him the finger to fuck off?”

“I’ll be right back, don’t worry,” I squeeze our inter locked hands before letting go and wandering in the direction of the stairs that lead down to the beach. The  three flights of stairs lead me to where I saw him standing a moment before but now he is gone.

“Pretty bird,” He whistles from the bench swing in the gazebo, exactly where I expected him to be. I wrap Kris’s jacket tighter around me before join him on the swing. “Hello Pretty bird.”

“Hello my guard dog,” I muse, “what in the world are you doing here? This is your weekend off.”

“There is no such thing as a day off when you aren’t at home.”

“I’m safe here with Kris, you can go home.”

“I don’t trust those boys. Plus I don’t want to go home. I’ve been stuck in there for just a day and I’m going out of my mind with boredom. You need to come home. We will see each other tomorrow morning as I remember for work.”

He doesn’t respond, we just continue to swing.

I chuckle, “Some one misses me.”

He glares at me, “Of course I miss you. The only other person I can talk to in the building is Jiyong and that is just depressing. Cause all we want to talk about is you and he just gets sad.”

“I feel bad.”

“Don’t, just come home.”

anybody: so what’re you up to lately?

me: oh, you know. just trying to reconcile myself to the fact that nick is going to be grace’s love interest in season four of grace & frankie and i might as well get used to it. it’s going pretty well.

me .25 seconds later:

anonymous asked:

Part 1 I honestly hate how much the writers have fucked over Ian's character. To me he had potential to be such a deep and dynamic character and the writers where just like nah, we're gonna make you bipolar and not give you the relationship you deserve with Mickey. So, my point is, that if the writers just fucked him up so much, their saving grace and what I want to happen is that they finish Ian's storyline with him buying a one way ticket to Mexico. Maybe he has some big revelation about

Part 2 good Mickey was for him and how his family kinda brushed him off as long as he was taking his meds and not causing them problems. But I just at least want him to buy a ticket and for us to actually see him board the plane and like parallel when he gets on the bus in season 3 except this time he’s smiling and he’s happy bc he’s finally going to be with Mickey for their happily ever after. That’s one way the writers could end the Gallavich and Ian storyline. Like give us a break already

The writers really did fuck around with Ian. They had a great opportunity to use his experiences to create a complex narrative where he grew and learnt from his mistakes and experiences. They completely pretend that he was never taken advantage of at least two men who were more than twice his age. He still doesn’t know how to treat his boyfriends or stop them from treating him poorly. They gloss over his bipolar whenever they can, and they made it so Fiona and Lip didn’t watch out for him enough when he was younger, didn’t get upset when he was dating predators. He has been through so much shit. I wouldn’t mind him having relationships outside of Mickey if they didn’t write it so half-assed. They made Caleb into a controlling asshole who tried to brainwash Ian into thinking that sleeping with women when dating a man didn’t count, or that his sexuality wasn’t enough, he had to try it with women too. It was disgusting, and then he meets Trevor who is a great guy, but they should never have been more than friends. What is the point in Ian dating someone for a few episodes only to have him run back to Mickey? If Mickey is where his heart is, then let it stay there, don’t bring in nice people just to make Ian out to be a dick again. 

What you said above is something I think could work. If they got notice that they were working on their final season I think that would be a really sweet endgame, running off into the sunset to be with the man he loves. I just don’t know if they will think of it, or if they would want to give Ian a happy ending since everyone loves to write him suffering

Title: Trauma
Pairing: Owen Hunt x Y/N
Rating: 13+
Requested?: Yes; “ Hey I was wondering if you would do an Owen hunt x reader where it’s like the scene where he is choking Christina because of his ptsd but instead of Christina it’s the reader and it’s like ten times worse than just choking her and she ends up having to go to the hospital because it’s so bad. And the reader comes from a home where she was abused and she is like tramitzed but what Owen does and he has to do everything for her like bath her and stuff like that. And fluff from Owen. Sorry it’s long”
Word Count: 1,769
POV: 3rd Person

*Trigger Warning* *Slight Spoiler Alert*

After a long shift at Seattle Grace, Owen was ready to sleep. That’s all he wanted to do at this point. Instead of letting him drive all the way back to his mother’s house, Y/N, his girlfriend, wanted to let him stay at her place for the night. It seemed like a good idea at the time so he did. As soon as Owen and Y/N got to her house, they were searching for the bed. Both of them were so tired that they could’ve slept anywhere. When Owen’s head hit the pillow, he was out like a light. Y/N was basically the same way. Only she didn’t sleep for a long time. Sometime in the middle of the night, she was awoken by Owen. He was hovering over her, his hands wrapped around her neck. Y/N could feel her airway beginning to tighten as Owen continued to choke her. She flailed her arms and legs around, desperate to get his attention. To wake him up somehow. It was all for nothing. And it wasn’t the pain or even the struggle for air that scared Y/N the most. It was the fact that she’s been in this situation before. Her father, a well known alcoholic, had a tendency to choke her until she was nearly dead. Then he’d let up for a minute or two, making Y/N choke and gasp for a much needed breath of air. That’s exactly how she felt now. Like she needed air so desperately. Her lungs burned and Y/N knew she’d need to get a breath in there eventually. Or she would die. Still using all of her might to fight off her “attacker”, Y/N felt herself go numb. Her limbs, her mind, her lungs. Everything went completely numb. She laid there completely still. And that’s when Owen was done. His eyes shot open and he reluctantly released Y/N from his grip, gasping at the damage he caused. Never in a million years did Owen think his PTSD would cause him to hurt the one he loved the most. With shaky hands, he picked up the phone and frantically dialed 911. The operator answered the phone with the same message.

“911. What’s your emergency?” Owen swallowed harshly, looking back to Y/N’s unconscious body. She had a very weak pulse but she was alive. “Hello? What’s your emergency?” The man repeated. Owen regained himself quickly. At least enough to speak.

“I need an ambulance. My-my girlfriend. She’s- she’s, well, she’s unconscious.” He tried speaking as calmly as possible. Like one was supposed to talk to a 911 operator.

“Okay. Sir? We’re going to need the address and we’ll get an ambulance sent there immediately. Owen struggled to tell the operator what Y/N’s address but, when he did, he ambulance was sent out. All Owen needed to do now was make sure that Y/N was okay. Even though she wasn’t at the moment. He knew he was hyperventilating but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was Y/N.


20 minutes, the ambulance arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital. The paramedic sat in the back with Y/N and Owen, trying to keep her vitals up while giving her oxygen. Once they arrived, Owen jumped out out of the ambulance first and quickly tried to help the paramedic get Y/N out as well. But he really couldn’t. They already had her out of the ambulance and the doctors had began to wheel her into the hospital. Owen felt completely useless at this point. He walked in the front doors and immediately sat down in one of the waiting room chairs. There was no way they were going to need him. He felt bad. So bad that, at this point, he didn’t think he could face Y/N. If she woke up, that is. In the first trauma room, Dr. Bailey and Cristina were desperately trying to get Y/N’s oxygen levels up. They weren’t gonna lose another person that meant so much to them.

"Come on, Y/L/N, come on.” Bailey mumbled near Y/N’s head. Eventually, they had to intubate. Her oxygen began going up after that, which was a relief. She still wasn’t conscious but she was recovering. Bailey left the room, ordering Cristina to transfer Y/N to ICU recovery. She walked out into the waiting area, where Owen sat with his head in his hands. When he saw Bailey emerge from the room, he immediately stood up.

“Is she-? Did I-? How is she?” He rushed. Bailey looked him up and down before shaking her head.

“She’s fine. Besides, of course, the oxygen deprivation and the pain she’ll have to overcome. And we can’t forget how she’s gonna have to wear a neck brace for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Doing great.” Bailey spat, her words dripping sarcasm. Owen felt his throat constrict. Nothing like what Y/N went through but he still felt as if his airway was tightening. He couldn’t believe that he had put his girlfriend in this situation. He only knew snippets of her past but he knew enough about it. Owen knew he was a horrible. And Y/N would think so as well.


When she awoke, Y/N remembered it all. It was the reason that she had a tube down her throat. The reason that she couldn’t get the flashbacks to go away. And those flashbacks were the worst. They reminded her of everything she did to her father upset at her. And when he was upset, he would get violent. Whatever was in his range was tossed across the room in an attempt to instil fear in Y/N. It worked and Y/N was often cowering in the corner when the real ‘fun’ happened. It was always the same. He’d grab her by her hair and put her on the wall. He’d then proceed to hold her there by placing a hand on her neck. And squeezing. He grinned while Y/N struggled against the hand that was basically killing her. She’d attempt to fight back but to no avail. He was always stronger than her. When he was done with her, he’d drop her on the cold wooden floor so she could catch her breath. Sitting in her hospital bed, Y/N kept thinking about it. She couldn’t stop comparing Owen to her father. No matter how hard she tried to convince herself that that wasn’t the case. The door creaked open and in walked a very distraught looking Owen. The two made eye contact for a couple seconds before they both looked away. Owen approached Y/N with caution, silently asking for her permission to sit on the side of her bed. Y/ nodded and that’s what he did. He reluctantly put his hand on top of hers. She didn’t flinch away, which surprised both of them.

“Y/N, you have a reason to not want me anywhere near you. And I understand that I am a monster. And I-”

“It doesn’t matter whether or not she wants you near her. You’re her caregiver. You have to give care.” Bailey interrupted, handing Owen a packet of Y/N’s discharge forms. Almost immediately after that, Callie came in with the necessary tools to start on her neck brace. Owen’s eyes widened at Bailey’s demanding tone. Y/N flinched a little as Callie turned her head. She reached out and grabbed Owen’s hand for comfort. Callie was done in a short 10 minutes and the only reason that Y/N got through the entire thing was because she was able to clutch Owen’s hand the entire time. Once she left, Y/N had a hard time doing anything. Walking was the worst because she couldn’t exactly see what was in front of her. When Bailey ordered the couple to get out of the hospital and go home, Y/N was put in a wheelchair and Owen wheeled her out. Cristina took the two of them home because they did come their in an ambulance. That night, Y/N told Owen everything. Everything that her father did to her. Everything that she felt when he was strangling her. Everything she thought when she woke up and didn’t see his face.
“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He apologized again. Y/N smiled softly. She had forgiven him a few hours ago now. Y/N looked over and saw that tears were pricking at Owen’s eyes. Of course, he was trying to be discreet about it so, the moment when Y/N’s eyes landed on him, he turned away.

“Hey, look at me.” She commanded. He didn’t listen and suddenly found the patterns on the comforter rather interesting. “Look at me!” She said, louder this time. Owen slowly raised his head to look at her, which was slightly difficult because of the neck brace. “I love you. I’ve forgiven you. Stop stressing over it. Please?” Owen was shocked. He didn’t think she’d be that understanding. He nodded slowly. “Good. Now- uh… I understand if you, you know, find this uncomfortable, but I- uh- haven’t bathed yet today. Do you…. Um….. Think you can help me with that?” Y/N stumbled, blushing a light pink. Owen got up and walked Y/N to the bathroom, undressing her slowly so that she wasn’t in that much pain. Once she was in the tub, Y/N was sure not to get her brace wet, which met staring straight at Owen.

“I love you too, by the way.” Owen smiled. Y/N held a shocked expression on her face as she recalled what she had said earlier. She told him that she loved him for the first time. Blushing, she averted her eyes to look at the sides of her neck brace. Owen grabbed her left hand, which was splashing water around idly, and ran his thumb across it, making her look up at him.

“Really?” She smiled, hopefully. Love was something she needed at the moment. Owen smiled as well, leaning inside the neck brace to place a small kiss on her cheek.

“Really.’ Owen assured her. Y/N finished her bath and Owen helped her dress again before getting her into bed. She was all set as soon as he placed the blanket over her. One yawn later and she was sleeping. Owen sighed. As much as he wanted to crawl in next to her, he knew that he should take the couch. Grabbing the extra pillow and blanket from the linen cabinet, he made his way to the rather uncomfortable couch. If it meant keeping his relationship with Y/N, Owen declared that he’d sleep on that couch as long as he needed to. He wanted her to trust him again. And he was sure to work for it.

Being genderfluid is awesome and all...

But tbh it has its downsides. It’s not always “handsome, dashing man” one day, and “pretty, graceful woman” the next. I feel like people don’t talk enough about the shitty things that come along with it. 

  • Suddenly switching genders after you’ve already left the house with no hope of returning. Nothing is worse than, in an instant, being a dude in public wearing a tight dress that shows off way too many curves.
  • Those days where you just can’t figure out your gender, no matter how long you think about it. No word feels right, and you just go throughout the whole day going “I am ????????
  • Going long periods of time without changing gender, and you start to doubt if you’re even really genderfluid. 
  • Any day you identify with your assigned gender at birth, you think you just made up your identity to be special. 
  • When most days, you’re ok with your birth name/assigned pronouns, but on the days when you’re not…. You’re really not. And you don’t want to bother asking people to switch name/pronoun use for you, because it’ll just change soon anyway, so what’s the point. 
  • On that note, forget thinking about hormones or surgery. You’re just gonna feel different in a little bit, so why bother? 
  • And ya know… No societal recognition or representation. 
Sinners Never Sleep

Summary: Its simple. You train, you plan, you attack, you disarm, and you get out alive… So, if you knew what you were doing, then why was it so hard to get your assassin boyfriend Jungkook to meet your mafia parents- the head of the mafia?
Oh right, Rule 1: Never fall in love…especially with another gang member…

Preface/Preview Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

Part 9


You could only stare at him.

He was lying.

He had to be lying.

And if he wasn’t lying, he most definitely did not mean-

‘He took you from a partnering gang when you were a year old.’

‘NO!’ you shout at him, launching across the room to hit him and getting a few whacks in before you get trapped with your back against his chest, not hearing your labored breathing as you struggle in his grasp, huffing angrily as you push at his arms that were laced around you, until eventually you break out of his hold when he realizes you’re not going to give up.

You cant look back at him as you lunge back to the other side of the room, leaning heavily on the frosted, fractured window with one hand and blinking past the blurriness threatening your vision.


‘SHUT UP! Just- Shut….Up.’ you cut him off, making to look at him, but feeling dizzy with just the thought of actually cementing what he’d said as a reality.

‘How dare you…say that…about my father-‘

‘He’s not your-‘

‘DON’T SAY IT AGAIN!’ you scream at him, finally turning to look at him and seeing him having taken a few steps towards you, freezing with the force of your words and staring straight back at you.

You can see the effort it took him not to say anything, despite the fact you couldn’t actually look him in the eye as you sink to your knees on the floor, pressing the heels of your hands into your eyes as you bend over and touch your forehead to the dirty floorboards of the abandoned room. You were so distracted by the absurdity of what he was saying, that you didn’t even have the focus to be worried about him being dangerous, to even fathom that he might be lying, simply trying to calm yourself as your brain continues to reject what he was trying to tell you.

Because even if there was a tiny voice in your mind that was whispering to you that he could be lying…

Your automatic response was to believe him.

You’d always believed him.

‘You know you wont get away with this, don’t you?’

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anonymous asked:

Hello complete stranger who is totally not me, I am an anonymous person totally not sending myself messages to get this blog started! (*wink wink*) Anyway, how about headcanons for the gang teaching MC to skate? (because I've been in a wintery mood ever since it SNOWED the other day)

Ah yes, look at this lovely request I totally did not send myself like ten seconds ago that was totally not inspired at all by Yuri on Ice. What a pleasant surprise! 


  • is there anything this man can’t do
  • seriously
  • he’s gliding around on the ice and he looks like a freaking angel
  • when you ask him about it he just shrugs and laughs
  • no he’s never taken skating lessons or anything
  • he’s just that good
  • screw off you unnaturally perfect asshole
  • but
  • even though he could skate circles around you
  • he wouldn’t
  • except a little at the beginning to show off of course gotta impress his prince(ss)
  • he would just take your hands
  • and skate backwards, slowly pulling you along until you felt more comfortable on the ice
  • even when you can skate on your own he still doesn’t let go of your hand though
  • honestly you two are such a typical couple holding hands and laughing and smiling at each other it’s so gross


  • he’s
  • surprisingly not bad????
  • he can stand?
  • and move??
  • without falling???
  • he’s been ice skating on a few school trips in public school, and he’s been with his friends since then so he’s pretty confident in his ability to at least stay on his feet
  • he would try to do the holding hands and guiding you by skating backwards in front of you thing
  • but he underestimates just how much he cannot see things behind him
  • he can’t see the people coming and you can’t do anything to stop
  • you narrowly avoid bowling over a couple and their children
  • he apologizes like a bazillion times
  • and settles for skating next to you holding hands
  • this is also a bad idea
  • because he may know what he’s doing
  • but you do not
  • one second you’re gliding shakily along next to him
  • and the next second your legs are sliding out from under you like they’re trying to run away
  • traitors
  • Yoosung tries to catch you but he just ends up falling down with you
  • you land with a thud on your back and Yoosung lands right on top of you
  • like
  • ON
  • TOP
  • he’s straddling you and your faces are so close you can literally feel the heat radiating off of his cheeks
  • he’s immediately apologizing again as he jumps to help you up 
  • which just makes things even worse you guys are basically rolling around on the ice for a solid minute or two before you finally get steadied back on your feet
  • at least you guys don’t have to worry about the cold anymore because both of your faces are burning 


  • She’s not sure about skating at first because she hasn’t been in years?
  • She doesn’t want to make a fool of herself in public by being bad at it.
  • Ha. Haha. Yeah. Jaehee. Bad at something. Sure.
  • Seriously she’s another person who’s talents are endless
  • This girl knows balance from all her judo training
  • So after the first few minutes of getting a feel for the ice
  • She’s over there sliding across the rink like she’s been doing this her whole life
  • And you’re over here
  • On your ass
  • Covered in snow
  • You see her stifle a small laugh as you pout up at her and that makes it all worth it
  • You tell her as much and she blushes that makes it worth it too
  • She tries to teach you by explaining exactly what she’s doing and how she’s shifting and balancing her weight
  • But it is just not working the same for you
  • You end up going back to her place for hot cocoa (she makes it of course) and warm-up cuddles afterwards so it’s all good


  • Jumin has never been ice skating before.
  • He has seen figure skating before and has always admired how graceful and elegant the sport is though
  • So when you ask him to go skating with you he’s more than happy to oblige
  • He hires a skating coach to teach you both and rents a whole ice rink just for the two of you
  • He has this idea in his head that it’s going to be all graceful and romantic
  • He’s seen The Cutting Edge after all
  • That is not how it goes at all
  • Who’s helping who here?????
  • The second your feet hit the ice Jumin is practically leaning on you for support
  • Why did he let you talk him into this
  • This is not the way standing is supposed to feel
  • His legs won’t stay still MC why
  • This is not like skating scene from The Cutting Edge
  • Eventually you both manage to stand
  • But there’s something about seeing Jumin
  • Elegant, sophisticated C&R Director Jumin Han
  • Stumbling around on the ice with his long arms flailing around to keep what little shaky balance he has
  • That just cracks you up
  • Jumin’s offended for like two seconds
  • But seeing you laugh and smile like that always brightens him up
  • It wasn’t the elegant romantic night he’d planned it to be but you guys end up having a lot of fun


  • Seven is hopeless
  • He’s flailing around and stumbling across the ice with you the two of you honestly look drunk or something
  • He spends most of his time clinging to you (when you’re not clinging to him)
  • And his favourite method of stopping is to barrel towards you full speed and knock you both into the ground or the nearest wall
  • “MCCCCCC catch meeeeee”
  • “SEVEN NO”
  • But when you find yourself headed for a full on collision with another skate
  • He just grabs your wrist and expertly maneuvers you out of the way and back to the safety of the edge
  • Saeyoung you little shit you could skate this whole time???
  • After that he actually tries to teach you
  • Sort of
  • He likes holding your hand and pulling you across the ice with him
  • But he also really likes speeding towards you and shouting “THINK FAST” then swerving out of the way last second
  • Seven this is not teaching me anything


  • You just assume V can skate
  • When you ask him he tells you he’s only been on the ice a few times and isn’t very good he mostly just sat on the sidelines taking pictures last time he went
  • But you assume he’s one of those people who can just naturally skate
  • I mean look at him
  • He’s all tall and flowy and graceful looking, he must be able to skate
  • You are wrong
  • He cannot
  • Help him
  • You now have a six foot tall half blind grown ass adult man stumbling around a public arena on sharp knife shoes
  • What have you done you’ve created a weapon of mass destruction
  • He’s embarrassed at first but you take his hands and tell him that it’s okay
  • You can figure it out together
  • You and V laugh the whole time and his laugh is the most heavenly sound you’ve ever heard


  • “You want me to wear blades on my feet and slide around on a giant frozen puddle.”
  • “….Why”
  • This poor child has never even seen an ice rink first hand
  • Let alone skated on one
  • He slipped on a frozen puddle once that’s about as close as he’s gotten
  • Eventually you manage to convince him to go to one of those outdoor ice rinks with you
  • Because he can’t say no to you and because you promised you’d stop and get him ice cream on the way home
  • He’s all huffy and scowly from the moment you arrive
  • but you know it’s just because he’s nervous precious snowflake
  • You have to help him tie his skates because “why the fuck are there so many laces???”
  • And then you and Saeran step out onto the ice
  • He’s clinging to your hand like you’re the only thing keeping him upright
  • You probably are tbh
  • You basically stand in one place with him until he gets a feel for it
  • But when you start moving
  • wow
  • Now he gets it
  • He starts relaxing as his movements go from shaky flailing to something that somewhat resembles skating
  • He’s looking up at the sky as he glides across the ice and it feels like flying
  • He looks over and sees you smiling at him with your rosy cheeks and your hair flowing out behind you and you look angelic
  • He squeezes your hand
  • And he smiles Saeran is smiling alert the press this is a goddamn Kodak moment
  • “Thank you.”


  • Vanderwood likes to think that they are a physically capable person
  • They’re in shape
  • They’ve been through a fair amount of physical training with the agency
  • They’ve been in some tough situations before and their body has never let them down
  • When you first ask Vanderwood if they can skate they don’t really want to admit that they can’t do it
  • So they just shrug
  • “How hard can it be?”
  • And that is how they ended up as your skating teacher
  • They get their skates on
  • They help you tie yours too because Vanderwood is the mom friend
  • Then the moment of truth arrives
  • Vanderwood places their foot on the ice
  • And immediately falls flat on their face
  • What the fuck
  • You’re laughing so hard you’re dying
  • Vanderwood is so red
  • They weren’t ready!
  • They manage to get back on their feet see they told you they weren’t incompetent
  • But they mostly just either stand still or push once and let themself glide in whatever direction they want to go
  • “see you just stand straight and then to move you just… move.”
  • Thanks Vanderwood you’re a great teacher.
  • But they do manage to help you figure out how to balance a bit at least
  • They spend most of the time watching you because seriously you should not be allowed to be this cute 
  • stop flailing around and smiling like that Vanderwood’s heart cannot handle it
What The Hell Are Girly Laps?

It sometimes doesn’t seem like Red vs Blue is that old. After all, the total running time of the whole show is slightly less than twenty-four hours, which a normal American 22-episode drama might produce in a little over a year. But while it might not comparatively be that much actual canon, the dramatic evolution of the show should prove just how long it’s been since the Reds & Blues first graced our internets. And while it’s not fair to talk about 2003 RvB as though it’s a kind of historical document, a lot has changed in the last twelve years. I say all of this as a preface to this Feature, which will be covering issues of gender in Red vs Blue. We’re going to be running through each era of the show and looking at the way female characters are presented. This might initially seem like a trivial pursuit – after all, the show isn’t about gender, it’s about idiot space marines, right? But the truth is that these issues aren’t marginal. They are everyday; they pervade every aspect of our life, and whether we like them or not we’d be smart to at least pay attention to them. Plus, RvB has some kickass ladies that deserve their moment in the sun.

There’s a reason my preamble focused on early RvB, and that’s ’cause – let’s be honest – it’s kind of a sausage-fest. Of the ten characters to appear in Season 1, two are female – and that’s counting the tank (my count, incidentally, is Sarge, Simmons, Grif, Donut, Lopez, Church, Tucker, Caboose, Tex, and Sheila. There’s also technically Vic, but let’s not get picky). That ratio is almost completely unchanged through the next five seasons – we do get Sister, but that’s about it. For the actual Blood Gulch gang, that doesn’t get any better in the PFL era; as Tucker notes in Season 10: “Our guy-to-girl ratio peaked like five years ago!” But let’s not rag on them too much; there are a bunch of factors that contribute to this, including the simple fact that RvB didn’t introduce that many new characters in those days anyway. This isn’t Game of Thrones; the cast stays more or less consistent over large stretches of time, and if a new character is appearing then it’s a big deal. Also, Red vs Blue was far from a professional production in the beginning, and the initial cast was basically decided by which of Burnie Burns’ friends said yes at the time. We can’t bash them too much for not having as many ladies as men; besides, there’s much more interesting things to be said for how those ladies are treated in the show.

When Tex was first introduced, it was via a neat bit of misdirection. If you’ll remember, she has a voice modulator that disguises her as a man. Later, they will connote her ‘male’ voice with her being possessed with Omega, but in these early episodes it’s used as the reveal that Tex is Church’s girlfriend. There’s an argument to be made that after this point, Tex is only defined in relation to Church, which is kind of a problem. Luckily, she manages to hold her own in most scenes with other characters, and it’s only in later seasons that this gets more complicated; but we’ll get to that.

Tex’s main quality is that she’s not a “typical” female. She is aggressive, fiercely capable, and can kick the asses of the Reds & Blues any day. That said, that probably isn’t quite enough considering how the others respond to it. There are many jokes about Tex’s gender, and the way in which she acts not lining up with typical gender roles. They assume she must secretly be a man, or part-man-part-shark. What’s difficult to tell is whether these jokes are made at the expense of Tex, or of the Reds and Blues. Another example of this is Tucker. In early seasons, Tucker is kind of gross. His repeated lewd comments about any women he can see (or imagine) are a big part of his early character, but it’s hard to know at what point these jokes start being at Tucker’s expense. Some might say that there’s calling-out from the very beginning; when Tucker is talking about how many chicks they’ll be picking up in the tank, Church says: “You are so full of shit. What chicks are you gonna pick up, man?” And while not every one of Tucker’s innuendos is called out like this, it is generally understood by the rest of the gang that his actions are lame. It’s only in later seasons that the “bow chicka bow wow” jokes move from specifically targeting women to more general innuendo.

In Seasons 9 and 10 several more women come to the fore of the show. Carolina is the most notable, becoming the protagonist of both the Blood Gulch half of the show and the Freelancer half. In the midst of all this pointing out of problems it’s worth noting that to the writers’ credits, their female characters still benefit from the same great characterisations as the others. Carolina is a flawed and complex character who I enjoy following around just as much as the Reds and Blues. It’s also impressive that they manage to develop her as much as they do within only two seasons, especially with everything else going on. Also, it’s good to see the Blood Gulch guys treat her with respect, even if that’s just because she terrifies them.

Over in the Freelancer saga we have plenty more interesting female characters, all treated with the same depth as Carolina; there’s South Dakota and Connecticut, two characters with conflict at their hearts, and of course Agent Texas. Tex’s treatment in these seasons is rather better, and she even gains an extra dimension that we haven’t really seen before (think Theta’s “I think I’m starting to like her”). But there is a wider issue to be discussed when we talk about Tex, and that’s her very existence in the first place. Strap in, ’cause it’s a big one.

The only reason Tex exists is because Church couldn’t get over her. This is true on multiple levels, as we know from the recursive nature of the Churches. At first, there was Leonard and Alison, but then Alison died. Leonard couldn’t get over her, so when he made Alpha he accidentally brought Beta along for the ride. That was an accident, granted. But further down the line he made the decision to bring her back “properly”, giving her a robot body and turning her into Agent Texas. And again, much later, after that Tex is dead, Epsilon does the same thing in Season 8.

“I didn’t ask to be brought back. Apparently someone couldn’t live without me.”

It’s a minefield of ethics, and whichever way you slice it it doesn’t look good for any of the Churches. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; inside the Epsilon unit Tucker (of all people!) suggests that it’s pretty stalkery of Church to go down through the levels chasing a dead girl. He’s not wrong; this whole situation robs Agent Texas of her agency, all because Church couldn’t let her go. That doesn’t seem like a particularly acceptable way to treat a person, but the show seems aware of this. Compare the sad figure of the Director at the end of Season 10, sat alone watching footage of Alison, not even worth the wrath Carolina intended to bring him. It’s debatable whether that makes it okay, but there’s one detail that doesn’t quite sit right either way.

At the end of Season 9, Epsilon forgets Tex. He realises the nature of the chain, recognises why it’s a problem, and cuts it off. But was that the right thing to do? From Church’s (and the writers’) perspective, perhaps. Without Tex’s shadow haunting him he is finally at peace, but he does just delete her. She is just as much a person as him, even if she did come from him. Once again, nobody asks what Tex wants, and Church believes she is his, to delete as he wills. It’s not an easy conundrum, partly because she was never “supposed” to exist in the first place, but it doesn’t look good. I’ll let you make up your mind on that one, though.

Luckily, things become a lot more straightforward when we hit the Chorus Trilogy. It’s 2013, and Miles Luna seems very aware of why these things matter. He took his chance to fill Red vs Blue with interesting female characters, none of whom were necessarily the badasses we’d been seeing beforehand. Vanessa Kimball, leader of the New Republic, is not a supersoldier like Tex or Carolina, but she’s got a weariness neither of them could have. Lt. Katie Jensen might not appear too much, but she is treated the same as any of the lieutenants (except when Palomo is looking at her butt). And Emily Grey is…well, she’s someone you definitely enjoy watching. That much is true. Add to that the ending of the Match Breaking PSA (where Carolina, Kimball, and Grey run Tucker over in the Warthog) and you can see how things have changed.

I wouldn’t suggest that Miles is blameless (there was definitely controversy with Palomo’s butt-looking habits), but I also don’t think it’s fair to crucify Burnie for his treatment of Tex in early seasons (and we haven’t even touched the Donut issues, which I think are probably a whole other article). Those early seasons are a product of their time, and hopefully the Chorus Trilogy is an indicator that the RvB team now have a better idea of what they’re doing. I do keep coming back to that Epsilon problem, but I don’t think there are any easy answers there. Let me know what you think in the comments. When all’s said and done, though, they may have started back a little on the race but nobody could say they’re not trying their hardest to catch up.

samsamtastic  asked:

bob/alicia: things you said after it was over

22. things you said after it was over (x)

Bone-rattling exhaustion shivers its way through his muscles in waves. It’s almost welcome, almost a distraction from the leaden, heart-sore way his ribs clench whenever he thinks about Jack. His son, his child, lying gaunt and too pale against the white hospital sheets. It’s far, far too easy to imagine his chest still and his skin cold to the touch.

Home feels surreal. In the darkening onset of evening, nothing looks the way it should. It’s like someone has come in and shifted everything just a few inches and walking through the living room feels like swimming in syrup. It’s like his eyes can’t focus on anything for too long and they skitter about looking for something solid to anchor him, to let him know that everything was going to be all right.

Alicia spins a loose orbit around him, ponderous and austerely graceful. Even now, graceful. They move through the house without bothering to turn the lights on, sparing only the briefest of moments to lock the front door and seal their bubble of grief off from the outside world. Already the press is hounding them – calls to agents, reps requesting a statement, even a group standing outside the gates to their estate – and Bob can feel a headache brewing behind his eyes. He just wants everything to stop.

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Just By Chance

“Too tight.” Grace wheezes, spreading her hand over stomach and trying to breathe in.

Grace hates this part the most. The ‘before’ part. Where Jennifer lines her up with the mirror and tugs and tugs at the strings of her corset, until she almost winces with every breath. She hates that her mother will usually sit behind her, and tell Jennifer to pull tighter, as if the tightening of the strings will rein in Grace’s thoughts and comments by default.

What she hates the most, is that she has to watch. She has to stare at herself as they change her, and it’s as if the world is saying that she’s not good enough, unless she changes. That this girl that she sees, as Jennifer pulls at the string of her corset tightly and she stares at herself in the mirror, is the person that everyone wants her to be.

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Gypsy Introduction - Buffalo [01/31/2015]

“…written about us and it’s a fun story because it’s so real, and sometimes we forget what was real. So, in the beginning Lindsey Buckingham lived in San Francisco and he, uh, lived there his whole life. I, my family was living in California and we got transferred from Los Angeles up to San Francisco. I was a senior and Lindsey was a junior. So I met him one night at some party and, uh, we sang a song together. And I think it was California Dreamin’. I know it was. I never forget anything. And, um, then I walked away and I never saw him again. I don’t know what happened to him. I don’t know where he went, I don’t know. He just disappeared in a poof of smoke. Maybe not smoke but something!

And, uh, so two years later when I finished my second year of junior college, I got a phone call from a guy named Bob, who was a drummer in a band that Lindsey was in. And Bob said ‘Would you like to join our band?’ I didn’t really know who 'our band’ was but I said, 'Well, what kind of band is it?’ And he said, 'It’s 1968, San Francisco. It’s like the mecca of rock and roll. It’s a hard rock and roll band.’ And I’m like 'just let me think about it’, I’m like 'yes, I can do it, yes!’ Next thing I know I’m going to practice at Lindsey’s house, who lives down the street from me, and we’re practicing Monday through Thursday, five hours, every - I mean, you know, this was heavy.

And this band just got better and better and we suddenly, very soon we were opening for very big bands like: Jimi Hendrix, 75 000 people; Janis Joplin, 50, 30, 30 000 people at Stanford Frost Amphitheater, Stanford University; Santana, the week before Woodstock the movie came out; and last but not least because there’s so many more but the one I’ll tell you about is we were stuck in Lodi with Creedence Clearwater. Because we opened for them and then we were stuck there cos our car broke down. So we had many total adventures and we were making pretty good darn money.

So one day I heard this rumor that there was this magnificent store in downtown San Francisco where all the rock and roll women who were like in bands and people knew about them bought their clothes. And so I thought 'okay, I have some money, so I’ll drove up there in my cranberry apple red convertible Corvette Spyder Monza five-speed and I’ll buy something. And I get there and I find the store and it’s a tiny store and has beautiful things hanging everywhere and a handpainted floor that’s beautiful, and I know immediately that there’s no way I can afford anything in this store. So I made a long trip. But I realized, standing on this floor, that I was probably standing in the same place that Janis Joplin stood, or that Grace Slick stood, or many of the other famous women. So it’s like in that moment my life sort of changed, and I think I had a, I like to call it a seizure/premonition, where I really felt something coming. I knew that it was going to be big and it was a moment where you go 'I know it’s, I don’t know what it is but it’s going to be big and it’s coming soon.

And, um, I walked out of that store a different woman. Like I had a purpose or something, you know. It was amazing. And the reason that I’m telling you this story is because I want you to know that if you have a dream and you believe in it, especially in today’s crazy world, and crazy high-tech world, that if you have a passion, a fire down below, if you have that, don’t ever let anybody tell you you can’t have it. Cos you can have it. We are living proof that a bunch of kids in San Francisco with nothing made it to the top and made it to the top pretty damn fast. So you can do it. Believe in yourself and just tell everybody to get out of your way. 'So I’m back to the velvet underground’ - the store - 'back to the floor that I love, to a room with some lace and some paper flowers. Back to the gypsy that I was.’”

She is way too pretty to be living with me, like, oh em gee she should be a famous rat model or something. She is perf. I don’t even care that she doesn’t sit still long enough to get pictures taken very often because I am graced with her beauty & wildness each day as she scampers around the cage as if she is a feral animal who has been trapped. and then when I go “PHANTOM! Phantom, come here!” she immediately stops & stares at me & goes O_O & then comes running up my arm & licks my ears.

She just got a wheel put back in her cage (it had been in Lyle’s temporary cage for a while) & so she’s been SUPER stoked all day long & not wanting to get off of it.

This is Everything: Chapter Eleven.

Thank you all for sticking around and your patience. 

Here is chapter eleven…finally. 

Not beta’d so ignore silly mistakes. Feedback is always welcome.


All writing here.

Chapter Eleven: Safe.

“I lost my mind trying to find yours.”




Hannah is sleeping. Her breathing is calm and slow. She looks so peaceful and content.

Grace watches her eyes flutter.

She wants to reach out and trace the lines on her face, the dip above her lip, the top of her eyelids. All the flaws and perfections. 

“I fucked up, Grace.”

Grace had heard the desperation in her voice even over the phone. The words were heavy on her tongue and the guilt sitting on her shoulders.

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Rule 47

Previous part can be found here.

hartbigguyz was lovely enough to make sure these were all actual words.

Part Four

“Remind me again why we’re doing this?”

“I don’t know, I thought it could be ‘fun’?”

It’s only quiet, but Hannah definitely hears Grace mumble “orderingpizza is fun” before sitting down on the floor next to her, picking up twodifferent sized metal bars and glaring at them.

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What I really want though in season 10 is for Cas to be the one who cures Dean.

Like, Sam is all engines revving, ready to go save Dean when ~something happens~.  Maybe he’s incapacitated somehow, or maybe they realize that if Sam does it he’ll die (what with the whole trials thing and all) and so it’s down to Cas.  And Cas is still an angel, and he has a choice- stay an angel and try to save Dean some other way, or become human and save him with his humanity.  And really, there’s no contest.  So Cas takes out the stolen grace from inside himself, and begins the long process of curing Dean.

Meanwhile Dean is snarling abuse at him, taunting him for his feelings for a demon, hitting him right where it’ll hurt most.  And Cas is affected, of course he is, but he continues doggedly on, until the final moment, when he’s chanting the exorcism, and there’s a bright flash of light- and then it’s just Dean blinking up at him, whispering, “Cas?”

It’s with a gentle slope to his shoulders and a certain shimmer to his eyes that Cas stands there, ram-rod straight though his hands are resting relaxed and open by his side, the tiniest of smiles tugging on the corner of his mouth and on his cheeks, watching the merry-go-round.

There’s the buzz of a whole fair, already drunk with the encroaching evening, all around him, and yet, Cas looks like a bastion of calm, a bundle of ever-patient grace and tranquility.

Dean has been staring at Cas watching the merry-go-round for maybe a tad too long because by the time Castiel softly moves to look over to the side, maybe to see what’s taking Dean so long or maybe because he could feel the feeling of eyes on him, the ice cream Dean bought for himself is making its way down his fingers in a slow drip.

And onto his shirt.

Cas’ eyes are soft when Dean sputters and licks up the ice cream, tumbling his way closer to him, in a pointless effort to look less like a creeper or, worse, an idiot in love.

But there’s no questions when Dean finally reaches him, and no effort of Cas’ own to not look amused and follow the licks of Dean’s tongue. He watches him with that kind of endless patience that could only come from eons of existence, from being used to just watching and waiting, for maybe nothing to happen.

The intensity of his gaze makes Dean’s face burn.

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