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Just A Crush

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader Insert 

Words: 3376

Genres: can you take a guess (fluff) 

Summary: you have a crush on matt and you think he cant tell but…he so can. and it turns out he has the same feelings for you. but can one night change everything when Daredevil himself comes crashing into your apartment like, prince charming dressed in red? (i tried to be dramatic. im not good at summaries.) 

Warnings: none, unless you hate small bathroom make out sessions. 

Notes: no one requested this but i hope you like it anyways :) 

“I don’t care if I fall in love to a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell.”

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I would like to start off by apologizing for my rant. I know this isn’t a well written piece. I was sort of disappointed that the ONE tag I followed finally had drama in it. *sigh*

So about that Back Stage story that is going around about Till being a complete fucking creeper. I honestly am finding a very hard time believing Till acting that way. Or, more accurately, I see that his actions are being misinterpreted. 

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Birthday Special

Summary: It’s your birthday and everyone wants to celebrate!

Warnings: Just fluff/terrible pickup lines!

Word count: 1800

A/N: HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY @pleasecallmecaptain YOU’RE AMAZING AND I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY WAS JUST AS AMAZING!!! I really hope you like this too, I tried to toss in all the stuff I know you love lolol

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“Are your eyes closed?”

“Steve, I don’t think it matters if my eyes are closed, your hands are big enough to hold the sun.” He laughed and stopped awkwardly walking you forward.

“Just trust me, alright?” You laughed and he kissed the top of your head, pulling his hands away from your eyes and stepping away. You heard him shuffling in his pocket for a second, and then something like a lighter starting. Your curiosity was getting the better of you.

“Almost done?” You ask, just about to crack one eye open and see what smelled like smoke.

“No! Not yet, hold on.” Steve was obviously rushing, the panic in his voice only making you want to peak more.

“I swear to god Rogers, if you’re burning down the house right now,” Something swept your hand from your hip and tugged you closer, sighing a little in relief when his scrambling was over.

“Okay you’re good, open your eyes.” It took you maybe half a second to start grinning ear to ear when you did, squeezing Steve’s hand while taking in the sight.

He had spent nearly the whole day preparing the place for your birthday, so there were candles and a fancy dinner laid out on the floor like you two were having a picnic, fairy lights ran across the room, and there was a perfect view of the night sky from the wall of windows at the end of the room. Steve, watching you with a proud grin, grabbed your other hand and lead you down to the fluffiest pillow seat you’d ever seen.

“I’ve never been great at cooking, but I got Wanda to help so it should be edible.” He joked, taking his seat across from you and leaning against the couch behind him.

“I bet it’s delicious.” Honestly, you would be surprised if you weren’t giving Steve the most potent heart-eyes you could muster, he went through all this trouble just for you and everything smelled amazing, he looked amazing, and your heart was in your throat.

Steve was probably the only guy in the world who could still make you nervous after dating him for just under a year, but at least he could say the same about you. Ever since he met you it was like his stomach enrolled in the circus, twisting and fluttering and flipping every time he got close. Sure, he got used to it, but it would never go away. Not with you being gorgeous and looking at him with stars in your eyes.

“Oh! One more thing!” He rushed over to the TV and turned it on, fiddling with the controller before putting on your favourite rom com. He knew you so well, it was almost tear worthy.

You were only halfway through the movie when the rest of the Avengers barged in, inviting themselves to the view of you and Steve sitting beside each other, blown out candles and empty dishes left to sit on the blanket, and the most cliche scene playing out in front of you two.

None of them really knew you and Steve were dating, and although you weren’t actively hiding it, neither of you wanted the teasing that would inevitably follow the reveal. So most of them sent you a questioning glance when they saw your fingers tangled with Steve’s.

“I’m holding her hand because the movie is scary, all right? It’s a… terrifying… rom-com.” Good one Steve.

Tony completely disregarded the lie and yanked you up to your feet with a grin the size of the world.

“Happy birthday Munchkin!” To which you rolled your eyes and hugged him back, going through the line up of your friends as they hugged you.

“Sorry kid, he wouldn’t listen to me when I tried to stop him.” Bucky muttered when it was his turn, wrapping an arm around your waist in a side hug and glaring back at the billionaire with you. Bucky was the only one who knew about you and Steve, and you appreciated his attempt to keep the night between you and your man.

“No worries Buck, this’ll be interesting anyways.” As if to punctuate your speculation, Tony hauled out the one thing you’d never expected him to have - though you couldn’t say why you couldn’t predict him owning a karaoke machine.

“Tony no.” Nat groaned, followed by Wanda shaking her head and Pietro laughing. Clint looked ready to dive into a singing competition, one you had a feeling you’d be participating in at some point of the night. Luckily, Sam volunteered to start it off, and because Tony refused to let him go up alone, Bucky was dragged against his will to join him.

That was begging for disaster, but surprisingly the only tension coming from the makeshift stage was Bucky’s uncomfortable and salty glares to Sam and a couple unwarranted shoves between them.

“They’re getting along for once?” It was almost too good to be true, you didn’t have to mother them into submission. Steve, from beside you on the couch, shook his head with a small smile and whipped out his phone.

“I made them wear a get-along shirt before they came.” He held up his phone for you to see a picture of them stuffed into the same shirt, looking grumpy as all hell.

“They make shirts that big?”

“Yeah, shocked me too.”

“Why didn’t they just rip it in half?” You’d have imagined Bucky wanting nothing more than to get away from Sam and just tearing it straight down the middle; if he could throw Steve and his shield across the room he could rip up a few seems without blinking.

“I said I’d buy him a dog.”

“Will you?” You perked up, wondering if the Avengers tower would have a new resident any time soon.

“Not sure.” He responded nervously, looking away from you like he had a secret.

“Steve,” You say warningly. Instead of him responding, Pietro made his way over and sat on your other side, slinging his arm over the back of the couch behind you.

“Hello printsessa, I’m a thief and I’m here to steal your heart.” Steve bristled beside you, leaning his knee against yours almost to remind you he was there.

“Awe Piet, that’s a really cheesy line.” You laughed, stopping yourself from placing a hand on Steve’s thigh to comfort him and his jealousy.

“Can I tie your shoes? I can’t have you falling for someone else.” He smirked and leaned in the slightest amount, you could feel Steve heating up and you nudged his knee affectionately to tell him to chill out.

“Why don’t you go sing something with your sister?” You giggled and playfully shoved him off the couch, turning to your boyfriend once Pietro was gone. “Oh relax, he only does it to make me laugh.”

Steve didn’t think you understood that nearly all of his efforts were dedicated to making you laugh too, because that was the most rewarding reaction he could get from you. But it was fine, he knew you loved him more than cheesy pickup lines, so he was safe.

“Hey Steve,” You glanced around to all of your friends, distracted by their own conversations. “can I borrow a kiss? I promise I’ll give it back.”

“I don’t know Y/N, it looks like you’re suffering from a lack of vitamin me.” Steve’s arm had replaced Pietro’s, dangerously close to pulling off the couch and wrapping around your waist instead. Though if anything was giving you away tonight, it was the closing distance between you and him with every new dorky line.

“I’m sure you’d find some way to fix that.” You taunted with a smirk, forgetting all about the other people in the room. Steve, by the looks of it, had done the same.

“That depends on how free you are tonight.”

“Well I’m not free, but I am on special this week.” Now you were playing with fire, leaving only a couple inches between your mouth and his, but what did it really matter anymore?

“Then I guess it’s my lucky day.”

If someone hadn’t called your name and made you jump back, heart racing, you would’ve given everything away. Steve seemed a little more than irked at the interruption, but swallowed it down enough to look at Rhodey when he called your names again.

“This is your party, isn’t it? Get your ass on that stage!” He grinned, pushing you and Steve up to the awaiting microphones where you stood in silence, awkwardly looking at Steve and then Sam and Bucky who were arguing over what song to give you two to sing.

And of course they landed on NSYNC, so you had to belt out all the lyrics like it was your national anthem, and Steve had to be so in awe of you that he more or less just stood there grinning at you like an idiot. He hadn’t swallowed down the urge to kiss you well enough, apparently, because it came and smacked him right in the face with double the force, and he had always been a little impulsive, so he didn’t really fight it.

Next thing you knew Steve’s lips were on yours, his hands wrapped around your waist and pulling you right up against him, and your small crowd of super-friends were whooping and cheering.

“Just couldn’t wait until everyone left, huh?” You grinned up, ignoring the continued calls from Clint and Tony trying to outdo the other.

“Wait, how long has this been going on for?” Sam sounded alarmed, while Bucky was laughing proudly ‘cause he knew something before the bird-brain.

“I have something else to give you tonight.” Steve said not unaffectionately and everyone in earshot gasped.

“Steve!” You smacked his arm and he looked confused for a second before going red and laughing into your shoulder.

“No, no not like that, I mean your birthday present!” Someone (Tony) started singing Dick in a Box and Steve laughed harder in embarrassment.

Not that, a dog. I got you a puppy.” You jumped up and hugged him with everything you had, legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck, peppering him with noisy kisses.

“I love you!” You said excitedly and he was still laughing, but now he felt like a million bucks.

“Definitely not as much as I love you.”

Preference #76: Bus Breaks Down (Requested)...

(This is for the anon who requested “you meet him for the first time when the bus crashes/breaks down”. Hope it meets your expectations!)

Louis: You were in a gas station right next to an auto shop, picking up a Mega Buddy Slush because you were extremely thirsty. You were looking around as you waited for it to fill up looking to see if there was anything else you wanted when you saw him. It was a guy that looked very similar to Louis Tomlinson. Not wanting to stare to long you looked back at the machine then took another quick peak at the guy. Still very similar but you’d never met him in real life before, so you knew you needed a closer look either way. You went over to the jerky, which was in an aisle right behind him. Out of nervousness you took a loud slurp of your drink, which cause him to look back. Luckily he didn’t seem to spot you but his reaction had you believing it was Louis even more. He moved to the fountain seeming a little freaked out. You followed soon after with the plan to introduce yourself the only problem was how? He turned around interrupting your internal panic, “I’m sorry, but have you been following me?” How did he know? You’re jaw dropped revealing the reason; you must have been nervously slurping again. “Oops,” you looked down at your drink, embarrassed, causing Louis to crack up. “Aw, why are you laughing at me? That’s not nice,” you scolded. “No, no love I’m not laughing at you,” he explained, “What the hell are you drinking? That’s a huge slushy.” You let out a laugh, “I know, but it’s so cheap I figure might as well.” He looked at the sign, “You’re right. Hey, you want to help me fill some up so I can bring them out to my tour bus. We broke down so this should make the time go faster,” he held up the huge cup and gave you a funny face. “You are Louis,” you exclaimed. “Nice to meet you,” he held out the hand that wasn’t filling the cup and you shook it. “I’ll help, heck I’ll even help you bring them to the bus,” you giggled. “You should hang out with us until we get going again, if you want of course,” he offered eagerly looking over to you. “That would be awesome,” you agreed trying to be as cool as you could about it.

Harry: The kids you were babysitting wanted to draw with sidewalk chalk on their driveway. The girl wanted you to draw with them so you sat down to create your own design. Suddenly the little boy was pointing behind you frantically as he said, “Look at the big bus.” You looked over in that direction and were surprised to see he was telling the truth. It was slowing down and it seemed to be chugging along until it came to a complete stop completely blocking the driveway. “Did you guys order a bus,” you joked looking back at the kids. “No,” they shook heads giggling. “Ok, but I’m watching you,” you gave them the Meet the Parents Robert De Niro stare down even though they probably wouldn’t understand. You got up to check it out but before you could get to the doors they opened revealing a young guy waiting on the steps. When he stepped off into the light you realized it was Harry Styles. “Oh, so that’s whose bus it is,” you whispered to yourself. “Hi there I’m Harry,” he put his hand out and you shook it greeting him. “I’ve been designated to explain this,” he gestured to the bus with a ‘this is ridiculous’ smile. “We’ve been trying to get to a auto shop, and the driver thought we might be able to make it, but clearly we made it here. Don’t worry though; they’re handling it so we won’t be clogging the driveway for too long. We can compensate you for any inconvenience.” You let out a laugh, “It’s ok,” the kids moved to stand on each side of you. “Hi kids,” Harry waved with a strange face scaring them to step behind you. “What are doing,” you asked like he was crazy, “They don’t know who you are.  You’re a stranger. You scared them.” “Oops forgot,” he admitted then bent down to their level. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Harry and I’m in a band that travels in that bus,” he pointed behind him. “Would you like to see it?” One tugged on your shirt and they were both giving ‘save me’ looks. “That is so much worse. You sound like you’re trying to kidnap them,” you put your arms out to jokingly shield them laughing at his obliviousness. He slapped his hand with his forehead. “But sure, we’d like to see the bus.”

Zayn: A large bus had stopped outside of your home in the country, and the driver explained to your family that they were waiting for assistance because the bus broke down. He went back and no one came out so you figured you should just get back to your own business. You went over to start combing your horse.  You figured you could stand behind her for a while not wanting to put on a show for anyone secretly watching from the bus. You softly stroked her hair while talking to her like always. “What do you think Daisy? Who’s in that bus,” you pet her neck. “I’ve got an idea,” you heard a guy’s voice that made you jump. You moved your head to see who was talking. There was a guy smiling at you from the fence who looked a lot like, “Zayn?” you questioned. He nodded, happily. “Whoa, so that’s One Direction’s bus? Are they all in there” you pointed amazed. He smiled nodding again. “Then what are you doing out here,” you asked, interested. “Just wanted to get some fresh air, and see your beautiful horse,” he explained. “Would you like to help me feed her?” you asked surprised to find out he likes horses. “Sure, I’ll give it a go.” You walked your horse over to him, and asked him to pick up an apple from his side of the fence. Then you took his hand showing him how to hold it because he looked a little nervous. He laughed a little seeming to be enjoying himself. “What’s its name,” he asked by the second apple as he pet her nose gently. “Her name’s Daisy,” you answered staring at him. “And what about your name,” he looked over to you. “You’ll forget it. You don’t have to be polite. I know you meet a lot of people,” you smirked a little disappointed. “Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong, but why don’t you give me a chance.” You rolled your eyes, “Let’s be honest, you’re never going to see me again.”  He shrugged, “Fate seems to think otherwise,” he pointed his thumb back to the bus. You sighed, “It’s Y/N.” “That’s a pretty name,” he held out his hand, “It’s very nice to met you.”

Liam: You were washing cars to raise money for a charity that was important to you. The group you were with weren’t getting the turn out you were hoping for. While you were finishing a customer’s car you looked over to see a huge bus pulling into the auto shop next door. You thought it was odd but only saw one man get out so you didn’t pay too much attention and just got back to work. Right as you watched the car drive away, someone tapped your shoulder. You turned around. “Excuse me, but I saw the cause your raising money for and I’d like to make a donation,” he held out a large amount of money. You could barely look away from it, still in complete shock. You didn’t expect to make that much the whole day. Who was this person? You looked up to meet a familiar looking face. “Oh my God, are you Liam Payne,” you questioned letting your jaw drop. You didn’t have many encounters with famous people. He nodded with a smile. “What are you doing here?” “Our bus is having some difficulties,” he gave you a short explanation. “I see,” you looked behind him. “Jeez, I almost forgot,” you took the money from his hand, “Thank you so much. This is very kind, and we really appreciate it.” “No problem,” he said watching you put his money away, “Slow day,” he asked. You nodded, “I guess we’re just not very appealing,” you joked. “Or you’re attracting the wrong crowd,” he said then took off his shirt, “Mind if I join.” You looked at his beautiful body not able to keep your eyes from bulging. “I don’t see why not,” you looked to the other girls who shook their heads in unison gawking at him too. The boys saw what Liam was up to and decided to join, tearing their shirts of in righteous harmony. The cars piled in needing only a boy and one of your friends per car just to keep up at one point. You stayed with Liam, still impressed by his actions. “You’re awesome, you know that,” you reminded him. “You’re pretty awesome too,” he gestured to your handmade sign.

Niall: The restaurant you work at was in the process of closing up for the night. You had started stacking chairs on the tables when you heard a pounding on the front door. You went over to find a guy at the door, so you opened it ready to say you were closed but he spoke before you could. “Sorry about this, our bus just broke down and our bathroom is occupied. I was wondering if I could use yours? I swear I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t an emergency, please,” he begged with an Irish accent. “Niall,” you asked to make sure. He nodded still looking rushed. “Come in,” you decided, putting him out of his misery. “Lucky for you we didn’t clean the men’s room yet,” you yelled after him as he ran spotting the location right away. He smiled back at you before going inside. You had to get your mind out of shock and back into work mode. You didn’t expect him to stay long, but it was just kind of cool that he was in the same place as you by his own choice. You went over to the back counter to start throwing away the left over food. “What are you doing,” Niall questioned, as you were about to dump the extra pizza. “Cleaning up,” you answered confused as you turned around. “You’re just going to throw all that food away,” he was upset. “The employees aren’t allowed to take any home,” you explained. “So instead the garbage gets it,” he questioned the logic. “It partially makes sense until we get to this point at night,” you smirked. He sighed, “Well can I have it,” he asked hopeful. “You can have whatever you can eat here, but you can’t let the camera catch you taking anything out,” you said placing it in front of him. “Sure you don’t mind,” he needed reassurance. You nodded happy he was going to make cleaning a little less lonely. “Do you want some,” he questioned politely. “I’m starving, but I’ve got to finish my job.” He pushed his lips together. “Will you sit down and eat with me if I help you clean up for free.” You smiled, “I’d be stupid to pass that up.”